2013 First Spouse Gold Coin Design Candidates

Continuing with the theme of the last post, I would like to share images for the leading design candidates for the 2013 First Spouse Gold Coins. There will be a total of five different coins honoring the spouses of the 29th to 32nd Presidents, since Woodrow Wilson had a first and second wife while in office.

Once again, it seems that the First Spouse Coins will be released late this year. For the 2012-dated issues, the US Mint had provided design candidates to the CFA and CCAC in November 2011. The final designs selections were announced in April 2012, however due to production problems it would take until nearly the end of the year for the first of the coins to be released. All four issues were released in rapid succession between the dates of October 11, 2012 and December 20, 2012.

For the 2013-dated issues, the US Mint provided design candidates for review in March 2013. After both the CFA and CCAC rejected all candidates for the reverse of the Edith Wilson coin, a second round of candidates was provided for review in April. Since this time, there has not been any announcement of the final design selections and the five coins remain listed on the US Mint’s product schedule under “On Sale Date To Be Determined”.

The design recommendations provided by the CFA and CCAC are shown below. Previous Coin Update News coverage of the reviews can be found here and here. The article on the second round of Edith Wilson designs can be found here. Visit these articles to view all design candidates provided by the US Mint.

Ida McKinley

The CFA and CCAC both provided the same recommendations for the obverse and reverse designs of the Ida McKinley First Spouse Gold Coin. The reverse design was a strong favorite of the CCAC over an alternate which showed her working at a bank. The CFA did request that her right hand should be extended though the border motif similar to the depiction of her left hand.

Edith Roosevelt First Spouse Gold Coin

Both groups recommended the same obverse design for the Edith Roosevelt First Spouse Gold Coin, which was based on a portrait favored by President Roosevelt. Among the reverse design candidates was one image of the First Lady introducing her husband to Augustus Saint-Gaudens. Despite some positive comments from members of the CCAC, the official recommendation was made for an alternate design  representing the renovation of the White House in 1902.

The CFA did not support any of the reverse design candidates, but suggested modifications to the same design favored by the CCAC. The CFA suggested a more accurate depiction of the column capital, possibly shifting it to the left, removing the rose element, and moving “1902” to the space previously occupied by the rose.

Helen Taft First Spouse Gold Coin

The two groups offered different recommendations for the obverse design of the Helen Taft First Spouse Coin. The CFA favored the candidate shown above left, while the CCAC favored the candidate shown above right.


The same reverse design candidate featuring an abstracted cherry blossom motif was a strong favorite of both groups.

Ellen Wilson First Spouse Gold Coin

Both the CFA and CCAC offered the same recommendations for the obverse and reverse designs of the Ellen Wilson First Spouse Gold Coin. For the reverse, the CFA suggested refining the design by clarifying the relationship between the White House and the roses by reducing the scale of the roses or moving the White House away from the border.

Edith Wilson Obverse

Both groups offered the same recommendation for the obverse of the Edith Wilson First Spouse Coin. As mentioned, there were no recommendations offered for any of the original reverse design candidates. The CCAC made a motion to request more reverse design candidates with a potential theme of the First Lady’s service during the President’s infirmary. The US Mint complied with the request, providing an additional four candidates for review.

new reverse

The CCAC recommended one of the candidates from the second round of designs, shown above left. They felt that this design effectively conveyed the theme of the First Lady helping the President in the execution of his duties following his stroke. The CFA found the new designs unsatisfactory and instead recommended one of the original candidates, shown above right, with modifications. They suggested placing the First Lady’s hand on the President’s shoulder and enlarging the size of the paper being signed so it appears as an official document rather than a checkbook.

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  1. joe says

    All the reverse images exemplify just why the FS coin program was a failure from the start. I’m not faulting the designs as much as the idea of honoring another boring PC topic.

  2. says

    Edith Wilson’s design is rather nice. I feel like there’s been some improvement in the reverse designs since the series started, though I don’t think we’re getting the level of quality that we say in, say, the AtB program.

    On another note, I noticed in the previous thread that people are getting backorder emails from the mint showing the West Point sets not shipping until July 2nd or July 7th. I received one

    Did anyone’s West Point sets ship today or did anyone get emails showing ship dates earlier than July 2?

  3. Boz says

    Wonder why this program is always so chronicly running behind schedule? More than a year late. With the 5oz coins there were production issues, but surely nothing unique or different with these small traditional coins.

