2012 Presidential Dollars

Designs for the 2012 Presidential Dollars have been announced by the United States Mint. The coins will feature the 21st to 24th Presidents of the United States, Chester Arthur, Grover Cleveland (first term), Benjamin Harrison, and Grover Cleveland (second term). Cleveland is included twice since he served as President during two non-consecutive terms.

The nature of the Presidential Dollars series will be different starting with the 2012 releases. Previously, the coins were distributed for circulation and available for purchase at face value from some banks. Last month, the Treasury Department announced that production for circulation would be suspended. From now on, the coins will only be produced in the quantities necessary to fulfill demand from collectors and will only be distributed by the United States Mint.

In the past, the US Mint has offered each release of the series in numismatic rolls containing 25 coins. Most recently these have been available at $39.95 per roll. Certain designs have also been made available through the Direct Ship Program. Initially, boxes of 250 coins could be purchased at face value with no charge for shipping, but recently a fulfillment charge of $12.50 was added to the program. Going forward, it is still uncertain whether there will be changes to these products in light of the suspension of production for circulation.

The Treasury Department’s announcement somewhat ominously indicated, “Prices and shipping costs for future $1 Coins will be announced in the near future and will be set at a level that ensures that they do not result in a cost to taxpayers.”

The designs for the 2012 Presidential Dollars are shown below, along with the previously indicated release dates. The reverse design for all coins features the image of the Statue of Liberty designed and sculpted by Don Everhart.

Chester Arthur Presidential Dollar
Release Date: February 16, 2012
Designer and Sculptor: Don Everhart

Grover Cleveland Presidential Dollar First Term
Release Date: May 17, 2012
Designer and Sculptor: Don Everhart

Benjamin Harrison Presidential Dollar
Release Date: August 16, 2012
Designer and Sculptor: Phebe Hemphill

Grover Cleveland Presidential Dollar Second Term
Release Date: November 15, 2012
Designer and Sculptor: Don Everhart

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  1. RSF says

    When the decision is made (or legislation is passed) to discontinue the $1 paper FRN, the normal production of $1 coins will likely resume. Until then, the presidents with collector-only mintages will become the keys.

    If only a few presidents are involved and this limited production window is small, the mint may return to the collector-only presidents and foil the plans of collectors that thought they had a production rarity.

  2. Louis says

    The rolls are already very pricey. I wonder how much they think people will be willing to pay for coins that costs 18 cents to make (I think that is the new cost).

  3. John says

    Mike, not on this topic but I just received a phone call from the USMint asking if I would be available to be on a conference call survey on February 2, 2012. I asked what it was about but was only told it was for collectors. I asked if the results would be available to the public but the operator said she was not told. Thought this would be interesting to all US coin collectors that have had dealings with the Mint.

  4. Delton says

    $40 + shipping and handling for one roll is a lot. These really should be $35 (with shipping included) at most.

  5. ByeByeDollars says

    Did the mint hire some Japanese Anime artists to do these portraits? I swear I have seen these guys on some of their animated movies.

  6. ByeByeDollars says

    Sales of the 2012 circulating dollar coins may be under 3 million coins for each design.

  7. Hidalgo says

    Just because mintages of the 2012 Presidential dollars may be lower than their predecessors, that does not mean that they will be more valuable.

    Take a look at the what is going on with recent Kennedy half dollars. The recent half dollars are no longer minted for general circulation. I do not see any of them commanding significant price increases or being considered as especially valuable…..

  8. MarkInFla says

    Considering that the Mint makes the dollar coins for 18 cents each, if they are required to break even on their costs, they should be selling them at below face value!

  9. J A says

    After all the problems circulating these out to the public, I for one have been collecting them since the very beginning and would actually continue doing so if the new issues are included in the Direct Ship program *even* with the $12.50 fulfillment charge.

    But my collection will end if the only way to get these is through the ridiculously inflated mint rolls.

    I would literally be throwing my money away.

  10. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    Shouldn’t it be Chester A. Arthur? That’s how the name’s mentioned in the history books.

  11. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    and also in Die Hard 3.
    McClane, what’s 21 out of 42?
    I – I don’t know?
    Who was the 21st president?
    How am I supposed to know!
    Who was it?
    Oh- It was Chester A. Arthur. He used to own property right here.

  12. johnny says

    I was collecting them for my two grandchildren and planning on giving them the set when completed. Now I doubt I will be able to complete the two sets. Once again our government screwed up a good thing.

  13. sp says

    I buy a roll of 25 presidential coins at the bank each time they come out because I have 25 folders. I am making sets for my grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and family members to give as gifts for when they graduate. I also have friends that do the same thing. We cannot afford to buy this many coins off of a collector/company each time a coin comes out. The bank should still be permitted to place orders and buy the coins just like before. The average person cannot afford to pay additional fees or monies to a company. We are not collecting these coins to someday make money; however, we are collecting because they make nice gifts. Everyone knows when the mint mints coins for collectors they are uncirculated and untouched; however, in the past when coins were minted with nicks and scratches they were still sent to the bank for circulation. How come this is still not happening? I understand that the government needs to cut cost somewhere; therefore, they should not over mint allowing unwanted coins to sit in the vault. The banks should be able to still request how many they would like to order. Maybe the government needs to have a pre-order from banks before the coins are minted. Banks also should not have to order 500 coins at a time, lower the number of coins that the bank has to order.

  14. Jerry Dennis says

    I’d be willing to get on the “direct ship” program for ten rolls, but I don’t need ten rolls from one mint. I wonder if the Mint would split a box into five and five.

  15. says

    Is it really necessary for two 2012 Grover Cleveland presidential coin issues? Yes, his two terms were not served concurrently, but why not state at the bottom of one coin “”22nd and 24th president 1885-1889, 1893-1897.

  16. Joan says

    Ditto sp. However, I give the completed cards for each year as Christmas gifts for my 17 grandchildren. What a disappointment if the collection ends with the 2011 dollars!

  17. Peggy Hopfinger says

    I think as a taxpayer and one of our freedoms as a US citizen a person should be able to purchase these coins at our local banks as a collector I buy one roll for 25 dollars which is the value of the coins this is crazy to punish us that would like to complete our collections and charge more for the rolls than what they are worth

  18. says

    I am upset as well. I have read all comments. I too have already started the Presidential dollars in albums for my grandchildren. Why didn’t the government decide they would be halting distributions at banks (at aa reasonable price) before the public started saving them? Again, its the little guy who pays while the collectors sell them for three times the price. How can we stop before the albums are completed?
    Unhappy in New York State
    Lita Casey

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