2013 Fort McHenry Quarter Bags and Rolls

Today, August 26, 2013 at 12:00 Noon ET, the United States Mint will begin sales of numismatic bags and rolls of 2013 Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine Quarters. This represents the nineteenth overall release within the America the Beautiful Quarters Program.

Fort McHenry Quarter

The reverse design of the Fort McHenry Quarter features a portrayal of the site during the “Defenders Day” celebration. The fireworks represent the “rocket’s red glare” linking the fort to its historic past and inspiration for Francis Scott Key’s lyrics to the poem which would be adopted as America’s national anthem. The reverse was designed and sculpted by Joseph Menna.

Originally, the US Mint had provided four different candidate designs for the coin, which were all rejected by the Commission of Fine Arts and Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee. The US Mint had then provided another eleven different candidates, with many presenting aerial views of the fort. From the second field of candidates, the CCAC made a recommendation for the design which was eventually selected. The CFA made no recommendation and reiterated their earlier request for a plan view of the fort.

The array of products available for the 2013 Fort McHenry Quarters include coins struck at the main production floors at the Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco Mint facilities. The Philadelphia and Denver Mint coins with the “P” and “D” mint marks are also released for circulation and included in annual sets. The circulating quality San Francisco Mint coins with the “S” mint mark are not released for circulation or included within annual sets.

Specific products available from today include the following:

  • 100-coin bags containing coins with either the “P”, “D”, or “S” mint mark priced at $34.95 each
  • 40-coin rolls containing coins with the “S” mint mark priced at $18.95 each
  • two-roll sets including one roll of coins each with the “P” and “D” mint marks priced at $32.95
  • three-roll sets including one roll of coins each with the “P”, “D”, and “S” mint marks priced at $46.95

Each of the products feature special numismatic packaging which includes the name of the site, the state abbreviation, the face value of the contents, and the mint mark.

For recent previous releases, the most popular options have been the two roll sets and the three roll sets.

The US Mint has not established any mintage or product limits. Rather the products will remain available for one year from the initial release date or until inventory is depleted prior to the one year timeframe.

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    Does anyone think the 5 oz ATBs will see a price increase before the Ft McHenry is released?

  2. Zaz says

    I hope they are too busy with the quarterly inventory this week to also take silver products offline for repricing. At least till Thursday afternoon. A single APMEX 5oz. bullion coin with shipping is over the Mint’s price with free shipping. Probably will fly off of the shelves this week, when the dust settle could be a two tier price adjustment as the premium for the pucks are at least $50 to $75 per coin.

  3. Dan in Fla says

    I will wait until Thursday and get the one my old eyes can make out. The five ounce piece. Number nineteen already and I will have to make room for them. This is going to be a large set when I’m done.

  4. Samuel says

    off topic, anyone knows where there is nice 60 mm medal case? the us mint one is too big for my medals.

  5. Brad says

    With silver’s recent uptick, I fully expected the Mint to delay the release of the 5 oz Fort McHenry until such time as it could be repriced. But, it’s still on the schedule for this Thursday at the time of this writing.

    Demand for the 5 oz’ers seems to be slowing down. From the sales levels at the time the backorder notices have been appearing, it seems the Mint has been striking 12,500 of each 2013 coin initially. I thought that might be cut down some with later releases due to taking longer to reach 12,500 in sales, but maybe not with Mt. Rushmore coming down the pike. The Mint might have more faith in higher demand for that one, even striking the full 25,000 for it up front. That could make Great Basin or Fort McHenry the winner(s) for 2013. If the price does not go up before Thursday, I might buy those two just in case.

  6. VARich says

    Zaz – yeah, they were $10 cheaper last week but I forgot to pull the trigger with all the Buff fun. MCM has them for the same price at credit card w/o shipping. I just called Prov and they don’t have an ETA at this point. I think the bullion and P version will look great.., would have loved to have seen it enhanced!

