2013-P Fort McHenry Five Ounce Silver Coin Sold Out

fort-mchLate yesterday, the 2013 Fort McHenry National Memorial Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin was indicated as sold out on the United States Mint’s website. Four out of the five designs issued for the series this year have now sold out.

The White Mountain National Park design had sold out on October 9 after less than five months of availability. This was followed by the sell out of the Great Basin National Park design on November 19, after less than four months of availability. Last week the Perry’s Victory & International Peace Memorial design sold out on November 25, after around six months of availability.

The latest sell out for the Fort McHenry National Memorial design takes place after a little more than three months of availability. The coins originally went on sale August 29, 2013 at the price of $154.95. Once again, the US Mint did not produce the coins to the full extent of the stated maximum mintage of 25,000 pieces.

The last reported sales figures for the four sold out designs and one remaining design are shown below. These numbers are from the most recent sales report just published today.

2013-P White Mountain National Park 20,534 sold out
2013-P Perry’s Victory & Intl Peace Memorial 17,719 sold out
2013-P Great Basin National Park 17,809 sold out
2013-P Fort McHenry National Monument 19,634 sold out
2013-P Mount Rushmore National Memorial 21,135 available

As can be seen, the Fort McHenry design has last reported sales above the levels of the Perry’s Vicotry and Great Basin designs, but below the level of the White Mountain design.

The still available Mount Rushmore design has current sales already above the levels of the four sold out designs. The US Mint seems to have based production on higher sales expectations, perhaps even striking the entire 25,000 maximum mintage. Sales for the design continue to be brisk, with 1,686 units sold in the last weekly period.

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  1. simon says

    I decided just this year to increase my purchase qty to 2ea of the 5 Oz P units. I suspect many have done the same, keeping in mind the initial pricing at $279 per which today seems very high. The low and attractive price for a very unique product may play a role in these rapid sell outs.

  2. Arizona bill says

    Maybe the mint should start producing Bitcoins…

    I wonder what material they would be minted in to satisfy collector demand and what image would be utilized ( Ponzie ).

  3. Eddie says

    Correct me if I am wrong but didn’t the Mint stop minting the 5 ozers last year because silver prices were falling. I just hope they don’t decide to do something stupid like that again in 2014.

  4. Ray says

    @ArizonaBill, digital currency’s like bitcoin (which is genious imo) have an initial quantity of coins, and that is never ever increased. The value of the coin increases instead. It would keep out govt from printing money and I’d like to see them move to this at some point in the future. The next world reserve will more than likely be a digital currency similar to bit coin. I would be everything Ive ever owned on that.

  5. thePhelps says

    @Eddie – they didn’t produce the coins to start the year off – because they were attempting to find a price range to sell them at. There never was a discussion about not selling them that I saw published. When the decided to produce them – they set a $179.95 price and then dropped it quickly when silver fell lower.

    On that front – unless silver drops below $15 an ounce – I doubt we will see a price reduction. The $154.95 price was established when silver was at or below the $19 an ounce price for silver.

  6. stephen m says

    Hey Ray, Whom holds the bank for bit coins? Doesn’t someone or something have to back them up. Only trying to learn and understand these bit coins.

  7. gary says

    @thePhelps _ I agree, the Mint won’t lower their pricing on silver until or unless it drops to $15-$14 an ounce, which I seriously doubt it will. I certainly have no complaints about my ATB P-mints I bought from the Mint this year. All were in fabulous condition and at a real decent price & free shipping to boot!
    My guess is that if gold moves lower towards $1,100 to $1,000, silver will not follow and drop just as hard as gold might. The current gold/silver ratio is 1 to 63 or so and I believe the ratio may drop to 1 to 50 in 2014. Silver is an industrial commodity metal whereas gold has practically nil industrial use applications. (Gold is very pretty though, I must admit!)

  8. Dustyroads says

    Hey stephen m~Bitcoins are totally virtual. What you have to do is create an account, or a purse, and then link a bank account to it to purchase your Bitcoins through an accredited seller or someone you can obtain an actual identity of. The other way you can by these things is by meeting a seller in person and doing the transaction then. Retailers are few who even know what Bitcoin is at this time, but you can always move your Bitcoins to a resale account and resale them. As I said in an earlier post, the BTC market is very unpredictable at the moment and has appeared to have encountered a slow down. Keep in mind that Bitcoin is not a storage of wealth as precious metals are but simply a way to spend money with complete anonymity.

