2013 Perry’s Victory Quarter Bags and Rolls

Today, April 1, 2013 at 12:00 Noon ET, the United States Mint will begin sales of numismatic bags and rolls containing the 2013 Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial Quarters. This represents the seventeenth overall release within the America the Beautiful Quarters Program.

Perry's Victory Quarter

The Perry’s Victory Quarter features the statue of Master Commandant Oliver Hazard Perry with the Peace Memorial visible in the distance. This was designed and sculpted by Don Everhart. Inscriptions include “Perry’s Victory”, “Ohio”, “E Pluribus Unum”, and “2013”. The obverse contains the 1932 portrait of George Washington designed by John Flanagan with inscriptions “United States of America”, “Liberty”, “In God We Trust”, and “Quarter Dollar”.

The design for this coin was selected after a somewhat extended process. The US Mint originally provided three different design candidates which were rejected by both the CCAC and CFA. A second round included eight different design candidates, from which the CCAC narrowly recommended the eventual design but the CFA made a different recommendation.

The final selected design seems to be an evolved rendition of one of the original candidates which appears to be based on a view from the Perry’s Victory International Peace Memorial Visitor’s Center where the statue is located and the column is visible through a window. (See the image below, left. Click to expand.) The original coin design candidate showed the panes of the window and the grassy expanse beyond. (See below, right. Click to expand.) The final design removes the window and has water visible between the statue and column.

photo OH-01-Press

(Image Left: By Alvintrusty (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons)

An array of products containing different circulating quality versions of the 2013 Perry’s Victory Quarters will be available. This includes coins bearing the “P” and “D” mint marks, which will also be released for general circulation. There are also circulating quality coins bearing the “S” mint mark, which are not released for circulation but only available within numismatic products.

The products include the following:

  • Two Roll Sets containing one 40-coin roll each of “P” and “D” mint marked coins, priced at $32.95
  • 100-Coin Bags of either “P”, “D”, or “S” mint marked coins, priced at $34.95 each
  • Single 40-Coin Rolls of “S” mint marked coins, priced at $18.95
  • Three Roll Sets containing one 40-coin roll each of “P”, “D”, and “S” mint marked coins, priced at $46.95

There are no stated mintage limits or household ordering limits in place. The product pages indicate that these products will remain available for one year from the original release date or until inventory is depleted, whichever occurs first.


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  1. Wontae Wrighter says

    U S Mint should study and imitate Canada’s Mint’s offerings to understand the types of coins/collectibles us U S ers would like to acquire.

  2. Kraw says

    I will be buying the ‘S’ roll. I buy one of the uncirculated clad sets every year for my collection, and I feel like that set is incomplete without the S. I wish they included the S quarters in the uncirculated sets…would save me some $$. Hopefully they don’t stop offering the stand alone ‘S’ rolls in the future, having to buy a PDS would not make me a happy customer…

  3. Dan in Fla says

    Where are the five ounce quarters. White Mountain coin should be out by now. Maybe they are awaiting a new Mint Director to decide on the new mintage’s.
    These clad quarters do not do it for me. My old eyes need a bigger canvas to see all the detail.

  4. Mark in Florida says

    I’m also waiting for the 5 oz. Clad not so interesting. It will only go down in value.

  5. says

    Supposedly the delay in the five ounce AtBs is being caused by a discussion about the mintage figures, though I’m thinking at this point something else is going on. Could be anything from simple mismanagement to something to do with the spot price of silver. Until we get more news, it’s impossible to know.

  6. Kraw says

    My money is on the Ag price causing delay. They probably bought the 5oz blanks at a high spot price, and need that $245 number to make a profit…but hard to charge that when they were selling them for $205 when Ag was at $30!

  7. simon says

    OT : The Sacagawea dollar pics look very cool on the Mint website. Sure to be a winner like the ’12 issue.

  8. simon says

    Michael : quick question – The congratulations set seems to have the 2013-W burnished ASE. This appears that they will release the ASE in this set (on 4/30) prior to its official release as a single entity on the 5/28 ?

