2013-P White Mountain Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin

On May 16, 2013 at 12:00 Noon ET, the United States Mint will begin sales for the 2013-P White Mountain National Forest Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin. Significantly reduced pricing may serve to drive some renewed interest to the numismatic series, now in its sixteenth overall release.

White Mountain Silver Coin

The reverse design by Phebe Hemphill features a view of Mt. Chocorua, the easternmost peak of the Sandwich Ridge, framed by birch trees. This was design was selected as an iconic view of the lands of the White Mountain National Forest. On the obverse is the 1932 portrait of George Washington designed by John Flanagan.

Each coin is struck in 5 troy ounces of 99.9% fine silver with a diameter of 3 inches. The United States Mint indicates that the coins carry an uncirculated finish. Previous issues of the numismatic series have featured a finish created through a vapor blasting technique applied after striking. The product images suggest this release will carry a similar finish. The coin carries the “P” mint mark for Philadelphia.

A maximum mintage of 25,000 pieces has been indicated. This is the same level that was established for the 2012-dated releases of the series, although all issues sold out with final sales at levels ranging from approximately 15,000 to 17,500. Although the US Mint specifies a maximum mintage, ultimately decisions for actual production are made based on ordering trends and estimates for demand over the product availability period.

The 2013-P White Mountain Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coins are priced at $179.95 each. This will represent the lowest price charged for any new release of this product type. In December, pricing for the 2013-dated releases had actually been published at $244.95, but new lower pricing was published earlier this month.

Over the period of availability for the first fifteen releases of the series, prices have been $279.95, $229.95, and $204.95. The Chaco Culture design was briefly available for $179.95 after a price reduction. This lower price seemed to spur a burst of demand resulting in a quick sell out of the final remaining inventory.

Bullion Release

On May 13, 2013, the United States Mint began sales of the bullion version of the 2013 White Mountain Five Ounce Silver Coin. This version does not carry a mint mark and features a brilliant finish, often appearing as proof like. The bullion coins are distributed through a network of authorized purchasers based on the market price of silver plus a fixed mark up of $9.75 per coin.

Prior to the release, the US Mint announced that the available supply would be rationed amongst the authorized purchasers, as it was presumably anticipated that demand would exceed the available supply.

Total sales for the bullion version have reached 8,900 coins as of May 14, 2013. The US Mint has not indicated the initial or anticipated production level for this year’s bullion releases. The 2012-dated releases had production ranging from 20,000 to 25,400.

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  1. vaughnster says

    Finally the wait is over! 🙂 This past week has been more exciting than the first five months put together.

  2. Jus-a-coin-luvr says

    Very glad to see the 2013 versions being released and that the price is below $200 for a change. I’ll be ordering this coin tomorrow.

  3. Kraw says

    Anyone have a gauge as to how long it usually takes provident to get the new bullions? I believe they are not an AP, so presumably it will take a while??

  4. IPS_STUFF says

    regarding the “week of excitement…”

    Little less exciting with the price of metals continuing to drop on a daily basis…
    wondering if this could cause a slowdown in the WP set and the 2013 ATB coins?

  5. nick says

    I like them in this order: fort McHenry, Great Basin, White Mountain. perrys victory and mt rushmore I don’t much care for. undecided to buy them though. Can anybody convince me?

  6. Frankie says

    I reckon we will have another stampede on Thursday, but it may only slow down servers for an hour this time. Given it’s relatively low price, this coin will sell-out within maybe 8 weeks if not less. I’m in for 3 for sure!

  7. thePhelps says

    With a mintage limit of 25k and a price of $179 – I don’t see a server crash coming – this series doesn’t have enough demand to expect that to happen.

    IPS – there seem to be a lot of people who have a hard time with the concept that these are numistic issues. The price of bullion and the price of these is loosely related at times – but obviously not the basis of the final price. With the large drop in silver costs – it was evident there needed to be a price change and I believe the $179.95 price is probably the rock bottom price you’ll see on these unless silver drops off the charts – below $15 an oz.

  8. Eddie says

    Does anyone know if these will have a better looking finish to them.
    I hope the Mint uses their new “enhanced tech” on them? I have never been a fan of the “Vapor Blast” they have used in the past.

