2013 America the Beautiful Quarters

Designs for the 2013 America the Beautiful Quarters have been announced by the United States Mint.

The five coins issued for the fourth year of the series will feature the following sites:

  • White Mountain National Forest in New Hampshire
  • Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial in Ohio
  • Great Basin National Park in Nevada
  • Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine in Maryland
  • Mount Rushmore National Memorial in South Dakota

Initially, the US Mint had prepared three to five design candidates for each of the upcoming coins. After both the Commission of Fine Arts (CFA) and Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee (CCAC) had rejected both slates of candidates for the Perry’s Victory and Fort McHenry Quarters, a second round of design candidates had been prepared for these two coins by the Mint.

Coverage of the initial reviews by the CFA and CCAC can be found here and here. The second round of design candidates can be found here.

2013 White Mountain National Forest Quarter
Release Date: January 28, 2013
Designer & Sculptor: Phebe Hemphill

The design of the White Mountain National Forest Quarter depicts Mt. Chocorua, the easternmost peak of the Sandwich Ridge. The view is framed by birch trees. The design selection matches the recommendation of the CCAC. The CFA had recommended a different designs with birch trees across the entire view.

2013 Perry’s Victory and International Peace Monument Quarter
Release Date: April 1, 2013
Design & Sculptor: Don Everhart

The Perry’s Victory Quarter features a statue of Master Commandant Oliver Hazard Perry with the Peace Memorial visible in the distance. The CFA and CCAC both rejected the US Mint’s initial slate of design candidates. The design selection matches the CCAC’s recommendation from the second slate of candidates. The CFA had recommended an alternate design featuring only the monument.

2013 Great Basin National Park Quarter
Release Date: June 10, 2013
Designer: Ronald D. Sanders
Sculptor: Renata Gordon

The design for the 2013 Great Basin National Park Quarter features a single Bristlecone Pine tree and the rocky glacier moraines where the trees grow. This design was recommended by both the CFA and CCAC.

2013 Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine Quarter
Release Date: August 26, 2013
Designer & Sculptor: Joseph Menna

The design for the 2013 Fort McHenry Quarter represents the site during the “Defender’s Day” celebration. The fireworks above the fort symbolize the “rocket’s red glare.” Both the CFA and CCAC had rejected the slate of original design candidates for this coin. The design selection matched the CCAC’s recommendation from the second slate of candidates. The CFA did not make a recommendation from the second round of candidates, reiterating their earlier request for a plan view of the fort.

2013 Mount Rushmore National Monument Quarter
Release Date: November 4, 2013
Designer & Sculptor: Joseph Menna

The design for the 2013 Mount Rushmore Quarter features a view of men adding the final details to Thomas Jefferson’s face. This was chosen to offer a unique and educational perspective on how Mount Rushmore was created and sculpted. This selection matched the recommendation of the CFA. The CCAC recommended a different design featuring an overall view of the finished monument.

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  1. posterhunter says

    The last spouse coin is finally on the schedule. BTW good designs except for White mountain.

  2. simon says

    Looking forward to getting the Great Basin quarter. I climbed Wheeler Peak in 1990. The Bristlecone is awesome on the coin – perhaps a first imprint on a coin.

  3. KEITHSTER says

    That’s a early release on the Mt. Rushmore I must have missed that one.LOL??? CAN’T WAIT FOR THE REALONE $$$

  4. says

    Wow, I have never heard of a couple of these places! Again, looking forward to learning about our National Parks via coin collecting 😉

  5. HistoryStudent says

    Well done all will be fine. All the designs pass muster. They sure have a BIG PICTURE window on the 5 oz’ers.

    Thanks to POSTERHUNTER on Cleveland II gold info. That makes it around $10,000 for the spouses this year quickly. Boy, that’s a change. This series has had one FUBAR after another. I expect Cleveland II to be down in sales similar to the Tyler II and upcoming Wilson II next year.

    Speaking on just this year that makes 8 SPOUSE GOLD coins in less than three months and 10 more coming out next year.

    Mixed with the 10 for the 5 oz’ers ATB next year (UNC SPs & Bullion MSs) this is going to be a LOT of money. Figure $3,000 for the ATBs and $12,000 for the First Spouses (all slabbed). That’s $25,000 in only 14 months. WOW!

  6. al in ohio says

    It figures Ohio would be the only national park quarter with a human on it (besides Mt. Rushmore). I thought they were commemmorating the Parks, Not the people.

