2012-P Hawaii Five Ounce Silver Coins Sold Out

hawaiiAccording to the United States Mint’s website, the 2012-P Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin has sold out. The product had only been available for sale for less than four months. This is a stark change from last year, when numismatic products routinely remained available for a year or more.

The 2012-P Hawaii Volcanoes Five Ounce Silver Coins originally went on sale September 24, 2012. Initially, the coins were priced at $204.95 each, but this was raised to $229.95 in early October. The United States Mint indicated a maximum mintage of 25,000 pieces, however based on the most recent sales figures, actual production was lower.

The table below shows the last reported sales figures for all of the 2012-P America the Beautiful Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coins:

2012-P El Yunque National Forest 15,695
2012-P Chaco Culture National Historical Park 13,160
2012-P Acadia National Park 13,854
2012-P Hawaii Volcanoes 14,767
2012-P Denali National Park & Preserve 11,519

Based on these sales figures, we can speculate that the US Mint may have produced 15,000 coins for the Hawaii design. The same number may have been used for some of the other designs. The El Yunque design is already above this level, but total production may have been higher since initial orders were stronger.

Other recent US Mint sell outs include the 2012-S Acadia National Park Quarter Rolls and the 2012 America the Beautiful Quarters Uncirculated Coin Set. I previously discussed the “S” mint marked circulating quality quarters in this post.

The continuing sell outs after only a short duration of availability are sure to have some impact on collector buying patterns. Going forward some collectors will be less prone to hesitate or delay purchases of numismatic products of interest.

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  1. Brad says

    I placed an order for this coin immediatley after I saw the backorder notice, and it’s now “In stock and reserved.” The order was “in process” immediately after being placed (which is unusual), and the cancellation box is still there right now. That’s also unusual for the box to linger so long once the product in the order goes off “backorder” status, which it did sometime yesterday.

    I don’t know if this one will be worth much of anything, but I decided to gamble on it. I don’t plan on buying the other 2012’s though.

  2. Eddie says

    These are all nice coins but are priced too much. It was smart of the mint to put the $245.00 price for the 2013’s and leave the 2012s at $230.00. It makes people buy the 2012s before they go up in price. If you have something to move that is the best way of doing it.
    I myself hate the “vapor blasting” finish they now have. It looks like something you can scratch off of the coin. I like the way they use to make the proofs they look a great deal better.
    I am going to try my best to get El Yunque and Denali before they sell out.

  3. Wylson says

    Brad, I think there a better bet in the long run than the ‘s’ rolls. 15,000 is a small mintage. Small enough to be solid long-term.

    This is getting to be something like modern (not 90s) baseball cards where they produce low quantities of product, however there is an abundance of products in total.

    But the Hawaii does look cool, and makes a nice collector’s piece.

  4. Pool Shark says

    With the big increase in price for the 2013’s, I have decided to collect the bullion versions instead. Recently, the mintage figures for the bullion versions are nearly as low as the uncirculated coins. This is the best of both worlds: pay bullion prices for coins that will almost certainly carry a numismatic premium going forward.

  5. KEITHSTER says

    I got one with the infamus lip nick but the hole seems to be filling in over time. Not the perfect round hole as in the past one’s but about half filled in. so the bump on the master must be going down. Anyone notice the coldsore on there Volcanoes George? As for the early sellouts and lower mintages LOVE THEM seems the Mint is finaly getting it ?. So don’t cry to loud that you forgot to get some.## Thank’s Mint and keep up the Good Luck $$$

  6. Frankie says

    In case anyone missed out (like me), MoabCoinCompany.com still has some NGC SP70 for $285 delivered. Ooops, the moment I’m typing this the price went up to $310! Well, I hope they’ll honor my order for 3! 🙂

  7. says

    Very surprising news. I was betting the next sellout was going to be the uncirculated 2012-W silver eagle.

    Folks who want any of the other four AtBs had best get them now. I have to think a “rush” for the other coins might develop as a result of Hawaii suddenly disappearing like this. I am wondering if any of these coins will still be available by the time White Mountain goes on sale February 12.

  8. stephen m. says

    I am so glad that the 5oz’s are selling. Maybe after a slowing in sales after the first year some folks are actually hearing about them and now purchasing them. I’ll also give credit to the smart collectors who made their buys before sellouts.

  9. Dan in Fla says

    This is good news for me. Once again I purchased right. This Hawaii Volcanoes is one I bought two extra. Sorry.

