2013-P Fort McHenry Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin

The 2013-P Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coins are currently scheduled to go on sale at the United States Mint tomorrow August 29, 2013 at 12:00 Noon ET. This release will come as the market price of silver has rallied over the past few weeks, raising the possibility of a price increase for silver numismatic products.

Fort McHenry Silver Coin

The reverse design of the coin features a depiction of the site during the annual “Defenders Day” celebration with fireworks above symbolizing the “rocket’s red glare” and providing a link to the fort’s historic past. The obverse contains John Flanagan’s 1932 portrait of George Washington.

This release represents the numismatic version of the coin, which carries the “P” mint mark on the obverse and features a special finish created through a vapor blasting technique. The US Mint has already released the bullion version of the coin, which does not have a mint mark and features a brilliant finish. Sales for the bullion version have reached 10,200 units so far.

The Fort McHenry Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin is struck in 99.9% silver with a weight of 5 troy ounces and diameter of 3 inches. The issue carries a maximum mintage of 25,000 pieces. There is no household ordering limit in place.

Pricing is currently indicated as $154.95 per coin, however this is subject to potential change.

While the US Mint uses a flexible pricing policy for gold and platinum numismatic products that allows prices to be adjusted as frequently as weekly based on a grid, numismatic silver products remain subject to the previous pricing system. Any price changes must be published within the Federal Register in order to become effective. The exact threshold at which price changes are triggered is not known, however past actions can provide an indication.

Earlier this year, the Mint suspended sales of silver products on April 15, 2013 after the market price of silver had fallen from $27.40 on Friday to $23.54 on Monday. More recently in late June, the Mint delayed the release of the Great Basin Five Ounce Silver Coin and later confirmed that a price decrease was being considered. At the time, the market price of silver had just slipped below the $20 level. Price decreases for virtually all silver products were made effective July 11.

In the previous year, pricing actions had taken place when the market price of silver was around the $30 level and the $35 level.

Based on these past actions, price changes seem to have occurred at roughly $5 intervals, when silver had crossed $20, $25, $30, and $35 per ounce. With the current price of silver around $24.50, any further rise might result in a price increase. If this occurs, the Mint would most likely suspend sales or delay the release of any impacted products until the price change could be published.

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  1. Fosnock says

    I’m hoping to get two of these and with 26 hours to the release I’m running the gauntlet, thank goodness for the shakedown this morning or I would have been forced to buy Perry.

  2. thePhelps says

    Fos…I your wing on the gauntlet. I am hoping to buy a pair of these as well and hope silver settles back to a nice steady $20 an ounce til after November…

  3. Fosnock says


    I have an itchy trigger finger but I’m waiting to see how the mint handles gold if they jack the price up today its is a bad omen for tomorrow.

  4. Dan in Fla says

    One more day and the Mint will get to try out their new waiting room. I hope to remember to get my order in at 1201 PM tomorrow.

  5. Zaz says

    24 hours to go, pulled the trigger on an extra Great Basin overnight. In for two McHenry as well. No hurry on the bullion versions.

  6. Fosnock says

    Zaz, I brought a bullion version just in case as their maybe a delay or temporary sellout, because if Provident is having a hard time securing stock.

  7. thePhelps says

    stephen – to forget the fireworks would eliminate the tie in to the Star Spangled banner – which originated here… I think the bombs bursting in air with the flag flying over the fort is very nicely done – imo. The coin is actually growing on me more as the year has gone on…. well up until we have bombs flying again…

  8. Louis says

    The way I see it the Mint is not going to pull the release just because silver goes up a few cents, even if it momentarily reaches $25 by tomorrow noon. I think it has to stay above $25 before they would act.

  9. dan says


    I agree completely. In addition,This is not just a park, but a significant piece of American History. I will be buying an extra one and a bullion piece also to go with the set of Star Spangled Banner coins from last year, should make for a nice display of American History.

  10. Darek says

    I think London Fix Price for the Silver has to be above $25.00 mark and if tomorrow London Fix Price be below $25.00 there will be no price change on silver products.

