2012 United States Mint Limited Edition Silver Proof Set

Tomorrow November 27, 2012 at 12:00 Noon ET, the United States Mint will launch the 2012 Limited Edition Silver Proof Set. Details of this new product were revealed last week.

Each set contains eight silver coins consisting of the following:

  • 2012-W Proof Silver Eagle – struck in 99.9%  silver
  • 5 – 2012-S Silver Proof America the Beautiful Quarters – the designs feature El Yuqnue National Forest, Chaco Culture National Historical Park, Acadia National Park, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, and Denali National Park. Each coin is struck in 90% silver.
  • 2012-S Silver Proof Roosevelt Dime – struck in 90% silver
  • 2012-S Silver Proof Kennedy Half Dollar – struck in 90% silver

The coins are packaged within a protective lens and display case. A product limit of 50,000 units has been indicated within an initial ordering limit of two sets per household. This limit will be re-evaluated on a weekly basis and either extended, adjusted, or removed. The price of each set is $149.95.

According to the product page, shipping is expected to begin in late December.

All of the coins included in the upcoming set have been offered within previously released products. The 2012 Proof Silver Eagle with the “W” mint mark was offered for sale individually from April 12, 2012 until the sell out on November 13. Pricing for the individual proof was initially $59.95, lowered to $54.95, and then raised to $59.95.

The five 2012-S Silver Proof Quarters were available in the 2012 America the Beautiful Quarters Silver Proof Set, released on January 9, 2012 and priced at $41.95. The quarters were also included within the full 2012 Silver Proof Set released on June 4, 2012 and priced at $67.95. Both of these products still remain available for sale.

The 2012-S Silver Proof Kennedy Half Dollar was accidentally released within the some examples of the 2012 Birth Set, which went on sale March 13, 2012. This was followed by the regular release within the 2012 Silver Proof Set on June 4, 2012. The 2012-S Silver Proof Roosevelt Dime was released within the 2012 Silver Proof Set.

As mentioned in the previous post on this product, the $149.95 price of the 2012 Limited Edition Silver Proof Set is greater than the last price of the individual 2012 Proof Silver Eagle and the price of the 2012 Silver Proof Set. These two products would cost $127.90 and also include the cent, nickel, and five $1 coins.

An interesting aspect of this release is that it continues the increasing use of the American Silver Eagle within US Mint numismatic products. This year we have seen the traditional individual proof, the individual uncirculated coin with “W” mint mark, the San Francisco Silver Eagle Set, the Making American History Coin and Currency Set, the Annual Uncirculated Dollar Coin Set, and now the Limited Edition Silver Proof Set.

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  1. RSF says

    The Mint makes some products for collectors and some products for non-collectors who are looking for a gift for a collector. This is obviously one of the latter. The Mint will soon raise the ordering limit and will make a lot of money from mass marketers. (they’ll be the only ones buying them)

    But let the complaining begin about the Mint’s lack of understanding of what collectors want and their audacity of pricing this at a point that won’t allow them to make any money, etc, etc.

  2. DCDave says

    2012-W Proof Silver Eagle: Sold Out.
    This must be a mistake.

    Or maybe they should say: “Sold Out, except for the ones you can buy in our new over-priced ‘Limited Packaging Material’ edition set.”

  3. Gary says

    I sure hope everyone got a silver eagle this year! The people talked and the Mint listened! Not enough silver eagles to go around last year! Well plenty to go around this year. Thank you US Mint….I am a buyer of one of these sets! I like the presentation and where else can you get a Proof W Silver Eagle for this year!
    The 2011 Anniversary Sets just keep getting better and better!! : )

  4. simon says

    I will be getting a set too.

    What are values for the 2011 sets these days ? As I recall they
    dropped drastically after the initial flipper tsunami.

  5. Ikaika says

    There are plenty of 2012 ASE W proof in the secondary market selling at the mınt price or even cheaper.

  6. Gary says

    I believe an OGP set goes for around $700…the single S minted bullion and the reverse proof both still command pretty good premiums. I wish the Mint would have given us another set like that this year with a one per household limit!

  7. simon says

    I just had a look at my two ASE anniv sets of 2011-2012. They are both in OGP and look very impressive placed side-by-side. What a collection!

  8. george glazener says

    My Lucy Hayes UNC doesn’t look too shabby either. Someday she’ll buy me a new car.

    Well, maybe a used 1984 Chevette, but what the hey…!

  9. DNA says

    This Set would make more sense if it:
    * cost $119.95
    * had the 2012-S Proof ASE in place of the W.

    The (still available) 2012 Making American History Coin & Currency Set has the 2012-S Proof ASE, total mintage on that coin about 350,000 (including the 100K in these C&C Sets).