  7. says

    I must echo the other comments here, and recommend people buy the Fort McHenry five ounce AtB as soon as possible. It does seem like the $24 price of silver is going to hold so I think a price increase for the US Mint’s numismatic silver products is not too far off in the future. I’m still not completely convinced we’re going to have a smooth Ft. McHenry offering on Thursday. There’s still time for the mint to pull it for repricing. I ordered Great Basin this weekend because of this concern, though I’d have preferred to group it together with Fort McHenry.

    As to the Fort McHenry quarters, I am hoping to buy some at the mint’s launch ceremony in three weeks: http://www.usmint.gov/pressroom/?action=events

  8. Fosnock says

    With the free shipping I already puled the trigger on my additional quarter silver proof sets…holding my breath until Thursday, if silver holds at $24.50 or more I will just get another Perry rather than 2 Fort McHenry’s.

    I was waiting for Provident to get the bullion version but no luck, I will see what happens with option expiration tomorrow and if their is a drop in price I may go with APMEX to take advantage of it.

  9. Blackbeard says

    Finally got the West Point i forgot that I ordered it. I wish I had ordered more than one. I will buy on the last day of the reverse proof Buffalo If I have the extra money. 458 ferrari looks nice in the garage next to the cayenne porsche

  10. Louis says

    Got the Buf RP a few minutes ago. Beautiful coin that must be seen in person as the difference in finish does not photograph well.
    I normally only get the “S” ATB quarters, but for this release I will get the P,D, S set.
    I still think we have a decent chance of getting the silver Ft. McHenry on Thursday at the current price, and I will definitely order then. I got the bullion from APMEX over the weekend for $142 along with some Perth horses before they sold out.

  11. thePhelps says

    I am in the same place on the 5 ounce. I think if the price jumps to $25 an ounce they’ll reprice it before the sale on Thursday…I’d hope the mint holds off intitally and give us early buyers a break for a change.

    I am passing on the bullion on this one – the last bullions I got – were not impressive.

    I ordered my S mint bags and rolls this morning – backordered right away…go figure – I suppose it is the inventory that is causing that.

  12. Louis says

    Remember those backorder dates sometimes suddenly jump up like with the Buffalo reverse proofs. I was happy to get it, but the change messed up my budget. Too many coins coming out at once!

  13. GMS says

    I ordered a bag of each and they are in stock and reserved. Also my card was immediately charged.

  14. VARich says

    Refresh my memory Gentlemen…

    If the mint is short silver blanks, then they traditionally suspend sales of silver products at their will for a notional period to resupply;

    If the mint desires to effect a price change, do they traditionally suspend the products, post to the Fed Register, and then adjust.., OR post to the FR and then subsequently effect a price change? I should know the answer but its Monday – Thanks

  15. VARich says

    Ah ha, found it MNB 25 June ’13 –

    “Price levels for new products as well as price changes for existing products must be published within the Federal Register in order to become effective. Because of the timing lag in publication, this has sometimes resulted in sales suspensions while new prices are being established.” – JJJ – I recant my earlier comment, fingers just crossed now.

  16. thePhelps says

    Must have been a glitch in the system – my quarters are now in stock and reserved.

    @Blackbeard… no classics – just speed eh?

  17. gary says

    With you on that Dan! I like the 5 oz. versions best. However I do get just one set of the ATB Quarters (the real quarters) in silver proof as well.

  18. Sam says


    I will be at the mint launch ceremony as well — expect them to have P mint only available And I plan to get in line early, they ran out the last time I went to a ceremony.

  19. fmtransmitter says

    OT: Just got a personal call from Mr. White from the Mint. Was very nice. It was regarding my question whether the General profiles PROOF sets were in FACT for sale at the ANA while being “sold out” on the website. He was not able able to cofirm as of yet because everyone was still traveling from the ANA that he could check with. He said he would get back to me when he finds out. He said it may have been an error in the press release where it WAS IN FACT mentioned those sets WOULD be for sale at the ANA show.

