2012-W Uncirculated $50 Gold Eagle

The United States Mint will begin sales of the 2012-W Uncirculated $50 American Gold Eagles tomorrow June 28, 2012 at 12:00 Noon ET. This numismatic version of the popular bullion coin will join the proof versions, which went on sale earlier this year.

These collectible uncirculated coins are struck on specially burnished blanks and carry the “W” mint mark, indicating production at the West Point Mint. Although the finish of the coins is similar to the bullion version, the inclusion of the “W” mint mark most clearly differentiates the coins.

The US Mint introduced this additional collectible version of the American Gold Eagle in 2006, with a one ounce coin included in the 20th Anniversary Gold Eagle Set. This was followed by the release of individual one ounce, half ounce, quarter ounce, and tenth ounce coins, as well as a four coin set. The same individual options and four coin set were offered in both 2007 and 2008. Towards the end of 2008, the US Mint announced the discontinuation of the fractional sized coins for the product line. The Mint intended to continue offering the individual one ounce coins, but in 2009 and 2010, these offerings were canceled due to high demand for bullion coins.

The collectible uncirculated Gold Eagle made its return in 2011. The coins went on sale May 5, 2011 and sold out on January 17, 2012. The last reported sales were 8,822, which would represent the lowest mintage for any American Gold Eagle in the history of the program.

For this year’s offering, the 2012-W $50 Gold Eagle does not carry a maximum mintage, but will be produced based on demand. There are no household ordering limits in place. Pricing will be based on the grid prepared by the US Mint, which allows prices to fluctuate based on the average market price of gold. For the start of the offering, the price will be $1,828.00, which is based on an average gold price in the range of $1,550 to $1,599.99.

This year, sales of the Proof Gold Eagles are progressing much more slowly compared to the previous year. If the situation is similar for the collectible uncirculated Gold Eagle, this could set up for another fresh mintage low. Lately, this has become somewhat of a recurring theme where seemingly low mintages are followed by even lower mintages for subsequent releases.

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  1. T1 Browserman says

    with PM prices dropping ever lower who knows ? Certainly longest stretch of time where Au has closed higher than Pt I’ve ever seen.

  2. Jus-a-coin-luvr says

    Hmmm…I’m thinking with Gold declining these days, maybe just wait this out a bit to see if the Mint will drop priced further? Looks like the Mint dropped prices today back to where they were before the slight increase last Wednesday. I’m not seeing a rise in the Gold charts that would indicate any reversal yet from that decline, but hey I’m no “gold fortune-teller”. But with this product being minted-to-demand, with no mintage limits, the ordering ability will be there for us to see where Gold heads in the near future.

  3. Val says

    My thoughts exactly. I’m looking for lower Gold prices like $1,400 and maybe $1,200 an ounce.

  4. Samuel says

    i think $1500 is the floor, most likely. and, this issue mintage will be lower than 2011.

  5. joe says

    Maybe $1200 German Marks, but not $1200. Once the Euro crisis is resolved (either way it turns out), the dollar is going to lose its reserve currency status as the world begins selling it in earnest.

    Perhaps the dollar crash will be a big part of obama’s October surprise…

  6. Louis says

    Euro crisis will go on for years with no actual resolution other than whether it survives or not and whether Greece leaves in an orderly or disorderly fashion. The dollar will not lose it reserve currency status for years, though I agree it will happen at some point. And gold is not going down to $1200 with central banks buying and with gold having just been reclassified as a tier 1 (no risk) asset for banks. We will probably see a gold-backed reserve currency before long. All of this is very bullish for gold long-term, but in the short-term, we may see it decline $100-200.

  7. Louis says

    Also, the dollar crash, when it comes, will be the product of many different trends and developments here and abroad over a period of decades. It will not be an Oct. surprise from the president.

  8. charles says

    None of us really knows where gold will be by the end of the year….could be $1300, could be $2000.
    There are so many variables that determine price swings, that it really does not matter what you think…otherwise, you would make a killing…and if you do know, please share!

  9. Jus-a-coin-luvr says

    If you think that Gold will one day reach $3K, 5K, $10K, (pick a number), then $100 here or there as a buy-point doesn’t matter a whole lot. I’ve been just watching for dips in Gold that seem to be sustained and then look for the best prices. With a lot of things like this, I feel that you have to pick a buy-point that seems reasonable and hope that on average you picked well (longer term).

