2012-P Hawaii Volcanoes Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin

The United States Mint will begin sales of the Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin today, September 24, 2012. This will be the fourteenth numismatic release of the series.

The reverse design of the coin features an eruption on the east rift of Kilauea Volcano, designed and sculpted by Charles L. Vickers. When the initial design candidates were reviewed, both the CFA and CCAC were strongly in favor of this alternative based on the strong, singular image. The obverse design carries the 1932 portrait of George Washington designed by John Flanagan.

This numismatic version of the coin carries the “P” mint mark on the obverse as well as an “uncirculated finish” created through a vapor blasting technique. By contrast, the bullion version of the coin, released earlier this month, does not bear a mint mark and has a brilliant finish.

The 2012-P Hawaii Volcanoes Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin is priced at $204.95 and has a maximum mintage of 25,000 pieces. There are no household ordering limits imposed.

Pricing for this release is the same that has been in place for the product type since late December 2011, when the market price of silver was around $29 per ounce. Sales of all available issues for the product type were suspended in late February 2012, when silver rose above $35 per ounce, but sales were resumed when the price of silver receded. On Friday, I mentioned the possibility of another suspension and/or repricing as silver briefly rose above $35, however silver is now back under $34.

The bullion version of the Hawaii Volcanoes Five Ounce Silver Coin was released on September 10, 2012. Sales have reached 10,400 as of September 21, 2012.

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  1. joe says

    Is it possible that the Mint releases these particular coins at a higher price since they will be selling more of these than the others? I also plan to grab two of them…

  2. Eddie says

    Of all of the 5 oz’er so far I think this one has the best chance to sell out. Because of all of the positive feedback about it I have read so far.

  3. says

    I don’t think it will sell out. A number of AtBs with good artwork and/or featuring popular parks have been released and failed to sell out. Gettysburg, by way of example, passed its one year anniversary two days ago and has yet to sell out. Gettysburg may eventually sell out but it could take another 4-6 months or longer. I think the lower mintage AtBs will probably never sell out absent a wild runup in silver prices (which would have to be bigger than the one we just had).

  4. Boz says

    Mint workers just found a sewn bag of 1895 Morgans and put them on the website forsale. I tacked one onto my Hawaii order to be sure of getting “first strike eligibility.”

  5. Val says

    I just put my order for the 5 oz Hawaii coin and there was no problem with the site. I hope the price holds.

  6. Fosnock says

    @Eddie Boz is just pulling your leg first he states that coin vault bought the entire mintage, then he puts a comment about the Morgans. By the way the price for a 1895 Morgan runs from about $600 – $30K depending on condition and mint mark.

  7. says

    Today is my birthday and so I ordered my birthday present to myself! Hawaii 5 oz coin! Got my confirmation e-mail and looking forward to getting my coin! Waiting for my daughter and grandson (4years old) to take me out for my BIRTHDAY DINNER! LOL Have a nice day everyone!

  8. Boz says

    Happy birthday and thanks for accepting my sick humor, but would not that be neat to have a bunch of old silver turn up in the basement of the Philly mint like in 1962?

  9. William says

    I just received a letter from the United Staes Mint dated September 18, 2012.

    In the letter it states,”As a past purchaser of First Spouse Gold Coins, we want to update you on the status of the 2012 program…”
    “As soon as we are certain the quality of these coins meets the standards you have come to expect, we will announce on-sale dates for each one. We apologize for the delay in releasing these coins.”

    This letter will compliment my collection.

    Thank you Customer Service Team.

  10. says

    I just got my Hawaii bullion versions today and they aren’t as impressive looking in person as the pictures. Like embossed aluminum foil. Hope the numismatic version looks better!

  11. Gary says

    if people believe what Boz was posting on here then please post your address and i will come over and hit you in the head with a tac hammer because you are a moron!

  12. DCDave says

    Anyone know where I can get slabbed ATB bullion for resonable prices?
    I have purchased from Silvertown before, but they are not selling any 2012s.

