2013 America the Beautiful Quarters Proof Set

Today, January 22, 2013, the United States Mint began sales of the 2013 America the Beautiful Quarters Proof Set. This follows the offering of a set containing the five coins struck in 90% silver earlier this month.

2012 America the Beautiful Quarters Proof Set

The present set contains this year’s five different America the Beautiful Quarters featuring:

  • White Mountain National Forest in New Hampshire
  • Perry’s Victory International Peace Memorial in Ohio
  • Great Basin National Park in Nevada
  • Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine in Maryland
  • Mount Rushmore National Memorial in South Dakota

Each coin is struck in proof quality at the San Francisco Mint and carries the “S” mint mark. The coins have the standard composition used for circulation consisting of 91.67% copper and 8.33% nickel.

The five coins are held within a single plastic lens and placed in an outer cardboard box. The packaging has been redesigned for this year and features an image of Mount Rushmore National Memorial on the front, and a split image featuring all five sites on the back.

The 2013 America the Beautiful Quarters Proof Set is priced at $14.95, unchanged from the cost of the prior year set which still remains available for sale. There is no stated product limit or household ordering limits.

The five coins included in this set will also be included in the full annual 2013 Proof Set, scheduled for release on March 28, 2013 and priced at $31.95.

Other News

platBased on the available data, it is likely that the price of the 2012 Proof Platinum Eagle will be increased tomorrow.

The average price of platinum for the weekly period will likely fall within the $1,650 to $1,749.99 range. This is one tier higher than the pricing range currently in effect. In the most likely scenario, as long as the Wednesday PM London Fix price of platinum is above $1,650, then the price increase will occur.

The price of the coin would be increased from $1,892 to $1,992. Pricing changes usually go into effect around mid-morning on Wednesday.

Second, the circulating quality 2012-S Denali National Park Quarter rolls have sold out at the US Mint. This means that all circulating quality San Francisco Mint bags and rolls for the 2012 America the Beautiful Quarters have sold out.

The earliest sell outs caught many collectors by surprise, considering the fact that the US Mint indicated the coins would be produced to demand. Also, a statement on the product pages indicated that the bags and rolls would remain available for one year following the original release date. I discussed the product type in greater length in this post.

Based on sales figures, it seems that mintages for the circulating quality 2012-S quarters were about 1.4 million per design, with the exception of the El Yunque National Forest Quarters which were around 1.7 million.

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  1. im just a bill says

    Guess time! Is the [ 3 Roll Set (P, D, S) ] going to cost more than buying the 2 roll set of ‘P & D’ and one roll set ‘S’ separately?

    Im guessing more, and if so I will not be buying the silly packaging. I will buy them separately.

    Are you listening mint?

    PS Im not buying the clad proof quarter set, because it will be in the 2013 proof set. Same with the silver quarter proof set.

  2. Don says

    If someone is inclined to buy the ATB quarters proof set, wouldn’t it be wise to spend the extra $10.00 and purchase the silver version rather than the clad set?

  3. StevenF says

    Just noticed on the mint’s schedule that the 2013 5oz ATB’s have their on sale date changed to TBD, and the price removed.

  4. Don says

    @Fosnock-My mistake. The $31.95 price mentioned in the post is for the full 2013 clad proof set, not the ATB quarters proof set. Thanks. But, I still think it is much more desirable to have the silver version, despite the $27. price differential.

  5. mookem says

    The Denali S quarters are officially sold out now. That should close out all “s” circulating quarters from 2012.

  6. William says

    Years ago, we referred to a quarter as “two bits”.

    Anyone know the reason why?

    Arizona Rancher

  7. Mint News Blog says

    I am still awaiting the numbers from the Mint. They might be delayed until tomorrow since Monday was a holiday.

  8. simon says

    Brits had something to do with the bits. Hard to imagine we still call the cent the penny at times. I’ve heard purists sound offended at this.

  9. Ralph says

    My 2012 Limited Edition Silver Proof Set is still saying “expected to ship on 1/20. I thought this would have been updated by now. Any word on how many set’s have been sold?

  10. Samuel says

    i got my set last week, the box is big, all the packaging/box are good, but bad cardboard insert that holds the coins, many small particles around, and the eagle coin got scratch. the cardboard instert is thick, the the silver quarters are thin, so doesnt look good.

  11. Dan says


    Two bits refers to spanish pieces of eight where two bits would be a quarter of it. The saying has remained to mean a quarter.Spanish dollars were made legal tender in the United States by an Act of February 9, 1793, and were not demonetized until February 21, 1857. Testaments to the importance of these coins continue in that “two bits,” “pieces of eight” and “picayune” have become part of the American vocabulary. Also, it is interesting to observe that when the New York Stock Exchange opened in 1792 rates were reported in terms of New York shillings which were valued at eight to the Spanish milled dollar, hence changes were reported in eighths. Amazingly, over two hundred years after adoption of the decimal system, stock and security price variations are still reported in eighths! This has now been changed to reflect an actual price on stocks down to the thousand of a cent.

