2013-P 5-Star Generals Uncirculated $5 Gold Coin Sold Out

gold-coinAccording to the United States Mint website, the uncirculated version of the 2013 5-Star Generals $5 Gold Coin has sold out. This coin will most likely have the second lowest mintage for any modern commemorative coin.

The sell out comes as a surprise since sales were scheduled to end next week on December 31. For as long as I have been writing this blog, I have not seen a commemorative coin sell out prior to the announced sales ending date – except in the case of the coin reaching its full maximum authorized mintage.

While other numismatic products have sold out early, either prior to the end of the year or prior to the end of a stated availability period, commemorative coin issues had seemed to fall into a different category. Because the sales price of each commemorative coin includes a surcharge payable to a beneficiary organization, the US Mint had seemed compelled to allow sales to continue as long as possible. Presumably, an early sell out might risk backlash from the beneficiary organization who would lose out on additional surcharges.

Apparently, this is not a significant consideration and early sell outs can occur for any product at any time.

The Uncirculated 2013-P 5-Star Generals $5 Gold Coin had reported sales of 5,512 units as of last week’s sales report. The uncirculated version of the coin is only sold individually and not included in any other special sets or products.

As mentioned, the mintage for the $5 gold uncirculated coin will likely represent the second lowest for any modern commemorative coin. The lowest mintage remains the Uncirculated 1997 Jackie Robinson $5 Gold Coin at 5,174.

The next lowest mintages are held by the uncirculated 2001 Capitol Visitor Center $5 Gold Coin at 6,761 and the uncirculated 2012 Star Spangled Banner $5 Gold Coin at last reported sales of 7,027.

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  1. KEITHSTER says

    Looks like I got mine can’t tell by the mints order page its not working again? Maybe it’s a new way to stop all the cancels? But my debit card went -$71 over the weekend so the bank gave them the extra money for me thanks bank must have known of the sellout:) Looks like it may end up about 5,777 that would be nice:) Anyway mines pending and should be on the way soon !Good Luck To The Rest That Wanted One And Also To All ;):>

  2. Tom says

    Great General! Among many other Very important operations,
    He was the one that Japan surrendered to, officially ending WWII.

  3. SmallPotatos says

    It will be interesting to see what the last weeks sales were. Michael, do you know if the Mint will publish tomorrow?

  4. Joseph says

    What? sold out already? kidding me? I missed this. oh, NOOOOOOOO
    they can’t do this, it is required by law that they have to make it available for sales till the end of the year. what is going on???

  5. Brian says

    This one took me by surprise. I really thought they would produce another run if demand required it.

    Unfortunately, after buying a gold buffalo proof I don’t have the funds for one of these right now.

  6. Dan in Fla says

    I got a couple of these early on and have had trouble photographing them. I wanted to have a copy of the coins image in case of theft,sale,etc.Any tips would be appreciated.

  7. Dustyroads says

    I ordered mine on 12/6 with the hopes of getting a fresh coin, and realizing that the Mint extending the availability date to the end of the month was really strange… my hope came true. Far out, solid, groovy, and kick a$$!!!

  8. Dustyroads says

    Congratulations Keithster, looks like you and me were on the ball, now have a nice Christmas, and good luck!

  9. simon says

    FL Dan: Try shifting your camera to MACRO mode and do it in broad sunlight. Another option if you have a desktop scanner – place the coin in the capsule on the scanner. It will autofocus on the field. Good Luck !

    I did get my ***** Gen unit early on and also the proof set. ALL nice coins.

  10. HIdalgo says

    @jj – I think because of the relatively low mintage, and especially because of the “surprise” factor, this gold coin should do well on the secondary market.

    I’m glad that I decided to order one from the US MInt when they were on backorder a few weeks ago 🙂

  11. Jake says

    If Gold closes below $1200 tomorrow, the mint will lower their prices again.

    2013-12-19 1205.25 1196.00
    2013-12-20 1195.00 1195.25
    2013-12-23 1192.75 1199.00
    2013-12-24 ?????? ??????
    2013-12-25 Closed

  12. thePhelps says

    @Dan in Fla… on another site I read… there was a guy who posts some nice pictures of his coins. His tip is to use a gallon milk jug – cut the bottom off and take the picture down through the top – with a couple of lights off to the sides. It adds an even lighting and his pictures are always excellent.