  9. Dustyroads says

    gary~Gold, is to the contrary one of the best conductors of a current. Gold has been used in expensive electronics for some time now, haven’t you heard of the children in third world counties with lung problems due to coming into contact with chemicals trying remove gold from circuit boards and contacts?

  10. Eddie says

    @thePlelps that was what I was trying to say, thank you. I just hope they keep everything spaced out like the Mint was planning to do last year but this time go though with it. Kinda like the FS’s there is no reason to have to release all of them in the same month.
    About the 5ozer’s it just seemed like they were waiting for the price of silver to go back up again and when the Mint realized it wasn’t going to do so they started making more for release.

  11. Eddie says

    One last thing what do all of ya’ll think would be a fair and reasonable price for the 2014 5ozers of silver does not go up? I think @125.00 would be fair & reasonable.

  12. simon says

    Just finished taking a Mint satisfaction survey – gave them all positive and outstanding reviews.

  13. says


    We seem to have had a late day surge in the metals which is likely to stanch some of the bleeding. For the mint to lower the price we would need to go under $19 and sales would need to be terrible.

    Right now AtB sales are actually the opposite of terrible. Perry and Great Basin performed poorly, but Fort McHenry and White Mountain were genuinely popular and sold pretty well.

    Mount Rushmore seems to have caught fire in particular (I noticed people on this blog saying they were buying two or three of them!) and may actually hit the 25,000 mintage limit, which would be pretty interesting. The 1,686 sales number on Michael’s sales report really made me sit up and take notice. I think Mount Rushmore could be gone in as soon as a week.

    The 2014 AtBs are also coming down the pike and have some of the best artwork yet for the AtB series and I would not be surprised to see them perform well, too. In short, I would not expect further AtB price cuts anytime soon unless silver really implodes.

  14. Jim_D says

    Slightly off topic, but I received a Mt. Rushmore recently that had little dings in three places on the rim of the obverse and one dent about 6mm wide also on the obverse rim. It’s being exchanged, but this was the worst I’ve seen.

  15. Jim_D says

    @CaptainOverkill I’m guessing the increase in Mt. Rushmores sales is due to the quick sellout of the bullion version, but I agree, a sellout should be imminent. It may come close to hitting the 25,000 limit.

  16. thePhelps says

    @Jim… some have posted here that rim dings are common on these. I haven’t gotten any with the ones I’ve purchased.

    I’ve tried to buy mine inside the first week or 2 of release.

  17. Louis says

    My order for Perry got cancelled too after pending for a while. I ordered well before the sell-out. No biggie as it was an extra.

  18. gary says

    @Captn – Yup, I agree. With the P-Mint ATBs gaining popularity, I’ll bet that Mt. Rushmore sells out B4 Xmas anyway!

  19. Brad says

    Hey, weren’t the Edith Wilson First Spouse coins originally supposed to go on sale on December 16th? The “upcoming” section of the website with the product pages themselves shows the 19th. However, under the “purchasing and shipping” tab on the product pages, it still references the 16th as the “official on sale date.”

    If it has been moved to the 19th, that means that there’s now an extra week for the gold spot price to recover before the initial pricing is determined. Originally it would have been based on the fixes of December 5-11, but if the 19th is correct it will be based on the fixes of December 12-18.

    I wonder which date is right? I hope the 19th was a typo on the product pages. I’d rather get the pricing locked in sooner rather than later. With the way the gold price rebounded today, by next week it could cause a price increase. It’s only $50 total, but I’d rather spend it on something else.

  20. VARich says

    Here’s one I’m struggling with…, back on the previous thread regarding the Unc AGE –

    The coin was released on June 6th and over the summer and into the fall, you couldn’t find them slabbed at any major retailer. Trust me, they weren’t there as I was searching often for a MS 70 at a certain price point. Mint sales pick up in mid-Oct thru November and now there’s a gluttony of slabbed MS 70 Burnished AGE’s that are First Strike or Early Release. Where in the hell did all these FS and ER coins come from and where were they hiding over the summer?

    Coincidence? I think not…, perhaps from the same coin fairy that brings LESPS coins to PCGS that they then can grade First Strike. Explain that and I sell you some beach front property in Arizona on the cheap! The word Corrupt comes to mind.

