2012-W Gold Eagle Proof Four Coin Set Sold Out

gold-eagle1On Friday, the 2012 American Gold Eagle Proof Four Coin Set sold out. This joins the previously sold out individual options for each of the coins included in the set.

The sell outs for the individual options began several months ago, with the one-half ounce coin selling out in mid-November. The one-quarter ounce coin sold out in early January. The one-tenth and one ounce coins sold out in mid-January. Following the sell out of the set option, each of the four coins are no longer available from the US Mint in any format.

The table below shows the last reported sales for each product option. The second column shows the tentative mintage for each coin based on the last reported sales figures. This is calculated by adding together the individual coin sales and set sales. (Updated February 11, 2013.)

2012 Proof Gold Eagle Sales (as of February 11, 2013)

Product Total
One ounce 14,848 23,805
One-half ounce 3,962 12,919
One-quarter ounce 4,969 13,926
One-tenth ounce 11,680 20,637
Four-coin set 8,957


So far, it looks like each coin will represent a new mintage low for the respective denomination in proof format. The previous mintage lows were held by the 2001 1 oz Proof at 24,555, the 2008 1/2 oz Proof at 22,602, the 2008 1/4 oz Proof at 18,877, and the 2008 1/10 oz Proof at 28,116.

Whether or not the new lows established by the 2012 proof coins attract any secondary market premium remains to be seen. The current lows actually do not command much of a premium, if any.

On one hand, some of the 2012 proof will have mintages which are significantly lower than the current low. Generally, this has attracted more attention than simply marginally lower figures.

On the other hand, the final sell out was not particularly unexpected. Unexpected sell outs sometimes spark an immediate premium, while lingering sell outs more often do not. Also, as discussed on many occasions in the past, we seem to be in the midst of a declining period for many US Mint product types, where news lows are simply undercut by even lower figures in the following year.

Another factor to consider is the even lower figures for the collectible uncirculated Gold Eagles. The one ounce 2012-W Uncirculated $50 Gold Eagle had last reported sales of 6,118 coins when it unexpectedly sold out in November. While the proofs may have a wider collector base, the uncirculated coins carry much more of an impression in terms of low mintages.

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  1. EvilFlipper says

    The 1’s and tenth’s I don’t see carrying much premium but the 1/2’s and 1/4’s will carry a modest one. I bet 75-200 range. Finding any 1/4’s and 1/2’s not in ms-70 and not on eBay seem to be difficult. Does anyone think that IRA’s look to put some of these coins into retirement accounts based on premiums and low mintages. I would guess they throw them in on mostly bullion value but maybe it’s another angle to look at. I don’t know why they’re so damn scarce at this point….

  2. simon says

    Good points; we are seeing a dip in “collector” interest and possibly a low in the numismatic market. It seems that there is a greater interest in bullion given the soaring sales of respective products. I suspect that this will trend with the economy, and I hope the Mint releases more low priced products to seed and stir long term numismatic interest in young collectors.

  3. John says

    The lowest minted $50 Gold Eagle Proof was from 2001 not 2011. Regardless, I feel this a very historical aspect of the 2012 Gold Eagle Proof sets with each of the respective denominations being the lowest minted of their kind.

  4. hi ho silver says

    Simon: I think they are trying to tell collectors to sell your 2010 overminted coins at a loss and buy the new low mintage stuff….. I would like to get a 2012 1/2 oz proof AGE though.

  5. simon says

    hi ho : 2013 may just yield more surprises, keeping in mind that AGE/ASE bullion is well recognized and popular around the world but the Mint collector units such as the proofs are strictly speaking geared to the domestic market, where sales are trending low.

  6. goldbug says

    To EvilFlipper:
    I think you’ve been keeping a close eye on the 1/2 and 1/4 for months (you have posted before).
    I was also started looking for PR70/PF70 in Oct/Nov last year. (wanting to get 70 on the cheap while the mint was still selling them). And to my surprise, even at that time, these were not widely available. I could only found 1 PCGS First Strike from APMEX and a couple NGC PF70 (not ER) from ebay. (no luck from ModernCoinMart, Silvertowne…etc).
    I am also baffled by why they are so damn scarce now. There was 1.5k and 1k four coin set sold 3 and 2 weeks ago. Who brought those sets???

  7. KEITHSTER says

    OT. My 2012 Limited Edition’s shiped today ordered them on 1-3 13. So they are still making them for those that are wondering whats going on with those? Good luck in the New Year Ya All &$$

  8. hi ho silver says

    Simon: I’m keeping a real close eye on the 2012ASE anniversery sets that are going for $189 OGP on ebay.My 2006 sets were selling for $300 this time in 07.

  9. posterhunter says

    The US Mint should have listened to the collectors that wanted a design change after 25 years. There are a bazillion of these coins out there and people will not pay mint premiums for the same design in increasing numbers year after year.

  10. HistoryStudent says

    Many people are like Jimmy Stewart in “It’s A Wonderful Life” saying to Clarence:

    “(the money) Sure comes in handy down here, Bub.”

    ~ HS = Having the same number of DIFFERENT TYPE coins issued over the 40 year period (1993 to 2033) that were issued over the previous 200 years KINDA chokes off the marketplace, too.

    “Sooner or later you run out of other peoples’ money “~ Thatcher PM of England

    Remember however that there is an opportunity in this FUBAR mess. It just takes a lot of time, say, five years or more. Flipping stuff today issued recently is okay if you need the income: but, foolish otherwise.