  11. Louis says

    Good point and thanks.
    I also agree Mt. Rushmore will have a lot of appeal, Gary #1,
    though I am still not sure about the nose focus. I will have to
    see it to decide. I think a more traditional view would have been
    better so you can see all the presidents.

  12. says

    I was not all that impressed with any of this year’s AtB offerings, though I thought White Mountain was probably the best of them. I didn’t really think the quality of any of the 2013 designs was especially good, though many people responded positively to Great Basin in prior comment threads, as I recall.

    2014 is a different story, though, I cannot wait for those coins. I loved nearly every chosen design. Michael and Les Peters posted about them on Coin Update last November and January this year:



  13. Dan in Fla says

    Has anyone seen the Mints new Fall catalog? They are already talking about Christmas orders and the end of the commemorative coins. Get them while you can. f

  14. VARich says

    CO – let’s keep our fingers crossed that we’ll see some enhanced frosting to what are already great design for ’14!

    I couldn’t image the demand and enthusiasm for an enhanced or Proof-like 5 ounce puck!

  15. Erik H says

    263 RP Buffalos sold on Monday, 1284 sold on Tuesday. It looks like a bunch of people were worried about a price increase for today.

  16. VARich says

    I wouldn’t be surprised if there were a lot of cancellations of the RP when GM came out with their slabbed price. And if I was a betting man, the bulk of sales in these hundreds lots over the past week are from retailers ordering for pre-sale customer purchases, imho. IF the mint price went to $1790, there was the brief possibility to get a PF70 at $90 over mint cost, that’s changed now.

  17. Zaz says

    @fosnock: The good thing about GT BSN is with the back order status one can always cancel the extra, and purchase a pair of bullion McHenry if Ag goes below $23.50. Should have knocked them back last week at APMEX when they were $22 and change, but that’s the nature of the PM market. All of my ’12 bullion pucks were in the $170-$180 range last year so this is still cheaper.

  18. Two Cents says

    Has the US Mint ever revealed what is the production limit for each of the 2013 ATB bullion 5-ouncers? I know earlier this year, they indicated that they would mint to demand, but is there an maximum figure?

    The reason I ask is that last year, the limits varied from 20,000 to 25,000, and the actual sales met those levels. So far this year, sales have gone as high as 31,100 (White Mountain).

  19. thePhelps says

    Two Cents – I’ve never heard of a production limit for the bullion coins. I suspect they’ll mint until they decide there isn’t enough demand and then quit.

  20. Shutter says

    I’ve never heard of a production limit for the bullion coins.
    There were official limits for bullion ATB in 2010 and 2011.

  21. Erik H says


    I don’t think that the 2,000 ANA RP sales were ever added to the website counter. I have been watching the numbers every day and the trend didn’t really change on those days.

    Actually combined sales for the Fri – Sat was only 1,502. So if you take 1000 from that total you’d have daily sales of only 167 which would be lower than any other time.

  22. Gary #1 says

    I totally agree with that Louis….would have been nice to have seen all Presidents on the coin. Even still though, it is my favorite of this years series. Planning on picking up a couple from the Mint and hopefully snagging a graded bullion coin. I think this coin will look stunning in MS 69 DMPL.

  23. Fosnock says

    @Zaz – Thank you that is very sound advice, but at this point I will just wait for the FMH pucks..unless silver spikes again.

  24. Fosnock says

    Two Cets – Their is no maximum mintage for the bullion, but rest assured the mint has a number in mind and it cant be far off based on the 2012 production levels. I would say no more than 35K, but most likely it will match 2010’s 33K, but that is just an educated guess.

  25. Samuel says

    this moment:
    White Mountain National Forest 31,100
    Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial 23,500
    Great Basin National Park 21,900
    Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine 10,200

  26. Zaz says

    45,000 was the penciled in amount for 2012 and none of them went above 25,400. 35,000 max is a good educated guess for ’13, White Mountain should get there easily, and perhaps Perry and Great Basin. I’d guess about 20-25K for McHenry and Rushmore depend on how high silver spikes this fall. The last two might be a repeat of Hawaii and Denali capped at 20K. What’s up with Provident? Sales of McHenry started this past Monday.

