2013-P Perry’s Victory Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin

Tomorrow, June 6, 2013 at 12:00 Noon ET, the United States Mint will begin sales of the 2013-P Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin.

Perry's Victory Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin

The reverse design by Don Everhart depicts the statue of Master Commandant Oliver Hazard Perry with the Peace Memorial visible in the distance across the water. The obverse contains the 1932 portrait of George Washington designed by John Flanagan. Incused edge lettering indicates the precious metal weight and fineness of “.999 FINE SILVER 5.0 OUNCE”.

This numismatic version of the coin carries the “P” mint mark and is indicated as having an uncirculated finish. The finish appears similar to that used on US Mint bronze medals, which is created through a vapor blasting technique applied after striking.

Pricing for the 2013-P Perry’s Victory Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin is $179.95 each. The stated maximum mintage is 25,000 pieces.

This is the second numismatic release of the series for this year.  The previous release featuring White Mountain National Forest went on sale May 16 and has sold 13,917 units through the most recent numismatic sales report. This is already approaching the sales levels for the 2012-dated releases which ranged from a low of 14,863 to a high of 17,314.

Tomorrow, the 2013-W Uncirculated Gold Eagle will also go on sale. A separate post on this coin will be published tomorrow morning.

set112013 West Point Silver Eagle Set Sales Ending

Also tomorrow, the four-week ordering window for the 2013 West Point Silver Eagle will officially close. The ordering period began on May 9, 2013 at 12:00 Noon ET and will conclude on June 6, 2013 at 5:00 PM ET.

The pace of sales during the final week of availability has seen an upswing, however it has not been as significant as the spike in final week sales seen for last year’s 2012 San Francisco Silver Eagle Set.

The data for the daily updates to the sales odometer on the 2013 West Point Silver Eagle Set product page are shown below. Today’s update puts sales at 243,226, up by 9,948 from the previous day.

Date Increase Total Sales
5/10/2013 138,514 138,514
5/13/2013 44,259 182,773
5/14/2013 4,768 187,541
5/15/2013 4,185 191,726
5/16/2013 1,926 193,652
5/17/2013 3,082 196,734
5/20/2013 3,068 199,802
5/21/2013 4,299 204,101
5/22/2013 2,125 206,226
5/23/2013 974 207,200
5/24/2013 1,525 208,725
5/28/2013 5,486 214,211
5/29/2013 3,130 217,341
5/30/2013 2,638 219,979
5/31/2013 3,000 222,979
6/3/2013 8,521 231,500
6/4/2013 1,778 233,278
6/5/2013 9,948 243,226

Last year, the final sales figure shown for the San Francisco Set was 251,302 units. This was subsequently adjusted downwards to a final unaudited sales total of 224,981 units.

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  1. im just a bill says

    America the Beautiful, with phallic war symbols lol

    worst design ever!

    However, I am a collector and will end up buying the bullion version to complete my set.

    and a correction to a comment i made earlier about the WP eagle set. I was scheduled to ship on 8/8 not 8/30, and has now moved up to 7/25.

  2. thePhelps says

    JD that has a story to it… since they announced they were not making it an exclusive set – people bailed on their purchases

  3. Larry says

    The surface treatment of the “P” 5 ouncers just does not do it for me. Originally I got all the 2010’s, but the only one I liked was the Mount Hood. I have been on the sidelines ever since, but this year I think I will by a bullion Mount Rushmore, as it is the only one since Mount Hood that I like. Otherwise I continue to buy the proof silver quarter sets, which I still think are the best bang for the buck.

  4. Dmitriy says

    Also, due to large shipping windw, many were monitoring the behavior of the secondary market and determined that they won’t be able to churn a quick profit. Thus, returning many of the “extra” sets they’d purchased.

  5. Ray says

    I was hoping for some info. Does anyone know generally how long it takes to get a refund for a returned coin? A week? A month? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks all!

  6. Dan in Fla says

    I’m in for a couple of these P mint coins as I am putting together a set too. The bullion coins I received from Provident were DMPL coins for sure. Hopefully the Perry’s Victory coin looks the same. The Mint uses that vapor blasting technique and it obliterates the surface IMO. However I still have every one of the P mint coins and will keep it up until the end 2021.

  7. Eddie says

    The Perry 5ozer is starting to grow on me.
    Of the 2014’s TN and VA are the only ones I care for at the moment FLA is kinda iffy.

