2013-P Great Basin Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin

On July 25, 2013 at 12:00 Noon ET, the United States Mint will begin accepting orders for the 2013-P Great Basin National Park Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin. This will represent the first release of the series under the recently reduced pricing.

Great Basin Coin

The reverse design of the coin features a single Bristlecone pine in the rocky glacial moraines where the trees grow. These trees are believed to live longer than any other known single organism, with some aged nearly 5,000 years. The obverse of the coin carries the 1932 portrait of George Washington, which has been used in common for the series. Each coin is struck in 99.9% silver, with a weight of 5 troy ounces and diameter of 3 inches.

This product release represents the numismatic version of the coin, which follows a previously released bullion version. The numismatic version carries the “P” mint mark on the obverse and features a finish created through a vapor blasting technique applied after striking. In contrast, the bullion versions do not carry a mint mark and feature a brilliant finish.

The Great Basin Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin was originally scheduled to be released on June 27, 2013 at a price of $179.95. However, just days ahead of the anticipated release, the start date and price were removed, as the US Mint considered g a pricing adjustment for silver numismatic products. The pricing adjustment was implemented on July 11, 2013, and the release was rescheduled for July 25 at the new price of $154.95.

A maximum mintage has been established for this release at 25,000 units. This was the same limit announced for the 2012-dated releases, although sell outs had occurred with final sales at levels ranging from approximately 15,000 to 17,500. So far, the two previous 2013-dated releases have reached sales of 16,459 and 11,749.

US Mint Announces Free Shipping

Based on a banner now appearing on the US Mint website home page and online product catalog, the Mint will offer free standard shipping on domestic web orders starting Friday, July 26 at 9:00 AM ET.

Collectors will note that this promotion begins the day after the initial release of the Great Basin Five Ounce Silver Coins. To take advantage of the promotion, hold off on placing orders until at least the second day of availability.

This is the first time in the past five years or so that I can recall the US Mint offering a free shipping promotion. To my recollection, back when the US Mint first started accepting orders over the internet in 1999, shipping was free for web orders while a charge was applied to orders through other channels. This was eventually phased out, and a standard charge was applied all orders regardless of channel.

The promotion serves as a nice benefit for collectors. Hopefully, it will spur some additional sales during the typically slow summer months, so the US Mint will consider repeating or maintaining the free shipping offer. As yet, there is no ending date listed for the promotion.

Update: The free shipping promotion will end September 30, 2013, at 5 p.m. ET.

Other world mints offer free shipping under certain circumstances. The Royal Canadian Mint offers free shipping for Master’s Club Members, who also receive other benefits such as the ability to pre-order products before availability opens to the general public. The Perth Mint offers free shipping for orders over a certain threshold. The Royal British Mint has offered free shipping through a coupon code.

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  1. Frank says

    The release prices for the 5 oz AtB UNC are $154.95 after the price last adjustment. Not $159.95.

    Really liked the free shipping promotion.

  2. Joseph Buza says

    I don’t know if anybody is watching eBay, but now you can buy a mint state 69 coin 5 ounce for $160 and that’s graded by either NGC or PCGS. I don’t know if someone has a large cachet, but they are definitely selling on eBay for that price.

  3. high low silver says

    My WP 1st day order is showing a ship date of 7/19…. I called and was told it will ship 8/9… Do they update this info in a timely manner ? MY account is still showing 7/19 and I called them on Monday.

  4. TMMSR says


    I have the same issue with the mint, my order shipping date is also showing as 7/19… I was going to call the Mint for clarification, but I figured it was a glitch, thanks for confirming my thoughts.

  5. Hawkster says

    high low silver,

    Perhaps a new thread needs to be kept for commenters who continue to state their concerns and anxieties over when their WP set orders are updated, shipped, received, etc.