  21. wdg5 says

    Looks like NAD 100’s P&D just sold out……………………Sell out season premiers…………only on the US Mint channel

  22. Samuel says

    VARich, i mentioned that a while ago. i did see some MS70 very close to OGP price at the beginning, but later it is gone, and cant find any dealer has them. probably they save them expecting there r new low.

  23. VABEACHBUM says

    If this resurgence in the interest for this series carries over to and increases in 2014, I’ll definitely be placing my orders for those impressive designs on their first day of sales!!

    @ Jim_D – The couple of times that I have seen “small dings” at or near the extent of the coin’s rim, I have noticed that, many times, they correspond to the three ridges added to the coin’s edge as part of the manufactuing process for the “side incused” markings for weight, purity, etc. I’m not sure if it might have something to do with how / when the coin is collared, or maybe some other aspect of this part of the process.

  24. stephen m says

    Thanks Dustyroads for your Bitcoins explanation. I’ve learned enough about them to know that i don’t have a need for them at the present time.

  25. KEITHSTER says

    It’s all in the box lots of people keep them in the mint sealed box. I do the one’s that can earn the First Strike or Early Release are keeped unopened don’t know why as I DON’T GRADE OR SELL THEM But they are there I think for someday when I do? So the peep’s that do wait till the time is right and there they are! The ones that don’t I OPEN AND ENJOY and that’s just the way it is 🙂 Ya the Unc dollar set is something funny I think they are out but could put some together but would cost to much to gut out some mint sets? Maybe if they have a lot left who knows got some but have some on backorder for over a month? And why not admit the Perry s quarters are gone O sale’s and backed up till12 31 ok sure:):> ALL LUCK TO YOU ALL!!!

  26. KEITHSTER says

    Sorry Mint I was not thinking right been watching them s rolls to long you must be waiting till the end of the year to breakup some of those sets or open some bags and roll them sorry what was I thinking Still Good Luck All 🙂

  27. Louis says

    Pics look nice but these will be made to demand with no limits. For collector’s only, which is okay. I am in for one.

  28. Dustyroads says

    KEITHSTER~I like the S quarters, but it looks like the US Mint may have made a few too many of them! These may be in their inventory for all of next year. They really should consider lowering the population of them! At least the Grey sheet has them listed at $30.00 per roll.

  29. VARich says

    Nick- don’t worry about grey sheets, just buy any low mintage silver and gold offering you can afford, you’re in college after all, and Buffs and ASE are a good start. You’re in a good position of getting in early, VERY early my friend and those of us 20 to 40 years your Senior wish we were in your position…

    May want to look at some of the old classic.., Indian heads are my favorite, among others…, forty years from now, if we’re still a country,,,, you could could do quite well.., my two cents, if I was I was my early 20’s…

  30. fmtransmitter says

    @Nick, we talked about the grey sheet I think, what folks, 8 threads back? Seems we go over a lot of things over and over here. That’s ok, I like when people ask questions and I think we should help them to the best of our knowledge.
    Nick, http://www.greysheet.com/

  31. fmtransmitter says

    Kinda OT, so after buying all my gifts and a laptop I cracked my cell phone screen today and they couldn’t replace the screen, seems I damaged the sensor too and said oh well buy a new phone. Now I am really hurting, I am going to safety box to dig up some stuff to sell. Glad it is there for when I need cash. FYI, don’t throw those touch screen cell phones in a gym bag with anything that could push on the screen and crack it. Never ever did that before. I know people all the time that crack theirs. Guess when it rains it pours.

  32. Jon in CT says

    fmtx: It must be years since your last on-topic post. So not thrilled to hear from you lately.

  33. Jim_D says

    @VABEACHBUM you’re right for one of the dings, but the other two did not line up with an edge ridge. I really don’t intend to ever sell it, but the larger dent kind of put me off. I’ll see how the replacement compares.

  34. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    Fort McHenry. I still prefer the proof bullion version because the fireworks look a lot better in proof. If I get the funds, I will buy it.

  35. VARich says

    Charles – but check back in the 2nd Qtr of ’14 – PCGS will be grading FIRST STRIKE 2013 LESP sets.., you won’t want to miss out on that rare offering!!! Please…

  36. VARich says

    Just checked the TR ship date –

    Shipping: Shipping is expected to begin in early March 2014.