  27. Jon in CT says

    Yippee! I’ve got a Fort McHenry 5oz Silver Uncirculated coin in my shopping cart at the $154.95 price. It says the coin is backordered and is expected to ship on 09/10/2013. Subscriptions FOR THE WIN!

  28. thePhelps says

    Congratulations Jon… that pretty much clinches the price at least through the day tomorrow!

  29. matt says

    Same for me…

    Jon in CT says:

    August 28, 2013 at 7:03 pm

    Yippee! I’ve got a Fort McHenry 5oz Silver Uncirculated coin in my shopping cart at the $154.95 price. It says the coin is backordered and is expected to ship on 09/10/2013. Subscriptions FOR THE WIN!

  30. Jon in CT says

    thePhelps wrote on August 28, 2013 at 7:23 pm

    Congratulations Jon… that pretty much clinches the price at least through the day tomorrow!

    I’m not sure how anyone’s price tomorrow at noon has been clinched. What if the Mint suspends sales of all silver products at 11:00 AM for repricing?

  31. Ray says

    Subscriptions dont really mean anything. You’ll end up paying what everyone else pays. Im starting to wonder if that Sept 10th ship date means that the sale date will be pushed back til then for repricing. I’d be surprised since the reverse issue happened with great basin and the mint let us know a week or 2 in advance of its original release date. guess we’ll all see in about 14 hours.

  32. says

    Jon, while that could happen, it is unlikely. Fortunately silver is down around $24.25 right now and I doubt the Mint will suspend any silver products.

    However, I do agree, that having a subscription and a coin in your cart, really doesn’t mean anything. Sales begin at 12 noon tomorrow, but I think by now we all feel pretty confident that $154.95 will be th price.

    I’ll be ordering 2, how about you?

  33. says

    Ray, as long as the sales begin at noon tomorrow with a price of $154.95, then any “shipping dates” you see are irrelevant.

    But again, it really looks like sells will begin at $154.95…if the Mint was in doubt, it would have been pulled by now.

  34. Ray says

    Looks like the mint moved back the ft mnhenry bullion sales until 9/5. Thats Apmex’s posted date. I know the mint originally said 8/26, but those dates aren’t set in stone. Do other resellers have the fort mchenry’s available to ship right now?

  35. Louis says

    I used to be a big fan of Provident, but they seem to be behind the 8 ball on the ATB’s. The quality is inferior to APMEX and prices are almost the same. For now I prefer to get the ATB bullions from APMEX.
    As for tomorrow, I will be a virtual beer against anyone that they will go ahead at $155.

  36. Louis says

    Sorry, “bet” not “be” a virtual beer!! That would be a hard act! Maybe I have had enough. Hah! Hah!

  37. fmtransmitter says

    America the Beautiful Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin™ Honoring Fort McHenry Available August 29

    WASHINGTON – The United States Mint will open sales at noon Eastern Time (ET) on August 29 for the 2013 America the Beautiful Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin honoring Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine in Maryland. The coin will be priced at $154.95; however, as with all products sold by the United States Mint containing precious metals, the price is subject to change. The maximum mintage for this coin is 25,000 units.

  38. thePhelps says

    @Jon – the clinch for me wasn’t the price, but the fact the mint sent you a notice indicating to me at least that they hadn’t pulled the coin. Granted, they still could today – but it is a lot less likely. I cancelled all my subscriptions after they sent the first week of silver proof sets out and then dropped the price leaving us early buyers out of the price drop.

    As a side note – I also got the mint survey about improving products and the mint interaction. After answering a few of the questions, it changed focus to why I bought less over a period of time (moved and lowered my purchases), and what they could do to get me to buy more. I told them much they same thing others have – post a yearly schedule for all products, space high price releases out over the year etc… I also suggested I am tired of seeing dead presidents on our coins and to move on to something new.

  39. says

    I think we don’t have anything to worry about it. If there was going to be a suspension, I think they would have pulled the offering sometime yesterday night at the latest. I would be very surprised if they pulled Fort McHenry right on launch day, that would be a bad PR move and generate unnecessary customer anger.