  20. Jerry Diekmann says

    There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to anything the Mint does nowadays. Why don’t they include the “S” mint BU coins in the annuaql sets? They include the proof coins but not the uncirculated coins – it justr doesn’t make any sense. Bigger question – why is the Mint even striking “S’ mint coins anyway. I could see maybe for 2012 because it was the SF mint’s 75th birthday. This year is the West Point min’s 75th birthday and we have no one-year W coins and instead we get a second year S quarters. Is there anybody there at the Mint who does any kind of planning, or maybe they’re just planning chaos.

  21. Ikaika says

    My WP ASE set date 7/16 was finally delivered today. Slow but it arrived. Now 2 more ATBs this year and I am done. I hope the mint does not pull a funny one in the next few months. One broke collector here 🙁

  22. high low silver says

    You might want to go back to the old coins Ika ! I’m not impressed with my RP Buffalo..

  23. ClevelandRocks says

    Ok , after long deliberations, I pulled the trigger for a graded PF70 Platinum Eagle (hate OGP for this product) and am very disappointed. Very little contrast/ cameo. Looks very blah.
    If this is the new “standard”, count me out. Wish I had that survey now.
    I would 100% have not spent the money had I actually seen the coin first. The Mint website is very misleading. Miss the frosted cameo.

  24. Dustyroads says

    high low silver~Can’t agree with you more, very disappointed. Well, I don’t actually have one, but I did just buy a roll of S quarters to the chagrin of my wife who saw me with my credit card out. Dang-it!

  25. Ikaika says

    @ high low silver

    I like the RP Buffalo. IMHO the mint got this one right, but I respect your opinion. Everyone has different taste. Earlier this year, when the mint published the 2013 coin schedule, I calculated that one would need over $13000 to buy many of the PM coins (AGE, FS, ATBs, WP ASE, RP buffalo, PF buffalo etc…). Needless to say many of us including myself did not make this list. I sure miss those day when finding a bicentennial quarter or wheat penny in change was the highlight of the day!

  26. VA Bob says

    hls sorry to hear about your RP. What didn’t you like about it? I was very pleased with mine. Nice solid strike, lots of details. But I can see where some issues could potentially arise with the softer metal. This type of reverse format screams silver. Even the 2006 AGE was 22kt and much harder than the Buff’s 24kt.

  27. fmtransmitter says

    sorry to hear that hls. I hope there would be a way for an exchange or refund for such an expensive coin.

  28. Zaz says

    HLS: I’d call the PBGS fulfillment center to see if they can do a true exchange without incurring the extra $100 difference, they might have a work around for exactly such a situation due the short ordering window and the nature of the AU/PT grid pricing. For the entire 28 day window perhaps they should’ve kept it off the grid, and kept the same price as a special coin so these return/exchange situations could be minimized with the least amount of hassle. It’s worth a shot and it can always be escalated to someone at Mint headquarters in DC if PBGS’s hands are tied. No point in being stuck with a $1,640.00 coin you’re unhappy with. Good luck.

  29. gary says

    Looks as though yet another $50 increase MAY occur yet again tomorrow on gold and platinum coins. Both metals are in or very near another Wed price adjustment, assuming that prices hold or move just a little bit up today and tomorrow morning. It’ll be 1,790 for gold and 1,950 for platinum if that happens.
    Be advised.

  30. charles says

    Not really much of a chance for a increase in gold products this week. Gold would have to really shoot up for that to happen as it was around $1375 Thursday and Friday.

  31. VARich says

    Zaz – that’s a good a thought and worth a shot. I’ll share last week’s experience regarding my WP Day 2 order which I have yet to receive.

    The mail individual that the USPS contracts with attempted a delivery at my work address over the weekend (though I was there, the front door was locked), either through incompetence or laziness, he marked the set ‘undeliverable as addressed,’ and by Monday morning the set had already been sent back to USPS distro center in NC and was long gone at that point for an intercept and reroute as all tracking info is lost at that point (USPS confirmed).

