2013-P Great Basin Five Ounce Silver Coin Sold Out

basinAccording to the United States Mint’s website, the 2013-P Great Basin National Park Five Ounce Silver Coin has sold out. This product originally went on sale less than four months ago and follows the early sell out of the White Mountain coin last month.

The 2013-P Great Basin Five Ounce Silver Coins originally went on sale July 25, 2013. Sales began at the reduced price level of $154.95 per coin, compared to initial pricing of $179.95 for the prior two releases of the year.

Opening sales came in at 8,819 units, which was an increase from the opening sales of 7,996 units for the previous Perry’s Victory design. The higher opening may have been due to the better received design and the lower pricing, although over time sales levels of the two issues have narrowed the previous gap.

As of the most recent sales report just published today, sales for the Great Basin silver coins have reached 17,774 units. This figure is below the stated maximum mintage of 25,000 units. It is also below the last reported sales amount for the previously sold out White Mountain coins at 20,536 units.

The three remaining available 2013 America the Beautiful Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coins have reached sales of 17,632 (Perry’s Victory), 18,674 (Fort McHenry), and 17,048 (Mount Rushmore).

As mentioned previously, it is likely that we may see additional early sell outs for this series below the stated maximum mintage levels.

2013 Mount Rushmore Quarter Three Coin Set

Earlier today, November 19, 2013 at 12:00 Noon ET, the US Mint began sales for the America the Beautiful Quarters Three Coin Set featuring the 2013 Mount Rushmore National Memorial Quarters.


Each set includes uncirculated versions of the quarter struck at the Philadelphia and Denver Mints with a proof version struck at the San Francisco Mint. The three coins are mounted on a plastic card illustrated with a view of Mount Rushmore. The back of the card includes a brief description of the site and coin with a certificate of authenticity.

The Mount Rushmore Quarter Three Coin Set is priced at $9.95. There is no stated product limit and no household ordering limit.

Today, the US Mint also released the William & Ida McKinley Presidential $1 Coin & First Spouse Medal Set, which was covered in a separate post yesterday.

After several very slow months, activity has certainly picked up at the United States Mint.

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  1. Brad says

    Based on this, it seems likely that Perry’s Victory should sell out too in a few days. If nothing else, early unexpected sellouts like this hasten sales of the remaining designs. I just bought four Perry’s Victory coins myself, along with another Mt. Rushmore. Even if MR sells all 25,000, it should always be one of the most popular coins in the entire series, seeing as how it’s one of our most well-known national parks.

  2. Erik H says

    Looks like I was wrong on the 15K mintage for Mt. Rushmore. Either everybody was thinking like me or the design is just super hot! Maybe it’s both. So who wants to guess the final number for Rushmore now? 20K ++++?

    I saw one graded SP70 sell for $349 on the bay, MCM has them for $249 for SP70.

  3. Ray says

    That 349 was the NGC SP70 high for Rushmore. There was a SP70 PCGS that went for $475. THis is higher than any other initial ebay sale of the 2013’s. The design sure is hot hot hot.

    I think the Mount Rushmore design would sell out at 25k if left available through 12/31. I dont think that will happen though, and I’m guessing a sellout will be around 22k.

    @highhosilver, why would you think the mint would decrease silver prices on their products? jw if i missed something. i had to check spot thinking it was back below $20, but it’s right where it was yesterday. people have stated gold and silver have been hit hard the past 2 days, but its right around where it has been for the past couple of weeks,

  4. vaughnster says

    I’m thinking I may pick up a few more Rushmore P-5 oz. pucks as it may be the most desired of the 2013 series with secondary market potential. Plus I really like the design. I think the best so far.

  5. Robert says

    It is despicable what the mint is doing with this series. I love the coins and have all the 2010. However the mint took too long to lower the prices when silver was falling, and now they seem to cut off production whenever they see fit. So I am done with this series. The mint is losing my purchasing power because I feel as though the mint has taken me the customer for granted for far too long now. Soon I’ll stop collecting all mint coins. The US mint is it’s own worst enemy, the number of coin collectors will continue to decline, because the mint wants to peddle junk more so than it does to maintain it’s collector base.

  6. Ray says

    @hhs, interesting. i just read that article about silvers long term outlook, and they said it will be flat until at least 2016. so many variables in all of this, and they tried to cover as much as possible, but anything’s possible, especially once we see the long term consequences of the QE from the Fed. I’m personally hoping for a stock market correction of 50-60% in the next 5 years. That way I can get in low. I missed the boat in 2009. Coin collecting is a fun hobby for me. But I no longer look at my collection as the best long term investment. Sure I’ll have some winners, but probably more losers. I’m keeping the majority of my investments with companies providing essential commodities, like oil/gas. I’ve been trying to mirror Warren Buffets moves. Not sure if it will pay off, but I’m willing to make the wager.