    Not to say I won’t be buying mine right at 12 noon! 🙂

  40. ClevelandRocks says

    Can’t believe I was buying pucks for $279 from the Mint a few years ago. Wonder what they are worth?

  41. joe says

    I’m with thePhelps on dead presidents for the most part. The classic liberty designs (and buffalos) are my favorites by far, and I’m much more apt to snap those up. My least favorites are anything PC, which I try to avoid collecting at all costs. It really amazes me that congress/the Mint haven’t moved forward with the Mercury head palladium coin that was proposed. It’s a fantastic design and more affordable PM.

    I’m betting more than a virtual beer that the prices don’t increase Louis….I canceled two orders for other silver items so that I could use the funds to purchase the FM coin instead. The orders that I had in place were “In stock” and I didn’t want to risk the check box to cancel them going away before FM is available to order.

    Cheers… 😉

  42. thePhelps says

    Joe… I also mentioned the Politically Correct coinage as being some of my least liked. I even specifically pointed at the Boy Scout commemorative as an example.

    I put a virtual beer on the line as well and cancelled my 2nd white mountain to allow for more than 1 of the Fort McHenry purchases today.

    Skol 🙂

  43. stephen m says

    fmxmitter, mine also but i can’t make heads or tails on the status of the WP sets. The status appears unreliable.

  44. thePhelps says

    fm… my last day order is moving up in expected shipping to 07/19/13 from 08/09/13 but other than that – still on backorder.

  45. joe says

    thePhelps – Yeah…I hate being in the quandary of trying to collect a series happens to include a PC coins. I did purchase the BS coin to give to my son as a reward once he reaches eagle scout, but I may have to scratch the girl off the front before giving it to him. Yes…it is one of those examples where I struggled.

    Question: Why do the majority of coin dealers live in Florida? Is it because FL is a nice place to retire and most dealers are “older?” Are there tax advantages? As a collector (and thus, an eventual seller), do I need to start looking for a home in FL? What’s the deal? 🙂

  46. Smiledon says

    I got my WP ASE set on Monday.
    I have them in the Dansco coin book just under last year’s ASE S coin set, and I looked, and looked, and looked. For the life of me, I can not tell the 2 sets apart. Well, it took about 3 weeks for my set to show up to my house.
    Maybe I am getting to the point like others that this design needs to be left as a proof, and use something else now for all the window dressing toys the mint now has.
    @ The Phelps,
    Yes, we have lost our way with the commemorative coins. We, the people, need a reality check, and soon.
    This is just my 2 cents in this.

  47. dv says

    I also wonder how the first 4 do for the P version. I remember HI and AK did well at least right after they were pulled from being sold. Anyone know?

  48. ClevelandRocks says

    @Joe, thePhelps:
    Worst PC coins:
    1-Boy Scout “girl on the Boy Scout coin”
    2-’09 proof plat “everyone but the white guy” coin
    3-Alice Paul first spouse “not a first spouse” coin

  49. fmtransmitter says

    @joe: There are coin “dealers” all over the US…NGC Grading is in Sarasota, FL along with MCM but APMEX is in Oklahoma City. ANACS is in Denver. They are all over…

  50. Ray says

    @fmtransmitter when was your WP ASE order placed? Both of my remaining orders have 7/17 ship dates, but they have been that way for a while. I wonder if the mint has started shipping orders from June? My 2 orders are from 6/5 and 6/6.

  51. JohnT58 says

    I received my May 17th order on Monday. I highly doubt that they are shipping June orders yet.

  52. Ikaika says

    Did anyone notice in the last FS sales report was 67 across all options? The series seems to be in life support now.

  53. Ikaika says

    With silver @ $23.85 as I type, it pretty much assures the price of $154.95 for the ATB today.

  54. joe says

    @ClevelendRocks – I also concur with the coins on your list…all three would definitely be on the “must purchase” list for gender-neutral collectors. 🙂

    @fmtransmitter – Yeah…the big dealers are everywhere. Provident is in TX and GoldMart is in Nevada. I guess I was referring more to large sellers on eBay. Almost every coin I purchase on eBay seems to be coming from sellers in FL.

