2012 Proof Gold Eagle Sell Outs

gold-eagle1The United States Mint has sold out of all individual options for the 2012 Proof American Gold Eagle. The four coin set option is now all that remains available.

The sell outs began with the individual one-half ounce coin in mid-November, followed by the individual one-quarter ounce coin in early January. The individual one-tenth ounce coin sold out last week, and the individual one ounce coin sold out yesterday.

Sales levels for these individual options are lower than the prior year, and significantly lower than historical levels. However, the ultimate rarity of the coins will still be determined by the number of four coin sets that are sold by the Mint. For coins available in multiple packaging options, the total mintage is determined by adding together sales for each product where the coin makes an appearance. In this case, the mintage would be determined by adding the individual sales and the four coin set sales.

At this point, just how many 2012 Proof Gold Eagle Four Coin Sets remain available in the US Mint’s inventory is unknown. The stated product limit is 30,000 sets, but almost certainly the US Mint did not produce to the full extent of the limit before the close of the year.

The table below shows a comparison of the 2012 vs. 2011 sales levels for each product option. This is based on the numbers from the most recent sales report published yesterday.

Proof Gold Eagle Sales

2012 Sales 2011 Sales
1 oz 14,296 30,000
1/2 oz 3,962 8,066
1/4 oz 4,969 10,381
1/10 oz 11,680 24,000
Four Coin Set 5,735 18,873

Depending on where the final sales level for the 2012 Proof Gold Eagle Four Coin Set ends up, the individual coins will likely see significant historical lows for their respective denominations.

The current mintage lows for each denomination are:

  • 2001 1 oz Proof – 24,555
  • 2008 1/2 oz Proof – 22,602
  • 2008 1/4 oz Proof – 18,877
  • 2008 1/10 oz Proof – 28,116

None of these current mintage lows carry much of a premium, if any. However, a significantly lower low might carry some excitement and generate higher secondary market premiums.

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  1. Mint News Blog says

    By my calculation, I don’t see any increase occurring.

    Relevant prices are below, which makes for an average of 1647.89, still in current range.


  2. KEITHSTER says

    OT. I see the 2012 unc. quarters are also sold out. I know you guys don’t care much for no stink’in ciad quarters but seem’s to me that that would have been the set to find the ellussive 68 .Anyone find one??? Good luck with that !!!

  3. EvilFlipper says

    1/2 and 1/4 should carry some premium. But it REALLY depends on how many sets the mint produced. If the total numbers hang below 12 there should definitely be more interest. My guess was ~9,000 sets based on these numbers being half of last years. Any thoughts?

  4. Tom says

    The few fractional proofs on ebay fetch a good amount even
    higher mintage years. I think the lower ones will do well…
    and if sam wants all that glitters back again then they
    should do even better due to their collectible nature.

  5. says

    Has anyone looked recently as the mintage figures for the uncirculated silver eagles? That’s another one that seems to really be going down in sales. If I did my math right, there’s been a 74% drop-off in sales since the highs of 2007.

  6. Dustyroads says

    I would have to agree that 9000 proof sets would follow the trend, but I’m thinking a little lower around 8,500. Maybe the Mint will continue with the surprises.

  7. Shutter says

    Has anyone looked recently as the mintage figures for the uncirculated silver eagles? That’s another one that seems to really be going down in sales.

    For some reason people don’t seem to really like them. Even though, when examined closely, they are the best quality ASE.

    Put another way. Uncirculated ASE sold 186,437. Meanwhile, NGC alone graded 424,717 of bullion ASE.

  8. Fosnock says


    I think a 2 year gap when it was not available killed the uncirculated silver eagles. Then add that it only sells for a $9 discount to the proof version, and the lowest mintage for the coin was in the 25th Anniversary Set

  9. says

    Shutter, agree with you on how they’re the best quality ASE, and Fosnock, I think your theory on their unpopularity makes a lot of sense. I bought quite a number of the 2011s when they were cheap and snapped up a 2012 when I realized how the mintage seemed to be falling. I am starting to wonder if we won’t have another “surprise” premium growth with the uncirculated silver eagles in another year or two if sales keep declining like they have been.

  10. Tom says

    I can’t believe NGC graded over
    400000 eagles, thats just crazy.
    (I believe it, but its crazy)
    Maybe the gov should take them
    over and grade every penny and
    nickel ever put out by the Mint and
    somehow pay the debt down with
    slabed $20 and 30 dollar grade 60+
    pennys and nickels
    from USGNGC?

  11. Shutter says

    I can’t believe NGC graded over 400000 eagles, thats just crazy.

    That’s just NGC. PCGS graded some non-insignificant number as well. Plus the 2nd tier slabbers.

    In fairness, 150K of these were “struck at WP” and “struck at SF”. But that leaves over 270K of plain vanilla slabbed bullion ASE.

  12. Shutter says

    the lowest mintage for the coin was in the 25th Anniversary Set

    Nope. 2008 W reverse of 2007 was the lowest. IMO, the most underrated ASE.

