2013 Limited Edition Silver Proof Set Sold Out

As of yesterday, the 2013 Limited Edition Silver Proof Set has sold out at the United States Mint. This product carried a limit of 50,000 units.

The Limited Edition Silver Proof Set was introduced in 2012 as a new product type which incorporated some of the US Mint’s most popular silver coins. Each set contained the 90% silver dime, quarters, and half dollar, along with the standard Proof American Silver Eagle, packaged within a single protective lens and presentation case.

In the past the US Mint has offered other upscale products which recombined coins available within other formats. From 1983 to 1997, the Prestige Proof Set had contained the standard composition proof coins along with one or more of the year’s commemorative coins. From 1992 to 1998, the Premier Silver Proof Set had included the same coins as the Silver Proof Set, but in a special presentation case and box. From 2005 to 2008, the American Legacy Collection had combined standard proof coins with one or more commemorative silver dollars.


The 2013 Limited Edition Silver Proof Set originally went on sale December 12, 2013. The set contained the five 2013-S America the Beautiful Quarters, 2013-S Roosevelt Dime, and 2013-S Kennedy Half Dollar struck in 90% silver and the 2013-W Proof Silver Eagle. The eight coin sets were priced at $139.95 each and carried a maximum mintage of 50,000 units.

The pricing represented a premium to the cost of the same coins as included within other products available from the US Mint at the time. The seven 90% silver coins could have been obtained from the annual Silver Proof Set and the Proof Silver Eagle could have been obtained from the 2013 Congratulations Set for a combined cost of $108.90.

Despite the disincentive of the pricing, the 2013 Limited Edition Silver Proof Set recorded sales of more than 38,000 units by mid-February 2014, when the regular Silver Proof Set sold out. As of April 27, 2014, sales for the set had reached 48,111 out of the 50,000 maximum mintage.

Following the sell out, the 90% silver proof 2013-S Roosevelt Dime and Kennedy Half Dollar are no longer available from the US Mint within any format. The 90% silver proof quarters still remain available for sale within the 2013 America the Beautiful Silver Proof Set and the 2013-W Proof Silver Eagle remains available within the 2013 Congratulations Set.

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  1. Gary says

    I do like these and have the 2012 and the 2013 Sets. But I wish they would have started this in 2010 when the ATB quarters program started. And also, would have been nice if they would have minted 50k S minted Proof Silver Eagles for these sets. If these had a limited S Proof Eagle of 50k every year, I doubt they would last a day before sell out!

  2. thePhelps says

    It is too bad they can’t figure out how to package these. The 2012 set had the coins falling out in shipping, and the 2013 packaging … was worse with the visual display ruined by the “orange peel” effect and the scratches etc…

    Given a choice between the 2 – I’d have kept the 2012 packaging.

  3. Dan in Fla says

    I decided to purchase two of these sets and should have them tomorrow. Guess I had a feeling. Personally I prefer the 2013 packaging because the individual coins are encapsulated before going in.

  4. Dave says

    I don’t think these coins are “encapsulated”. If you open the case, you will find the coins raw and placed in a quite cheap one sided “holder” which is responsible for the “orange peel” effect which mystified me until I became brave enough to pop the case to see for myself ( after another brave blogger reported having done so.)
    I find the above described holder as a cheapening of the set as the beauty of the coins on one side is totally ruined when viewing in the original holder. I wish the mint would use opinion groups of collectors before changing product packaging.
    I am also disturbed by the ease of opening the holder. It would be very easy for unscrupulous individuals to remove the original coin and replace with a lower quality coin and then sell it as original. This was impossible to do with older proof sets. They were nearly impossible to crack without damaging in a recognizable way.

  5. VA Rich says

    Dave – having disassembled the case, is there any way practical to remove the plastic film on the back (obverse) side? I couldn’t tell that it served any benefit, just that it was applied to inside the case.

  6. fmtransmitter says

    Just peel it off. The saran wrap effect was not to scratch the plastic holders. If you remove it you will see glistening beautiful; silver coins, if you keep it on your case won’t get scratched up.

  7. fmtransmitter says

    Glad for sell out! Keep us posted with sales all you fleabay watchers!

  8. VA Rich says

    I think the best way to enjoy the 2013 LESPS is to print out a color copy of the picture that Michael has posted above, and tape it to the top of your unopened LESPS mint box. It’s hurt every time that I look at my set.

  9. Samuel says

    Dave, i remember that brave blogger is “Bama” in FL or somewhere. i am just curious, how he opened the case but did not see the plastic film!

  10. fmtransmitter says

    Was anyone able to remove the TR silver medal from the set and inspect it in hand with white gloves of course? That thing is in there good.

  11. fmtransmitter says

    Agree VA Rich, or remove the film and carefully enjoy it with white gloves when you want to handle it…

  12. fmtransmitter says

    I got a big ol bag of those white gloves online for dirt cheap..Recommend them to anyone handling delicate numismatic products…

  13. Dan in Fla says

    Thanks. It appears I was wrong about the capsule on these sets. I just took the plastic wrap away and they look beautiful.

  14. VA Rich says

    cagcrisp / Pittsburgh – previous thread on those ship dates, it dawned on me just now that an order I placed later via cell phone was shipped prior to an earlier order via laptop/firefox – I realize this is a shot in the dark and I’m not trying to rack my brain over this, but any possible correlation from what you or anyone else may have experienced?

  15. fmtransmitter says

    Set looks great doesn’t it Dan? I feel for those who passed even though they could have gotten the coins in different packaging. These go so well with the TR set I got too!

  16. fmtransmitter says

    It DOES feel like the phone room and internet ordering is two separate entities VARich…Shouldn’t be but does seem like so…

  17. Jim_D says

  18. Samuel says

    Jim, it had been sold in THOUSANDS when included the dollar and half dime etc.

  19. simon says

    FM TX:

    Was anyone able to remove the TR silver medal from the set and inspect it in hand with white gloves of course? That thing is in there good.

    It takes a bit of effort but the unit does come free by holding the plastic well firmly around the rim/edge in both hands on the front side and pushing the bottom
    of same plastic well with both thumbs on the opposite side. All are held firmly in
    place “for future” generations / kid proofing.

  20. Pittsburgh P says

    @VA rich I don’t think there is any difference between phone and internet orders(unless phone orders gets quicker to the order number). Two of my four orders during the first two hours were phone orders and I haven’t seen a difference. First hour orders delivered and second hour orders waiting on both golds, all others delivered. not sure which were which but I know one order after 1 was by phone. not sure if it was 1:12pm or 1:27pm but no golds for either…

  21. Jim_D says

    Samuel, I was talking about the fact that the seller has a PGCS holder with a Mt. Rushmore label and a Fort McHenry in the holder. Supposedly he’s sold three sets. The picture showing the five holders has two with the same coin.

  22. Pittsburgh P says

    Yeah Jim_D I wonder if that slab brings a premium? Error slab 2013 Mt. Rushmore with Ft. McHenry…. lol Label collectors will go CRAZY!

  23. Jeff says

    I guess its nice no one here has ever made a mistake. What’s it like to be perfect I will never know myself.

  24. VA Rich says

    Would like to ask for a second opinion here – would a tiny grey tinted circle (the diameter of the inside area of the ‘P’ on a $1) barely visible to the naked eye though evident under 10x qualify the coin as a 69?

    Thanks in advance for the insight –

  25. Pittsburgh P says

    @Jeff I Doubt anyone would label you,or me, perfect… But If I paid someone to grade me I’d at least think they’d get my NAME right on the packaging! Guess your a loyal PCGS customer so sorry to ruffle your feathers… It was in jest.

  26. Pittsburgh P says

    @va rich imo if that is the only defect and if it has a good look to it or luster than no.

  27. GoldFishin says

    @ VA RICH

    NGC uses the standard Sheldon coin grading scale, which rates coins on a scale of 0-70. NGC defines a 70-grade coin as one that has absolutely “no post-production imperfections at 5x magnification”.

    I have personally talked to graders at PCGS and NGC. I am so picky about my coins that I have sometimes been known to send coins back to challenge the grade. In doing so, I have talked to NGC graders that told me exactly what is posted above. I talked to a PCGS grader that said he preferred no magnification but examined the coin in a dark room with a bright light on the coin, something similar to a jeweler’s light. Of course, we are talking moderns here. With older type coins I think all graders use magnification to check for signs of cleaning, filling, etc. that may not be noticeable to the naked eye.

    Having said all I agree with Pitt P. I think you are ok as long as it does not affect the eye appeal of the coin. Key words above from NGC are “post production”. It doesn’t sound like what you are talking about is post production.

  28. VA Bob says

    VA Rich – I would say yes 69 or even lower depending on a few factors. Is it noticeable without the loupe?

  29. VA Rich says

    VA Bob – it’s a tiny dark stain directly out from the ‘P’ at the 3 o’clock position in between the threads of the ball (there appears to be no imperfections to the surface of the coin otherwise). Looking down at the coin from top dead center, the spot is evident to the naked eye. Tilting the coin so your looking directly perpendicular to the stain mark, it disappears. So, Yes, your eye will catch it without a loupe. So if there’s doubt, then there is no doubt?

    Pittsburgh/Goldfishin – thanks guys, really appreciate the input, as someone above commented, it’s the hunt!

    I’ll chime back in here later as to what trends I’m seeing with the $1 PRFs.

  30. Mk says

    @Gf congrats on your terrific TPG results. I was just reading back through the old posts. Question for you, of your 70’s, are there any of those you didn’t think would grade that high? Any minor imperfections on them? If I remember correctly, I thought you believed some would grade lower..

  31. GoldFishin says

    Thanks MK! Yes, I will let you know exactly when my coins arrive. I took notes on each coin I submitted.

  32. CasualCollector says

    Regarding TPG’s – over the last few weeks I have purchased a few of the BHOF Graded coins (through eBay and HSN). They were all graded “70” from different TPG’s (PCGS, NGC, ANACS).

    In several cases, there have been coins that surprised me to have been given a “70” grade. I mean with the naked eye, there were some coins I would never think to submit for grading, and a couple of coins I would absolutely send back to the Mint for replacement or refund.

    So are these TPG’s grading differently depending on the customer submitting them? Let’s say they have a coin that is borderline “70” — would the average collector get a “69” and a BIG Customer get the “70”? (Or perhaps a new customer might be given a “70” in the hopes they become a repeat customer for their grading service?)

    To be fair, several coins were absolutely stunning and deserved a “70” — but it’s the coins I consider less than “70” that make me shake my head in disbelief…

  33. SilverFan says

    @CasualCollector. Most people cannot tell the difference between a 69 and a 70 especially with modern coins. Also, the grading is inconsistent. Like you, I have seen 70s with flaws observable to the naked eye. I have also seen 69s with no flaws even under a microscope. Not sure if some get preferential treatment or the graders simply get tired. Either way, buy the coin not the slab.

