2013 Girl Scouts of the USA Young Collectors Set

Today, July 19, 2013 at 12:00 Noon ET, the United States Mint started accepting orders for the 2013 Girl Scouts of the USA Collectors Set. This special product contains the uncirculated version of the commemorative coin first issued earlier this year.

2013 Girl Scouts Silver Dollar

The 2013 Girl Scouts Silver Dollar is issued to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Girl Scouts of the United States of America. The obverse design features three girls intended to represent the different ages and diversity of the organization. The three key elements of the mission statement “Courage, Confidence, Character” appear above with the 100th anniversary trefoil symbol below. The reverse design contains the iconic profiles of the Girl Scouts of the USA.

Sales for the individual proof and uncirculated versions of the coins began earlier this year on February 28, 2013. Introductory pricing was $54.95 for the proof and $50.95 for the uncirculated coin. After March 29, regular prices of $59.95 for the proof and $55.95 for the uncirculated coin went into effect.

As of the most recent sales report, orders have been placed for 78,912 proof and 29,196 uncirculated coins. This makes for a total of 108,108 coins out of the maximum authorized mintage of 350,000.


The newly released Young Collectors Set includes the uncirculated version of the 2013 Girl Scouts Silver Dollar placed within a colorfully illustrated folder containing information about the organization’s history and how they have evolved to meet the changing needs of girls and the Nation over the past 100 years.

A product limit of 50,000 of the sets has been indicated out of the overall maximum mintage limit of 350,000 for the program. The sets are priced at $54.95, which is actually $1.00 cheaper than purchasing the individual uncirculated version of the coin.

The United States Mint has issued Young Collectors Sets for numerous other commemorative coins programs. These have included the Bill of Rights (1993), World War II (1993), World Cup (1994), Civil War Battlefields (1995), Olympic Games (1995-1996), Smithsonian Institution (1996), Black Revolutionary War Patriots (1998), and Bald Eagle (2008) programs.

For some of the earlier years, the sets proved popular and sold out of their entire product limits. The most recently released set including the 2008 Bald Eagle Half Dollar had final audited sales of 22,439 units.

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  1. fmtransmitter says

    Cub Scouts, Webelos, and Boy Scouts bring fond childhood memories for me. Would be great to see a set for these organizations as well..

  2. fmtransmitter says

    Yes VARich, I just read the ALL comments about the BSA coins in ’10…Glad I “missed” that one…That coin IMO was NOT a representation of 100 years of Scouting in America.

  3. JEFF IN TX. says

    Even if these coins have a low mintage. No one is wanting them. May have a hot secondary market but, short lived.

  4. fmtransmitter says

    Off Topic: Jesse said to let ya’ll know he has plenty of the retro black 2013 WP SE’s in 69 and 70 ER. He ships fast and takes paypal. Just find him on FB JJRC (jesse james rare coins).

  5. thePhelps says

    I was hoping a proof would have been in the set. I have the uncirculated coin and it is not worth buying this set for to have another. This is the way they want the coins in the US to look going forward… I’ll be back to collecting the older commemoratives.

  6. high low silver says

    thePhelps: There are some good looking coins around the world, keep an eye on World Mint Blog….

  7. Jon in CT says

    john wrote on July 19, 2013 at 5:14 pm:

    I got a email from mint it said coin is proof.

    The letter didn’t say the Young Collectors Set contained a proof coin. It said “YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE 2013 Girl Scouts of the USA Centennial Proof Silver Dollar.”

  8. JagFan says

    The mint loves their packaging – its just another way to sell 10k more of the uncirculated version.

    With all of the other products being sold the commemorative coin programs have been struggling over the past few years! I think it is time to tweek the series and get some sort of new life into it!

    Man if the ATB’s were issued on 1oz Silver Proofs, that would have been nice! It would kind of match up to what Canada is currently doing with some of their series!