  55. joe says

    I also got a couple with no issues. I placed a couple separate orders with one each…with free shipping I figure it might be a better way to go. I do like this particular coin!

  56. Dan in Fla says

    I remembered today and of course no waiting. But with a back order of 9/03/13 I can’t wait to see it in person.

  57. Ray says

    ordered 1 fro the mint and 1 from apmex too. this will be my first bulion atb. cant wait to have these both in hand. this will also probably be the firts time i submit any coins for grading (well i hope). cant beat the $20 special now at ngc

  58. says

    Ordered mine and had no trouble getting through! Order for one completed at 9:04! I can hardly wait to see this one in person! LOVE the history of our great country! May have to get TWO of these! Time will tell! Back ordered to 9/03/2013.

  59. TomP in Va says

    Phoned in my order for one each of this year’s ATB’s. I was told there would be several week’s delay on Perry but four to six week delay on Great Basin.

  60. Erik H says

    joe says:

    Question: Why do the majority of coin dealers live in
    Florida? Is it because FL is a nice place to retire and most dealers are
    “older?” Are there tax advantages? As a collector (and thus, an eventual
    seller), do I need to start looking for a home in FL? What’s the deal?

    I think it has to do with age of collectors / retired people. However, there is no state income tax and no tax on U.S. coins (I think bullion is tax free too) so it’s better than some states if you’re a coin collector.

  61. says

    I placed my order at noon on line but was being charged $4.95 shipping. I called and a supervisor removed the charge. She said to disregard the 9/03/2013 shipping date. It will be at least 2 weeks before the new 5 oz ships.

  62. dan says

    I have a subscription for the 5 ounce coins which showed in my account last night as others reported, but I have a backorder date of 9-10-13. Looking forward to receiving these coins to make a display case along with a bullion Mchenry and all of last years star spangled banner coins.

  63. says

    It seems like there is quite a bit of enthusiasm for this release if the comments here are anything to go by. Next week’s sales report should be very interesting.

  64. Dan in Fla says

    dan- I hope you post a link to your set here. I bought an extra Hawaii coin back in 2012 and sold it on ebay for a nice profit. There is something about this Ft McHenry that made me buy an extra one of these also.. Maybe we will have a similar result here. I’m not generally a flipper but if the price calls for a sale then I sell.

  65. Fosnock says

    CO, I agree the only issue I have is the famous battle took place in 1814 not 1813, unlike Perry’s victory which actually took place in 1813. I assumed this coin was so popular because it would help with the bicentennials.

  66. Jim says

    In addition to being an ATB offering, this coin/design could have qualified as a 200 year commemorative next year. Add the fact that it is a really nice design, a good cost and displays well in the larger size, enthusiasm for this coin is certainly understandable. It should remain one of the most popular of this series.

  67. Fosnock says

    Which reminds me is anyone going to The Battle of Lake Erie Bicentennial, it starts today?

  68. Fosnock says

    This has been a good day I got my ATB 5 oz and I found an Arcadia NP quarter in my change.

  69. joe says

    All – Which are the most rare/valuable NP circulating quarters? Is Arcadia rare? I have a few PVs and others, but don’t really know much about their value…

    Thanks in advance!

  70. fmtransmitter says

    About FL, I have to buy my coins IF they under $500 from OUTSIDE the state of FL due to sales tax. That is a law. If you goto MCM on the bay they have a disclaimer about FL residents and the law regarding sales of coins.

    My WP set was ordered in May, they are not into June yet…

  71. fmtransmitter says

    UPDATE: WP set said in stock and reserved last night, NOW it is changed to backordered and expected to ship on 9/13…Sheesh, what a mess…

  72. fmtransmitter says

    Florida Sales Tax Policy

    Per Florida law we are required to collect Florida sales tax on foreign coin or non-legal tender bullion sales of $500 or less. All Legal Tender US Coins & Currency are tax exempt. Additionally any coin or bullion orders over $500 are tax exempt. Because eBay automatically adds Florida sales tax, (we cannot control this) please contact us before payment if your order will exceed $500.