  4. IPS_STUFF says

    Well if the push the ship dates back, just gives more time for cancellation of orders. Did anyone every indicate the U.S. Mint a smart government organization?

  5. says


    I’m thinking either they’re having production problems or else they might be having issues securing silver blanks. I’ve continued seeing stories about massive physical demand for precious metals.

    As for the first spouse production issues, I am really kind of clueless as to the delay with these things. Supposedly there was a production problem last year that took them a long time to resolve. So why the wait this year? I just don’t get it.

  6. Dan in Fla says

    They say that the FS coin designs have yet to be finalized so they will be late again. The Mint is probably in no rush as they still have 2012’s for sale.
    I double checked my proposed ship date and its the 2nd of July not the 7th as I stated earlier.

  7. matt says

    2013 AM EAGLE SILVER 2-COIN SET just got pushed back for the 17th of this month to July 2nd… really??? Got to love our mint…

  8. matt says

    2013 AM EAGLE SILVER 2-COIN SET just got pushed back from the 17th of this month to July 2nd… really??? Got to love our mint…

  9. Leo S. says


    As I have stated in earlier posts, I have tried repeatedly to get information regarding the scheduling of the FS coins from the Mint. I have called and written letters and get no response. In the early years the Mint was able to schedule these coins on a regular basis. As the sales of theses coins began to drop, the Mint’s scheduling seemed to get more problematic. How can they say they have production problems when they have been issuing these coins since 2007? I seems to me that because of the low sales the Mint has put these coins as their lowest priority and doesn’t care how many they sell. To those of us few collectors that have been faithful to this series it is a great disservice. I know that there are very few collectors that are interested in these coins but if all of the remaining collectors would call the Mint, maybe we could get some changes. Probably not since when has the Federal Govenment cared what 2000 +/- citizens cares about.

  10. Brad says

    My WP order from 5/9 at 2:46 pm still has 7/11 as the “expected” ship date. That was moved up early on from 7/25. No change after that.

    Let’s hope that “production problems” excuse the Mint used last year for the FS coins delay was just a bogus answer to get inquiring minds off their back. If that really did happen and something similar is encountered this year (with several straight-on portraits to strike again), it’ll be a miracle if they all even get released before the end of the year!

  11. dan@att.net says

    Sorry to say, but the delay of the FS coins can be attributed strictly to government operation, AFU. There is no other excuse for it. They should be finalizing next years designs now, not this years. Are the committees that over worked where they cannot get a year ahead in the design phase??? Its not like they dont know the tentative schedule!! They already have the semi finial designs in for next years baseball commemorative so evidently they can plan a few things.

  12. Fosnock says

    Why all the complaints about ship dates both of my WP orders which were weeks apart are scheduled for 09/30/2013

  13. says


    The ship date for the first batch of sets was supposed to be 6/17 (in other words, today). The Mint sent out a mass email during the a.m. hours today indicating that the date was being rolled back to 7/2. I’ve been trying to find out from other commenters if anyone’s set has shipped or if there are any earlier expected ship dates than 7/2.

    So far, the earliest ship date appears to be 7/2. The poster “Steve” mentioned having gotten the email for his order 10 minutes in to the opening of sales last month. Mine was 15 minutes in.

  14. im just a bill says

    good morning

    i have just received a notification that the great basin 5 oz atb ‘bullion’ is ready for preorder, with a ship date of 7/5/13.

    ive been waiting for this one to include the perry’s ‘are you happy to see me’ victory as well.


  15. vaughnster says

    I placed several orders for the WP Anniversary set within 90 minutes of the opening bell and all my orders still have the 6/17 ship date and I haven’t received any e-mails from the Mint. I was getting suspicious last week as the orders weren’t making the usual progression leading up to actual shipping 🙁

  16. Rod says

    I agree that the FS program is a failure. The Edith Roosevelt reverse is the only 2013 of any interest at all.

    @Leo S.: The US Mint does not care about the FS series, they were not happy Congress jammed this down their throats and they will not care about the FS series in the future no matter what you do. If it was up to the US Mint, the FS series would be killed today. My question is: why do you still buy FS coins?

  17. Brad says


    The clock on the silly “First Strike” or “Early Releases” designations doesn’t start ticking until the first batch of sets is shipped out. So, if it takes the Mint until August or later to actually start shipping these sets, the early ship dates and those submitted within the time frame will still qualify.

