2013 5-Star Generals Profile Collection

Today, August 5, 2013 at 12:00 Noon ET, the United States Mint will begin sales of the 2013 5-Star Generals Profile Collection. This special product is issued for the 5-Star Generals Commemorative Coin Program.

The program was authorized under Public Law 111-262 to recognize the five United States Army 5-Star Generals as well as celebrate the 132nd Anniversary of the founding of the United States Army Command and General Staff College. A $5 gold coin features a portrait of General Douglas MacArthur; a silver dollar features portraits of Generals George C. Marshall and Dwight D. Eisenhower; and a clad half dollar features Generals Henry Arnold and Omar N. Bradley. The US Mint began sales for individual options for each coin in proof or uncirculated versions and a three coin proof set earlier this year on March 21.


The new Profile Collection includes the two lower priced coins of the program, along with a bronze medal in lieu of the more expensive gold coin. In this way, all five of the 5-Star Generals are recognized while keeping the price point low. The uncirculated versions of the silver dollar and clad half dollar are presented with a bronze replica of the 1962 General Douglas MacArthur Congressional Gold Medal.


The coins and medal are mounted with easel-like packaging which includes profile cards for each of the generals. The profile cards contain photos, historic military information, “fun facts”, and awards earned. A certificate of authenticity is also incorporated.

A product limit of 50,000 sets has been established with no household ordering limits in place. Overall limits of 500,000 silver dollars and 750,000 clad half dollars apply across all product options for the program.

The price for the 2013 5-Star Generals Profile Collection is $74.95. This actually represents a savings compared to the cost of the individual uncirculated silver dollar and half dollar, which are priced at $55.95 and $20.95, adding up to $76.90. The collection also includes the additional bronze medal, which to my knowledge has not been available from the US Mint for many years.

It will be interesting to see how sales perform for this new product. The recently released Young Collectors Set for the Girl Scouts of the USA commemorative coin program has experienced minimal sales of 2,103 units out of the 50,000 product limit.

Collectors should keep in mind that sales for this new product will add another method of distribution for the uncirculated version of the 2013 5-Star Generals Half Dollar, which has sold 20,477 units individually to date. This coin may have rivaled the low mintage status of the uncirculated 2011-D Army Half Dollar. However, if the Profiles Collection proves to be popular, the overall distribution and mintage of the 5-Star Generals Half Dollar could be pushed higher.

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  1. gary says

    All the different packaging offers for commems brings the collective mintage levels to such high levels as to make these commems future pennies over bullion in the aftermarket. I’ve decided to stay away from any new mint offerings because the mintage limits seem to apply only to a given product. It allows them many ways to make more coins that are only put up in different packaging and the packaging often ends up trashed because it takes up too much expensive safe deposit box space.

  2. Mint News Blog says

    For commemorative coin programs, the mintage limits are established by law- in this case 500,000 silver dollars and 750,000 half dollars. These limits cannot be exceeded no matter how many different packaging options are involved.

    In my opinion, some of these special additional products are well done and help to communicate some of the story behind the commemorative coins. On occasion, they have also included specially issued coins which have performed very well. I have covered many of these on CoinUpdate under “US Mint Products of the Past” http://news.coinupdate.com/category/us-mint-products-of-the-past/

    For those with space considerations, there are always the individual options available.

  3. Zaz says

    The Mint should’ve at least packaged 5,000 of these easel sets with the uncirculated 3-coin set to boost sales of the MacArthur uncirculated gold coin in addition to offering the 50,000 sets with the MacArthur bronze medal. Would have complemented the long sold out 3-coin proof set rather neatly.

  4. Smiledon says

    I just had this idea; to stop paying out the surcharge that seems to be a bone of contention with some (me), why not just put out a silver coin for each amendment of our Constitution. We would be ensuring that a new generation would be learning about the Constitution, and we would be helping to pay down the debt. Win-win! (Yeah, right, like this would ever happen.)

  5. A&L Futures says

    @ Mint News Blog

    Q: The last time the bronze replica of the 1962 General Douglas MacArthur Congressional Gold Medal was offered, how many were minted/released?


  6. gary says

    Smile, I like your idea about the Constitutional Amendment coins. The eighteenth amendment coin could be issued in an empty beer can. The twenty-first amendment could be gift packed with Jack Daniel’s! LOL.