  73. stephen m says

    fmxmitter, checked my WP order and it still shows in stock and reserved. Order placed 5-24. what a mess indeed!

  74. joe says

    My WP set was ordered on May 29th and as of a few minutes ago it showed 7/19 as a ship date. But at least I’m hearing the “the month of May” and “shipped” tossed around here. I’m hopeful that mine will ship by October.

    I found an Arcadia in my change, but don’t remember seeing a Chaco coin. I have found a lot of ATB quarters from 2013 though…

  75. fmtransmitter says

    @joe, my WP Set was ordered on 5/29 also, I just checked…It is OBNOXIOUSLY obvious we cannot rely on the track shipment page for these sets.

  76. joe says

    @fmtransmitter – I am wondering if there was a daily counter for the WP set (I believe there was). It would be interesting to know how many outstanding WP set orders there are from the Mint. A minimum would be from May 29th forward, and a lot of people seem to order on the last day. My guess would be 10-20% sill haven’t been shipped…

  77. Rod says

    @ClevelandRocks, @Joe, and @thePhelps,

    Per the earlier post:
    “Worst PC coins: 1-Boy Scout “girl on the Boy Scout coin”,

    I would respectfully disagree. As a Boy Scouts of America adult volunteer I can tell you that the national BSA’s #1 priority is growing the co-ed Venturing program, so National BSA pushed to have a female Venturer featured on the BSA centennial coin. In fact, the fastest growing portion of BSA is Venturing. Do you realize that the USA is one of only a couple nations in the world where all of scouting is not co-ed? My daughter earned the Silver Award in Venturing, and counts it as one of her best experiences during high school–so I proudly bought two of these coins and our local BSA Council bought 100.

  78. fmtransmitter says

    @joe: I know there was a counter during the ordering window. As others have stated here in the blog, I believe will not know final numbers for about 2 years. Correct me if I am wrong please.

  79. fmtransmitter says

    Wow, SO, I just got a call from the Mint. EVEN THOUGH the General Profiles Proof set was marked as SOLD OUT online, they DID in fact take 18 of those sets to the ANA. Just a heads up, SOLD OUT doesn’t mean SOLD OUT…

  80. says

    fm…you are right about a final “audited” number, but just like with the SF set last year, we should get an adjusted “unaudited” number shortly after shipping concludes. And those numbers are usually very close to the final number.

  81. fosnock says

    @Rod – Please don’t go there that is a running topic on this blog. Some people took it as a personal offence that they featured a “girl” on the Boy Scout coin. I’m very glad that you were able to provide valuable personal input about the rational of the “girl” but be forewarned it a discussion that has been over done on this blog, and although most of people agree with your stance or are at the very least indifferent to the “girl” you will not win certain people over, they simply hate that coin because of the “girl.”

  82. VA Bob says

    Rod – That may be what the BSA hopes to accomplish (expanding the Venture program), but the majority of the people buying these coins are not looking to join the scouts. If fact many are old timers, looking to purchase something that recalls their youth. If that was the purpose, to sell Venturing, it was a wasted effort, aim at the wrong target audience. IMO it would have been better to capitalize on the history of it (as soon of the designs did) if they wanted to sell more of them. Know your customer. Maybe for the 200 year anniversary, collectors will seek out the Venture program, as that may be their memories of scouting.

  83. Jon in CT says

    fosnock wrote on August 29, 2013 at 9:00 pm :
    although most of people agree with your stance or are at the very least indifferent to the “girl”

    How was your conclusion that “most of [sic] people agree” determined? I vigorously disagree.

  84. high low silver says

    Jon ….I agree about that nasty girl… Just like I agree about alice paul !!!!! Now boy !!!!

  85. joe says

    Personally, I love women on coins…or more specifically a particular woman…Lady Liberty! The rest are head nods to the PC gods.

    And on a related subject (females on the obverse), I had an opportunity to look at my UHR and the OGP from the Mint today. Even after four years, I am still amazed with that coin and how the Mint packaged it. For all my griping about the Mint, I must say “Well done, Mr. Moy, well done!”

