2013 First Spouse Gold Coins

The United States Mint has recently announced the design selections for the 2013 First Spouse Gold Coins. These coins will feature Ida McKinley, Edith Roosevelt, Helen Taft, Ellen Wilson, and Edith Wilson. There will be a total of five different issues for this year since President Wilson had a first and second wife while serving in office.

Once again, the series will be off to a late start. While the US Mint has not yet provided specific release dates, they have indicated that the first coin of the year featuring Ida McKinley will be released in early fall.

Last year, the 2012-dated releases had been delayed due to production problems. The four different issues were eventually released in rapid succession between October 11, 2012 and December 20, 2012.

For this year, the design candidates for the 2013-dated coins were provided for review to the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee (CCAC) and Commission of Fine Arts (CFA) in March 2013. After both panels rejected all candidates for the reverse of the Edith Wilson coin, an expanded slate of candidates had been provided in April. Four months later, the announced designs represent the official selections made by the Secretary of the Treasury.


The 2013 Ida McKinley First Spouse Gold Coin features a profile portrait on the obverse designed by Susan Gamble and sculpted by Phebe Hemphill. The reverse designed by Donna Weaver and sculpted by Renata Gordon depicts two hands crocheting to represent the First Lady’s work crocheting thousands of slippers that were auctioned off for charity.

Within the design review stage, both the CCAC and CFA had made recommendations for the selected obverse and reverse designs. As requested by the CFA, a slight alteration was made to the reverse design to extend the right hand through the border motif.

Edith Roosevelt First Spouse Gold Coin
The Edith Roosevelt First Spouse Gold Coin features a depiction of the First Lady which was based on a favorite of President Roosevelt. This was designed by Joel Iskowitz and sculpted by Joseph Menna. The reverse, which was designed by Chris Costello and sculpted by Don Everhart, represents Mrs. Roosevelt’s work in the restoration of the White House in 1902.

The CFA and CCAC had both recommended the selected obverse. The CCAC had recommended the selected reverse. While the CFA did not officially support any of the reverse design candidates, they suggested modifications to the original version of the selected reverse. Some of these modifications were adopted including shifting the column to the left and removing an extra rose element.

Helen Taft First Spouse Gold Coin
The Helen Taft First Spouse Coin features a portrait designed by William C. Burgard and sculpted by Phebe Hemphill. The reverse, designed by Richard Masters and sculpted by Charles Vickers, depicts a branch of Japanese cherry blossoms to symbolize the First Lady’s instrumental role in bringing the cherry trees to Washington, DC.

The CFA had recommended the selected obverse design, while the CCAC had recommended a different candidate. Both groups had shown strong support for the selected reverse design.

Ellen Wilson First Spouse Gold Coin

The 2013 Ellen Wilson Gold Coin includes a portrait designed by Frank Morris and sculpted by Charles Vickers. The reverse design by Don Everhart pays tribute to the First Lady’s role in the creation of the White House Rose Garden.

Both the CFA and CCAC had recommended the selected obverse and reverse designs. There was some slight modification to the original reverse design as requested by the CFA. The roses were slightly reduced in size to remove the overlap with the White House.

Edith Wilson First Spouse Gold Coin
The Edith Wilson First Spouse Gold Coin features a portrait designed by David Westwood and sculpted by Michael Gaudioso. The reverse, which was designed by Joseph Menna, depicts the First Lady supporting her husband who had suffered a stroke. His hand rests on a cane, while hers is placed warmly on top.

Within the design review phase, both the CFA and CCAC had recommended the selected obverse design. The CCAC had recommended the selected reverse design, which came from the second round of design candidates provided. The CFA had found the new designs unsatisfactory and made a recommendation for one of the original designs with modifications.

For those interested in seeing all of the original design candidates for the 2013 First Spouse Gold Coins, please refer to the Coin Update News coverage of the CCAC review which can be found here. The article on the second round of Edith Wilson designs can be found here.