    Good Grief!!!

  37. VARich says

    Out of curiosity, have all the RP Buffs been shipped? Simon – you still waiting on yours?

    We’re still not out of 2013 and we’re already waiting through March or April of next year on 2013’s goods.., I guess Buy Now, Pay Later is now the status quo with the moderns…

  38. thePhelps says

    Charles… that is the same as last years set. I think I got mine towards the end of January if memory serves correctly.

  39. stephen m says

    Still OT, Allan Greenspan was quoted “bit coins are a bubble” and “the Chinese hold most of them”. A bubble? sounds to me it very well could be due to a lack of a better word for them. I’m sticking to my plan for a gold coin, baseball hall of fame, and two of the 2014 5 ounce ATB’s, Great Smokey Mountains in Tennessee and the one for the Florida Everglades, the two most attractive, gotta have favorites and of course a proof ASE. Those coins will just about tap out my coin budget for the 2014 new year. unless…………..??

  40. VARich says

    stephen m – maybe we’ll see the HOF offered in a 6 pack – been a while since the mint has released a six coin set. Off of Rt 15 – VA, MD or PA is I may ask?

    Think Palladium is still on the table for ’14 if memory serves correct –

  41. simon says

    VAR : I received mine on 11/20 @ 7 pm. Nice coin and the first time I’d seen one in hand. It seems like the texture of the fields is a bit masked by the frosting in the RP. A side-by-side comparison of the two coins is awesome. I’m also planning on getting the 2001 Ag issues when I find a good price. I do have the ’13 nickels but looking for a proof to “complete” my set.

  42. GMS says

    Mint has sold out of the 2013 $100 Native American Dollar, a similar thing happened to the Presidential Dollar bags this year. So the question is: Did the mint short produce these bags or is there a big buyer? Production number vary but an average of around 1000 bags of each were produced. All of the 2013 Dollars are still available for sale in rolls, it’s just the $100 Bags that sell out quick.

  43. VARich says

    simon – good deal! Just FYI – Provident of all places had some of the 2001 2 coin sets in so you may want to check with them periodically as well.

  44. stephen m says

    VARich, It may appear that i live in a small world but I’m very comfortable there. HOF offered in some sort of a 6pack would be nice. Right now I’m thinking a few gold pieces. Don’t tell anyone, i really am on HWY — in beautiful Georgia. 150 miles to the north are the mountains of N.C. and 150 miles a little to the north and a lot to the east are the beaches of Charleston S.C. Rt.15 is fictitious but if I were to choose it would be VA. Palladium is out of my reach now, income wise, but that could change if palladium coins do make a showing from the mint.

  45. Dustyroads says

    Being that China, India, and much of the world have a long way to go in terms of improving air quality, I wonder if platinum and palladium can see a rise in price in the coming years. Now that our administration has become more serious than ever about environmental issues, one would think that some improvements could be made in the worst areas of the world, especially in China. If Palladium is going to be used in a coin produced by the US Mint, I believe the issue of the location of the mining sight is still considered a conflict of interest through the eyes of the US Mint. As much as I would like to see a coin with the Mercury likeness and possibly the Walking Liberty’s eagle design on the reverse, I have my doubts it will ever be made. Lets not also forget the economic issue of producing this coin, it’s a risk for the Treasury Department to do so.

  46. Eddie says

    Off topic:if the Mint mints a gold Kennedy do you think it will be a 1oz or the same size as the half dollar itself? How much gold would that equal?
    Sorry about being off topic.

  47. high low silver says

    VARich : where do you see ship date for TR set ? Ijust read a post on coin news update about new 2014 canada maples shipping soon. March is wayyyy too late.

  48. VARich says

    No over lap with the Morgan Zombuck and the new release this time, ok, I’ll try to stay on topic for the rest of the week.

  49. KEITHSTER says

    Seems the mint sets are on the way out so the mint won’t be making any more unc dollar set after all! Do get the S rolls only because I like unc rolls prefer to get them from the bank but can’t get those there.Any got an extra pile of money they don’t need ?GOOD LUCK TO US ALL :>:)

  50. larry says

    Ordered 5 Mt. Rushmore’s last night and got pinged on my cc shortly after. Seems like its going to limit which I would say is a good thing compared to my others on the sold out list.