  6. thePhelps says

    @Gary – yeah this one is nice. I have the bullion version and looking forward to ordering this tomorrow as well. I may buy 2 Rushmore… that was the 1 I looked forward to the most all year. I have been sharing some of my favorites with my daughter who enjoys the imagery as well.

    hls – my ship date on the WP set moved all over the board. My original order showed a 7/25 ship date. It moved all the way up to 6/17 and then went back down to 7/19 for a couple of weeks. It then changed to 7/18 and I lost the cancel box. The package showed up here on Tuesday.

  7. DCDave says

    What happened to the new software upgrade the mint was getting to help get the site out of 1990’s technology.

  8. VABEACHBUM says

    I’m in for one of the Great Basin “P” coins, but I definitely will defer the 24 hours for the free shipping. As a “furloughed” employee, every little bit is going to help out – even more so, now. I took delivery of my GB Bullion coin from MCM two weeks ago; very nice, high quality piece free of any marks.

    I was looking at the Mint’s Product Schedule the other day and realized that, after the RP Buffalo goes on sale on 08/08, the US Mint runs out of “high interest” numismatic releases. All the while, the other World Mints will continue to crank out (and nearly sell out) many more unique, attention grabbing, numismatic offerings between now and December.

    The most glaringly offensive part of the Mint’s Product Schedule is the large nest of TBDs at the bottom of the list. No updates; not word one on the status of the 2013 First Spouse Coins and Medals. Five (or ten) coins and five months left in 2013. Really?? That’s gonna leave a mark.

  9. thePhelps says

    DCDave – they got it. They used it to run the laser on the Enhanced ASE… oh wait you meant inventory control software…. they off shored that task and it hasn’t been deployed due to delays.

  10. stephen m says

    Hawkster, My WP also says 7-19. I called yesterday and was told it will ship 8-9 or before. They are waiting on packaging said the nice lady and they use a different screen for tracking orders. Why 2 screens? Great Basin should be a good buy and w/free shipping?

  11. jim p says

    Has anyone noticed that the timing of the free shipping offer once again sticks it to the loyal mint buyers who continue to buy with subscriptions? The free shipping offer comes one day after the day the latest 5 ounce coin is ordered on subscription. Thank you mint for once again rewarding your loyal base.

  12. high low silver says

    stephen m : I tricked my nice female operator. I asked on 7/22 if it was normal to have a 7/19 ship date with cancel box still present ?…….She answered. Yes…. A Lie IMO…

  13. fmtransmitter says

    OFF TOPIC: Good day all, was up late last night and put a link to new die crack mint error found (news release) on last posting, then this posting came up. Thought it would be fun to share again with the Blog since these types of errors are rare in modern numismatics. Here is a link to the NGC article. It is for a 1983 P die crack near the Eagle’s beak. Happy Hunting!

  14. stephen m says

    Hi, hi low silver, I don’t know if the operators are contract workers but think not. The mint needs, and has needed for some time, better management in my opinion and a better QA program based on what i’ve read here. It looks as if we will get our orders about the same time. Hang in there.

  15. fmtransmitter says

    Yes, my ship date for WP SE set is now 8/9. Looks like the Chinese boxes are coming next week. Now, if the Mint only knew that there a hundred thousand boxes out there empty from the TPG’s this all would have been avoided. Give the TPG’s a small discount for buying the coins and NOT the boxes and we all would have had our coins in a timely fashion.

  16. high low silver says

    stephen m : My concern is….Should I cancel my last day order and buy a couple 70 ER FS slabbed sets since these are going to be very low with this shipping screw up. And now a free shipping time frame before the last day WP June orders are sent out. We might be looking @ halloween for that….

  17. fmtransmitter says

    I would for sure buy a graded 70 for THIS set. You will get a premium if you ever need to sell Hi Low…Good luck my friend!

  18. Taribor says

    I finally gave up and cancelled my wp set last night. I have two sets from
    Philly I will put away in ogp, and I will buy a pcgs 70 rp for my proof collection, and call it a day. No explanation, no apology, no nothing from the mint so they can kiss it.