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  1. Jon in CT says

    I wonder whether any design candidates for the 2014 First Spouse coins have been presented yet to the CCAC and CFA. If not, then why not? Does the Mint not yet know who will be depicted on the 2014 coins?

  2. thePhelps says

    I am unimpressed with this whole series of coins. It is a shame the mint has made these as a gold offering, since these should have been bronze tokens along side of the presidential gold dollars, and left it at that.

  3. Jon in CT says

    thePhelps, you’re in luck because the Mint does offer bronze versions. It was Congress that ordered up pure gold First Spouse coins, not the Mint. I predict you will never see products rarer (i.e fewer than 4,000) than these gold First Spouse coins offered from the Mint in your lifetime.

  4. Mark in Florida says

    The supply of these is tiny. Whether they will be worth more than melt will depend on whether there is any demand for them. The Liberty subset has a premium. But the spouses???

  5. thePhelps says

    Jon – no luck involved. I knew about the bronze coins – which is why I suggested that they should have left it that. Rare – doesn’t make them all that much more valuable. To me the market for them is shown to be pretty limited – which means the resale market isn’t going to be that high either. It might be in 20 years people will get all misty eyed over them – but it is obvious they aren’t enthralled with them today.

  6. Brad says

    I’m confident there will always be some degree of demand for the tiny population of these coins, thus they will always be valued at more than their gold content alone. But, if gold drops a lot in the future, some of these coins will be valued at less than their original U.S. Mint issue prices.

    Speaking of prices, there will be a decrease today, if the “Wednesday Rebound” can be avoided! It’s looking good at the moment.

  7. Ray says

    so well be seeing a price drop in gold today? looks like it, but i dont completely understand the pricing table logic

    i wonder almost every day why each spouse will be on a coin but only a few presidents have made it to coins. they definitiely should have gone with the presidents instead of the spouses. weird decision there. personally, i dont like the coins with presidents on them. even worse than that would be first spouses.

  8. Ikaika says

    @ Brad

    I agree with you, however some of these FS coins are already selling below the US Mint price in the secondary market. I think very few will carry a premuim in the future. The main thing here is interest. Even if the mintage drops to 500, what good is it if nobody wants them.

  9. ABC says

    Buy what you like and don’t buy what you don’t like. It took an act of congress to issue these FS coins and it’ll take and act of congress to stop the mint from making them. If the situation was reversed (where the presidents would be in 24kt and their spouses in $1 coins), then the spouses would get all the public attention (through circulation in commerce) and the presidents gold coins would barely be noticed by members of the general public.

    “i wonder almost every day why each spouse will be on a coin but only a few presidents have made it to coins.”
    Ever heard about the Presidential $1 coin program?

  10. Ray says

    @ABC I did, but I have zero interest in non-PM coins. Totally forgot about those when i said no coins for presidents, but coins for spouses. good point.

  11. Zaz says

    Both series might have been more popular if the Presidential dollar had gone back to the cupronickel clad composition, but then the old bugaboo of being confused with the quarter would arise again. For the collectors these would’ve become affordable 1/4 oz silver proofs of both the Presidents and the first spouses. It was a good idea gone awry due to the high # of 1/2 oz gold coins in the complete set. The bronze medals are ok and almost always indifferently produced.

  12. Ikaika says

    @ Louis

    Take a look at the Bay. You will find several 2012 FS below $1K. Even in 70 grade.

  13. scott says

    the last 2 first spouses I have got from the mint(pk2 and pk3) were in a different box than the previous ones.Did they change boxes starting with Alice Paul?

  14. fmtransmitter says

    Yep, RP Buff is priced at $1640 on US Mint website-lag time to get on, may many checking price I suppose, mostly dealers IMO…

  15. William says

    Why doesn’t the Mint have a more detailed pic of the RP Buffalo on the product page?? I assume they would love to show off the (relative) uniqueness of this coin, but I guess that would just be too much work for them……

  16. Larry says

    If you use the zoom feature on the mints RP Buffalo page, you can get a real good idea of what it looks like, and it looks pretty good to me!