  11. KEITHSTER says

    I got two 1/4’s ordered 1-4-13 shiped 1-8-13 both look to be 70’s like most collecters mine won’t be on the market anytime soon I hope.HS.& EF you both seem to be spot on most of the time thanks for all your insight. Good luck all.

  12. Brad says

    Anybody notice how the 2012-P Hawai’i Volcanoes 5 oz. silver coin is going for almost $600 raw in OGP? Now I wish I had bought more than one of them when the backorder notice appeared.

  13. Dan in Fla says

    Yeah and I’m fighting the urge to sell one of my Hawaii 5 ounce coins. Because I did buy one extra and I noticed the price increases on ebay.

  14. Dan in Fla says

    Apmex has the Hawaii coin in OGP $649-$688.00 plus I think they charge $25.00 shipping. Maybe I will part with one.

  15. Zaz says

    If you are thinking of flipping the Hawaii-P coin do it soon. Bet that the four later releases after El Yunque will all will have mintages around 15,000, so Hawaii’s sold out 14,863 won’t hold @ $600-$700 in raw OGP after the others sellout. APMEX has one Hawaii-P for $699, while the other three coins that are still available from the Mint are going $249 @ APMEX and will probably be just as scarce as the Hawaii coin. Nobody wants them when they are available, then once they sellout, then everybody wants them, a very strange collector attitude. The extra coin(s) I would prudently put away is the Denali-P puck…

  16. Brad says


    Yes, the “very strange collector attitude” has been around for many years. Dogs while the Mint is selling them, then golden after they’re sold out. You’d think a lesson would be learned, but it seems not.

    It doesn’t work for every product, though. In fact, I really doubt that the other 2012-P 5 oz. ATB’s will repeat the Hawai’i Volcanoes scenario. The Volcanoes coin was largely the collector favorite of all the 2012 designs, and the others have lingered too long after the sellout to make their eventual departure of much impact. The Volcanoes coin sellout had the element of surprise, which is often times crucial in secondary market success.

    However, you’re right in that if anyone wants to gamble on another 2012-P 5 oz. coin, Denali would be the one. The mintage is probably identical to that of Hawai’i Volcanoes. Exercise extreme caution though, since it may very well NOT be a repeat scenario. I may buy one, but no more than that. I would hate to be left stuck with them, waiting for the silver spot price to get high enough to make selling them profitable!

  17. KEITHSTER says

    Of the three Volcanoes I ordered only one had the Lip-Nik on it .But differant from all the other Lip-Nik’s I have gotten over the years.Same spot but half filled in compared to the others. Anyone get one of those or any other 2012 with a full or half filled Lip-Nik ??? Good Luck On Those.!.

  18. Samuel says

    The Denali wont repeat Hawaii’s case. just like El Yunque quarter roll, the first one sold out, and more minted, but most expensive.

  19. Dustyroads says

    Continuing OT, I just noticed a 2012 s El Yunque NGC ms70 with an asking price of $399.00 @ Elite Numismatics Inc.

    On topic, I will be holding on to my 2012 1/2 oz. AGE proof and 1 oz. AGE uncirculated, both PCGS FS, purchased long before sell outs, and solely on impressions I received from reading updates here. I am so glad I decided to get into numismatics in 2012. I was really upset about the $5. 1/4 oz. gold commemorative jumping in mintage after the W AGE sell out and much discussion about the 1/4 oz. commemorative. I personally do not agree with any notion that numismatics will go the way of stamps and will be keeping my fingers and toes crossed that even lower mintage’s will be seen in 2013.

  20. Shutter says

    I just noticed a 2012 s El Yunque NGC ms70 with an asking price of $399.00 @ Elite Numismatics Inc.

    I think you mean MS68, since not a single ATB quarter got graded MS70. FWIW someone on eBay is asking 2 grand for PCGS MS68. But as my grandfather used to say: “asking and getting are two big differences”.

  21. jm says

    Back to the proof gold. I believe most of the coins sold were put in IRA’s. It is likely that the big sales we saw for those two weeks were the big IRA players getting ready for IRA season. Contributions have to made by April so they were making sure they had the supply they needed. There are probably also a decent chunk in collectors hands. For the record, I think we just saw a repeat of 2008 as you have a bunch of great coins. the burnished gold eagle, the proof buffalo, and the proof 1/2 (and quarter to a lesser extent). While the 1 oz burnished has a much lowerer mintage, it is already a $3000 coin. The halves in 70 on the other hand can be had for about $1400. While both are expensive, the half obviously is much more affordable. I have been telling people for quite some time that in my mind the halves are the new one ouncer. Still a decent sized coin (for those like me with not so great vision) but still somewhat affordable to collect.

  22. Eddie says

    This is off in another direction but the 3 Quarter Set is out and does anyone here have any suggestions about how to store them? Right now I have them in one of the boxes the mint mailed me one of my orders in.

  23. Boz says

    Storage solution. Never never open the Pitney Bowes shipping boxes. Coins from the mint are like Barbie Dolls. Open the box and ultimate value drops about the same percentage as driving a new pickup truck home from the dealership!

  24. KEITHSTER says

    Want circulated ATB’s I don’t know why.? I get all the new ones I want from the bank. Try the change machines today out of five $ in quarters five were ATB’s two Chaco’s a Denali, Vicksburg and Olymic so there out there now go get em. Good luck the machine was at the VA. hospital.

  25. george glazener says

    Yes, I do that. I found that if I stack each of them back to back, and then upside down relative to the position of the coins, you can very effectively hold about 20 of those things in one of the standard shipper boxes. I’ve done the same thing with the President/1st spouse medal sets, and I got (20) of those into one box, Washington thru Garfield, all snug as a bug in a rug

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