  51. Dustyroads says

    fm~They’ve been on back order for weeks. I have already come to the conclusion that the Mint has gone overboard on these quarters. I wish they would keep mintage at a level that can cause some interest from collectors, 1.4 or 5 mill is enough already.

  52. KEITHSTER says

    Ya here you Dusty WM’s S are at 1,555,340 and counting & PV’s are at 1,326 960 if my math is right so if they did 1.5 mil.they still have 4,326 3rollsets left give ortake a few bags? Yup way to many these would be a good one for their one month made to order maybe if we all slow down on ordering them they will drop the mintages? I’d rather they sold rolls of 90% in unc’s well one can dream? Good luck to us all:):>

  53. Eddie says

    Does anyone know the answer to my question I posted?
    Because if by chance the Mint does mint a gold Kennedy half I would like to be able to save up enough money to be able to get a set. I just hope the sets aren’t to much over the $500.00 mark. I think I have a set but they are all in the Proof and mint sets. I just need to find someone the can break them open to make that a reality.
    We don’t have coin shops in the small town I live in. Wished we did but the cold hard facts is we don’t.

  54. says


    I think the chance of the mint producing a gold Kennedy half is close to nil. All the questions about a Kennedy half dollar commemorative set focused primarily on silver and clad pieces. A gold Kennedy half was not even rumored.

    If a “gold Kennedy half” was minted using the same weight as the 90% silver Kennedy half, it would likely cost whatever the weight of 12.5 grams of gold does. http://www.coinflation.com/coins/1964-Silver-Kennedy-Half-Dollar-Value.html

    $500 would not be too far off for the cost of an individual gold Kennedy half assuming the conversion calculator I used was accurate. The whole set would probably be in the range of $650-$750 (cost of silver pieces + premium) if that were the case.

  55. Nick says

    Omg just got my ftmchenry 5oz soo nice in drooling. Minor imperfections, barely noticeable. I deffinately am a fan of these now

  56. Kevin says

    An update on my USMint order of Mt Rushmore coins:
    I ordered 50 coins within 5 minutes of opening sales. It took 4-5 days longer for my order to get shipped than others that ordered 1-2 coins on the first day. Of the 50 coins, I returned 12 (24% rejects). A few scratches, a couple smudges – one with fingerprints, and 5-6 with “dots” or pin point holes which I guess are from the vapor blasting process. I didn’t use a loop and only rejected non-rim imperfections. Didn’t reject any coins for the 3 point rim seam indentions which most coins have and seem to be more recognizable on the MtR coins. Of the 12 replacement coins, I rejected 3 coins (25% rejects) again for the pin holes. So in summary with one round of rejects/replacements I was able to get 94% acceptance rate of coins that are pleasing to the eye and that I suspect no one will have issues with when I go to resell them. There’s been discussion on return shipping in the past. I always include the return shipping receipt with my returned coins and the postage has always been credited back to me. In general, I am very happy with the US Mint ATB program. These are beautiful coins. At $155/coin, these are a steal. A great gift. While I also bought the bullion coins, I personally prefer the vapor blasted “P”‘s and feel they are easily worth the $6-10/oz premium. Kevin

  57. Kevin says

    No I do not. This is the first time I’ve ordered more than 10 coins at a time. Spent some time living in Rapid City, SD, so Mt. Rushmore is near and dear. Mint makes a big deal about being a “licensed” reseller. Not sure what that is, but unless a car license counts, I’m just a rogue reseller. Always wondered what my reject rate would be if I ordered a lot of coins. Since I finally got that opportunity, just thought I’d share.

  58. fmtransmitter says

    Appreciate that! That information actually was extremely useful for me and I am sure others. Thank you again for sharing! Enjoy those Rusmores. IMHO they are the nicest looking coin I have ever seen in a modern from the US Mint besides the redo of the Buffalo.

  59. Erik H says

    I too received one M.R. with pin holes (which I kept). The second I send back with a big gash on Washington’s face. I just asked for a refund & will buy a slabbed SP70 to replace it.

  60. Brad says

    It looks like the 2013 Proof Buffalo gold coin may edge out the 2008 and take the low-mintage crown. It’s showing backordered now, and most certainly is on life-support.

