2012-S Hawaii & Chaco Culture Quarter 100-Coin Bags Sold Out

The latest in a string of recent US Mint sell outs includes the 100-coin bags of “S” mint marked circulating quality 2012 Hawaii Volcanoes National Park Quarters and the 2012 Chaco Culture National Historical Park Quarters. These sell outs come despite a clear indication of a longer sales period.

In mid-May, the US Mint revealed that the San Francisco Mint would strike circulating quality quarters bearing the “S” mint mark for inclusion within numismatic products. This was the first time that the “S” mint mark had appeared on circulating quality coins in more than three decades.

After some early indications that the “S” mint marked quarters would be limited to production of just 1.4 million per design, the US Mint later indicated that 1.4 million was only the “initial mintage scheduled to be manufactured.” The Mint planned “to mint to demand for the product.”

Sales of 100-coin bags and 40-coin rolls for the first design featuring El Yunque National Forest began on June 21, 2012. The product page for this and subsequent releases stated that the bags and rolls would be available for one year after the initial release date.

The recently sold out 100-coin bags of the 2012-S Chaco Culture Quarters and 2012-S Hawaii Volcanoes Quarters took place well before one year after the release date. The release dates for these products were June 12, 2012 and August 27, 2012, which result in a total sales period of about five months and less than three months. The 40-coin rolls for each option do still remain available.

Below I have summarized the sales to date for rolls and bags of the circulating quality 2012-S quarters.

Sales of Circulating Quality 2012-S Quarters To Date

100-coin bag 40-coin rolls total coins
El Yunque 9,219 16,290 1,573,500
Chaco Culture 7,263* 12,215 1,214,900
Acadia 6,489 10,539 1,070,460
Hawaii 7,084* 11,104 1,152,560
Denali 4,468 5,701 674,840
 *sold out


An inquiry to the US Mint confirms that the two options mentioned have sold out. The reason is because the US Mint has already switched over to 2013 production. The US Mint has confirmed that circulating quality quarters with the “S” mint mark will be offered for the 2013 America the Beautiful Quarters.

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  1. Mike S. says

    Wow. I’m not happy to hear the mint will mint “S” quarters next year as well. I thought it was only a one year thing for the anniversary of the SF mint. Oh well!!

  2. Louis says

    I’m happy to hear of the sell-outs. Those are extremely low mintages and will give the coins a decent premium. I am glad I took a chance and got a bag and roll of each S-mint quarter.

  3. Ikaika says

    @ Louis

    Can we really consider 1 million coins extremely low mintage? In comparison with the other quarters, probably yes. However, it is not rare at all. There should be plenty to go around. Plus the US Mint will continue to strike the S quarters for years to come. This will for sure give rise to lower numbers.

  4. Leo S. says

    Michael or Others

    The Cleveland FS unc arrived today and the Mint has changed the nice gold boxes for ugly brown boxes. Called the Mint and they have a five minute explaination on why they did it. Bottom line – cost saving. It’s a shame since we pay $1000 for a coin and now get it in an ugly brown box. They can’t have saved much money on it since they sell so few of these FS coins. Penny wise and pound foolish.

  5. TomP says

    Off Topic:

    The SSB unc. gold had it’s delayed shipping date changed this afternoon from 12/08 (2 weeks) to 12/15 (3 weeks). A mistake or a sudden surge of new orders affected the mintage of new coins?

  6. ClevelandRocks says

    Tom P: They may be minting a bunch of new SSB Unc’s so they probably will lose all secondary market value….

  7. posterhunter says

    If they add the S quarters to the regular quarter sets then the 2012 could be very valuable.

  8. vaughnster says

    I don’t think that any new clad offering will be worth much of a premium. Perhaps if this was just a one year proposition, it may have helped.in the secondary market…

  9. says

    Michael, I’ve searched through your recent mintage articles and all over online and I can’t find the 5 oz ATB bullion mintages. Are they not included in the Mint’s report? Where can they be found? Thanks.

  10. TomP says

    I’m a different TomP……

    @ Ikaika, 1 million isn’t really that rare but you have to consider these are being sold in lots of 40 and 100.

