2012 Silver Proof Set

Today, June 4, 2012 at 12:00 Noon ET, the United States Mint will begin sales of the 2012 Silver Proof Set. This annual set includes 14 coins, with the dime, quarters, and half dollar struck in 90% silver.

Each 2012 Silver Proof Set includes the following coins:

  • 2012-S Lincoln Cent
  • 2012-S Jefferson Nickel
  • 2012-S Roosevelt Dime – 90% silver
  • 2012-S America the Beautiful Quarters – 90% silver. Designs featuring El Yunque National Forest, Chaco Culture National Historical Park, Acadia National Park, Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park, Denali National Park and Preserve
  • 2012-S Kennedy Half Dollar – 90% silver
  • 2012-S Native American Dollar
  • 2012-S Presidential Dollars – Designs featuring Chester Arthur, Grover Cleveland (first term), Benjamin Harrison, Grover Cleveland (second term)

These 14 coins are packaged in three plastic lenses, which are placed together with a certificate of authenticity into an outer cardboard box. Each 2012 Silver Proof Set is priced at $67.95.

The price is the same that is charged for the 2011-dated Silver Proof Set, which originally went on sale January 25, 2011 and still remains available. During the course of this offering, sales were suspended when the market price of silver rose to more than $43 per ounce, but ultimately resumed at the same price after silver fell.

This is actually the first time in several years that the price of the annual Silver Proof Set has not been increased. Original pricing for previous years has been $44.95 (2008), $52.95 (2009), $56.95 (2010), and $67.95 (2011).

An interesting trend to watch will be whether the 2012 Silver Proof Set manages to outsell the standard clad composition 2012 Proof Set. Each year since the introduction of the 90% silver proof set in 1992, sales have fallen below the level of the standard composition proof set. Collector preferences may be changing.

So far for this year, the 2012 America the Beautiful Quarters Silver Proof Set has outsold the clad version of the set. Most recent sales were 109,767 for the silver set vs. 91,454 for the clad set.

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  1. simon says

    I’m in for a set, as I have since 1999. Really like this offering, and also waiting to see the upcoming “special silver set.” The only year I purchased the clad version was in 2009 to have a copy of the Lincoln cents in Cu. Perhaps I’ll get a clad Kennedy Half in this years version 😉 !

  2. EvilFlipper says

    Everyone keep your eyes open for potential market dislocations. Whether there is a good risk on this years mint products remains to be seen. There could be some EPIC commodities moves which could lead to similar repricing and sales freezes wish as there were in2008. Keep some powder dry and your eyes glued to the blogs. It you’re following CNBC’s advice or MSM business advice there is no hope for you…

  3. george glazener says

    Yep, now we’re talkin’ about the good stuff..!! This is THE set to get..!!
    I’m in for 2, along with 2 of the SSB sets

  4. Auxmike says

    I can’t believe so many buy the worthless clad sets. All I want here is the president which I’ll find cheap once people start breaking up sets….
    Are we still @$149 on the SF sets?

  5. george glazener says

    “If you’re following CNBC’s advice or MSM business advice there is no hope for you…”

    LMAO…You nailed it buddy..!!

    But what specifically are you smelling headed our way re: PM? I think I know it must have something to do w/ Greece and the market’s reaction. Do tell..!!

  6. guama says

    I’m in for a set…I started with the clad and accidentally my husband bought me the silver set back in 2003. “Don’t buy the silver set honey..they are too expensive”. WHAT was I thinking??? lol

  7. Jus-a-coin-luvr says

    This is a set that I’ve had on auto-order with the Mint each year and is one of my favorites of the annual releases! 🙂

  8. Zaz says

    Good set every year, but for that price the Mint should put a non duplicating set of 21 coins for those that like to fill albums.

  9. MarkInFlorida says

    The silver proof sets are the only ones that are worth more than the purchase price!!!

  10. Jasonpe says

    I buy 3 sets each year since the day each of my 3 kids were born. Why would I want to consider buying clad when my kids deserve the best – silver!

    I love this set, and my kids loving looking at them and get excited at the fact that they have ‘real’ silver coins. They feel like modem day pirates.

    They are a great product, and it suits me just fine if they are not vey popular – it will just make them that much more rare in 100 years when they get past down the line of my descendants!

  11. kip says

    Has anyone seen the Quarter 2012 mint proof set. All five quarter have 3 heavy grip destortion on the reeled edge i received any others out there?

  12. ChosenReject says

    =) my favorite set. this is what got me started collecting from the mint. I will occasionally buy some thing else like the Westward journey sets when they came out but this is the only set i buy every year.

    I do wish they would make silver proof sets with the all copper pennies like they did the one year and even possibly have a set with the same dollar designs as the magnesium top dog tokens they make now but all 90% silver large dollar blanks. i guess it would get pretty expensive but i would buy it =). one can dream….

  13. TomP says

    Off Topic

    The Eliza Johnson F.S. gold unc. finally went on sold out status. I believe it had gone on delayed shipping 4 or 5 times this year. Since all coins should have been minted last year, I’m curious why the multiple shipping status changes. When the Eliza Johnson first went on delayed status this year, I thought it indicated a soon impending sell-out. Well, so much for my reading of the Mint’s tea leaves for their intentions.

  14. Brad says

    She didn’t come in lower than the Julia Tyler Unc, but Julia Grant might. Even if she doesn’t, Lucy Hayes and Lucretia Garfield both most certainly will.

    Now might be the time to unload that extra Julia Tyler Unc coin, if you have one.

  15. Hidalgo says

    It’s about time that Eliza Johnson has sold out.

    Also, trying to guess which FS uncirculated gold coin will have the lowest mintage for the series is a guessing game. No one knows for sure. Look at what happened with the 2010 ATB 5 ounce silver coins. The 2012 coins have a lower mintage than the 2010s! So no one really knows. And it ain’t game that I’m willing to pay (um, I meant play… LOL!)

  16. Brad says


    I found the multiple backorder status changes for the Eliza Johnson Unc puzzling as well, given that for several products lately it happened only once and proved short-lived before being declared “sold out.” Maybe in this case, the only coins left available were at the Mint gift shop stores and the distribution center in Indiana was out of stock. The backorder was to allow time to get those coins shipped to the disribution center first so they could be shipped out for the final online orders. Shrug.

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