2012 Uncirculated Mint Set Sold Out

2012-msThe United States Mint’s 2012 Uncirculated Coin Set, which many collectors refer to as the “2012 Mint Set”, has sold out. This follows sell outs earlier this month for the 2012 Proof Set and 2012 Silver Proof Set.

Now, all three of the Mint’s core annual set offerings for 2012 are no longer available for sale. As mentioned in previous posts, these sell outs initially caught some collectors by surprise. The 2011-dated sets had remained available for nearly two years, which also followed extended availability for the 2010-dated sets.

The 2012 Mint Set went on sale May 21, 2012. Each set contained uncirculated versions of the 2012-dated cent, nickel, dime, five America the Beautiful Quarters, the half dollar, Native American Dollar, and four Presidential Dollars from both the Philadelphia and Denver Mints. The 28 coin sets were priced at $27.95 each.

The coins currently included in the annual Mint Set are produced differently and are generally higher quality than standing circulating coins. The US Mint indicates that the coins “are struck on special presses using greater force than circulating coins, producing a sharp, intricately detailed image.” Despite the quality difference, the major coin grading services have not made any distinction between these Mint Set coins and regular circulation strikes. The US Mint previously used a satin finish for the 2005 to 2010 Mint Sets, which grading services did consider separately from circulation strikes.

Based on the latest available sales report published today, the 2012 Mint Set had last reported sales of 392,000 units. This is well below the last reported sales for the 2011 Mint Set of 533,529, and also represents the lowest sales total for the product type since 1963.

2013 America the Beautiful Five Ounce Silver Coins

atbMany readers have been looking for information about the status of the numismatic and bullion versions of the 2013 America the Beautiful 5 oz. Silver Coins. In particular, there have been some questions about the numismatic versions, since release dates were initially included on a preliminary schedule provided by the US Mint before the start of the year.

I contacted the Mint to see if any explanation or information was available and received a similar set of statements that have also been seen in CoinWorld. When provided, the schedule was disclaimed as preliminary and subject to potential changes for both release dates and pricing.

From the US Mint’s statement:

In releasing the product schedule as well in advance as possible, we knew that  pricing and date changes for some products would inevitably occur, as the dates did regarding the 2013 America the Beautiful Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coins.   We look forward to announcing the revised dates on the product schedule as soon as possible once they are determined.  We regret any inconvenience this date change may cause our valued customers who purchase America the Beautiful Silver Uncirculated Coins.

In response to some other questions, I was informed that the mintage levels for both numismatic and bullion versions of the coins had not yet been determined for 2013. Production has been started for the White Mountain National Forest and Perry’s Victory Memorial 5 oz. Silver Bullion Coins. Production has not yet been started for the numismatic versions of the coins.

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  1. Brad says

    392,000 is like a “micro-mintage” for an Uncirculated Coin Set. The way it sold out (without even being “backordered” for a couple of days) should allow it to perform nicely on the secondary market, in the short-term, anyway.

    If it does do well, the 2013 set will most certainly come in with higher sales fueled by those hoping for a repeat scenario. That’s what happened with the 2005 set after the surprise 2004 set sellout. But, those higher sales could doom the 2013 set to secondary market failure.

    Maybe the Mint is trying to “throw a bone” to their longtime loyal buyers of these products that have been losers year after year and give them something that actually has some value this time.

  2. Buzz Killington says

    I remember when the White House silver commemorative dollar had a significant premium when it sold out its “micro-mintage” (then) of 500,000. Needless to say, it didn’t last.

  3. Dan in Fla says

    Preliminary schedule is what you call it. I call it a tease by the US Mint. The first five ounce coin should be on the market now.
    As for the UNC mint set, I don’t usually buy anything clad but this set I thought would be a winner. I bought a few of them along with the Unc quarters. Who knew they would sell out this early. The 2011 was on sale forever.

  4. says


    I agree these sellouts are a deliberate strategy by the mint. I am expecting sales of the 2012 uncirculated eagle to end very soon. If White Mountain hadn’t been relisted as TBD, I’d have expected all the remaining four 2012 AtBs to “sell out” as well. As it is, I think the remaining AtBs will sell out after White Mountain is relisted.

  5. EvilFlipper says

    The only way the mint set is different is that is needs to be visually distinguishable and recognized. Nice low mintage BUT if it’s not “different” then no dice.

  6. hi ho silver says

    I hope your right CO, but I am still gonna send a couple 2012 unc’s back to the Mint tomorrow.

