2012 Proof Gold Eagles

The United States Mint will begin sales of the 2012 American Gold Eagle Proof Coins today April 19, 2012 at 12:00 Noon ET. Available products will include individual tenth, quarter, half, and one ounce coins, as well as a four coin set.

The American Gold Eagle features Augustus Saint Gaudens’ depiction of Liberty holding a lit torch and olive branch. The US Capitol building and rays of the rising sun appear in the background with 50 stars surrounding the image. The reverse design features a depiction of a family of eagles designed by Miley Busiek. The same obverse and reverse design has been used since the introduction of the series in 1986. Proof versions have been struck for collectors each year, with the exception of 2009, when the offering was cancelled.

The US Mint has established product limits for the 2012 Proof Gold Eagles, which represent a reduction from the levels of the prior year. Specifically, the individual half ounce has been reduced from 15,000 to 10,000; the individual quarter ounce has been reduced from 16,000 to 12,000; the individual tenth ounce has been reduced from 30,000 to 25,000; and the four coin set has been reduced from 40,000 to 30,000.

Pricing for the coins is based on the average weekly market price of gold, and will remain subject to potential change on a weekly basis. This grid displays the prices for the coins for average gold prices at $50 intervals. For the start of sales, pricing is based on an average gold price in the $1,650.00 to $1,699.99 range. These prices are the equivalent of $200 per ounce higher compared to prices in effect at the start of sales for the 2011 Proof Gold Eagles.

The release date for this year’s Proof Gold Eagles is roughly in line with the timing of last year’s release on April 21, 2011. All but one option for the 2011 Proof Gold Eagles have now sold out at the US Mint, with only the four coin set option remaining available for sale.

A summary of the product limit, mintage limit, and initial price for each 2012 Proof Gold Eagle product is shown below.

2012 American Gold Eagle Proof Coins
Product Limit Mintage Limit Initial Price
1 oz. 30,000 60,000 $1,935.00
1/2 oz. 10,000 40,000 $981.00
1/4 oz. 12,000 42,000 $503.00
1/10 oz. 25,000 55,000 $215.50
4 Coin Set 30,000 N/A $3,585.50

Last year, the US Mint also offered the 2011-W Uncirculated Gold Eagle. This collectible uncirculated version of the coin went on sale May 5, 2011. The Mint has not yet indicated whether this product will be offered for the current year, but so far it has not been listed on the upcoming product schedule.

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  1. Roy says

    Has there been any official word yet that the Mint is going to release First Spouses this year?

  2. Michael says

    Nothing yet. They still haven’t even announced the design selections.

    Last year, Eliza Johnson was released on May 5.

  3. Ben says

    This is a bit off topic, but related.

    I received a product satisfaction survey from the mint yesterday, and figured there might be someone a bit fired up about what the mint has been doing to us lately, so i thought I’d offer it up to someone else. So if you have some really strong feelings about the Mint, have at it.


    Your User ID is: 306056326

    Your Password is: YAN8526

  4. William says

    Suggestion, the mint should melt all returned gold and silver coins and adjust the number of minted items to reflect the changes.

    It would be great if the mint had an “easy to understand policy” for all returned and or rejected coins…

    When I called the mint on this issue, the lady I talked to said she agreed with me 100 percent.


  5. Rick says

    I think they do adjust the numbers for final sales in an official audit and can take years after a sellout. Usually that audit reflects a lower mintage than the final sales figure previously. Right Michael? I think they melt stuff back down too, but not until they’re offered to Mint insiders first(I think)

  6. William says

    AGEs finally!!! I will get this eventually, but might as well wait to see if a pricing decrease takes place next week!

  7. Sam says

    Frankly, the US Mint gives the best value for the dollar in buying gold proofs — if you check out the costs of 1oz gold at Pirth or any of the other mints – its not even close.

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