  17. A&L Futures says

    @ William

    “Why doesn’t the Mint have a more detailed pic of the RP Buffalo on the product page?”

    Because the U.S. Mint is still waiting for them to arrive on the “slow-boat” from China. (lol)

  18. ABC says

    Because it’s difficult to capture the coin’s true appearance in a picture. This is the case with most coins.

  19. hawkster says

    the Phelps,

    I agree with your comments: rarity doesn’t always equate to an item being more valuable, now or in the future. If the demand isn’t there now, it’s unlikely that it will be there anytime in the future. The FS coins are just one of those items that have limited appeal, along with a small collector base.

    I just don’t see future coin collectors clamoring to get these FS coins.

  20. oldfolkie says

    Hardly anyone outside of the hobby knows these exist, Jackie Kennedy will change all that, and having Hillary as the next president 🙂 won’t hurt anything either. And as you all have stated there are so few out there if just a handful more get interested those of us that have stuck it out will be smiling. And I still think it’s a gorgeous set of coins.

  21. hawkster says


    Hey, you like the FS coins, so the more power to you. You found a collecting niche. Will Jackie Kennedy bring a higher profile to the series? Only if those outside the hobby become aware of the coins, but how will that happen?
    Hillary will not have a FS coin, as Bill, as a living president, will not have a presidential coin.

    This brings up an interesting question: As living presidents pass away, will the presidential and FS coin series resume, as necessary, to include future late presidents?

  22. thePhelps says

    @hawkster – I don’t think it helps that most of the 1st spouses are even more obscure than the husbands they were married too, I think it is fair to say perhaps 6 or 8 of them are even well known in history. I wasn’t a fan of this offering, and the gold coin fare seems like overkill. Then to add the premiums the mint seems to relish and it made the set even less inviting.

    The bronze medals should have been all they did (IMO).

  23. fmtransmitter says

    No Hawkster-the legislation signed only approves for the dead presdients and wives. There would have to new new bill intodcued to make more as the living pass away. I do collect the bronze series of these as they really are beautiful coins IMO and will continue to get the four pack at the end of the year to fill my album. Not looking to these for investment reasons, pure enjoyment of the history and hobby.

  24. Louis says

    @Ikaika- I checked and the lowest are all around 1K or a little less is one or two cases, but all the 2012 coins except the Alice Paul are still available from the Mint currently for $820. It’s true that if you bought when they first came out they are down but that is because gold is down. As far as I know, none of the FS coins that have sold out from the Mint are cheaper on the secondary market.

    As far as the FS’ being obscure, I think it depends on how much you know about American history. To the average person perhaps they are, but then aren’t a lot of things obscure for them? If you read the articles in Coinage magazine and other publications that have come out as the coins were issued, they provided very interesting in-depth profiles of women who hardly seem obscure or insignificant to me. Haven’t y’all heard the expression “behind every great man stands a great woman”?

  25. dan says

    old folkie & hawkster

    I have also stayed the course with this set and am actually hoping that the mint might continue filling and adding to the set as time passes along with the future Presidents and ex Presidents ( not wishing bad upon them) . Once the initial catch up is complete, I dont see it as quite the burden to the mint as it is now. Also, the subject matter will be more relevant in most cases and not centering around the flower gardens or just social events. MAny of the more recent Ladies have had some actual successful campaigns or agenda’s themselves. Bottom line is as you mentioned, it will be a gorgeous set when displayed in a single presentation case. Anxiously awaiting the first mistress set!

  26. hawkster says


    Yes, I do realize that the initial legislation for the presidential series only made a provision for dead presidents. But, there remains the possibility that a new bill will be introduced in the future, as the now living presidents pass away.

    You have the right idea in collecting the bronze series of First Spouses because, as “the Phelps” commented, the gold coin series is a bit of overkill. While, for example, Ida McKinley was generous in crocheting thousands of slippers for charities, do we really need that depicted on a gold coin?