  7. Hidalgo says

    @Brad – I have decided to stop chasing new lows and will buy what appeals to me.

    Who knows? There might be new lows for the US Mint’s 2013 products. Which would then make some of the sheen off of the “new low” 2012 products…>

    I certainly do not have the funds to keep paying for coins that I think might appreciate… LOL! 🙂


  8. Saucexx says

    I think the quantity of 2011 products and the length of time they were available is a big reason for early sellouts of 2012’s. I’m not sure the Mint is doing us any “favors”. Capacity is ultimately limited and to keep producing coins that aren’t selling doesn’t make much financial sense. If you remember from their report they took a big write down on 2011 products, so to repeat that with 2012 items would be foolish. IMO they simply minted far less of the products this year than last. Once Jan 1 hit limited stock meant early sell outs.

    CO, I’m really curious to what may happen with the Unc W ASE’s. If they minted an average of their prior years sales we may not see a sell out for a long time. Then again if they limited production we may see one soon enough.

  9. KEITHSTER says

    Speaking of foolish they had the backorder on the 2012 FS medal set with the ever changing date to make it look like an early sell out? But they must have now minted more so now they will end up like all the rest on sale foever?? So if you ordered too many better cancel while you still can. Thanks mint thought I had something that would spark a little life into that junk$$ Good luck all!!!

  10. posterhunter says

    Not sure if anyone saw it, but on HSN last weekend the coin guy said he bought 15% of all the S ATB quarters from the mint which means he has about 1 million of the quarters or 210,000 of each one.

  11. KEITHSTER says

    So that’s why mine are still on backorder they sold the rest to the Big Boys? Must have been when the sales were showing the extra 1000 rolls for most of the S’s also kind of funny with the large orders just before a sellout?Insider info maybe not just us I’m sure?? good luck &night

  12. DNA says

    on HSN last weekend the coin guy said he bought 15% of all the 2012 S ATB quarters from the mint

    And HSN gold-plated half of those. Their $29.95 Set has two holders, one with a set of the five BU “S” Quarters, the other is the same set damaged via gold plating.

    So 105,000 of each variety are already trashed, basically…

  13. DNA says

    Did anyone else notice that the strike quality and general appearance of the “circulation-finish” 2012-S Quarters are much more in line with the 2012 Mint Set Quarters than true P and D business strikes?

    Personally, I think the 2012-S Quarters are struck in much the same manner as the “Uncirculated”-grade Mint Set Quarters, but they called the “S” Quarters “circulating-quality finish” to allow for more bag marks and hits (since, after all, they’re sold in bags and rolls, not as sets of individual coins sealed in blister packs).

  14. Ikaika says

    Thank you Michael for the update on the 5oz ATBs. I really hope the mint does not release them one after the other. I suspect that will be the case for the FS coins.

  15. Zaz says

    Concerning mintages, low sales are going to continue and be the rule, not the exception. Once a product sells out, there will be a temporary bump from the collectors that missed out, then settle back into the pack, awaiting the next low milestone. You can thank the US Mint for a wide proliferation of material, HS’ repeated point of issuing as many coin designs in the last twenty years as the first 200 years of US coinage is well taken. Collector budgets are stretched thin and its not truly necessary to buy one of each core annual offering. That said, because they are among the most inexpensive items the Mint sells, a collector shouldn’t play chicken and wait for a near sellout before buying. There is no room for complacency when it comes to the capricious nature of the Mint.

    Re: ‘establishing the mintage levels for 2013 ATB 5oz.’ Sounds like a big fish story when they have the 2012 numbers to go by to set the 2013 levels: 107,300 bullion and 75,000 collector pucks divided among five designs. There isn’t going to be a spike of interest in these this year unless Ag takes off again, but rather a steady level of interest.

  16. fosnock says

    @Zaz – I agree the mint is back to rationing ASEs, when they are available and they pull the 5oz off the schedule, but their is not a silver blank shortage. But you have a point they may be anticipating a higher demand, and like the 2012 ASEs they may have pulled them to make sure they have enough bullion. Personally I must agree with one of the other posters that with no other options for bullion the mint maybe hoping that the older 5oz may experience a sales revival.

  17. stephen m. says

    fosnock, thought i heard the other day that Germany purchased a hugh amount of silver eagles but cannot find any story on it. Have you or anyone else seen or heard this? I would have to agree with you, there is not a silver blank shortage.

  18. says


    One would think the silver shortage might spike interest in the AtB bullion coins, but looking on APMEX, they seem to have plenty of raws left in stock. I just don’t get why those coins can’t catch a break.