  10. joe says

    Everyone has their opinion and most opinions are based on a personal exposure. If a person has little invested in PMs, then of course PMs aren’t going to do well (they say). Alternatively, if a person does have much invested in PMs, then PMs are going to be the savior when everything hits the fan.

    My goal is to be diversified and try to look at everything objectively. The USA is in worse shape than Greece on a per capita basis. We have over $5T in debt with absolutely no chance of ever paying it off. Toss in the FED with their out of control money printing (QEs ad infinitum) and congress/the president with their out of control spending (no budgets for the past several years) and even an optimist can see it’s just a matter of time.

    The dollar is nothing more than a piece of paper (i.e., fiat currency) that used to be backed by something (gold, silver, etc.). The only thing keeping it viable today is psychology…nothing more. Once the psychological barrier begins to fall (and there are many events that can bring that about), the end will come fast…aka, welcome to the 1920s in Germany.

  11. joe says

    As a collector, I think this coin looks good. I would expect lower mintages as indicated in the article.

  12. T1 Browserman says

    Now this is what the mint needs to clarify…..if they are going to ‘mint to demand’ going forward then what is my cutoff date for placing an order? Do I have till June 28, 2013 or is it Dec 31, 2012 ? Anyone ?

  13. saucexx says

    Anybody who says the US is like Greece has no idea what they’re talking about. Ditto for those who think the US will suddenly have Weimar like hyper inflation because we’re printing too much money. Once the world gets its collective head out of its ass and realizes that gobs of money for bank bailouts and austerity for everyone else leads to endless recession, we’ll finally get back on track. When that day comes gold will come back down to reality and all the Glenn Beck and Ron Paul fanatics are gonna wish they had their money back. Just like stocks and real estate, gold is gonna leave its suitors with a massive hangover.

    The good news is at least with numismatic coins there’s potential value other than the PM itself. I’ll take low mintage over PM pricing in the long run all day long.

  14. Jeremy says

    saucexx, you and shutter need to get a room. I couldn’t care less where silver and gold may go or end up or how they get there. However, when it comes to the global economic condition there are many variables NOT being factored in or even considered which is evident by such arrogant statements made as that above. Obviously I have NO foresight into the future, however, I can hardly think that it would or could be even remotely possible that the US will continue its economic global superiority.

  15. Sam Baker says

    A&L Futures
    And anybody else who wants to
    Go to the original listing and look for the link that says report this item. It usually can be found under the seller’s info. Click on that link & it will take you to a page where you can report the item?

    Reason for Report: I put STAMPS,CURRENCY AND COINS

    This will let eBay know that the guy is passing off a fake coin for a real one.

  16. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    We’re still waiting for the palladium Eagles with the Winged Victory design.
    Now, the only palladium I have is in my teeth, just got 15th cavity filled yesterday.

  17. stephen m. says

    T1 Browserman- It says minted to demand. If anyone wants them they can order. I’m sure the window for ordering will be adequate. If there aren’t any orders, then there isn’t any demand and poof, it’s gone forever. I might grow to actually like this “minted to demand” outlook that the mint has. It gives a collector a chance to buy what they like. Flippers may be at a disadvantage because the actul mintage isn’t known up front.

  18. says

    I agree with those advocating we wait for lower gold prices. I think we will not see renewed pressure on the US dollar until California or Illinois ask for a bailout (or unless Bernanke decides to roll out QE3).

    saucexx, I wanted to debate you on two points:

    Anybody who says the US is like Greece has no idea what they’re talking about.

    The US taken as a whole, right now, is not like Greece. However, California and Illinois are heading very rapidly in Greece’s direction. Those states will soon be forced to go to the Federal Government for a bailout, and there is no doubt in my mind that regardless of who wins the election, a bailout will be given. I think the US as a whole is at risk of a “contagion” effect that creeps upward from a state and county level much the same way the core EU countries like France and Germany are clearly at risk from a contagion effect creeping upward from peripheral EU countries like Greece and Spain.

    Once the world gets its collective head out of its ass and realizes that gobs of money for bank bailouts and austerity for everyone else leads to endless recession

    I do not believe this is ever going to happen. It’s clear from the behavior of the EU and US that overspending and out of control debt will continue until sovereign bankruptcies result.

  19. Fosnock says


    I’m going to answer even though I might be “feeding a troll.” You state”Once the world gets its collective head out of its ass and realizes that gobs of money for bank bailouts and austerity for everyone else leads to endless recession” I don’t think that scenario will be peaceful, and it represents at the very least the collapse of at let the status quo. If you don’t think that this scenario would be beneficial for “hard assets”…as far as numismatic coins being better than bullion, who knows based on hardships in Argentina and Zimbabwe you would be incorrect, based on The Great Depression in the USA you would be correct but only because all the bullion was confiscated.

