2013 Mount Rushmore Quarter Bags and Rolls

The United States Mint began sales of numismatic bags and rolls of the 2013 Mount Rushmore National Memorial Quarters on November 4, 2013 at 12:00 Noon ET. This represents the final release of the year and the twentieth release overall for the America the Beautiful Quarters Program.

Mount Rushmore Quarter

The reverse design by Joseph Menna features an image of men adding the final details to Thomas Jefferson’s face. This serves to provide a unique and educational perspective on how Mount Rushmore was created and differs significantly from prior depictions on US coins.

Mount Rushmore commemoratives

In 1991, a commemorative coin program celebrated the 60th anniversary of Mount Rushmore with the issuance of $5 gold coins, silver dollars, and clad half dollars. Both the half dollar and silver dollar featured fairly similar depictions of the memorial with differences in the surrounding elements. The $5 gold coin obverse was mostly dominated by the image of a bald eagle in flight holding a chisel and mallet in its talons, with a small view of Mount Rushmore near the bottom.


In 2006, Mount Rushmore was depicted on the 2006 South Dakota State Quarter. The depiction of the memorial was once again similar, with the addition of the Chinese ring necked pheasant above and wheat ears to each side.

The products available starting today for the 2013 Mount Rushmore Quarter include circulating quality coins struck at the main production floors of the Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco Mint facilities. The Philadelphia and Denver Mint coins with the “P” and “D” mint marks will also be release for general circulation. The San Francisco Mint coins in circulating quality with the “S” mint mark are not released for general circulation or included within annual sets.

The US Mint has offered the same line up of products offered for each previous release of the series for this year. There are 100-coin bags containing coins with either the “P”, “D”, or “S” mint mark priced at $34.95 each. There are 40-coin rolls containing coins with the “S” mint mark priced at $18.95 each. There are two roll sets including one roll of coins each with the “P” and “D” mint marks priced at $32.95. Lastly, there are three roll sets including one roll of coins each with the “P”, “D”, and “S” mint marks priced at $46.95 each.

The products have special numismatic packaging which includes the name of the site, state abbreviation, the face value of the contents, and the mint mark. The Mint indicates that the products will be available for one year from the initial on-sale date or until inventory is depleted at an early time.

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  1. Ray says

    Its ok. Fort McHenry won the prize from me for best atb of 2013. but this one isnt horrible. i’ll be buying it on thursday

  2. samuel says

    this coin is “unique”, it shows the work in progress, not the finished, kind of interesting. and, if it is minted right, it may looks like high relief.

  3. RSF says

    This certainly is a unique and educational perspective of Rushmore, but I wish they would have had them working on Abe and TR instead.
    Besides the South Dakota quarter, I can only think of one other circulating coin that has had the same president’s likeness on both sides.

  4. Eddie says

    I like this one the best and I have been waiting on it. Just placed an order for the rolls and the bag and I’ll be getting 2 of the 5 ozers.

  5. Dustyroads says

    Sith~ Washington’s profile looks good, Jefferson’s nose is magnificent, lol, but the unfinished part of the rock beneath Jefferson’s eye makes him look like he’s been in a fight and gotten a black eye!

  6. MarkInFlorida says

    This reminds me of an old MAD magazine cartoon of the Rushmore noses. I think someone was trimming a branch growing out of a nose.

  7. Jerry Diekmann says

    Does anyone know that the original sculpture called for Jefferson to be to Washington’s right and lower, not to his left, as he is now? Apparently, while Borglum was in DC trying to get additional money from Congress for working on the sculpture (it took 14 years and is technically unfinished), the workmen either carved away too much rock, or encountered cracked or rotten granite not suitable for carving (I heard both stories). As a result, it was necessary to blast (carefully!) the unfinished portrait of Jefferson off the face of the mountain down to the rubble pile below. That is why there is so much smooth area down and to the right of Washington’s portrait.

  8. fmtransmitter says

    Mark, we are showing our age by mentioning MAD magazine! Boy were those fun to read!! Prolly worth a fortune in complete mint condition today!!

  9. Dustyroads says

    Jerry~Nice story, didn’t know it. I feel a trip is needed to mount Rushmore to see this sculpture of ours.

  10. Dustyroads says

    Since the S minted circulation quality quarters were not produced from the beginning, their mintages are the only reason I like fulfilling sets of them. I really wish the US Mint would not milk these like they are apparently doing the rest of their offerings this year. I can’t complain though, I’m the one with the fascination with the Mint products. I do think the 5 oz. pucks and bullion are worth the investment this year, but a new strategy of waiting for the Fed chairperson to tapper, and then see where the PM’s floor finally ends up may be advantageous to our profit margins, it has to happen sometime, happy stacking to you all!

    I really do have to agree with some of you who don’t like buying non PM. When it comes to the S quarters, 1.4 or 1.5 mil. really may be enough market saturation to ever allow the coins to be worth much more than they are today, even if the gray sheet says they are. I’m definitely making a decision on continuing on these by what I see these sell, no ifs, ands,or buts!