  61. Kevin says

    With respect to the pin holes, I debated as whether I was being too picky. But I also buy quite a few NGC and PCGS graded 70 coins and I have yet to see one with the pin holes. So in the end, sent them back. That is the beauty of the USMint process. I kept the rim indented coins and sent back the pin holes. Another person might do the opposite. Nice to have the freedom to keep only the coins you like.

  62. samuel says

    Steve, thanks for the info. i originally want to order when the free shipping is available. but i still placed an order to give it a try. the difference between the lowest and the last sales report 5* number is only about 300. so, it is hard to say it is new low or not.

  63. Dustyroads says

    Steve~Just a few thoughts on the commemoratives, the Mint may be trying to create a buying frenzy. Also, we know the Mint typically sells the commemoratives up until the 17th, but this year they announced they would sell the commemoratives up until the very last day of the month. My question is- is the decision to sell up until the end of the month discretionary? or is it a legal stipulation? We know they must remain on sell at least until the 17th, but after that, who knows?

  64. samuel says

    Dustyroads, i think they probably only minted 5k this yr. it should be “either” last day “or” sold out.

  65. Zaz says

    @CO & Eddie:
    You forget that platinum and gold are far denser heavy metals than silver. A gold Kennedy half dollar in the exact size of 30mm with the equivalent thickness of the .900 coin would probably be in the 23-24/gram range. A half ounce of gold is usually 27mm, a full oz is 32-33mm. Such a coin would be in the $1,200-$1,300 range at current spot plus the usual Mint mark-ups and would probably require an act of Congress to addend the original 1963 legislation for issuance of the half dollar. Would probably be a difficult coin to sell so is unlikely to ever happen.

  66. Jane hollis says

    Last December us mint strike 2700 banner gold coins after backorder, which hurt a lot of last minute flippers.

  67. Dustyroads says

    Samuel~ They are supposed to be available until the date stated by the Mint. I have to assume the Mint will fulfill its promise and have them until the end of the year, unless they are only bond to offer them until the 17th.

  68. stephen m says

    The mint says:No mintage limit, No product limit and No household ordering limit for the upcoming T.R. coin and chronicle set. Everyone who wants one will have their chance to get however many they want. This looks like it’s going to be a big seller for dealers and TV. I’ll still get 2 to match the 2 Lincoln coin and chronicle sets set aside for the kids or grandchildren. The Lincoln sets were limited to ordering 1 but haven’t risen in value a whole lot from the original price the last time i looked.

  69. Dustyroads says

    I found a 1914 penny a few days ago, then today I read the article about the Houston coin show committee releasing 5 1914 D’s into circulation in their area. Needless to say, I quickly looked through my wheat pennies to find it, but to my disappointment it was a P.

  70. Dustyroads says

    Jane hollis~Without a doubt, the Mint will make another 3 to 5,000 to meet demand. This one is alive and healthy!

  71. Frankie says

    It looks like the proof buffalo will be declared as sold out any minute now. It could come in with a lower mintage than the 2008 one…

  72. Eddie says

    Thank you for you answer. Seems that you are the only one that understood my question. So if they minted a gold Kennedy half it would be just a little less than a half an oz.
    All I am planning to get is the TR Comm. and the LESPS and would like to go back and order an extra roll of all the S quarters. I really don’t understand why very few people like these. I wished Dansco would make an album that included these.

  73. Eddie says

    I would like to buy a complete set of BU and Proof Kennedy halves P D S and silver Proofs in a Dansco album that would work with me about paying it off like some sort of payment plan. I pretty much have them all but I would hate to break up my Proof and Mint sets to put it all together. If someone anyone would would like to help please let me know and see what can be worked out.

  74. simon says

    Eddie – I’ve done just the silvers, including the 40% till 1970, and the pricey 1998 S matte proof. The full set is definitely doable, and you can purchase the uncirc and proof sets from ’64 on, including the satin finish of recent years. However, the error coins and the SMS DCAM varieties are very expensive if you opt for these.

  75. VARich says

    Maybe I missed it somewhere above, though if not – Free Shipping is extended –

    “As part of its extended Cyber Week shopping promotion, the Mint is now offering free standard shipping and reducing the cost of expedited shipping by $4.95 on all domestic web orders placed through Friday, December 13 at 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time. The original offer was to close on December 6.” – Mint Newsroom

  76. VARich says

    Kevin – thanks for sharing your experience above, if I may ask – how long do you anticipate it will take to sell all 50? Ballpark guesstimate? Thanks in advance ~

  77. Hidalgo says

    You’ve got to figure that the US Mint will mint more of the gold commemoratives since it has already obligated itslef to sell the coins until the end of the year. And too, expect an increase in sales near the end of the year — which is the usual sales pattern for products that have a pre-determined sales ending date.