    @A&L Futures

    Ebay pulled the listing

  20. Jus-a-coin-luvr says

    Ha…I think predicting the future of the world economies is harder than picking the right “buy point” for Gold. 🙂 I tell ya, I just trust in God, leave all that large “universe” stuff to Him and do the best I can with what I have each day. Worrying about a World collapse and trying to prevent it is just too big for most people to digest these days. Even if you have dug under-ground, have a private Fort Knox and 10yrs worth of food, the Zombies will find a way to eat ya anyway. Let’s get back to who’s gonna buy this particular coin, when and why. That’s what “butters my bread”.

  21. joe says

    Greece: 178.9%
    External debt (as % of GDP): 178.9%
    Gross external debt: $546.92 billion
    2011 GDP (est.): $305.6 billion
    External debt per capita: $50,792

    United States: 99.46%
    External debt (as % of GDP): 99.46%
    Gross external debt: $14.959 trillion
    2011 GDP (est.): $15.040 trillion
    External debt per capita: $47,664

    You’re right…comparing Greece and the USA is not the same thing. The USA is in a lot bigger trouble due to much bigger numbers. Ron Paul/Glen Beck or not, printing money and refusing to cut spending increases the problem (basic economics for dummies). The future economic viability of the USA is not looking good…

    I purchase coins as a hedge and for their collectability. This particular coin (2012-W Unc) meets both requirements in my lowly opinion.

    P.S. I agree that bailing out banks is a STUPID idea!

  22. Jeremy says

    @Joe, and that is at 0% interest. How about US interest rates go to 5-7% and see just how NOT like Greece the US really is.

  23. T1 Browserman says


    for those that prefer real time PM prices which are all plummeting except gold since last year this time period.

    joe excellent summary

    Supreme Court passes the largest tax bill in history !!!! Saddest news of the day.

    I will wait on this offering. The Royal Mint’s 1/4 oz Diamond Jubilee Gold Sovereign @ 2012 mintage is currently on the table.

  24. Jus-a-coin-luvr says

    I’m having a “wait feeling” on this offering too and not just because Gold prices are falling. At $1,828, this coin is ~$200 more than its 1oz Unc Bullion brother at $1,626. For me, visually these two flavors of modern Unc Gold Eagles (at least since 1992) basically look the same to me, given one has a mint mark. I’m leaning toward the bullion route at this point…

  25. joe says

    @Jus-a-coin-luvr – The difference is “collectability.” If you are only interested in bullion, then there are much cheaper avenues than this coin. The additional $200 is for that tiny little ‘w’, and thus, collectability. Basically, it’s a form of surcharge to diversify your bullion investment in the event gold does drop. But again, there is risk even when diversifying.

    @T1 Browserman – P.S. – Agree on the sad news of the largest tax increase in the history of the earth. I feel bad for the poor children of this country who will never get to experience America as we knew it due to debt and erosion of freedoms. Washington, DC is completely out of touch… As Lord Acton profoundly stated, “power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

  26. Jus-a-coin-luvr says

    Hi Joe, if I came across as only being interested in bullion, that was not my intent. I actually own very little bullion with 95% of my collection being direct from the US Mint. I was just having some difficulty seeing a $200 spread for a W mint mark on this particular coin (even though that is nothing new to the pricing methods from the Mint). I have Proof examples of this wonderful coin for my collection, so maybe it’s time for me to “really diversify” and expand my dollars more into the bullion side. 🙂

  27. says

    Looks like our wait and see attitude may bear fruit, folks. Gold’s down to about $1550. We may be getting another price cut soon. And with silver falling like this, how long can the Mint hold prices on the AtBs at $200? We may be in for another discount soon! 🙂

  28. jerry linden says

    the quality of the 2011 W Burnished Gold Eagles was terrible in my opinion.
    I purchased 4 in the beginning and they graded 69 x 2 and 70 x 2.
    The 2 that graded 69 looked terrible to the naked eye with a large deep gash near the eagles wing.
    Where is the quality control that we used to get from the West Point Mint ??
    Buying several today for grading as early release/ first strike specimens, hope the workmanship is better this year…

  29. Kelly says

    I ordered one today, it took me 6 tries last year to finally get a clean coin. Since it is backordered for three weeks, I have locked in the present price in case the world implodes in the next two weeks and if the price were to decline,that much I have time to cancel and reorder at the lower price. Now if they would just start releasing the first spouse coins..