  34. CasualCollector says

    @SilverFan. I totally agree about buying the coin, not the slab. Unfortunately, I can’t easily attend coin shows, so I have to try to put some faith into the online venues and hoping that a “70” is a “70” (when buying graded coins).

    Someone was asking about a small gray spot whether that would make a coin a “69” — well I have several of these “70” graded coins from NGC that have MULTIPLE small gray spots. Perhaps it is a matter of their graders get fatigued — but that would be unacceptable for the service they are supposedly providing.

    I actually just bought some “69” Coins (still waiting for delivery) — just to compare them to the “70’s”.

    On the bright side, I originally thought some of the BHOG coins I bought directly from the Mint were “69” — but perhaps they are “70” if I send them in? They certainly look better than some of the “70” coins I purchased online.

  35. Pittsburgh P says

    @casual collector NGC and PCGS state that they guarantee if you feel with grading is incorrect they will re grade and if found to be wrong grade they will replace or refund your coin. Not sure how that applies to purchases on the secondary market or if you must actually get them graded with PCGS. I purchased a 2013 NGC 70 FS s ASE from APMEX that had a huge gash on the reverse above the eagle. It was so obvious that it wasn’t a 70 maybe not even a 69. I was just gonna return it to APMEX but since it was a fairly low priced coin I decide to call NGC and they told me to email a pic then after they reveiwed that to send it in and they replaced the coin! I was pretty amazed…

  36. Dan in Fla says

    Casualcollector- I noticed you mentioned HSN and I think they are probably the most expensive so watch but take it with a grain of salt.

  37. Mk says

    @sf, cc, gf, thank you for your reply and the information. I recently sent a few coins to NGC for the first time and of the four I sent, 2 silver prfs and 2 unc, I believe only one unc should grade a 70 as it had zero marks. However, the other three eh, I’m not so sure. Each one has some minor imperfection, whether it be a tiny grease or grey spot, to a proof that is perfect except for one grey spot along the rim. As far as the half clad prfs; of the five I received, I was too embarrassed to send them in for grading…they were all scratched in some way. I didn’t want to get them back from NGC with a note that said, “try another hobby, like stamps”. Lol

  38. stephen m says

    cc & all, I was told by a dealer at a coin show that modern coins are graded on a percentage. X amount goes to 69 and x amount gets a 70 without much regard to the way the coin actually looks. The dealer advised looking at several coins of the one desired at the same time, pick the best one you like and you have your coin. I have purchased graded coins but now agree with post here that swear by OGP, But I’m sure they have some graded coins.

  39. CasualCollector says

    @Pittsburgh P
    Thanks for that info. I’m also not sure about coins purchased on the secondary market. The BHOF coin I purchased has a gouge on the edge of the coin. I mean literally a gouge on the edge of the coin (missing metal). I was going to go home and do a return to the eBay seller (I’m hoping he does returns — I just got the coin yesterday).

    @Dan in Fla
    Agree that the HSN guy makes some “interesting” statements and claims (and they do seem a bit expensive at times). But for BHOF coins, they actually turned out to be one of the better priced for their graded “70” coins (that is if you actually get a 70 that should be a 70 — I’m a little upset with some of the coins I got from them — one (if not 2) of the gold 70’s I would have returned to the Mint for replacement.

    I know what you mean — I had some coins I was reluctant to send in to NGC. But after seeing some of the NGC 70’s I bought on the secondary market, I think some of my BHOF coins direct from the Mint will have a chance at 70.

    Thanks everyone for insight and comments — I appreciate it!


  40. CasualCollector says

    @stephen m
    Well that is very interesting — grading based on “percentages” if that is the case then I am tapping out of the TPG game. I hoped to get “perfect” coins for the premiums I paid on the 70’s. If they go by percetange than I’m going to stick to buying coins I can actually see in person.

  41. VA Rich says

    Dusty – that’s right, no dings, just a grime/grease spot. Tell me what you think.

    It’s going to be submitted anyway, I banged up the capsule last night pretty good. I was going to gift a few to charity for a silent auction later in the year, it should be a big hit regardless.

  42. says

    WOW…… Another day, another new record for a Gold OGP BHOF uncirculated coin. This morning with 52 bids one was sold with $14.95 shipping for the price of……………..$1,125.00……WOW

  43. VA Rich says

    As a follow on the previous postings, this is FYI on the $1 PRF & Half PRF coins –

    Over the past week I’ve gone through 4 separate order of $1 & .50 centers that ranged from 5 to 10 coins each all placed within the first hour (not all my coins).

    The trend that I’ve experienced for the $1’s is this – you’ll see 2-3 PRFs that are beautiful, absolutely spectacular. Then the 3rd or 4th will appear to have served on a battleship during WWII in the deep Pacific.., it’ll have grease, dings, gouges, salt stains, and look like it’s been to hell and back (Ok, slight exaggeration, but you get the point). I think the $1 PRF will come in at around 60-75% top notch coins, the rest you’ll be left wondering what to do with.

    On the clad PRFs.., good luck! 3 out of 10 will have no noticeable issues to the naked eye or 10x loupe. 70% of these also served in WWII on a Tin Can. I would buy one graded if you really want one and save yourself the hassel.

    Hope this helps – hope you fair better! TGIF!

  44. VA Rich says

    Oh, and on the $5’s – these fair much, much better, 80% on the PRFs will look spectacular, 90% on the UNCs.., but as other have commented above, we’ll see how it works out when my PCGS order is returned.

  45. VA Rich says

    cagcrisp – any thoughts on why some of these auctions are ending at like 8-9 a.m EST on a weekday, that seems counter-intuitive to trying to capture a larger bidder base?

  46. says

    @ VA Rich, the highest prices paid are on week days closing in the AM. Seems to be a lot of buyers that are buying while they are at work. Weekends and late PM prices are somewhat less. Coins in hand are a Major +

  47. Coinaholic says

    I have been following the thread on grading the BHOF coins and have a question. I received seven of the gold proofs and would like to send in for grading. As I sorted through the coins I noticed the following:
    3- Solid strikes no problems noted
    1-Solid strike small dot visible under magnification in field to right of glove
    1-Solid strike but what appears to be a small gold “dribble” visible to the naked eye in field to right of glove
    1-Solid strike except CM initials barely visible under magnification
    1- Solid strike but CM initials almost completely filled in and barely perceptible under 10x mag
    In looking at this group the only difference in detail l can see between the coins is in the area of the CM and DE initials. Any ideas as to how this would affect grading?

  48. stephen m says

    cc, The grading by percentages on modern coins is only one persons opinion. If you like graded buy graded, if not don’t. To me it’s all about what you like and prefer. A graded modern could bring more $ if you are a flipper and land 70 graded coins from the TPG’s.

  49. thePhelps says

    CO – agreed based on the limit of 2 commemoratives a year… they should save them for other programs and not add to the glut of park coins already being produced.

  50. Louis says

    regarding loupes and magnification- I think some people use too high magnification, which makes a coin appear to have a lot of imperfections, when it may not with less magnification. Given that NGC uses 5X, is that what you would recommend for a loupe rather than say 10X? Thnks in advance.

  51. gary says

    @Capt-O: Check out the article on the National Park Service commemorative coin program. In my opinion, the National Park Service Centennial IS of great national significance & very worthy of a commem coin program. As a devoted collector of the ATB 5 oz. P mints & proof silver quarters, I think it will be a fabulous highlight addition to my collection!

  52. gary says

    @Louis… maybe an electron microscope would be the best device.
    It could reveal any imperfections on the atomic level! LOL

  53. CasualCollector says

    @stephen m
    Thank you for the comments. I do like graded, but only when it works. The problem I am seeing is no consistency even within the same company. For intance, NGC might grade 3 of the same coin as a 70 — but I would consider 2 of them 70 and the 3rd one should have been returned to the Mint as a defect. And the same goes for ANACS.

    NOTE 1: This is in terms of ANACS and NGC. I do not have enough sampling to form an opinion on PCGS yet.

    NOTE 2: I do like NGC’s online verification of serial number (along with pictures of the coins). From now on I will ask eBay sellers if they can provide the actual serial number for me to check (they aren’t the best pictures, but they will show things that might give me a heads up I don’t want the coin).

    For instance, take a look at this coin (although it is not mine, the spot to the left of the glove I believe is actually on the coin based on coins I do own that have been graded as a 70 by NGC)


  54. KEITHSTER says

    As I never had a coin graded nor own a graded coin but may someday as the money trail leads down that path::: Which is why most of my new ones stay sealed! But if you go to the mint image library I would tend to think your missing initials are on your proofs and the good ones are on the uncs looks to be par for the coin and should not impact the grade? But if they are totaly gone now that may be the new red herring ya’ll are looking for only got the unc so my initals should be there.. So I wouldn’t get the undies in a bind and go rippin the rest of the boxes for this new one looks to be the norm on the proofs. Good Luck All -Play Ball

  55. Samuel says

    why NGC charged me about 1% less than the number in the submission form, and not in whole dollar?

  56. mark says

    Wonder whats up with a big precious metal dealer< buying up all these BHOF gold coins at top dollar on ebay?

  57. Dustyroads says

    VA Rich, I really like the way GoldFishin said it, I think he’s right on. There shouldn’t be a lower grade without contact, just possibly eye appeal. I wouldn’t suggest you do it, but I know that I would look very closely at the possibility of removing it. You could try a jewelry chemical dip if your brave. If it’s a gold, I think I would leave it alone for now, but I think you should be able to safely venture with a silver. You may be able to gently work with the head of a tooth pic, jewelry cleaner, or anything else that can confine your work to the small area to be cleaned. I have read stories about major increases in value because of a careful chem dip in jewelry cleaner. Just trust your judgment.

    CasualCollector, Ive read so many comments over the last few years here expressing objections over TPG grading. You must be a very convincing person, because your comment above about TPG quota type grading does make since. Albeit doesn’t happen very often, I will send back to a retailer a coin which was graded a 70. I don’t know, maybe PCGS, NGC, and ANACS will let one small imperfection slide in grading a modern. Maybe they really do only use the naked eye and good lighting for grading moderns, which would thoroughly explain all. The thing that gets me sitting up in my chair is the mention of preferential grading or quota grading. That’s something that we may never know, but I wish we could get the real story.

