2012 Silver Proof Set Sold Out

2012-spsAccording to the US Mint’s website, the 2012 Silver Proof Set has sold out. This joins many other 2012-dated numismatic products which have sold out over the course of the past several weeks.

The 2012 Silver Proof Set contains the year’s five America the Beautiful Quarters, Kennedy Half Dollar, and Roosevelt Dime struck in a composition of 90% silver, along with the five $1 coins, Lincoln Cent, and Jefferson Nickel struck in their standard compositions. The sets originally went on sale June 4, 2012 and have been priced at $67.95 for the entire duration of the offering.

Based on the latest US Mint sales report released today, sales had reached just 393,757 units. This represents the lowest sales level for the product since the modern annual Silver Proof Set was introduced in 1992. Unlike some of the other new lows recently seen, this establishes a new low by a considerable margin. The previous low mintage for the annual set was for the 1995 Silver Proof Set at 549,878.

It is worth noting that although the regular annual 2012 Silver Proof Set is no longer available, the US Mint still has available the 2012 America the Beautiful Quarters Silver Proof Set, containing the five 90% silver quarters. Additionally, the Limited Edition Silver Proof Set is available which contains all seven of the 90% silver coins and the 2012 Proof Silver Eagle.

Recently, the US Mint has been keeping collectors guessing with regards to the duration of availability for their products. The 2012 Silver Proof Set was available for a period of about seven months. This compares to availability of nearly two years for the prior year set.

Other recently sold out products include some of the 2012 Presidential Dollar Rolls, 2012 Native American Dollar Boxes, and circulating quality 2012-S America the Beautiful Quarters in bags and rolls. In the case of the latter, the product pages specifically stated that the products would remain available for one year from the release date, but they sold out far in advance of this. The US Mint seems to have underestimated the production needed to keep the products available for their expected period of availability. There may be other looming sell outs for other 2012-dated products in the same situation.

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  1. Tim says

    Wow, how crazy the 2012 Silver Set has sold out. Luckily I obtained 1 around release time. Great New Year to MZ and all on the blog!

  2. charles says

    re…Silver limited edition set…I will never have any interest in it. All the coins were minted in the hundreds of thousands..nothing unique. I’ll pass.

  3. says

    Glad I picked one up earlier this year, though I am kind of doubtful demand for this set will be especially high. Don’t most of these annual proof sets do a bad job of appreciating on the market for the most part?

  4. jagnut says

    Looks like the El Yunque S Mint Rolls have sold out as well?? Selling for three times their value on Ebay…

  5. TomP says

    The regular clad proof set is on a 2 week delay shipping as well as the special silver set on a somewhat longer delay. More indicators that the Mint may be clearing the deck of 2012 products. This adds to the question of how many 2012 F.S. gold coins they produced at the end of the year.
    We’ve seen the Mint lessen the production of the unc. AGE one ounce as well as the 1/2 ounce proof AGE as opposed to 2011. More to follow?
    The 2012 one ounce proof gold Buffalo is now only 93 less than the mintage of the 2008 one ounce proof Buffalo. If the Mint short sheets it’s mintage, I hope for selfish reasons that the total is more than the 2008 but not by much. That should also stimulate sales of the annv. 2013 Buffalo.

  6. george glazener says

    Any chance this product sold out early due to the new lower qty of the Presidential Dollar coins?

  7. Brad says


    Yes, I saw that phenomenon regarding the El Yunque S rolls. I regret not picking any up, as it would have been a good way to recoup some losses on some of the other clad junk I unfortunately gambled on. James K. Polk Dollar rolls or Guam rolls/bags, anyone? 🙂

    It seems highly likely that all of the remaining 2012 S rolls could sell out in the next 5 or 6 weeks. I may pick up a few of those, and hope they don’t turn out to be dogs. What’s holding me back is that I’m remembering how the District of Columbia 2009 quarter rolls sold for a bundle after sellout, but the others didn’t do squat. The same thing happened with the William Henry Harrison dollar rolls. This situation seems eerily similar. I saw that the crazy Harrison situation still seems to be in effect today. I still don’t understand that one!

  8. says


    My guess is either fewer were produced due to the lengthy period of availability of the 2011 annual sets, or else they were ended prematurely to try to bolster sales of the overpriced “limited edition” silver proof set.

  9. vaughnster says

    Kinda pisses me off that they pulled the silver proof sets already. I had two in my shopping cart waiting to buy a few more items. Went to buy today and ‘Sold Out.” It’s frustrating that some items sell for years while this one disappears after a low mintage. I just can’t figure it out.
    @Brad– I feel your pain. I lost big time on Polk, Guam etc. The only good thing was I did buy the Harrison rolls before they sold out.

  10. DNA says

    The 2012 Presidential Dollar Proof Set is now Sold Out, as well.

    Don’t forget that the 2011 Silver Proof products had sales suspension periods that year, due to high spot silver prices.

  11. guama says

    Could it be 1999 dejavue? I want to buy a silver set but still a bit to expensive. Anyone remember the mintage of 1999?