  86. fosnock says

    @Rod – See what I mean…

    As how was your conclusion that “most of [sic] people agree” determined? Well the coin sold out…obviously a lot of people liked the coin or were willing to overlook the “girl.” Now let me drop the subject, it goes nowhere fast

  87. DCDave says

    @Rod-You missed the point of the commemorative completely.
    It was to celebrate the 100 year history of Boy Scouts, not some 1990s new program. Sorry Rod, you are way off base, the coin is offensive to anyone with a sense of history. Trying to change the 100 year-old “commemorative” theme to highlight a TINY fraction of CURRENT scouts bastardizes the concept and makes it truly a top rated annoying demonstration of PCism.
    @ClevelandRocks- Are you saying Alice Paul was not just another name for Chester Arthur’s wife, Ellen Arthur??? I’m confused.

  88. fmtransmitter says

    Hey for @#$%^ and giggles I called the Mr. White back at the Mint and asked if those 18 Profiles sets were sold at the ANA and if not can I buy one…lol Watch him call back and say yes, sure, I got one right here….

  89. fmtransmitter says

    I suspect they were just returns after the 10,000 sold out so they brought them to sell there…

  90. fmtransmitter says

    Big boys didn’t get a 70 grade, crack em back open, put em back in OGP and get your cash back….

  91. fmtransmitter says

    May sound like a dumb question but ON TOPIC, sorry for the posts OFF TOPIC. Where is one to look to buy bullion versions of these? I do not see them for sale on the US Mint website? Am I to look for an authorized re-seller? Thanks…

  92. fmtransmitter says

    Yes, I just looked at the historical pricing of these on the price guide. Looks like a great buy at these prices, I am sure they will get bought up IMO.

  93. says

    Thanks for the reminder, Fosnock. I just tried it out myself. It looks pretty slick and professional and reminds me a lot of what the Perth Mint’s cart looks like. Glad they kept “quick checkout” too. The sample screens they put up prior to the rollout made me unsure whether the feature would be kept.

  94. says

    Mine has switched to “in stock” as well. Thanks for the heads-up, fellas. The mint seems to have moved pretty quickly on this one.

    Ironically, the Great Basin I ordered last weekend is still backordered!

  95. Sith says

    This is Fosnock, just changed my handle…my McHenry, and Perry is also in stock and reserved no change in my Great Basin

  96. Ray says

    in stovk resevred and charged for my fort mchenry. totally stoked!! this is my fav atb coin since hawaii. had to buy the bullion too to compare. THat should be shipping in the next couple of days too. yay!!

    have a great holiday weekend all! this is my new fav online space to come chat. thx all for a generally positive and healthy online space, and of course the best news and articles about us mint coins online. thx all

  97. Rod says


    No you don’t seem to understand how the US Mint creates commemorative coins in collaboration with external organizations. They actually go and seek input from to top officials of that organization, who I would claim have a better understanding of the historical significance of people and events on their own organization than some apparently uninformed and closed minded blogger who just wants to post their personal prejudices on this blog. Who are you to decide what matters to the BSA over their first 100 year? How many years or decades have you been an active BSA volunteer, much less a national officer of the BSA?

    Sorry DCDave, you are way off base, and thankfully we don’t have to all conform to your annoying personal “sense of history” and your use of the term “PC” to denigrate anything you don’t personally like or are uninformed about.


    Yes I see your point about some of the closed-minded bloggers on this site. I agree with you that it is not worth my time attempting to inform them about facts and reality.

  98. jaxtech says

    I received my Ft. McHenry 5oz P from the mint on Saturday and was a bit disappointed. I have previous three from this year and all were spotless. This one has 6-7 water spots (or whatever) on the reverse, there is a noticeable black pock-mark on the brick wall, and George has a gouge in his hair on the obverse. The water spots are only visible if the coin is held at an angle. I’m going to return it and hopefully get a better coin. If it was one or the other I probably would have just kept it, but the black mark is pretty distracting.

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