  58. stephen m says

    cc, That spot, I looked, could be on the coin or a smudge on the holder or a shadow. I see your point it appears to be a spot on the coin and received a 70 grade. Remember NGC does have a guarantee for the grade assigned. No everyone, I don’t work for NGC . I think other 3rd party graders also offer a guarantee for the grade although I don’t know anyone that actually challenged any of those guarantees or know how they came out.

  59. Ray says

    We’re gonna see the gold coin going for 2000 in ogp within one year. thats why big coin dealers are buying and not selling.

    i mistakenly canceled my only 1st day order of the gold bhof coin. i hope my 2nd day order gets fulfilled. i tried calling and reinstating my canceled order from 3/27, but the cust serv people werent having it. maybe i should try and call again. i really want a full set of these coins, but I dont want to pay $2000-3000 for the 2 gold coins. def my biggest blunder since i started collecting coins

  60. Dustyroads says

    Louis, Thanks for mentioning the loop strength at least used on classics. A 10X will is bring out way too much.

  61. CasualCollector says

    The strength of the Loupe is an interesting topic. I will say ALL of my posts have been about defects that can be seen without a loupe. These defects are so obvious that I think the graders can’t see the forest for the trees. They have to take a step back and look from a distance…

  62. VA Bob says

    VA Rich – If you feel the mark is grease (probably die polish), and you feel comfortable enough to try and remove it yourself, you can dampen a Q-tip with dip and ever so lightly blot the spot. Do not rub. Yes, even TPG’s dip coins. The steps are easily found on the internet. For a full dip, I would recommend a practice run on a common coin. Proofs are difficult. If it’s just a tiny spot, I recommend the Q-tip method first.

  63. fmtransmitter says

    I see the gold HOF settling around 2 to 3 grand eventually…Too unique and large appeal to non collectors…

  64. fmtransmitter says

    A lot of times I see the black “felt” on the coin capsule that looks like a dot. That is why I remove all my coins from the capsule for inspection albeit carefully and with new cotton white gloves.

  65. fmtransmitter says

    Is anyone sending this LESPS to PCGS? Please post your grades if so…Happy collecting!

  66. VA Bob says

    Louis – some graders use 10X. It’s only twice as big as 5X and IMO it is not uncommon for a nice coin to look great under 10X (think how wonderful it will look under 5X or the naked eye). Typical modern collector that buys from the Mint will not have to worry about hairlines and such. I prefer 10X because it leaves less to chance, and it’s probably good to stick to the standard you use all the time to keep yourself trained. Others may like less.

  67. VA Bob says

    Coinaholic -it’s not uncommon for tiny areas like the engravers initials to fill some over the course of their use. You said the strikes are solid, so I wouldn’t worry so much. If they had a weak strike, then you would be looking at diminished eye appeal and possible grade reduction if severe enough. If everything else is popping you should be good. If you have reservations about any other aspect of the coin, trust your gut feeling.

  68. Louis says

    Many thanks to VA Bob, Dustyroads and anyone else who responded. I think the way to go is to have one 5X and one 10X or a loupe with both. I prefer a larger magnifier than loupe because my eyes are not great, but the small loupes are better for magnification. Anything more than 10X would be unwise as you would be seeing all kinds of stuff.

    I sold a couple BHOF coins and did pretty well though if I did not have bills to pay I would have waited a bit. But I still have a nice graded set left that was close to free and some dollars coming whenever the Mint decides to ship again.

  69. simon says

    one for the numis-philatelists :


    loupe 2c : The loupe may be one factor. There are others such as filed of view – i.e. it is beneficial to view the coin surface in its entirety under 5-10X, which requires a distortion free aspheric lens larger than the coin or a magnifying visor. The illumination source another factor, i.e. a broad spectrum incoherent source such as an incandescent halogen lamp could be more optimal than LED / flourescent sources (prone to speckle). Finally it is probably best to look at the coin head on (normal incidence) since tilting the coin would show artifacts such as shadows, minute frost breaks, etc.

  70. VA Bob says

    I’ve seen a few comments about TPG grade consistency with new releases. If you want the grader to spend more time and give the best possible consideration to your coin (realizing that some may not want extra scrutiny), hold off sending it in. The graders see 100’s or 1000’s of these coins over a short period and get fatigued like anyone would. They often crowd around a unique coin when one comes through the door. Now, even a BHOF is not going to be anything super special a year from now, but it will garner just a little more scrutiny, if just the grader appreciating the coin with a longer look. Just be sure if you are caught up in the ER/FS label keep it sealed in the box. If you are looking to flip for profit, send it in right away because you’re probably not too concerned about a questionable 70.

  71. Art says

    Received 3 LEPS, returned 3 LEPS. Not happy at all with plastic packaging with what looks like damage to the coins when it was really the plastic. All of the Mount Rushmore quarters were marked. Various other spots on different coins. There was even black debris stuck to the reverse of a Fort McHenry. I don’t know how the mint packages these days but they can’t seem to do it without debris getting inside their product packaging. No thank you Mint.

  72. Samuel says

    my turn to show off NGC results:
    3 $5 PF 70 UC
    2 $5 MS 70
    $1 100% MS 70
    $1 70% PF 70 UC, 30% 69 UC.
    no screening before submission.

  73. Frankie says

    Lucky you, Samuel.
    I haven’t sent any for grading but of the 7 $5 proofs I received thus far I had to return 3 for more than obvious flaws for which I did not even need a magnifying glass for!

  74. VA Bob says

    Simon, good comment, but that glass for 5oz. ATB’s is going to be something else!

  75. fmtransmitter says

    @ips_stuff says
    MAY 2, 2014 AT 1:50 PM

    any thoughts on buying gold bhof coins on Amazon?
    That seller has over 1000 100% positive, your good to go if you want to spend that much…

  76. VA Bob says

    “no screening before submission.”

    Samuel – That’s the beauty of fresh from the mint modern commemoratives. That should be the norm, but then why would anyone pay to have it done?

  77. ips_stuff says

    Thanks FM just have not approached purchase from Amazon before.
    Price for two seems in line with current trend, but way above the mint issue. I ordered an order from 3/28 but it may be only an order and never a sale. Thanks

  78. DCDave says

    @ Art,
    Returned my ’13 LESPS’s also. Tried to convince myself to keep them, but after the 3rd return, got my money back. Can’t enjoy the coins with all the white plasticy stuff in the holders. I think the ’12s will stay winners. A ’13 would be nice too for all that got ones without the extra “junk’ in the coin holders. Wonder if they were made in USA or China?

  79. Gary says

    So far I have seen a couple 2013 LEPS’s sell on Ebay for $163 and $172….so prices are bumping up a bit on these.
    I don’t believe these will fetch the $380 to $400 that the 2012 sets do. But I could see the average hit the $220 range?

  80. Mmm says

    Bid or not bid, that is the question?

    Mmm says

    May 2, 2014 at 1:20 pm

    I noticed that too. Look at http://www.ebay.com/itm/281322635306?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649.

    moderncoinexchange sold the same coin for less and is now winning this bid at 300 dollars more than he sold his coins for earler. What’s up with that?

    mark says

    May 2, 2014 at 1:11 pm

    Wonder whats up with a big precious metal dealer< buying up all these BHOF gold coins at top dollar on ebay?

  81. VA Rich says

    Pitt, VA Bob, Goldfishin, & Dusty – thanks guys, really appreciate the input. She is on her way so we’ll see in 4-5 weeks if she comes back as a prom queen, …or not. Learned a lot this week from all the great posts from this thread and the past two, thanks everyone.

    Simon – totally concur on the halogen bulb, it contrasts differences much better than an LED. I need to find one of those visor you spoke of, and a strong focus halogen and I think I’ll be set.

    Coinaholic – that “small gold dribble” on the PRF you mentioned, I’ve seen the same exact same thing. It’s something, after you’ve seen some of these, trends begins to become apparent – I’ve also seen $1 PRFs with shiny tick marks in the field at the 7 o’clock position, or serrated marks/cuts on the rim. The threads on the Clad PRF obverse seem to take a beating as well. Though all in all, I’m amazed at what a great job the mint did these and the difficulty in perfecting a domed coin. I suspect the TPGs hone in on the same trends…

  82. Hidalgo says

    @MMM – the way I see it is that there must be a reason why MCM does not this coin to be sold. Could it be that it does not have it in stock? Or it no longer has the coin in its inventory?

    If I posted an auction and did not have the coin in hand, I would bid an unreasonable amount for it. That way, no one would be able to purchase it.

  83. Mmm says

    MCM is buying the coin, not selling it. The person selling it is in New Mexico.

    Hidalgo says

    May 2, 2014 at 6:45 pm

    @MMM – the way I see it is that there must be a reason why MCM does not this coin to be sold. Could it be that it does not have it in stock? Or it no longer has the coin in its inventory?

    If I posted an auction and did not have the coin in hand, I would bid an unreasonable amount for it. That way, no one would be able to purchase it.

  84. Hidalgo says

    @MMM – Out of curiosity, how do you know it is MCM that is buying the coin? Do you know the handle that MCM uses? And how do you know how high MCM bid on the coin?

    The coin sold for $1,185, which is not so unusual for a MS70 early release version of the gold BHOF coin.

  85. VA Rich says

    A use for US Mint bags – for those of us that are liquidating some coins to rich folks so that we may maintain our collecting passion (or addiction) – here’s a good use for the bag – drop a standard small mint box into the bag to give it some structure, then add your lights, loupes, address labels, scissors, and tape into the bag. It provides a convenient and orderly way of maintaining your shipping supplies and MARKS IT AS YOUR territory (or US Mint property depending on how you spin it) to avoid the hassle of being bitched at by the wife or girlfriend when the supplies are all over the kitchen table on a Friday evening.

    But more importantly, it gives you leverage to tell (said girlfriend) that if you walk away with my scissors, it’ll all be back on the kitchen table come Sunday. Sorry for the vent, it had to happen, you guys won’t tell, & feel better now) 🙂

  86. Pittsburgh P says

    @Hildago I was wondering the same thing… I could not find any inclination that MCM was bidding on that coin. One never knows another bidders max bid unless @MMM knows the person that MCM paid to buy coins for them which is shill bidding and illegal under Ebay policy I do believe…

  87. GoldFishin says

    Guys he said Moderncoinexchange not MCM. He could tell by his feedback rating.

  88. CasualCollector says

    Well, MCM (ModernCoinMart) added both versions of the Gold this afternoon (NGC MS70 and NGC PF70). I got home to order a couple just now, and it looks like they are all gone. Wow, I thought for sure they would last a couple of hours (I think they were $1,349 each or $1,309 wire price).

  89. Pittsburgh P says

    MMM said moderncoinexchange first then was talking about MCM so I am not sure which but I saw nothing about either in the buyers feedback rating. Did you Goldfishin?

