2013 Kennedy Half Dollar Bags and Rolls

Tomorrow, June 20, 2013 at 12:00 Noon ET, the United States Mint will begin sales of circulating quality 2013 Kennedy Half Dollars in bag and roll quantities. The half dollar denomination was last produced for distribution to circulation in 2001. For each subsequent year, the coins have only been minted in limited quantities and distributed to collectors within numismatic products.

2013 Kennedy Half Dollar

The available products options for the 2013 Kennedy Half Dollar will include a two roll set and a 200-coin bag. The two roll set includes one 20-coin roll from the Philadelphia Mint and one 20-coin roll from the Denver Mint, available at a price of $32.95 per set. The 200-coin bag contains 100 coins each from the Philadelphia and Denver Mints and is priced at $139.95 per bag. These prices are unchanged from the levels of the previous year.

The wrappers and canvas bags carry indications of the “P” and/or “D” mint mark along with the face value of the contents.

The US Mint has stated that these products will remain available for one year from the initial on-sale date or until inventory is depleted prior to the one year time frame.

Recent circulating coin production figures show that the Philadelphia and Denver Mint have struck 1.8 million circulating quality half dollars each for the year to date. This is amount is roughly in line with the mintages seen over the past five years of the series. Demand for circulating quality half dollars within numismatic products seems to have found a consistent base level of demand.

The Kennedy Half Dollar may see increased attention and demand next year, when the design reaches its 50th anniversary. The US Mint has conducted a survey to evaluate special sets which may potentially be issued in 2014. Such surveys have been the precursor to special sets or coins issued for the American Silver Eagle and American Gold Buffalo series.

The survey mentioned a wide range of potential 2014 Kennedy Half Dollar 50th Anniversary Sets under consideration. One possibility is a four coin set including reverse proof 90% silver half dollars with the “P”, “D”, “S”, and “W” mint marks. Another interesting possibility called for a three coin set including proof, reverse proof, and uncirculated 90% silver half dollars with different mint marks. Other possibilities called for two, three, or four coin sets with various combinations of clad and silver half dollars with varying finishes and mint marks.

Other News

gold-buffaloThe United States Mint has provided a release date of August 8, 2013 for the 2013-W Reverse Proof Gold Buffalo. This coin will be issued to celebrate the 100th anniversary of James Earle Fraser’s American Buffalo design.

The Mint has previously indicated that the reverse proof coin will be minted to demand. As with other numismatic gold products, the pricing will be determined based on the average market price of gold during the weekly period leading up to the release. Unless the Mint plans on adding another column to the pricing grid, it would seem that the price of the reverse proof coin will be the same as the standard proof, which was released on May 23.

In other developments, the US Mint has started posting weekly numismatic sales figures on their website. The information can be found in this section along with reorganized figures for other categories.

The figures provided are for cumulative sales, without an indication of the change from the prior week. I will continue to publish the regular weekly numismatic product sales report on Coin Update News, which calculates the weekly changes and provides relevant commentary and comparisons.

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  1. Don says


    You brought up the point that the plunging silver market might result in more cancellations of the WP set. The intrinsic (bullion) value of the set is now coming in around $40., as you stated in your comment. The big question is whether or not the numismatic value of the set will hold, especially since there were around 180,000 ordered. Obviously the collector/investor does not want to see an immediate decline in the value of the set.
    The secondary market, particularly Ebay, will provide the answer to the WP set’s short- term value. I would assume that the 2006 and 2011 SE sets will continue to hold their strong numismatic values despite the decline in silver prices. They have the supply and demand thing going for them. In other words, the numismatic value is largely the determining factor for the strong secondary market for the ’06 and’11 sets.

  2. george glazener says

    Silver crashing….Good thing I have some GOLD.
    Uh oh, Gold crashing too. Good thing I have mutual funds.
    Uh oh, just checked Wall St Journal…..stocks are tanking. Good thing I have some land. Real estate won’t ever go down in value, will it?