  18. Leo S. says


    I’ll have to agree with you that I probably have gone insane and should commit myself. Since I am a collector and not a flipper, I got addicted to the series and have an uncontollable need to complete it. I realize it will be a series that will never be popular but I can’t stop. At least I will have a lot of 1/2 oz gold coins to spend for food once the dollar goes to zero. Hope the coins that you collect will do better than mine. Good luck on yours.


  19. Fosnock says

    Thank you CO…the only thing I can add is that I purchased my first WP on May 14…and it is scheduled to ship along with my second coin order which was placed on 6/6/13 (the last day to order). I don’t think that can be right but who knows

  20. thePhelps says

    I am not a real fan of the FS coins – I still don’t understand the reasoning behind making these in gold. The Edith Wilson coin seems to be moving towards her presidency…

    I checked on my 1st day WP set order – I was 1 of the people who couldn’t get into the mint site for several hours the first day – but once they cleared the issue – I got an early 7/25 ship date that rolled forward to 7/11 a bit later. Mine is still showing 7/11.

  21. joe says

    Leo – Based on your self description, you are either an engineer or an accountant. If not, then you should have been…this coming from the voice of experience… 😉

  22. Blair J. Tobler says

    Joe, Leo:

    I have the same kind of compulsions – quality control inspector here.

  23. Frankie says

    The Mint now lists the Reverse Proof Buffalo:

    08/08/2013 2013 American Buffalo One Ounce Gold Reverse Proof Coin TBD

  24. says

    I want to add that in spite of the email I received, the tracking page on the mint’s website says 6/17 too. I’m not sure that’s an accurate number anymore given the email I got today.

  25. simon says

    The most accurate way to tell the ship date is to regularly check your CC account page online. Once the charge shows up it takes 2-3 days to clear and get paid, and an additional 1-2 days to get the UPS paper work filed, following which the units are boxed for pick up at pbgs.

  26. creepster says

    WP set confirmed at 12:03 and still shows a 6/17/13 date for delivery. But, received an e-mail this morning revising it to 7/2/13

  27. jayarejr says

    I wonder if Provident will have my 5 oz Perry to me by Christmas. I ordered on June 7, and my credit card has been charged, and yet I’m hearing folks that ordered on June 1 still haven’t received their orders. I don’t much like giving Provident my money interest free. The coin had better be spotless (wonder if APMEX would have been better).

  28. jayarejr says

    Frankie–thanks for the note on the reverse proof Buffalo release date…figured it had to be pretty soon given the fact they were already being minted.

  29. Dan in Fla says

    jay- I ordered my two Perrys on the first 6/1/13 and it was backordered to 6/7/13 at the time but now its 6/17/13 and they also have my money. With no way to cancel my order I guess I’m stuck waiting on Provident to ship.

  30. joe says

    Jay, Dan –

    I’m in the same boat on the PV…

    I called last week and was told by a supervisor that they were waiting on capsules to house the coins and that they should ship early this week. I almost offered to send them a capsule on my own dime…

  31. says

    I received my 5 oz Perry NGC MS 69, from Modern Coin Mart, today. To the left of the tower is a very visible mark. I do not see how this coin could be graded MS 69. I have been happy with all previous perchases from them.

  32. beaver says

    These FS should have been silver coins. They would have been more easy and popular to collect. As is,they are expensive to collect. Too bad because there are intriguing stories behind each coin. The Ellen Wilson coin is my favorite above. But sometimes the drawings do not translate well into the esthete of these coins. Lets see,if the FS concludes today,the last of the first ladies in line would be Pat Nixon. Would it not?

  33. wdg5 says

    Very uninspiring designs, I am sure there are going to be those that will subscribe to these but, Gosh! Talk about the most ordinary products!

  34. high low silver says

    jejtpr: I wonder how I got a PR 70 Vicksburg quarter with a razor slash on the OBV of my purchase from ebay…….I’m guessing human error, or temp employees @ TGP.

  35. Larry says

    Last night the guy on HSN said he will have the West Point Set on the July 1 show. So if he has them, you know where the first ones went.

  36. high low silver says

    OT… Anyone going to the Whittman Baltimore Summer Coin show this weekend??

  37. Charles says

    I too am one of the ~2000 loyal FS collectors who must complete the disappointing series. I suffered the mint’s production problems with 2012 FS coins when I sent several Alice Paul proofs back because of visible flaws. Unlike other years, few of the FS I submitted for grading came back graded 70 and I noticed that even the secondary market had relatively few 70s, particularly F Cleveland 1st term proofs.