  90. GoldFishin says

    This Ebay seller Moderncoinexchange has sold HOF $5 gold sets MS70 PF70 for $2999 a few weeks back. Also has sold some PF70 ‘s right around $1100. So, he must have another buyer that wants a coin and decided to buy one back. He is not buying it back at a loss, but actually less than he sold the pair for at $2999. This stuff happens all the time. MMM might have sold some coins in the past and maybe had Modercoinexchange as a bidder on his auction or maybe he bought a coin or tracked Moderncoinexhange auctions and he knew his rating number which ebay provides in the bid history of the auction.

  91. GoldFishin says

    If you do a search for seller moderncoinexchange on ebay you will see he has a rating the number of the winning bidder. I think this seller probably had a buyer for a $5 proof which he is sold out of now or maybe just wants it to put a buy it now price on and draw in bidders for his other auctions.

  92. Pittsburgh P says

    @Goldfishin I’m not a seasoned ebayer so I’ll take your word for it… That makes sense but if that’s the case I’d want to hear it from MMM. Thanks for the answer though…

  93. GoldFishin says

    I was watching the same auction, but only to see how much the gold proof sold for. The trend the last week is definitely up on the $5 HOF gold proof. They were selling about a week to 10 days ago for $850-925 and now they are selling over $1000 consistently. Of course, there is not much supply right now because of the US Mint distribution woes.

  94. Pittsburgh P says

    I thought that number changes every time you get a review or is that a different number?

  95. fmtransmitter says

    Time to put it in the “bag” VARich and give that thing a rest…

  96. GoldFishin says

    Yes, it changes. I have a bunch of sellers in my watchlist that have been selling the HOF coins. I knew the seller that MMM was talking about. I checked the feedback rating and it matched the winner bidder’s rating of the $5 gold proof for $1185 or so.

  97. GoldFishin says

    Correction- I meant the OGP gold proof was selling for $850-925 about a week to 10 days ago. Now they are settling over $1000.

  98. BC says

    I purchased a variety of coins from dealers throughout the years. I decided to submit five of them,for grading to NGC. All five coins were from the 1890s to the 1910s. After the coins were graded, I was disappointed to find that four of the five coins were graded as “UNC DETAILS, IMPROPERLY CLEANED” and the fifth was graded as AU58.

    I’d like to have uncirculated, uncleaned coins in my collection and plan to replace them. In the meantime, I am wondering what to do with my NGC graded coins that were cleaned. I know that if I sell them to a dealer or on the internet. I would receive just a fraction for what I paid for them.

    Do any of you have any advice you can share?

  99. stephen m says

    Gold Fishin, I don’t think the gold Kennedy will attract as much attention or enjoy increased value like the BBHOF coins. Any predictions?

  100. Ray says

    After seeing 2 years of crazy prices because of a label, I am making it a point t go to next years. EVen with a limit of 3, the returns are totally insane. I could bring my gf and bring home 6 coins of each.

  101. Mk says

    Sorry this is way off topic, but those of you that use registered mail to send to tpgs, does your package normally track through the system?

  102. Louis says

    @Mk- It varies but often there s no tracking info., which is annoying, but it will get there.

  103. Pittsburgh P says

    Ray I was thinking the same thing BUT I’m going to have to like the coins or subject matter to do it. That way I will get to keep the coins for my collection for free and make somthing… Was thinking of Chicago for the Kennedy release.

  104. Dave says

    On Topic!
    It will be interesting to get the final number for the 2013 LESPS after all of the returns have been removed from the count. Surely should be the low bc # returned due to belief of poor packaging and / or coin quality.

  105. Dave says

    Off Topic :

    Sold half of my Philly Mint Store stash of HOF Silver Dollars last weekend. 1 auction at just under $100 ( and non-payment!) and several Buy it Now at just under $90 after postage deducted. All sold in a matter of minutes to max 4 hours! I am finding Buy it Now buyers pay immediately and auction buyers not so much.
    They are now selling in the $100-115 range pretty easily and the wife tells ME ( !) NOT to sell any more! THAT is a real switch in our household :-). I am debating releasing the remaining extras very slowly at increasingly higher prices to see what the market will bear . I am willing to let some go and have already done some gifting. The gifts have been heartily appreciated!
    It will be interesting to see what happens after the NGC deadline.
    I got my 1:15 3/27 order last Monday on the 4 th UPS delivery attempt! Got lucky when the delivery guy came early 2 Fridays ago and had to make 4 th attempt on a Monday (day off!). have yet to check quality as I am traveling. These would not be sent back even if less than stellar for fear of lack of replacement. I have had that happen before. I don’t want the refund, just those phenomenal circus coins. I just love this circus!
    Can’t wait to get the golds!

  106. MK says

    @thanks Louis… I was a little panicky as my coins were not tracking except for the initial scan… Postal service is such a disaster.

  107. Samuel says

    no, like I said before, the ngc messed up the label, they have both priority and reg at the same time. I just got email with only the t
    racking number from ngc.

  108. billb says

    Cleaned Coins,
    BC, I have had similar experiences with coins purchased which turn out to have been cleaned. Have some of the same labels you have after submission. (UNC details, cleaned) Unfortunately there are a lot of these unscrupulous folks out there who will mislead on condition of coins. I know many folks crack the submissions open and sell them to other unsuspecting folks. One way to get rid of them, I suppose. Personally I have just hung onto mine. The coins are still nice, and you can actually get a decent price sold in the ungradable slabs. Just curious, did you buy any of these cleaned coins from greatsoutherncoins? I have been burned by them in the past.

  109. BC says

    I bought coins before from Great Southern Coin. I sent one coin, a 1955/55 double die penny, to ANACS. I then received word that the coin had been cleaned. Fortunately, I was able to get a refund. I will never buy from them again.

    Based on the comments I’ve seen on this website, I believe many dealers inspect their coins with a magnifying glass and if they look cleaned, they are sold on the internet (instead of being certified). So based on my recent experience, I will never buy coins from certain dealers any longer. And I know who they are (Great Southern Coins is one of them). Some of which likely come here.

  110. VA Rich says

    Jeff – since we’ve always been thinking a like on the potential of the $1 PRF & UNCs, you seeing the MCM price of $299 for 70’s holding true for the long-term? Thanks

  111. VA Rich says

    Pitt – if you make it to the ANA show, keep us apprised, another regular poster and I will be there, would be fun for us from the circus to meet up for a ‘MNB regulars’ dinner on Monday eve.

  112. GoldFishin says

    @MK…It is very common for a registered to not show tracking info until it is delivered. My NGC shipment showed that it left Sarasota Wednesday, then crickets. I am hoping it shows Monday, because I am going on vacation and will be gone most of the week. Post your NGC results when you get a chance.

  113. GoldFishin says

    @stephen m…. IMO the Kennedy gold aftermarket performance will partly or totally depend on the mintage. It is a higher price point and NGC’s and Ebay’s higher cost will come into play when assessing if it is going to be an issue that all the big boys load up on. I personally think it is a very exciting offering and as a collector I will have to own it. There are many Kennedy collectors and they will have to own it. Think of what is has going for it. First, a 3/4 ounce gold coin. To my limited knowledge that has never been done before. Also 24 K makes it very desirable. Add that to all the Kennedy collectors and there obviously will be a lot of demand. But if the US Mint produces to demand for 30 days, I think real aftermarket performance may take a couple years, similar to what we saw with the 2009 Ultra High Relief. But long term for OGP buyers I think it is a no brainer. I will really be interested to see how they assemble these Kennedy coins as sets and what the mintage will be.

  114. Mk says

    @Gf-thanks for your helpful info. Dealing with the post office gives me chest pains and since I sent the only silver dollars I have in my possession to NGC for ER designation, I’d really like them to make it there and back. I’ll keep my fingers crossed and will certainly post my results when I receive them. As far as the NGC ER designation cutoff date of May 8th, how stringent is NGC? If it’s postmarked before the cutoff date, do they still label as ER?

  115. GoldFishin says

    @MK NGC- To qualify for Early Releases, all coins must generally be received by NGC or an NGC-approved depository within 30 days* of their release. Coins being sent directly to NGC do not need to be accompanied by original packaging or shipped in sealed Mint boxes, but must arrive within the time period described above. The Early Releases request must be noted on the submission invoice, and additional service fees apply for the special label and designation verification. This is the default label for coins received within their first 30 days* of issue.


    The package mailed to PCGS has a postmark date prior to the PCGS cutoff date for that particular coin/issue. Only the coins need to be mailed to PCGS and received within the first 30 days of issue.
    Submit the coins in the original unopened shipping box from the U.S. Mint with a postmark date prior to the specified PCGS cutoff date.

    MK-It is ok at PCGS to have postmark, but I have never run across that before personally. Others on this blog I am sure have, maybe they can address that. But, what is above is from their website. I would want it to be in house by the cutoff date if it was me.

  116. GoldFishin says

    @MK Call NGC customer service number Monday morning. They are very helpful and could probably ease your concerns. I would think since you mailed the package well before the cutoff date and they know how slow registered can be, they would go by the date on the package. Call 1-800- NGC-COIN Monday

  117. gary says

    I have sent & received expensive coins using registered mail and never had a problem with delivery to or from. But having said that, for all it’s security, the waiting to see an update online for the package is a real nail-biter for sure. I’ve had customers email or call me to ask what is up, even wanting scanned copies of my mailing receipts as assurance that I actually even sent their coins! Aggravating as it can be, I really don’t blame them. The USPS should do a better job of tracking registered mail online. Many times I see the online tracking only being updated AFTER the coin has been delivered!!!

  118. Mk says

    @Gf thanks for your reply.. I had joined NGC two weeks ago and when my packet and free coupons didn’t arrive, I didn’t want to wait so I shipped the coins out this past Thursday via registered priority mail. What I didn’t realize is that registered mail is actually snail mail and can take much longer than regular priority. I was hoping NGC had a grace period for postmarked items especially since their paragraph states “must generally be received” ..IMO that implies some leniency..

  119. GoldFishin says

    MK…yes I saw that language and that is why I think if you call they will probably ease your concern. I think it will be delivered before the 8th anyway. Breathe brother breathe. I under insured my coins coming back from NGC, I am a bit nervous myself with no tracking updates.

  120. Mk says

    @thanks Gary- I just saw your reply. I agree that USPS really needs to do a better job with their tracking information. I never send registered mail and for the cost of the service, the tracking really should work.