  9. says

    Can’t wait to get this, it’s nice that the coin I like most of this year’s batch is getting released first. I am planning on getting in right at 12 noon to pick it up.


    In general, the price drops (and increases) in silver and gold have not affected numismatics since 2011. If you look at the US Mint sales reports you’ll note that in general there have not been major surges or falls in most numismatic products.

    The only coin that might have been affected was the 1/10th ounce proof gold eagle, which briefly sold very close to the bullion price at a time when the 1/10th ounce bullion gold eagle was hard to acquire due to heavy demand.

  10. says


    The laser tech right now is only being used to create proof/prooflike coins. They are going to continue using the vapor blasting technique to create the standard uncirculated finish. I don’t expect the mint to change the AtB program so radically.

    Coins I have thought we might see the new technology used on are the proof gold eagle, proof gold buffalo, and clad/silver proof sets of the circulating coins. I think the proof AtB quarters in particular could benefit from the laser technology.

  11. Ray says

    I just signed up for the 5 ounce subscription. I’m hoping they ship these orders before any others. Nothing yet. Loving the new price.

    Its interesting to see the gold/silver spot prices drop below 1400 and below 23 for silver. Part of me doesnt like this, and a small part of me hopes the spot prices stay below 1400 for another price drop next week, which would be just in time for the gold buffalo release.

  12. EvilFlipper says

    I wouldn’t worry about gold going sub 1k. It’s following Japanese bonds I think because they’re losing money out of JGB trades and having to cover margin with something liquid….. And worth something…. Like gold. Equities are in a bubble.

    O/t- I’m waiting for a sand dunes 5oz. to pick up. Colorado is a great state and the sand dunes are just awesome!

  13. says

    PMs really heading south today! Gold under $1,400. This is excellent news, especially for those interested in the 2013 Buffalo gold reverse proof. I hope it is scheduled for late 2013 circa Oct-Dec. By then I expect gold at 1,050-1,150 oz.
    Silver now under $23. Maybe I’ll hold off on my ATB 5oz. til silver goes under $20 in a month or so.

  14. says


    If you mean mint sales, I follow the mint sales reports Michael compiles on Coin Update each Tuesday. Here is the latest one: http://news.coinupdate.com/us-mint-sales-report-west-point-silver-eagle-set-debuts-1977/

    If you mean the laser tech, the two coins they have produced with it are the Five Star General Proof Silver dollar and the West Point Set silver eagle. The latter is not called a proof, but has been described as having “prooflike” characteristics with three different finishes. In general, this new laser technology has been used to create multiple levels of frosting. Michael posted an article about this, just use the blog search and search for “laser” if you want to go back and read it.

    Given this, I don’t see how they would use the laser technology on the AtBs unless they made the AtBs proofs or prooflike coins.

  15. simon says

    OT : on PM prices. Apparently India which is the world’s largest consumer / market for Au has tightened the levies on imports, and is also going after PM hedge activity. They raised the import taxes on Au from 4 – 6 % earlier in the year. It also appears to be a prod to boost the value of the INR (rupee)

  16. Kraw says

    If the mint wanted to, I don’t see why they couldn’t produce a bullion coin and use the laser to finish different parts. The bullion 5 oz AtB certainly are ‘proof-like’ It would make for a truly awesome numismatic version!

  17. nick says

    just curious… I want to pick up a 1/10 gold proof from the mint. just went from 200 to 195 $$$. any guesses as to how low the mint is going to drop prices?

  18. simon says

    CO : Certainly very interesting. There must be a cyclical cascade downwards in PM prices generated by competition between lower imports because of increased tax revenues, and increased purchases due to decreasing PM pricing.

  19. Mark in Florida says

    I was thinking I should just subscribe to the 5 oz. to avoid the rush tomorrow, but if you subscribe, you don’t get tomorrow’s, you start with Perry.

  20. Fosnock says

    Nick – That was the price drop (to $195)

    Kraw – It takes Provident about 2 weeks once APMEX starts to pre-sell and item, so they should have them by the end of this week or early next week.

    Gary- I have noticed that premiums have been coming down for some bullion but I would not hold my breath if silver hits $20 the premiums will be thru the roof assuming you can get any

  21. Dan says

    My subscription order for the five ounce white mountain shows that the coins are backordered till may 30th.