  13. The CoinKeeper says

    I have the bullion version of this and feel that they numismatic version will probably look better. The vapor blasted Coins seem to distinguish the images better. At least for me.

  14. T1 browserman says

    My order placed at 12:00 am already has in stock/reserved and cancel box is gone. Why ? Because I tie my orders to my debit card. The easier you make it for the them to access a cash account the faster you order goes through the processing protocol.

    I wish that stash of Morgans was found during the internet age and not sold by GSA via mail bids back in the 70’s. That was a hoard for Fort Knox to hold until a better method was conceived for its release to the public.

  15. zwiggy says


    I placed an order through a CC for 2 and just as I pressed the order button – I had buyers remorse and thought 1 would be better. 20 seconds after my order, and the cancel box is gone…

  16. ClevelandRocks says

    Hawaii NGC MS 69DPL modercoinmart avail in “first release”…..”early release” sold out.

  17. Samuel says

    my cancel box is still there, even thought i saved a CC in my account. i guess the mint check how many times u cancelled. if u cancelled too many times before, they will make the box goes very fast.

  18. SilverFan says

    My cancel box is gone as well. Wow, that was really fast. I am sure this one will look better vapor blasted than bullion.

  19. SilverFan says

    Samuel: I have ordered from the mint many times before and have never cancelled (or returned) an order. These must just be ready to ship.

  20. Eddie says

    Boz I wonder if they would let go up and clean the basement for them and keep what we find?

    What happened to the way the mint use to make the cameo proofs? I hate the way the vapor blasting makes the coins look pitted. I know these aren’t proofs but the vapor blasting just sucks.
    The bullion coins have no depth to them whatsoever.

  21. Vaughnster says

    Off topic a bit but my 2012 SF Silver Eagle sets are going to ship on 9/28. Anyone else have their ship date moved up?

  22. Frankly Speaking says

    How are these volcanoes different from any other volcanoes elsewhere thus making these volcanoes uniquely Hawaiian for the purposes of these coins?

    In terms of design that is, although the design is great. For example Mt. Hood and Grand Canyon you will know right away. But then again, it is no easy task.

  23. John says

    I bet a lot of these grade SP70. It might be hard for graders to tell if the small nicks are part of the “eruption / design”.

    I’m hoping the “Vapor Blast” looks good on the 5 oz. I didn’t like the look of the “Deep Cameo” Proof quarter or the Uncirculated clad quarter.

    Also “In Stock & Reserved”

  24. Jon in CT says

    I was about to order the 5oz Hawaii today but realized I couldn’t assume the coin would arrive by Friday and I’m leaving town the next day for about 4 weeks. I guess I’ll just sit tight and maybe combine it with the 5oz Denali which, in a perverse bit of scheduling, is due out the day before the election. I can’t wait to see the “buy now” vs “wait” discussion for that coin.

  25. Natatack says

    Anybody else think they should change the denomination from 25 cents to say 5 dollars. Don’t know any other country putting a denomination of 25cents on a coin with about $165 of PM in it.

  26. ClevelandRocks says

    Strange….. most of the multiple posts saying the Hawaii bullion doesn’t look as good as the Mint’s vapor blasted version are from “one time” new posters. Hmmm. As I posted earlier, moderncoinmart has the MS69DPL “first strike” still in stock at a reasonable price (@DC). I have posted other “buys” from other dealers in the past (no association with any). Just stood out to me the unusual amount of bullion blasting on this thread by mostly new posters…
    I actually think the DPL will look pretty nice for this design IMHO.

  27. John says

    ClevelandRocks, I’ve had several PL & DMPL 5 oz ATB, sold them all for quick cash. I personally like the “Vapor Blast” better.

    Maybe if it was a 1 oz coin I’d have a different opinion. With such a large surface area I’m just not feeling the bullion version. Also, the large surface is why there are no MS70 coins (yet). This is surprising because other mints that have large coins receive MS70 grades (actually with all the complaints on this blog, it’s not surprising but bullion is bullion).