  78. Brad says

    There’s a new “last chance” page on the Mint website now. It appears that the remaining 2012 First Spouses will be granted a mercy killing on 12/31. The Caroline Harrison proof coin is poised to set a new mintage low for proofs by quite a large margin.

  79. VARich says

    Brad (Dan & A&L) – congrats Partner, looks like the Buff may just work out in out favor. Holding back on the celebration for now.

    I like your posting better, by the way – mercy killing is more appropriate!

  80. Brad says


    Hee hee, yeah I liked saying it! That’s the way it feels anymore. I’m honestly surprised that the Mint doesn’t plan to sell the 2012’s all during 2014, considering how many unsold coins they likely have remaining. I could have been wrong, but I figured that all four designs were produced to the same level as the Alice Paul coins. So, several hundred of each of the other designs may have to be melted down.

    I do hope that the Caroline Harrison proof manages to stay under 3,000 sold. It sounds more psychologically pleasing to be able to say that there are less than 3,000 complete sets of FS proofs possible.

  81. Sith says

    Thank goodness they are also pulling the 2012 Quarters Silver Proof Set.I will need to check final mintage’s to see if this could be a new low if it was not for the LESPS they would be hands down a new low

  82. Larry says

    Looks like 2014 will be a good year to get some great coins! The ATB designs look interesting, the curved Baseball HOF, and some kind of special Kennedy coins. Hope my pocket book holds up!
    One recommendation to the mint – put the “S” ATB’s in the mint set. I don’t need a roll.

  83. Samuel says

    Brad, can u make some suggestions about which 2012 FS conis to buy. i dont really keep tracking them, but if i have some spare money i probably will buy a couple of them.

  84. Brad says


    At this point, I’d advise steering clear of all of the 2012 FS coins. Historically, coins that have their sales ended in a “last chance” typicallly don’t end up being special.

    If you have the funds to buy a couple of FS coins, I would advise buying the Edith Roosevelt and Edith Wilson unc coins of 2013. Edith Roosevelt has the most attractive obverse (and she’s the wife of Theodore, who is special in the history of numismatics). The Edith Wilson unc may end up being the lowest-mintage coin in the entire series to date, if production is cut back in 2013 due to the 2012’s hanging around so long. If they end up having to melt a couple thousand coins or so, the Mint may be hesitant to strike very many 2013’s, and Edith Wilson won’t have much sales data available to make a very accurate forecast of how many to strike. So, those are the two that I would put my extra money in.

    However, if you still want some 2012’s, I would advise buying the Caroline Harrison proof (since it could set a new low for proofs) and the Frances Cleveland 2nd Term unc (since it’s fairly low-mintage, but also has the most pleasing design of all the coins).

    So there you go. I hope I was able to help you!

  85. VABEACHBUM says

    @ Kevin – I also enjoyed reading about your efforts to buy the 5 oz MR ATB-P in bulk. What I find interesting is that, while your perceived success rate is 94%, 47 coins out of 50, you still ended up accepting 47 out of a possible 62 coins. If your data samples are representative of the Mint’s ATB manufacturing process and the products, it demonstrates a qualilty control point of 75.8% for “product out the door.” This is less than 2 Sigma standard deviation of the Mean, in a world where statistical process control and 6-Sigma Quality (99.9999%) drive most manufacturing processes.

    In my mind, those 15 rejects, but especially as Numismatic Collectibles, never should have made it out the door. Which also begs the question: If those 15 coins represent rejects that made it out the door, how many more were rejected during production as a result of manufacturing QC??

    For someone who also buy World Mint Coins, e.g., Perth, RAM, RCM, Royal Mint, I can honestly say that I have not had anywhere near the amount of product returns – for similar products and volumes – than I have had for US Mint numismatic products. Anyone else??

  86. Samuel says

    Brad, thanks for the recommendation. then i will wait until this time next yr to buy the FS coins. i will bet the money on 5* unc. sorry, not the gold buffalo.

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