2013-P White Mountain Five Ounce Silver Coin Sold Out

white-mountainAccording to the US Mint’s website, the 2013-P White Mountain National Park Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin has sold out. This product had only been available for sale for less than five months and the last reported sales remain below the stated maximum mintage.

The coins originally went on sale May 16, 2013 and represented the sixteenth release within the numismatic series. Initially, the price was set at $179.95 per coin representing the lowest initial pricing for a new release of the series. The price was later reduced to $154.95 after a decline in the market price of silver.

Opening sales for the coin were brisk with 10,605 units sold within less than a week, more than 30% above the opening sales for the previous release in the series. The stronger sales may have been driven by the lower pricing and some increased collector attention after the quick sell outs and higher secondary market prices for the prior year releases.

As of the most recent sales report published yesterday, sales for the White Mountain Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin have reached 20,691. This figure is below the stated 25,000 maximum mintage, suggesting that the US Mint did not produce the coins to the full extent of the maximum.

Last year, several of the 2012-P ATB Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coins also sold out relatively quickly at levels well below the maximum mintage. This began with the sell out of the Hawaii Volcanoes coin in mid-January after less than four months of availability. The last reported sales were 14,863 units out of the 25,000 maximum. The last reported sales for the other 2012 releases were El Yunque 17,314 units, Chaco Culture 17,146 units, Acadia 14,978 units, and Denali 15,225 units.

Since the US Mint has not struck the White Mountain coin to the full maximum mintage, it stands to reason that this year’s other releases may have total production below the maximum of 25,000 units.

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  1. says

    I’ll second that thought, Tim. I thought White Mountain was the best 2013 AtB and am glad to see it performed relatively well in comparison with some of the ones from last year. With that said, I think the 2014 designs are amazing and cannot wait to buy them. In terms of quality they blow all the 2013s out of the water.

    I was also looking at the US Mint sales report Michael posted today, and I thought it was interesting that Fort McHenry seems to be outpacing Perry’s Victory and Great Basin in sales. It’s been out much less longer but the sales numbers already match those of Great Basin and Perry’s Victory. I wonder if Maryland has a higher incidence of coin collectors than the rest of the nation, or if the design (or the fort itself) is just really popular.

    I am anticipating none of these coins to go much past 20K in sales. Given the relatively good performance of Fort McHenry, I wonder if we could see a Hawaii-style “unexpected sellout” for that piece a bit later in the year.

  2. Boz says

    Hopefully the 14’s will be sold starting earlier in the year and not compressed into just a few months as all of the 2010-13’s have been. Given that possibility of a 14 appearing right after Christmas, and the as-yet to be sold South Dakota coin still coming this year, continued production of the earlier 13’s would just eat into future sales, and probaby counterproductive.

  3. VA Bob says

    Definitely one of the nicest of the mountain series. All it’s missing is the large four-legged mammal in the foreground. All kidding aside, it’s a nice way to stack silver, that is (mostly) appealing to the eye. As long as the prices remain stable. This series has a long way to go. Anyone completing the offering through 2022, depending on the future price of silver, will have either a small fortune in silver or an awesome boat anchor.

  4. Dan in Fla says

    I’ve been hoping for a sellout of something and the White Mountain coin is the perfect candidate.

  5. Ikaika says

    I continue to support this series and looking forward to the Mt. Rushmore. With all the NP closed due to the federal government shutdown we at least have our ATBs to look at 🙂

    OT, according to Michael’s recent sales report the FS coins totaled 29 across all options. The delayed release and “minting issues” will not help the cause.

  6. VARich says

    OT – Boz – I’ll ‘Second’ that Sir! So speaking of Christmas.., here we go – (hey, I’m already being given wish lists so I might as well have mine).

    Dear Santa Mint,

    There’s only 3 things on my Santa Mint Wish List..,

    #3 – Please turn the LASERs ON for the 2014 P AtBs as you will sell many coins and make a lot of money – you can’t miss this opportunity!

    #2 – Please put Ole Diamond out to pasture – he’s lived a good life!

    Ok, all kidding aside, Yellen means easy money to come so we’ll just kick that QE can down the road…, so we can expect more stagnate performance out of PMs? EvilFlipper, et al., chime in here please…

  7. Hidalgo says

    The mintage for the White Mountain 5 ounce P silver coin is higher than any of the 2012 5 ounce P silver coins. I am wondering if the US Mint will sell about 20,000 of each of the 2013 coins. If so, then the 2012 P silver coins will still be keys for the series.

    I wonder how that might affect the values for the 2013 P 5 ounce coins…..