    I’m only collecting the designs I like

  28. DCDave says

    Thanks, picked up a Bullion DPL69. I’m not so much into labels, but would have rather had a “Early Release” than “First Release” since the “First” is a strange word to me. I think the bullion look like “proof” versions and I like to see the mirror look on the obverse as well. Getting a bullion 69 grade slab means the quality will be similar to the numismatic version.

  29. merrryxmasmrscrooge says

    Just found a 1909-o Morgan dollar made by an old Denver Mint Press!!
    Daniel Carr Lower mintage than 1895.

  30. Micro says

    Regarding the suggestion that the denomination be changed — first of all it is required to be denominated as “quarter dollar” just like the circulating quarters by Public Law 110-456, so a change would require legislative action. Second, I would be very upset since it would break the continuity with the first 14 releases. Third, how would changing the denomination improve the intrinsic/numismatc value? I personally like the idea that no other mint has done this.

  31. Kraw says

    @Frankly, from a geologist and coin lover

    There are few places in the world with eruptions like the hawaiian volcanoes, and certainly none in the US. The Kilauea eruption pictured has been on going since 1983! And the picture on the AtB, believe it or not, is QUITE realistic and recognizable:


    I am pretty pleased with the design, although after the getting the bullion version it doesn’t hold a candle to the silver proof quarter, IMHO the nicest coin ever produced by the mint. My second favorite is probably the reverse of the 1999 Susan B Anthony proof with the eagle landing on the moon.

  32. says

    I cancelled 10 SF sets that were due to ship 9/28. Now the four I ordered in the very last hour on 7/5 have also moved from 10/31 to 9/28 ship date. There must have been a lot of cancellations. I wonder when we will see an adjusted sales figure on the weekly sales report?

  33. Mint News Blog says

    The US Mint has said they will announce the number of sets issued after all shipping has been completed in October.

  34. Samuel says

    Steve, i did not decide yet. i probably will send in a couple of sets. i think the black core looks cool with silver in it.

    BTW, do u mind sharing your graded coin result, e.g., how many % got 70?

  35. JohnT58 says

    I ordered my Hawaii coins a few minutes after they went on sale and my order is still on hold. Wonder what’s up?

  36. Val says

    Regarding the issue of changing the denomination of the 5 oz coin. As I understand it, the 25 cent value assigned to the coin by the Treasury Dept. is what will be used to value the coin for estate tax purpose. So, the 25 cent designation is a big plus for these coins. Please correct me if I am incorrect.

  37. VA Bob says

    Order my ATB Hawaii 5oz. on Monday, around 3PM. Low and behold it shipped today. That was fast processing. I was expecting a “reserved on hold”. That was a pleasant surprise.

  38. says

    Samual….on the NGC population report, about 52% of RP and 49% of Reg. proofs have graded 70’s. I just had a below average batch of coins…so you may do better…acually, you SHOULD do better than mine.

  39. Sam says

    These are a much better buy than any other mint 5oz Silver coin. The prices Perth and the Canadian Mint ask for 5 OZ are frightening.

  40. Eddie says

    I really don’t know where else to ask this. Why does the Unc. Dollar Set only contain P-Presidents and no Ds?

  41. SilverFan says

    Only the Native American dollar in the set is minted in Denver. The Presidential dollars are minted in Philadelphia and the ASE at West Point. I guess they are just looking to offer a variety of mint marks in the set.

  42. DCDave says

    Wow, Comments section suspended by Michael due to a long-time blogger (me) making disparaging remarks about the Girl Scout coin.
    Michael, I really thought you were making a joke when you said they thought the 350,000 coins would be a quick sell-out.
    I know you have pulled comments when folks use foul language or pick on individuals, but an on-topic comment? Come on, lighten up and let free-speach rule this blog (within reason).

  43. simon says

    I noticed that the comments were pulled too – I’m glad about it. We sometimes forget the important women in our lives : mothers, sisters, wives, daughters, and the various female relatives and friends. All important and eminently worthy of great respect!