    So far 2012 W uncirculated ASE is shaping up as the lowest ASE of 2012.

  13. saucexx says

    “the lowest mintage for the coin was in the 25th Anniversary Set”

    Plus the 300000+ sold individually. Granted at a little over 400000 it’s the lowest ASE. The 2008 W reverse of 2007 is a variety coin.

  14. says

    ot…anyone notice the 2012 Limited Edition Silver Proof sets are selling for $200, sometimes a little more, on ebay.

    It ceases to amaze me how often people buy Mint products on ebay when they are still available from the Mint for less.

  15. KEITHSTER says

    Tom almost My thought is once all the Worlds paper reverts to it’s true worth that of paper . And whats that $20 a ton good luck with that stuff? The only true legal tender left worth any thing will be the coins.So we need someone to come up with a machine that will grade and slab them correctly. Anybody????Then once all the worlds coins are slabed and encoded they can be traded for all goods at there true worth. Which would be a lot more than they are now.So coin collecters won’t have such a hard time getting rid of them dang coins then will they. How do them unc rolls look now?? So someone get to work on that grading machine don’t look like there’s much time left before the world will need it!!!

  16. Eddie says

    What kind of difference do you think the ASE UNC coin in the 2013 set will be? Will it be just something minor or would they change the whole reverse of it?

  17. Saucexx says


    Yes, I stand corrected the 2011 S unc is the lowest followed by the 2011 W unc. I got mixed up with the S Proof from the 75th set. I forgot there was actually two unc’s not two proofs in the 2011 anniversary set,.

  18. Shutter says

    The 2008 W reverse of 2007 is a variety coin.
    So what? Variety is the spice of life. And it is the second lowest mintage ASE of any sort.

  19. Shutter says

    It ceases to amaze me how often people buy Mint products on ebay when they are still available from the Mint for less.

    Don’t be amazed. eBay is a breeding cesspool of idiots. almost anything (not just coins) is frequently sold for more money than it can be had from a traditional merchant. I’ve sold mundane photo accessories used that got bid up significantly above typical prices new.

  20. KEITHSTER says

    Ya but it maybe faster on that one? I ordered mine on the 3rd.still backordered to ship on the 20th. No in stock & reserved ? Think they may be soldout too?? Hope they just hav’nt put them together yet as the date is not moving backwards like the soldouts. But who knows Anyone ?? Good Luck On Those***

  21. HistoryStudent says

    Amazing how the GOLD items are going off sale so fast with sales numbers rhyming with 2008.

    2013 might keep 2008 L@@KING like it was a good year in sales.

    Platinum is also L@@KING like 2007-2008 again only worse.

    May you live in interesting and opportunistic numerical times. ~ HS wish.

  22. fosnock says

    Thank you Shutter I forgot about that variation. What I find crazy about E-bay is when a bidding war for a coin goes over the “buy it now” price of the exact same coin being sold by another seller with the same or better feedback.

  23. d.rock says

    Another crazy thing is the TV guys selling the limited edition 2012 silver proof set $100 over the current US mint price!

  24. Ralph says

    I have seen items on ebay sell for way over what they are worth. Sometimes there are a couple novice bidders who cannot accept the fact that someone “outbid” them. The actual item being bid on now takes a back seat. “Out bid” me, will you?? I’ll show you! It becomes personal between them. All logical thinking goes out the window. And when the item ends, the “winner” pays a lot more than they could have. Most times the same item is available at a buy it now for less.

  25. stephen m. says

    The price of gold went out of reach for me in 2003.It’s still a good investment for those of you that are buying now.I think the ASE’s, proof, and uncirculated coins will start to decline in interest if the price of silver drops even lower and the increased 2 piece special sets and etc that is being put out by the mint. The bullion coins should continue to sell well as a investment tool in silver.

  26. Dan in Fla says

    I have five original silver proof sets from the Mint. They are boxed and sealed from the mint with a date of 6/12/13. FS eligible from PC maybe. What should I do with them? Go to a local shop and surely get taken or go to eslay and let thousands of people bid.

  27. EvilFlipper says

    They don’t have enough gold and silver physical to cover paper( ask Germany). In this case rock will beat paper;) how long will it take? Who knows. Anyone can type or print paper money. Gold, silver, platinum, copper and palladium… Not printable.
    Don’t pay attention to day to day markets. It’s just robots anyway. Just collect, flip and jingle those little(worn hopefully) gold and silver coins between your fingers. Mmmmmmmoney!
    Anymore guesses on when the sets sell out?

  28. EvilFlipper says

    Dan, it’s depends on if your local shop is reputable. We have a couPle good ones here in Colorado. The key is to go in and talk a little coin with them. The more you appear to know your stuff the more they take you and your coins seriously;)

  29. Frankie says

    The US Mint is getting more and more unpredictable!
    The final mintage for the Hawaii 5oz P coin should be just under 15k.

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