  19. Eddie says

    Shouldn’t it apply to all orders shipped after 07/26 and not orders from that date on get the free shipping?
    I have a subscription for the 5 ozers and it has a ship date of 08/08.
    The free shipping should apply to the rest of the WP sets but they were all ordered before 07/26. It would be nice to get the free shipping because of the Mint’s screw-up with these sets.

  20. JagNut says

    Same here – I have cancelled a total of four sets so far and have in hand a PCGS First Strike set & a NGC Black ER Set…

    I have one set left on order with the mint (the one that I orded at 4:05 on the first day) and based on feedback above, looks like the next opportunity will be in Mid August…

    So far I have only bought the 5 ounzers for those parks that I have been to (Grand Canyon, Yellowstone & Yosemite) and the next one on my hit list is Mount Rushmore…. Plus looking forward to the Great Smoky Mountain Park one in the spring next year!

    Does anyone think that the new Canadian Maple Impression coin will be a good canadian coin to add to my collection? It is limited to only 10k however it would be the first Colorized coin in my collection… It definately has a nice appeal to it?

  21. taribor says

    i’m probably missing something here, but for all of you with subscriptions, can you cancel the subscription, buy the coin tomorrow, then re-enroll in the subscription?

  22. Eddie says


    I really like Canadian Maple Impression coin also. I have been thinking about getting it but just haven’t yet.

  23. Matt says

    That’s what I did, and I’ll redo my subscription in a few days…

    taribor says:

    July 25, 2013 at 11:49 am

    i’m probably missing something here, but for all of you with subscriptions, can you cancel the subscription, buy the coin tomorrow, then re-enroll in the subscription?

  24. thePhelps says

    traibor – yes they can do that. I canceled all my subscriptions shortly after the mint got he better of me with the silver proof set. I had it on subscription got the coins and then a week later they lowered the price.

    If you have a subscription your order is already placed. Free shipping applies to orders being placed starting tomorrow. It is simple, cancel your pending order and order again tomorrow when free shipping apllies.

  25. Boz says

    While it was tempting to wait until tomorrow to get the gret basin 5 oz along with the free shipping, what’s five bucks right?

    Went ahead and ordered today…41884***

  26. high low silver says

    Boz: That might be a smart play on silver and gold products……. A lot of the clad offerings may fly off the shelf @ the Mint tomorrow.

  27. Phil says

    This coin would pair up nicely with the buffalo gold proof 1 oz coins: A Great Basin and a great bison 🙂

  28. fmtransmitter says

    Have you seen an interview w the Mint director? Wp? Dude is like 350 lbs and waiting for a heart attack. With that at the Top, what is behind him>?

  29. Ray says

    just had to cancel another 2 set order of wp ase’s. just had to put a bunch of money into my car. all ofmy other orders have a 9/17 ship date. if i waited this long, then waiting til sept will be fine. i originally had 10 sets ordered. now i’m down to 6.

  30. Eddie says

    With the lower prices on the 5 ozers do you think this one might be a sell out? To me they should be priced at $139.00 but I guess that’s just me.

    I really do hope that the Mint comes up with one one hell of a Kennedy set for the anniversary. I would like to see a UHR half in the set. .999 would be great but I would settle for a 90%. I just hope the Mint doesn’t screw it up we have or at least some have been waiting 50 yrs. for this.
    Sorry for getting off topic.

  31. Mint News Blog says

    Update: The free shipping promotion will end September 30, 2013, at 5 p.m. ET.

  32. high low silver says

    Eddie: You and me both with the Kennedy 50th ! Check out Ireland JFK coins, nice issue and good looking coins. I would like to see an end to the US clad half series that no one uses anymore, but I have a ton of…….. Thanks for the free shipping update Mint News, I still need to get 2 roll. 2013 Kennedy offering.

  33. stephen m says

    Hi, hi lo silver, i really can’t say what is good for you, or anyone else for that matter, on those WP sets but it looks as though you have made a decision. I would think there will be plenty of sets available for some time to come. I saw a 70 set 25th anniversary set in NGC sell for $960.00 just recently and that set was limited to 100,000. Buy what you like.