    In speaking to numerous PBGS reps to get a straight story as to what to expect and if the set was gone for good, here’s is what I learned:

    – In HLS case, he may get the price originally paid it may require a little sweet talking, I would elevate if the first answer is no. Ask about shipping to if outside of the free shipping window.
    – A direct exchange is not permissible, I was told that my set would receive an updated shipping label and be resent immediately – that is not true.
    – Their process requires that a credit card refund be provided and then the credit card will be charged when the product ships again.
    – In my case, I will get my Day 2 WP order, but the order goes back in the queue and the process starts all over, so I’m scheduled for a 9/08 delivery. I suspect that would be the case in HLS’ situation.
    – I got the feeling that returns were permissible during the ordering window, though once concluded, all bets may be off.

    Hope this helps address what to expect if an order is returned (voluntarily or involuntarily). If anyone else has a different experience, I’d really like to hear about it. To quote Peterson, yeah – I’m ready to give the WP Set a rest too! LOL

  32. VaBeachSteve says

    $1400 was the next resistance point for Gold (which it’s now at)…. Any further increase will cause a covering of short positions which in turn could shoot gold up to the $1425 rather quickly.

  33. high low silver says

    I’m gonna take it for an opinion today…. there are little dots under LIBERTY that seem to make a line under it, might be gases or a variety, I’m worried about long term effect.

  34. dan says


    Tt has been my experience that even when the price has changed during the return of a product, a replacement has been provided at the original price. My CC has showed the original price refunded when it was returned and then another charge when it re-shipped at the original order price.

    In regard to the return of an item outside the ordering window. I ordered my SF 75 sete on the last day. The original set that I received was horrendous and I returned it only to get a set that was worse. I then received a letter from ” the mint” dont now if it was the third party, but it said I would receive one more set and if I returned it I would be out of luck. I contacted the mint directly ( wish I could remember the woman that I was shipped to) and told her I was PO’ed with the quality and then the lousy letter I was sent which she was unaware of and asked me to fax her a copy of the letter. She said she would take care of my problem. Bottom line, 5 days later I received a gorgeous set. All this went on long after the ordering window had closed.

  35. fmtransmitter says

    VARich: Just went through exact same thing when I moved. Two orders were sent back to the Mint even though USPS site said they were being forwarded to my new address since I put in a change of address. I slowly received my mail but any Mint products were promptly returned to the Mint. I had to call and have them re-sent and was told the same exact thing but as you pointed out, your card will be issued a refund and then re charged and to the back of the line. I cut them off at the pass this time for my next order and have it at the UPS hub waiting for me as I will be at work during the ordering window. What a hassle to say the least.

  36. fmtransmitter says

    Looks like the Mint WILL do what it takes to make you happy in MOST cases but you have to jump through some hoops. I find that will ALL online purchases from reputable retailers.

  37. VARich says

    Dan / FM – appreciate the input! Thanks – after this year, I should have this aspect of coin collecting figured out.

    Now if I can only keep all of the errors and varieties straight! I need a cheat sheet for those.., heck, I’d be willing to pay for that!

  38. Zaz says

    Two distractions from the spot price:
    1. Quarterly inventory
    2. Upgrading the website on Friday.
    Just need 2 days and 2 hours for the FMH puck to come in @ $154.95.
    Rushmore will be a different story I expect.

  39. says

    I must echo agreement that it looks like prices have broken decisively through the $1400/$24 level. If anything, it looks like silver could be getting ready to test the $25 level soon, based on this morning’s highs.

    We’ll have to keep our fingers crossed that the AtB release on Thursday goes smoothly and the mint doesn’t pull everything for repricing. I will definitely not be waiting to buy it, if it does come out as scheduled.

  40. Brad says

    Yeah, I went ahead and bought a couple of Great Basin 5 oz. coins this morning. No need to wait until Thursday, what with free shipping and all. No combining necessary.

    You’d think with the rapid, consistent spot price rise that SOMEONE would pull the plug on the silver products, quarterly inventory/shopping cart upgrade or not. It would be nice to be able to get Fort McHenry for the $154.95 as well, but it seems like it would be a miracle if it goes on sale as scheduled.

