2013 America the Beautiful 5 Oz. Silver Bullion Coins

atbThe United States Mint has recently provided the on-sale dates for the remaining 2013 America the Beautiful 5 oz. Silver Bullion Coins. These bullion versions are distributed through a network of authorized purchasers and priced based on the value of the silver content plus a mark up. They feature a brilliant often deep mirror proof like finish and do not carry a mint mark.

The bullion coin for first design of this year featuring White Mountain National Forest went on sale to authorized purchasers on May 13, 2013. Initially, the coins were offered on an allocated basis, as demand was expected to exceed the available supply. Allocation was lifted earlier this week.

Orders will be accepted for the second bullion release featuring Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial starting on June 3, 2013.

The on-sale dates for the remaining three designs will be as follows:

  • Great Basin National Park –June 24, 2013
  • Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine – August 26, 2013
  • Mount Rushmore National Memorial – November 04, 2013

So far, sales have been stronger for the 2013 America the Beautiful 5 oz. Silver Bullion Coins as compared to last year’s releases. As of May 28, 2013, the White Mountain design has reached sales of 25,800 coins. This already exceeds the highest sales total reached for a 2012-dated release, which was 25,400 for the Acadia National Park design.

For the 2012-dated releases, the low sales were primarily the result of the low production levels chosen by the US Mint. Production was as low as 20,000 units each for the Hawaii Volcanoes and Denali National Park designs.

Initial mintage or anticipated production levels will not be provided for the 2013-dated releases. The US Mint has indicated that the 2013 ATB 5 oz. Silver Bullion Coins will be minted to demand.

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  1. Larry says

    I am thinking of buying the bullion version instead of the “P” version as I just don’t like the finish. Where is the best place to buy them?

  2. Dan in Fla says

    Provident is a good place to purchase or Apmex but the prices differ so check around.

  3. VABEACHBUM says

    @ Larry – Following up on Dan’s comment, I’ve always had good luck w/ coin quality and pricing at Provident. On the downside,they currently are not an “authorized distributor,” so they usually do not have access to the first wave of coins that are released. APMEX does OK. Their visual appeal of their bullion product varies, although I’ve only been disappointed once. Pricing is usually 1-2 dollars per ounce higher, and shipping starts at $12 per order. MCM also is getting into the bullion game, offering products on their website and through Ebay. Pricing is similar to APMEX, appeal is slightly better, and as of approx 5 months ago, shipping on most products is free. If you’re willing to wait, I would recommend Provident to you as well.

  4. Boz says

    Unless we have another economic meltdown in thefuture the, looks like the 12’s are going to be the key coins in the series, particularly the Hawaii, which has been artisticly the most popular design.

  5. Boz says

    Go with the mint direct at Apmex, at least you have a chance of getting un-picked coins that way. Said to be still sealed in the original government tubes.

  6. joe says

    I always to Provident as well. Sometimes they’re slow to ship, but overall I’ve had good experiences with them. The worst thing I’ve experienced with Provident is their website, which has issues from time to time.

  7. Eddie says

    @ Larry
    The finish one the 2013’s look a lot better than the finishes on the 2012’s.
    That just might be my feeling about them and other might disagree with it.
    But to me just look better.

  8. fmtransmitter says

    UPDATE ; 217, 341, S40 orders, 7 days left. ALL orders will be filled and shipped for the 2012 LESPS as of last night at 11pm EST..Have a great day all you collectors!

  9. fmtransmitter says

    Mt Rushmore will be my only choice for this series due to historical value and artistic expression. Should be a beauty!

  10. Eddie says

    I wished the Mint would put all of their products in a capsule and then into their regular packaging. And all of the album makers like Dansco could make the albums so you could just pop them in. you could take them out to look at them and you wouldn’t have to worry about them getting damaged.
    I hope others have an opinion about this.

  11. says


    If you must order the bullion coins from APMEX, make sure to order the coins graded. I ordered two different bullion AtBs from them at two different times, and both came to me heavily damaged with multiple scratches across the surface of the coin that were easily and immediately visible to the naked eye. One of the AtBs had a very deep gouge scored right across the center of the Chickasaw reverse that almost looked like it had been dug in with a knife.

    The AtB with the gouge is the only coin I’ve ever returned to the dealer as I was concerned the damage was severe enough I would not get spot price if I tried to sell the coin.

    These incidents are part of the reason I decided not to bother with the bullion AtBs. If you buy any that are raw and ungraded from APMEX, be prepared to have to return them. If you must buy from APMEX, buy them graded. A better option would be to just do business with Provident Metals.

  12. Ray says

    I also love the Mount Rushmore coin coming out, and I’m saving to hopefully buy a 10 pack. I think it will sell out rather quickly. I love these 5 ouncers and honestly, its what got me into coin collecting as I know it. I dont buy every design and I have yet to buy a bullion version. I’m going to take the advice from the comments above and order from Provident for the first time. I ordered some international silver bullion from apmex and the coin quality could have been a lot better. Thx for the advice.