  11. fmtransmitter says

    The deal with buying a S Mint clad ATB quarter is to have the gems graded if your purpose is to make a profit! If you get a 69 or lucky 70, you will have paid for all your coins and then some with ONE quarter! If you get enough, cha ching!

  12. says

    The design of the Mount Rushmore quarter is most excellent! It is unmistakable and immediately recognizable and the point of view perspective is quite dramatic with the workmen over the sculpture giving clear reference to the immense scale of the sculpture. Great way to cap off the ATBs for 2013!

  13. Nick says

    I need expert opinions. I have two rolls of ATB unc S. I want to have them graded by NGC, would this be money down the toilet?

  14. Jeff says

    I would first go through the rolls with a fine tooth comb (cherry pick) select the best one’s then submit them. Lets us how they grade…

  15. Brad says


    I only learned of Jefferson originally supposed to be on Washington’s right when I visited Mt. Rushmore in 2010. Once I learned that, it also explained why Washington’s hair doesn’t look right on that side!

    Who plans to take a chance and buy multiples of the 5 oz. P coin, hoping for a winner? If the full 25,000 are produced, that might be too many for much appreciation. Look what happened to the 2010’s at 27,000 or less when silver tanked. Maybe an APMEX sealed “Mint Direct” tube of 10 bullion coins might be a good buy instead. That would give those chasing non cherry-picked coins something to gamble on.

  16. simon says

    NIck – if you can judiciously select coins of the 68-69 grade (perhaps in comparison with graded examples of similar unit) they are worth a premium. 67 and below typically sell for less than the grading fees. I was lucky recently – I picked up a full set of 2012 silver quarters all graded at PR70DCAM “first strike” PCGS for $55 for the set. I was particularly interested in the Chaco and the Hawaii coins in silver. This is much less than was paid to grade the coins and get the FS designation. IMHO grading is a BIG waste of money and at $20-30 per coin warrants great care. I would rather spend that kind of money on some nice bullion ASE or ATBs.

  17. high low silver says

    Nick…. They are rolls of CLAD S mint mark quarters.Or do you just want the paper rolls graded? Lol!!

  18. Sith says

    Forgive me if I’m wrong but I thought MS-67 was about as high as circulating graded coins would go, with a few freaks at MS-68, but the bulk at MS-65

    Nick: I’m no expert but It would depend on the ATB, sending 80 quarters to be graded seems to be a waste (over 1K in fees). As Jeff said I would open the rolls and pull the best ones for grading, then as simon says the rest is luck

  19. fmtransmitter says

    simon is right. They only started minting S mint Clad ATB’s in 2012. It will take a while before appreciation. They do look much nice than P or D’s but take them to a professional and have them go through them if you are not sure as to their potential grade. Don’t waste your cash unless you find a true gem. If you ever find a 70 in a P or D, let us all know!

  20. fmtransmitter says

    Your right Sith, it is rare but possible IMHO with the S minted quarters. They look “strikingly” superior to P or D’s…:)

  21. VARich says

    Nick – you’re the college student, or in college, right? Go buy a six pack of beer and let that end up in the toilet.., buy pure Au while the get’n is good! BTW- the 5 ’13 ASE’s in the ’11 box looks sweet, good call!

  22. VARich says

    FM – I have few regrets though not having the wherewithal in my late teens or early twenties to get into coin collecting or at least to buy PM would be one of them. I’m envious and applaud anyone that get’s started that early.., so I’d have to say The Best or Boonesfarm.., so he can then buy more silver!!!

  23. high low silver says

    I think the only rolls the TPGs grade is the Canada farewell to the penny 2012 rolls…..If that is what your talking about? If it is, save your $$$$.

  24. says

    Speaking of AtBs, did anyone notice sales of Fort McHenry passed both Great Basin and Perry’s Victory? Seems like there is a good argument to be made for that one being the most popular AtB of the year.

  25. VARich says

    thePhelps – thanks for sending that, I had been wondering about those. They would be a nice touch, perhaps luck of the draw in the set. Unfortunately it appears they’re all sold out, did you see where they are the first to have a laser applied? That was is 2003, I thought the laser was something revolutionary on the ASE, interesting.

    Think it’s a good sign that the set’s price is TBD and you’ haven’t heard peep out of the mint. This set has been dragged out like a Presidential campaign, I’ll be just glad to get it over with, hopefully with some fanfare!

  26. Hidalgo says

    @VARich and @thePhelps — great ideas! I look forward to adding the Teddy set to my collection….!