  19. says

    CO…I think ATB 5 oz bullion sales are picking up a little steam. You can’t buy a complete 2011 set from APMEX…out of Glazier. Also for the 2012 sets, they only have 12 Hawaii 5 oz and they are $280 each.

    Provident is out of stock of ALL 2012 5 oz ATB’s and you can not buy a complete set of 2011’s either…they are also out of Glacier.

    So perhaps sales are picking up a bit…I hope so,,,I really like these and look forward to the 2012’s…especially White Mountain & Great Basin.

  20. Samuel says

    apmex is watching this blog and increases hawaii prices(raw and 69) everyday! i bought one 69 at less than $220 not long ago, now it is $300.

  21. Dustyroads says

    The rush on bullion must have caused a change in the Mints scheduling this year, we should see the ATB’s back soon, I’m guessing at 15,000. No one can say if there will be any early sell out’s ahead, but we would be wise to keep an eye on sales figures and go from there.

    DNA: no, I haven’t looked at any of my S quarters, I bought all five rolls last year and I’ll have to check them now, thanks for bringing that up.

  22. art says

    This is easy regarding the mint sets. Inferior quality and too high a price. That adds up to lower demand and a lower mintage.

  23. Dan in Fla says

    OT- I was just watching the local weather and the high today is 83. Thanks for the sunshine and thank God I live in FLA.

  24. Dan in Fla says

    Some people have to get everything graded by a “professional” grader. Who are these people that sit up on a throne and decide or fate? I say OGP all the way. Why pay somebody else to look at my coins to tell me they are beautiful? OGP is fine with me.

  25. someone says


    I mostly feel the same as you. However, I intend to eventually pick up one or two spare proof sets from the last few years and get them graded. Why, one may ask? Just for the novelty of it. However, they will be clad sets. Silver sets are too valuable imo to expose to open air and potential mishandling/contamination.

  26. Don says

    The same fates, such as mishandling and contamination, can also happen to the coins in the clad proof sets that are broken up by the so- called professional graders. Definitely leave them in the OGP. You will be doing yourself and the coins a favor.

  27. someone says


    Oh, I intend to. Remember that I said Spare sets. I only want one OGP example of each set, silver and/or clad, for my collection (possible exception for 2009, that set is one of my favorites in recent years). I don’t intend to make a habit of sending in sets to be graded, it will be something that I do maybe twice.

  28. CW says

    I didn’t know so many people collected packaging. Unless it is nice like a proof Buffalo it gets thrown out in my house.

  29. Dan in Fla says

    Has anyone seen the 2013 silver proof coin yet? My order went in early I thought but it still says “in process” on the Mint site.

  30. Ralph says

    Speaking of OGP, I saw on eBay a 2012 Pesidential Dollar Proof Set WITHOUT the 4 coins sold for $18.55 including shipping. The lens, box and coa, but no coins. Any ideas what it was wanted for?

  31. says

    Dan in Fla,

    They haven’t shipped yet. My order went in about 45 seconds after the coins went on sale and my cancel boxes have disappeared, but I’ve gotten no shipping notice. PBGS usually seems to take about a week to fulfill orders when an ordered coin is immediately in stock. My Denali AtB took about six days to ship after I ordered it a couple weeks ago.

    In the past I’ve found that after the cancel boxes vanish, that usually means shipping is imminent within a day or two, but some changes have been made to to the fulfillment process since the last time I watched the process really closely, so it may take longer now. My hope is that with the cancel boxes gone I’ll get a shipping notice tomorrow or Friday.

  32. Dan in Fla says

    Thanks guys and I sure was happy to see somebody’s order shipping out.
    Ralph, people use the old OGP for various reasons..

  33. Art says

    When the cancel box disappears, your order has been sent to the warehouse for shipping. No changes can be made by anyone, including customer service, and shipping is imminent.

  34. Frankie says

    Another release worth watching is the 2012 Uncirculated Dollar Coin Set. The latest sales figure was 16,345 which is low in comparison to the two previous releases: 90,000 sets in 2007 and just under 100,000 sets in 2008 (taken from http://mintnewsblog.com/2012/09/2012-annual-uncirculated-dollar-coin-set/). I very much doubt the Mint made more than 20k of the 2012 set.
    Of course, there is nothing special about the set, but that doesn’t seem to matter nowadays. And at least it contains 1oz of silver.
    The 2013 issue is scheduled for release in July.