  9. Zaz says

    The coin is not bad looking in the sandblasted finish the Mint uses for their uncirculated commemoratives. I agree that it’s not a great design, more of these set appealing to young collectors would ultimately benefit the hobby, and at a price point they could afford, say <$20.00? Otherwise such sets with colorful graphics are a good idea.

  10. thePhelps says

    hls – I do watch some of the world coins. I have a few in my collection, but I have a large collection of the commemorative coins that I do like.

    This coin set looks like it was created using photoshop on a computer and rendered on to a coin. It has no warmth to me – no eye appeal – and they don’t convey a whole lot of the history of the GS. That all got taken out when they went with the 3 girls on the Obverse over all the other options they could have chosen. I read where one of the committees – I think it was CACC absolutely loved it and felt it was on a par with the current European offerings and they hope it is the future of our coinage.

  11. Jerry Diekmann says

    This GS special edition coin is liking putting lipstick on a pig. The coin is horrible and no one is buying them, so the Mint comes up with fancy packaging to try and sell an ugly coin, and at 3 times the price of an ounce of silver! This coin will never be popular and the subject matter deserved a much better design than it got. At least they don’t have a boy on the coin, like having a girl on the Boy Scouts coin, another misfire if there ever was one.

  12. silverhawk357 says

    I got that email about the GS coin set. I deleted it then deleted my delete file. Guess I won’t be buying one.

  13. Tom P. says

    This set would appeal to ….. Girl Scouts… who don’t have $54 to spend, and if they did they wouldn’t buy a stupid coin.

  14. im just a bill says

    wana buy some cookies?

    mmmmmmmmm thin mint

    imagine a samoa cookie replica in silver guilded with gold coconut flakes and enhanced chocolate stripes



  15. fmtransmitter says

    im just a bill, Please apply to the Mint’s art department, I love your ideas!

  16. fmtransmitter says

    I mean how fitting but to make an enhanced cookie for a coin. When we think GS we think of cookies, am I not right?

  17. Hawkster says

    Jerry Diekmann,

    In response to your comment, there have been several other posters who have basically said to buy the coin, not the box. In regard to this Girl Scout offering, perhaps the opposite suggestion should apply: Buy the box, not the coin. A box of GS cookies that is.

  18. taribor says

    Modern commems don’t do much for me (I LOVE the old half dollar commemoratives and wish they’d go back to that), but I did purchase the proof GS coin for my little girl (6) who just finished her first year in the girl scouts. I think the sentimental value was 99% me ; 1% her, but maybe one day she’ll appreciate it (or at least use it to buy a half tank of gas 🙂

  19. Ray says

    my wp day one order moved from 8/9 tp 7/24. i hope that sticks. still waiting for all my WP age sets.

    can we expect the same bs w the rp gold buff coins?

  20. stephen m says

    Hi, hi low silver, mine also. what’s up with that on 7-20? The mint appears to be broken in some places and in greatly need of repair. I would like to think they are doing their best possible and if so new management is needed. The sooner the better as far as i’m concerned. My graded 70 set will be here Monday and the mint appears not to have a clue how customers feel about getting a graded set before the mint can send a OGP set that was ordered 4hrs. out into the 30 day window. I’m slowly giving up on the mint which = lost business for them. I can’t make myself purchase a girl scout coin. Very shabby service indeed!

  21. high low silver says

    Stephen m: My cancel box is still showing, it should vanish the day before shipping. Oh well I guess Monday (maybe) ?

  22. thePhelps says

    hls – my cancel box disappeared 4 days before mine shipped. Now all I am doing is waiting for the sets to show up. I did get my graded 70’s set this week and they are perfect.

  23. Dan in Fla says

    Hang in there for the West Point Set as they are beautiful and well worth the wait. Am I the only one that’s gonna buy one of these GS coins? It won’t be the first time. I bought an Alice Paul Unc and she is beautiful in her own way.

  24. stephen m says

    hi lo silver, i’m going to wait for my order, maybe Monday? Dan, I don’t know. I just had the urge for a graded set. Same thing happened to me with the SF set last year although a graded set last year was much cheaper. Maybe they set the hook and this year they are reeling me in. I just wish folks and i could get better service from our mint.