  7. vaughnster says

    I like all the new 5 oz designs, especially Mt. Rushmore. A unique perspective not seen often. I’m in for all 5 P versions and also bullion too. Interested to see how fireworks come out in a coin.

  8. Don says

    I agree with the CFA recommendation on the White Mountain design. Birch trees should have been used entirely instead of what looks like a bunch of stubby pine trees.
    On the Mt. Rushmore: The design shows men chiseling the rock into the final face shapes. And here I thought they were formed by selective erosion.

  9. Tom says

    Crazy Horse Memorial would have been a great subject, but it is a privately funded endeavor and not part of the national parks system.

    I was surprised that South Dakota chose Mount Rushmore National Memorial again. It was on the statehood quarter, and with the state having two national parks (Badlands NP and Wind Cave NP) I thought they should have chosen one of those instead.

  10. CW says

    As a Michigan alum, I am shocked that Ohio would pick a boring design….

    The Great Basin and Rushmore coins will be winners.

  11. Hidalgo says

    Cleveland – behave.

    I think the 2012 set is more appealing than the 2013 set. But there are two 2013 designs I like enough to buy a 5 ouncer – Great Basin and Fort McHenry. To each his own :o)

  12. HistoryStudent says

    With the downturn in the economy we may see LESS than 15,000 down to maybe 10,000 mintage on SOME OF THESE these in one form or another.

  13. hi ho silver says

    I served on the Destroyer USS Lawrence when in the Navy, so I like the Ohio Perry quarter ! “Don’t Give up the ship”.

  14. Kraw says

    Great designs, of course my home of OH is the worst, but overall this is a fun series! Maybe OH should’ve gone for Cuyahoga national park.

    I am still in for the bullion and vapor-blasters, but yet again like the Hawaii coin, the NH and NV make me want a real proof 5 oz version. I would pay! Imagine those birches on a mirror lake/sky background…

  15. DCDave says

    Mt. Rushmore is ridiculous. Looks like it is the “Gulliver’s Travelers” version.
    They can’t be serious about this, can they?

    White Mountain is my ’13 fav (even though it looks a bit generic).

  16. Louis says

    I wish I could be more positive, but this is not the best we can do by a long shot. The Mt. Rushmore coin is a travesty. How about showing all the presidents for one thing, and what exactly is gained by showing scultptors?
    And the Ft. McHenry art work is weak esp. on the fort. It looks like something thrown together at the last minute. When I was growing up I was an aspiring artist, had the benefit of a mother who was an artist, and sold some stuff at exhibitions, and I believe I could at that time have produced a better Ft. McHenry (at age 10 or 12!). The others are okay. White Mt. is the best for sure.

  17. Gary says

    I wish they would have went with CCAC recommendation on the Mt.Rushmore as well!
    I will probably still be in for one though! But Mt.Rushmore will be my only 2013 5 ouncer!

  18. SilverFan says

    I like the Great Basin and White Mountains designs. The WM design will look cool in silver with the trees in the foreground and the mountains in the background showing some depth.

    The Fort McHenry and Mount Rushmore are disappointments. I have been to both places, and the designs in no way come close to the awe of being there. The Ohio design is nothing but a phallic symbol…will likely be the lowest sales total or mintage of the 2013 coins.

  19. hi ho silver says

    I like what the Mint is doing here. This is the bicennatal of the War of 1812. (SSB,Perry,Ft Mchenry).

  20. vaughnster says

    “I like all of the AtB design variety’s
    They sure will look great in my u.s.mint coin album !”

    I’m still waiting for the 5 oz. ATB album! 🙂

  21. says

    I’ve had some time to digest these.

    I think White Mountain, while somewhat generic, is probably the best of these designs. Great Basin also came out fairly well. Perry’s Victory is one of those things where I’ll have to see how it looks on the actual coin. Mount Rushmore isn’t that great either, IMO.

    Fort McHenry is terrible, though. The Fort itself is unimpressive and the firework looks very amateurish. I think Michael’s note that the CFA failed to pick a design speaks volumes. I really think Fort McHenry was picked more because they had to pick something than any merit it might have had. What a drag.

    Overall I think the 2013 designs are a step down from this year’s. Perhaps we’ll have better luck in 2014.