    The “Limited Edition” Set has the 869,217 minted (including the 50K for this Set) 2012-W Proof ASE, and the 10-to-50 cent coins are the same as included in the Silver Proof Set.

    The biggest problem here is that most of the collectors that would have been interested in this Limited Set already have all of these coins.

  10. Dave says

    Hello —

    I agree with bfn. Here however, I believe is the issue — we had a change in Mint Directorship Jan. 2011. This director might be the wrong individual for this job.

    Suffice it too say, I won’t be purchasing at this price. I am however, interested in what ludicrous idea is next.

  11. Dave says

    You are correct, wise one (Price silver) — it is all I can do to hold back my comments about this mint director. If I were to get serious, I would contact my congressman.

    Oh, I have a novel idea! How about the mint be more transparent about pricing? What? They/we tried that and it did not work so well?

  12. Gary says

    Well we cant have anything too limited now! After all the complaining we had last year about the 2011 Anniversary Set! I doubt we will really ever have anything “rare” or “Limited” again! I would imagine from here on out it will be the 4 week window type of deal! But really thats what most people wanted i guess?
    I for one liked how they did the 2011 Anniversary Set, I like the 10 Per Household on the 2006 Anniversary Sets…..Hell, i liked how they did the 1995 Anniversary Sets.
    Oh well, nothing we can do about the mess some got us into!

  13. hi ho silver says

    I think a lot of 2011 offerings will come to an abrupt end by 2013 fiscal year with a new Director in there, just like the 100 coin S mint quarter bags that are now sold out.This set may end sooner than many think. MHO

  14. Shutter says

    I think a lot of 2011 offerings will come to an abrupt end by 2013 fiscal year with a new Director

    This may be nitpicking, but FY 2013 began 2 months ago. Also, there is no indication that the new Director nominee has any understanding of how to run the Mint, so will either rely on her deputies and assistants or make her own boneheaded mistakes. Either way, the signs aren’t good.

  15. Dan in Fla says

    Usually I need to own one or two of everything I see at the Mint. I am really on the fence about this one. From what I here its a real stinker. The release of these 50,000 sets brings the total of 2012 w proof coins to 900,000 this year. Where is the collectible coin here? I already own all these coins and the packaging on this set is bland. To say the least. On the other hand they will probably not sell 50,000 sets. Probably wait and see if they drop the price.

  16. hi ho silver says

    I ment 2012 offerings. The reason I think this is because the Mint is kind of turning into an Overstock.com. hoarding the presidental dollars for ever ect…When something comes out from the Mint it seems the limits,mintage, and availibity, have changed to allow them to sell out when they please. Ref. MAH set, 50,000 up to 100,000 total.That alone tells me after 50,000 sold they can announce a final sale date to raise the hype. JMO

  17. Eddie says

    I just ordered one because of lack of better sense. I just hope the mint put it into one of those pretty wooded boxes they’ve made for some of the other “Limited” sets.

  18. david says

    The reason I think this is an awesome set is that it displays all proof coin denominations minted in silver in 2012 in one nice package. You don’t have to dig past the base metal (non-silver) presidential dollar lens in your silver proof mint set box to view them (only to have the non-silver penny and nickel still in sight, and the quarters on a separate lens) and then dig out your proof silver eagle that’s in another box somewhere.

    I’m as excited about this as I was with the return of the annual dollar coin set…where you have all dollar coin designs minted for the year in one nice display package.

  19. Crohnos01 says

    I too am on the fence about this one…. it really makes no sense numismatically to purchase this set…. I have all the coins in it already and some of them mulitple times over. So it becomes a question of if the packaging is worth the extra $22+ or not? On the one hand, I collect coins, not packaging, but on the other hand… Have you noticed how much premium the “First Strike” and other similar marketing ploys from the TPGs command? Certainily the premium is not for the coin in the slab, so people do apparently pay attention to packaging….

  20. Jus-a-coin-luvr says

    You guys are forgetting that the Mayans predicted the “world will end” in less than one month (12-21-12). So, this could be the last “Silver Proof Set” that you ever get to buy before the zombies show up at your doors. 🙂

  21. MT says

    Make work!
    As in, “We’ve bought all this equipment and increased our labor force at multiple locations, so we have to keep producing stuff.. any stuff”.
    Expect more of the same until the ‘Mint lemmings’ run out of money.

  22. JohnT58 says

    For what it’s worth, Apmex has stated on their website that both the Denali and the Hawaii 5oz bullion is sold out at the mint. It looks like they minted ~20K of each.

  23. simon says

    Picked up mine – will have to display the Uncirc $et and this Proof Ag set side by side. Should look cool!

  24. Louis says

    News flash re: the director: There is still only an acting director. Boerio has only been nominated. She would need to be confirmed first by the Senate before assuming the position. But the Senate is apparently too busy criticizing Susan Rice…..

