2012-P Acadia Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin

Sales of the 2012-P Acadia National Park Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin will begin at the United States Mint today, August 13, 2012 at 12:00 Noon ET. This will be the thirteenth release within the numismatic series, and make for eight releases currently available for sale at the Mint.

The reverse design features a view of the Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse and Acadia’s rough coastline. This was designed by Barbara Fox and incorporates representative elements of the park including the coastline, light house, pine trees, and ocean. The obverse features the 1932 portrait of George Washington by John Flanagan. The inscriptions match those of the circulating quarter dollars released previously. An incuse edge inscription indicates “.999 FINE SILVER 5.0 OUNCE”.

This numismatic version has a special “uncirculated finish” created through a vapor blasting technique and carries the “P” mint mark on the obverse. These serve to differentiate the coin from the bullion version, which carries a brilliant finish and lacks a mint mark.

The 2012-P Acadia Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin has a maximum mintage of 25,000 coins. The initial price will be $204.95.

The most recent sales figures for the currently available ATB Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coins are shown below, along with the indicated maximum mintage levels.

sales maximum
2011-P Gettysburg 22,712 35,000
2011-P Glacier 19,047 35,000
2011-P Olympic 16,650 35,000
2011-P Vicksburg 16,768 35,000
2011-P Chickasaw 15,030 35,000
2012-P El Yunque 12,146 25,000
2012-P Chaco Culture 7,931 25,000

The bullion version of the Acadia Five Ounce Silver Coin was first available to order by authorized purchasers on July 30, 2012. (See release dates for the other ATB bullion coins.) Orders had reached 9,900 after the opening day of availability, representing a faster than typical start. Sales of the Acadia coin have now risen to 11,000, which actually surpasses the sales level of 7,800 for the previously released design featuring Chaco Culture National Historical Park.

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  1. J A says

    I must say I would love to have the money to collect some of these (notice I said “some”). I don’t have the money to commit to this entire collection plus some designs are certainly better than others.

  2. RSF says

    Could any of the collectors of this series pass along any ways that they’ve discovered or devised for display and storage of these “coins” ? It seems to me that the popularity of a series is increased if there is an inovative and logical way to maintain them.

    It’s basic human nature (and especially so for coin collectors) to organize and strive for completeness in their projects. Those of us that have only acquired about half of this series would have greater incentive as a collector if we were more often reminded of the holes that existed.

  3. vaughnster says


    The only thing I have found to display the 5 oz. coins in airtite holders is a presentation case that holds five coins for each year’s releases. They are about $30 apiece and come in a black faux leather or a blue velvet cover. That still means having to buy 11 cases for the entire series. However when you open the lid to show someone you’ll definitely get an immediate reaction! I’m in it for the long haul and want to collect the entire numismatic series and perhaps the bullion versions if funds permit.

  4. oldfolkie says

    Vaughnster, all I’ve seen are the wooden boxes for about $50, where did you see these. Thanks

  5. says

    The Acadia design is definitely my favorite for this year.

    I’m still hoping for a price decrease but I’m beginning to think we probably won’t get it. I may cave in soonish if things don’t change.

  6. Zaz says

    Airtite sells the blue velvet/black faux leather cases directly. http://www.airtiteholders.com. They also make a wood case that holds 5 of the Z5 for about $45.00. A cheaper alternative is the black paper box for $7.50, and the insert color can be black, blue, burgundy, red or green. They are eye popping in any of the cases/boxes.

  7. Ikaika says

    Just got the Arcadia along with the Chaco 5 oz coins. At least saved on shipping. The way things are going, one might be able to buy all 2012 coins next month after the HI release, but did not want to take that chance. The US mint is the most unpredictable beast around 🙂

  8. snider says

    i have my 5 ouncers (and my entire collection of gold and silver coins) in a giant pirate chest. i remove the ATBs from the cardboard box but leave them in the plastic jewel case, and toss them in.
    if you want impact, i’m telling you-this is how you get it!
    set it in your front room and open it up when people ask “what’s in the chest?”

  9. DCDave says

    Quick, better get my order in, only 35K limit…oh wait, maybe I should wait until projected sell-out date of 2015! Mint really needs to lower limits to like 20k or create some early sell-outs.

  10. T1 browserman says

    Finally……im sticking to Ag & Pt offerings ……..Au still undergoing correction.

    Let’s not forget the 20 year span (1985-2005) where Au held around the <$500 per ounce on avg.