  22. Dan in Fla says

    I will be there tomorrow at 12 noon to get my normal three and one. Three for me to search and one to hold back for sale. I enjoy the stress of trying to get my order in early. No I do not get anything graded as I cannot give somebody else money for an opinion.

  23. says

    I wouldn’t mind doing subscriptions, but I like to group orders together to reduce shipping costs. There doesn’t seem to be a way to do that with subscribed products. I’ll be buying the Roosevelt Coin Cover tomorrow alongside the White Mountain coin.

  24. says

    Fosnock, it may interest you that I contacted a bullion dealer in the northeast. For the one ounce silver you get close to melt for silver, the dealer said everyone is dumping their 100 oz bars & so they snap them up (today anyway) at 50 cents UNDER spot. Seems to be an oversupply beginning to me. Just my opinion.

    I sold my gold (most of it) when everybody wanted it at the high prices and converted profits into platinum (which is in a deficit supply) when platinum was cheap at 90% of spot gold. No flipping, its just that I unload when the mania of buying takes a metal I sell, when its undervalued I load up.

    Just so you dont think I’m a tycoon or anything (LOL) I’m talking about only 25K worth of stuff

  25. Fosnock says

    @Gary – I would love to get silver at melt, the lowest I seen was Provident and that was at $150 above spot. I don’t think supply is the issue it is simple capitalism, if I bought my stock at $29 an ounce I’m not going to sell it for $24 an ounce, but If I can get it for $23 an ounce then I can sell it for $24. Anyway I hope your right because the lower the price the more I can buy but I heard the miners would not going to expand production (and with the issues they are having) because of these “low” prices.

  26. says

    The only mining companies taking a hit are in palladium and platinum. Its in short supply and the currrent prices are very close to what it costs for an ounce of newly mined PGMs

    On the other hand Gold costs around $500 for newly mined or therabouts and silver $5-$7 an ounce depending on the efficiency of the miner. They have pumped so much gold and silver into the supply since late 2010 and that is why I believe it is in oversupply worldwide and yet still quite profitable to the mining companies to continue production, no matter what they publicly complain about the recent drops in gold & silver. Again, just my humble opinion.

  27. T1 browserman says

    vaughnster put it aptly right at the top of the thread…..but that long wait on the WP set ? 09/30 ???

    simon, correct me if I am wrong; I thought all pm offerings are to be made from resources within the U.S. Whatever the case may be the inflated Dow is once again depressing pm prices. Au once again appears interesting, esp. the tiny 1/10th !

    Again, numismatic offerings will still retain their premium. Does anyone think they are getting a 2010 Hot Spring 5 oz P for $180 when I paid $280? 🙂

  28. says


    Keep an eye on the quarterly financial performances of the miners. In particular you will want to keep an eye on Cost of Goods Sold/materials costs, and the total ounces of gold (or silver) mined.

    That will tell you most of what you want to know.

  29. Rich says

    I plan to attend the launch ceremony for Ft. McHenry and the evening before Q&A session, I’ll ask about the RP Buff date, the application of laser frosting to the ’14 AtBs, and the Mint’s position of household limits of ASE sets going forward, if we don’t know by then. Any other burning questions out there, throw them out and we’ll say the Mint says.

    The next launch ceremony should be early June near Great Basin – if anyone plans to attend, would appreciate it greatly if you’d ask the three above.

  30. Ray says

    @EvilFlipper, while I agree there’s a sort of bubble going on w/ the stock market, i think we’re going to need a different term for it. Corporations are practically forced to throw their money into the stock market due to the Fed slashing the prime rate as low as it can go, while buying up all the bonds they can. I’m not sure if the Fed has stated this, but it seems in line with their goals. Once they are done QE, and the prime rate goes back up to “normal” values, corporations will start pulling shares out of the stock market. Thats the bubble.

    Now the citizen investor is slowly regaining confidence in the stock market and one by one, share by share, they are reinvesting in the stock market. f the Fed can time the pullout of the corporations with the influx of individual investors, there will be hardly a wimper of a bubble. I think thats their goal, stated or not, bubble or not.