  30. joe says

    @Kelly – Amen to the comment on first spouses. The mint kind of burned themselves waiting until gold prices started falling to release the FS coins (if they indeed do release them).

    As for quality at the Mint, I purchased the new El Yunque 5-Oz ATB from the mint a few weeks back and it arrived with what appeared to be a stain on the front. I returned it and ordered three more. Only one of the three was in acceptable condition. Combine poor quality with high premiums and the mint can only hurt their sales.

  31. Jus-a-coin-luvr says

    Reading Jerry and Kelly’s experiences raised a question for me. When those coins (for a variety of defects/reasons) are returned, does the Mint recycle them to the next person’s order and just hope they will be more accepting of the problems? I’ve been fortunate to not have received a problem coin from the Mint in all my orders over the years. So, I have no experience with this kind of thing and am just curious what the Mint does with the problem coins.

  32. joe says

    @jus-a-coin-luvr – verdicts out…with the majority leaning towards the mint resending them to others in the hopes they just don’t care.

  33. KEITHSTER says

    I myself don’t seem as upset with the quality from the MINT as most sure there not all perfect but what is? I’ll order one when funds allow. To me it’s the slight imperfections that make them one of a kind uniqe my coin if stolen I could pick them out of the police lineup because of their birthmarks.Two 70’s two not is terrible whats the goal this year two 70’s two 71’s as for the six tries bet you won’t get six tries with the 75’ers maybe three.

  34. saucexx says

    @Fosnock, I have thick skin but the Troll remark is out of line.

    I was responding to another “The US is Like Greece” Post, which is lazy thinking and grating to keep reading. Simply speaking Greece is bleeding because they’re locked into the Euro and have no sovereign monetary tools. Instead the more they try to cut, the more unemployment goes up, the more their tax revenues fall and the worse their debt gets. Unless they can grow their economy or leave the Euro they will never right their ship.

    @CO, I live in Illinois and our problem is underfunded pensions. The State promised benefits and then didn’t make the contributions. It’s a problem that’s more long term and I doubt we’ll be asking for a bailout anytime soon. California? Their biggest problem is Prop 13 and their dysfunctional system of Govt. I don’t think they’ll be looking for a bailout (besides we only give money to banks >:|) but who knows. Worst case they’ll be floundering around for years to come.

    Our overall debt is basically meaningless. It’s the debt service we pay every year that matters and right now it’s around $250B a year. Bad but not end of the world bad, defense spending in comparison is $700B. For those who sweat and panic every night while they sleep with their Glenn Beck teddy bear, keep this in mind. If Congress and the WH do NOTHING, the Bush tax cuts will expire and automatic defense and Medicare cuts will hit at the end of the year. Our yearly deficit will be dramatically reduced. Of course the shock might send the economy back into recession but if the debt is your main concern pray for nothing happening. Also if Treasury keeps converting our short term bills into long term based on today’s low rates we won’t have an issue when rates start going up. Plus don’t forget about inflation, at 2% a year a dollar today will not be worth a dollar 20 years from now (hyper inflation or not). Finally our money will be the worlds reserve currency for the foreseeable future, if only by default. The Euro has serious issues and the Renminbi is not ready for prime time yet.

    And just to set the record straight we don’t have an overspending problem we have a tax cutting problem. Or more specifically we want our cake but don’t want to pay for it, except for Social Security which has its own tax and runs a surplus (which gets sent to the general fund). This nonsense about cutting taxes to increase growth is doing nothing but increasing our overall debt. And we should NEVER be running a deficit when the economy is doing well (Hear me George W?). If you want to know how to get our country back on track, we should be doing the opposite of everything we’ve been doing. What I call the “George Costanza” solution.

    When gold comes back to earth those who could buy these low mintage gold offerings will probably do pretty well. I wish I had the money to pick more of them up. Gold bullion long term is another story. If you don’t know the right time to sell it you’re going to be very unhappy….

  35. saucexx says

    @Joe and jus-a-coin-luvr

    I’ve had more problems with gold commemorative and 5oz AtB’s than anything else. I always wondered if they got recycled, bummer.

  36. T1 Browserman says

    wait a sec…..i cant buy this offering just yet as I have to pay a penalty for not having healthcare insurance :

    from MSNBC:

    For individuals who choose to not comply with the individual insurance mandate, Congress deliberately chose to make the penalty fairly weak: only $95 for 2014; $325 for 2015; and $695 in 2016.