  25. high low silver says

    This should be intresting for those folks that want an ER FS label….can you still get one after ordering 4 or 5 hours on the 1st day ?? Mine will stay in OGP.

  26. thePhelps says

    I don’t normally buy slabbed coins – but I figured this is the first release and I got my set early and fairly cheap compared to some of the prices I see now.

    And yes – it looks like the majority of FS/ER are going to be 2nd party coins. It makes no difference to me, but I am sure there are some pissed first day buyers.

  27. VARich says

    Ray – good question, probably the best for the week.

    IMO – depends. If the boat from china carrying the furry leather boxes for the RPBuff arrives on time, I suspect the big boys that have ‘the in’ with the mint account managers will make out just fine as their order will be placed as you and I hit refresh numerous times on the mint’s website in an attempt to place our order w/i the first minute.

    If two boats arrive, then you and I may be good for Thanksgiving (seeing how none of my WP ASE have yet to ship). Or, second thought.., I suspect many of us will forgo the whole drama thing and just buy slabbed.

  28. stephen m says

    VARich, The big boys together in bed with the mint? Hitting refresh numerous times while the big boys orders are already in? It appears very likely but don’t leave TPG’s out. Looks like a threesome to me. I like the OGP and can do the wait thing but somethings not right when it takes us this long to get our WP sets without any explanation from the mint and the big boys have theirs already, graded, sold and delivered to their customers and we are still waiting?

  29. VARich says

    stephen m – I couldn’t agree more…, these are great questions/concerns. I prefer OGP which reps ~ 95% of mine.

    Though to be perfectly honest, I love this hobby, and many out here providing value added input has now led to me being addicted, though after this fiasco of up and downs (as there’s not enough stress and emotional bs in the work place already, sorry – the Gov/mint can’t relate (excluding military)).., the whole thing has left me feeling DEFLATED. As well as the lack of creativity and uniqueness we’re not seeing in these special sets and the RP Buff set…, (see Comms from the 80’s & 90’s when real foresight and effort was evident).

    Anyhoo, this may be a good thing as I’ve been wanting to go old school and start researching coins in the 18/1900’s and collecting those for their true historical and American values. Yes, I’ll get my RP Buff but going slabbed on this one, I’m p’d that GIVEN THAT THIS IS THE 100th ANNIVERSARY of what is one the most the most cherished designs of American coinage, that they couldn’t have done something with the nickel to tie it all together (other than throw it into an existing box)…, Lazy, & Lame! And with that, I think when I wake tomorrow, my WP ASE will likely push out another few weeks…, haha!

  30. high low silver says

    stephen m : I’m with you……. Still no update from 7/19 cancel option still present …..I will not settle for sloppy 2nd !!!!!

  31. Samuel says

    anyone knows when they will ship the RF buffalo? it seems they already made them.

  32. Gary says


    I’m with you on the OGP… the U.S. Mint certificate of authenticity is enough for me. Besides, the mint packaging of many of their coin offerings is outstanding.

    I’m waiting to buy a real slabbed Early Release Paper Label (in of course an Early Release label on the slab to indicate that it was made first. It would be graded as (stamps would be) with perhaps the adjective of Monster Mint Fresh condition. I’d pay at least $1 for it, postpaid of course.

  33. Taribor says

    Gary – I agree in principal but the problem is I can buy OGP and an COA for ten bucks off ebay, then stick my rejected coin inside that OGP, and sell as original.

    Personally, I buy OGP form the mint and stick to slabbed when I buy from third parties so I at least know what I am getting.

  34. thePhelps says

    First and Early Releases® Cutoff Dates

    Silver Eagle 2013-W EAGLE ENHANCED FINISH S$1 (SP) Wednesday, July 24, 2013
    Silver Eagle 2013-W EAGLE REVERSE PROOF S$1 (PF) Wednesday, July 24, 2013

  35. VA Bob says

    The girl scout offering will probably be on back order the day it is released. This seems to be the norm now. I’ll pass. The same will probably happen with the RP Buff even though they should have plenty ready to go.