  22. Fosnock says


    I thought I was the only one, Fort McHenry is terrible. I’m also not so sure about Great Basin, all this positive talk over a tree. Its a nice looking tree but a tree. I have never been to the park so is it a barren place with a few trees?

  23. VABEACHBUM says

    For Cleveland Rocks, Al, Kraw and my other Buckeyes, I’m an Ohio native, too, and still have family ties to the Akron area. I grew up thinking that Cedar Point was THE Ohio national park. Certainly a much more impressive site from out on Lake Erie!!

    @ Louis – I love the way you cut right to the chase. I agree that the Fort McHenry design is horrid, and if we still have an outside chance for last-second submissions, I will ship a fresh box of crayolas to you straight away!! I had said it in previous discussions: The MD 1812 Bicentennial license plate is probably the best, most artisitic representation of Ft. McHenry.

    Great Basin and White Mountain for sure. I’ll be interested to see how well the die manufacturing and striking adds “depth” to the 5 oz. coins.

  24. says

    Fosnock, on the Great Basin, I agree the design is rather barren-looking, but I felt like the coin did a fair job conveying this “feeling.” I have never actually been to the Great Basin, unfortunately, so I can’t comment on the validity of it.

  25. simon says

    I presume they could have included a visual of Wheeler peak or Lehman caves in the Great Basin coin but the 5000+ year old Bristlecone Pine speaks volumes about survival in harsh conditions. The general area is lush with high levels of vegetation and flowing water in some areas. Somewhat apropos to this day and time.

  26. Sam says

    How firm are those release dates? I will try to attend at least two of the release ceremonies this year.

  27. Mint News Blog says

    “How firm are those release dates? I will try to attend at least two of the release ceremonies this year.”

    These are the circulation release dates per the Federal Reserve Banks. These may be subject to change, also the launch ceremony dates probably will not match up exactly.

  28. Fosnock says

    @ simon – Thank you I just wanted to know if it was the appropriate feel for the park, apparently so, thank you again.

  29. Louis says

    Thanks, VABEACHBUM. Look forward to the crayolas!

    It’s interesting how much consensus there is here.

    Also, on albums for the 5 ouncers, there actually is one that was launched recently. The manufacturer contacted me yesterday, and I will be doing a write up on it for CoinWeek. They are very expensive, but are hand-made from very high quality materials. And there is one for the bullion, and one for numismatic, plus others like the Lunar coins. Stay tuned!

  30. says

    An album for the 5 oz coins? Who is going to lift it? How many coins will be in one album, or will it be one album for each year??? Wondering minds want to know! My little grandson likes to put the rolls of coins in a little toy wagon and pretend he is delivering them to me! Once delivered to me we talk about the history of each. He really likes the 5 ounce coins because he is able to study the detail. I know then who is going to take over which parts of my collection! Happiness is knowing the collection goes on in the family! Favorite designs for 2013 will be The Great Basin and Fort McHenry.

  31. Louis says

    One album per year- five coins in each and as I mentioned a separate one for each type, bullion or collector. They are made of high-quality wood with leather covers and also have spaces for the quarters. Here is the link:

    Please post any reactions you have. They are definitely expensive.

  32. says

    Louis, I think my reaction can be summed up as “very nice, but very expensive.”

    I generally prefer to keep my AtBs in the OGP, and I generally don’t collect bullion AtBs since I missed out on the 2010s. I imagine this album would be worthwhile for bullion AtB collectors though. The presentation is pretty nice.

  33. louis says

    Thanks CO
    You can still keep your collector versions in the original capsules in the album for that version
    The boxes that other companies make only fit the bullion versions and are hard to store because they are huge

  34. says

    I’ve got a couple of nice wood displays for the 5 oz ATB’s…like in this auction…230883676052 and this one.. item 110978121868. I paid $50 for each one.
    Louis, you are correct about the capsule size…the “numismatic” capsules from the Mint are too large for the holes in these boxes…they fit the bullion direct fit capsule #”Z5″…APMEX, Provident, MCM, etc. ship your bullion 5 oz ATB’s in these.
    I like the Mint’s OGP for the ATB’s, but they are difficult to display…so I took them my 2011-P set out of the Mint capsules and placed them in the “Z5” capsules so I could put them in one of my wood display boxes.

  35. Louis says

    The nice thing with the new albums that fit the numismatic versions is they are more compact to store and you can still display them together and not change capsules. I will be getting one soon and will do a product review.