  121. GoldFishin says

    Gary you are right, the USPS could do a much better job of providing tracking updates for registered mail. I know that they have a paper trail the entire way. Each receiving employee has to personally sign that they received, inspected, and moved the package to the next destination under lock and key. That is part of the reason why it takes longer, but I don’t know why those receiving employees don’t scan the package when they have it in hand. Maybe us complaining will get the USPS to do a better job of that. Maybe they read this blog like the US Mint employees do. 🙂

  122. GoldFishin says

    Wow, speak of the devil! I just got an tracking update that my registered has arrived in my home town. Maybe I will get it Monday. Whew!

  123. Louis says

    regarding cleaned coins. keep in mind the majority of old American coins (19th century and before) are cleaned because in years past it was not well-known that you should not clean your coins. Dipping was very common and many dealers did it to enhance the value. Original coins usually have that dark look to them. If you get a coin graded and it comes back as detailed-graded because of cleaning, the coin is not worthless. dealers have told me the way it normally works is the coin is valued at the next lower grade, so if it is AU details it would be bought and sold as if it were an XF coin. But it also depends on how harsh the cleaning was. if it is a light cleaning, the value may not go down as much.

  124. Louis says

    It sucks that the gold proof BHOF jumped about $200 right after I sold one, but you know- as Jack Lemmon said in a movie: “That’s the way it crumbles cookie-wise”
    Anyone have any ideas why these coins jumped like that in the past few days?

  125. Mk says

    GF-That’s great…makes me feel a little better about the whole screwed up process..

  126. Jeff says

    @VA I see retail businesses under cutting in the short term that’s what they do clear inventory, However I am extremely bullish mid to long term. I don’t like to look at it like the stock market but once the weak hands clear out the strong hands will not let go for nothing . It’s like a roller coaster up and down however when the ride ends your heart is racing and all you can say is WOW. This is my opinion for the silver & clad the gold which I was unable to afford DO NOT SELL . These are easily a 5 bagger long term. I’m keeping mine waiting for the mint surprise I think we get one before the year is out

  127. GoldFishin says

    Louis…I agree with Jeff. There is hardly any supply of gold HOF coins for sale on ebay now with only 84 listings across all types proof, unc. graded, sealed. Also, the large sellers with reasonable prices sell out fast when they get supply.No supply and willing buyers=higher prices. Prices will ease off some once the Mint starts shipping again. But, I think it would be wise for people that don’t own the gold HOF’s that want to own them, buy the next dip in price. The way it is looking, that may be the last one. I just wish I had bought more than one of each, but I am glad at least I did get those. Well, one of them, I feel pretty sure I will get my Unc. gold with 12:58 purchase time, but you never know.

  128. Coolbowser says

    I think the supply is one factor driving prices higher and the other factor is next week is the cut off dates to get these graded as first strike or early release.

  129. GoldFishin says

    OT- Does anyone know where to find the latest mintage figures for the 2014 Great Smoky bullion 5 oz. coins? Not the specimen uncir. coins.

  130. Pittsburgh P says

    VA Rich… Will do, I’ll wear a clown mask or a ringleader hat to dinner

  131. Pittsburgh P says

    Way way off topic yet kinda on…
    is anyone out there use direct fit air tights for their coins storage? I usually get two of everything put one in these capsules cause I like the look and storage ease and keep one in ogp. I just tried to take out one of the 2013 silver ATB quarters and couldn’t at first. It was in there so tight I was afraid I’d never get out. Has anyone had this issue with these air tights… I was afraid I damaged the coin but it seems ok.

  132. GoldFishin says

    I use to have that problem when I was a bit younger, but not so much anymore. 🙂 I buy only the trademarked air-tite from a local dealer. I store some halfs, quarters, morgans, eagles, and maple leafs that way when I don’t have a full roll. I have never had the tightness problem you are talking about with the capsules. 🙂

  133. Pittsburgh P says

    My comments are getting cut off if I use a emoticon for some reason…

    Anyways, gotcha goldfishin!

    I only use trademarked Air tights too… I thought I was goin crazy and the mint made the silver quarters bigger for a minute.

  134. GoldFishin says

    Pitt P. I tried some off brand direct fit once a friend had for some halves and I had the opposite problem. The coins sloshed around in there like a stuffed animal’s plastic eyes. I don’t what kind you purchased, but I am sort of scared to buy something that may not be PVC free even though they may advertise so. It can discolor your coins over time.

  135. GoldFishin says

    two nights ago my comments disappeared altogether, I tried twice to answer a question that MK had and they just vanished never to return. I got tired of typing and gave up. I thought maybe I had said something wrong and got banished.

  136. GoldFishin says

    Pitt P don’t you have an order time similar to me for the Unc gold HOF? or did you already get yours? By my rough mathematical calculations I am thinking they only had somewhere in the range of 6000-9000 unc. gold already produced and ready to ship. What do you think?

  137. GoldFishin says

    Thanks Samuel! I didn’t know they updated every week there, I thought they just did it monthly. Thanks.. 23,000 is still relatively low, If they were to suddenly halt production this GSMNP may be a good one to own. I haven’t really followed these 5 oz. pucks all that close last couple of years, but I am sure Michael will keep us up to date.

  138. Mk says

    @Gf- I appreciate the thought… I should probably be banished for asking too many questions…lol
    @Pitt- I store almost every coin in Airtites, not direct fit though, I use the black rings because I really like how it makes the coin “pop” in the case. I use those in combination with the black cardboard style coin holders and storage boxes. Also, when I use the airtite with the insert, it makes it easier for me to pry open without fear of a tool coming into direct contact with the coin. They are definitely a pain to get open though.

  139. Pittsburgh P says

    Goldfishin my unc gold order was at 1:13 … I don’t think they had more than 10,000 ready to go. They should have em soon but you never know. I use the name brand Airtights.

    MK yeah I just started using the boxes and cardboard inserts… I love em. With the direct fits there is a plastics lip so a tool doesn’t come in contact with the coin too.

  140. Buzz Killington says

    Registered mail is the gold standard of mailing.

    The Hope Diamond was shipped by Registered Mail.

    Since registered packages travel under lock and key, they don’t go through the normal system, and you don’t see tracking updates. But registered mail packages aren’t lost, period.

  141. Mk says

    @Buzz-unfortunately the Hope Diamond was also sent in an era when you could safely send cash in the mail, and postal employees weren’t squeezing the envelope looking for gift cards to steal…

  142. fmtransmitter says

    @Buzz: Registered mail is the gold standard of mailing.

    The Hope Diamond was shipped by Registered Mail.

    Since registered packages travel under lock and key, they don’t go through the normal system, and you don’t see tracking updates. But registered mail packages aren’t lost, period.
    Agreed! They don’t play with registered..

  143. NATATACK says

    i had a registered package lost coming back from NGC about 1.5 years ago, lost a ms70 UHR $20 and SF ASE’s. Got reimbursed thru NGC. Their shipping boxes are dead give-a-ways as to what kind of merchandise is in there. Don’t know what the stats are on lost registered packages from there or PCGS but would be interesting to find out. I doubt they would freely give out that info tho….

  144. NATATACK says

    Not wanting to promote anymore label chasers but wouldn’t be cool if the TPG make a team specific label for the insert. With about 30 teams out there, I am sure the fans would love to see their own team logo on a certified coin. Shouldn’t be hard to get the labels going and negotiate royalties fees to the individual teams. who wouldn’t like to see a NY Yankees or LA Dodgers label. Then you got the diehards that would want a Brooklyn Dodgers label 🙂

  145. VA Rich says

    Just FYI if you’re looking to let one go,

    A $5 Unc in OGP will go $1,125 without an auction in a day; $5 PRF will receive offers in the neighborhood of $1,050 in a few hours. The big boys are buying.

    Now I know we’re currently in a bubble and in a year from now these will all come crashing down and sale for a pittance for what the mint sold them for.., but back in reality for the moment – the circus in smok’n and the fat lady is no where to be seen.

  146. HIdalgo says

    @VA Rich – I am a long-term collector. I typically sell when I want to get rid of extras or reduce the size of my collection.

    Concerning the Baseball Hall of Fame coins — you’re right. Prices WILL fall. You’ll see that happen when the US Mint fulfills its remaining orders. That’s when buyers will increase secondary market supplies when they post their coins for sale. As supplies increase, prices will decrease. (Note: we’ve recently seen the reverse — because of diminishing supplies, prices have increased).

    If anyone really wants to buy a PR70/MS70 BHOF coin, it’s best to wait. This month, I bought a MS70 Boy Scouts of America commemorative coin for just $45. And it was well worth the wait !

  147. VA Rich says

    Goldguru – if you’re still out here, any intel from your friends at the mint on the $5 ship dates? Dates from what I’m seeing all seem to be stacked either mid-month May or June.., wondering how this may really unfold or what they’re assessing.. thanks

  148. VA Rich says

    Hildalgo – that was a wee bit of lite hearted sarcasm on my part regarding the pittance, I weave that in from time to time. With how this blog feels about the BSA design, as a friendly courtesy – you may want to come up with a better example than the BSA coin or change your story please so we don’t ignite that firestorm (again) – just say’n partner!

    Headed down your way this afternoon, hopefully the wind won’t be too strong coming off the water.

  149. Pittsburgh P says

    @Va rich yea agreed this is a bubble and I really hope your wrong about prices coming down to what the mint sold then for but… That bein said I personally am holding on to the ones I have left. Imo prices should drop next week after the FS/ER dates pass. GG you there? About the golds they’ll be goin out as soon as their in… What I was told, which imo should have been last week!

    Hidago nice pick up on the 70 Boy Scouts coin… Im waitin for the 5 star generals unc. to come down a little further too to pick a 70 up.

  150. HIdalgo says

    @VA Rich – looking forward to your arrival. When you’re around, we can tour the sights and sounds of the nation’s capital. Perhaps we might bump into the next President of the United States — Hillary Clinton. Have a safe trip from the tide waters. And happy sailing!

  151. says

    I do not agree with comments about the BHOF Gold coins being in a bubble. I agree with the premise that prices will come down at some point. We have not reached THAT point. Baseball fans have yet to discover the coins. I gave a Silver proof to a friend of mine that is the head coach of a Division II top 10 baseball team. He had never heard about the coins and now it is sitting prominently on his desk for all the players, coaches, recruits and faculty to see. I know of 60 clads that were ordered because that one single Silver coin.

    I agree completely that supply is stagnant and demand is strong and that is the current driver of prices. The question I have asked is how many proofs/uncirculated were released initially and will the Mint release all the remainder all at the same time. Let’s just saw they did 10k and 5k the first time. IF they do 10k and 5k a 2nd time and then later do the remaining, then the market should be able to absorb it.

    I keep reading how so many are saying “Wait, the prices will come down”. IF everyone follows that heard instinct and it does not materialize then there are going to be a lot of people chasing prices.