  11. Gary says

    These would reach sellout if the US Mint would release only one of these per year! Although many people would be dead before they could complete the series! I think a 10k limit would be a good number for this series! I myself cant afford to buy all these, so i have been just doing a “Wildlife” subset series!!

  12. TheCoinKeeper says

    Picked up the Acadia and Chaco, plus a burnished eagle.

    These first coins in the series will be the inexpensive ones. There will be 8 years left to get our economy under control, which won’t happen if they stay on the same path. When silver crosses over 50 dollars next time, it will be on the road to 100/oz. At that point, these will be going for over 500 a pop, and the first ones will look like a steal.

    Collecting all in the numismatic series.

  13. Eddie says

    I am thinking of collecting the 2012’s because they are releasing 2012S quarters. I thought they would look nice together and if I get just the 5 then that http://www.airtiteholders.com would work. That is if I can find it on their website

  14. Eddie says

    My favorite ones so far are the Hawaii and Chaco Culture 5’ers.
    I can’t wait to see the 5 oz. one of Hawaii I bet it is going to be great.

  15. oldfolkie says

    I have a collection of ATBs that include some DMPLs, proof-likes, some without the intense shine, and even the P versions, I can’t help but think the Hawaii coin is going to be especially good looking in DMPL, and maybe even a bit subdued in the P version. I’m still conflicted on which I like the best so I’ll keep getting both as long as I can. I do like the bullion price though.
    Next year could be a tough sell with some “not well known” parks, and a Mt Rushmore that keeps showing up on everything, but 2014 should be a great one with Shenandoah, Arches, Everglades, and the Smokies,
    Even Mt Rushmore in this larger format could be quite a winner, and at least Teddy will be on the obverse, in good company of course.

  16. T1 browserman says

    I’m willing to go as far as I can with the P version and planning to make my own display case going 14 across with 4 shelves although I am pushing thru my 50’s I hope to survive to give the entire collection to my legacy.

    The question is what WOOD STOCK should I go with in creating my own personalized AMERICA the BEAUTIFUL display case. taking suggestions.

    Shelf # 1 will be complete with HI

  17. SmallPotatos says

    I have alway been a fan of quartersawn oak (no pun intended) ina finish called Onandaga. It was popular around the time of TR.

  18. Eddie says

    I had rather stick with the P Mint marked ones. Mainly because of the low mintage of each of them also I wished The Mint would come down to at least $150.00.

  19. Micro says


    There is alot of info on the web about suitable woods for storage. Mahogany seems to be the preferred wood (oak can outgas). I personally agree with SmallPotatos that quarter sawn oak is beautiful. I am building my own case using oak for my personal collection. To protect them I place each OGP boxed coin in a 1 qt. freezer ziploc bag (fits perfectly) along with a 1 gram dessicant and a piece of anti-tarnish paper and a well wirebrushed copper penny — with the idea that the penny will serve as an early indicator of a problem. There are those who argue that ziploc is not safe, but after researching it I feel that there is no danger. The Ziploc name brand is made of 100% polyethylene (no PVC), so I feel safe in storing mine in oak combined with the ziplocs. I recommend you do your own research to determine what you are comfortable with.

  20. Shutter says

    The more I look at the pictures of Acadia, the more I like Chaco and El Yunque. So far, El Yunque is my favorite in 5oz ATB. I’ll wait to see what it looks like in 5 oz, but Hawaii is my favorite design in proof quarters.

    I’m still getting Acadia, but mostly for completeness sake.

  21. Fosnock says

    Hawaii is phenomenal as a proof, but not sure what it will look like in a 5 oz…My favorite 5 oz so far is El Yunque…not sure what people see in the Acadia coin.

  22. Ed Thompson says

    How does one go about becoming an authorized purchaser? Thanks in advance for any and all help.


  23. Kraw says

    @ fosnock

    I agree, the HI proof is my favorite coin, maybe ever. Makes me wish they did a normal proof finish on these hockey pucks.

  24. Goat says

    T1 browserman
    Oak is nice, also look at quartersawn sycamore (variety of maple) very strong wood.

  25. Java64 says

    The boxes/mint packaging fit perfectly in an ammo cans so they can be protected from dents, dings an scuffs. I’m just stacking the coins in their plastic holders in the safe to make room for more. Would like to see something like a PCGS 20 coin slab holder made for these pucks.

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