  31. thePhelps says

    @Ray… not sure who you believe the “citizen” investors are? I don’t see a lot of people I know venturing back into the market. I know many who didn’t pull everything out during the “last” crash – but I don’t know of many who are getting back in either. Too many lost their retirements, and many others expect the “bubble” to burst again and are waiting – all time new highs based on the current economy don’t make sense.

    While the talk about the recovery is great – many of us are waiting for it to actually start taking place. The factories in my area aren’t hiring, and most of the jobs that are being filled are paying less now than they were in 2008. The impending and current effects of the Obamacare program are starting to ripple into small waves.

    The stock market is held up mostly by corporations today. When they collapse it will collapse, and there isn’t a lot of data other than stocks prices that are positive. Yes, there are some good – but generally the entire schema is a mixed bag.

  32. simon says

    T1 – I believe it was the case for the original ASE. They did use up the particular source of Ag in the original ASE spec. They may now have waived the requirement. I’ve read that they may actually use Perth Mint as a source of PM blanks.

  33. saucexx says

    Ray and thePhelps,

    It’s institutional investors and 401(k)s who are jumping back in. Corporations have been profitable even though in a lot of cases, the employees are not making a decent wage. A problem BTW that voters caused themselves.

    Keep in mind there’s only so many places to invest; bonds, PM’s and stocks. Unless of course you venture into buying up Public assets which my city (Chicago) is so happy to sell for cents on the dollar.

  34. Rich says

    @ high low silver – Nah, across the river (from northern aggression) near Dulles, thought I’d take in an O’s game, hit the launch ceremony, see the Fort…, and of course, end up in the inner harbor! Good trip!

    @ thePhelps – to your point, here in recession proof Northern VA, earnings of many have been achieved through continual cost cutting measures.., though you can only cut for so long; IMO the latter half of 3rd QTR and 4th quarter will be the true litmus test of a solid business base. And of course, the real impacts of sequestration have yet to be realized. No Fortune 500 companies in the area are hiring that I’m aware of…, though the lay offs continue.

    BTW – a few threads back over last weekend when you went head-to-head on the virtues of coin collecting – I thought that was a very solid argument and well articulated. I chose not to speak to my mind.

  35. Ray says

    @thePhelps, pretty much every office worker at my work is back in. many of my friends in the art and music scene are slowly trickling back in and the stock threads on the forum I frequent (music and art fans) are active daily again. I was able to weather the storm fairly well. I’m currently in asset tracking and we’ve the business Ive worked for has grown every year since 2004, and continued to hire throughout as far as I know. Govt contracts has surely helped thee business I work for. Ive only been there since July, and I did IT contracting before this. Surely the business I work for is the exception, I understand. Others are piling back into apple after their drop, and hold your breath, the banking industry and tech stocks, and pulling 10-20% returns since Jan 2013. That sort of validated information is whats bringing the people I communicate with, back into the stock market.

    I do believe that if not enough individual investors get back into the game, aka selling a large portion of their gold/silver and buying stocks, we’ll see a bubble burst. I dont think its 100% inevitable. It surely wont be anything like what we saw 3-5 years ago. That seemed to be a perfect storm where people werent heeding certain experts advice. I think the DOW dropped to around 6600. I just cant see the current economy causing the DOW to drop to 4 digits again.

    In the end, I think the USA will benefit the most from the past 4-5 years. China is in the shitter, and we’re already bringing some manufacturing back to the states. We are the strongest/smartest country EVER, and we’re older and wiser from the experience of the Great Recession.

  36. rpw says

    If other ATB’s are in indicator – this one will max out in the 15k-17k range.
    Seems there are only around 17k of us collecting these!
    I think it will be on the low side since PM prices are falling and there’s really no floor. If silver keeps falling – the mint will have to reprice the ATB’s even lower. All I know is – I’ll continue to buy on opening day since I waited too long and missed the Hawaii Volcanoes! Hopefully silver will fall and let me get it aftermarket cheaper then it is now. These will be worth it years from now when we have another meltdown — and IT WILL HAPPEN AGAIN.

  37. fosnock says

    @Zaz – Thank you!

