Silver Numismatic Products Suspended Pending Price Increase

The United States Mint has suspended sales for a number of silver numismatic products, which will have their prices increased when sales are resumed. Over the past two months, the market price of silver has moved up from less than $28 per ounce to nearly $35 per ounce. As silver had approached and entered the $34 to $35 range, I had mentioned on several occasions the increasing likelihood of a suspension and price increase.

The suspended numismatic products include almost all products containing an American Silver Eagle and the nine different available America the Beautiful Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coins. When sales are resumed, prices will reflect the following increases:

  • 2012 Proof Silver Eagle will be increased from $54.95 to $59.95
  • 2011 & 2012 Uncirculated Silver Eagles will be increased from $45.95 to $50.95
  • 2012 Annual Uncirculated Dollar Coin Set will be increased from $54.95 to $59.95
  • 2011 & 2012 America the Beautiful Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coins will be increased from $204.95 to $229.95

In each case, the new price reflects an increase of $5 for each troy ounce of silver content.

Not all silver numismatic products have been suspended. Sales of the commemorative silver dollars, commemorative silver medals, and silver annual sets have continued. Also, the Making American History Coin and Currency Set has continued to remain available for sale.

As I explored at length in this previous post, the Silver Eagles and ATB products were those most likely to see increases. Prices for silver annual sets have only been adjusted in the case of extreme increases in the market price of silver. As far as I know, the prices for silver commemorative coins or medals have not been adjusted in response to changes in the market price of silver. Of course, if the intrinsic value ever approached the product price, I am sure prices would be adjusted at that point.

The last price change to occur for a silver numismatic product was a decrease of $5 for the 2012 Proof Silver Eagle in mid-July 2012. Prior to that, prices for the 2011 Uncirculated Silver Eagle and 2011 ATB Five Ounce Silver Coins were decreased by the equivalent of $5 per ounce of precious metal content in late December 2011. Also, sales for certain silver products were suspended in late February, but ultimately resumed without any change.

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  1. DCDave says

    They really need to kill the 2011 ATBs at some point. Sales have been terrible and the price increase will make it worse. They won’t “sell out” for years unless they pull the plug like the FS’s. They need to kill the 2011 Buffalo and other products on sale for over a year.

  2. John says

    I’ve been waiting for this, but I thought it would take closing above $35 to make it happen.

    I’m just glad I picked up the 5 oz Hawaii on opening day since I knew the $205 price wouldn’t last long. Also, as I said before, APMEX is charging almost $200 for the bullion versions plus high shipping fees and 3% if you use your credit card (no American Express). Buying from the mint was a better deal at the time.

  3. says


    I hadn’t realized the bullion prices had gotten so high. No wonder the Mint decided to raise the prices! Wow.


    In response to your question on the other thread, the silver commems haven’t ever had had a price increase that I can remember. There would need to be a major move towards $50 to cause the mint to reprice them, I think.

    If I recall, the last time they repriced the annual sets was when silver got to be around the low $40s. Anyone with a better memory or more time to search the archives want to chime in?

  4. Samuel says

    this will add some value to the SF sets, which was released at the time of almost lowest silver price.

  5. Jason says

    My CC was charged today for the 2012 2 coin set. I placed my order on July 4. Hope the quality is better than what others have commented. I many times almost canceled the set and used the money to buy another 5oz.

  6. ClevelandRocks says

    Not the end of APE. Back-order is less than the 2 week standard “we have no idea” timeframe.

  7. Louis says

    I don’t understand the justification for the APE increase. Platinum did not move much from what I can tell in the past week.

  8. Jeremy says

    Perhaps silver price increases are just due to a continued strength in demand. There was an obvious increased demand for bullion silver for the month of September as there has been for a number of months/years now. Might we end up without any silver available with prices still around the $30 level? What a joke!

  9. Dursch says

    Dramatic slide under the closing door… my Hawaii 5oz shipped yesterday..

    When would another price increase likely happen? At $40? Thinking ahead for Denali.

  10. Boz says

    The mint has a heck of a premium on the s mint silver eagles, so there is no need to adjust the price. Heck we are even getting a free five dollar bill.

    I still haven’t been charged for my s mint two coin sets ordered on July 4.

  11. Val says

    Many of us received the benefit of very quick order fulfillment re shipment of the ATB 5oz Hawaii coin. I’m averaging into 2 complete sets of the 5 oz National Oark series. Every little bit pricewise helps. Hopefully, silver prices will dip when Denali is ready to ship. My thanks to the Mint.

  12. VA Bob says

    Hope it’s down for the next one, but I’m not holding my breath. We have seen higher prices than this.

  13. Don says

    It is a little puzzling to me that the Mint raised the prices on the collector version silver eagles. It seems that the silver bullion price has been at the $34-35 level for the last couple weeks. Why did the Mint decide to pull the trigger now?

  14. Micro says

    I too wish that the mint would start removing the 2011 offerings. However, if you look at the medals that they offer, some of them seem to have been available for a very long time. The Navy and Marine Bicentennial medals look like they have been available for 36 years! I hope the AtB’s don’t follow suit!