    Back to collecting I did order the uncirc. dollar set and I’m looking forward to seeing it in hand. It is due tomorrow with a Silver Proof set.

  44. VA Bob says

    Looks like the powers that be took the PC route on the GS commem design. They went for the portraits instead of the action. It said so much more about what they do, than three smiling faces, no matter how nice they are.The other side looks like a cookie, but since that’s what their logo is, I have no beef. The BS coin did the same. I’ll probably pick up a proof and an unc for the collection, even though I don’t know any Girl Scouts.

  45. Shutter says

    I just had a below average batch of coins

    Anecdotally, it seems there seems more variability with this set. Out of 10 sets I got 3 RP70 and 5 PF70, with the rest 69. Slightly below average, but not too bad. Someone else I know had 15 sets and only got 3 PF70, 1 RP68, and the rest 69. Not surprisingly, he’s unhappy.

  46. Hidalgo says

    @Cleveland – your Garfield FS coin ordered on 8/8 may take awhile to arrive. I had a placed an early afternoon order for the Garfiled FS UNC coin on 8/7, and an evening order for the same coin. The US Mint charged my credit card for the early order. The evening order on 8/7 is still backordered. So I can imagine that all other orders placed after the evening of 8/7 are still in the queue…..

    Personally, I don’t get why — if the coins were all minted in 2011 — there would be a need to place them on backorder. They are either available for sale or not. It don’t make sense to me.

  47. ClevelandRocks says

    Seems like they need an improved inventory system. They either have it or they don’t. Maybe they have “X” left and they wait for people to cancel their order so those that wait for months have a greater chance of getting their order filled?

    Off topic, they need to retire the 2011 Buffalo. It really is a back-stab to collectors and makes us cynical about buying any potential low mintage product.

  48. Brad says


    Your experience could be an indication that orders for unc Garfields placed on the evening of 8/7 and later are overshoots of remaining inventory and will ultimately be cancelled. That could be wrong, but there has to be some point where inventory was depleted while new orders were still being placed. As we all know, sometimes the Mint doesn’t declare products “sold out” in a timely fashion.

    Does anyone here have any unc Lucy Hayes coins on order that are in any status other than “backordered”? I have an open order from 8/2 and one from 8/3 that are both still backordered with a meaningless “expected ship date” of 10/11.

  49. Olde Sailor says

    Was happy to see the mint shipped my 5oz Hawaii the nexted day by FedEx.
    But is FedEx SmartPost part the US Mail system? I think its shipped from Indianapolis to US Mail Center Pa. then delivered by the mailman on Saturday in Tidewater VA.

  50. Micro says

    Olde, SmartPost is a collaboration between FedEx and USPS. USPS takes care of pickup and delivery, and FedEx takes care of the cross-country shipping.

  51. says

    It is somewhat heartening to see the Hawaii AtB encouraging so much chatter here. It seems like this is the first AtB release in awhile which has really spurred collector interest. I honestly hope this translates into better sales numbers for the coin. I’d like to see these releases start performing better.

  52. ClevelandRocks says

    It like them to “sell out” the tired out 2011 ATBs like they do with the FS for moral’s sake before 2013…

  53. Brad says

    Speaking of the First Spouses, it may well be possible that the 2011’s will represent the mintage lows for the entire series. There are a few reasons why I think this.

    First, it’s apparent that the Mint has been using a different method than in the past when it comes to ending sales of prior-year coins. It now seems that they don’t mind selling old coins alongside new ones. Rather than melt down any unsold inventory, they now just leave them for sale until the entire quantity that was produced has been sold. This could come into play with the 2012 First Spouses. We may get an indication how this will go if the 2011 Lucy Hayes proof coin doesn’t sell out prior to the release of the first 2012 coin. If sales of that coin continues even after that, it’s a good bet the method of ending the First Spouses after “approximately one year” as has been done in the past is over.