  12. Glen Laberee says

    Another sales gimmick from the mint. They only produced a low number of Silver Proof Sets so it would sell out. Thus, creating a form of panic. So customers would turn to the new over hyped, over inflated priced “LImited Edition Silver Proof Set”. More money for the mint of course Until now, the dime and half have always been the key coins in the silver proof sets, because that was the only way to obtain them. Nickels, quarters and cents could be obtained in other sets or bags and rolls. It’s important to remember that the “Limited Edition Silver Proof Sets” will contain 50,000 dimes and 50,000 halves. In addition to the 393,757 dimes and halves in the regular silver proof set.

  13. Jim_D says

    I was thinking the same thing. According to lynncoins.com about 804,600 1999 silver sets were sold, but there is also a note about the fact that the quarters were only available in the set, they weren’t available separately.

  14. Larry says

    I still think the America The Beautiful Silver Quarter Proof Set is the best bang for your $41.95. You can have your clad S mint quarters.

  15. Speculator says

    There is something to be said about packaging. The coins themselves may not be rare since they can be found in different sets. It’s the packaging that would make the set (not coins) rare. Food for thought.

  16. Hidalgo says

    I think the US Mint is doing the smart thing. By limiting production numbers and having unexpected sell outs, it is creating higher demand for its products. The other world mints tend to do this in some manner.

    With greater demand, there will be higher secondary market values (Economics 101). That can have good
    benefits for the other US Mint coins.

  17. jeremy says

    what sell-out so soon,i did not know that the US mint have sell-out of
    Annual Coin Sets.
    this year i was going to order 2012 Silver Proof Set,but now it sold out.
    i think USmint did that so we can buy 2012 United States Mint Limited Edition Silver Proof Set.
    2012 Silver Proof Set sold out the same month 2012 United States Mint Limited Edition Silver Proof Set is going on sale.
    the US mint did the same thing with the 2012 San Francisco American Eagle

  18. DNA says

    There may be other looming sell outs for other 2012-dated products in the same situation.

    If you want a 2012 Clad Proof Set, now’s the time! With the Presidential Dollar Set and Silver Proof Set both sold out, the full Clad Set is now the only way to get the 2012 Proof Presidentials (& the Proof Native Dollar) from the Mint.

    The last Clad Proof Set I bought was the 2009 (for the copper Cents), but it might be time for me to pick up a 2012 Clad Set…

  19. Kraw says

    Hey all,

    Does anyone know how many of the Denali 2012 uncirculated 5 oz coins that have been sold? I have been waiting to buy in the hopes the price goes back to $205, but I don’t want that to unexpectedly sell out…

  20. Jim_D says

    I don’t think the 5 oz will go back down to $205, heck the mint’s planning to increase the starting price on the new issues for 2013.

  21. jimfan0106 says

    Not sure if anyone watched Mike Mezak on HSN over new years eve/day over his 9 or so hour long shows where they were hawking 2013 ASE’s in ANACS MS70, they had a 2010 and 2012 ASE in the slabs, but creatively tried to keep the date hidden by the on screen graphics, but they managed to slip up every now and then where I could clearly see they did not have the 2013 in hand…Nice try…Not suprised PCSG or NGC was not involved in that, only ANACS and ICG would slab a 2010/2012 into a 2013 holder for sale. By the way,they were selling them for $109 in MS70 from ANACS with 4 credits to get 4 coind graded by ANACS for free…still not a deal!

  22. Samuel says

    Kraw, according to last week sales report, it is 11049. i did not buy it yet, will buy with the quarter proof set next week to save shipping. the deadline is 2/12, when the price will be $245.

  23. Fosnock says


    I collect the silver proof sets and yes most of them are dogs. I think this sell out will cause a feeding frenzy I’m not sure if I will go on the secondary market to get one (most places are already sold out) but if any of these sets have winner written on it its is this set

  24. Ikaika says

    It’s amazing how some people complain about not having a chance to buy the 2012 silver proof set and other products that just sold out. Everyone had several months to make the purchase. It is not like the 25th Ann. ASE set that sold out in a few hours. Although I do not agree with many things the US mint does, this missed opportunity is the complainers fault.

  25. A&L Futures says

    @ jimfan0106

    My wife and I love that show. I laugh uncontrollably each and every time I watch it. I honestly can’t recall a single episode where they actually offered anything at a reasonable price. Then again, they are in business to make money. Not much difference between what they do (on cable) versus what we do (eBay).

    BTW – Happy New Year everyone!

  26. Hidalgo says

    @Ikaika – You got it right! People complain when they lose an opportunity to make a fast buck. The reality is that no one can accurately predict how much a coin will appreciate in value when the US Mint first introduces it. So if there is an unexpected sell out, folks will complain about missing out on a lost opportunity, when in reality, they had plenty of time to capitalize on the opportunity.

    To be assured of getting a coin that will appreciate in value, one has to buy one of each US Mint product. I certainly don’t have the bucks to do so. Some of the coin dealers and coin flippers who post here can. And they have the bucks to get every one of their coins certified in the hopes of getting a MS70 rating (ka-ching!). Good luck to them!