  12. Louis says

    Also, the Spanish pieces of eight were actually cut up into four pieces
    to make two bit coins.

  13. Zaz says

    The phrase “mint to demand” the Mint is using applies only to the year of issue. Once the year is over, it’s anything goes with the remaining inventory regardless of the one-year availability window. Obviously they didn’t want a repeat of the lengthy shelf life of many of the 2011 products, so the wise forecasters said package enough to last through December 31st. The sellout of the Presidential proof set should have been a tip off that things were gonna be very different this year, but few people noticed the strange anomaly of 2012 set gone while the 2011 set was still available.

  14. HistoryStudent says

    If you start buying the 2012 from now on whatever they decide before pulling the rug 5 oz UNCs – you’ll be miles ahead of the herd.

    PS the herd usually hates the good stuff and looks like (unpleasant word) later I.E:

    1821 to 1834 half eagles and quarter eagles

    Grobrecht dollars

    proof draped bust dollars

    trade dollars

    1915 panama set especially the $50 gold ones

    almost all classic silver commemorative halves issued between 1892 and 1945

    this can be extended

    but the fact remains the market does not care long term what the issue price was how it related to intrinsic value of even if the mint wanted them to circulate: if they put a price on them and struck them then the market will embrace the coins later one and call the ones who missed the opportunity STUPID!

  15. im just a bill says

    Zaz and hi ho silver: Notice the 2010 and 2011 ATB 3 coin sets still available lol

    silly mint, repackaging the same thing over and over is a form of insanity.

  16. fosnock says

    @Don- You missed the discussion on a earlier thread about clads vs PMs, but I agree I would only get the silver versions.

  17. Zaz says

    Hi ho/im just a bill: “Mint to demand” was only instituted in 2012. You also neglected also to mention the 2010/2011 set of uncirculated quarters, 2010/2011 set of circulation quality quarters, and the 2011 uncirculated Presidential dollars set, in addition to the aforementioned products all of which appeared before the 2012 edict and did not have the restricted mintage. “Mint to demand” is really code for “limited availability” and savvy collectors should be aware of it.

  18. im just a bill says

    Good one Michael, I guessed wrong.

    Looks like we will save $5 per state, which will offset the shipping cost!

  19. Michael in Bama says

    With all the attention and inclusion with the P&D rolls the mint is gonna kill any value the 2013 “S” ATB Quarters would have. I don’t think it will hurt the 2012 coins, I think the mint should have made it a one year special tied to the 75TH anniversary set. You watch, they are gonna get crazy and have all kinds of “SPECIAL” “S” mint crap!

    Dear US Mint, greed kills!

  20. Ralph says

    @ hi ho silver / Just got off the phone with someone from the Mint. She told me they don’t ship on Sunday’s. She couldn’t explain why my order says it will ship on that day.

  21. hi ho silver says

    let’s call it the wee hours of Monday morning Ralph. I tracked an order once that got to FedX facility in Indiana by 1:15 AM Monday morning.

  22. says


    It’s been awhile since I read about the exact process, but US Mint orders are actually fulfilled by PBGS. They are very unreliable in providing information about when your product will actually be shipped. There was a very long discussion about these issues in this old MNB thread: http://mintnewsblog.com/2011/10/anniversary-sets-sold-out/#comment-23960

    Just search for Clair Hardesty’s posts, he seems to know more about PBGS than anyone.

  23. EvilFlipper says

    New mint report is out. Shows 12.2k for 1/4 ounce and 11.2k for 1/2 oz. I think there’s 1,500 sets left based on it being half of last years mintage. These are on the borderline for low mintage although the 1 oz. and 1/10 ounce are still a bit high. I’m assuming the 1 oz will come in around 25k and the 1/10 around 20k. Both will be lows for the series as well but not low comparatively. It’s interesting the premiums on the burnished vs the proofs. Not much difference in mintage vs the burnished 06,07’s and they carry a premium. It remains to be seen whether these premiums will transfer to these proofs as well. I do however expect this year to be even lower mintages. If I see a 15-25% premium I will flip immediately. Still waiting on that buffalo set!!

  24. Michael in Bama says

    United States Mint
    Pricing for New Product – America the Beautiful Quarters® Three-Roll Set
    Agency: United States Mint, Department of the Treasury
    ACTION: Notice.
    SUMMARY: The United States Mint is announcing pricing for a new product, the America the Beautiful
    Quarters Three-Roll Set. This product will be priced at $46.95.
    FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Marc Landry, Acting Associate Director for Sales and
    Marketing; United States Mint; 801 9th Street, NW; Washington, DC 20220; or call 202-354-7500.
    Authority: 31 U.S.C. §§ 5111, 5112 & 9701.
    Dated: January 16, 2013.
    Richard A. Peterson,
    Acting Director,
    [FR Doc. 2013-01313 Filed 01/23/2013 at 8:45 am; Publication Date: 01/24/2013]

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