    @Gary – Apparently someone in South Africa bought scrap gold from NY to the tune of almost a billion dollars…not sure if its true but it was widely publicized in the blogshere. It was purchased during the miner strikes

  38. CW says

    All I can say is develop a relationship with a local coin shop. I was buying silver at 20x face pre crash. It seems to be about that now from the big guys. Premiums on silver eat you. Buy local when you can. The coin shop I deal with can be careless and I found an 1860-S Seated liberty quarter. 40k mintage. The S was obscured by some crud. An AG coin but still worth multiples of its inherent value.

  39. thePhelps says

    @Ray one final point and I’ll let it drop. Many people I know aren’t putting money back into the stock market – now or in the future. While there is a lot of money to be made there for sure – many have lost twice in the market. The 1st time was in the early 2000’s when the market crashed with the internet bubble and then in 2008 with the housing/bank bust. Many of the people I know – and I am talking small investors – believe now that unless you are part of the stock game your money only goes to the game players and you’ll end up with little when it is done. The best way to not lose in the stock market, is to not invest in the stock market. It is like a fantasy football game and they know they are playing with and against the pros.

    So yes the market is strong right now – but as noted it is most being done without small investors and I really don’t think a lot of them will ever be back.

  40. says

    fosnock, I take gold blog news like that with a grain of salt… too much of it is biased with diehard Goldbugs.

    Just wanted to let you know that my little cache is only made up of numismatic stuff, not rounds and ingots. I have always gone by buy what you like, not necessarily what you think may be hot. When you go by this mantra who really gives a whiff what the current price of gold, silver, etc. is! I just love those ATB landscapes!!! Some more than others, but how beautiful they are on the big canvas of a 5 oz. size silver coin, eh?

  41. Frankie says

    Does anyone have a clue what the announced bullion ATB mintage is for this year (or for the first issue at least)? It seems a bit strange that the Mint has already began selling these to the AP’s without announcing a maximum mintage…

  42. Samuel says

    Frankie, i did research on this, no number yet, but the mint sold 12500 so far.

  43. Kraw says

    If the mint is rationing the bullion to the AP’s I doubt they are going to raise the max mintages much above 25k if at all.

  44. Fosnock says

    @Gary – I agree with on the Blog news but when they can point to a source (like this one) I don’t mind repeating it, it is the ones that come out that my brother’s sister’s cousin ( I can’t tell you his name) had an issue.

  45. Boz says

    I think 5000 is about right for the number of actual collectors of the pucks. Generally big resellers my order more, but the average collector order is for two or three. I am not sure who eventually the resellers flip to, but it is not you traditional collector. The traditional long time collector will not buy from a tv network.

  46. stephen m says

    The Phelps, If a person would have stayed in, and not sold, on the early 2000’s and 2008 drops in the stock markets they would be sitting in a good seat now. For a small individual investor in the stock market the secret is the long haul if they have time on their side. That is what i’ve experienced. I hope to get back on board with some of the 5 oz atb’s for a select few 2014 issues because i like them but not for an investment.

  47. vaughnster says

    Ordered the White Mountain 5 oz ATB right at noon. Took about 10 seconds 🙂

  48. Doug says

    Me too, I ordered and signed off and my clock still said 11:00. Sweet! Took care of my WP coins and 2013 annual set at the same time.

    Now just to figure out how to order a good set of bullion coins before they sell out. Just can’t come to terms to pay A…..X for cherry picked coins and paying taxes for other Texas companies.

  49. Brad says

    Yeah, I didn’t think there would be a stampede for this one. It might not even sell the full 25,000. The lower price is attractive though, but since silver is still tanking there may be a $154.95 price point somewhere on the horizon.

  50. vaughnster says

    @Doug– Check out Provident Metals. The 5 oz. bullion White Mountain ATB is about $130 plus $8 shipping. They don’t cherry pick and I have had really good luck with them. I usually wait till all 5 are released before ordering a set but I’m worried with the recent surprise sell outs that some won’t make it to the end of the year.

  51. simon says

    I placed my order and have an order # but no confirmation e-mail or tracking listing yet ?

  52. Mark in Florida says

    Got my White Mountain in a few seconds. Now I’ll get a subscription to not have to worry about the rest.