  25. Samuel says

    there should be plenty of time for the new director to take some coin lessons to get prepared for the job

    by the way, since it is pretty clear the unc SSB will be shipped 12/15, will there be any large number of cancellations? sales report? do u think the big dealers have “insider” info?

  26. says

    2012 ATB 5 oz bullion sales as of 11/26

    19,900 El Yunque National Forest
    20,000 Chaco Culture National Historical Park
    25,400 Acadia National Park
    20,000 Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park
    20,000 Denali National Park

  27. SilverFan says

    I believe that the Mint set the mintage of the 2012 ATB bullion issues at 50,000 and can continue producing and selling into the future until that mintage is reached.

  28. jeff72 says

    well …now on to more interesting World coins……sorry “over-minted-SE-Eagle” ..Mint…..let us know when the Palladium dime is out 🙂 …and please …limit the mintage…thanks

  29. Shutter says

    But the Senate is apparently too busy criticizing Susan Rice…..

    Those awful ricists are under mistaken impression that Sec of State position is more important than Director of the Mint. A position so important that it remained unfilled for nearly 2 years.

  30. Shutter says

    there should be plenty of time for the new director to take some coin lessons to get prepared for the job

    If she takes “lessons” from the current Mint leadership, I don’t see how that would make any difference.

  31. hi ho silver says

    LOL ! Don’t worry the Senate will push her in before Xmas break…. I say “NO FS COIN FOR HILLARY” !!!

  32. hi ho silver says

    Just got. my untouched 5 coin S mint coins from an E Bay purchase !!! 5 stars for this seller !!!

  33. david says

    The Limited Edition Silver Proof Set that I just ordered is on back order until January 4, 2013. Was hoping I’d receive it by Christmas!

  34. The CoinKeeper says

    I wish the mint would stop selling the 2011 versions of the 5 ounce silver coins on their website at the end of this year. That list is going to be a mile long in a few years if they don’t. What a bore for collectors.

    Are you listening US mint?

  35. RWWIEDERIN says

    OK modern collectors is this collection of left overs what you want if you buy your telling the mint it is.Believe it or not you the collectors of moderns have the power to force a shift .If you are sincere don ‘t spend your hard earned money on this junk .If you were to sell you would get if you were lucky twenty cents on a dollar.You work too hard to earn a dollar to spend it here.Think about it.We are living in take care of yourself times,continue to collect but collect value.

  36. stephen m. says

    It seems as if some people are buying moderns hopeing the purchase will be an investment winner. Buy what you like and you can’t lose.

  37. Brad says

    I was wondering the same thing. Don’t knock it, though. Maybe it will tank a little further and stay there for a few days, long enough to trigger a price decrease just in time for Caroline Harrison. I’ve held off buying all of the 2012 First Spouses so far. I’d like to be able to get the first three Uncirculateds for “only” $991 each!

    I noticed that the Harrison coin & spouse medal set is on the upcoming products page with a price of $14.95. Is that a mistake, or is the Mint raising the price on those sets back to the 2011 level?

  38. george glazener says

    It’s probably because the Harrison’s make such a darn cute couple..!! And he looks like Santa Claus..!!

  39. Jus-a-coin-luvr says

    OT: What’s the “mood of the herd” on the 5oz Denali ABT (unc/collector version)? I saw a report (here I think) of the bullion version being sold out from the Mint to dealers.

    I’ve been holding off on the Mint’s unc/collector version in hopes the price might drop from the current $229 point. Been watching every Wednesday to see if the price would drop, but nothing so far.

    If the bullion version is in fact sold out (from the Mint) via dealer purchases, do you think there will be any new pressure on the unc/collector version? I’m trying to be wise with the buy-point, but also don’t want to get into a situation where I waited too long. Your thoughts?

  40. stephen m. says

    The gold wanted to go down a short period ago, it came back and is retreating again. Look for a stronger US dollar and a upswing in the markets by years end. Gold buyers try to be patient.

  41. DCDave says

    What “markets”? Usually strong dollar means lower PM values.
    I personally think gold may be @1800 or higher by year end.

  42. The CoinKeeper says

    Oh good. The 2011-P 5 ounce Silver coins will be removed at the end of the year. Thanks.

    I really don’t see that price changing for them in the next month. Who knows though. Silver has been second at $26-$35 price range for a while now. Something is going to break it out.

  43. ClevelandRocks says

    “Max mintages” have become almost meaningless now.
    Low lows are now the norm.
    Final SF set sales # please.