  7. Samuel says

    Ray, “hoping for a stock market correction of 50-60%” is not the right mindset. when gold/silver was around $1800/$50, many people said similar thing, now it is $1300/$20, but not many people buy. same thing with stocks.

  8. Jus-a-coin-luvr says

    A question for anyone that knows. What motivates the MInt to shut down sales and declare a coin like this GB 5oz’er as “sold out” before the year is over and ahead of max mintage (with 7,226 remaining)?

    I hafta guess that it is financially driven by some factor(s). Is there some “trigger point” with weekly sales decline or some other variable? There are other coins in production that have far less weekly sales figures and are still available for sale. So, what is the mechanism here that drove this decision at this point in time?

    I’m not complaining ’cause I already own the coin. But, might feel differently if I was still hoping to pick one up (from the Mint) before the end of the year and before max mintage was reached.

  9. VARich says

    Jus – just my two cents here having keyed in on certain comments made in the Mint’s annual report in addition to statements by mint officials over the past year – it does come down to financial influences. More specially, the goal to control or reduce waste. The mint does (their statement) forecast future demand for upcoming offerings through metrics or recent historical sales data.

    Also, from a production perspective, I’m sure there’s a production plan that cycles through the planned release schedule to maximize capital utilization and resources so that no one or thing is sitting idle. I’d suspect that when we see an item reach a certain mintage and goes back-order, and then reappears like the PR Buff did, the mint had some production/schedule slack built in to accommodate another run or pushed out some other product to meet anticipated demand. There’s a lot of cost associated with producing numismatic coins and I’d love to see how WP is orchestrated alone, just with the production schedule.

    You’ll see in the Annual Report that net margin across the coins we by is only ~15.7% – that’s really not much so cost containment is a big deal. I personally think the mint is loosing big on the FS products on a per unit cost which is offset by the AGE’s, AtBs, and Buffs. Great question though!

  10. VARich says

    Jus – oh, I almost forget – more simply, just waiting to release a bunch of coins at the end of year and then having to play catch up and produce next year’s early releases…, time to start making ’14 coins already!

  11. Jus-a-coin-luvr says

    Thanks VARich 🙂

    I’ll hafta seek out the Mint’s annual report. Never even looked at it or thought about it before you mentioned it.

  12. stephen m says

    jus-a-coin-luvr, sold out GB 5 oz’er, the mint throws out a bone to us every once and a while, although i wouldn’t think it is a sales plot by the mint? @Ray, oil/gas would be good investments but don’t forget what’s replacing a lot of it, electric cars(batteries)and natural gas. If you are young buy on the dips and stay in for the long haul. Waiting on a 50/60% correction in the stock market may never come in our lifetime, if we only knew the future.

  13. VARich says

    stephen m – I wish the next bone that’s thrown to us is a buffalo bone…, as in a proof black diamond bone! Guess we’ll know within the next three weeks…

  14. VARich says

    Some of you wiser, more experienced collectors chime in here…,

    it’s 20 November.., I surely thought by now that the ‘Sold Out’ counter would be reeling a little more than it has given to-date sales on many offerings…

  15. thePhelps says

    I am quite happy to see these early ending to production on the ATB. I suppose if I was waiting to buy all these at once – I might be a little frustrated.

  16. Boz says

    The supplier of the stupid blue boxes is at fault. Don’t look for any deeper meaning. In order to fulfill upcoming releases, the unsold stocks of earlier coins had to be recycled and the boxes relabled. Also it is cheaper to melt down unsold coins than to go out on the open market to secure new silver stocks for the upcoming 2014 silver eagle releases.

  17. thePhelps says

    Rich… I think it will start to hapen soon. I think early December we will start to see the Sold Out flag popup on several items quickly.

  18. Brad says


    Yeah, maybe I made a mistake buying my Ida McKinley’s last week. I didn’t think we’d see a price tier any lower than the current one, at least for a while. But, with gold now in the $1,250’s at the time of this writing, it may be possible to see a price decrease next week if it slips much further. So, I guess I’ll hold off on Edith Roosevelt for a few days to see what happens.

  19. Brad says

    By the way, I chickened out and cancelled the Perry’s Victory order. Still no backorder notice this morning, and as close as the sales figures for the two were as of the last report, if it’s production was the same as Great Basin’s I figured it would show by now. Like Samuel said, it may be more similar to White Mountain’s. I guess I should have bought Great Basin when I had the chance. It was a much better design anyway.

  20. says

    Well, I have to say this was very unexpected, and it seems increasingly like “buy ASAP” is the best strategy. Maybe I’d better think about ordering that Mount Rushmore a little quicker!

  21. Matt says

    I only live 40 miles away… I’ll let you know if the gold is there.