  27. hawkster says


    The first mistress series would make an interesting sub-set. With all of the goings on in and out of the White House over the last couple hundred years, the Mint would, no doubt, need to produce a larger series than that of the First Spouses.

  28. gary says

    All of the commemorative and non circulating legal tender coins had their genesis by members of Congress, as it should be. Where it all goes sour is when these legislators go so far as including strict mandates as to artistic theme, denomination, metallic composition and length of a coin series. Granted, the sponsoring legislator(s) by all means should make suggestions but not mandates. Only a select few legislators at any given period of time have an inkling of an idea of coins and coin manufacture. Artistic design is always a very subjective thing. The CFA and CCAC exist to do their best trying to keep our coins looking artistic. The U.S. Mint has a great many talented and experienced artists and designers who I am sure would be far more inspired in their work as artists were they given the chance, free of many of capricious and arbitrary personal tastes of the legislators. A great deal of time and creative energy is consumed in the First Spouse series but it has resulted in some very stunning designs and some very beautiful medallic portraiture. The pity is that the program was ill conceived from it’s beginning by using a high denomination and expensive metal as the canvas for a very long series of issues.

  29. Ikaika says

    @ Louis

    Thank you for the thoughts on the FS coins. I am sure all of us here always appreciate your insights. My concern about this series is the lack of interest and/or knowledge of the general public. As it stands now, not many want these coins. This may or may not change in the future. IMHO, I think it will not. BTW, I do like the FS and ATB series as I know you do too 🙂

  30. VA Bob says

    My hats off to those that persevered through the FS series. The Mint seems to be actively trying to sabotage this series. It would be a huge hurdle to pick up this years 5 coins over a 3 or 4 month period of time. I thought these were pretty neat when the program started, but I’m glad I passed on it. I would have been throughly frustrated by now. Why can’t the final designs be approved the year prior to minting?

    I will pop on the RP Buff tomorrow. I have a complete proof set of these so I’ll keep it that way. Wonder if this will have the WP ASE shipping fiasco redux?

  31. KEITHSTER says

    Come on now get real, Man has been collecting coin’s since he started making them and will till he’s done on this earth. SEEM’S TO LIKE THE GOLD ONE’S THE MOST? And a rare gold coin will always be a rare gold coin no matter what’s on it Aztec pictures or bug’s or dog poo because it’s made out of gold man get it? So be nice to those that collect them and maybe someday when you want one we’ll let you see one or sell you an extra ? SO BE NICE AND GOOD LUCK ALL:>

  32. dan says


    While I agree with what you said in reference to the lack of interest with these coins, I for one would be very upset if the mint decided to cancel the set at this point. I took interest in these coins as a set and not as just individual issues or offerings. Maybe the mint needs to push them a bit more and even try offering them in silver along with the gold ( since the price of gold went crazy ) especially as we start to enter a period with better known spouses. I would bet there would have been quite some screaming out there if all of a sudden they had done away with the states quarter sets or even now with the ATB’s. I just think it would be a bad precedent for them to just all of a sudden say sorry, we didnt make enough money so we are canceling not to mention it might not be the politically correctthing to do these days. IN addition, what of all the people collecting the president coins if they were to kill the entire bill.The hobby has enough trouble attracting and keeping collectors, wew dont need other ways to lose them.

  33. hawkster says


    How about the Marilyn Monroe First Mistress ultra high relief? Can I put you down for one?

  34. hawkster says


    I don’t believe the Mint (or Congress) will cancel the remainder of the FS coins after 2013. Rather, the series seems to limping toward a merciful end, as we run out of dead presidents.

  35. thePhelps says

    I also doubt they’ll cancel the series at this point. It would make even less sense than the series makes already. I do think they need to step up the approval process, and get the coins minted and in production quicker – so the whole series can end that much less painfully. Maybe we will have a Nancy Reagan “just say no” coin before it is done…

    Maybe a Monica Lewinsky – dress and cigar mistress coin…

  36. thePhelps says

    Oh and hawkster – no UHR on the Monica coin… I don’t need THAT much detail to get the picture.