  10. HistoryStudent says

    Like I mentioned before the US Mint is closing out precious metal coins rather quickly because of the lack of demand and they only made a few of them.

    They let the CAT out of the bag when they only made 20,000 units in both Hawaii and Denali in the BULLION coin (which l@@ks proof: if you get the PL versions).

    No matter which coin you get in the 5 oz. of the 15 they issued in two divergent ways bullion and vapor uncirculated – you hold a coin which has five times the heft of the silver dollar or silver eagle.

    I wonder if this set will get the DEEP SIX with all the many complex problems behind them.

    not enough profit
    too much material
    expendable incomes poor
    not popular like the states were
    gas too expensive to see them
    societal changes

  11. says

    As a followup I think it might be worth watching the premiums for these pieces on eBay as well, especially given the popularity of the Hawaii design which seems to have managed to reverse the trend of steady sales declines for the AtBs. I think the US Mint could be adopting a strategy similar to a lot of world mints to create interest in a product by capping sales and limiting mintages.

    I consider myself lucky to have managed to pick up most of the products that sold out, excepting the clad proof set and the circulating S quarters.

  12. Brad says


    Yeah, I didn’t buy the clad proof set for 2012 either. I quit those after 2009 because I was tired of them being worth less later than what I had paid for them.

    I wonder if the 2012 Uncirculated Coin Set might follow suit and be declared “sold out” way earlier than normal as well? I considered picking up a couple, but am afraid I’ll end up adding them to my pile of worthless Mint junk like those from earlier years. Anybody here planning on gambling on that one?

  13. Dustyroads says

    I have a pile of uncirculated sets from the mint that my father collected from the 1970’s through the 1990’s. I personally would not have bought any of them unless they could bring some kind of return. My interest in numismatics and his are the same except for the presence of so many opportunities now. I believe this is a great time to not miss those opportunities.

  14. Brad says

    My HI Volcanoes 5 oz. coin that was “In stock and reserved” just went back to “backordered” status. I’d never seen a product do that before. So, I guess this probably means that I won’t get it after all?

  15. says


    There might still be returns and such. It’s hard to say with the Mint. It does seem like they might not have the stock to meet your request.

    I am increasingly of the attitude that things should be bought on release day if you want them, because who knows what will happen after that.

  16. KEITHSTER says

    Ya a couple of unc mint sets can’t hurt you much. They are cheaper than last years.And are still the best place to find a high grade common. find just one and it should pay for more than the lot if you have it graded.$$$ Good luck on the 5oz’er you had it unless you ordered alot and the money was funny then forgetaboutit!!

  17. SilverFan says

    I got my Hawaii on day one for $204.95. I wish that I bought more. The design is really cool. This one will always be popular and demand a premium. The other 2012s will be sold out before White Mountains is released.

  18. jemakat says

    I’ve been collecting the ATB-P 5 oz coins because I very much like the way they look. I had not yet purchased any of the 2012s hoping for the price to come back down. Over the last couple of weeks, I started getting concerned that with all of the unexpected sellouts of other products that the 2012-P ATB 5 ozers might be nearing a sellout. As a result, I placed an order for all five of them last week and received them the beginning of this week. Although I got lucky this time, I learned my lesson… in the future I will just purchase them as they are issued and not worry about trying to time pricing or risking an unexpected sellout.

  19. Rick says

    No not right away, but I think I’ll get a Denali now, nice coin and could be a lower final number who knows?

  20. Fosnock says


    Still sticking with bullion…depending on price I may get Fort McHenry but I find this years batch of coins to be ugly or at the very least uninspired

  21. Zaz says

    I guessed just after the sellout of the silver proof set that the pucks would soon go next. Now it remains to be seen how many remain on sale by the time White Mountain comes out on 2/12.

  22. Ikaika says

    I have been a loyal collector of the ATB 5 oz coins. I buy them as they are released. Both bullion and numismatic. I like them no matter what the market is doing or what others think. They are the only 5 oz coins produced by the US Mint, there are big and shinny and wows a lot of people that are unware of them, they are affordable to the small collector compared to the gold coins. This is one series I can actually complete. The low mintage does not hurt either 🙂

  23. Louis says

    Maybe this is all part of a strategy to get people to pay higher prices, figuring they don’t know when they will be declared sold out, so they better grab ’em quick! But I still won’t pay over 50% over melt. No way.