    I don’t think a year from now you can touch an uncirculated Gold for under $1000

  152. Pittsburgh P says

    Cag I really hope you are correct & honestly I keep waivering back and forth on what will happen… I know I wish I had gotten more of the unc gold when I had a chance and even bought one for close to 750$ in trade days after they sold out. Only time will tell since no one can see the future!

  153. fmtransmitter says

    @NATATACK: They saw those beauties and decided to keep them and just pay you off imo….

  154. VA Rich says

    Thanks Hildago – I hope for many more beautiful days of spring like this one before summer hits. My invite to the WHCA dinner was unfortunately lost in the mail this year, it wasn’t sent Registered, though honestly, I am hoping for Sofia Vergara.

    Pitt- I was just joking about the ball drop, my dry sarcasm. Thanks Jeff- as Cag commented, I don’t believe we’ve seen the start of things to come yet. Accept for that initial 90 minute offering by MCM a couple of weeks back, I really haven’t seen any PCGS $5 by retailers, wonder if that’s a result of the 9th inning switch up by the mint to limit to 50.

    This is interesting – 03/27/2014 at 03:16 PM – 2014 BASEBALL HOF SILVER UNC – In stock and reserved
    ($5 pushed out to 6/21 now)

  155. VA Rich says

    One last favor to ask – if anyone has a $5 PRF or UNC shown as shipping in May (or In stock & reserved), can you please forward the order time and whether UNC or PRF – thanks in advance.

  156. HIdalgo says

    @VA Rich – to put things into perspective….

    I ordered my 2014 BHOF gold unc coin on March 27th at 1:02 PM. It is currently backordered. It is expected to ship on June 21, 2014.

    My 2014 BHOF silver unc coin is also backordered. It is expected to ship this month.

  157. SilverFan says

    Gold HOF coins are winners. I agree that they will come down as US Mint finally delivers, but there are many people interested in them and limited supply (especially for uncirculated) so long-term value should remain.

  158. HIdalgo says

    @Pittsburgh P – no one really knows where long-term prices for the gold BHOF will settle. I know baseball fans who could care less about the BHOF coins. They are more interested baseball-themed bobble heads, pennants, trading cards, etc. So they won’t be buying any coins.

    Buy the coin at a price that is worth it to you. If you buy the coin at say, $1,200 and prices fall to say, $700 later, then you’ll still have a coin that is worth $1,200 to you. The sentimental value and peace of mind will be worth $500. However, if you’re buying the coin purely for investment purposes, then you lose.

  159. A&L Futures says

    @ ANYONE

    According to PCGS’ POP Report, there seems to be a single 2013 MS70 Fort McHenry 5oz coin (# 518517)certified. Does anyone know if this is, (A) a typo, (B), a fact, and (3) if true, has it ever been highlighted in any of Michael’s MNB posts?

    As of this posting, it does not reside any of the published PCGS Set Registry’s.


  160. A&L Futures says

    I should point out that I’m referring to the bullion coins, not the “P” pucks

  161. CasualCollector says

    What are the thoughts on BHOF Gold Orders that currently have an expected 6/21 Delivery Date? Is that a real date, or is there a possibility the Mint actually delivers earlier than that?

    And how about BHOF Gold delivery dates of 7/17? (which I am assuming are orders placed during the “Waiting List” period). At what point will the Mint start sending out notices that the “Waiting List” orders are cancelled?

  162. says

    @Casual Collector, I think they are just leaving a 6/21 date out there and that shipments will be before then. Looks like they are employing different method for the Golds vs. the Silvers. Golds a 6/21 date and Silvers a rolling May date that they just continue to adjust upwards 1+ day at a time until they finally ship.

    I think if you have a 7/17 date you are on a slippery slope. Good luck. I’ve read on other blogs that the Mint has confirmed that some Gold orders have been cancelled but mainly because of exceeding household limits. It is hard to fathom anyone cancelling a $420 Gold that is currently selling for $900-$1000 but people do strange things.

    I think the analogy is something like this “I’m so mad at the Mint for not giving me my coin on time that I am going to cancel my order. So take that Mint!” and then they stick there tongue out…

  163. Pittsburgh P says

    @ Hidago, thx for your input. I agree but to me 1200$ isnt even worth the sentimental value for me. I’m keeping the ones that I have left and I already got rid of I was selling. I wasn’t planning on selling any but the price was raised so high I had to since it paid for most of what I kept.

    @casual collector I am with cag that the 21 of june date is only a date they put cause they had to put somthing. Imo they will be shipping much sooner depending on your order time. It might be right on for some and others it might be after. If your est date is in July good luck but you might be waitin forever…

  164. Jim says

    There has been much discussion here about the replacement of HOF coins if returned, so I wanted to relay my situation. I returned for replacement 4 of 10 silver proofs due to highly visible scuff marks in the proof field on both sides of the glove. The mint received my return on 4/26.

    My return has been processed as a replacement and all 4 show as in stock and reserved. These were so bad that if they had not replaced them but issued credit instead, that was ok with me.

  165. CasualCollector says

    Thanks cagcrisp and Pittsburgh P. You’re probably right that it’s just a placeholder and that some will actually ship sooner.. I was thinking that if that was a hard and actual date that the prices might go through the roof because of such limited supply at the moment. Actually, I am starting to see OGP prices on eBay settle down and actually start selling for just under $1,000 (after that initial pop above $1,000 over the last few days).

    I unfortunately have a 7/17 date and agree it’s a slippery slope. I wish they would put me out of my misery and just cancel my order instead of keeping my hopes alive. My order for one of each of the BHOF Gold was placed late Friday evening (I’m not feeling good about it being filled).

  166. HIdalgo says

    @Casual Collector – the 6/21 shipping date for the gold BHOF coins is an estimate. What I’ve noticed is that when the date is set, then there is an excellent chance that the coin will ship before the estimated date. However, when the date moves forward one day at a time, then there’s no telling exactly when the coin will ship — if at all (i.e., your order will be cancelled).

    Don’t give up hope about your gold BHOF coin with a 7/17 date. I remember about 2 years ago, I placed an order for a 2012 ATB 5 ounce silver P Hawaii coin while the coins was “backordered.” The date kept moving forward for months. I was debating if I should cancel my order. Then to my surprise, I noticed that my credit card was charged. And what do you know? I received my Hawaii coin at the US Mint’s “retail” price.

    Keep your gold BHOF order active. It won’t hurt you (unless you have known major expenses planned in the future).

  167. Pittsburgh P says

    CC yea late friday is not looking good imo but one never knows. As its bern said some people are nuts and think canceling an order actually hurts the mint! Those coins are sold already & to people like you who appreciate them. There is also the collectors/dealers that must have FS/ER and will cancel now or have already so good luck….

  168. HIdalgo says

    @cagcrisp – there might be a number of reasons why an order might be cancelled. For example, the buyer’s credit card may have expired or his/her credit revoked; they buyer made a mistake and ordered more than he wanted (or could pay for); the buyer placed several orders and cumulatively, exceeded the US Mint’s ordering limits; the US Mint could not reach the buyer by phone, email, etc.

    So for those who ordered while the waiting list was posted — don’t give up hope. Another reason for being optimistic — I thought I read that a US Mint representaitve stated that the waiting list notice was posted BEFORE the maximum limit (50,000) was reached. So if you placed your order shortly before the notice was posted, you still have a chance….

  169. Pittsburgh P says

    @Hildago I read that too… it was put up at 6:30 because it needs to be done maually and they wanted to get it up before they left for the night and it didn’t really sell out for a couple hours later. Some people were complaining about this but I’d rather have it up early then on the next day and be told it really sold out 8 hours ago!

  170. Mk says

    @CC- my gold order was placed on 03/27 at 6:11pm about 15 or so mins before the wait list was posted. I’m showing a backorder date of 07/07 which is so very close to your date, so you never know, you might get lucky…

  171. CasualCollector says

    Thanks everyone for your feedback. I’m definitely keeping the order open and my fingers crossed. You know I wouldn’t even mind getting coins that were returned. Although I’m not sure if they melt down ALL returned coins.or if they inspect them and re-cycle the coins that they think are ok. I’d be happy with the ones scheduled for melt down at this point…

  172. GoldFishin says

    @CC, today there is one Ebay buyer bidding on all OGP $5 gold HOF coins available up to $999 with still 6-8 hours remaining in the auctions. It seems somebody believes they are worth going after in mass. If you consider Ebay, paypal and potential grading fees, you would have to sell them for north of $1200 before you would even make a profit.

  173. Ray says

    Or maybe someone is schill bidding every existing auction. ive seen that before with other items.

    I’m hoping there were enough people with orders over 100 of the gold coins, and that my/our friday gold coin orders will go thru. i forget exactly when they put the sold out sign up for the gold coins. DId that happen on MOnday or Friday? anyone remember?

  174. CasualCollector says

    @GF — True That — but it looks like those are “In Hand Ready to Ship” On the other hand (i.e. Pre-Sale), a few sold in the $800+ range yesterday. And some “In Hand” even sold under $1,000 recently. All under the $1,100+ of a couple of days ago. For a while it looked like the OGP was headed to $1,100+ as the norm. But I don’t see that happening at the moment…

  175. CasualCollector says

    @Ray — they put the “SOLD OUT” sign on the Gold coins on Monday, 3/31/2014.

  176. Mk says

    Well at least they’ll be plenty of first spouse gold coins available…I’m so torn between the Lou Hoover or Anna Eleanor.

  177. SilverFan says

    @Mk. Good point about the gold first spouses. Get your beer goggles on to choose…lol

  178. HIdalgo says

    I am wondering what the impact of so many gold offerings this year will be on the sales of the American Gold Eagle and gold Buffalo. I wonder if we might see new mintage lows again this year. Too hard to tell at this point in time. But it’s fun to speculate… 🙂

  179. Pittsburgh P says

    @Hildago that article states the golds sold out on Thursday but they still took orders as they normally do til the 31rst… But imo its not normal to take that many wait list orders. Again, Imo a LOT of people are gonna strike out and be none too happy!

  180. Terry says

    I called mint last week about my BHOF gold that I ordered at 7:15 on 3/27. I was concerned about my ship date of 7/17 and I was told I will very likely I will get coin because “there has been a lot of cancellations”. Sellout was not until 8pm. She also indicated that not to be concerned about the 7/17 ship date because there are problems with their system.