  11. Shutter says

    you have to consider these are being sold in lots of 40 and 100

    How is that relevant? It still adds up to more than million quarters. I do find it interesting that twice as many 100 coin bags were sold of S quarters as either P or D. OTOH, P and D rolls doubled on S rolls, so it all evens out.

  12. COD says

    It’s moves like this that give the mint a bad rep.
    you say one thing then do what ever you want! Like the limited eddition s mint proof ASE dollars that were only going to be availiable in the special aniversary sets.

  13. Ikaika says


    The rolls may not be broken up, but I doubt the bags will remain intact. Many open them up to sell single coins or send them out for grading. The dealers sure does that and I am sure most of these bags were purchase by them.

    @Leo S

    Thank you for the info on the packaging of the Cleveland FS. The US mint has learned this practice from the RCM. Expensive coins, cheap packaging. They also learned how to repackage coins and sell them as special limited editions from the Perth mint.

  14. DNA says

    The highest-quality S Quarters are in the rolls, anyway. The rolled coins aren’t banging into each other during shipping.

    The Quarters from my Hawaii Volcanoes S roll are all MS-68 gems without any major contact marks. The coins I saw from a dealer’s opened bag could not compare, although they were still better than the typical P or D business strikes you find in BU bank rolls.

    Anyone with unopened Chaco & Hawaii S bags should leave them shut!

  15. says

    re:ATB sales…well, it doesn’t look like the Mint suspended minting the Denali 5 oz.
    Also, is it correct to assume that the ATB’s sales figures represent the number of coins actually purchased by the “Authorized Purchasers”?

  16. Shutter says

    Many of the bags and rolls won’t be broken up.

    If you count all the S coins in rolls and bags, you’ll end up with roughly the same number as P or D coins. How does that make them particularly rare?

  17. Shutter says

    The highest-quality S Quarters are in the rolls, anyway. The rolled coins aren’t banging into each other during shipping.

    That makes sense.

    The Quarters from my Hawaii Volcanoes S roll are all MS-68 gems without any major contact marks.

    That doesn’t. Of 2,344 S quarters graded by NGC, only 43 were judged as MS68. Of the 488 Hawaii S quarters graded, not a one was good enough for MS68.

  18. Dan in Fla says

    This delay from the Mint on the FS Cleveland proof coin is a bummer. But finding out they are being boxed/housed in a new brown box. That just sucks and they will here from me on this downgrade in packaging. I know they do not care but if enough people complain maybe they will change it back.

  19. Ikaika says

    @ Shutter

    Your comments are well taken. The mint will mostly continue to strike the quarters at the San Francisco mint for………………….ever?!

  20. William says

    Well, I’ve been on the fence about these “s” quarters for a month. I ordered one roll of each…five rolls in all for under one-hundred dollars.

    My wife asked me how the mint can consider these coins circulated since they won’t be issued to banks. Heck, if I know dear… the mint can pretty well do what they want even if it does’t make common sense as long as it make financial cents.

    A penny for your thoughts…

    Wild Bill

  21. Shutter says

    My wife asked me how the mint can consider these coins circulated

    To understand that, you must first understand what an uncirculated coin is. Here is a basic explanation: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uncirculated_coin

    Obviously, your wife is working from the first and most common definition. The US mint is working from the third. Any coin that isn’t proof or uncirculated, is circulating quality.

  22. TomP says

    @Shutter, with the P and D rolls you are basically paying a premium for the wrapping paper on the rolls. Techincally you could find a bank that has them and pay face value for the same coins in a different wrapper. Yes you are paying a premium for the S rolls, but there is no other source for these coins.

    @William, Canada and the US have been doing a good business selling half dollars only to collectors for years.

  23. ClevelandRocks says

    Off topic update:
    SSB Unc had been backordered for well over a week with a recent sudden surge in orders and the “expected to ship” date kept saying a two week wait, moving back a day every 24h. I expected a “sold out” to appear at some point, but well over 24 hours ago, it changed from the 8th to the 15th, and has not changed since (still the 15th). I think it is fair to say another batch of the SSB is being produced to meet demand, much like they did for the San Fran set (final mintage please?). It is almost certain the sales # now will be higher than any speculator hoped.