    If jamming 8 FS coins into such a short production schedule caused so many quality control problems in 2012, it looks like we’re in for an even lousier batch in 2013: Now the mint must force 10 different FS coins through an even smaller window of time.

  38. CF says

    I placed several orders within an hour on the day they went on sale with confirmation that they will ship today (6/17). This morning I get an email that some of my orders not all of them will ship 7/2 but I checked all my orders and they all have the ship date of 6/17. Does not make any sense.

  39. Ray says

    does the mint not ship anything during quarterly inventory? jw.

    good to see the gold buff RP now has a sale date. i’m in for 1, maybe 2 if i’m lucky. summer is always tough on the wallet.

  40. jayarejr says

    Ray–it’s going to get tougher yet on my wallet when the reverse proof Buff comes out in August…will pay through the nose as always with the Mint but I’m a sucker for the RPs.

  41. fmtransmitter says

    FS thoughts. If they did living Presidents I just would love to see Hilary in the foreground, walking fast with top half of Bill spouting out to her left shoulder waving his hand in the air like “hold on, I am coming” and maybe the Capital in the background. RP in SILVER!
    I actually have been collecting the bronze FS and bought an EXPENSIVE Whitman folder for them. Love the history, respect the wives and will make a great conversion piece when I break out the album. Gold is out of my range. Hope everyone get’s their orders. Good luck all.
    2013 WP ASE’s all went to the major dealers FIRST, no doubt.

  42. fmtransmitter says

    El Cazador came in mail today. Obviously cool coin. The slab has a like a bow on the reverse. Emailed the seller about it. Not sure why that happened but at 1783, the oldest coin in my collection and most historic.Not bad condition for sitting on bottom of Gulf for 230 years in salt water. Hope these increase in value as the rest sell out over the years.

  43. Ray says

    interesting article. i dont think i’ll ever understand how the price of silver has decreased while there has been all time high demand and sales. does anyone have a logical explanation for this? jw because i have no clue here

  44. gumbyen says

    Odd, I ordered a couple hours after the opening. Two sets. So far I am not backordered beyond today. Perhaps because I have the cheaper shipping? Who knows….it will likely change tomorrow.

  45. says


    In spite of record demand for PMs, there is a gigantic bubble in precious metals shorts right now: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-7taYnMlodM4/UaA5JChH-vI/AAAAAAAApyA/RFSMQaMS4pQ/s640/ComexGoldShorts.jpg

    This is undoubtedly what’s driving the paper price lower. Investors are making bets that demand will fall and not paying attention to physical demand. Given the bubble in shorts I don’t think this level is sustainable, but we’ll see. When you have the resources that big banks and hedge funds do you can afford to lose a lot of money.

  46. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    I think these are good designs. They look like they belong in an antique shop, so they are quite charming. They would match well with Victorian decor, large pink vases with tall flowers, wooden floors and wooden furniture with flowered cushions, long ruffled curtains…

    however, Edith Wilson was during WWI, so they might have included a victory sign on the rev.

  47. Hidalgo says

    Not sure if anyone noticed or said something about it, but the US Mint has posted that the 2013 American Buffalo One Ounce Gold Reverse Proof Coin will be available on August 8, 2013. Price to be determined.

    Coin News has pictures of this special gold coin. The pictures in the photo below look more appealing to me than other pictures I have previously seen.


  48. bigdawg says

    ordered my west pointset within the first hour first day ,my order ship date is backorder to ship 7/25/13

  49. Rich says

    Soooooo…, after all the fun and games in trying to figuring out whether the WP ASE set shipped or not to the little guy (which seemed to be systemic frustration else where)..,

    does anyone who ordered within the first hour of the 9th have pending credit card charges or has had their cc pinged?

    Dusty – I recant my position a few threads back, you were right. Should’ve bought a pre-sale set earlier as I’d have something to look this month or next and then I could brag to you all how good they look! Haha – I might get my set before Halloween.

  50. Rich says

    @ Leo S – don’t worry about it. We’re all addicted in some fashion…, you just have to cajones to admit it!

  51. IPS_STUFF says

    I placed 3 orders on 5/9 (Different addresses and credit cards)
    Two have had and still have 6/17/13 as expected ship date as of checking at 7:00 am p.s.t on 6/18

    one that had 7/11/13 as shipping date now has 6/24/13

    I have not received any emails.