    After 2016, that $695 amount is indexed to the consumer price index.

    Gotta sell some off some of my holdings. What next a breathing tax ?

  37. Jus-a-coin-luvr says

    @ Browserman: Hehe…a “breathing tax” makes perfect sense in our world today. If we have a “death tax” then it is only reasonable to expect a tax just for “being alive”.

  38. KEITHSTER says

    Not release them surely they have cut the dies and ordered the plancets by now if not having already stuck some low batches. They are listed TBD they do need the money. I’m sure they just want to get they’re bigger seller’s out there so most of us are skint when they release the old lady’s so they don’t have to make too many. Just enough to keep her alive and that’s a good thing good for us thanks MINT.

  39. Jus-a-coin-luvr says

    Just a quick “Thank-You” to those that answered my jabbering questions/thoughts today. This place is sort of my interactive, online coin collecting wiki. 🙂 Sometimes, I wish there was a “General” area where we could ask questions and discuss ideas that are not related to a given Mint News announcement. Love this site and the information that I get from it too.

  40. Kelly says


    I wouldn’t know if the one I kept is a 69 or 70 because I keep all in OGP, but defects plainly visible to the naked eye are unacceptable to me. I believe many had problems with these coins last year and I just hope quality control is a little better this year. Maybe I just expect more with the premium on these.

  41. joe says

    If the premiums were lower, I wouldn’t complain about the Mint’s quality as much. However, the Mint is bordering on gouging when they hold a monopoly to create our coinage and charge such a high premium. That said…yes…I expect my coins to be near perfect to justify the high prices. But that’s just me…

  42. Merlin says

    In 1980, the gold to silver ratio was at 16.5
    In 1991, the gold to silver ratio was at 101.9
    Today, the gold to silver ration is at 57.3
    Though the current trend is up, implying gold may gain on silver, it currently appears to very near equilibrium to me.

  43. KEITHSTER says

    Kelly-Joe That’s fine and that’s the the way it should be. But somehow it brings to mind my first ATB P 5Oz’er I was over at my moms because she was always home for the delivery. I zipped open the Hot Spings took it out and took a look whats that could see something wasn’t right. So took a closer look and there it was a big round hole right in George’s upper lip. My first thought to myself man what to name it. But the first words out of my mouth o shucks I’m going to have to send it back there’s something wrong with it.Mom’s answer was I thought you said you wanted something to be wrong with it. Sweet Dear she don;t collect coins that is told her just kidding mom.But I’m sure she could tell by the cheshsire grin on my face. I believe it to be the first true DIE VARIETY in the 5oz’ers ? Anybody oh well time will tell.I call it my coldsore George. I read stories at the time they called it the lip nik anybody still have theirs most were sending them back? anyway the next ATB P 5oz’er comes open it up and shucks perfect oh well that’s ok but really wanted the coldsore VAR. instead imagine my delight when the third ATB P5oz’er came and bang there it is same hole same spot yep you were right keithster DIE VARIETY SO if anyone still has the second or maybe even the fourth ? ATB P 5Oz’er with a big round hole in George’s upper lip I’d gladly trade you for a perfect one is all I was saying.

  44. saucexx says


    I sent two 5 oz 2011 AtB’s back for the same reason, I can’t remember which issue it was. It would be funny if they turned out to be more valuable.

  45. KEITHSTER says

    Thank’s Man at last mine were the fist and third issue have not seen one since.i believe the bullion had some of the same issue’s so some of the stackers may still have some. I think they had to have used the same die for atleast those two issue’s and some of the bullion. I don’t know exactly how they rotate the use them die’s.I didn’t want to say anything at first had hoped to get another one but you know how that went with few freinds and only one creditcard. But later on don’t remember what issue but I got one with many holes all over His Face I call that VAR. my zit face George only have one of Him. SO people look your’es over and let me know. or atleast think twice before you send them back..

  46. KEITHSTER says

    Sorry as long as I’m here had to add – I’m glad I didn’t say anything at first so that my little problem could make it through three issues.Remember the light and no finnish fiasco word got out everyone wanted one they keeped putting off delivery then sorry none left we lost them. Or the silver birthsets whoops sorry. SO PLEASE let the issuse run it’s coarse before you tell the world they forgot to put the mintmark on your dang coin thank you very much.

  47. KC says

    Gold spot price jumps $40, silver up $1.5. All the preditions about gold drops down to $700 is history. I expect sales of AGE proof and UN, and S-ASE set to pick up speed dramatically over the weekend.