  181. says

    You would think there has to be something triggering Gold ship dates between the two dates of 06/21 and 07/17. I would hope to think that anything sold early has the 06/21 date and anything sold after a specific point has the 07/17 date. According to the last Mint excel file (04/27) there are still listed as 61,050 Golds sold. That is 22.1% over limit. Last week the same excel file showed 61,104 Golds sold. That is a reduction of only 54 Gold coins and I would not characterize 54 coins as “a lot” so if “there has been a lot of cancellations” it has not made it to the accounting department yet. I bet the CR people are getting a lot of phone complaints and verbal cancellations but as yet the Mint numbers do not back that up. When the Mint changes the hard numbers then I will be a believer…

  182. Pittsburgh P says

    Took the words out of my mouth cag…

    Anyone who follows ebay. Where do I find the sold numbers of certain items at and their prices?

  183. Pittsburgh P says

    Also I’ve found that CRs at the mint tell people what they want to hear. Not to say she was lying to you Terry but I have had them tell me things that were lies just to get me off the phone or not ask for a supervisor… Same questions to several different CRs with different answers each time. I would much rather them tell me they didn’t know!

  184. Ray says

    Its been fun watching the silver coins sales numbers grow. They were going for 80 before the sellout and slowly crept above 100. now im seeing several auctions ending above 120, even a few above 130. any coin listed with a buy it now below 100 will be gone in a matter of hours, if not minutes. honestly, its doing better than I had thought. i wish i had a way to programatically extract the sold values and dates from the ebay servers.

  185. CasualCollector says

    @Ray — that is pretty amazing. One seller has sold 42 of the Silver Proofs at 134.70 (plus additional $2.95 shipping). And this is a Pre-Sale! Wow!

  186. CasualCollector says

    Forgot to add a question about the current pricing for the BHOF Silver Dollars. Would you rather buy a graded 69 Silver for $129 — or OGP for a little bit more? Based on some reported percentages on “70”‘s per batch, I think I would stick with the guaranteed 69

  187. HIdalgo says

    @Terry – I would not put a whole lot of faith in what the US Mint Customer Service Representatives tell you. Talk to three of them and you may receive three different responses.

    @Ray – prices for the silver BHOF coins are going through the same phenomenon as the gold BHOF coins. Why? Diminishing supplies and continued demand for the coin. Once the US Mint starts shipping the gold and silver BHOF coins again, you’ll see more listed for sale on the internet. And when that happens, supplies will increase and prices will begin to fall again.

    @ Casual Collector – from what I’ve seen, prices for MS69 mint products tend to be similar as prices for coins in original packaging. Collectors pay a premium for MS70 coins. Much depends on what you want to do with the coin in the future (i.e., keep it or sell it). Personally, I would rather have the coin in its original packaging. However, to each, his own.

  188. CasualCollector says

    @HIdalgo – yes, I would buy the 69 graded when it includes the OGP material. That’s the best of both worlds. Some of the coins OGP are so bad they need to be sent back for replacement. So you take a chance buying OGP from eBay (I’m just thinking the seller might have taken a peek at the coins before selling them — so what are the chances you are going to get a 70 OGP anyway???).

  189. HIdalgo says

    @Casual Collector – I am a collector, not a coin dealer. Based on my personal experience, I have found many (but not all) coin dealers will inspect their coins carefully with a magnifying glass/loupe. Those commemorative coins that they think will grade MS69 or lower are listed on eBay in their original packaging. (Some folks call this “cherry picking.).

    To answer your question — if a coin dealer (vs. a coin collector) lists a recent commemorative coin in its original packaging on eBay, the odds are significantly higher that it’s been inspected and would likely grade as a MS69 or lower. (Note: there is a reason why coins in unopened boxes sell for a higher price than those that have been removed from their boxes).

  190. CasualCollector says

    @HIdalgo – so you have proven my point — if you are going to buy an OGP on eBay for $137, why not buy that same coin graded by PCGS or NGC at a 69 for less money (with OGP Materials included). Of course you give up the “chance” of getting a 70 OGP from the honest dealers. But you also eliminate the possibility of getting an OGP Coin that you would rather return to the Mint for a refund (if you bought it directly from the Mint).

    Either way, I agree that once the Mint ships the reminder of the Silver coins it stands to reason that prices will come down as dealer supplies ramp up. Simple Supply-and-demand economics…

  191. HIdalgo says

    @Casual Collector – yes, it’s Economics 101 (available supply vs. consumer demand = market price). I’ve seen it time and time again. When you think about it, a mintage of 400,000 silver commemorative coins is NOT low.

    Right now, we’re in a seller’s market. Eventually, there will likely come a time when we’ll be in a buyer’s market. That will be the time to buy. When that will happen remains to be seen. The BHOF coins right now are hot. However, like most hot “gotta have” items, demand eventually cools down and then they move on to the next “hot” item. The frenzy we are seeing will not last forever.

  192. fmtransmitter says

    Well I could be kicking myself one day but I put my only HOF Gold Proof up on the bay sealed in the box from the mint. Probably won’t sell which is fine with me. If it does, fine with me. Ha…

  193. Pittsburgh P says

    Fmtrans I couldnt find your, or any, listing for a sealed box gold proof… Only sealed box was for 4 unc golds and high bid was 4785$ with 3 days left… Crazy!

  194. charles says

    fm, I’d be surprised too if it sells….PF70’s don’t sell near your bin price. Maybe you’ll get a good offer though. Good luck to ya!

  195. charles says

    fm…one last thing…you might want to add the word “baseball” before hof in your title…more people would find your auction..imo

  196. Ray says

    @JonInCT, I spent about an hour looking through their API and I downloaded the .NET SDK and will be toying around with it in my free time. Seeing the API documentation really got my wheels turning today.

  197. fmtransmitter says

    It’s set to re list 3 times automatically and I DO have a best offer option but I hear ya. I don’t really WANT to sell it but if someone just “can’t wait” and has the cash they may choose to pay it. Could be worth triple or more on day. Only time will tell…Thanks for responding…Good luck all…

  198. Hidalgo says

    The US Mint will be selling highly-collectible coins and coin sets in the coming weeks. Sales dates are all on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

    * May 6: 2014 Presidential $1 Coin Uncirculated Set
    * May 8: 2014 American Buffalo One Ounce Gold Proof Coin
    * May 13: 2014 United States Mint Uncirculated Coin Set
    * May 15: 2014 America the Beautiful Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin™ – Shenandoah National Park (VA)
    May 22: 2014 American Eagle One Ounce Gold Uncirculated Coin

  199. VA Rich says

    CC – I have a $5 PRF & UNC order 6:59 on 3/27 with ships dates of 7/07 & 7/17, respectfully; I think we’ll be good. The magic number to be in front of 20:30 pm that evening

    MK – Like you, I joined NGC 10-14 days ago and my packet & coupon arrived on Saturday – a lot of good informational literature in it. Regarding the coupon, I went ahead and sent 5 coins in on Friday and just wrote – Please apply coupon for 5 free grades from associated account xyz on the submission form.

  200. mgm says

    That stinks… Gold is going up and up before the 2014 proof comes out… I’ll bet it going to cost more.

  201. VA Rich says

    Excellent article and very timely – if the $5’s don’t start shipping soon, Louis will have to do an update to the price trends later this week. Over the weekend, a bunch of OGP Proofs sold in the $1,050-$1,080 range and some Uncs $1,120+

  202. says

    Pittsburg P, Before this thing is over, there are going to be a lot of people saying “dunno how i missed it” LOL

  203. bg35765 says

    What i can’t figure out is that a little over a week ago four different auctions for PCGS 70 gold proofs sold for just over $1,000. Yet less than a week later raw coins were selling for more than that.

  204. Mk says

    @VaR-I thought about doing that, but I was afraid it would complicate the whole process. My packet arrived Thursday 4 hours after I sent off my coins. Lol I’m going to save my coupon and send in my Australian curved coins when I complete the set this summer.

  205. fmtransmitter says

    Nice article Louis. I will be happy to keep my gold sealed in Mint shipping box for years if no takers. Anyone know where to get 5 oz Wedge Tail Eagle in OGP released in half hour from Perth?

  206. fmtransmitter says

    @VARich: “Regarding the coupon, I went ahead and sent 5 coins in on Friday and just wrote – Please apply coupon for 5 free grades from associated account xyz on the submission form.” Let us (me) know what grades you got when they came back. Curious with the “free” grades…Didn’t want to wait and send in WTE with your World coins?

  207. Dustyroads says

    Funny how ClevelandRocks” circus coins” comments about the HoF’s have become such beloved tag.

    Also, got my tacking # for the Silver Proof Set which was ordered via subscription.

  208. Dustyroads says

    fmt, You didn’t call GovMint? They are the ones who will have them when they’re available.

  209. VA Rich says

    Dusty – so true, we should actually have a little more fun and appoint titles to some of us out here, such as Head Ring Leader, Top Clown, & so on.., I suspect where I’ll fall in .. lol

    FM – I only could hope to be so presumptuous with the this one in the next 18 minutes.., I’m not feeling good vibes and think it’ll be here and gone before we realize it. Oh well…

  210. zeeman says

    Got a call from Gov mint, 2009 UR $20 gold eagle MS70, signed by both John Mercanti and Edmond Moy, only 29 pieces, price about 6 grand.

  211. DCDave says

    @Dustyroads: The silver proof BHOF coin is one of my favorite in my entire collection, but I think there is a slippery slope that the Mint needs to avoid as Cleveland Rocks calls “circus” coins. I agree with Cleveland that Mint coins should be ones that seem like they can be used in circulation.

  212. Pittsburgh P says

    @DCDave if that was Cleveland rocks only complaint while labeling the BHoF coins “circus coins” that would be one thing. It wasn’t, he was very adamant and passionate in his argument then purchased some Silvers.I think that’s why the circus coin tag took off…

    It may be a slippery slope the mint should produce coins for circulation but what’s the difference between these coins & the five ounce ATB quarters. I havn’t heard any complaints or them being labeled circus coins…. Where’s the vending machine that would take them or who is going to go into a store to spend them for 25 cents? The BHoF coins are at least the proper diameter and the clad could actually be spent(if someone wanted to pay 20 bucks for a 50 cent item). These are collectibles. That being said I do hope this is a one and done and the mint doesn’t produce other odd shape coins.

  213. Mk says

    Now this is one Circus show that even Ringling Brothers would enjoy…
    Step right up! Lol

    Sorry absolutely DOES NOT contribute to the article. But I do think that the US Mint/Congress needs to offer up a little better selection, than say the First Spouse collections. I don’t think many people, especially worldwide, are interested in these kind of series.