  3. bigdawg says

    west point 2 coin set on ebay pcgs ms 70 first strikes 7 hours left on auction set is going for $380.00 so far ,for $39.00 worth of silver,i’am a 60 year coin collector cannot see that at all!!

  4. george glazener says

    LOL, what color are the rocks? If they’re silver or gold, I ain’t touching it…!

  5. george glazener says

    Me either. It’ll be interesting to see what the boys on CoinVault have to say tonight..!! How do they spin this crash into sales….?

  6. IPS_STUFF says

    Regards to Steve’s – my west point silver eagle set shipped today…

    anyone else have an order showing shipped ? When I called an canceled one of my orders today, I was told they would not ship until early July.

    anyone with credit card charged?

  7. Rich says

    Steve – I’m going to have to live vicariously through you, so pop back on here when your sets arrive and tell us what’cha think. My 08-08 date hasn’t budged.., what a 24 hour difference in order placement makes.

    High Low – I cancelled my Sept order

  8. VaBeachEd says

    Just Checked my WP order with the mint. Two orders said to ship on 6-17 and third order is backordered to September.

  9. high low silver says

    No $$ here unless your a Cvl war buff gg….. I would love to rent a metal dectator tho….

  10. george glazener says

    I actually am a CW buff, and the Revolution too..!!
    I’m hoping to have time to visit Gettysburg in 2 weeks or so, Shouldn’t be much of a crowd there, ya think?

  11. Dan in Fla says

    Provident finally shipped my Perry coins today at 5pm. On the WP sets I called the Mint today and they told me that they are not in the warehouse yet so they cannot ship until 7/2/13.

  12. Paddy says

    George, I always find time to go to GB. They should be opening up the Site the IParks purchased a couple years ago. It was in private hands previously and has a golf course and Hotel on it.

  13. Hawkster says


    Your WP sets shipped today? By some chance, are you a large quantity dealer or associated with one, such as HSN, Coin Vault, etc.? Or are you a little guy like the majority of us with a few (small quantity) orders for the sets?

  14. Hidalgo says

    @George – precious metals are dropping in value big time. I sure hope you did not buy bullion coins because, in general, they are worth only what the market will pay.

    Some, but not all, US Mint products can retain high secondary market values even if they are not worth their bullion content. Why? Economics 101 – demand and supply drive secondary market values. High demand will keep values high, whereas low demand will make values fall.

  15. Leo S. says

    I checked on my WP sets and it said that they were to ship on 6/17. However, today is 6/20 and my order is still on backorder. There seems to be a problem or I have a bad callender.

  16. Don says

    George G:

    If you get to Gettysburg, could you keep us posted on the battle results? The early betting line has General Meade’s Army of the Potomac as slight favorites over General Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia.

  17. says

    @Hawkster…I’m just a small-time guy like the rest of you. My order that shipped today is for 10 sets. When I go to track my order page it also has a tracking #. My cc was charged yesterday.

    I don’t understand why the Mint’s employees are telling some of you that the sets won’t ship until July.

    My sets were ordered @ 12:11. I’m sure that if mine were shipped today, thousands of others were too.

  18. Ray says

    @george, I live in Denver and the housing market has been booming for a while. Booming so much, that analysts are now saying that we’re in a bubble. Crazy huh? I’ve been shopping for a rental property and I’ve seen prices get out of hand, so I’m happy to hear this is a bubble. Some condos that I could have bought for 35-40k a year ago, were selling for around 65k 3 months ago, and now asking prices are 90k, and looks like it just sold for 88k. nothing and nobody is safe. i’m sitting still for a bit. thought about buying PM, but backed out after reading a lot today. for once, it seems that cash may be a good thing to be holding.

  19. george glazener says

    I sure will. I’m going to rig the outcome though. I’m planning on Skype-ing the Federal troop movements to Lee on the morning of the 1st. That is if he hurries up and learns how to use the laptop I gave him a year ago. He’s kind of behind the times with technology for some reason. Then I’m going to have a talk w/ Pickett to see what he has up his sleeve. He keeps saying he has a big surprise for us on the 3rd day. In any event, my money is on the Confederacy…long may she live…!!