    What I worried about was, what if one of the big buyers who normally buy pallet loads of the eagles, decided to buy 20,000 or 23,000 of this 25,000 issue item. It would put most collectors at their mercy. Hopefully the Mint would refuse to sell most to one speculator or would just mint more to meet collector demand. But the possibility is there for someone with deep pockets to corner the market when there is a small mintage and no household limites.

  53. Doug says

    Yes that is the same problem I have. I love ordering from Provident but since I live in Texas have to pay taxes if I don’t order over $1000. I would be fine waiting and ordering several coins at one time but I’m worried about a quick sell out too. I usually order two of each bullion so could wait until the first three are released through the end of June but do I really wait and take my chances? Someone mentioned Fidelity but I realize I didn’t order 2010 through Fidelity but rather Prudential Bache. Does anyone know if PB is still an authorized purchaser or selling ATB. I can’t find much on the website other than still showing availability for 2010 ATB set. Does anyone have a list of the different Authorized Purchasers?

  54. says

    Simon…me too…I ordered the White Mtn and another West Point set, wrote down the order number, but can’t find it on the Mint’s order tracking page….nor did I receive an email yet.

  55. Dan in Fla says

    My order says in stock as of today 5/16/13. I thought it was back ordered or something, It doesn’t really pay to put in a subscription IMO. I have a sub. for some things like the silver proof sets but it didn’t get here any quicker than the sets I ordered upon release.

  56. TheCoinKeeper says

    May order shows up when I click the “Recent Orders” option, but when I click on those, it can’t find the order.

  57. TheCoinKeeper says

    Guess I should be patient and remember it’s a govt run website. Mine’s there now.

    Checked Provident for this bullion coin supply by adding 999 to my cart. 550 today. Was 608 last night.

  58. Kraw says

    @CoinKeeper, your a tricky one… 😉

    Nice way to get some information on Provident’s supply, thanks!

  59. says

    The difference between the West Point set and today’s AtB release was amazing. Picked up the Roosevelt coin cover and the White Mountain AtB in about 10 seconds flat.

  60. Shutter says

    The difference between the West Point set and today’s AtB release was amazing.

    If you get to the site by going directly to the catalog main page, there is not even a hint of the White Mountain coin. The WP set is still the FEATURED ITEM.

  61. Mark in Florida says

    I noticed that too Shutter, why does the Mint seem to be hiding this new release? Maybe they want the series to be a failure so they don’t ever have to make them again.

  62. Shutter says

    Mark, never suspect conspiracy, when sheer incompetence provides a more elegant explanation.

  63. thePhelps says

    Odd… I look at the mint main page and tab 1 on the scolling items for sell is the White Mountain 5 oz.

  64. Mark in Florida says

    Someone at the Mint must be reading this blog, it’s now the featured item!

  65. Frankie says

    Here are the initial sales figures for last year’s ATB P releases in case anyone is interested:
    El Yunque – 6,514
    Chaco – 6,365
    Acadia – 6,552
    Hawaii – 9,186
    Denali – 6,905
    I reckon this release will be around 8,000 given this is the lowest initial sell price of any ATB’s thus far. It doesn’t look like there are that many collectors of the series though given the ease I was able to place an order at 12pm which I don’t get. For comparison, The Mint, to this date, sold almost 100k of the Girl Scout coins which imho is just plain fugly – it may be cheaper to acquire, but it’s premium over spot is considerably higher (Girl Scouts are roughly $77/oz silver whereas ATB’s are just $36/oz). Do the math – for three Girl Scouts coins and a tenner you can get one 5oz ATB coin. Which one would you rather have? If that logic would work, the ATB’s should easily sell 30k, shouldn’t they???
    I despair in numismatists sometimes… 🙂

  66. says


    I was wondering about that too. The Mint seems to be getting careless. or maybe they’re just trying to boost sales for the West Point set by keeping it front and center.

    I don’t subscribe to Mark’s theory that they’re trying to kill the AtBs, but I think overall the Mint isn’t that enthusiastic about them.

  67. T1 browserman says

    I pulled the trigger on the WP set and this 5 oz a little after noon…..I’m so tired of seeing 12:00 am when it’s PM<—-no pun intended.

    I see what else is new with the website….my checking account already shows the pending charge for the AtB !!!!! in less than 3 hrs…..wtg mint !