  7. Jus-a-coin-luvr says

    I’m OK with this release/option and am glad that I had not (yet) purchased the Uncirculated versions of the 5-Star Gens. I have the 3-coin Proof set, usually also buy the Unc version of sets like these, but had not done it yet. So this particular set offers those Unc versions along with the bronze medal component. I’ll likely pickup one of these today.

  8. Brian says

    This looks nicer than I expected. I think 100 years from now these will be a rarity that will be in demand — coins that still have the OGP, particularly these types of sets.

  9. Taribor says

    My brother attended Command and General Staff College and has a change of command coming up….this will be his gift from me. I think it is a nice looking set, and as stated above, I like when the mint tries to get the history out with the the coin.

  10. Louis says

    Different coins serve different purposes. I don’t buy commems trying to make a profit. I get them for the enjoyment. I think this is a nice set, but I am rather steamed that they will not be available for two months.

  11. A&L Futures says

    PUBLIC LAW 87-760-OCT. 9, 1962

    Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United
    States of America in Congress assembled That, in recognition of the
    gallant service rendered by General of the Army Douglas MacArthur
    to his country, the President of the United States is authorized to
    award to General of the Army Douglas MacArthur, in the name of
    Congress, an appropriate gold medal. For such purpose the Secretary
    of the Treasury is authorized and directed to cause to be struck
    a gold medal with suitable emblems, devices, and inscriptions to be
    determined by the Secretary.

    SEC. 2. The Secretary of the Treasury is authorized and directed to
    coin and furnish to the MacArthur Memorial Foundation not more
    than five hundred thousand copies in bronze of such medal, of such
    size or sizes as shall be determined by the Secretary in consultation
    with the MacArthur Memorial Foundation. The medals shall be
    made and delivered at such times as may be required by the MacArthur
    Memorial Foundation in quantities of not less than two thousand.
    The medals shall be considered to be national medals within the meaning
    of section 3551 of the Revised Statutes.

    SEC. 3. The Secretary of the Treasury shall cause such gold medals
    and such bronze medals to be struck and furnished at not less than
    the estimated cost of manufacture, including labor, materials, dies,
    use of machinery, and overhead expenses; and security satisfactory to
    the Director of the Mint shall be furnished to indemnify the United
    States for the full payment of such cost.

    Approved October 9, 1962.

  12. A&L Futures says

    “Product will be available for shipping 09/27/2013” – not that I’m buying one, but what’s up lately with the U.S. Mint.

  13. Michael in Bama says

    “Product will be available for shipping 09/27/2013″ – WTF ??? NEXT…….

  14. Louis says

    Maybe this is a new version of minted to demand, i.e., see how many orders they get and then put them together?

  15. Zaz says

    Don’t expect to get BV1 a week after 9/05 either. If I order it on Thursday, I don’t expect it to show up until November 1st.

  16. A&L Futures says

    @ Zaz

    I was thinking the exact same thing. At least that’ll give me/us time to pay down my/our CC before they ship. (lol)

    The big question is will the SPOT price of gold fall below the $1,300 range before they’re released?

  17. DCDave says

    I agree with Gary and Michael: Great “story behind the coin”. I bought the Braille set and was happy with it. Look on Michael’s article today and see the current eBay prices….

    The Star Spangled Banner is my favorite set. I gave it to my kids, nieces and nephews. Gary is correct, the aftermarket has not been very good with these purchases with such high mintages (um, 500k max mintage is way high), so buy cause you like them!

  18. Samuel says

    off topic, for the WP set, the RP eagle, 100% of mine have abrasion on the left hand side of the rim. so, thats must be 69, right?

    i am wondering whether thats because the way the coin is minted or pushed out of the machine?

  19. thePhelps says

    This set has me kind of frustrated… they had to throw in the MacArthur bronze coin and the easel… I already have a couple of the silver dollars and some of the halves… and really didn’t want to spend $75 more on this set. I could have stopped at the proof silver dollar and been happy! (that is a keeper).

    What are the odds we see the bronze cracked out and sold on the market for over half the price of this entire set?

  20. ABC says

    I just spoke with customer service about my WP set. When I log in to check the expected ship date, it says July 17th (obviously, this date has come and gone). The mint representative told me that my set should be shipped out on September 17th because they need to wait for the packaging to arrive from outside the country. I placed my order on May 10th (the second day of sales). So, if my coins arrive in September, that means I had to wait 4 months to receive my set! I wish I can have them ship the coins to me without the packaging! In what order are they shipping these out? FIFO? LIFO? How can they justify shipping a large number of sets to HSN et al before anyone else got theirs? Maybe HSN opted to go without the packaging? Just a thought.