    VARich says:
    November 20, 2013 at 9:52 am
    Thanks tP

    Gold is heading down the old El Chaco Culture

  22. VABEACHBUM says

    @ VARich – down both bowls, my friend!!

    Personally, I am not surprised by this sell out announcement. As others have indicated, the “maximum authorized mintage” never has been a guarantee of availability – with any coin from any Mint. And, with this series, I believe the releases associated with the lesser known locations will continue to provide the surprise sellouts.

    As a Collector focused on the continuity of this set and the quality of the respective coins within, I do not hesitate to place my orders during the first week of product availability, then quickly deal with quality issues as necessary (two times, thus far).

    It’s no mystery that this series will continue to issue 5 coins per year over the next 6+ years, to include some of the best offerings of the series, to date, in 2014. By taking the appropriate actions now, any prudent collector should be able to buy what they like and can afford over the course of the next year. Else, be left to try your luck on the secondary / TPG markets.

  23. KEITHSTER says

    Ya changed my mind the other day when most of the NA. dollars went on back order? But they are back suppose the mint cracked a few of the 500 boxes and sewn a few more bags shut? Did order a few of the Perry’s didn’t want to miss him like I did the WM. ordered 5 days before the sellout and still got the NLA on my order:( So had to cut in to my Edith money so hopefully down she goes? Well good luck on the sold out’s all :>

  24. Mercury says

    The Great Basin was a throw away coin. The Mint didn’t feel it would be getting many more takers anyway. The hope now is that the unexpected sell out will force the rest of us to get off our laurels and finish off our purchases and stop waiting until end of the year to do so. Kind of like the one car in the ad that never seems to be there when you go to buy it, but it got you to the dealership. The Mint has figured out a brilliant way to force feed us collectors. Why wouldn’t they…it is a business first…you don’t make money without sells incentives.

  25. high low silver says

    The code talkers medal has a ship date of 6/27/14 on Mint web….is this the normal for these offerings ?or is this the beginning of months of waiting for special offers ?

  26. A&L Futures says

    @ high low silver

    Do you have a link for the Code Talker medal offering. I couldn’t locate it.

  27. Sith says

    First I don’t understand people getting upset about the sellouts. You had plenty of time to orders and even combine shipping with several ATBs. Why are you waiting? Are you expecting another price drop? This happened last year, what made you think it would not happen again?

    Anyway the reason I feel they sellout early is the same reason we have allocation on the bullion ASEs, and the proof ASEs sellout early, the mint runs out of silver blanks. They can divert the few blanks they get to old designs or they can use them for new designs. Don’t believe me, they are shutting down ASEs sales (not production) for a month in order to build up inventory, and at the current prices, and assuming no allocation that build up will not even last the month.

    Code Talkers


  28. VARich says

    Comanche and Ogala are kick ass, among others. Wish they were in pure copper to add to the ‘collectibility’ Received copper Zombucks last night, perfect strikes!

  29. JagNut says

    PMs are diving – SIlver is below $20 now and gold just dropped to $1,251.

    Time to buy some more zombucks!

  30. A&L Futures says

    “How low can ya go?”

    Silver is down 2.5% for the day, or $19.78 per oz.

    Gold – $1,243.70
    Platinum – $1,386.70
    Palladium – $710.00

  31. Jus-a-coin-luvr says

    Wow, I have never seen so many bronze medals released at once (ala Code Talkers Medals). I usually buy one 3″ version of most military medals, but in this case I’m gonna hafta depart from owning all of ’em. We have Cherokee in our family blood-line, so that will be the one that I get from this series.

  32. high low silver says

    A&L: With the xmas shopping season around the corner, do you see PMs staying down even lower for a while?? Or am I the only one who is clued short term.lol

  33. VABEACHBUM says

    @ VARich and JACL – The Code Talker Series has had some great offerings during the course of the series. I have not collected them, but I have enjoyed following each medal’s development based on the histories behind the respective NA Tribes and their involvement in the operational efforts. I also have enjoyed reading some of the concurrent CFA and CCAC comments for those medals, but especially when the Committees go out of their way to veto a design that the Tribe(s) being recognized declare to be their preferred choice. I would have to review all of the coverage to date, but I can recall at least 3 instances where this has happened.

  34. Jeff says

    I called it Silver and Gold will go much lower, wait you have a better time entering in two weeks. Expect sell out across the board though. The mint will not strike more with PM tanking easier to sell them out my opinion….

  35. Ray says

    Did I read that correctly. The Fed is backing off of their 6.5% unemployment and 2.5% inflation trigger to taper off of QE when they deem appropriate? I guess they realized economic growth is a lot slower than they had hoped for.

  36. Jus-a-coin-luvr says

    On the 2007 Eagle, remember to take into account the $4 extra cost in shipping with Apmex vs Provident ($9.95 vs $5.95).

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