  37. dan says


    In regard to the monroe coin, i guess thed appropriate answer would be to put me down fore a pair!!!!!

  38. Louis says

    @Ikaika- Thanks a lot for your kind words. I agree demand is and may continue to be a problem, but as I have said many times, the stuff out of favor today sometimes comes back into favor later like the Robinson gold coins.

    I know you folks are joking, but if you really need a Monroe coin there are several out there already including a nice one I have from Perth.

    Finally, as far as Congress mandating designs, there is some truth to that but the specs are generally pretty broad as in something “emblematic of Liberty,” for example, but it really is the Mint’s artists that come up with the designs as well as outside artists. The baseball coin is not the first time that has been done.

    What I do not get is why so many other countries (even if you put aside coins that are too revolutionary for some people like colored ones) manage to produce coins with vastly superior artwork. Can you really blame that too on the Congress?

  39. Rod says

    There has been much discussion on this blog about having to return coins that arrived with clear imperfections. I have traditionally tried to aggregate my orders into just a few a year to save on shipping, but with the Free Shipping Summer Sale I am now ordering coins one at a time.

    It appears to me that if you order right when the coin is first available, maybe there is a better chance of getting a 70 (sample size = just 2 5-oz pucks which both arrived perfect). Is this everyone’s experience, that apparently the Mint recycles the returns and hence if you don’t order on Day One you have an increased chance of getting a dud?

  40. thePhelps says

    “Can you really blame that too on the Congress?”

    Louis… to a great extent yes. The mint is limited by what they are allowed to manufacture. In the case of the first spouse (note that is in the legislation to call them that instead of 1st Ladies as they have commonly been referred too), the law requires the coins to reflect the life work of the women involved. In other words – they limited the design scope by law.

    Very often the legislation is so explicit the coins are limited or even defined by a congressional vote. The baseball coin is a perfect example – the coin has to have the same design across all the denominations – as designated by the law.

    The commemorative coins are often limited to what the bill authorizing them states. The current circulating coinage is defined by laws… the only leeway is how the images are displayed – but the images themselves are in the laws. (and many images are even defined in the laws – such as the Washington image on the ATB’s – is defined in the law).

  41. Leo S says

    Oldfolkie and other FS Collectors

    Remember, the idle rich always like to collect rare objects. As we get toward Eleanor Roosevelt and Jackie it may catch the eye of the wealthy and demand may increase. I think a set of all the proof and unc Presidents and FS gold would be quite an attractive collection to have.

    On another topic, what happened to the price drop today. Gold closed below 1300 for the past 3 days????

  42. Jerry Diekmann says

    @ the Phelps – I could not agree more with your two comments. These FS “coins” should never have been made of gold. They are unpopular now (low demand, and for a reason) and in future years they will remain unpopular. Other than a few first spouses like Martha Washington, Dolley Madison, Eleanor Roosevelt and Jacqueline Kennedy, almost nobody in this country knows anything about any of the first spouses. The Alice Paul FS was nothing more than a Susan B. Anthony redux failure and it destroyed the Liberty theme subset of the series. This series could not have been a bigger failure if Congress and the Mint tried – Congress with the concept, and the Mint with the execution. Terrible – a loser for everyone who ever bought these “coins” – they are really just bullion.

  43. Jerry Diekmann says

    Another point on the Presidents and FS coins. At least some of the first spouses accomplished more good than their president-spouses. Those who are not familiar with American history need to read up on some of these guys who were truly terrible – and they are represented in all political parties. John Tyler (#10) may have been the worst president of all, and Millard Fillmore (#13), Franklin Pierce (#14), James Buchanan (#15), and Andrew Johnson (#17) do not deserve to be remembered for anything but their failures. There are some more recent presidents who came later, and some who are still living, that would also have to fall in to the category of “loser”. For all these presidents, the “acid test” is that the country was worse off when they left office than when they first became president. For that reason, I would never complete a collection of President dollars – who wants coins depicting failures and losers? Successful leaders – yes, mediocre ones and failures belong in the dustbin of history.