  21. A&L Futures says

    @ thePhelps,

    “What are the odds we see the bronze cracked out and sold on the market for over half the price of this entire set?”


    This could be the “real” winner of the set, assuming of course the U.S. Mint hasn’t already released a few 100,000 in earlier offerings (see above post).

    This is why I asked MNB to track down how many have been minted/released to-date. According to SEC 2 of PUBLIC LAW 87-760, “the medals shall be made and delivered at such times as may be required by the MacArthur Memorial Foundation in quantities of not less than two thousand.”

    This law went into effect some 50-years ago. Who knows how many they’ve ordered thus far? Surely this will factor in to resale value.

  22. VARich says

    ABC / ann – same here, so the 17 July ship date that showed up on 30 July is really 17 Sept..? Wow…, nice!

    Let’s put this into perspective.., we’re not into the Day 2 noon orders yet and the Day 2 3:00 pm tally was 138,514 orders of 281,315. So when the boat does show, there’s at least 142,800 orders left to ship.., more than what has shipped thus far.

    Okay, I’m being zealous, say 10% cancellations.., that takes the final tally to 253k.., or ~115,000 orders left to ship. So what happens to retail and bay price of the sets when ALL THESE sets are received? The price is already coming down. Thanks for the heads up ABC, my June 4th order will be joining my June 6th sets in the deep six. I’ll grab a slabbed set in 6 weeks when they’re way off the current $

  23. Samuel says

    is this NGC’s submission address?
    NGC • P.O. Box 4776 • Sarasota, FL 34230

    i can’t see any “mailing address” kind of thing, only this address on the submission form.

  24. Don says

    To break away from this “general” topic, which “ranks” right up there: I called the Denver Mint a little while ago to ascertain if they had any of the WP sets. The woman who I spoke with said that they did have a shipment, but it is now sold out. They are now taking names for a “wait list” in the event that they receive a second shipment..

    So the answer appears to be that yes, Aramark also sold the sets at the Denver Gift Shop.

  25. Samuel says

    charles, thanks. u r Steve on the tablet, right?

    my enhanced are all very good, but the RPs all have abrasion on the rim, dont know it will impact the grade or not.

  26. thePhelps says

    Thanks Brian…that link also had another that is $64.99 plus shipping… and is apparently the only other current offering I can find.

    It is interesting that image on the medal is a lot like the Phillipines Peso from the 40’s.

  27. John Moore says

    I ordered on day two @ 12;00PM for the WP sets.
    Like everyone else my date jumped around with the final date 7/17/13.
    Called mint today and was told it is shipping Friday the 9th.
    This is my original date when ordered. I hope this is true but not counting on it.

  28. A&L Futures says

    The SPOT price for gold is now below $1,300 at $1,291.20. Hopefully it’ll stay that way until Thursday’s RP Buffalo release.

  29. Mark in Florida says

    Just got another Mint survey email. Nothing about whether I like the prices, just the quality, service, etc. I wanted to complain about the hight markups. Guess they don’t care.

  30. fmtransmitter says

    Yea I hear ya Mark, I am moving this weekend and I called and updated all my information on the Mint website to my NEW address and the nice Customer Service woman assured me that the address change was made and my orders would be sent to the new address. Well, I received the tracking number(s) and when I tracked them I found out they are being shipped to my OLD address. Serious mis communication between departments. I should be ok but it is just the fact of the matter. Sheesh. I contacted sellers on eBay of my address change and they took care of it no problems at all.

  31. fmtransmitter says

    Still no movement on WP set ship date of 8/9. Have a feeling that will NOT be shipped out by then AND I will need to call AGAIN and make sure it is sent to the new address. I just changed address today on my CC so maybe they tried to run my card with new address and it got declined so homer said try the old address and see if it goes through and we’ll just send them there. No phone call, email, nothing, just pop that card and go. Hope this information helps any future movers that have pending orders scheduled to ship during a move.

  32. fmtransmitter says

    Maybe we could organize a petition of our concerns and send it directly to the Mint Director signed by All of us called the Declaration of Poor Service or DPS-2103WP, Ratified this year when the WP sets went on sale then were back ordered for 4 months!

