2012-P El Yunque Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin

Today May 29, 2012 at 12:00 Noon ET, the United States Mint will begin sales of the 2012-P El Yunque National Forest Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin. This is the first release of the year and the eleventh release overall within the numismatic program.

The design for the coin replicates the design found on the El Yunque National Forest Quarter Dollar. The obverse features the 1932 portrait of George Washington by John Flanagan. The reverse depicts the Coqui tree frog on a leaf and a Puerto Rican parrot behind an epiphyte plant with tropical flora in the background. The bullion weight and fineness “.999 Silver 5.0 Ounce” is included on the edge of the coin.

This numismatic version contains the “P” mint mark on the obverse and carries a different finish than the bullion version. The US Mint indicates that the coins carry an “uncirculated finish.” For past years of the series, this has been created through a vapor blasting technique that imparts a slightly granular, but uniformly frosted finish.

For this release, the maximum potential mintage has been set at 25,000 coins. This is lower than the 35,000 mintage for the 2011-dated coins and the 27,000 mintage for the 2010-dated coins, which had been considered extremely low at the time of release. There are no household ordering limits imposed for the current release. This compares to an initial ordering limit of five per household imposed for the first four 2011-dated releases and one per household imposed for the 201o-dated releases.

The price of the El Yunque National Forest Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin is $204.95.

The next releases within the numismatic series include Chaco Culture National Historical Park on July 9, 2012 and Acadia National Park on August 13, 2012.

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  1. george glazener says

    Oh boy, here we go! Numismatic vs. Bullion…?? Numismatic vs. Bullion…?? Numismatic vs. Bullion…??

  2. says

    I’m going to wait on this one. I think there still may be potential for a price decrease and further downside in silver. $204.95 is just too expensive for the numismatic AtBs right now. I think the Mint dropped the ball on this one, but we’ll see.

    There’s always a possibility of pent-up demand like we got with the Chester Arthur dollars, though I think it’s unlikely as at least one key factor that drove demand for the presidential dollars is not present here (that being people who formerly got the $1 coins in banks became only able to get them from the Mint).

  3. george glazener says

    Agreed, I’m going to wait as well. There are too many other more enticing offerings in the next couple of weeks to blow my checking account on. This just doesn’t stack up to Yellowstone or The Grand Canyon ATB5’s.

  4. Fosnock says


    I’m getting it I think silver can pop at any moment, but will combine it with the SF anniversary set and the silver proof set

  5. Brad says

    Count me out too, for now anyway. These should be selling for $179.95 right now. Even then I might not bother with them, but it would be a start.

    What’s up with the inconsistency in the Mint’s product codes? What kind of code is “NQ0” for this product? The first ten were “NP1” through “NP10” That makes sense. National Park 1 through 10. Logic dictates this one should have been “NP11”, right?

  6. says

    George, I agree on upcoming offerings. I’m thinking specifically of the new SSB set, the 2012 silver proof set, and of course the upcoming SF anniversary set.

    Don’t even get me started on various world coins I’ve been eyeballing…

  7. george glazener says

    Bingo..!! I’m right there in line behind you on all those items. I really like the SSB Set packaging. That’s about the most attractive patriotic packaging I’ve seen in a very long time. As the War of 1812 bicentennial events unfold over the next two years, this set ought to do well, especially by September of 2014.

  8. says


    I think we have a considerable way to go before the Mint contemplates a price increase on these coins, considering how poorly they’re selling. If silver starts trending towards $31-$32, I will probably cave and buy. But in the meantime I think the situation with Greece (elections are in about three weeks) could very well provoke another price crash.

    I do agree medium and long term trends for silver seem bullish, but I am still a short-term bear.

  9. Frank says

    @Fosnock: seems the US Mint code is always 3 characters long. So NP11 is not usable.

  10. Brad says


    It was me who was talking about the product code and not Fosnock. I had thought of the three character scenario, but it doesn’t work because the code “NP10” was used for the Chickasaw coin. So, it makes sense that the pattern established over the first two years’ worth of releases should continue and this year should have codes of “NP11” through “NP15”. I know it’s a minor thing, but a little consistency would be nice.