  44. Louis says

    @Ray- None of the spouse coins have mintages of 600. That is 100% untrue, and I have no idea where you got it from. Not trying to give you a hard time, but I am a professional numismatist specializing in modern U.S. coins, and I know that is not right.

    No U.S. coin issued in the past 100 years has had a mintage under 2,000, and part of the reason some of us believe the spouse coins have long-term potential is they are the lowest mintage coins in the past century. See what Eric Jordan says about them in his books.

  45. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    Modern Rarities ba ba baba ba—–
    Modern Rarities ba ba baba—- ba
    Mooooddddeeeerrrrnnnn RRRRaaaarrrriiiitttiiiiesssss ba ba ba baaaa ba
    so easyyyyyy to make…
    can maaaaakkkeeee ssssoooo mmmaaaannnyyy…..

  46. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    take all the silver proof dimes, quarters, halves, and dollars from the 1800s.
    most have mintages of about 500 and priced at about $500.

  47. Ikaika says

    @ Louis

    I think Ray meant sold in the $600 range. I also think he was mentioning that auction site.

    Would like to make a comment based on your recent one: Should a coin purchase be based mainly on the mintage? Something will need to change drastically to make people more interested in the FS series. Perhaps if gold drops to $200 oz 🙂

  48. Louis says

    Ikaika- Thanks. But that was back in 2007 when gold was much lower and that was the issue price if I recall correctly. I waited until gold was even lower in 2008 and got those for $400 on the Bay.
    I agree mintage should not be the only or even the main determinant. Liking the coins should be the main one. Just like stocks, real estate or whatever coin values will ebb and flow, but if you buy what you like and have precious metal content to put a floor on the value, you should be fine in the long run.

  49. hawkster says

    It seems that the biggest cheerleaders for the FS coins are from commenters who are actually monetarily invested in the series. They are trying to will the series to do well, and remain hopelessly optimistic that these coins have some type of future demand.

  50. Ikaika says

    @ Louis

    “but if you buy what you like and have precious metal content to put a floor on the value, you should be fine in the long run”.

    Could not agree more.

    The discussion will be shifting to the RP gold buffalo now 🙂

  51. Ak Bob says

    If you look on Kitco’s website you’ll see an article that says the mint has reported that in the first 1/2 hour there were 2,641 Gold Buffalo Reverse Proofs sold and this was disclosed by Tom Jurkowsky, spokesman for the US Mint. Getting thru on the phone as well as their website was very easy today unlike other offerings. I’m sure it was due to the lack of orders compared to the other Anniversary Set offerings. I doubt their system has been updated. Happy collecting!!

  52. says

    About the Spouse Coins, I collect those and love them! I also like this years reverse designs!

    Now about the RB coin! On the Mint site it says the coins will be ready to ship on 8/23/2013. I wanted to get mine asap and so I was on the site and ordering at 9 am PT! My order went through at 6 minutes after 9 or for the folks on the East Coast it was at 6 minutes after 12. Well, my order says my coin will ship 9/08/2013. I called to ask WHY since if they are shipping 8/23 WHY do I have to wait so long to get mine? The gal said that 8/23/2013 date is when they expect to get shipment to their warehouse. She said the coins will go out in the order one orders. Again I think some BIG companies got in ahead of me! WP all over again and this time with the BIG companies selling on TV first.

  53. phillip says

    wow there are lots of bitter haters on this blog. I can totally understand since you missed out on dozens of the rarest gold coins of the past century. just keep saying they are losers over and over again…willing the series to fail. the series isn’t going anywhere, the metal isn’t changing and you don’t really have to try to save those who collect them because you don’t like them. so maybe just keep it to yourself?

    as for the price of these coins vs. the price of gold. i would never sell one for less than the mint price that i paid, regardless of the spot price. you may be able to buy a hunk of gold for spot, but not one of my beauties. haha. most are worth substantially more than i paid for them on melt alone. i too got the early ones for less than the mint price.