    04/30/2013 2013 United States Mint Congratulations Set

    05/28/2013 2013 American Eagle One Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin

  9. Pool Shark says

    I suspect they won’t release the 2013 5-ounce bullion coins until they clear-out the leftover 2011’s – they still have around 160,000 of them; that’s almost 50,000 more than the entire 2012 mintage!

  10. Teach says

    I don’t think the new 5 oz pucks will come out until they sell out the Chaco puck. They have a little over 16 K sold now, probably waiting until they sell out at 17 K. Might be 4 or 5 more weeks before that happens since they are only selling about 170 pucks a week right now. I’m sure the price of Ag now is not helping matters either. They would like it to go up before they start charging $245 for a puck.

  11. EvilFlipper says

    Wouldn’t be surprised if the mint put off the west point set a couple months hoping for a silver price rebound. I the price falls much farther they’ll be hurting at their margin. No one wants to pay 179$ for 56-58$ spot silver. No amount of pretty boxes or manufacturing will justify a 110$ spread. A set mintage or a very narrow timeframe might work, but the more silver they use the less they make on the margin at spot price losses. A narrow timeframe-say 1-2weeks- might work to their advantage as it would create a lot of hot speculative buying. A long timeframe would lead to lower sales if you ask me. A set mintage would
    work for brisk sales as well as long as it was less than 300-250k.

  12. Leo S. says


    Is the story on the “Coin Collector Blog” an April Fools joke or is it true. They say that Bernake has just cancelled any further orders for the $1 bill and that from now on only the $1 coin will be issued. Just seemed odd that the announcement came out on April 1. Any news??????

  13. posterhunter says

    HSN was selling 1 graded El Yunque S quarter out of a roll or bag for $49.95, yikes.

  14. Blair J. Tobler says

    Leo S. – I think it’s an April Fool’s joke – I would think that it would require an act of Congress

  15. says


    That is without question an April Fools’ joke. Had it been real, it would have likely been telegraphed months in advance and Michael and others would have blogged and written extensively about the transition.

  16. T1 browserman says

    I’m still counting Ag’s days UNDER spot $30 AND waiting, with suspense, for a SUSPENSION. 🙂

  17. oldfolkie says

    I would simply, once again, like to tell the mint how pathetic it is they can’t have some sort of balanced release dates for coins such as the Gold Spouses and 5 ounce ATBs. So, best case scenario, 10 silver pucks, (bullion and mint versions) and 5 Spouses all come out in 7 or 8 months. Total cost, at least 7,000 dollars or about $1,000 dollars a month because those in charge, in the Government, have no idea in hell what a budget is or how to live with one. Somehow I’ll pull it off, I always do, isn’t it just wonderful the way the Government lets us know time and again we don’t really matter.

  18. oldfolkie says

    PS, heaven forbid you’re trying to do the Unc and Proof spouses like I once tried to do then it’s only an outlay of $12,000 dollars in 7 months, and the truth is they’ll probably release them all in 5 or less months. …..these people have no idea of the realities the rest of us must live with.

  19. J A says

    The suspense for the 5 ouncers is driving many collectors crazy with impatience. When are they going to finally make the announcement once and for all?

  20. Two Cents says

    Regarding the release dates of the ATB 5-oz. coins, I’m keeping an optimistic view (maybe too optimistic). With the price of silver spot dropping, perhaps the Mint is waiting for the spot price to stabilize at a lower floor than when the Mint had announced the $244.95 sales price for the 2013 coins.

    Hopefully, they are having discussions about keeping the sales price at the current $229.95, or maybe even dropping it to $204.95 (the lowest it has gone since the program started).

    I can remember when the Mint sold previous years’ coins for $279.95!

  21. Mark in Florida says

    While the Mint has a big margin on the numismatic 5 oz, they have to sell the bullion ones at spot plus a couple dollars, so if they bought the blanks a lot higher they will take a big loss on their release. Maybe the numismatic version profits are supposed to make up for the bullion version losses?

  22. says

    Two Cents,

    it would be nice if they would do that, but given the price increases which have happened so far I’m kind of skeptical that prices are going anywhere but up, regardless of what silver is doing.