  52. Rich says

    Thanks CO & All – appreciate it!

    I guess I should have paid extra for the ‘Special Enhanced’ delivery service for my special enhanced coin set – I’ll know next time!

    Looks like August is shaping up to be an EXPENSIVE month, in addition to the RP Buff.., the Fort has really grown on me. Just check the pricing grid and no special category for the RP Buff.., hope it stays that way!

  53. thePhelps says

    Well – I can confirm my expected ship date has moved forward again. I ordered once they cleared the server issues and had the 7/25 date to start with – it was moved up to 7/11 afer a day or 2 and now is up to 6/24 as of this morning.

  54. Mark in Florida says

    Ray, Co is right but to explain in more detail, the price of precious metals is not determined by the buying and selling of the metals, it is determined by banks and hedge funds making bets on the price of the metals.

    In the futures markets no metals change hands, people just make paper bets about the price and either win or lose if they are right or wrong. That’s why there is sometimes a shortage or real metal because people who actually own the metals don’t want to sell for the artificially low prices.

    It’s a big fraud, but the government lets it happen because a lot of powerful people are making money and it keeps the prices low and the dollar high.

  55. JBK says

    I am not up on the rules for the FS coins, but I assume if they stopped it today, Betty Ford, not Pat Nixon, would be the last one….

  56. says

    As to the West Point Mint ASE sets does anyone watch HSN? If so then you heard over the weekend that these sets will be the Special Value of the Day on July 2, 2013. Along with the sets will be offerings (Or coupons?) to have them certified FREE as First Day Issues and Proof 70’s or whatever the Grading Company decides your coins are worth. Nice deal I guess for those that have not placed orders. Have to watch the show to see. This MUST have been a BIG order to fill and so the Mint will be busy getting those orders out first, I would imagine! I ordered my coins the first day and as fast as I could only to have a ship date of July 25th! Inquiring minds wonder what the heck? Now we know!

  57. JBK says

    As I read the all the complaints about delays in availability, shipping etc., I think back to the days when the mint made: 1) circulating coins, 2) Mint Sets of those circulating coins, and 3) Proof Sets. That was it. No commemoratives, no bullion, no Presidential dollars, no FS gold coins, no state quarters, no ATB quarters, etc.

    Unless they had to design and sculpt a Congressional medal or something like that, there was nothing new to create or design. Now, we have maybe two dozen new coin designs a year. I am amazed that the Mint can keep up, especially when Congress keeps throwing them bone-headed ideas like five ounce silver quarters, and ½ ounce gold First Spouse coins to partner with the base metal Presidential dollars. (Why does the First Lady get the gold coin and the President get a copper alloy coin???). And with all due respect to the people who are fanatics for the silver pucks, those have to be the most ridiculous coin idea I could ever imagine (five ounces of silver with a face value of 25 cents!!!) . If some Congressman who represented a state that mines a lot of silver wanted to help his constituents, why not propose a series of larger Silver Eagle coins, instead of a huge bullion coin with constantly changing designs that the Mint did not even have the ability to produce until they were forced to buy a special press.

    The situation with these Congressional mandates has now gotten so bad that we have circulation quality coins that are not actually made for circulation but must by law still be struck, two competing dollar coin series (Presidential and NA), a SECOND state quarter-like series, and a gold coin program with four new designs a year in both unc. and proof that pretty much no one wants, and, don’t forget, we have a bronze medal for each First lady as well.

    And they do all of this while striking SEVEN BILLION coins for circulation each year.

  58. Dan in Fla says

    Yes the guy on HSN had a west point set for sale earlier this year. Both coins were bullion coins in fancy ANACS labels. I think HSN rips off most or all of its buyers and watchers. But they are no different than the other shows on TV.

  59. simon says

    The comments range from appreciative to agnostic to antagonistic. The USMint has my enduring support for great themes, great products, and great prices. I just received my uncirc mint set. All great coins in excellent condition !

  60. joe says

    Leo – I was once told that engineers are high functioning autistic individuals. As an engineer myself, my wife agrees with this statement. Hence the uncontrollable desire to complete the FS series.