  44. Hidalgo says

    I must say that new silver set has beautiful packaging. I’m sure it will fill the needs of certain niche groups. The set may not break sales records, but then again, not everyone who buys the set will be interested in it for the bullion or profits. :o)

    The birth year set fits in a similar category – sales are relatively tepid, but heck, the value of a purchase is, in part, what it means to you and not totally what its monetary value is. :o)

  45. Louis says

    @Shutter- I never stated that the Senate is racist. And I do not understand why you and others here continue to criticize the Mint Director nominee before she is even in the job. Nominees do not have any role whatsoever unless and until they assume the position, and even then it takes some time before their actions have an impact. And virtually every former Mint director did not work in the numismatic field (even if they were collectors like Moy) prior to working at the Mint.

  46. Dan in Fla says

    Just received the Cleveland gold spouse proof coin and the packaging is horrible. Its some shade of brownish yellow, mostly brown. This new outer box feels lighter and is thin cardboard..I called the Mint and evidently this is the new packaging and they cannot do anything to help. Should I complain? Probably not.

  47. simon says


    If you really want to keep to the original (pre-2012) box format there are several online shops which sell OGP for older coins, and you can get these for a reasonable fee. This will allow you to put the coin and COA in OGP from previous years and maintain your collection.

  48. Jon in CT says

    Dan in Fla wrote on November 28, 2012 at 3:21 pm:

    Just received the Cleveland gold spouse proof coin and the packaging is horrible. Its some shade of brownish yellow, mostly brown. This new outer box feels lighter and is thin cardboard..I called the Mint and evidently this is the new packaging and they cannot do anything to help. Should I complain? Probably not.

    If you are unhappy with the product you should most certainly register your dissatisfaction with the Mint. I would use the form at http://www.usmint.gov/contact_us/?action=formContact and tell them basically what you told us.

  49. saucexx says


    I’ve pointed out those facts before, yet it still continues….

    It must be a hell of a gig. You get criticized for decision making before you even get confirmed for the job!

  50. Louis says

    Thanks, saucexx. A while back I met someone who used to work for her at Ford, who said she was an excellent leader there. Besides, if the Mint is at least in theory run as a business, perhaps it makes sense to have someone with business background running it. Anyway, Obama can still nominate someone else. I think the general view (not here but among those who make the big decisions) is that the acting director is doing a good job, so there is no real hurry.

  51. Shutter says

    I never stated that the Senate is racist.

    True. But lots of folks elsewhere have. I did want to make the point that the Director of the Mint is perhaps less critical to the survival of the nation than who gets to be in charge at State Department.

    Oh and I deliberately used “ricist”, not “racist”.

    And I do not understand why you and others here continue to criticize the Mint Director nominee before she is even in the job.

    It’s not really a criticism when I say that nothing in her background indicates that the Mint will change direction once she’s approved. The way things are, we can look forward to many more special super limited editions of cardboard, plastic, and wood boxes. By my count there were 5 utterly superfluous sets on sale this year. Can commemorative spoons be far behind?

  52. Louis says

    Peope on e-Bay sometimes pay prices that make no sense like bidding above a buy-it-now price for the same item that is lower.

  53. ABC says

    “People on e-Bay sometimes pay prices that make no sense like bidding above a buy-it-now price for the same item that is lower.”

    The reason is because most bidders are so focused on winning the auction that they are bidding on that they forget to do a search to see if the same item can be purchased at a buy-it-now price that is lower. The auction that they were bidding on very likely had a lower starting bid. But, like I said above…

  54. CW says

    I would add to ABC’s comments to always check the seller’s other listings too. Often the same seller even has a cheaper coin. You can use this behavior to your advantage.

  55. says

    Regarding Ebay, I wouldn’t be surprised if a dealer having a good stock of a coin had his employee bid it up to a high price so others would hopefully also bid high. Beware of Ebay bidding.

  56. hi ho silver says

    Just collect what you desire guys !:-) …….. I hear the final SF mintage will be announced when the MAH sets are sold out.

  57. Louis says

    @Shutter. The Senate is not in the process of evaluating who heads the State Dept. I would bet a thousand dollars, as Romney would say, it will be John Kerrey but no one has been nominated.

  58. Shutter says

    The Senate is not in the process of evaluating who heads the State Dept.

    The senate is always evaluating who heads the State Dept. That’s why we have Department Secretary who occasionally have to meet with and answer questions from senators instead of satraps who can do and say whatever fancy strikes.

    As to who gets nominated take over at State, you could be right, since environmentalists have began raising questions about Rice.

  59. Stevedoc22 says

    I’m not sure what the point of this offering is. These coins are all available elsewhere, no?

  60. DonovanN says

    I received my set last week and was very disapointed with it. The packaging is terrible. The coins had almost all fallen out of the holder and the protective plastic case was opened. The Silver Eagle was scratched and the coins do not fit in the holes for them. The outer package is made of cardboard and cheap at that. Will be the last set I purchase from the U.S. mint unless some big changes are made. Quality has been thrown out the window. Two thumbs down U.S. Mint!!!

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