  41. Ray says

    The mints going to pull silver products tomorrow at Noon EST. Thats my personal guess. You heard it here first.

  42. Hidalgo says

    @Ray – I would not be the least bit surprised. With the potential for war in Syria, oil, gold, and silver are increasing in price. Silver is coming close to $25 per ounce.

    At the rate it’s going, I suspect that the US Mint will pull silver products very soon — as early as tomorrow. Let’s hope that the Mint will allow some of us to buy the Fort McHenry 5 ounce coin at the current price…..

  43. Hidalgo says

    @ Captain – as of this writing, silver has jumped up 50 cents per ounce. It’s going for around $24.50 or so right now. Typically, the US Mint takes action when silver prices around the $25.00 level.

    I think the situation in Syria will last for several days. So prices will likely continue to go up, as they historically have during crises like these. We’ll just have to wait and see…..

  44. Brad says

    Unless silver pulls back sharply to under $23/oz. in the next few days, a suspension is almost inevitable. If the Mint allows the Fort McHenry 5 oz. coin to go on sale for the paltry $30 markup over current silver value, there’s no way they’ll allow that to continue for long. Definitely plan to buy yours in the opening minutes on Thursday!

  45. joe says

    I concur with Brad…

    It’ll be a miracle if Fort McHenry isn’t marked up before it goes on sale.

  46. JohnT58 says

    It would be nice if the mint would throw us a bone and leave the price alone for the first day orders. Let the regulars get their orders in before raising the price. Probably wishful thinking but it would help build some good faith.

  47. thePhelps says

    I’m with you JohnT58… throw us a bone. I’ve been had by every silver price change. It would be nice to actually get a break for a change and get something at a deal as opposed to paying extra. Plus we don’t really have anything to support silver going up and staying up…it has just started to rise – let is go and if it jumps again – then changethe price!

  48. hical says

    I received my WP set last Thu and I’m going to return it because the quality is really bad. Bummed because I really wanted the enhanced eagle, which happens to be the worst coin in the set.

  49. Ray says

    yeah, throw us a bone US Mint!! I love the fort mchenry design, and it will be the first one i buy doubles of. That’d save me $50. some on us mint. does us right!!

  50. Micro says

    Interesting posting by the mint… the weekly mintage numbers for 8/25 (excel spreadsheet) show the WP Silver Eagle set mintage to be 244,049. I wonder if that is an accurate adjustment or a mistake? -29,615 if it is correct.

  51. Micro says

    Whoops, pulled the wrong number. If that posting really is correct, then the WP set mintage number went down by -37261. That’s a significantly larger number of returns/cancellations than the 2012 set.

  52. stephen m says

    Hidalgo, You may be right in saying this Syria event will last a while and will, most likely, push gold, silver and oil a lot higher depending how long the event last. Let’s hope we are not fighting a war while funding the enemy in disguise. My 401 today is screaming ouch! ……………..and the beat goes on.

  53. VARich says

    Hidalgo – my ZOMBUCKS arrived today, so I’m all set for the Apocalypse! They are slick – Cu’s have a real nice strike.

    A day late and dollar short (again).., wish I had picked up some more before the bump.

  54. says


    I do agree things are going to last for awhile, I’m basically just crossing my fingers and hoping it doesn’t happen. Still, with silver at $24.70 (as of this post) I must admit to being worried.

  55. Brian says

    Micro – that is interesting. The 8/25 report is no longer on the Mint’s website. The latest one is 8/18.

  56. joe says

    Okay….I purchased a 1/10 ounce proof AGE with my RP Buffalo when the RPs went on sale. The AGE was sent out very quickly and I received it a couple weeks ago. It was scratched up, so I sent it off for an exchange, which arrived today.

    It’s been awhile since I’ve purchased a proof AGE from the mint and I noticed they had changed the packaging with my first shipment (brownish color). I sent it back and the AGE that came today was in the old blue box they used to come in. What’s interesting is that the lid for the second coin (blue box) doesn’t really fit the bottom box at all (very loose).