  48. Samuel says

    i heard they did not pick the 2012 APE design yet.

    with the spot jump like this, it may be a good idea to order one. it’s actually cheaper than the 2011 one when i bought it.

  49. joe says

    There is more going on in the global economy to indicate an increase in PM prices than there is to indicate a decrease in PM prices. Governments cannot spend countries into prosperity as evidenced by the past 3.5 years in the USA. Debt higher than its ever been, housing markets in the tank, unemployment sky-high, and the value of the dollar at a historic low…all with historic spending by the federal government. The irony is that the USD is the world’s reserve currency even with this backdrop.

    I am not a gold bug; just someone who can see the writing on the wall…the dollar is toast. Collecting coins is a great hobby, which also happens to be a smart hobby in these uncertain times. Yes…PMs go up and down; however, the long-term trend has been up (unlike the short-term transient back in the late 70s). Central banks are purchasing gold while shorting it to ensure they purchase at lower costs (illegal by the way, but who’s going to prosecute a bank these days).


    All that said, PMs do fluctuate and there may be cheaper opportunities to purchase the satin 2012-W AGE.

  50. Brad says

    This coin got off to an even later start than it did last year (May 5th versus June 28th.) Depending on how many have been sold by the end of December, the Mint may decide not to even bother striking any more of them at that time. The final mintage will certainly be interesting to see.

    It kind of surprised me that the Mint even offered it this year. Unlike the First Spouses, there’s no mandate that requires this version of the coin to be produced. With last year’s poor performance, it could have been scrapped. But, maybe it doesn’t cost much more to make the “W” version than it does to make the bullion coins, and revenue IS revenue, even if there aren’t a large quantity sold. These high markup sales help pad the Mint’s bottom line.

  51. joe says

    Actually, this is my favorite AGE coin. I used to be all about “shiny,” but now I like the satin finished. They somehow look less artificial to me. The proofs are nice too…just personal preference I guess.

  52. says

    I have never had a coin graded, but it looks like the 2011 burnished sells for $500 more if it is a 70. Might be worth the fee to give it a try.

  53. Brad says


    Wow, wouldn’t THAT be an awesome “surprise product” later on this year! It would probably have a higher mintage than the 2006 W Reverse Proof or the 2011 W Uncirculated, though, since the Mint doesn’t seem to want to set limits for now to avoid unhappy customers. It would probably cost almost $2,000 though, so I wonder how many would be sold in a four week “mint-to-demand” period?

  54. Jus-a-coin-luvr says

    I’m more partial to the Proof version simply because (for me) Lady Liberty’s outside edges and all the other elements of the coin stand out more visually against that polished background. But, I’d still buy just about any BU version because the coin (whether Proof or BU) is one of my favorites. There will be swings up and down in Gold as good/bad news presents itself, so I’m not compelled to have to buy today. I’m buying on the sustained dips as a strategy and trying not to “catch the falling knife”. 🙂

  55. Jus-a-coin-luvr says

    Interesting read Mark. I liked the line “I think we’ll see more volatility in gold because of the absence of speculators”. Heck, I always thought those guys were part of what causes volatility… 🙂 At any rate, anything that helps Gold to remain a good long term investment is OK with me. Give us a few swings (up and down) here and there for some speculating of our own and that’s OK too.

  56. rpw says

    off topic:

    Just looked at my HotSprings 5 Oz ATB.
    It has that “hole” you referred to in the upper lip but it’s not noticeable without a mag. Was this determined to be a good thing or bad?

  57. KEITHSTER says

    I for one think it is most think not I like to think of it as a hole in one lol. No but really I do beleive it to be the first true DIE MISTAKE in the 5 OZ’ers.Left on maybe only a single DIE a little nub of metal that was not polished off before that DIE was used. Making that coin the first DIE VAR. OF THE BIG SILVERS.Allthough I know they used that same Die on the third issue I find it hard to believe it wasn’t also used on the second issue.My thought is it all depends on how they later classify them MINT ERROR OR DIE VAR. I believe they were using a lazer to either cut or polish the DIE’S back then. Man they must of been asleep at the wheel when the zit faced one came rolling off the press. I can see them missing the coldsore George like you said you almost need a mag. to see it But the zitface come on and ya it’s a goodthing depends how many are left like I said a lot were sent back but maybe resent out. I’m sure most of the zitface that were sent back were destroyed but that’s still a good thing time will tell hangon to it or sell it to me. thanks for asking

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