  13. thePhelps says

    I guess I don’t see the surprise factor in this ending. Typically the commemorative coins aren’t sold after the middle of December anyway. This year is the 1st I know of that extended the sales to the end of the month. This is apparently the sum total of coins they had in stock and not really much of a surprise ending.

  14. Dustyroads says

    Dan in Florida~If you have a digital camera ( not a phone), you might try going into your settings and switching as much as you can to auto. Some settings from the factory don’t allow you to get tight shots.

  15. HIdalgo says

    For anyone interested, my 2013 5-star generals gold unc coin, ordered on December 16, 2013, shipped today.

    I bought a PCGS MS70 First Strike MacArthur coin after it was available. I wanted the coin because of my fascination with WW II and General MacArthur.

    With the US Mint, you win a few and you lose a few. I think I was lucky this time. I think many of the major coin dealers were waiting for the end of the year to arrive since gold prices have been dropping. They may have waited to late. If you snooze, you lose. I hope those who placed an order for this coin will get theirs.

  16. Dustyroads says

    Who knows what their reasoning is, but I just about fell off my chair when I saw the post, I am ecstatic.

  17. posterhunter says

    Since they said they have to ship the coins before the end of December according to the rules this makes sense that they end sales a week early.

  18. Ikaika says

    The 5* was available since 3/21/13 and even made the last chance list. Those who liked the coin had plenty of opportunity to buy it.

  19. HIdalgo says

    @Ikaika – I agree. There’s plenty of time for folks to buy coins from the US Mint if they really want a particular product. Some folks get excited by low mintages and unexpected sell outs because of potential profits they might receive.

    The problem with purchasing an item on backorder is that you may not receive the item you want. If you snooze, you might lose. If you order early, you may win a few, and you might lose a few. But you’ll always get what you want… 🙂

  20. Dustyroads says

    Hidalgo~Just checked my own status, like yours, it shipped today.

    Contento me dieron el general.

  21. KEITHSTER says

    Ya but it seemed the people that ordered early were having lots of trouble with bad coins and having to send them back? I missed my 5oz White Mountain and almost my Perry’s for that same reason. I still stick to my first made last out way of thinking as that is how you would stack them if you were making lot’s of them? Always have gotten nice fresh looking coins at the end of the run and it’s more fun if you win one:) Anyone can get one at the getgo althought with the mints new 10% discount in 2014 may have to ? Ya asked on the 10th. if anyone was going to rescue the general from the giftshop? Good Luck To Us All:>

  22. Dustyroads says

    When the first backorder status for the gold 5* unc posted on the Mint website, that meant that the Mint would be making a few more, and that would be a good chance to get an ms70 in OGP, not a reject. I hope I’m right.

  23. SmallPotatos says

    Dustyroads said on the 19th:
    “Interesting note, with the Au price tanking, the 5 star general gold commemorative coin has just become too risky to buy. It’s on it’s way to be a nominally collectable coin that’s overpriced, and for dealers, will sit in inventory longer than they would like”

    I guess you changed your mind! 🙂

  24. bigboy55 says

    Pinehurst coins have some of the gold generals in ms and proofs ,very good dealer i buy a good bit of things from them, just thought let you guys know

  25. Louis says

    bigboy- out of stock! Remember it’s only the MS coins that sold out, not the proofs. Thanks anyway.

  26. high low silver says

    Two nights before Christmas and all through the house…….OMG the general sold out!!! Happy Hollidays fellow collectors.

  27. Dustyroads says

    Small potatoes~I know no one is going to believe this, but I was actually hoping to get into some heads.

  28. VA Bob says

    I bought this one early, and I did have to send the first one back for a replacement (unaided visible shinny spot).

    Dan in addition to the milk jug the Phelps mentioned, you can buy a plain lampshade (not too big), take out the suspension hardware, and place light source (at least two, one on each side) outside the shade which will defuse it to a nice even glow. Place the shade upside down (small end over coin, that way you can get your camera in on the large size to get as close as you wish. Instant studio. I don’t recommend using the wife’s good lampshades.

  29. fmtransmitter says

    I have a lamp shade waiting to sell at yard sale. My new coin studio. Let ya know how the pics turned out VA Bob. Happy Holidays everyone and a prosperous New Year to us all!!

  30. saucexx says


    I have two already but I was going to order again next week. My funds were low and I was waiting on pay day, lame.

    Well played US Mint, well played….