    On an unrelated note, my 2 ASE 2-coin SF sets have shipped. Interesting, they shipped 2-day air even though the total came out to just under the advertised $300 free shipping upgrade. I guess they include the $4.95 fee in determining eligibility.

  15. Samuel says

    i did not pay attention to the medals before. when were the Lincoln and Washington medals released?

  16. Ed says

    I got my two 5 oz coins the day the Hawai’i Volcanoes went on sale. I also got the El Yunque National Forest and the Mint Silver Proof Set. I did it because I know the price of silver was edging up to $35.00 and ounce.

  17. says


    The Lincoln medal, at least, has been available for many years. Michael wrote briefly about it here:

    And from a comment in that thread:

    (On another note the Lincoln Medal was available quite a while back. I picked one up about 4 (yes FOUR) years ago. I have a feeling these are continuously available from the mint.)

    Commenter Bob M. makes the claim further down in the thread:

    The Lincoln medal has been available for at least a few decades now. I purchased that exact 1.5″ medal in Springfield, IL as a kid in the early 1980s.

  18. ClevelandRocks says

    Wow, my kids will be like “I just bought on of those 2011 coins from the Mint, just like my Dad did years ago….I think that ‘ol 2011 Buffalo should sell out before the new Tricentennial coin”….

  19. says


    After some more googling around this morning, I found the medal appears to be a reproduction of Gorge T. Morgan’s (of Morgan silver dollar fame) 1886 Lincoln presidential medal.

    It is possible that variants of this medal have been reproduced and sold throughout the years and the one on the US Mint’s website may just be the latest version. It would help to explain why people remember it from decades ago; they may have bought some other reproduction.

    That being said, I would love to know when exactly the US Mint’s version was released. I’m thinking of buying one now!

  20. Vinny Florida says

    Well I certanly timed that correctly! I had been holding off buying ATB 5oz Chaco Culture & Acadia as well as the 2012 unc AE until the Hawai’i ATB was offered. I bought all of them on 9-24 and received the order on 10-2, WHEW! I saved quite a bit of ching, but just barely!

  21. Samuel says

    Captain, i also searched the internet, it seems there is another one issued in 1971, same design. totally confused. may pick up one with next order.

  22. Tim says

    Wonder why the JFK to Bush 2 medals remain unavailable? It has been a long time since you could order all those at 1 time.

  23. Frank says says

    Silver is on the move, the Mint pulls out all the stops. If your in the market, buy bullion, not silver Eagels(Proofs etc.), Too much is going on in this world and the Feds print and dump more money into the market. 2013 till 2015 silver is going just up!

  24. hi ho silver says

    Now that proof silver eagles are 60 bucks,does anyone feel more value in the SF 2 coin set ?

  25. ClevelandRocks says

    Looks like platinum has made a big run-up and may catch up to gold again in the next month or so. Gold fell a bit this AM, but seems like only a matter of time before it goes over $1800. Silver keeps slipping above and below $35, wonder if it can break through and climb to $40?

    $230 for a 5oz is still the best “deal’ you can get from the Mint on a PM product.

  26. Frankie says

    Non-farm payrolls were very positive today; previous one was revised up and unemployment is down (lowest since Jan 2009). But it’s just one good month which is unlikely to move the Fed off it’s QE3 program just yet. But, it has certainly taken steam out of the latest PM rally – silver is now unlikely to go much higher and will probably soften next week… That’s just my two cents’ worth!

  27. Jon in CT says

    According to the web page at the following notice will be published in the Federal Register on Tuesday, Oct 9:

    Price for the 2012 Annual Uncirculated Dollar Coin Set

    Agency: United States Mint, Department of the Treasury

    ACTION: Notice.

    SUMMARY: Because of the recent increase in the market price of silver, the United States Mint is announcing a new price of $59.95 for the 2012 Annual Uncirculated Dollar Coin Set. This set contains the following uncirculated coins – four Presidential $1 Coins, one Native American $1 Coin and one American Eagle Silver Coin.

  28. Rich says

    What reason could the mint have for pushing up the delivery of some of the orig 10-31-12 backordered ASE (S) 2 Coin Sets? How far off can they be with the estimated final figure of 251k?

  29. Doug says

    I ordered SF 2 coin set x 3 on July 2nd. Yesterday the mint cancelled my order. My credit card from July expired and I got a new card a few months ago. I knew it could be a problem right away and called them a month ago and they told me to just update my card on my account which is what I did the exact day that my card switched. They said there “new computer system” can’t recognize the updated cards so they cancelled the order. They were extremely rude on the phone but ended up reinstating the order after I explained I followed all of their policies and they didn’t. Whew….now who knows what my shipment date will be if I got put at the end of the line or not.

  30. Jeremy says

    They live in a fantasy land, the majority of the population lives in fantasy land and that(your) comment/s are total nonsense!

  31. hi ho silver says

    Doug. If you caught it fast enough it should still be ready to ship. Check ship date on your account. I had issues with 2011 sets and kept my pecking order.

  32. CW says

    I ordered the SF 2 coin set on 7/4 and it just shipped yesterday with an estimated delivery of 10/13! I never knew NM was that far from IN.