  36. high low silver says

    I’m starting to get more into world coins from 2011-12… seems to be the way to go IMHO.

  37. Ray says

    Are those nGC cutoff dates, dates that they have to receive them by? Or postmark dates? jw

  38. thePhelps says

    Ray per their site:
    To qualify for Early Releases, all coins must generally be received by NGC or an NGC-approved depository within 30 days of their release.

  39. fmtransmitter says

    @HI LO: Really nice coins coming out from the rest of World Mint’s these days..

  40. Dan in Fla says

    The World Mint coins are beautiful. If you like colorized coins. It seems the Perth Mint only makes these colored coins. Or the majority of there coins are colored. Why is that? What do you think about the colorized coins?

  41. thePhelps says

    Dan – some colorized coins are ok. I bought some Somalian Elephant coins that were very nice. (some guilded ones as well). Some of the coins are colorized and you wonder why they made the coin to start with – let alone added color to it.

    Then you have the whole – glow in the dark coins…

    I like some of the world mint coins – but some are just pure junk; looking for a limited number of buyers to clear the over priced burdens off the shelf.

  42. fmtransmitter says

    I put a link to the FREE silver coin for a baby that is born on the same day as the Royal Baby on the World Mint’s Blog. There is instructions on obtaining the silver coin if your baby is born the same day as the Royal Baby via FB.

  43. fmtransmitter says

    I have purchased 3 colorized SE’s so far. I heard they were undesirable and therefore found them quite inexpensive on the bay. IMO silver is silver. I also bought the Birds of Prey series graded PF 70 ER from NIUE. Bald Eagle, Great Horned Owl, and Osprey. I own a bird and am a bird lover so these were fitting for the collection. I paid a premium and they are colorized. After careful inspection I could see the “printing dot’s” on the coin. Naked eye beautiful, closer look, not at all as high quality as I would of thought. But I have seen of the Cathedral coins from the Great church’s of the World and they go for huge premiums, I suspect because of the rarity and quality. I will not buy too many more colorized coins unless something REALLY catches my eye.

  44. fmtransmitter says

    I would add the several that HAVE caught my eye were painfully expensive, too expensive for my pockets..HA!

  45. fmtransmitter says

    Seems we have a new member for the CCAC.
    WASHINGTON – The United States Mint announced today that the Deputy Secretary of the Treasury has reappointed Gary Marks as the Chairperson of the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee (CCAC) for a one-year term effective July 11, 2013.

    Looks like the US Mint is listening and making moves. Interesting…

  46. Ray says

    @thePhelps – so first ship date was 6/24? that info seems useless for the WP AGE release.

    I’m asking do they need to receive them by the 24th? Or do we have to have them post marked by the 24th.

  47. Blair J Tobler says

    fmtransmitter – I think the mint has some excellent designers. It’s the morons who make the final selections that need to go!

  48. Jon in CT says

    I don’t think you understand what the word “reappointed” means. The CCAC has been chaired by Gary Marks since March, 2010.

  49. high low silver says

    Dan in Fla: I like those colorized coins!! Right now I’m. Thinking about adding another Ships that changed the world from Perth Mint . Last year they sold for $150 usd….Now I see they are $77 , mintage of 5000….. Canada wildlife series is big with me also.

  50. fosnock says

    @Dan in Fla – I have a few colorized coins in clad, they look nice, but I avoid them. As far as why Perth Mints makes colorized coins well it is hard to justify charging 3x or 4x spot price, so why not color them to add appeal. Then add they get collectors to buy more, for example I think you can get 9 different colorized coin versions for the Year of the Dragon.

  51. thePhelps says

    @fmtransmitter… the generals coins HAD great chances to be really nice. They didn’t exactly pan out as awesome coins to me.