    Now how about the INTERNET SALES TAX ? 🙂

  68. CW says

    I just found out from the mint that my Chaco I ordered when it was ‘available’ last week is sold out. What a joke of a business. No surprise given the pathetic state of our government.

  69. vaughnster says

    @Doug–If you order under $1000 do you just have to pay sales tax? If that’s all you have to pay it might not be worth the trouble of ordering through someone else. Prudential-Bache isn’t listed as an authorized seller anymore. Most of the brokerages charge a minimum of $25 plus a percentage of the total order for shipping, even if you order only one ATB.

  70. thePhelps says

    I don’t see anything wrong with the Mints webpage – it always takes a bit for them to transition the new items to the front of the sells pages.

    I just logged in again and the first thing that pops up is the White Mountain 5oz coin – after I log in.

    CW it sounds like a few people got caught with the sold out notices. I am sure they do it like airlines with the seats – better to over sell and then notify of the error – than to sit holding a couple of hundred because they quit selling them to early.

  71. thePhelps says

    @Frankie…I’d have a hard time justifying 3 GS coins…cookies maybe. I agree those are fugly – sadly the mint overseers think that the design on them is the wave of the future and adds a European look to American coinage. It is no wonder some of the recent commemorative releases are not worthy. They turned down a lot of really nice sketches for the finished product on them as well.

    I collect commemoratives – but that one only rated an Uncirculated purchase by me.

  72. Doug says

    Here is my example with current price of ATB for $133.51 (at PM). If I order two coins total price is $267.02 + Texas Sales Tax $21.39 + Shipping $8.95 for a grand total of $297.36.

    If I order from A……X price is $141.55 x 2 = $283.10 + Shipping $19.95 or a grand total of $303.05

    PM is cheaper and won’t cherrypick (as much) but I feel cheated of the $21.39 nobody else pays. I guess my answer may be to open an out of state account (like my parents house). I just thought there may be a better answer. My parents may like the coins and try to keep them.

  73. rpw says

    Ordered 3 of the 5oz ATB’s today right at noon also and had no problem. Was done in minutes.
    Off topic – Also received my Perth 100th Anniversary Bank Note/Stamp coin today — http://www.perthmint.com.au/catalogue/100th-anniversary-of-australias-first-banknote-1oz-silver-proof-coin-and-stamp-set.aspx

    Looks really cool and only 3000 mintage. My CoA is #0110 of 3000. Not big into colored coins but this is not a typical colored coin. It keeps getting cheaper since Aussie dollar is falling!

  74. Jon in CT says

    Dan in Fla wrote on May 16, 2013 at 12:26 pm:
    My order says in stock as of today 5/16/13. I thought it was back ordered or something, It doesn’t really pay to put in a subscription IMO. I have a sub. for some things like the silver proof sets but it didn’t get here any quicker than the sets I ordered upon release.

    I have a subscription for the silver 5 ounce AtB series and my White Mountain order was dated 5/15 (yesterday) with order number 41554xxx. So my subscription order was executed at least12 hours before any online or phone orders were accepted. That might not translate into an earlier delivery date, but I expect no other orders will be delivered before mine.

  75. Dan says

    I have a subscription order also and originally it showed that it was ordered on 5-15, but was backordered till the end of may.. Now it says in stock and reserved without the cancellation box. Who knows

  76. thePhelps says

    I ordered mine yesterday and had the cancel option – until this morning. The subscription doesn’t seem to make that much difference.

  77. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    can’t afford these, got priorities. but it’s nice to lok at the pictures, thanx.

  78. Rich says

    Looks like a late delivery perhaps.., will be interesting to see impact on proof Buff sales next week

    In celebration of the 100th anniversary of the beloved American Buffalo design, the United States Mint will also be offering a reverse proof quality version of the gold coin later this year. The reverse proof coin will be minted to demand at the United States Mint at West Point and will be sold separately from the proof coin. Its packaging will also ensure that it is recognizable as a different product. The price will be determined according to the United States Mint’s pricing structure for products containing gold and platinum available online

  79. Eddie says

    I love the American Buffalo coin but it is out of my price range…but I would buy them in a heart beat if I could afford them. They are beautiful!!!

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