  34. Smiledon says

    I have 4 colorized coins, 1 is a painted ASE, and the others are laser engraved. (Hologram is how it was described). Also, the reverse was blank, and that was how the hologram was applied. I guess if the reverse was normal, and that was colorized, it may have a better look. After looking @ them, I have, over time, believe they are worth the price. However, that is your call since it is your money. I have seen the same done with Kennedy halves that have different pictures on them.

  35. high low silver says

    stephen m : $960 for a $300 set (plus grading fee) is a win win situation for a seller on ebay…..least we forget the 2006 3 coin annv sets @ $100 from the Mint in ogp…..

  36. Boz says

    Bullion 5 oz now $123, which is starting to close the gap again between it and the mint-sold “numismatic” coins. Mint will be raising their numismatic silver coin prices soon?

  37. beaver says

    I received my WP yesterday. My acct. was showing 7/19 delivery date! For those of you who ordered multiples,it’s not too late to cancel some or all your orders, so we can have a lower mintage. Lol!!

  38. VARich says

    On the previous thread, some expressed the desire to have dates on the mint package to better keep track the order if it remains sealed – you can associate the package tracking number with that on the track order status page – a thought.

    FM – you see the FDR reference to your eagle? That would have been something!

  39. high low silver says

    Soooooo…. Can anyone answer my 1st 2 posts ? No yes maybe ? I think I get it !!!

  40. high low silver says

    Sorry beaver didn’t mean to think you were square or anything like that….LOL!!

  41. Brad says

    High Low,

    Neither, actually. The crazy ship dates that still display on screen even after the date has already passed are just a by-product of the Mint’s antiquated ordering system. It will be adjusted eventually, but not necessarily timely.

    There will be no free shipping for the remaining West Point sets that haven’t shipped yet. The amount charged will be the amount the buyer agreed to on the “place order” page way back when, which included the s/h charge.

    It’s too bad the free shipping for online orders has to end on 9/30. I won’t be able to take advantage of it for my 2013 First Spouse coins. We all know they probably won’t be released until December. I still remember the “good old days” when s/h was ALWAYS free for online orders!

  42. high low silver says

    Brad : I understand what you posted, and THANK YOU for your input :)….NOW…… Y don’t U fly that Private Jet to my State and check out my collection of coins….

  43. guama says

    Thanks Michael for your blog! You just saved me a couple of dollars on my shipping order. I decided to check the blog to see if anyone else had an incorrect shipping date on the wp set and saw that the shipping will be free starting tomorrow. Now, I will order my annual clad set and my uncirculated ase..

  44. Dustyroads says

    high low~It’s gotten to the point where we are having to check the Morgans and other older silver coins for authenticity. I know a guy who got taken last year when he bought several Mexican coins thinking they were 70% silver and got taken, he owns a store and had planned on reselling. This evening I saw a story on our local news about guy who bought some Morgan, Peace, and Mexican coins and got ripped off, for whatever reason, neither of them used a magnet. I not only use a magnet, but I run the coin under my metal detector coil for a read of composition.

  45. simon says

    Dusty : Weight – Density is a very good test. We should thanks good old Archimedes for it. It is an easy comparison with slabbed coins too if the TPGs fail – which they do at times.

  46. Jerry Diekmann says

    Maybe there is something wrong with my eyes, but for the life of me I just can’t figure out what is hanging down on the tree in the cener of the coin. Is it some other branch and leaves? It doesn’t look like anything else on the tree. Looks like someone’s clothes were caught in the tree. Thanks to anyone who can fill me in on this design.

  47. Hawkster says


    This one had me stumped also. I’m going to go out on a limb and agree with VA Bob that it is another trunk. But we need to get to the root of this. I’ll call my branch office.