    My maternal great-grandparents emigrated from an unnamed European country in the late 1800s and when I looked up the meaning of their surname, it meant “dweller near the trash heap.” That gene is a very strong gene that pulls descendents (myself included) to all sorts of “collectible stuff,” and the uncontrollable urge to complete sets is part of it. In short, we may be related. 🙂

  61. Leo S. says


    Almost forgot. I also ran a side business as a Tax Preparer. I guess that is related to the accountant prediction. Also, like you, my great grandparents emigrated for a part of Germany that was controlled by the French in the late 1800’s. They did not want to serve in the French milatary so I guess I come from a long line of Draft Doggers. Also, like you, my wife thinks I’m crazy for buying these FS coins and may be working on the commitment papers as I type.

    Your right again, We may be related.


  62. joe says

    Leo – Now I’m going through my genealogy records (left to my by my mother…the parent who passed on the “dweller near the trash heap” gene) to see if there is a “Leo” in the list. I have the exact same story as you (Germany) except it was the Czar in Russia (pre-revolution) they were fleeing; not the French. They’d served in the Czar’s army a couple times, got tired of it, hopped a boat for the USA, and farmed. Having the “trash heap” gene, the key is organization (via excel, etc.), which is where the engineer gene comes in handy. Organized “trash” is much better than disorganized “trash.” 🙂

    Anyway, you may not be as crazy as you think regarding the FS coins; nobody can say. There won’t be many completed series out there, and those that do have them could be BIG winners. And to your earlier point, holding gold is much better than holding fiat currency that is in QE infinity mode.

  63. says

    To Dan in Florida, there are always alot of complaints about everything! There was no limit on how many sets anyone could buy and so this fellow ( Mikes) Company bought alot of them. I am talking about the NEW 2013 two coin West Mint set. This is why I think there should be limits like 5 sets per family for the first week or two and then open it up to whoever else. It makes it more fair in my humble opinion! It will be interesting to see how these will be sold! Some (the special value ones in OGP with certificates to have them graded) and some already graded and selling for alot more money! I would prefer to have MY sets “in Hand” BEFORE such a sale went forth! This takes the joy out of getting something NEW and SPECIAL! It also takes the excitement out of being on your computer for HOURS trying to place your order! The timing for this set will change forever (maybe?) the FIRST DAY of ISSUE stamp! There is that 30 days window of when the COINS ship and when the 30 days is up!

  64. Leo S. says


    Don’t waste your time on Leo. Fake pen name. Also, don’t get your hopes up for the FS. My investment track record is a total disaster. I collected stamps instead of coins when I was young. Losser! Then purchased stocks while I was working. Two our of thousands were profitable. Losser! Bought land in the Desert. Losser! The only thing I made money on was the house and with inflation it probably is a Losser! I am pinning my last hope for a winner on the FS but it seems Nobody likes them. Possible Losser!

    All I can say is God help you.

  65. says

    I have to say that I collect the First Spouse Coins and I LOVE them! I want to complete the set if I can and should be able to since this has been on going for a number of years now. Yes the FS is a GOLD coin and the presidential ones are base metal coins. I like to think there is a “special” woman behind every GREAT man! Gold is a treasure often hidden, base metal is out there (fair game) for everyone! I think it is an appropriate choice! Just my opinion!

    TO LEO and JOE: From the part of Europe you are talking about, my ancestors came from that country as well. So that is why we collect? I would like to think we collect because we like “the beauty of things” like MI Hummels, children, birds, hearts, flowers and LOTS of color!

  66. Hawkster says

    2 for r money:

    Yeah, I too saw the HSN coin guy announce that the WP set would be unveiled on his July 2 show. You have to think that the Mint sends out the mega orders first and that the HSN coin guy knows exactly when he’ll be receiving them. Maybe he even sends an armored truck to the Indiana fulfillment center to pick them up directly. So, not only will he have these for July 2, but he’ll get them in time to have some graded. He can then proudly display the bogus “first strike” labels affixed to them.

    I guess you are right: it seems the big boys are taken care of first.

  67. Leo S. says

    Joe and 2 for r Money:

    What you have to remember is that we come from a long line of HUNS. We loot and pillage, start World Wars, work like demons and crave to hoard GOLD. We do make good engineers but often use that knowledge for socially unacceptable reasons. ie V-2. We have no illusions about ourselves but every once in a while we try to do the right thing.

    We are a slave to our DNA.

    However, I too think that the FS is a beautiful series and will try to complete it unless bankruptcy sets in.

  68. JustaKollector says

    More than likely HSN will probably only have 1 set on had for viewing purposes and it will be from ANACS with a label like 1 of 2,000 – that way the seniors who they exploit think it is even worth more then what it is since there are only 2,000!!!