  11. vaughnster says

    I agree with some other comments here as far as waiting to purchase the 2012 P 5 oz. ATB’s. There’s very little chance of a sellout so I may order all of them at once after the last release. I think right now that the bullion version of the 2012’s is a much better proposition. I’m going to try to buy at least one bullion set and one P set every year of the 5 oz. ATB’s. I paid $285 for each of the 2010-P releases so $210 is much better, although a $25 decrease would be just about perfect.

  12. Zaz says

    Seems like the website is working fine this morning, what a difference a year, a month, and a day makes, over the frenzy for NP1 with 2,000 more coins and $75 more. A lot of collectors are waiting on these, as the bullion is the better deal right now, and the collector coin can be combined with either the silver proof set or SF ASE set next week. No hurry yet.

  13. Jus-a-coin-luvr says

    I’ve typically purchased the Numismatic versions of these 5oz’ers direct from the Mint. But, with the price over spot being so high I’m considering the Bullion version for this particular coin. What online reseller do you guys recommend for these ABT coins? I have no experience with them and would be looking for a reputable reseller. I checked over at Gainesville Coins and didn’t see any 5oz ABTs listed. Also checked Apmex and they have them, but I have no experience with them. Thanks for any advice.

  14. Samuel says

    Jus……, provident probably the lowest. my personal experience is that dont buy from dealers who at the same time sell the same coin that is graded. painful experience even with the proof version.

  15. DCDave says

    Normally I would order one or two today, but I will not since the Mint still doesn’t want to use a price grid and may lower the price later if they feel like it. They will not raise the price unless silver goes WAY up AND they will sit for sale for YEARS unless they change their policy. They should follow their own lead,and mint to demand for maybe 6 months- 1 year, but that would make too much sense. I’m skipping this one for a while.

  16. simon says

    Jus : I would take a look at Provident. I like their prices. That said I purchased an original set from Fidelity and got a great price.

  17. Bo's says

    What happens if one of the big tv shopping networks orders up all 25000 off these on the first day ? You might be sorry you waited.

  18. KEITHSTER says

    I got mine and a survey to boot seems they want to know why I’m buying now and what I’m looking for. With two esay guestions well hope they listen but whats one voice. Was going to wait also but whats $5 nowdays can’t buy nothing on thier site for $5 anyway.Going to have to order again sooner or later with so much cumming out now and so little money’s between offers have to pick and choose. Seems like I’m working just to supply the mint.Oh well goodluck and have fun ALL.

  19. KEITHSTER says

    I got mine and a survey to boot seems they want to know why I’m buying now and what I’m looking for. With two esay guestions well hope they listen but whats one voice. Was going to wait also but whats $5 nowdays can’t buy nothing on thier site for $5 anyway.Going to have to order again sooner or later with so much cumming out now and so little money’s between offers have to pick and choose. Seems like I’m working just to supply the mint.Oh well goodluck and have fun ALL. Looks to be a heck of a rush for the rest of the year.

  20. says


    Let me add my voice to those recommending Provident. APMEX occasionally has deals on targeted items that will beat Provident’s prices, but that doesn’t happen too often.

  21. John says

    I wish these were 1 oz. coins. I like the big design but they are starting to take up a lot of room. Picked up two today (didn’t want to wait until June 7th and risk getting someone’s return). I will watch the bullion mintage numbers to see if they are low enough to warrant getting a graded El Yunque DMPL.

    I think this series will fall off like the F.S. coins so I’m only getting designs of places I like or have been to.

  22. Jus-a-coin-luvr says

    Thank-you all for the “Provident” suggestion. They definitely have the better overall price in this case for both the coin and shipping cost. On certain coins in this series, I feel that the Bullion version looks better vs the frosted Numismatic version. This coin strikes me that way (no pun intended) in the Bullion version. I’ve bookmarked Provident’s site and thank-you again for the recommendation.