  48. simon says

    Hawk : no need to call your senator / rep. The Bristlecone pines have intensely gnarl(e)y / sinewy trunks, developed in adaptation to harsh high altitude conditions of high winds, bone dry summers, icy winters, and tourist photographers like myself who have hiked / photographed said park, as well as the Schulman and Patriot groves in the White Mtns near Big Pine, CA. The trees are so, so protected that it is even against the law to pick up the fallen wood. I have fond memories of trips there particularly to the Lehman Caves which reminded me of a Miniature scale Carlsbad Caverns.

  49. fmtransmitter says

    Sounds very nice Simon…Are you picking one of these up then? Would be a great addition to your collection since you have actually BEEN there and have great memories. Still no movement with RM on Proof we ordered…

  50. Hawkster says


    Thanks. I might add that some Bristlecone pines are over 5.000 years old. Can you imagine trying to count the rings?

  51. Hawkster says

    high low silver:

    I see that you asked “Beaver” to say hello to Wally. Could you also ask him to give my regards to Eddie Haskell. Thank you.

  52. high low silver says

    Ill give you that n as long as you didn’t sell that prototype set on ebay…..

  53. simon says

    FM Tx and Hawk

    Absolutely – I do plan to get a P blasted issue; I’m selectively getting bullion versions, and this is on my list.

    Money is not the root of all evil – it is the “love” of money which is ! That said money pays a lot of good bills, including my food-shelter and the hobby.

    Also to note that there are some giant pines in Tasmania, others in Madagascar, and some Mediterranean olives which are considered just as old (5k+ years)

  54. Erik H says

    My 3 WP sets shipped out two days ago. I should have received them today but the mint sent them Priority mail not UPS 2nd day.

    The Rep. couldn’t give me a reason why but said they would send my next order out for free. Big deal… I will get my next order free anyways!

  55. Dustyroads says

    I wood love to see the Bristlecone Pines up close, but I’m such a sap, I hate leaving my home in the bosque.

  56. fmtransmitter says

    On the eastern slope of the Sierra Nevada
    a stand claws its existence from granite fissures.
    At my high school the bristlecone was anathema,
    older than Jesus, than even Jehovah. Evolution
    was dismissed with a joke: California proscribed
    two semesters for six days’ work. Methuselah
    trees, five thousand years old, but our teacher
    explained, the trees in the Garden were created
    with rings, just as Adam and Eve were adults,
    a subtle ploy to explain La Brea Tar Pits
    and rocks four billion years old. This fossil fir,
    Pinus longaeva, failed to debunk Creation,
    its truth lost among crude comments and gestures,
    the lingua franca of adolescent boys. Reproduction
    among mammals was meant to be divine,
    another chapter skipped, a miracle unexplained
    by the book left on my pillow. The bristlecone
    grows but a few millimeters per year,
    a thin fiber of persistence
    unconcerned with the image of God.

  57. fmtransmitter says

    Did you know?

    Cattle grazing was eliminated from Great Basin National Park in 1999. The South Snake Range is still home to 10-15 Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep.

  58. fmtransmitter says

    Bristlecone pine is also known as “Wind Timber”, “Hickory Pine”, “Krummholz” and “Foxtail Pine.” It is a member of the group of pines known as foxtail pines, because of the shape of the branches and the way the needles stay attached all the way up the limb. The limbs look like small foxtails.
    That “weird” thing hanging off the branch is a foxtail…

  59. FLsharkvictim says

    This is my first coin of the series. I hope these don’t take as long as my West Point eagle set.. I got them 2 wks ago and was able to make the early release to NGC. Some people are still waiting on the WP set… YIKES…

  60. Hawkster says


    Thanks for the additional info–I’ve been pining to see the Bristlecone in person. Yeah, we’ve kind of been needling each other, but our bark is worse than our bite.

    Will these additional puns keep you going, high low silver? If not, I’ll put an axe to additional comments.

  61. thePhelps says

    Hawkster… punny stuff. I am shocked this branched off into an actual discussion of the topic at hand. 81 nearly on topic posts!