  20. high low silver says

    What the ?? I thought that was a couple 100 years ago ?? Wow ! I thought gg stood for general grant……

  21. bill b says

    Condos were going for 35-40K???

    Forget the bubble at 90K, that sounds like a depression!!

  22. george glazener says

    Nope, Grant was in Vicksburg at the time. But he kept up with what was happening at Gettysburg by watching FOX NEWS.

  23. george glazener says

    But seriously folks, if anyone collects the Presidential Dollar Rolls, I’ve found an eBay store that sells them for 34.95 each for a heads+tails roll. Free shipping too. That beats direct from the MINT and you are certain of a heads+tails roll.

    The vendor’s e-mail is Quartersareus@aol.com. I’ve had no problems with these folks, good product & service every time. They are the very same rolls as the MINT would ship, not re-wrapped or anything.

  24. Buzz Killington says

    When you see 125+ comments to an article about half dollars, you just *know* something is happening with the PM markets….

  25. Ray says

    @bill b. yep, one in that building sold for 38k in 2011. it needed a lot of work of course. one that didnt need much work sold for 65k in 2012. now that same exact unit is listed for 98k. i think he’d be lucky to get 80k, maybe 85k. its certainly not vail, co. probably one of the cheapest places to find a condo, and def not an area i’d live in, but as long as u have a good tenant, theres $$ to be made. u can rent those units for $850-950/month w/o util. was a great place to buy a unit as a rental property. now i’m looking at taking a different route. i just started hearing talk of a denver real estate bubble yesterday, so i have a lot more reading to do about it. that analyst said this bubble looks like it will fizz, more than pop. as a buyer, i’d prefer it to pop. home values in my mountain community havent jumped around a lot like what I’m looking at in the city.

    anyone heere from Colorado?

  26. george glazener says

    I WAS planning on selling a boat load of 64 Kennedy Halves on eBay this summer. Now I think I’d be smarter buying them while the getting is good.

  27. george glazener says

    Nope, just visited CO many times. Absolutely love it out there…!
    Went to Red Rocks for the 1st time in 2011. What a great place to see a show, if you can survive the hike to your seat…..ugh…

  28. Don says

    George G:

    Speaking of Vicksburg: My wife and I drove the Natchez Trace Parkway a few years ago and we swung over to Vicksburg National Park for the day. It’s an awesome loop drive around the battlefield. The USS Cairo, the ironclad ship that was pulled from its watery grave in the Yazoo River in the mid 60’s, is beautifully reconstructed under a pavilion-type structure. Of course the Cairo is on the Vicksburg ATB quarter.
    And yes, Grant was the Union leader at Vicksburg–the Union troops eventually encircled the town, forcing many of its residents to live in caves and enduring starvation because of a lack of food. Ultimately the Union prevailed and winning Vicksburg was the key in gaining control of the Mississippi River.

  29. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    50 years after JFKs death and we cannot even take our own astronauts to space. We’ve forgotten the Moon and scrapped the Space Shuttle. We’ve committed ourselves to petty wwr games. America needs to start dreaming again.

  30. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    …and where’s the MLK half dollar?
    we’ve forgotten what is important.

  31. fosnock says

    Well the CME rose margins by 25%. In the middle of a blood bath. This might have had something to do with the lower price. As far as why the 50 cent piece stopped circulating it is called Gresham’s Law the clad coins drove out the last silver coin as people horded them

  32. Fosnock says

    @Samuel – India tied this back in the 70’s it did not work then and I doubt it will work now, but it does buy time for the bullion banks to replenish their gold stock.

  33. simon says

    The traditional Au-buying season in India is later in the year, and the steep exchange rate decline for the INR does not favor Au purchases. The Finance minister has asked their citizens to put off Au purchases for a year to reduce the current account deficit. It will be interesting to see what happens in the near future.

  34. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    If I was in 1964, this 2013 Kennedy half would look like something out of the Twilight Zone that fell out of someone’s purse.

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