    What color are the boxes for the 1/10 ounce proof AGEs? Brownish-orange or blue?

    Has anyone else ordered a proof AGE this year that had a lid that wasn’t quite the right size?

    Thanks in advance…

  57. says


    If you can, you might want to take a couple of pictures of the box and post it online at some place like photobucket or other quick and easy image hosting sites. It would make it easier for people who have one to see whether there an issue or not.

    I can definitely say I did buy a tenth ounce proof AGE this year when the price of gold reached its nadir, and my box was blue. I was very surprised to hear of this brownish orange box.

  58. Brian says

    Micro – I did that and it says 281,310 with a date of 8/25. I also still had the version I downloaded at 2:26 p.m. ET and that also has 281,310 for that date.

    If it was a mistake to release that number they corrected it quickly.

  59. Micro says

    Brian – looks like that confirms it was a mistake. I kinda suspected that since they haven’t even yet finished filling all the orders – including 2 sets I ordered during the final days.

  60. im just a bill says

    PDS McHenry rolls.

    free shipping, love it!

    Does anyone know the S mintage’s for the 2013 ATB quarters yet?

  61. VARich says

    Micro – if you saw 244k and it was an accurate ‘mis-posting’ – it’s believable, about 13% off total.

    Still a heck of a lot of sets and they still seem to be flooding the bay weekly.., the retailers have been backing down on their prices due to the surplus.

    I think it was Dusty who said some time ago that about 220k is the saturation point, and I think he may top dead center on that.

  62. Fosnock says

    @Joe – I got my 1/10 in a blue box

    @im just a bill – As the mint can restart production based on demand we will not get final mintage’s until 2014, but announced initial mintage’s for 2012 was 1.4 million for each design but I think they restarted production on a few the designs so at least one had a final mintage of 1.6 million

  63. Samuel says

    who has the 8/21, 22 RP buffalo sale number? i m doing a spreadsheet, but forgot to record these 2 numbers. thx.

  64. Smiledon says

    @ VA Rich,
    I ordered my Zombuck about a 2 weeks ago, and I have not heard anything since. I checked, and my order is still pending. I even e-mailed them to see what is the hold up. How long did you wait?

  65. Dustyroads says

    i’m just bill~I was hoping the Mint would keep the mintage at or under 1.4 mil., but it looks like the US Mint is not going to pass on the profit.

  66. VA Bob says

    OT Right now on coin vault they are selling 2013 PF70 Buffalos… for $2600.00 unbelievable. For the RP in PF69 for $2399.96. Both coins are still available from the Mint.

  67. VARich says

    Smiledon – I placed my order a week or two too late! Ordered on 14 August by cc.

    I’ve found if you call Provident and cut up with the very so polite ladies, it may help move things along.., I think I said something stupid like just wanting to check up on my baby zombies (bad, I know), but it got a laugh. Worse case you get to hear that sweet Texas accent. Good Luck!

  68. VARich says

    Samuel – this will get you half way there, missing 8/21 as well –

    8/20 – 34086 – 1410
    8/21 – ?
    8/22 – 36,257 – 2171
    8/23 – 36,528 – 271
    8/26 – 37,314 – 786
    8/27 – 37,577 – 263

  69. Dustyroads says

    high low silver~Without the gold standard all we have is the petrodollar, so war in the middle east is inevitable. Most of it is all smoke and mirrors anyway. We should pray, and then take care of our families. The monkeys on Capital Hill will swing all day!

  70. fmtransmitter says

    @POP: Your quite welcome but it wasn’t I…That was mentioned here in the Blog. If collectors are going to pay thousands of dollars more for a plastic slab and a label I am in for sure on some of that. It dipped a bit today along with the rest of the market with Middle East woes so may be a good time to buy.

    My 5 Star Generals gold proof arrived. Very nice and high quality. 70 all day long. I really feel the WP Mint has these proofs down to science and can only get better IMHO.

  71. Rick says

    ATBs going on backorder. Pulled the trigger as others did. Looking back at 2010-Ps- they were 279.00 ea. Yikes!