    Also, once the Mint gets whatever problems that have been encountered with striking the 2012 First Spouse coins worked out, they will probably want to strike the entire production run at once, since it’s so late in the year before even getting started. Since there won’t be much time to guage how well sales of the ’12’s will do, they may just go ahead and strike the entire maximum of 13,000 coins, possibly to the levels of 7,500 proofs and 5,500 uncs. Even if they aren’t all sold by the end of 2013, they will probably just continue sales into 2014 and beyond, however long it takes to sell them all.

    Finally, we’re approaching the later years of the program with some spouses that living people can actually remember being the First Lady, either from their childhood or young adult years. Jacqueline Kennedy has always been expected to be a popular coin, but most of the spouses from the last half of the 20th century may do fairly well, at least well enough to sell a maximum mintage level of 10,000 to 13,000.

    So, while overall mintages of the 2012 through 2016 coins may be small, they just might not be as small as the Hayes and Garfield micro-mintages of 2011.

  54. Gary says

    I think the mint needs to look into repricing some of these less popular silver coins maybe just a few dollars over spot?
    Which is better: Sell out of 350,000 for $40.00 each or
    36,000 coins at $54.95???

  55. Fosnock says

    They don’t need to do that all they need to do is keep the current price until they run out of inventory when silver goes up in price. Just a week or two at or below spot would clear any inventory and nobody would be the wiser.

    I guess someone was talking garbage about the girl scout’s coin

  56. Ikaika says

    The mint sure processed my order quick. Ordered and shipped on same day. No chance to think about canceling 🙂

  57. Steve says

    Hey Kraw, great picture of the 1909 penny on Mars. What is the behind the scene story for this? Who’s idea? etc…

  58. Eddie says

    What does the Mint do with the coins such as ASE that don’t sell in the allotted time? Do they melt them down or stash them in a back room somewhere?
    Like right now I am trying my hardest to collect all of the 2011 5 ozers before they stop selling them.I was wanting to try to get 2 in Oct. and then two in Dec. I already have i of them. I have none of the 2010s. I wished I had made my mind up sooner because $200.00 every other month is a heck of a lot better than $400.00 every other month just to catch up.
    But If they go higher than the $204.00 a coin it will make it very hard to collect them. Damn I wish I had been born rich instead of rich and ugly……….lol

  59. ClevelandRocks says

    Boz, so how does it look?

    Waiting on my Mint Hawaii and my Moderncoinmart MS69 Hawaii.
    I’d suggest buying pucks from the Mint now in case price increase (doubt they would go up more than $25, so wouldn’t be a big deal). The MS69s will probably sell out soon and they are DPLs.

  60. Hidalgo says


    See my post from September 26, 2012 at 3:56 am. The status of the order I placed in the evening on 8/7 for the Garfiled FS UNC coin changed to “sold.” So I hope you will soon hear that the status of your Garfield FS coin ordered on 8/8 will soon change as well.

    @ Brad – I really wonder how many of the Garfield UNC FS and Hayes UNC FS coins will be sold. I still think that the Hayes UNC coin will be the key for the FS series because no one expected it to be pulled from the shelves when it was…..

  61. ClevelandRocks says

    Got a backorder email for my Garfield with “expected ship date” 10/12/12. The “standard” 2 week backorder moving date I think.

    Why did FS “sell out” way below mintage max and 2011 ATBs, Buffalo still for sale? How hard would it be for the Mint to melt a .999 gold Buffalo?

    Obverse of the Girl Scout coin blah, at least no boy on it!
    Boy Scout coin weakest current value in aftermarket, so think sales will not be good. I too read the original article Michael put up saying the 350k would likely be a quick sell-out and thought this was a tongue-in-cheek remark.

  62. Boz says

    As to my opinion on the looks of the Hawaii coins, I am not hardto please. I don’t buy the bullion ones so I don’t have anything to compare to. I have been impressed with their quality, and while others may disagree, the spitting fire and lava ifind very attractive. I like ’em!

  63. Eddie says

    Mine were mailed out today can’t wait.
    But as to my earlier what does happen to say the extra 2010 and 2011 coins the mint made?