  27. Nick says

    Yes I’ve decided against it, I haven’t opened the rolls yet… I might never.
    Varich: thanks, the 5 ase’s are sitting on my shelf as well. Trust me we have plenty of beer haha. I work too, so I like to blow my earnings on a mostly silver collection with a few gold and clads mixed in.
    Good advice though, thank you all

  28. KEITHSTER says

    Ya looks like there is still hope for the TR C&C set yet with the price TBD ? Should mean some type of PM in the set ! That or with our luck they just have not gotten a price from china on the packaging? So hope for PM not BM 🙂 So Good Luck All :>

  29. fmtransmitter says

    I wonder how that open forum went tonight in South Dakota. The Mint was there to listen to the public…hmmm…Read the food is good and the view spectacular from that in Park Restaurant…Never been to the Mount, on the ol bucket list for sure…

  30. thePhelps says

    fmtransmitter… take a tent and camp in Custer National park… and check out the herds of Buffalo and prairie dogs. Venture out to see the Badlands as well while you are there. You can even check out the Crazy Horse Monument. It is well worth the trip to see the Mount and all the other local scenery. It has been 15 or 20 years since I went to the park, but it was time well spent.

  31. DNA says

    Just got my Rushmore-D Quarters, and they are very well struck.
    Helps the aesthetics a bit to have nice hit-free fields.

    @fmtransmitter: The bulk program is primarily intended for large coin dealers like Littleton Coin Company. Too bad the Mint doesn’t offer blue Kevlar pallets full of 200,000 “S” Quarters in that manner…

  32. fmtransmitter says

    Thanks the Phelps, I have a buddy in Denver area who loves camping. Maybe set a time to fly there then drive out to the Park.

    DNA, I believe you CAN buy pallets full of the S minted quarters. I do not see why not. I did not see a special designation as to which mint mark you could buy.

  33. thePhelps says

    VARich… the more I look the more I think this will be part of the offering.


    While that is sold out… from 2003… we are talking about something they have the ability to bring back and sell that isn’t monetary and mandated… put it together with a 2013 dollar and some updated information…an viola Coin and Chronicles set…

  34. VARich says

    thePhelps – I like the way you think, that would be a nice addition!

    I was thinking as to how the mint is currently utilizing those lasers with their 7 levels of frosting (clearing I’m thinking way too much about this), thought of an enhanced obverse from the medal you called out and the reverse of the Presidential medal. It would take some work but doable. If it turns out enhanced and containing a PM, hopefully we’ll see a household limit like on the ’09 Lincoln C&C set.

  35. fmtransmitter says

    1991-P Uncirculated Mount Rushmore Silver Dollar
    Pre-Issue Price: $23.00
    Regular Price: $26.00
    Final Mintage: 133,139
    1991-S Proof Mount Rushmore Silver Dollar
    Pre-Issue Price: $28.00
    Regular Price: $31.00
    Final Mintage: 738,419

  36. thePhelps says

    fm…don’t leave out the half dollar…

    1991-D Uncirculated Mount Rushmore Half Dollar
    Pre-Issue Price: $6.00
    Regular Price: $7.00
    Final Mintage: 172,754

    1991-S Proof Mount Rushmore Half Dollar
    Pre-Issue Price: $8.50
    Regular Price: $9.50
    Final Mintage: 753,257

  37. thePhelps says

    VArich…I was thinking they brougt back the MacArthur medal for the Generals commemorative…

    I think precious metals won’t be in the set based on the cheesy discovery set they did…

  38. high low silver says

    Its that time of year again……Go to coin dealer and pick up a year set {1 each) of the S mint ATBs !!!

  39. KEITHSTER says

    It must be a PM all the other TBD’s are at this time? Or have they had TBD’s in the past with out some sort of PM in it ? I don’t recll any? Good luck to us :>

  40. VARich says

    thePhelps – Out of curiosity, do you ever recall a set being this hush, hush? I mean I can’t find anything on it!

    You’re probably right, that’s what we can expect. I’m just hanging on that “upscale” wording in wishful thinking. Upscale to me puts it in the $79 to $119 price range if the intent is to make it affordable to the largest audience, though something gold is most likely out of the question. Though without over thinking it, it would take much to go “upscale” over the Discovery set.., perhaps add two coins.

  41. Brad says

    The Roosevelt C & C set should have been the medal, a proof 2013 Presidential Dollar and all five 2013 ATB proof quarters in 90% silver, only with Roosevelt’s image on the obverse instead of Washington’s. And, the image on the quarters should have been the rejected forward facing portrait for the Presidential Dollar.

  42. DNA says

    The ATB Quarters bulk purchase document states:
    “the purchaser arranges its own pickup from the United States Mint at Denver or Philadelphia.”
    “Can I pick up “P” and “D” mint mark coins at the same facility?
    No. The coins will only be available from the facility at which they were minted.”

  43. rebecca says

    I have a 2013 south Dakota quarter & on the back with p & d on the presidents nose. is it an error?

  44. Pat Scott says

    I have a state quarter, that if you look on the side, all the way around, it looks like it’s have silver. the whole back of it is silver or frosted.. I opened a roll oquarters at my register and they were all the same stae and years but this one was different. Ever seen one likme it? can’t find mention of it

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