  35. Smiledon says

    This is an FYI about the Presidential 1 dollar coin proof sets.
    I had a local coin dealer appraise my coin sets for insurance reasons, and now, each coin is worth $5.00 for the earlier sets.
    I did not have the packaging for the sets.
    I guess to each, their own.

  36. Ikaika says

    @ Frankie

    Good observation. I agree with you that there is nothing special about this set besides the potential low mintage of the package itself. As metioned before, if one thinks in buying, this is the time.

  37. Smiledon says

    hi ho silver,
    Yes, I do buy from the Mint.
    I think I paid <$15.00 for the first set of those coins. Either way, I broke even.
    Well, I collect those coins for the history they represent.
    If they keep going up, so be it.
    I do try to but the silver and gold coins for investment reasons, when I can get them.
    I can only imagine what my son will feel when he takes a look at these coins after I am gone, and I hope that bring a smile to his face, and money in his pocket.

  38. hi ho silver says

    Smiledon I think this years dollars will be the best so far IMO. Iwill be getting a silver proof set this year.

  39. Dan in Fla says

    The unc annual dollar set for 2012 is due to be pulled. I thought that was my little secret only. But low numbers (16345) and little movement on these sets make them a sleeper for sure. IMO

  40. gbotz says

    I always thought that the Uncirculated Coin Set consisted of 1 each of the coinage made available for circulation by the United States Government and the Proof Set was a special collectors’ edition of the coinage made available for circulation by the United States Government. If what I thought is correct, why do these sets still include the Kennedy Half Dollar, Native American Dollar and Presidential Dollars which are no longer available for circulation from the United States Government as part of the Uncirculated Set and the Proof Set? Shouldn’t the Uncirculated Set and Proof Set consist only of the Cent, Nickel, Dime and Quarters since they are the only coinage made available for circulation by the United States Government?

  41. Mint News Blog says

    Generally what you are saying is true, but I don’t think the US Mint strictly adheres to any definition about what coins are included in the set.

    Even before the recent sets, there were some other prior sets which have included coins not issued for circulation. This has included 1970 (half dollar), 1973 (Ike Dollars), 1981 (SBA Dollars), 1987 (half dollar), and 1996 (w mint mark dime).

  42. Ikaika says

    @ Dan

    The low numbers are related to the packaging. If you count how many coins from this set were minted they are way way above 16K.

  43. says

    ot…has anyone heard any updates on their Denali “S” quarter rolls? I ordered mine on Jan. 19, three days before they were sold out…and mine are still backordered.

  44. VABEACHBUM says

    @ CO and others wrt the 2013 ASE Proof coins. I have a standing subscription for the coins and took delivery of mine this past Wednesday. Great coins w/ sharp strikes, no indications of circumfrencial strain marks, and none of those annoying “fleck” marks on the frosted surfaces. While the price increase was a little annoying, they’re definitely worthy of the collection.

  45. says


    Thanks for the information and I’m glad to hear they did a good job striking them this year. Mine should be arriving sometime Monday. Everyone in my group is really looking forward to them.

  46. Fosnock says

    @stephen m – I have not heard anything on German silver purchases but if they were buying silver they would be better off buying Austrian Philharmonics

  47. stephen m. says

    My pf ase order status says”in process”. Item status says “in stock and reserved”.Glad to hear they look good. Coin vault had the 2013 proof 70’s for 120.00 last night, i think. I usually get 1 or two graded 70’s but they are the first i’ve seen that has a price on them. I would hope for a high 90.00 range from other sellers. Well E.F., it is a slow coin news day.

  48. phil i says

    I have a backorder for 5oz hawaii from day they were put as “on backorder”. The mint still has not cancelled. Anyone think my odds are better than 1 and 100 I will get a coin?

  49. VABEACHBUM says

    @ stephen m. Not surprised about CV pricing. The next wackadoodle w/ similar pricing will be NY Mint. Definitely want to hold out a week or two for either Modern Coin Mart or Paradise Mint to bring their PR 70 ASE’s on line. No indications of limited demand, so like you, I also am thinking $90 – $95 would be a reasonable expectation.

    @ phil i. I wish you the best of luck. The key is whether or not your back order date starts to float out w/ each new day. That’s usually the death knell. As soon as the MNB discussions broke that the Hawaii 5 oz Numismatic Coins had sold out at the Mint, I grabbed an SP70 w/ packaging for $300 on the Bay. Days later, ungraded examples of the this coin are closing at $400 and higher.

  50. phil i says


    It has been getting pushed daily…so guess I can move the odds from 1 in 100 to 1 in 1000.


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