  52. fmtransmitter says

    @Jon in CT: Thank you for correction, was really in a rush. I received an email from the Mint just today about this and that is why I shared.

  53. Hidalgo says

    @FM – what makes you think that Mr. Marks will deliver high – quality designs that the public will enjoy? Qualifications is one thing…..

  54. fmtransmitter says

    All markets up with PM’s today..Seeing that more lately…GB 5 OZ looks to be a really nice coin but holding out for Rushmore.

  55. Smiledon says

    I have a few laser colorized coins from other mints. I have 1 painted ASE.
    After the novelty worn off, I asked myself why I got them.
    Well, in my book, I learned that the colored coins are not that big of a deal.
    I even have a coin that the date was laser engraved so that you have to hold the coin just right to see the date. I guess a way to charge more I suppose.
    However, each of you will have to decide that point.

  56. Dan in Fla says

    Prices are up and that means another bump at the Mint. Hopefully it will only be one level as the buffalo reverse proof will be out soon.

  57. stephen m says

    Dan, the yellow metal took a big jump today and surprised me? It doesn’t have anywhere to go but up in the long haul but my long haul trip seems to be getting shorter and shorter. Where does the time go? No GS or colorized coins for me. Fedex delivered my graded WP set this a.m. Very nice and interesting pair. Still no set from the mint after ordering 4.5 hrs out into the 30 day window. The mints delivery service and updates on this set is a disgusting shame.

  58. VA Bob says

    The jury is out on how well pigments will hold up long term on colorized coins. Personally I buy gold or silver coins because I like the looks of those metals, why cover it up? If the design detail is too poor to stand on its own without color added, is it worth it in the first place? Just seems like too much of a gimmick to me. The future will tell if their worth it or not, but everyone should collect what they like.

  59. VA Bob says

    Looks like I’ll be pulling the trigger on the proof Buff tomorrow, was hoping to get it for under $1600. That doesn’t look to be the case however.

  60. VARich says

    Interesting that the ’13 Annual Uncirculated Dollar Coin Set dropped below the line from just being listed TBD, silver blank issues with the drop in price perhaps.

  61. Robt says

    Beautiful coin, I plan to buy this for my niece on her thirteenth birthday next month. Can’t wait to see the twinkle in her eyes 🙂

  62. JagNut says

    Question to all of the experts out there..

    I just noticed that PCGS has a 2013 West Point Miles Standish Signature Label. Do you think these will have a higer premium on them in the future as comparable to the mercanti signature label’s from 2011?

  63. Eddie says

    I can’t wait for the 5 ozer of The Great Basin to be release in a couple of days. I am like fm waiting patiently for the 5 ozer of Mount Rushmore to be released. I would love to get at least two of them but who know if they stay at $155.00 or below. That one is my favorite of all of them this year.

    Are they really going to release a 2013 United States Mint Limited Edition Silver Proof Set this year? I thought it was a one time deal.

  64. Dan in Fla says

    I would not wait until tomorrow to purchase that proof Buffalo as the price will likely be $50 higher.
    Again what difference does a label make? None to me although I see early release first strike coins going for more on the market. Personally I would not pay anything for a signature on a label.

  65. fmtransmitter says

    @Eddie: Yes they are??
    @JagNut: It is ALWAYS worth what someone is willing to pay for it.

  66. fmtransmitter says

    Off topic: After reading about some collectors going for older coins I decided to pop on some nickels. I generally do NOT collect these but I added 2 rolls, 1 of of P and D BU 1960’s AND a NGC Graded PF 67 1958. That graded proof showed up yesterday and after looking at under the loupe I am very impressed. What a nice coin. Monticello, full stairs. What a beauty! Deep deep cameo, stunning quality for a 55 year old coin. Should increase in value no doubt.

  67. fmtransmitter says

    From the Mint website, “These coins are collector versions of the official Unites States Mint American Buffalo Gold Bullion Coins.” They don’t even “proof” read their website before posting…Ugh..