  24. HistoryStudent says

    @ Capt.Overkill:

    I buy them rather quickly after they hit in the TPG slabs (PCGS/NGC). I do this because they are rather significant 5 oz. coins. I ALSO do this because I feel someday soon they’ll be worth way more than they are today – say 5 times. And that demands they be slabbed for trading later.

    These two sets in 5 oz namely UNC SP vapor & MS bullion are one of my favorite sets: the other is the unloved spouses in UNC and PF. The US Mint made only 100 items per 100 years for the first two terms (1794 to 1994).
    Now they are doubling that in some 35 years. (1994-2029).

    With this tremendous overkill (a play on words) it offers tremendous opportunities especially in the PM coins if the HERD “ain’t following them to closely.”

    2013 will surprise many by sales being cut way down.

  25. Ikaika says

    @ Louis

    I agree with you that it might be a strategy from the US mint. But to those that purchased the coins when they were released, the higher price would not be an issue. Now, going forward it maybe different. Silver seems to be moving up again so only the mint knows what they will do next. A price grid similar to gold products is warranted.

  26. Pool Shark says


    Exactly. A $70 premium on a silver coin is ridiculous when the bullion versions are selling for as little as $2.50/oz. over melt (after the primary dealers take their cut).

    I was considering starting to collect the numismatic versions until the Mint announced the new pricetag for the 2013’s (an $85 premium over melt on a $160 silver coin; I can get a PCGS slabbed MS69 Gold Eagle for less than $100 over spot).

    I’ll continue to collect the bullion versions, thank you. If I’m going to stack silver bullion; I’d prefer to pay the same premium as a Silver Eagle but get a low mintage collectible where there will only be 20-100k minted Atb’s versus over 33 million Eagles.

  27. Louis says

    Pool Shark- Good pts. If these things never end up being popular again, you have stacked a lot of silver. But the other versions are a bigger gamble.

    Vaughnster- Things have been delayed for a while.

    Ikaika- The Mint has told me point blank, they are not going to do a price grid for silver. I discussed this last year, but I am not supposed to mention the site here.

    What’s weird is that silver was $30 when they first announced the possible new prices on the schedule. If silver were $35, I could understand the increase better.

  28. Dustyroads says

    I have been avoiding the 5 oz. ATB’s since I first learned about them, but the recent sellout of the Volcanoes did motivate me enough to buy a Denali P and Denali bullion today, as well as a 2012 W ASE before they are gone. As for rushing into Mint this year to buy, I think it’s probably a better plan to a little homework first.

  29. Ikaika says

    @ Louis

    Thanks for the info. It makes me wonder the true reason for the markups on the ATB 5oz coins. Greed? It seems our mint is copying the Perth mint ways of doing business. Since there will be no price grid for silver we collectors are pretty at their mercy. Take it or leave it!

  30. EvilFlipper says

    US mint just annOunced they’re out of silver bullion. Hope to have more next week….. Ran out twice in a months time. Sounds a little fishy. I wonder if the market will start to get tight again soon a la 2008. If so look for stuff to sell out real fast inexplicably.

  31. Mark in Florida says

    Glad I ordered a roll of 2013 silver eagles a few days ago. Now that the Mint is sold out and doesn’t expect more for a couple weeks the premiums are going crazy. The premiums on silver eagles really fluctuate. Right now the 5 oz. AtB are $1.44 less per oz. than eagles at Provident, though at APMEX the AtB is 30 cents more than the eagles which are 6 cents more than Provident.

  32. fosnock says

    Authorized Purchasers,

    The United States Mint has temporarily sold out of 2013 American Eagle Silver Bullion coins. As a result, sales are suspended until we can build up an inventory of these coins. Sales will resume on or about the week of January 28, 2013, via the allocation process.

  33. fosnock says

    Last sales total for bullion was 6,007,000, we were going to have a new record for sure now who knows…maybe their is something more to all the sell outs of the 2012 items

  34. fosnock says

    Pool Shark,

    I doubt it SLV is just paper. I can say that because it has no bearing on the spot price

  35. T1 browserman says

    I believe this silver price increase has something to do with the mint’s silver inventory records. Here’s how I see it from a business standpoint:

    Remember when spot was at $40+ ….??? Well the mint still had to purchase silver for future use at those prices. To me, it appears all of the inventory purchased at lower spot prices has finally been exhausted and now they are using inventory from contracts that cost the mint $40+ at the time, hence the ‘price REVISION’. I will continue to buy the P version for $15 extra and the sooner that expensive lot of inventory is exhausted we may again see a silver ‘REVISION’ for silver contracts that were again purchased at below $30.
    I hope this is what the revision was all about.