  64. JohnT58 says

    When the mint finally pulls the plug on the 2011 ATBs, do you think they will retire them all at the same time?

  65. Olde Sailor says

    After spending 28hrs parked in Indianapolis Fedex SmartPost (Pony Express) it only took horse & rider 21hrs to go over 2 states to WVa, for the next rest stop (Oh by the way, delivery only slipped 2 day-sure glad Monday isn’t Federal Holiday !) Hope horse & rider gets enough rest to make southern VA. Smart Post sucks!

  66. Brad says


    I don’t think the Mint WILL pull the plug on the 2011 ATB’s. They were anticipating higher demand for those based on what happened with the 2010’s, and I’ll bet all 35,000 for each design were struck. So, they will probably be left for sale until they’re all gone (basically, until they die of natural causes.)

    However, if some merciful phantom does indeed pull the plug from the respirator, I’m thinking all five 2011 designs would be put out of their misery at the same time.

  67. Brad says

    Olde Sailor,

    Yes, I also despise the Fed Ex Smartpost shipping method. I’ve never understood why it always seems to take an extra day or two longer than logic would dictate it should. Fortunately, the Mint doesn’t ship too many of my orders in that fashion.

  68. JohnT58 says

    I am thinking of picking up a couple extra pieces before the price is raised. In my opinion, there is no way they will sell 35,000 of the 2011’s. If one were to think the mint will retire the 2011s all at once, then it would make the most sense to purchase the Chickasaw as that one has the lowest mintage. If I think that the 2011s will hang around forever, then I would be inclined to purchase the design that I like the best which would be the 2012 El Yungue. The mint never makes it easy.

  69. SilverFan says

    The Mint sometimes pulls the plug on items in December of the year after release with notice of a “Last Chance” sale. My guess is that the 2011 ATBs will be removed on or before 1/1/13. We will just have to wait and see.

  70. Eddie says

    I hope not I am trying to buy the 2011s while I am trying to buy the 2012s. Believe me it isn’t easy doing this with what little bit of money I have. But if I can it will be will worth it.

  71. VA Bob says

    Olde Sailor – I’m in the same “boat” as you. My atb is also in WV, scheduled for Monday delivery in Hampton Roads area.

  72. Boz says

    My Hawaii coins were shipped in ex-Chickasaw boxes with a new sticker placed over the old one. I had noticed this before, but usually on itemsalreadypulledfromsale. I wonder if I can read into this an inference that the 2011 dated pucks will go, off sale soon?

    Or perhaps the Pitney bowes people just ordered way too many empty boxes or Chickasaw stickers.

  73. Olde Sailor says

    VA Bob, Hawwaii arrive in Norfolk this AM & delivered this PM.
    BOZ, mine came in its own box – No relabling.
    I am disappointed with it, not much contrast (the “P” is just a hunk of silver) I think the bullion looks better !

  74. VA Bob says

    Olde Sailor – Mine says still in transit to Chesapeake, estimated arrival 1 OCT. Sure would be nice if they slip up and deliver Saturday.

  75. Micro says

    I received my Hawaii coins yesterday, and I’m a bit disappointed – all three have dents in the obverse rim at the 2 oclock, 6 oclock, and 10 oclock positions. Must be caused by something in the press process, because the dents also have the vapor blast finish.

    Anyone else seeing these dents? I’ve never had to return any of my AtB coins before, so these may be my first.

  76. VA Bob says

    Micro – The Mint should never have bent to the congresses whim to make these 3″ in diameter. A two inch or two and a half inch design on a thicker planchet would have been better. It would have allowed higher strike pressures, on the face and during edge lettering (which I believe are causing some of the rippling you see on the edges at times) for crisper designs. Would also have been better for the collector as there would be a much better chance for 70’s (for those to which that is most important), and be easier to store. The vapor blast probably would not have been necessary to hide flaws either.