  68. fmtransmitter says

    Michael: I wanted to ask the Blog a question to piggy back off your “How much is a serial number worth posting?” on the World Blog site. I ask, how much is NGC Slab worth?? Here is an auction I was watching that just ended on the bay. Is was for a prototype 4 coin slab holder. I think the readers will find this quite amusing as the holder only had 2 silver halves and 2 clad in it and neither were officially graded.


  69. Smiledon says

    If the holder had 4 coins that where worth something, then maybe this is a good idea. Outside of that, a dog is a dog.

  70. high low silver says

    Fm : everything that leaves NGC has a bar code attached to it, This looks shady to me….

  71. thePhelps says

    fmtransmitter…I’m not sure what the heck was up with those coins and/or holder. I sure as heck wouldn’t have paid $102 for those coins, and the fact that it says NGC…um..so?

    Hold on…wait!! I have a taco that looks like Jesus and the Virgin Mary…I got to put this up on the bay!

  72. Smiledon says

    I am still at a loss as to the value of the 4 coin holder.
    If the coins are really valuable, why make easier to have someone steal them?
    The flip side is this, if you have a set, make the holder large enough to hold the set. This is my opinion, no more, no less.
    Besides, why would I add to the cost, chance of loss, and damage to my coins when I can buy a coin book, or clear covers for them?
    To each, their own I gather.

  73. high low silver says

    I’d call NGC, or even ANA to see how legit this is ,if you were the winning bidder.

  74. Hawkster says

    The topic of this posting is the Girl Scout Set. Anyone remember? By my tally, the last comment that had anything to do with the Girl Scout Set was 72 comments ago. It says a great deal about the lack of interest in this Mint product, as the interest quickly waned and shifted to other off-topic discussions.

  75. Hawkster says

    high low silver,

    O.K., you made an attempt to go back on-topic. Let’s see how long it lasts!

  76. Blair J Tobler says

    I kinda like the sets the mint puts out, and I plan to order this one and the Generals Profiles set next month. I’m not too concerned about secondary market value, I just like the collecting aspect. Of course, if my future financial picture takes a turn for the worse, I reserve the right to change my opinion (LOL)

  77. VARich says

    Hawkster – no pun for this one? This one should be easy pick’ns…

    ….ohh, sooooooo ready for the sales report and to move on to another topic!

  78. thePhelps says

    Hawkster…this subject has been up for 4 days now and there isn’t much left to say about it. The coin isn’t very good, the price isn’t something most GS will rush right out and buy. I am not impressed with this entire offering of any of the coins – or this collectors set.

    Even if they threw in thin mints – this is a dog barking for abone.

    Now back to the coin set…

  79. Hawkster says


    Am I sensing a slight resurrection of on-topic GS comments? I’m really not interested in GS mints, only U.S. Mints. Let’s face it, the GS coin set doesn’t have much merit, unlike their badges.

  80. high low silver says

    The Girl Scouts were founded in 1912…… This coin is 1 year late.The GSs celebrated 100 years last year ! 2012.

  81. Hawkster says

    high low,

    Is that GS Mint cookies figures or U. S. Mint figures? And what Mint figures are out?

  82. Hawkster says


    I tried to download the website you posted but, evidently, my PC security is picking up cookies.

  83. high low silver says

    Hawkster: Do you have something to add here ? Or, you just blowin smoke?

  84. Hawkster says

    high low,

    We did make a valiant (well, half-hearted) effort to get back to the GS coin, but it looks like this topic is coming to a merciful end with Michael’s new posting that deals with the platinum proof coin.

  85. fmtransmitter says

    it wasn’t a ‘fake” set, it was test slab for their new 4 coin holders…lmao

  86. high low silver says

    Hawkster : I found another way to roast pork ribs……If your intrested??

  87. Hawkster says

    No, high low–I’m a vegetarian. By the way, it is “you’re”, not “your”. As a girl scout might suggest, why don’t we play “TAPS” on these on and off- topic comments and put them to rest.

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