  33. VARich says

    From silverhawk357 & J’s comments on the previous thread, it appears we’re on Day 1 afternoon for the WP ASE orders.., I was thinking we were in the evening hours or early Day 2 by now.

    I just spoke to a helpful lady at customer service so here’s the deal –

    Disregard the expected website ship date on your orders because the system is broke and hasn’t been fixed (as if we haven’t already figured that one out). If you show a 7/19 ship date, your anticipated ship date is 9/30 – My 8/09 ship date that moved to 7/19 last week on 7/30 is showing in the mint system with a forecasted expected ship date of 9/30. My later 6/4 order which will be cancelled shows a ship date of 8/09 and that’s only because it’s in a queue and won’t be updated until that batch is reset to a later date.

    Hope this helps; if I had to guess, I’d say maybe a 1/3 of the orders have shipped.

  34. VARich says

    Oh, and if it hasn’t been said lately, Don – you still Rock!

    My Philly set still looks flawless! From my last count, I think 6-7 that posted they placed orders and haven’t heard any issues since.

  35. Don says


    Thanks again, VARich. I haven’t received so many accolades since I pulled off a 10 second iron- cross on the still rings in college.

    Apparently, many collectors took advantage of the Denver Gift Shop also having the WP sets, as they are also sold out.

  36. Brad says


    The EXACT same thing happened to me regarding shipping address. I moved last January, but had already paid the P.O. box rent for a year in advance at the old town, before I even knew we were going to buy a new house. So, since I was still going up there to the old house every few days to move stuff (and now mow the lawn) anyway, I just kept using the P.O. Box for the time being.

    I finally bought a mailbox and got it set up at the new house about a month ago, and am now in the process of phasing out the P.O. Box. I changed the billing address on the credit cards and almost got my 5/9 order cancelled because of it. I had seen the status change from “in process” back to “on hold”, so I immediately got on the phone to take care of it knowing full well it was the address change that was wreaking havoc. They assured me the order would be shipped to the new address, but lo and behold it actually went to the P.O. box. But, no harm no foul since the box is still mine until 10/31. I guess that means even if they screw up my 6/6 order and ship it to the P.O. box as well, I’ll still get it. That is, unless shipping takes longer than until about 10/27. I’d like to think that surely they’ll be done by then!

  37. Brad says

    On a side note, I forgot to mention that another way the Mint’s website is really antiquated is that it doesn’t even have the capability to retain old information after a change has been made. When I changed my address, my order history (dating back to August 2000) now shows the items were shipped to my NEW address on every single order I ever made! They should all show the P.O. Box in the old town, so now that’s totally messed up!

  38. Rod says

    For a gold price decrease to occur this week the London Wed AM fix must be less than $1,278 and then the Wed PM fix must be less than $1,300.

    If both of those occur then the price of the RP Buffalo would drop from $1,690 to $1,640.

  39. fmtransmitter says

    It really does amaze me in this day and age with technology, these larger organizations would make upgrading their software programs a priority.

  40. fmtransmitter says

    Thanks Ron, wow a $400 premium over spot. Hard to swallow that decision but we buy coins because we love them, otherwise I guess we would buy bullion…

  41. stephen m says

    I know everyone has beat this dead horse but I received 2ea wp sets from the mint this morning and haven’t opened yet. I ordered 4hrs and 39 minutes into opening day. I’m rating the service on the shipping from the mint on my sets as pitiful at best.

  42. VARich says

    Thanks for the heads-up Stephen, when you do open, can you check for abrasion marks on the edge of the RP Eagle?

  43. high low silver says

    Id open it up stephen m. I got mine also and one set is going back… a white streak above IN GOD on the enhanced can be seen with naked eye. Kinda looks more proof under motto than above it. My order was placed @ 5:04 opening day. Good luck !!

  44. stephen m says

    VARich, i checked all over both sets with a magnifier and all 4 coins look good. I really couln’t see the reeded side real well but the edges look great.

  45. stephen m says

    Hi hi lo silver, i had to make myself open and look after waiting so long the feeling to see them wasn’t there anymore plus i had gotten a 70 set to look at during the wait. Didn’t find any streaks or spots on them. Anymore ASE special sets after this wait may be out of the question for me.

  46. high low silver says

    Mine are going back…..2 less than the final unaudited mintage….I’m done with these ann sets, Ill get on secondary market. Went through this same process last year with 2012 ann sets. One good coin one bad coin.

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