  27. ikaika says

    @ Hidalgo

    It sure looks like that the number of flippers>dealers>collectors here in the coin news blog 🙂

  28. TomP says

    The regular clad Mint proof set has sold out. More Mint products have delayed shipping added including medals.

    This seems to be a sea change in the Mint’s operations, clearing the deck’s at or near the year’s end.

  29. Craig Thomas says

    Ikaika, I was going to say the same thing. The silver proof sets have been available for several months. If you collect the silver proofs, you would have already purchased one. One never knows what the mint is going to do, so plan and buy what you are interested in rather than always chasing the speculators.

  30. someone says

    I am rather annoyed by the Mint’s actions. I was actually preparing to purchase a proof set or two. Too late now I guess. Here’s to paying inflated prices at a coin shop/website (if any even have them…)!

  31. CW says

    US Mint, please start selling rolls of these 90% quarters. Dimes and halves too. Why make me buy a set when I really want a 90% govt. roll of coins.

  32. hi ho silver says

    Iakika : You forgot to include the mint employees and cyber students that also post here.

  33. Wylson says

    Fosnock, “but if any of these sets have winner written on it its is this set

    These are crap. Ugly modern crap. There are plenty of other moderns that look good with lower mintages. If people bid these up it’s the greater fool theory.

    The 1999 silver proof set went to $400 and it’s melt junk now.


  34. Fosnock says


    You can buy the silver quarter proof set or go to a dealer and get junk silver proofs for example APMEX has them all the time for about $19.99 above spot per roll, they also now have a limited edition silver proof set. So I’m not sure what you complaining about.

    As far as the rest it is the lack of consistency from the US Mint. You have one set that is available for about 2 years then another that is available for 7 months. As stated by Hidalgo this is good for the flippers as they generally buy everything but it makes things difficult as a collector. Then add the outright deceptions about availability such as cutting short products before they are out a year, and you have the US Mint alienating its collector base to benefit flippers

  35. Fosnock says


    Don’t look at me and don’t expect me to understand it, I just collect them. You are forgetting one thing these sets have a large collector base just like the American Eagles or Buffaloes coins and if you have a hole in your collection you have to pay the going rate. Remember these are a single year coins what I don’t understand is people paying big bucks for another reverse proof just because it has a different date or mint mark.

  36. Fosnock says


    I hesitated and the silver proof sets are already sold out or costing over $100. Its not what you like its what people want, and again don’t ask me to explain it, but I stand by my statement this one should be a winner.

  37. Jim_D says

    I don’t understand how a “collector” would wait 7 months to buy an item he/she collected. You buy what you’re interested in. To assume it will be available for 2 years is asking for trouble: price increases for one. I buy these for my kids, so I was already set and waiting for the 2013 set.


    How can you call the 2012 set crap? I think the reverses on the quarters look a heck of a lot better than the state quarters plus the Sacagawea is a bonus.

  38. hi ho silver says

    Hello Jim D ! Its 2013 and the stuff keeps comming right ? I will wait for a RP ASE in 2013

  39. Samuel says

    the mintage can only get lower and lower. this yr is just a start. the proof set is waste of money.

  40. CW says

    @Fosnock, I don’t want to buy them from APMEX with its premium. I want a US Mint that is smart enough to sell people what they want, in the numbers that they want. I can buy bags of clad and rolls already on their site. Why can’t I do the same with modern 90%? Not complaining, suggesting. Operate the US Mint like Monarch Precious Metals. You want 43 silver quarters, plus a silver Kennedy? Doable.

  41. someone says


    My thoughts are that it is overpriced. However, if a collector missed their opportunity to purchase the annual silver proof set (like me), their only other option besides paying an absurd premium at local coin shops or searching websites for relatively cheap deals is this. Going back to the absurd premium subject, I went to my local coin shop today to check pricing for the 2012 clad/silver proof sets. The owner was asking for 50 dollars for the clad set and 90 for the silver set.

  42. Louis says


    Thanks. When it was released, it was too pricey, but given where we are now not as much. For you it would definitely make sense. The silver set is bringing $90-100 everywhere now that it is sold out and a new low mintage, and the proof silver eagle is $75-80. Plus there is a slight chance that if they sell all 50K, there could be some additional premium but I would not count on that. I am going to wait and see how sales go. I should have gotten a 2nd silver proof set, but at this point I am considering one of these instead.

  43. DNA says


    The best thing (now) about the Limited Set is that it has the 2012 Silver Half-Dollar and Dime, now under 500k mintage each (including the 50K each in the Limited Sets).

    The silver Quarter mintages are in question as long as the Silver Proof Quarters Set remains available, and the 2012-W Proof ASE is not really low mintage.

    That said, it makes more sense now to buy the Limited Set (while it’s available) versus paying $100 in the secondary market for a 2012 Silver Proof Set.

  44. someone says


    It only makes more sense to me if you want the silver eagle. Plus, buying the Limited Set might signal the Mint to pull this sudden removal stunt more often, which is not a desired outcome.

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