  13. thePhelps says

    I ordered mine WM through Provident and had no issues with them. I am not thrilled with the coin I got, but that is a mint issue not the reseller. (white hazing due to the rise the mint used).

    I am in for all the 5 oz coins this year and hope to do both bullion as well as the P releases.

  14. Dustyroads says

    Same APMEX experience here, their bullion coins do have flaws. I agree that buying the Mint Direct coins from APMEX is the way to go if you can afford it.

  15. Mark in Florida says

    If I hadn’t read here on Mint News Blog that the Hawaii and Denali supply was getting low I wouldn’t have known to get a few extras. Looks like they will be the lowest.

  16. Dmitriy says

    Last month, I purchased my first bullion 5oz (I have all of the P versions except for Hawaii ::sigh::). I ordered my WM bullion from Provident. To say the least, I couldn’t be happier with the purchase. The coin looks flawless and I couldn’t find one ding or mark on it. The previous commenters are correct about the slow shipping speed but I’m ok with waiting a few extra days to receive a coin with the peace of mind that the condition will meet my standards. I will be buying coins from Provident in the future as I had a really good first experience with them.

    Btw – I really enjoy this blog and am thankful for all who comment here. I have learned a lot from you all.

    How are you guys storing your bullion coins? Has anyone purchased the oak finish 5 coin presentation display box? If so, where did you purchase and for how much?

  17. Brian says

    DCDave – S40 is the product code for the West Point set.

    217,341 is the latest sales count.

    I knew what he was saying. It did look strange though, like a coded message.

  18. DCDave says

    Thanks Brian. Looks like 2013 will be a year where “backordered” actually means backordered, not a sell out like usually meant in the past. I agree that the Mint is producing products in “batches”.

  19. fosnock says

    Bullion minted to demand what a concept, if they only did that from the get go…now saying that APMEX is a good choice if your in a hurry as they get bullion first and they generally have items in stock, but saying that quality and cost goes to Provident…thank you CO for telling me about Provident.

  20. Frank says

    Probably nothing…
    But White Mountain AtB 5 Ozer is back-ordered to 06/14/2013

    Maybe the Mint only made 13K for this one??

  21. Frank says

    Another possibility: the US mint made half the maximal mintage (12,500) in the first batch which is sold out now. And it will make an additional batch (2500?5000?12500?) coming June.

  22. Brad says


    Right, that’s what I said before. It makes sense.

    Watch for the possibility of the Alice Paul Unc FS coin going to “backordered” status within the next week or two. I ventured a guess that only half of the maximum mintage of 2012 FS coins were struck, consisting of 4,000 proofs and 2,500 uncs. Since it’s looking like yesterday’s price drop for gold coins might be short-lived, sales of gold coins should be higher this week. The last sales report showed 2,452 Alice Paul uncs had been sold, so it’s getting pretty close to the possible sellout level. Technically, that coin should be part of the “Liberty” subset of non-spouse coins, but it does stick out like a sore thumb! But just in case, anybody who may want it might be wise to act quickly.

  23. Jon in CT says

    It appears that orders for the first 3 of the 2013 5 oz bullion coins are accepted exactly 3 days before the Mint accepts orders for the P uncirculated versions.
    This implies that the Mint will begin accepting orders for the Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine on August 29, 2013 and the Mount Rushmore National Memorial on November 07, 2013. The Mint’s current schedule for those two coins only provides the months, not the actual days.

  24. Jay in NC says

    FYI, I just got an e-mail from the mint stating that the next uncirculated AtB 5 oz, (Perry’s Memorial) will be available for sale on June 6 and WILL have a maximum mintage of 25,000.

  25. Jay in NC says

    I guess since there is no limit except to demand on the bullion, they want to justify the premium for the uncirculated. Received both the bullion and uncirculated of White Mountain today and I found the uncirculated stunning almost with a 3-D effect.

  26. high low silver says

    Dan: I wonder what the return #s will be? Later on, it may be a winner….. Just a thought on this 1st issue….

  27. Samuel says

    just received 2 P white mountains, one has large area of water stain. half dollar in the proof set is very hazy.

  28. Fergie says

    Dmitriy, I purchased the 5 piece oak presentation case for my 2012 ATB 5oz. bullion from APMEX and for the $45 i spent it is very nice. Beautiful finish, dense foam interior for holdered pucks. Has a magnetic lid to keep it closed. I do wood working and I could not make it for that amount of money. I buy my bullion from provident, they ship their pucks encased in plastic holders that fit perfectly. Best of luck in all you do.

  29. VABEACHBUM says

    @ Dan – I’m thinking like HLS is… Keep in mind that the Mint’s whacky odometer showed sales for the 2012 Set that were excess of 250K in the days immediately after the product closed, but received a huge downward adjustment after the dust from the returns, cancellations and final audit had settled.

    I think we’ll see another surge for the 2013 WP Set during the final days of availability, with another downward trend after the final audit. However, I have no doubt that interest in the multi-finish ASE will drive these final set numbers well above the higher, 2006 Anny Set totals.

  30. guama says

    I think the downturn of the price of silver will dictate the final number. Collectors will purchase in speculation …then cancel if the pm drops again. Either way, I am excited to get mine. Btw, I love this blog. As a woman collecto, i value all of your expertise in coin collecting.