  72. DCDave says

    Really think people are getting carried away with the labels.
    It’s coin collecting for those that forgot.
    Maybe there should be a new hobby for labelmatics.

    Michael really hit the nail on the head a while back predicting new lows would be the norm. Even the regular clad proofs may be sleepers with low mintages.

    50/50 they release the Ft. McHenry 5 oz at $155.

  73. says

    Samaul, I just bought 3 more too…one each WM,PV, & GB. Not many orders taking place this morning as I did 3 separate orders and they were consecutive orders #’s.

    I know, I know, someone may wonder…why 3 orders. Well, I’m gonna buy 2 complete sets, one to open and keep, one set to remain in the unopened mint shipping boxes to sell once the 2013’s are no longer available from the Mint….and often times people will pay more for unopened mint boxes.

  74. says

    Silver’s been bouncing back and forth over the $25 mark during the a.m. I see. Looks like Ft. McHenry is going to be a nailbiter. I suspect nearly all the orders for that coin will be frontloaded into the launch day.

  75. Hidalgo says

    @Captain – I believe the US Mint does not have an official policy on the repricing of silver products. In the past, the $25 level served as an indicator that the US Mint would reprice silver-containing products up or down. So perhaps, we may still be able to buy the Fort McHenry ATB 5 ounce coin at today’s price of $154.95…. or maybe not. I think much will depend on where the price of silver will be by tomorrow morning. Considering silver’s upward trend and the events taking place in the Middle East (Syria), I would expect silver prices to continue to go up.

  76. fmtransmitter says

    IMHO the spot of silver has been undervalued for a long time and when the price is low the miners no longer produce because it becomes “not worth the cost”. It was around a buck a gram forever and still sells for right around that. Even during the drop it only went a few dollars lower on the open market. I hope everyone can get a break seeing the high prices that were paid for silver offerings a couple years ago. I am always following Odyssey Marine to see where in the World they are searching deep in the ocean for lost treasure. It is fascinating stuff with what new technology has allowed humans to do to search the oceans and THAT IMHO is where the majority of silver and gold in now a days.

  77. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    Thank you, Michael.
    Ft. McHenry will be one of the most popular designs in addition to: Yellowstone, Yosemite, Gettysburg, Vicksburg, Hawai’i Volcanoes, and Perry’s Victory.

    Still hoping for that Martin Luther King, Jr. Commemorative (1963-2013).
    Why doesn’t the Mint produce it? He’s one of the greatest Americans.
    Today’s the 50th Anniversary of his “I Have a Dream” speech.

  78. thePhelps says

    I bought another WM this morning and I am debating on the other 2. I actually really liked the WM I got earlier this year. The Perry and GB are..ok in my opinion.

    I am also hoping the mint leaves the price at least for 1 week. I will be getting 2 of the Forts tomorrow if they do – it figures the 2 ATB coins I looked forward to this year would be in the midst of this price fluctuation. I’ll feel good if they leave it for this one and raise it … after that.

  79. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    Although MLK was not one for profit.
    If the Mint makes an MLK Commemorative maybe they can set up a program for all the proceeds to help poor children get a better education, or help with housing in poor neighborhoods. .

  80. Dan in Fla says

    Steve- It seems great minds think alike. I too order at least one single ATB to hold back and sell at a later date in the box. I started with the 2012’s and could have bought the 2011’s but since they were on sale for so long I passed. My boxes are all first strike eligible in case some one wants to send for grading.

  81. thePhelps says

    scrooge – the mint doesn’t determine which products to produce. Send a letter to your congressman/senator and request a MLK coin be made.

  82. gary says

    Did anybody here get their Ft. McHenry 5 oz. ATB today? I ordered mine at 3 P.M. Eastern time. Had absolutely no wait & no problem placing the order online. Also got my 2012 and 2013 ATB proof silver quarter sets too.

    If silver goes up much higher I expect a repricing of ALL silver Mint products. Maybe after Labor Day???

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