    BTW most posters here do not appear to mind paying Perth 3-4 times over melt for one ounce silver numismatics. A 5 ounce out of them would easily be $500+ …..worth it ….even though LOW mintage? Low mintages with high price tags is not why I collect but then again I do not evilly flip either. Bottom line…….U.S. silver market is still the best bargain either for bullion or numismatics….hands down !

  36. T1 browserman says

    I wonder what that West Point 2 coin silver set is all about. Another summer odometer event ?

  37. fosnock says

    T1 browserman – Already discussed it going to be a set just like the San Fransisco set…another reverse proof and proof with the W mint mark

  38. Louis says

    Actually only the reverse proof has been decided, the second coin will have a “W” but will not be a regular burnished uncirculated. They have not announced what it is, but it will be unique to the set, and a W proof would not be unique. No need to yawn just yet.

  39. Broooster says

    I was reading an article about the mint running out of silver eagles. In the article, they stated that the mint was due to start taking orders from the general public on Jan 24th. Has anyone else heard this, or did I totally miss something???

  40. Wylson says

    I think the low mintage are testament to the effects of high gold prices and a whole lot of competing product offerings.

  41. stephen m. says

    Broooster, Jan. 24th 2013 is the scheduled release date, from the mint, for the 2013 proof ASE. I would think the mint will have a high mintage as they don’t seem to have a problem selling the proof coin.

  42. Brad says

    I hope these supply problems for 2013 Silver Eagle bullion coins will not put the numismatic issues (Proof W, Unc W and special 2-coin W set) in danger if it persists. The Mint already plans to bring back the allocation process shortly. The 2009 debacle is still pretty fresh in my mind!

  43. Marc says

    Do you think 2012w proof 1 oz gold buffalo can carry premium as the 2008 ones? The 2008 ones still selling well over $4000 a piece on the bay.

  44. says


    I don’t think they will cancel the proof silver eagles or anything like that. It generated a lot of “badwill” from collectors last time they did it and I fuzzily recall Michael or Louis or someone mentioning that the rules had been tweaked so that the Mint did not have to suspend sales again.

    I do think, though, we will see a possible stampede to acquire the 2013 proof as silver supplies remain tight. I intend to treat this as a potential website-crashing situation. I think we might also see heavy sales of the White Mountain AtB-P too based on a combination of the surprise sellouts and high demand for silver products.

  45. Frankie says

    Has the mint actually annouced what the maximum mintage for the 2013 5oz ATB numismatic & bullion coins will be? I do not recall any such information being presented anywhere.

  46. says


    Given that sales ended for Hawaii around 15K, my guess is to anticipate “real” mintages of between 12K-15K for most of these. I think the declared mintage is virtually meaningless. We’re seeing it with First Spouses and now the AtBs. It will be interesting to see whether they cut “real” mintages of the 2013 commemorative coins too.

  47. Frankie says

    I totally understand and am aware that these numbers mean very little. Let’s say they announce 20k for the P pucks we all know the real mintage is around 2/3 of that based on the 2012 issues. At least these numbers will provide some guidance. I reckon the first 2013 puck will see sales of close to 10k…

  48. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    When will the 2013 Limited Edition proof set go on sale?
    Will it have limited mintage of 40,000?

    2014 35,000
    2015 25,000 etc.

  49. Bob A says

    Provident Metals best price online for eagles. I think. Apmex still has the volcanos, but I imagine those will be gone in short order? Eagles are expensive here. Gainsville coin is another place to keep an eye on for eagles. All the best.

  50. Stevedoc22 says

    Bob A: Thanks. It seems to me the issue with buying bullion 5 oz ATBs from dealers is that the best quality ones will have been slabbed already. I guess if you are just looking for bullion coins for bullion’s sake, you just buy the ungraded ones.

  51. joe says

    I like Provident Metals too. Much better (and less expensive) than APMEX and the others in my opinion.

  52. Frankie says

    If anyone is interested in the bullion issues I can recommend FideliTrade. They have the lowest prices (lower than Provident), but charge a $25 transaction fee. Their postage fees are also higher than Provident, but if you order more than 10 5oz coins you’re better off with FideliTrade. They also have all 2012 issues still in stock, incl. the Hawaii issue. For example, I just bought 12 5oz coins (4 each of Acadia, Hawaii and Denali) for $179 each delivered.

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