  54. hawkster says

    What it boils down to with these FS coins is either you enjoy collecting them, or you passed on them because they didn’t have any interest to you. I don’t think the non-buyers of this series are lamenting over a missed opportunity to obtain these coins.

    If nothing else, they have a base, bullion value, even if they don’t have realize a future numismatic premium.

  55. phillip says

    for those collecting the series, its not about turning a quick profit. but in the future, the potential of this set to shine as an investment vs buffalos or whatever is undeniable. I think most plan on completing their sets and holding these, which will make their numbers even more scarce. if you actually enjoy them then collect them and your good taste will likely be well rewarded if you can part with them some day.

  56. hawkster says


    Again, enjoy your FS set but, there is certainly no guarantee, despite your unyielding optimism, how these coins will perform on a numismatic basis in the future. What is undeniable is that the bullion value will fluctuate, as it does with all precious metals.

    Based on the number of the FS coins sold, it is indicative of the small collector base of those who pursued these offerings. But, you believe in them and enjoy them, and that’s the key.

  57. hawkster says

    Even the big boy TV coin dealers, who seemingly have a pulse on what the collector public clamors for, have passed up the FS gold coin series. With the possible exception of the first couple FS coins, I do not recall the TV hucksters pitching any of the others.

  58. says

    @hawkster: The Big Boys on TV don’t pitch them but they do buy them just in case as they don’t want to miss out on making a profit someday in the future. I think when the series is done it will be in demand (there are many women collectors these days)—if not the TV boys will still have plenty of these to sell getting them from the generation that inherited them. I hope my kids hang on to them!

  59. phillip says

    @hawk. All FS coins are already listed in the 100 rarest modern US coins. If they were popular they would sell alot more and then they wouldn’t be rare. It’s a circular argument. Are there examples of gold coins with low mintages that didn’t appreciate over time? I didn’t think so.

    Even the ridiculed (an non-gold) sacagawea and sue b anthony’s with the lowest mintages command premiums of 100s and 1000s of times their face value. It’s fine to not collect them, just wave quietly as the ship sails away. My bet is that, just as strong views about race fade, so will mysogenistic views and these will be a really big winner. 🙂

  60. hawkster says

    Again, some collectors who have invested in this series are convinced that there is a significant profit to be made in the future, despite how unpopular the FS coins are now. I am not trying to change the perception that these collectors have but, honestly, I just don’t see that happening. I do comprehend that the individuals who have purchased the FS coin series appreciate them for their uniqueness and low mintage numbers. And I do understand that most FS collectors are not overly concerned about future profits from a numismatic standpoint.

    I have a new comment on the latest MintNewsBlog reverse buffalo proof thread, in which I admit to favoring iconic images on gold and other precious metal coins. I guess that colors my opinion in regard to the FS series. Enough said on my part of this circular argument. I, for one, do not regret passing on the FS series. A collector can not get everything out there. One has to pick and choose. But, and I sincerely mean it, good luck to all of you that have collected the FS series.

  61. Ak Bob says

    For those of you who are waiting to order your RP Buffalo you may want to reconcider waiting as they may go up in price if gold keeps on going up.and the mint has said they can not guarantee that the present price will not go up. It could go down as well but I think now is the time to order them rather than later. IMHO

  62. Ak Bob says

    As far as the FS coins go I do think they will become more valuable in time. I don’t have any and don’t plan on purchasing any but I do like them. Like the Hawkster stated, one (most anyways) can’t buy everything the mint produces. Each to their own I say. If you like it and can afford it then by all means, purchse it. These sets in time will carry a premium, IMHO. Keep on collecting whatever you like and enjoy them.

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