  8. Ray says

    I wonder how many coins/pressings they get out of each dye for the AtBs. And also, how many dyes are made for each AtB? And do they use the same dyes for the bulion as the AtB.

    The WM Bullion sold out last week, followed by the Uncir today. Has that been a pattern in the past? I’m going to guess mintages between 16,000-17,000 for GB, FM, and PV.

  9. Sith says

    @Ray – Your guess is as good as any but if the pattern holds they will all come in around 20K. And yes the bullion sold out before the uncirculated coins for the 2012 ATBs

  10. MarkInFlorida says

    Hard to believe we now have nearly 4 years of these. Remember when we were waiting for them to be released, wondering what they would look like? I ordered that first 2010 set from APMEX for about $1300, then the Mint made them refund $500 and I still sold it to Gainesville Coins for $2500! I’m not normally a flipper, but I couldn’t refuse. Then I bought more 2010 sets from all the other dealers after reading about them here on MNB. That was fun.

  11. fmtransmitter says

    Getting a list of coins to send in for grading to NGC, especially since they responded to my email about having the Gasparro Queen bi-centennial visit medal graded. They said they would! The toning and subject matter along with the sculptor all make this one I would like to have slabbed/graded/authenticated. I know Michael loves toning and if you would like to email me, I would love your opinion on it. Will send actual photos I took. The rest are just some obvious choices, PV ATB P mint mark, two sets of the special 2013 SE sets and the gold proof MacArthur.

  12. fmtransmitter says

    Question, if I put two products on a subscription and one is released before the other and shipped, do I pay for shipping again when the second one is minted? They are on the same order subscription with one order number…Thanks in advance.

  13. ABC says

    If you are referring to the Reverse Proof Buffalo, it didn’t “sell out” because it was made to order.

  14. thePhelps says

    @fmtransmitter… you pay shipping for each product. The subscription is to each individual product – there isn’t a combined subscription option.

  15. Yomama says

    In the past couple of weeks, my colleagues at work are coming across the National Park and some Territory quarters in circulation and are asking me about these “new quarters” (as the coin collector in the group). We are in the Atlanta suburbs. Is anyone else finding that these quarters are popping up in circulation? Thanks

  16. gary says

    Ordered my White Mountain with the other 2013’s available at the time with the “cheap’ price of $155 & free shipping when the Mint offered it. I’m very happy with the pristine high quality of the coins I got. The White Mountain & Great Basin are outstanding designs IMHO. Why any collectors would bother with the very dicey quality of the bullion issues I find difficult to understand. I have seen so many bullion ATBs with horrible stains, scratches, very uneven luster, milk spots etc. To keep any bullion issues I would definitely need to get them NCS conserved at NGC… just not worth the expense, time & effort!

  17. Zaz says

    @gary: That is why the bullion is a challenge to get in relatively pristine condition and a challenge to collect. The uncirculated is pretty much uniform from coin to coin, they look mostly 69s or 70s. Looking forward to Rushmore at the end of the month for pre-order and going to get my 2 uncirculated on the 7th.

  18. stephen m says

    I got the first year and then bailed from the ATB 5 ozs. 2014 has some designs i like, birds i think, and the price of silver should go even lower for these. If so maybe i can get back in.

  19. Jus-a-coin-luvr says

    I’ve mostly considered the bullion versions of the ATBs more suited for “stacking”, even though there are certainly less expensive stacker choices in 5ozs. But, I do have to say that some of the ATBs have looked very good (maybe better) in the bullion design. So, I can understand why people would choose them for “collecting” too. Either way, we’re collecting and stacking at the same time. 🙂

  20. thePhelps says

    With the bullion and P blasted versions being the only 2 options…. I think you will have people collecting either type. I got into these late and have taken to filling in where I can with the bullion versions and actually like those when I find a clean one. The frosted versions I have gotten are as jus said – clean an uniform and probably all are MS69 or 70. I am having trouble finding either the 2010 or 2012 at prices I can live with … but will take which ever I can get.

  21. Jus-a-coin-luvr says

    A similar thing happened to me…got onto this series after the 3rd issue was out and was totally “asleep at the wheel” when this program started. The popularity and frenzy was off-the-charts back then, so the P-versions of the first two issues were at a high premium.

    Like others, I went with bullion and got a couple of nice copies to fill-in the hole of the first two issues. I still recall my first thoughts being…will I even stick with this through 2021? So far, I have and like Phelps am OK with filling-in or purposely selecting the bullion versions whenever it makes sense.