  23. Fosnock says


    I also like Provident. If security is an issue APMEX sends their items requiring a signature (standard). Personally I find it a pain to have to go to the post office to pick up coins sent from APMEX but…

  24. Zaz says

    Provident is the better buy on the bullion coins, they seem to be cheaper by $6.75 per coin over APMEX if check/money order is used, shipping is a huge difference for two coins it was $12.95 @ Provident versus $19.95 @ APMEX. I have gotten two of each design from Provident since Gettysburg and the quality has been superb.

  25. Fosnock says


    The series is definitely dying but then what could you expect with the 2010 debacle. It started a feeding frenzy that kept most of the wannabe collectors out of the water, then add the “unlimited” time frame that they new coins will be made available IE until they sellout…I buy the bullion because it is cheap silver and who knows, it is at least rarer than the 14 million (and counting) SAEs minted so far this year. I like you only get a few of the numismatics that I like

  26. Fosnock says

    @ Zaz

    Thanks Zaz

    Zaz reminded me, I heard that APMEX sends the best quality coins for grading leaving the damaged coins for the customers. I have only had a single problem with one of their coins, and they gave me my money back…now if they would have only reimbursed my grading fee, and shipping…

  27. Jack in N.E says

    Purchased 1 each of the 2011 ATB 5oz.bullion coins from Provident Metals.I was very happy with quality and price.Wondering if at some point the mint might all of a sudden start pulling the 2011 P 5ozers off the site early just to boost interest

  28. says


    I can say I have had some quality issues from APMEX in the past. In general I try to avoid buying from them unless they have something I can’t get anywhere else, or else I am just buying raw bullion and don’t really care if the coins are damaged. I’ve had a number of coins (including my proof Mexican libertad box set, and two different bullion AtBs ordered at different times) show up in subpar condition.

  29. Hidalgo says

    @Captain – I heard that APMEX cherry picks its coins. I would not be surprised if APMEX picked their best coins and sends them to a certification company for grading. All other coins — those that likely will not grade high — are sold to collectors.

    And I am certain it is not only APMEX that acts in this way.

  30. Val says

    I bought 2 ABT, NQ0s, at about 12:15 PM. Everything went smoothly!! A big difference from the experience I had buying Hot Springs two years ago. I’ll average in. In my view, while silver prices are down, for now, it’s only a matter of time before the price of silver and gold rise. I wouldn’t be surprised to see silver drop into the high teens before it reverses and starts to move up again. Now I’m looking forward to the twin Silver Eagles from Frisco!!!

  31. CW says

    Have to agree on APMEX vs. Provident. APMEX’s website is terrible. The search function is useless. Provident’s site is simple and fairly easy to navigate. Given the poor quality of coins I have received from APMEX in the past, I wouldn’t even waste the energy buying from them.

  32. Samuel says

    i will never buy a raw coin from dealer, if they sell both raw and graded at the same time, including the proof ones! too many lessons learned.

  33. Leo S. says


    Will there be any news on the sales figures for this week today or did the holiday cause a delay?

  34. says

    I understand your feelings on buying raw coins, Samuel. You’re always taking a chance.

    I will say that in general the only dealer I have really had a problem with in terms of subpar coins arriving is APMEX. I have bought some raw coins from elsewhere without a problem. And even some of the time I have been okay buying from APMEX. For instance, I bought both my one ounce and two ounce dragon bullion coins from them. Both were in perfect shape.

  35. Michael says

    I will have the sales numbers up first thing tomorrow. Received the numbers late and need to take care of another project at the moment.

  36. John says

    For those who think that buying a 5 oz ATB for $205 is too expensive over spot think about this…

    Yes the bullion versions are cheaper but so are the bullion ASE. People have no problem spending $59.95 an oz for 850,000 Proof 2011 ASE not including the 100,000 proofs in the 25th Anniversary Sets (5 x 59.95 = $299.75). The 2011 Unc. ASE sell for $45.95 x 5 = $229.75. Yes the ASE coins are widely recognized and collected but except for the 1995-W, 2011-S and the Reverse Proofs all have mintages over 350K not including the bullion which are in the millions!

    On day people will look at these Numismatic 5 oz “Freaks” and say, “wow I should have bought them when they were first issued”.