  214. Dustyroads says

    DCDave, As you know, the CCAC has already voiced it’s desire for a break from traditional coinage, but I don’t think we have to worry.
    I’m fairly confidant that the US Mint will not begin mass producing curved coins any time soon. This one worked for everyone…almost, but we shouldn’t worry just yet about a wave of impractical “cereal box, token like” coins from the Mint.

    zeeman, Perfect coin, but GovMint is clearly capitalizing on the signatures by $3000.

  215. thePhelps says

    Pitts… I think at least the 5 ounce has an origin in a circulating coin. That said it probably is considered a circus coin.

    I like many others don’t mind the one off type of coin such as the HOF coins – but would really have to consider future purchases of coins with jewels – colorized coins – guilded coins etc… and would probably say good luck to the mint with those. There is a reason the other mints produce and sell 5,000 of those “variety” coins. No one really even wants to buy them, so why start making them.

  216. Dustyroads says

    MK, OMG, like, I simply have to have that!!….Agree

    The Micky Mouse coin reminds of a shirt my wife used to wear, I was so glad when she got rid of it.

  217. GoldFishin says

    If the US Mint ever goes the route of Perth or Canadian Royal mint offering every size, platform, color, pedigree, animal, zodiac sign, sporting event, nobilitly birth, etc. etc. there will be no special US Mint coins like the HOF coins. When everything is special, then NOTHING is. Having a traditional lineup is what makes it special when an anniversary set or special commemorative is issued. I for one like tradition and I think that is what separates the U.S. numismatics from every other mint in the world. It will be over if we lose it. Just my two cents.

  218. zeeman says

    Dustyroads@ i agree with you, but we all know , people pay for the label, i donot see one on fee-bay with both signatures, and only 29, hmmm, somone will pay for it.

  219. says

    The Mint excel file is out and a total of 89 Gold BHOF coins have been cancelled. 78 Proofs and 11 Uncirculated. . 89 cancel from 61,050 is .15%.

    There was a total of 652 Silver BHOF coins cancelled. 395 proofs and 257 uncirculated. 652 from 437,851 is .15%.

    That is NOT a lot of cancellations…

  220. Mk says

    @Dusty-hahaha! Thats funny.. @Gf- …What? No Australia Motherly love animal coins. Can’t wait to snatch up the Elephant one…It’s right at the top of my must have coins!

  221. Mk says

    @Gf-in all seriousness, I’m really looking forward to the US Marshall’s commemoratives. They obviously may not have the same appeal of the baseball coin but, I think others, like me, will like the old west flavor to them.

  222. GoldFishin says

    @MK, agreed, and if I wasn’t saving my dough for the JFK offerings I would be in there with you. By the way, my NGC registered HOF package arrived today. Haven’t opened it yet, I am trying to get out of here and go to the beach for a week. Have a good day all!

  223. Louis says

    Thanks, gentlemen, for the kind words. The trend on the proof gold $5 hits me personally as I sold one just before the coins went up a couple hundred, and I also can’t explain it apart from the relative lack of supply. But it’s okay, I still did fine.
    I’ve been over at WMNB today and just saw this discussion.
    FM- to answer your question from the other blog-I personally prefer modern coins either raw or 70 and it has been my experience that for more expensive and scarcer moderns- graded 69’s sell for less than raw coins because there is no chance of getting a 70. For more common modern gold bullion even 70’s can bring less than raw coins, which I learned first-hand recently.

  224. Louis says

    @CC- I suspect most of those cancellations are by the Mint, not the customer, esp. for the gold. I made this point back when the coins were released.

    Has anyone had an order ship from the Mint recently for any BHOF coins?

  225. VA Rich says

    Louis – I have an order for 2 $1 UNC with CC pending (placed back on 3/27 ~ 3:30 pm), otherwise it’s all pushed out to June 21.

  226. Mk says

    @Louis-thanks for the excellent article. I’ve had nothing ship out of the mint recently only my initial 03/27 1:30p order. My silver orders placed days later currently have a rolling date of 05/20.

  227. Jon in CT says

    mgm wrote on May 5, 2014 at 8:36 AM:

    That stinks… Gold is going up and up before the 2014 proof comes out… I’ll bet it going to cost more.

    I assume you’re talking about the 2014 American Buffalo one ounce gold proof coin which will be first offered for sale on Thursday, May 8. I predict the same gold tier prices in effect today will remain in effect on Thursday. In order for an increase to happen, the next three gold fixings (two on Tuesday and one on Wednesday morning) would have to average out above $1324. That’s not impossible, but I consider it unlikely. Curiously, there were no gold fixings today in London. I guess they take the day off to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. 😆

  228. Louis says

    Thanks, Mk. Am trying to see if the Mint will say anything as this is getting ridiculous. Why would it take 5 weeks to fix a computer glitch? I know it’s easy to say it’s because it’s the government and all that, but that does not really explain anything.

  229. Mk says

    @Gf-have a great vacation.! I’m glad you got your coins back in time..

    @Louis-Yeah I agree, they have a huge mess on their hands with the computer problems. It would be nice to have an idea when they are planning to ship them. Especially with the summer months coming up, I don’t want my coins sitting in my mailbox or being shipped back because I’m on vacation and can’t sign for them.

  230. GoldFishin says

    @Louis, MK I highly suspect that the US Mint, like a lot of other folks, somewhat if not drastically underestimated the demand that these HOF coins would have. If you look at the numbers of orders that have been fulfilled. Example, they are only up to around 12:40 pm EST 3-27 on the unc. gold, and around 1:30 pm on the proof gold(if memory serves me). If you do a little math and say the sellout time for these two issue was around 6:30 pm or even later as some may have speculated. It shows me that they didn’t even begin to have sufficient mintages produced that would have been foreseen such huge demand.
    Add that to all the striking dies reported that they have been going through producing these coins and I think they got woefully behind on production. For everyone that received their early orders this has been a bonanza, and for those that didn’t a frustrating excercise in patience.

  231. Sith says

    @Pittsburgh P – For the record the ATBs were called “hockey pucks,” and are still occasionally called “pucks.” IMHO the main difference is that the ATBs were designed to be bullion and 5 oz bullion coins are pretty common from all the mints. The mint then decided to create the “P” version coins, instead of a proof bullion coin as the other mints, but at heart they are over glorified bullion. This unlike the BHOF which was designed from the beginning as a coin.

  232. fmtransmitter says

    FM- to answer your question from the other blog-I personally prefer modern coins either raw or 70 and it has been my experience that for more expensive and scarcer moderns- graded 69′s sell for less than raw coins because there is no chance of getting a 70. For more common modern gold bullion even 70′s can bring less than raw coins, which I learned first-hand recently.
    I agree except I know people have resubmitted 69’s and gotten 70’s…

  233. Louis says

    FM- That is true, but in this case probably not likely. Since most of the coins came through GM and they have professionals who are sorting them, and who presumably can tell the difference between a 69 and 70, the chance of an upgrade seems slim for this issue. I have greater faith in the Aussie dealers esp. since they are not selling graded coins.

    But it really is more of a preference thing in this case. I like holding certain coins in my hands (in the capsule of course) esp. high reliefs. But if it works for you, that’s great.

    Any news on the French soccer coin? I am waiting to combine it with something else.

  234. Pittsburgh P says

    @Sith I know they are called pucks but thats in reference to the size and isn’t derogatory. I agree that 5 oz bullion coins are common from most mints… Along with colored coins, Disney and Dr. Who coins, etc… But not the US Mint. IMO the mint took a chance with the BHoF coins but it paid off. I don’t believe they are a circus coin and find the argument of them being so due to not being used in circulation ludicrous. Are you taking your a proof or Unc ASE to the grocery store or even your bullion ASE… They were basically a bullion production back in 1986 with a proof made for collectors.

  235. Pittsburgh P says

    I do agree the P version of the AtB pucks are over glorified bullion too…

  236. Sith says

    @Pittsburgh P – The post are no longer derogatory just like “circus coins” is now becoming a sign of affection

  237. Jafmidtx says

    Were all the HOF Silver proof and unc minted at the same facility – P or will there be different mint marks on these coins ?

  238. VA Bob says

    Pitt P – Even the 5oz. ATB have been called “Circus Coins” and on this very blog site. That’s probably an accurate description, but it doesn’t detract from their appeal for some. The biggest reason if I recall was the 25 cent denomination. That decision still seems silly, in light of the silver quantity in comparison to other US silver coins.

  239. VA Bob says

    Quite a frenzy over these BHOF coins. I must say I’m learning a lot about my fellow commenters that only issues such as this coin can bring out.

    I believe there are going to be some upset people when the music stops, and they are holding a $1000+ quarter ounce of gold that really isn’t that rare. Well as long as money was made and a good time had by all, that’s what collecting is all about, right? Well maybe not. IMO this coin will always command a numismatic premium, what that eventually shakes out to be remains to be seen.

  240. Pittsburgh P says

    @VA Bob the 25 cent valution is quite ridiculous but they were trying to keep it the same as the original design I guess… Agreed that the BHoF golds will hold a numismatic premium but there will be people who will be having buyers remorse sooner than later. Personally I couldn’t pay 2 to 3x’s what I coulda paid if I just took the time to buy them from the mint. If one had to have a BHoF coin they could’ve got one like most people on this blog… Eventually when they ship.

  241. DCDave says

    “GoldFishin says

    May 5, 2014 at 12:29 pm

    If the US Mint ever goes the route of Perth or Canadian Royal mint offering every size, platform, color, pedigree, animal, zodiac sign, sporting event, nobilitly birth, etc. etc. there will be no special US Mint coins like the HOF coins. When everything is special, then NOTHING is. Having a traditional lineup is what makes it special when an anniversary set or special commemorative is issued. I for one like tradition and I think that is what separates the U.S. numismatics from every other mint in the world. It will be over if we lose it. Just my two cents.”

    Couldn’t of expressed it better myself! It really makes me angry that I have only received my HOF proof silver and gold and not my UNC silver or my UNC gold (ordered one of each) that I ordered 3 hours after opening sales. It is terrible that the Mint doesn’t seem to ever have popular items in stock even the first day of release. Hope we don’t get government run health care!

  242. Jack in N.E says

    For what it is worth D.C Dave my BHOF uncirculated silver 1$ is listed as shipped today 5/6 It was ordered 2:30pm on 3/27. For those waiting maybe things are starting to move again.

  243. Jeffrey says

    Both of my orders went from shipping in June and July to May 11 to the following

    Order Date: 04/05/2014 at 05:13 AM
    BHOF SILVER PROOF Expected to ship on 08/14/2014.
    BHOF SILVER UNC Expected to ship on 07/17/2014.

    Order Date: 04/08/2014 at 12:15 PM
    BHOF SILVER PROOF Expected to ship on 09/04/2014.
    BHOF SILVER UNC Expected to ship on 07/17/2014.

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