  62. thePhelps says

    @vaughnster… yeah I did as well – waiting a day was worth the price – and it still showed in stock!

  63. VARich says

    @ VABEACHBUM re: Mint’s Product Schedule: Lord help us if the mint delivers the RP Buff to schedule, all we’ll be left with to pontificate for 4 months is the shipping of the FS series.., shoot me! I share your concern!

    For those still tracking the delivery of the WP ASE, my Day 2 order which has been firmly planted at 8/9 for 4-5 weeks HAS MOVED.., up a week to 8/01.., so the boat from china has clearly crossed the International Date.., so we’re in the home stretch now!

  64. simon says

    Hawk – don’t pine – get airborne, flap, and fly out there. Forget the needling, you’ll be soaring among the Bristlecone pines, getting a birds eye view of the grove.

    For the rest of us there is an airport in Bishop CA. If you come in at the right time in the summer/fall (Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor day) you can catch the airshow at the airport which is a great treat or Mule Days or the Art show in the city. There’s even a coin shop in the town, and plenty of fishing. There’s an abandoned silver mine in the area, Bodie is a short drive north, and Carson City (hint : the mint) a bit further.

  65. VABEACHBUM says

    I just finished ordering my GB-P coin w/ the free shipping. So hard to believe that this same series was selling – and SELLING OUT – during year 1 @ $279 a crack. Granted, most of that was the value of the Silver at the time, but what huge shift to the left.

    What’s even more interesting about today’s purchase is the fact that this new, GB-P is IN STOCK AND AVAILABLE FOR SHIPPING. This means that manufacturing started long before the on-sale date. So, if The Mint could have done that for this coin, they certainly should have done it for the WP SET and the damn packaging. A hugely BS excuse, if ever there was one.

    Seriously, between 2006, 2011 and 2012, market demand for ASE sets has a demonstrated minimum of 100K sets and a recurring demand for at least 250K sets. Should have had at least 150K on the shelf and ready to ship when sales opened, then continued manufacturing to demand over the next 30 days with product shipping starting the day after sales closed.

    @ VARich – Because of the price point of the RP Buffalo, I don’t think we’ll see nearly the drama we have w/ the WP Sets. In this instance, I think we’ll see coins start to ship w/in 10 days of the closing date. Still, the US Mint Product list is barren and boring between Sept 1st and Dec 31st.

    I took a second look at the Product Schedule while I was buying my GB-P, and noticed that both the 2013 Annual UNC Dollar Set and the 2013 Limited Edition Silver Proof Set have moved down into the TBD Nest sometime in the past 3-4 days. I am assuming that this has to do with the Silver Coins, Product Re-pricing and listings w/in the Federal Register, but do not know for sure.

  66. JagNut says

    Yay – my WP sets just shipped today. I ordered them at 3:08 on the opening day so they are making progress 🙁

  67. fmtransmitter says

    Congrats JagNut, you will be pleased…Nice set but don’t get over hyped about the “enhanced”…

  68. Brian says

    Oh, good. I’m revlieved they got the baseball design right.

    Some of the people on that committee complained that “United States of America” was split between two lines and they suggested an alternative where it was on one line. The problem was that it stretched into the fat part of the fabric.

    It just wasn’t how an actual baseball would look.

    I hope they make a 6 coin set that has all three proofs and all three uncirculated finishes. I would be in for one of those for sure.

  69. Samuel says

    off topic: received 5 WP sets. all RPs are fine. 1 Enhanced has a 1cm hair in the capsule on the coin, another one has a shorter hair but water stain on it.

  70. Dan in Fla says

    They don’t charge extra for those hairs Samuel. People are involved in packaging the coins at least.

  71. Two Cents says


    Thanks for the link to the Baseball reverse — interesting how the size of the lettering is enlarged on the silver dollar coin. I wonder if the Mint put up the wrong image.