  37. Samuel says

    Gainsville, Provident they dont sell graded coins, so if they sell raw coins, they are directly from the Mint, not after cherry-picking. thats why they are my first choice. these 2 dealers, they dont have much proof coins or coins from other countries. Axxxx, has many coins from other places, Unc or proof, so sometimes, i have to buy from them. i learned the lesson that, if there is a graded coins on sale there, dont buy the raw coins. so i avoid unc’s like somalia, panda, britannia, kooks from there. regarding the problem free dragon u bought, one important factor is that, coins from perth have the best quality.

  38. Samuel says

    “Your comment is awaiting moderation.” because of the link?

    i saw the following at coinworld. is this true? or i miss something?

    “According to a U.S. Mint notice dated May 18 but not posted on the Federal Register until May 23, the starting price of each coin will be $204.95. The price of the 5-ounce coins may fluctuate weekly depending on the London PM fix in the spot price of silver.

    The coin pricing is based on a pricing grid for precious metals numismatic products posted on the U.S. Mint website…”

  39. Louis says

    I have been wondering about that too. I think Coin World made a mistake. There is a notice dated May 24 that only says the price is $205. I know they could change it if there is a big change in silver, but there is no grid on the web site for these coins. Coin World messed up.
    I like your thinking. The bullion coins are fine as bullion, but as a collector, I want the numismatic versions, and they are making the mintage the lowest so far (25K). I think those holding off for a price reduction will be waiting a long time. Silver would have to go really low, probably to $20, and I doubt the Greek election or even a Grexit (from the euro will do that, and it could be a year off still), but who knows. I am fortunate to live near one of the Mint’s sales shops, and I will go and pick out a nice El-Yunque on Friday and may also get the SSB with fancy packaging.

  40. simon says

    I ordered my El Yunque 5-Oz silver platter after the first hour. It is already in stock, processing, with vanished boxes. Looking forward to seeing it in hand soooooon!

  41. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    it’s the art. regardless of the material, it’s the shape you form it in from a blank black void of space that makes it just another carving, or a masterpiece. the 2010 ATBs with the exception of HS are clearly extraordinary works of art that strike a cord in the human soul that is utterly unexplainable. like mozart, da vinchi or picasso it is hard to equal that time after time… we small humans… it is just humanly impossible… i was and still would be elated to pay a tidy sum for these. i can understand the mania when the 2010 ATBs came out. the 2012s well? but there would be nothing so beautiful as a woman’s smile

  42. Mercury says

    No rush on this item. It will probably be for sale for the next 2 to 3 years from now.

  43. ClevelandRocks says

    Yup, I’m planning on picking up my El Yunque-P in 2015 0r 2016. Maybe I’ll pick up another 2011 Buffalo and a 2011 ATB set ($124/coin with new 2015 pricing) too! With PM on a continued nose dive, you may be better to sell your entire collection and buy it back again in 5-10 years.

  44. Brad says

    Not that anyone even cares anymore, but the price of the 2011 Platinum Proof Eagle should be reduced by another $100 today, bringing it back down to the lowest price on record so far, $1,692.

    Now, if this price level holds for a while or even goes down some more, it could make the release of the 2012 coin interesting. I’m betting the maximum mintage will be lower than last year.

  45. George says

    My order went “shipped” this morning. And it is being shipped FedEx. order number 39552XXX

  46. says


    Actually, the 2011 platinum eagle is probably one of my favorite recent releases in memory due to the design. Had I the money I’d probably get a second one. It’s a great coin and I was rather disappointed with the 2012 design by way of comparison.

  47. Samuel says

    Brad, got the plat eagle last time when it was $1692. so, no rush for anything, you will have the chance.

  48. CW says

    Can someone confirm that the price of these ATB-Ps will now fluctuate with the silver price like other US mint gold and platinum numismatic prices, and that it is not tied to the federal register? If true, can we assume that with sub $30 silver we still have a $205 coin, or is it likely that the $205 is the initial price which will fall shortly once the first ‘correction’ comes in? The Coinworld article is vague.

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