  22. Sith says

    @Gary – They are bullion with an upside due to mintage. I have yet to get a bad coin unless I got a discount to get a “damaged” coin. I pre-order them once they first come out I know the dealers are taking the top dogs but ordering early has been working for me

  23. says


    A bunch of my friends at work know about the AtB series and actively hunt for AtB quarters now in their change. One guy managed to find a Great Basin and another guy found a Fort McHenry yesterday. I think perhaps we’re starting to finally see these quarters enter circulation. There still aren’t very many of them, but I’m starting to see them here and there.


    I think you’re correct that 2012 might have been the nadir of AtB-P mintages. Most of the other AtBs for 2013 seem likely to peak between 18,000-20,000, though Fort McHenry might do a little better given the apparent popularity of that piece. I am not so sure about the bullion though. I haven’t really followed the AtB bullion production numbers much recently but I believe the numbers for those are still pretty low. Given the expense of collecting the AtBs and how I missed out on the original 2010 bullion, I’ve focused mostly on the AtB Ps, but I’ve had reason to regret my decision in the face of the low mintages.

  24. Dustyroads says

    I like the idea that some of other guys have of collecting both issues of the ATB’s when a new series hits the market, pinch is minimal, and it’s fun at the same time. I like having both as examples. Makes me wonder what the US Mint will do in a 5 oz. size after these are done.

  25. simon says

    I’m still awaiting my RevPr Buff ordered on the last day / final hour. Looking forward to seeing it in hand soon.

  26. VARich says

    Simon – you kidding? What’s the anticipated delivery date? Thought they had all shipped, thanks

    I just hope we’re all still here in 2021 and silver is somewhat affordable!

  27. simon says

    VAR : ship date is tomorrow 10/11 – They have not yet pinged my card. I could have saved $100 if I had ordered early ;(

  28. Pool Shark says


    Here are the accurate mintage figures for ALL the Atb’s to date (thru 10/6/13):

    2010 Hot Springs National Park 33,000 27,000
    2010 Yellowstone National Park 33,000 27,000
    2010 Yosemite National Park 33,000 27,000
    2010 Grand Canyon National Park 33,000 26,019
    2010 Mount Hood National Forest 33,000 26,928
    2011 Gettysburg National Military Park 126,700 24,625
    2011 Glacier National Park 126,700 20,856
    2011 Olympic National Park 104,900 18,398
    2011 Vicksburg National Military Park 58,100 18,594
    2011 Chickasaw National Rec. Area 48,700 16,827
    2012 El Yunque National Forest 24,000 17,314
    2012 Chaco Culture National Hist. Park 24,400 17,146
    2012 Acadia National Park 25,400 14,978
    2012 Hawaii Volcanoes National Park 20,000 14,863
    2012 Denali National Park 20,000 15,225
    2013 White Mountain National Forest 35,000 20,691
    2013 Perry’s Victory & Int’l. Peace Mem. 26,200 16,155
    2013 Great Basin National Park 27,200 15,994
    2013 Fort McHenry National Mon. 27,600 16,040
    2013 Mount Rushmore National Mem. 0 0

  29. Pool Shark says

    Sorry about the formatting on that last post; it looked good until I hit submit.

    The first numbers following the description are for the Bullion versions; while the second number is for the Uncirculated “P” versions.

  30. Pool Shark says


    I’m with you on this one. I “accumulate” (note I didn’t say “collect”) the Bullion versions for about the same cost per ounce as Silver Eagles. In the process, I have found some very nice specimens which would likely grade MS-69, with some possibly DMPL.

    In any case, I see no down side to buying Atb Bullion, as the possibility of serious numismatic value in the future is MUCH greater than simply buying Silver Eagles.

    Already my 2012 Hawaii Volcanoes and Denali Bullion coins have nearly doubled in value over the last year. The same cannot be said for Eagles…

  31. gatortreke says

    @ Yomama: Re the NP quarters appearing in circulation, I live in Tennessee and have started getting the NP quarters in change but only the 2013 releases, not the previous year issues. So, it would seem our area is getting these new quarters to some degree now, it remains to be seen if we’ll ever see the 2010-2012 issues released in any quantity.

  32. Jeff says

    @ gatortreke: With only 22-30 million 2012 P & D of each atb quarter minted you will not see them in circulation, as opposed to the hundred of millions of the 2010,2011 & 2013, conclusion 2012 will be the key dates across all numismatic mintages. Clad will rule time of course will tell, but when set building begins watch the premiums rise for the 2012’s

  33. Erik H says

    Last month on this blog I predicted that the Mt. Rushmore “P” ATB will sell out at around 15K because of the late release date. I also stated that it looks like mint produces 15K for the first run of 5 oz ATBs then if needed produces another 5k. Looks like I’m pretty close with the numbers on White Mountain.

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