  31. Dustyroads says

    There is no doubt that the mintage of the WP sets will be brought down later, but we will have to wait a few years for the final audited mintage. It’s hard to get a good idea of how people are thinking and what they will do this next week with the WP set. I personally am suspicious of a greater number of people cancelling orders if the sets begin to outnumber last years at the closing of the ordering window. Last year I spoke to dealers about the SF sets and found they were not impressed with the numbers, and even having trouble selling them. I wonder if the enhancement process will help to eliminate errors.

  32. fmtransmitter says

    Sorry about the coded” message earlier, was on my way to work. Yes, it was the latest count on the new 2 coin SE set 2013. Still haven’t shipped my LS1, LESPS 2012, err….says in route to warehouse though, keep the credit card free…

  33. picturefun says

    Be careful to buy ungraded coin from MCM. Those are the leftover after the cherry picking. Although now APMEX does the same thing since they also start to sell graded coins. Provident metals coins may be the only one of the three, who has not cherry picked their coins.

  34. picturefun says

    @ Samuel says:
    >>just received 2 P white mountains, one has large area of water stain. half dollar in the proof set is very hazy.<<

    I am NOT surprised at all. the coins you got may very well be the returns by others who ordered earlier.
    I wanted to buy this one, but reading so many people got problem with this White mountain coin, I think I will pass. at least I will wait for a couple of months. If they are sold out, then forget it. I did buy several bullion while mountain coins from Provident metals

  35. Erik H says

    Samuel says:

    May 30, 2013 at 6:50 pm
    just received 2 P white mountains, one has large area of water stain. half dollar in the proof set is very hazy.

    I know that you are not supposed to clean coins but I found that the “water” marks on the “P” ATB comes off very easily with out putting “hairlines” on the coin. These spots seem to be different than “milk spots” on other silver coins. I believe it’s just a product of the vapor blasting technique used. So here’s how I do it, I take a cloth that is used for “safely” cleaning eye glasses that use a UV coating. I figured that if it was safe for that it should be fine for this purpose.

    I’m sure I’ll be blasted for saying this but it works for me and I wouldn’t try this on any other coin. Please DON’T do it unless you can live with the possibly of ruining your coin.

  36. Dustyroads says

    Hi Dmitriy and guana, I’m glad you found you way here and are enjoying the blog/thread. Dmitriy, the coins are best stored in a dry place, you should do this for long term storage. Cool is also recommended, but dry is critical. guana, your welcome, any expertise I have managed to pick up along the way I’ll be happy to pass along. Interesting thing about this blog/thread, there are many people that come and go, but there are core members here which have been here for a long time and if you stick around you’ll get to know and respect them.

  37. oldfolkie says

    I have gotten 2-3 of each of the ATBs from Apmex since the series started and I have gotten everything from MS, Proof like and DMPL, actually only the two Glacier lacked sufficient luster to be proof. I have never gotten any distracting scratches and only a Hawaii coin with a well placed fingerprint bothered me. I order it as bullion and don’t expect perfection, that said I have no complaints. I may be willing to try another supplier just to get a lower price though. Of the only ones I ever had graded I received 69 DMPLs for both the Yellowstone and Hot Spring coins, and 68s were the lowest I ever received from Apmex.

  38. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    I still like the ’10s Yellowstone, Yosemite, Grand Canyon, and Mt. Hood the best. For ’11s I like Gettysburg and Vicksburg. I don’t know why, but the ’12s don’t interest me in the least, even with low mintage of the Hi Volcanoes. I think the ’13s are all winners, but can only afford 1 or 2.

  39. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    do you think the Mint might make copper 5 oz versions of thses ATB coins?

  40. AUTiger says

    Did anyone else notice that the release dates are wrong? The dates listed are Mondays. The ATB5s have all opened on Thursdays. The Product Schedule has the next two listed for the Thursday after the blog date.

    I guess it doesn’t matter since they will be “minted” to demand, but you can never tell when that will change.

  41. Mint News Blog says

    They are not wrong. White Mountain began sales on a Monday.

    These dates are for the bullion versions. You might be thinking of the numismatic versions.

  42. Smiledon says

    You can take a look at the coin books made by Dansco. They claim their books protect coins from tarnish with a speical coating inside the books.
    You can find any type of coin book for any type of coin.
    I have had really good luck with coinsupplyexpress.com getting what I need.
    Also, you can even add pages to the books.
    Good luck.

  43. Dmitriy says

    Dustyroads and Smiledon, I appreciate the responses and thank you for the suggestions.

  44. Dan in Fla says

    222,979 new number of West Point sets and the ship date has been moved back to 9/30/13 on new orders.

  45. IPS_STUFF says

    Looking for thoughts on the moving ship date on the WM 5 OZ

    Someone indicated if dates move than might indicate something more than a back order condition. I have not monitored the moving dates on backordered items enough to know if it is an indication true backorder versus a possible sell out. Does anyone know if backordered items automatically have the date shifted to next day regardless ???

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