  31. Louis says

    Has anyone who can open those darn XLS files checked the # for the 2013 mint set? Could end very soon with new low! Thnx.

  32. Dustyroads says

    Honestly, I wasn’t solely trying to sway any decision making by smaller collectors like myself, but was taking a broad view of what could happen, as did somewhat happened with the SSB gold last year. Remembering back, the SSB gold coin made tremendous jumps in sales in the last two weeks putting it in third lowest. So my rational was that we could see 1,200 in sales per week over two weeks, but as we had the front row seat, we clearly saw strange unpredictable things effecting sales. I’m just thinking of it as a present from the US Mint.

  33. Zaz says

    The obvious winner of the subscription discount would be the 5oz ATB, $139.45 if the $154.95 holds throughout the year. The other silver products in multiples would be excellent buys also. The irony is if I get the pair of Great Smoky Mtns coins they will have cost $1 less for two than ANY of the 2010 ATB Unc pucks…

  34. Dustyroads says

    Louis~ U13—2013 UNC SET—341,436

    P15—PROOF SET—760,090

    Is one of these what you wanted to know?

  35. VaBeachSteve says

    I for one am excited about the 10% discount for subscriptions next year. It’s nice to see the Mint finally rewarding the faithful subscribers.

  36. Dustyroads says

    Louis~Although there are two products that I would like to sign up for, we have discussed on this thread instances where some of the people having subscriptions have felt as though they were taken advantage of by the Mint. It’s hard though to turn down $15.00 in savings.

  37. Louis says

    Thanks, Dusty.
    I think the discount esp. for 5 oz pucks is great and we will probably see higher sales next year. Good for the Mint for thinking like a business.

  38. Louis says

    For the ATB’s the subs are a good deal, but something is wrong with the prices on other products like ASE proof, which comes out early next year and I was thinking of a sub, but they are using the prices for when silver was higher. Something is amiss……

  39. jhawk92 says

    I think, really, the only winner in the subscription discount is the 5oz ATB coins, since the discount more than covers the $4.95 shipping, unless you are buying at least 2-3 of some of the lower priced products.

    In looking at the January release schedule, there are 3 items I will be getting that are part of the subscription discount; the clad and silver ATB quarters proof sets and the ASE proof. If you add up the discount on those 3 items, it’s $10. I’m assuming these three won’t release on the same day, so there would be three separate $4.95 shipping charges, so you are behind by about $5. Each of these is not likely to sell out during that month, so I think I will hold and combine those with the Smoky Mountains quarter rolls into a single order, and only pay the shipping once.

    Looking later in the year, for items that I buy, only the April release of Silver Mint Set and the ASE Uncirc coins make subscriptions worthwhile, so I may subscribe to those. I am definitely going to subscribe for the ATB 5oz. This year, I bought them within the first 1-2 days of release to make sure I got them “early.” So while the subscription won’t help me from a procrastination standpoint, I’ll take the nice discount on five ounces of silver and keep dollar cost averaging my early puck purchases.

  40. billrod says

    Unc 5* $5 coin order number xxxx44xx ordered 12/6 shipped on 12/23.

    I had ordered another one two weeks prior that arrived in horrible condition. The coin was OUTSIDE of the closed capsule and banged around on it so much that there were little flakes of gold on the face of the capsule which had come form the underside of the coin (reverse). I sent the coin back with a strong letter and received my refund. In the meantime I ordered a TPG coin from APMEX which is enroute right now. I hope the Mint doesn’t recycle my reject coin in this final push and some unlucky collector gets stuck with it. If you get a package that rattles before you open it, you will probably have a reject.

    Good luck to all in 2014.

  41. Jerry Diekmann says

    I can certainly understand if people are excited about the low mintage of the UNC 5-star general coin and can turn the coin for a profit. But the image on the coin depicts a megalomaniac general who wanted to start WW III and was rightfully fired by the POTUS for insubordination. IMO he certainly didn’t deserve to be honored in any way, 5 stars or not.