  33. Samuel says

    this time mint charges credit card really early. they changed me about 4 days ago, the coins are not shipped yet.

  34. Tom says

    Silver is now below where it was when the mint suspended sales for repricing on Wednesday of this week. It will be interesting to see if they follow through with the price increases, re-open sales at the previous price levels, or just keep them unavailable through the weekend so they can see where PM’s head next week.

  35. Samuel says

    my half of the july 5 order is just shipped today.
    how about the quality this time? if quality is good, i will not open the box.

  36. Samuel says

    the strike might not have impact, others did that before— “When rival Impala Platinum fired 17,000 workers in January…..”

  37. simon says


    I did receive my 75th ASE order earlier – the coins are in excellent condition. No complaints from this collector! I have them set up for frontal view in the holder within the case.

  38. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    When you only receive a pittance we will rise prices for you, Bob Cratchet.
    Bah Humbug!

  39. Ralph says

    Order I placed on 7/3 for 10 set’s arrived Friday, 10/5. Order placed on 7/5 for 3 set’s has shipped and will arrive Tuesday, 10/9. We should be close for the Mint to announce a final mintage amount.
    I called the Mint to ask if they resend out set’s that have been returned. I told the woman I didn’t want someone’s rejects to be shipped to me. She assured me they don’t do that. Does anyone have any information on this?

  40. Dolores says

    I received my 75th ASE order last week – I was stunned by how beautiful the coins are and the presentation box. I’ve given all four I bought to four grandchildren. Some day in their lifetime silver will be up to $100 – and I want them to be able to enjoy and benefit going forward – it’s what I choose to give. Gift cash $$ would be gone in a flash.

    I noticed so many sales of unopened boxes from the Mint on Ebay – isn’t there a risk sending this with the personal receipt being in the box? I guess you have to be a trusting soul.

  41. Don says

    With silver bullion prices slipping back, it might be a good move on the Mint’s part to cancel the expected price increases on the collector silver eagles and other silver products.. They acted a little too hastily in suspending the sales on these product offerings.

  42. Samuel says

    i just received a SF set NGC 70 bought from a dealer. first, the black holder does not look that good as i thought before. second, even though these r 70s, there are shiny spots on the RP, and shiny spots on the frosted liberty on the PF. so, the shiny spots look like not an issue for the 70.

  43. Richard W says

    Samuel,If your not happy return it and purchase a PCGS piece from Modern Coin Mart or Mint Products.

  44. Mike says

    I just recieved my 2012 annual uncirculated dollar coin set and the silver eagle seems to have what I would call a heat ring or rings on both sides and light rainbow toning. Has anyone seen this in a silver eagle?

  45. Jeremy says

    @Mike, yes, I had just returned one for that very same reason. The replacement also has it but not as bad.

  46. Jack says

    Sent in 3 of the 5 coins I bought to NGC, just got the results today, 2 SP 70 and 1 SP 69. I’m satisfied, can’t wait to get them back, I’ve never seen one of NGC’s oversize holders in person.

  47. Tom says

    Off topic…silver products are back up for sale on the US Mint website, with price increases in place. Spot silver still below where it was when they suspended sales last week.

  48. Richard W says

    Not wanting to interfere with the current topic with a topic seeming to be lackluster an inquiry.Is there any advantage of leaving the second wave delivery 2012 SF ASE proof set in the original shipping packaging,at this time seems to be a dead horse.If anyone is still looking at this blog,just asking for an opinion.Thanks.

  49. Jim_D says

    I should have posted this a week ago, but between messing my thumb up doing home repairs on a sink and general laziness, I let this go too long. It may be a cautionary tale.

    I received my three sets on 10/4 and looked at one and found it looked OK and put it back in the box. I never looked at the other 2 before the 6th when I messed my thumb up and then it was too painful to consider looking at the other 2. Well, the evening of the 11th my thumb was feeling better and I pulled out the sets and checked out the other 2 and here is the rub. When I examined the packaging as I pulled the set out, I noticed that the white liner between the (wood?) box and the cardboard was partially in the wood box. I realized that the first set had the same appearance of having been opened before. I was getting a little suspicious that the assurances that they would NOT reissue returned sets was not being honored.

    This leads to the third set, which on opening, also showed the white liner caught in the wood case. This would only happen if someone opened the case while still laying in the liner and closed it without straightening it first. There were also shiny spots on the front of the frosted proof and a scratch on the back of the same coin. I was a little pissed thinking the mint had done exactly what they claimed they wouldn’t. But after packing the last set back and replacing the box back into its individual plastic baggy, I realized something was different about it, it didn’t have a cardboard sleeve around the box.

    Trying not to sound too pissed, I called customer service immediately the next day (more than the 7 days technically allowed) and explained the situation and was allowed to return the set for replacement. When I asked if they would be able to send a replacement, she said, yes. I just hope it’s better than the last.

    There, I’m finished venting….

  50. Smiledon says

    I have no idea about any body else, but I was really looking forward to the 9/11 silver coin. Thinking that with so many people that died that day, and the number of young American lives lost since, I was hoping that this coin would really show the American sprit. Well, I guess this coin reflects the current American sprit. Oh well.

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