  24. Shutter says

    Yes you are paying a premium for the S rolls, but there is no other source for these coins.

    Let me put it this way. I agree that of all the scrap metal that the US Mint sells in bags and rolls, the S quarters are the most unique. Yet, it is still scrap metal. There are more than enough of them to satisfy every possible collector several times over. And, most importantly, there is very little chance of them being worth serious money in the foreseeable future. If someone wants to collect them — great. Just don’t think that they are rare by any possible definition.

  25. Craig says

    So the Mint couldn’t leave the FS boxes and packaging be! Ugh! So now we’ll have the first five years of the series in one type of box, (I know, the proofs and uncirculated were already in different boxes), and the 2012 going forward in another. The boxes they were using were very nice. I am not at all looking forward to what I receive this coming week. Hopefully the Alice Paul and Frances Cleveland coins themselves are pleasing to the eye and not obviously flawed. At $1029 a piece I expect to receive a gold coin that is pleasing. Not one that obviouly has issues. Time will tell.

  26. DNA says

    Of the 488 Hawaii S quarters graded, not a one was good enough for MS68.
    I was going to say that I haven’t sent any in for grading, but at 488 out of 1.4 million, almost no one else has either. That pop. is too small a sample to say there aren’t any Hawaii-S Quarters out there that would grade 68 or higher at NGC.

  27. William says

    Maybe next year the “s’ quarter will be included in the annual sets…makes sense to me…but then again we are talking about a fickle Mint with no clear direction from management.

    If I send them a compass, does anyone feel it would help?

    Looking for new direction through the “Washington Haze”.

  28. Shutter says

    That pop. is too small a sample to say there aren’t any Hawaii-S Quarters out there that would grade 68 or higher at NGC.

    True enough, there could be 444,160 potential 68’s lurking in people’s closets. However, there were 502 P and D Hawaii quarters graded and only 43 got 68. Those were, most likely, primarily uncirculated strikes. What are the odds that circulated S strikes would perform that much better? Keep in mind that circulating strikes are struck with lower force and dies are changed less frequently. As to higher than 68, of all the 2012 ATB quarters graded so far, you can count 69’s on one hand and still have 3 fingers left over.

  29. Dan in Fla says

    Anybody aware that the 2012 Half ounce proof gold Eagle is now SOLD OUT. Sure am glad I got one.

  30. hi ho silver says

    Speaking of circulating quality coins, anyone have thoughts on the Kennedy uncirculating coinbags and rolls?

  31. TomP says

    Off Topic:

    The SSB proof silver dollar is now on a 2 week delayed shipping. With commemorative coins having a hard stop sale date in Dec., minting more this late has to be problematic for the Mint. How does the Mint estimate how many more to create without having an excess leftover amount? Of course this based on the assumption of an inventory shortage.

    (the non different TomP – LOL)

  32. Mercury says

    The Mint just loves playing this game of saying one thing and doing another. First they say that a coin is sold out, and then miraculously the coin reappears on sale again. Then there are those coins out there that should have sold out, but stays on the purchase list for years and years. And then there are the coins that are suppose to be minted to demand until a certain date, but sells out without notice. Now you tell me?… I say that’s good marketing. Another incident that proves that even bad press is good press. It pushed back in the limelight what was almost a forgotten “S” Mint product to the status of “buy right now or else,” just in time to introduce the soon to be 2013 “S” releases. Or it could be that the Mint just hates us? That’ll teach us for complaining about the poor quality of their “S” Mint coins.

  33. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    The old man at the corner candy store down my street still buys rolls of ’12S quarters and mixes them in with the others. He has kids coming from more than 10 blocks away. Some say he’s magic, give him a coin, he can make it dissappear, turns his hand and pulls the S quarter from your ear. Also can do card tricks with a black deck, the quarters fall out of the cards.
    Wonder what he’s got in store for Xmas.

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