  72. Dan in Fla says

    I was keeping a five pack and ten pack of the 2012 San Francisco Silver Eagle proof/reverse proof sets back for future sale. This is to join my 2011 Anniversary Sets 5 pack still in box for future sale. Now I have a 5 pack of West Point Sets also that I will save for etc. Upon arrival of the WP sets I noticed the boxes were different in size. Five WP set box was smaller than my 2012 San Fran five pack box. Anyway I opened the five pack of 2012 San Francisco sets and found six sets where five should have been. Moral to the story always open what you get from the U S Mint and examine it carefully.

  73. fmtransmitter says

    WOW Dan in Fla: I obviously assume you did NOT get charged for 6 sets correct? And here we ago again with the bright minded individuals whom are employed at the US Mint. I saw a story about a homeless Vet who needed a job and apartment and his ‘caseworker” at the VA found him a job packaging at the WP Mint. Been there for like almost 30 years now. I assume they do not administer an IQ test for employment…

  74. thePhelps says

    So Dan… you have a 2012 extra you are willing to sell to me for $139.95 plus shipping then right?

  75. Samuel says

    at bay, there is this guy has more than 10 boxes of 2006 set for sale, each box contains more than 10 sets.

  76. fmtransmitter says

    All the dealers are all in on the 2013 set so they don’t have the ‘cash’ to buy these. Some dealer will pop on them eventually I am sure…

  77. stephen m says

    fmxmitter, freddie must have sold some boxes. Last time i saw the e-bay ad, long ago, he had 50 boxes. He’s still making more than triple on that investment. Poor old freddie.Any way it looks as if he’s had an easier life than that bristlecone pine.

  78. VARich says

    @ fmtransmitter – your comment regarding the homeless vet is inappropriate and in very, very poor taste.

    How you make an inference between a packaging slip up at the mint and the hiring of a homeless vet & IQ test is beyond me.

    I’m surprised to read that given all the patriotism you have espoused over the past couple of months.., perhaps the summer heat out that way has warped your antenna ’cause all I’m hearing is a lot of static.

    As one of the many vets out here that do comment, I’m glad you appreciate the Opportunity to purchase your ASE set in Black Retro, your Spitting Eagle, Bird coins, …and all the other wonderful purchases you have made this year.

  79. dan says

    Just received 2 uncirculated one ounce AGE coins and am very dissatisfied with the quality. Both coins have large discolorization above and below Lady Liberty’s left shoulder/arm area that is visible without any magnification. Has anyone else encountered this problem?

    I never seem to have problems with the proof’s, but over the last 2-3 years the uncirculated ones I always seem to have problems getting eye clean coins..

  80. Dustyroads says

    God bless you VARich, I hope you get everything coming to you. Don’t be too hard on fm, I doubt he intended to say vets are stupid, I think he was referring to the Mint. War is hell, we owe a great amount to those who have endured it, and many still deal with it!

  81. fmtransmitter says

    That is exactly what I meant Dustyroads. I was stating a FACT. Had NOTHING to do with him being a Vet. Got a family full of them.

  82. fmtransmitter says

    Should said “some homeless guy” but felt he deserved to be recognized for his service to the Military and the US Mint…All good, I understand how it could have been looked at differently..

  83. fmtransmitter says

    Anyway, my POINT was the constant QUALITY control issues at the Mint we talk about in here. I am a Certified Quality Manager so I see business from a ‘quality control” perspective. Maybe too much sometimes and apologize if anyone got offended…

  84. Hawkster says

    High Low Silver,

    O.K., I’m back. The sap flow of pine tree puns actually served to keep the thread on-topic. I will now “stem” the flow, and hope you don’t “bristle” at the thought. It’s a good thing that our moderator, Michael, has an appreciation of some light humor being thrown in once in awhile. Otherwise, he might have “chopped” my pun- laden comments.

    There has been some off-topic comments about the HOF coin image that the Mint has put out, with “fmtransmitter” providing a link to the Mint’s “pressroom” web page.