    On a side note – the only way that they will be able to replace the circulating dollar is if they also produce a $2 and or $5 coin as well. If they try to replace the dollar bill with just a single dollar coin, we will be having this discussion more many years to come.

  69. Brad says

    I’m still working on my FS proof and unc sets for the same reason: An uncontrollable urge to finish what I’ve started. However, it is getting pretty discouraging how hard the Mint is making the project now. What keeps me going is knowing how cool it will look to see the complete series all together at the end (not to mention all of that pretty gold lined up before my eyes). When it comes to my urge to collect things, I think some of my own relatives generations ago must have also been “dwellers near the trash heap!” 🙂

    My 5/9 WP order has also moved up to a 6/24 “expected” ship date, from 7/11. Still no credit card activity, though. I have my doubts it will actually ship by then.

  70. phillip says

    Another round of FS coins coming! Fantastic! They all look delightful. How difficult it must be to chose between these designs.

  71. William says

    The first spouse gold coin “sub sets” will likely be the real winners…although Alice Paul will add luster to any collection. Time will tell.

    Gold bugs rejoice.

  72. Dan in Fla says

    Score- I just got back from dinner and the waitress brought me three brand new BU Perrys Victory quarters. Once I saw them I asked her where she got them and she produced a bank roll. Perry victory on one end and Washington P mint head on the other end.

  73. Rich says


    Is the Mint not releasing sales adjustments on the WP ASE set on a weekly basis?

    It’s my birthday (seriously), I just gotta know!

    Thank you Sir

  74. high low silver says

    Where is that Louis guy that posted on this site ?? I always liked him……seemed like a true collector

  75. Rich says

    Thanks High Low!

    But shucks.., I got a hot date tonight – she’s gonna think I’m the sensitive type when I’m sitting there nodding… and crying in my beer. Guess its time to call ‘coin anonymous’ Oh I would love to know where the orders sit, I could free up my impulse buy towards the Buff

  76. Louis says

    Hi Hi Low: I’m still around, just busy. Thanks for asking about me.

    I just checked on my West Pt. sets and one is still set for 6/17 (doesn’t look good for that date!) and the other got moved from 7/2 to 6/24. At this point I don’t really put any stock in any of these dates. The way I see it if they delay for a couple more weeks, it will help my budget, but if they delay much more than that, it gets pretty annoying.

    Did y’all see the Mint has moved to publish weekly sales data and related info on its web site? Check the about tab under production and sales figures.

  77. KEITHSTER says

    Thanks Louis I’ve been looking all day and now the Mint’s going to have it. Thank’s mint hope it help’s us all.Now if we can get them to lend us the money to buy them at a low intrest rate can you say Win Win.Come on MINT how about rent to own??? Good luck with all this stuff All :>

  78. says

    Samual, last year with the SF set, the Mint did not change any sales number but one time…after all sets had been shipped. It may be October until we get an adjusted number.

  79. Louis says

    I agree with what Steve said, and it could be even later. Take that all you speculators! Not that there is anything wrong with speculating,

  80. Louis says

    @fmtransmitter- Where did you find your album for the bronze spouse medals? I have kept mine in the cellophane wrappers. It would be nice to display them, but I have not seen any albums.

  81. ClevelandRocks says

    On topic: FS all are pretty hideous looking. Last nice looking obverses were the Tyler spouses.

  82. Ray says

    I was never much of a fan of the FS coins. I do like the retro ones from presidents without wives. I haven’t bought any but may because of the low mintages, especially if there is a chance of a new key date FS. For the 2013s, I like the cherry blossoms and roses on the reverse of the Taft and Ellen Wilson coins. That wont drive me to buy either though. If I see the possibility of a new key date for 2013, thats why I’d buy one. Most likely I wont buy any. I still need to buy the Uncirc AGE, and we have the RP Buff coming up in less than 2 months. Cant wait for the RP Buff even though I agree with most that it doesnt look as good as the regular proof. I really wish they would bring back the fractionals for the gold buff, especially for the 100th anniversary, but also as an annual offering.

  83. phillip says

    FS coins are great looking individually and even better as a set. If I had to chose just one it would be that Lucy Hayes coin. Never seen anything like it before. What’s the deal with the hair net, was that a style back then?

    Add in the historical element (check out secret lives of the first ladies), the rising status of women in society (ignoring places where they disappear for 10 years 3 blocks from home) and the falling price of gold and I think we have a winner!


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