  42. Tom says

    I think that was Patton that wanted to go into Russia perhaps they should have considering all that cold war bullstuff and the ramifications of it all and then perhaps north korea and china may have changed there policies too.
    and in extrapolating on such wistfull thinking…maybe any action in Veitnam
    would not have been necessary. Perhaps Patton was right, but it was a long
    terrible war and it was decided to stop and rebuild and MacArthur was instrumental in overseeing the resurrection of Japan.
    Maybey Jerry thinks the Soviets would have done a better job at that too. (Although there probably wouldn’t be Any honda accords running around out there if they had)

  43. HIdalgo says

    @Tom – clearly Jerry is in the minority. And everyone is entitled to his or her opinion. It is worth remembering that members of Congress voted to have MacArthur’s image on a coin. And that’s a tall order…. 🙂

  44. VABEACHBUM says

    WRT the subscription discount, what I find interesting is that the Mint has sent me every known product / service marketing email & announcement during the past 5 years, from Gold Buffaloes to Presidential Coin Covers, yet narry a single electron applied to what is probably their best customer service offer ever. I really don’t get it. Good thing we have Michael’s Blog and a supportive community!!

    Here’s what I’m waiting to see, though… In 2007, the US Mint had intended to start the First Spouse Gold Coins with a subscription program for the 20K that were to be available (my, how times have changed). Anyway, they cancelled all program subscriptions due to overwhelming interest in advance of opening sales for the Martha Washington coins. And on that day was the very first service denial crash and burn of the US Mint’s website.

    I recount history only to ask if it might repeat itself. The 5oz ATB-Ps are much more affordable than the $480 FS coins of 2007, while the ATB designs are vastly improving and collector interest in and demand for the series is ever increasing. Would the current 25K strikes be enough to support combined subscription demands of us dedicated collectors and the bulk-buy TPG retailers?? Will the Mint increase total strikes as this series gains moment?? Or might the Mint implement another subscription cancellation that culminates in one more website free-for-all; waiting room or not?? Just something to consider as the ATB series gains momentum moving forward.

    Merry Christmas ALL!!

  45. says

    I am really surprised about the five star generals early sellout for the exact same reasons Michael was. I would have expected the Mint to produce a few more given that collectors and flippers have been interested in picking up a few pieces due to the low mintage figures.

    I hadn’t heard about this subscription discount until today, but I will definitely look into it. It’ll be a big help to bring down the prices of AtBs for me.

  46. Samuel says

    i really like this kind of game, really fun.
    just received the PF70 buffalo. wrong bet.

    btw, i can’t find any 5* general unc empty boxes on ebay, why?

  47. Jerry Diekmann says

    Hidalgo – you must have a lot more respect for Congress than I and 90% of Americans do (check the polls). So what if they authorized MacArthur’s portrait on a coin? They have made so many mistakes on coin legislation over the years, and I’m sure you are well aware of the unwarranted people and events placed on coins plus people who should have been honored and commemorated who never received due recognition because some member of Congress didn’t receive enough $ to sign on as a sponsor. Opinions are opinions but facts are facts, and MacArthur was a disgraced general who deserved to just fade away as an old soldier who thought he was more powerful than the President. He really thought he was somehow divine – read about him. Patton was a much greater general than MacArthur, IMO..

  48. billrod says

    Having lived through WWII and the aftermath, I know there are many who hated MacArthur. I grew up in NYC and was there when he had a ticker tape parade down Broadway after he returned to home after many years served overseas in the Phillipines prior to the war and Japan after the war. That parade was witnessed by grateful millions who still remembered his contributions. Most people who condemn MacArthur today did not live through the horror of WWII and mostly read about him through the eyes of people who have an agenda. I am proud to have several MacArthur coins in my collection. They mean more to me than some of the junk being minted these days.

  49. Kevinx says

    Last two comments are what makes this particular blog super duber!!

    Merry Christmas Michael and keep up the great work!!

  50. bigboy55 says

    does anyone have a list of the lowest 5 dollar gold proof coin mintage ,i was wondering how the 5 star general proof may fall on that list ,alot of those still for sale at better price than the unc. coin

  51. bigboy55 says

    i was trying to find a list on the web sites ,but i was having trouble finding a list of the 5 dollar proof mintages

  52. bigboy55 says

    even though they are still selling the proof coins i’am sure a sell out for them will not be far behind,and if not the end of the year is only a week away

  53. billrod says

    Be careful looking at mintages for the single proof coins. The last Mint stats shows 5,697 MacArthur $5 proof singles sold as of 22 Dec but you have to add in the number sold in the three coin proof sets which was 9,999. In previous years there may have also been various sets of unc and proof coins so you have to examine mintage figures closely to get the exact mintage of the proof $5 gold coins.

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