    Here’s a thought: Pete Rose is now banned from baseball, including being considered for induction into the Hall Of Fame. This does not stop Pete from showing up every year to Cooperstown to hawk his autographs at the local baseball memorabilia shops. His visits to this picturesque Otsego Lake community just happen to coincide with the annual summertime induction ceremonies, along with the thousands of visitors.

    Next summer’s visitors to Cooperstown could bring along their HOF commemorative coin (or buy one at the HOF gift shop). They could then meet up with Pete and pay him about $100. for his three- second autograph on the coin packaging. Let’s see what this would bring on Ebay. But don’t forget to get that authenticity label from a TPG company, which is probably another $50.

  85. fmtransmitter says

    Hawkster, my Grandmother used to serve Al Kaline dinner and got his autograph for my brother and I as kids. To this day I kick myself for losing it.

  86. Jon in CT says

    I sure wish fmtransmitter would take a vacation. His pile of “contributions” here has significantly diminished the signal/noise ratio.

    Kudos to this site for saving me $5. I did get a notice from the Mint this morning about the Free Shipping offer but, if not for this site, I would have ordered my 5 oz Great Basin silver coin yesterday, instead of waiting until this morning.

  87. Hawkster says


    Don’t despair, his name is all over household batteries: “Alkaline”. Now, once and for all, I am “logging” off on my pine tree puns.

  88. GMS says

    Must be another mint mistake but all of the 2013 Presidential Dollars in $100.00 bags are listed as sold out.

  89. vaughnster says

    Received my 5 oz bullion Great Basin ATB coin from Provident today and it is beautiful. I’m guessing the Perry’s Victory was more the fault of the Mint and not Provident.

  90. Jon in CT says

    GMS wrote on July 27, 2013 at 9:09 am:

    Must be another mint mistake but all of the 2013 Presidential Dollars in $100.00 bags are listed as sold out.

    Yes, I see that. Very strange. But none of those 2013 President Dollar bags have moved to the “No Longer Available” list at http://catalog.usmint.gov/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/CategoryDisplay?storeId=10001&catalogId=10001&langId=-1&identifier=9200

    I agree that this is either a mistake or a crude method to temporarily prevent people from ordering the bags, for whatever reason.

  91. taribor says

    you all will probably laugh at me, and maybe it is because I am from Ohio (living in NorCal now for years)…….but I got a perry’s victory in my change today and thought it looked really nice (nicer than my 5oz P does)……nice, simple design, kinda like the platinum should have been before they decided to add gears everywhere, but to each his own i guess 🙂

  92. GMS says

    Jon, Even though they have not moved onto the No Longer Available page the fact is you can’t order them as of now, I might add the Cleveland second term D $250 Dollar box sold out a few days ago and it hasn’t moved to the page you list either.

  93. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    She appeared to me in a hazy dream in 2013 and told me this is the first year since 1987 that all 4 numbers in the date are not the same. Now i know she is thinking about me somewhere…

  94. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    still have the 87 mint set she got me… think i’ll buy the 2013 unc Mint set…

  95. Jon in CT says

    I wonder whether “Free Shipping” applies to the $1 President 500-coin box, which has a $7.95 shipping weight surcharge tacked onto the normal $4.95 S&H.

  96. thePhelps says

    Jon – I believe it says standard shipping free… I don’t think that qualifies as standard.

  97. GMS says

    Jon, the $250 Dollar box is a better buy anyway, I have bought as many as 4 at a time and was charged $4.95

  98. VaBeachSteve says

    Off topic …. Anyone notice how fast the Sovereign coins sold out at the Royal Mint??? The Gold coin in 2 days (Mintage of 2013) & silver in 5 days (10,000 mintage) …… Everybody loves a baby

  99. high low silver says

    I did too GMS. But I got them at face value when the Mint was sendind them to the banks…..

  100. GMS says

    Well high low, they don’t send them to the banks anymore so you either pay the premium or do without.

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