  8. oldfolkie says

    The Perry coin does little for me, but I’m in for a bullion and a P as well. Like Captain I love the possibilities for next year. With the Gettysburg, and the Perry coin I wish they could have gone with a historical scene from the past. Statues I could do without, or maybe even a statue superimposed on a historical scene. After next year they’re going to have to get creative and the possibilities are endless.

  9. thePhelps says

    “America the Beautiful, with phallic war symbols”

    Is it me – or is Perry “dressing” to the left for this coin?

    I am still not overly impressed with this one – but – I am buying it – maybe not the bullion though.

  10. Ray says

    The 2014s are interesting. I like FL the best. Then TN for sure. I also really like the CO one, but thats my home state so I’m probably biased. I was initially disappointed that they didnt use Rocky Mountain National Park (kind of shocking honestly), but the Sand Dunes will do. Pike Peak would have also been nice.

  11. Zaz says

    The Perry design isn’t horrible, the first round designs verged on the distinctly tacky and didn’t fit in with the previously issued designs in their classic compositions and symmetry. It a compromise: how do you make a 380-foot column artistically interesting, while the Perry sculpture is inside? The loss of the framing window improved the design dramatically. I still think the two-toilet Chaco Culture the worst of all 20 official designs, and it actually was quite attractive as a 3-inch disk in either bullion or vapor blasted finishes.

    I’m planning to buy my single WP set at 4:59pm or thereabouts. I’m sure the website will be jammed then, but still going to try at the 11th hour!

  12. high low silver says

    Greetings from O.C. Md. !!! The design of this War of 1812 coin is long overdue…;-)

  13. high low silver says

    243 tho is a low number IMO…. might get another order in tomorrow.

  14. silverhawk357 says

    @ thePhelps ” Is it me – or is Perry dressing to the left for this coin?”

    Oh, great. Like I need a five oz. puck to see that. I’m on board for the new twist on a classic design – 5 more WPASE for me.

  15. im just a bill says

    Cuyahoga Valley National Park would be someplace to see something beautiful in Ohio, otherwise, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is the only thing I would go to Ohio to see.

    thePhelps, “dressing” haha is that a perrys victory in your pants or are you just happy to see me lol

  16. Ray says

    Those are the only 2 places I know, and its from seeing concerts and loving music, not really for visiting National Parks (although I vowed to spend more time there next time I go, which wont be until ta least next summer). It would have been really cool to see either of those on a coin. Blossom is a totally epic venue and bands seem to play really well there.

    I’m going to have to read about Perry. I feel a bit ashamed that I have never heard of him. I’m hoping once I start reading about him that it starts bringing back memories.

  17. ClevelandRocks says

    Amen about Blossom. Great performances by Michael Stanley, The Who, U2, Pearl Jam, Chili Peppers, and several jazz concerts from that awesome venue. O-H-I-O! I’m in for one Perry and 5 sets of WPSE’s tomorrow @ noon.

  18. george glazener says

    Blossom looks sort of like Red Rocks in Denver, but without the red rocks…!

  19. VABEACHBUM says

    @ Ray & C-Rocks – I might be in VB now, but I’m definitely an Ohio native out of the Akron area. For 20+ years, I thought Cedar Point was THE only park in the state, National or otherwise.

    Like you, many a great show at the Blossom. And cannot believe you mentioned MSB!! Old School Rock and very Ohio. And then there was WMMS, “The Buzzard” – before they went corporate.

    No need for any more WP sets. I’ll be picking up one of the “P” coins, as well as the three 2013 Mint Sets. I had cancelled those subscriptions two years ago, and will combine to save on shipping.

  20. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    good design. clothes were cooler back then, fashion has lost its sense.
    where can I buy like that?
    definitely not at WM.

  21. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    as long as my woman likes it, but wouldn’t wear it to the sports or other bar.

  22. Hawkster says

    Following the 2013 WP set, it might be a good idea for the Mint to take a break with these “special” silver eagle sets. Too much of a good thing can lead to collectors becoming jaded with the over-saturation of these sets. The sets then go from being special to being ordinary. I don’t think it is necessary for the Mint to pump these sets out on what is now becoming an annual basis.

  23. Hidalgo says

    @Hawskter – the US Mint knows that the ASEs sell. Look at the million of ASE bullion coins it has sold… Plus too, folks are buying them — in huge quantities. The US Mint has already stated it is exploring other ASE options. I believe we’re in for several new ASE sets for years to come…

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