  77. Brad says

    I abandoned the 5 oz. P ATB’s after the 2010’s. Those were not the best purchases I ever made, that’s for sure. Silver bullion at $55.99 per ounce. The prices they bring today are barely over issue price (sometimes even less), and by the time you pay all the selling fees and postage/insurance you’d be losing a bundle. No, I’m stuck holding those until silver gets high enough that I can unload them at a slight profit. I sure won’t be buying any of the 2011’s or later.

    I made a bad call on those, and I’m not the only one. Oh well, you win some and you lose some. At least I’m not desperate for cash and can hold them indefinitely.

  78. Olde Sailor says

    Micro, my Hawaii has some of the same marks, also my Acadia has the mark.
    I have question the edge raised bars at 4. 8 & 12 o’clock (also the on Acadia), is it may be a blank characteristic ?

  79. Micro says

    VA, I agree with you, smaller diameter/thicker planchets would have given tehm more material to work with. I may be getting a bit too picky — I don’t expect every coin to be a 70. Overall I really enjoy the AtB designs. I plan to hold these coins and pass them on to my children.

    OS, I had to take a second look at the “bars” on the side and sure enough, they align with the “dents”. I’ll have to think long a hard on whether to send them back and hope my return postage results in improved coins or just accept the dents as minting artifacts. Otherwise the Volcano is beautiful.

  80. Bos says

    Brad I tend to agree with you about the 2010 series, as the prices were higher than now, and the mintage levels were set higher as well. You will always have 5 ounces of silver though, which is a better deal than buying a Ipad or Iphone that will be outta date tomorrow.

    The seams on the sides of the pucks I had wondered about myself. I thought the production problems had been resolved, but apparently they could not get rid of the mold lines. On some, the ridges are only noticed on the edges. On others, they come up into the raised rim edges.

    Wonder how 5 ouncers are graded? Does the side seam or the rim ridge irregularity have anything to do with how they would grade?

  81. VA Bob says

    Brad – I got my five 2010 ATB bullion for less than $960 slabbed. It was part of that APMEX fiasco, which worked out in my favor. The 2010’s are the only ATB bullion I have, I do have all the P mint marks to date. All I can say is I believe you’ll get your money back on them. Maybe soon than you think. I don’t see the economy getting better. In fact some economists believe there is going to be a double dip recession. Personally, I’d only sell if I needed the cash, but that’s the nice thing about a coin collection compared to say a butterfly collection.

    My Hawaii ATB arrived today, the coin looks great and I’m very pleased, but I was wondering if anyone else noticed the vapor blast finish. On my example it appears almost none existent compared to other previous issues. The finish looks very smooth like any other Mint issued silver UNC. It’s not a complaint, I really like it, just wondering if anyone else had the same experience.

  82. T1 browserman says

    Received my Hawai’i 5-O z and its another ms 70 !

    Every single ATB has been flawless examples of the bullion. Does the mint know that I am not an evil flipper and thus sends me excellent examples whereas when it comes to those they know are evil flippers send them the rejects ?

  83. Hidalgo says

    @T1 browserman – methinks that evil flippers are much more critical of the quality of US Mint products. Can you gue$$ why? Methinks that evil flippers expect every coin from the US Mint to be PR70 or MS70 quality. Hmmmmmm, I can’t gue$$ the rea$on for wanting $uch perfection. Can you ?

  84. Olde Sailor says

    Va Bob I guess I got all the vapor blasting ! my coin is all in the fog , not much on sharp details………….too much vapor

  85. VA Bob says

    OS – Yeah mine is smooth. Definitely not the usual “sand blasted” look. There was some controversy in one of the previous years, that some of the “P” mint marks, escaped the vapor blast, perhaps when the tank was low on “vapor” (or better yet the grit in the vapor they use). Not saying that is the case here, just wondering how wide spread it might be.

  86. Eddie says

    I received mine yesterday and it looks really great. If I could afford it I would order 2 more they look great to me almost has a 3-D look to it.

  87. dave says

    i am on my second return. both had what looks like water spots on the reverse, but are probably a skip in the vapor process. has anyone seen the same?

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