  36. Louis says

    Major news from the Mint was just released, but I won’t spoil it as Michael will surely be posting something soon, and I will do the same. You won’t be able to complain anymore about something that many people kvetch about regularly.

  37. says

    So far, I have at least one example of all the 2010, 2011, & 2012 5 oz ATB’s.
    I will not be getting a complete set of these 2013’s…I agree with most of the comments posted…I will only be getting the White Mountain and Great Basin in 2013…probably bullion & numismatic

  38. hi ho silver says

    Hey Steve !!! How do you like the GWS coin from NZ ?? I love mine !! Now you can stock up on those girl scout cookies……I mean coins for 2013……..

  39. says

    hhs…I love the GWS too. Unique coin with the bite marks completely through the coin..nice packaging also. I’m surprised you can still buy them for under $120 with a 5000 mintage.

    ps…thanks for your service in the Navy!!

  40. vaughnster says

    Actually my comment about the ATB 5 oz. albums was tongue-in-cheek. I
    checked out the link and am definitely interested in both bullion and numismatic versions. I wish they were in the $50-$75 dollar range. Will wait for Louis’ review before I decide.

  41. Louis says

    It’s helpful to know they are of interest. I suggested they try to bring prices down. Maybe if these things take off, that will happen when more are being produced (economies of scale and all that). The other albums are mostly cheaper as you may have seen.

  42. says

    Louis, the albums for the 5 oz. coins are beautiful but they are expensive as everyone else has said. I also liked that the quarters for the year can be displayed with them. Mine are being kept in OGP at the time and it would be nice to see all of the product for one year! Might be a nice way to store them also. I look forward to your article! Thanks!

  43. Zaz says

    A couple comments about the 5oz. albums. Looks gorgeous and definitely display worthy, but I bet you can count on one hand how many collectors are going to buy 11 of these boxes, not to mention 22 if both versions are collected and if these are marketed properly. I suspect the majority of people that buy go for specific sites/designs only a small minority are going for complete year sets, and even fewer going the distance. Two minor quibbles: I believe that wood in any form processed or natural continues to decay and give off gases, so wood near .999 reactive ag might not be the best thing for the metal even in a Air- Tite. The current Z5 Air-Tite doesn’t really fit the 5oz properly, there is a gap, and depending on which side you face the coin, the halves of the holder can loosen due to the weight of the coin and create a less than perfect seal. I had emailed Air-Tite Holders, Inc earlier in the year inquiring about a new style holder, they said they were in the process of making of better sized Z5, but all the bullion I bought this year were in the existing thick Z5’s. Thank you for sharing the link, looking forward to reading your CW article on these albums.

  44. Louis says

    Thanks, folks. @Zaz- I was wondering about the same thing. Whether the wood would be an issue for long-term storage. From talking to other people I think if you store the album itself in a relatively inert environment like a safe or metal cabinet, it would be okay, but I am not sure. Did you see the suction cups they use? Would that help? Anyway, on the bright side the Mint really has the technology down on these coins now.

  45. vaughnster says

    Louis– It looks like the book it a glorified display box. Doesn’t look like you’ll be able to view both sides like traditional albums. Wish they had some more photos as well as dimensions, especially given the price of the album. Maybe you can put the album on your Mint News Blog expense account 🙂

  46. old folkie says

    I too am interested in the albums, I may do a complete set in them if they come down a bit. What I really like though is the ability to group specific subsets into a presentation package. I was already planning on giving both my kids sets that contained all the parks we’ve gone to, or would be meaningful to them and at present that will be about 10 total. Maybe they could be convinced to do a volume type discount to encourage sales. Buy one at this price, 3 at another, and 5 at something else.

    I’ve always thought this series would be great to collect as subsets, a true National Park set, Historical/Military Parks etc. It’s nice to finally see some options.

  47. charles says

    Those albums are nice…on the ATB 5 oz options, one is for bullion, the other proof…the cover says Proof Set..Ithink that should be changed.

    Also, anyone know what the large whole in the DoL album is for? Thanks

  48. Louis says

    The big whole on the DoL album is for the five-ounce special DoL coin that was issued. The one with the two colored dragons (purple and yellow).

  49. charles says

    Thanks Louis…I forgot about that coin.
    I’ve been using one of the several 25th Annv. Set OGP holders I have for my DoL coins..they look nice in it

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