2012 US Mint Uncirculated Coin Set

Today May 21, 2012, the United States Mint began sales of the 2012 Uncirculated Coin Set. This represents the second of three core annual sets offered by the Mint, the others being the previously released 2012 Proof Set and the 2012 Silver Proof Set, scheduled for release on June 4, 2012.

The 2012 Mint Set includes uncirculated versions of 14 different coins from the Philadelphia and Denver Mints, for a total of 28 coins. The coins from each mint facility are sealed in separate plastic folders and include:

  • 2012 Lincoln Cent
  • 2012 Jefferson Nickel
  • 2012 Roosevelt Dime
  • 2012 America the Beautiful Quarters – featuring El Yunque National Forest, Chaco Culture National Historical Park, Acadia National Park, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, and Denali National Park and Preserve
  • 2012 Kennedy Half Dollar
  • 2012 Native American Dollar
  • 2012 Presidential Dollars – featuring Chester Arthur, Grover Cleveland (first term), Benjamin Harrison, Grover Cleveland (second term)

The sets are priced at $27.95 each. This represents a decrease of $4 compared to the price of the prior year set, which still remains available for sale.

According to the United States Mint, the coins in this set “are struck on special presses using greater force than circulating coins, producing a sharp, intricately detailed image.” While these coins are generally superior to regular circulation strike examples, the major grading services do not make any distinction.

From 2005 to 2010, the US Mint used a “satin finish”, which the grading services did differentiate from the regular circulation strikes.

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  1. Larry says

    An article in Coinworld says the San Fransico mint will be making circulation quality S mint ATB quarters for numismatic sales only later in the year! I think this is a very goord idea by the mint.
    This could be interesting if the mintage is low. Also, the mint has already released the mint set, so the S mint coins will not be there.
    The article also says if this works out, we could see future collector only S mint circulation quality coins. Like to know what every else thinks.

  2. Fosnock says

    I checked the article and all I can say is this is pure marketing. If they will sell them at the same price as the other ATB rolls then maybe it will be OK. I’m already buying the ATBs at a premium, but I suspect that these will go for a even higher premium. Now depending on price and mintage of the other ATBs maybe I will just stop buying them and just buy the ones with the “S” mint mark or maybe I will just cut my losses and stop buying them all together. One thing for sure the Mint knows how to beat a dead horse, and it looks like they have a surplus of quarter planchets.

  3. Michael says

    I’ll have an article on this shortly on CoinUpdate, and then some info/discussion on a new post for Mint News Blog.

  4. MarkInFla says

    I stopped buying mint sets when I couldn’t get the 2004 set from the Mint because they cut off sales early. Refused to buy from a flipper.

  5. Stiffy McStiff says

    More dead money – until the US mint drastically reduces the mintages of their products like RCM and Perth mints do, dont expect to make any money when it comes time to sell this clad stuff – I’m not purely a flipper but nor am I in it to lose money either.

    Dave Harper or Louis Golino I think it was had an article on the “10- year” rule where he stopped buying yearly offerings from the mint and recommended only picking up sets after ten years had passed. You’ll miss out on the occasional low-mintage issue but those are few and far between – you can still get a 1968-S proof set for $5 or so.

    The only sets worth a damn are the silver sets – and even those have tanked if you bought when silver was over $40/oz.

  6. NATATACK says

    I was going to stop buying these sets but with the not for circulation dollar issues included, I may buy till the end of the presidental series unless they come up with something different. Anybody know if the redbook will ever recognize the satin finish coins from the 2005-2010 sets?

  7. Jeffb says

    Ilike the idea of ATB quarters in a special minting too.
    Why not have them in satin finish also. Please make available
    prior years too. So we can have complete collections.

  8. RLP says

    It’s a shame that the very name of the set belies its content. 2012 US Mint Uncirculated Coin Set(s) will not contain the “S” mint coin versions. I am doubtful that it wasn’t known that there would be such coins. Packaging may be a consideration for the omission, but the 1996 set was accompanied by a separately packaged Roosevelt West Point mint marked coin. Perhaps the Mint could live up to the sets name by offering set purchasers the missing coins separately for a “reasonable” cost as an apology for a lack of planning instead of following its profiteering attitude of recent years.

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