    We’ll probably get a hint once the enhanced silver eagle set price is announced. If it’s something like $180 or $200+ we’ll know what’s coming with the AtBs. I’m beginning to think we might not see any AtBs until June, like last year.

  23. Hidalgo says

    Is anyone in the same boat as me? I ordered a Hawaii P five ounce coin from the US Mint on January 16, 2013. And an Acadia P five ounce coin on February 19, 2013. I am still receiving email notices how both coins are backordered. And the backorder date keeps moving up one day at a time on the US Mint website.

    I read of two or three folks receiving their Acadia coin — they ordered soon after the coins were put on backorder. However, I have not heard or read of any new shipments since then.

    I wonder if the US Mint really has more of these two coins in its warehouse. Or if the Mint is continuing to string out the backorder notices until who knows when?

    Considering that so much time has elapsed since I placed my order, I am about ready to give up and buy the coins from eBay, even though they are at a significantly higher prices.

    I guess I”m fine with that. If I bought every single ATB P five ounce silver coin, I would have spent a lot more money than just buying a few that I really like. I decided not to buy every one since it would cost me at least $11,000 over an 11 year period (I am including the territories). And when I think of what I can do with $11,000… well, it certainly makes me think twice about buying the set…..

  24. stephen m says

    Hidaglo, Have you tried talking with a rep. at the mint maybe? Good luck. Don Everhart did a good job on Oliver Perry.

  25. d.rock says

    Hidalgo, I am in the same boat as you. I ordered the acadia Feb 19 at 11:15 pm. If I remember correctly from previous posts here (weeks ago) there were orders placed earlier in the day were filled. In the past with these situations most of my orders ended up no longer available.

  26. george glazener says

    Don’t worry about having to pay too much on eBay for the Acadia 5 oz. My listing only fetched $249.00 two weeks ago. Denali did a little bit better…

  27. Jerry Diekmann says

    Note to old fokie: The Mint doesn’t care one iota about you or anyone else – collector or investor. The set the price to makke the biggest profit they can. It’s a “heads I win”, “tails you lose” game with them. Everything is overpriced and most of it isn’t worth the silver or copper they are using to make these coins. There is no logic in anything they do, but I believe that is because they want everything they do to be complex, confusing, irrational, and totally withoutany sense of order. Remember, these folks are in the same department as the IRS and if you have any experience with their tax laws, you will realize that everything they do is also too complex and confusing too. For the IRS, just add intimidating and unfair to how the Mint runs its organization – this is all planned obfuscation.

  28. Paul says

    Yes I am in the same boat as you? I ordered an Acadia P five ounce coin from the US Mint on February 19, 2013. And an El Yunque P five ounce coin on March 1, 2013. I am still receiving email notices on the Acadia, however, on the El Yunque I received an email stating that the item is no longer available. Which was a day after they sent me an update email saying that the item would be delivered within 2 weeks. Not sure if I will ever see the Acadia from the mint. I will not be surprised if I get the no longer available for the Acadia as well.

  29. Rick says

    Yep I’m in the same boat too. On one hand fall for the hype and wait till backorder status to order, then preach to others on how they should buy only what they like because they’ll get burnt. Same ol, same ol.

  30. hi ho silver says

    Rick. Yea no one wans to get on board untill a mintage can be speculated. FOUL FOUL !! I didn’t get mine !!!! LOL

  31. Dan in Fla says

    You want over priced items go look at the Perth Mint site and check out the silver or gold releases. They charge minimum 100 for silver and 700 for 1/4 oz gold.

    On the ATBs order early and you won’t have this problem.

  32. hi ho silver says

    WOW ! Forget my 1st post about spot silver @ $28… its heading for $27. Should be an intresting week ahead.

  33. fosnock says

    T1 browserman – paciencia es plata !! 🙂

    FYI – I just read the following “U.S. Mint authorized purchasers have claimed all of the available America the Beautiful Five Ounce Silver Bullion Coins.” Hopefully this will induce the mint to start to sell the 2013 issue in time for me to take advantage of these prices.

  34. hi ho silver says

    Fosnock: My point is ….Who cares !! Silver and Gold is an International language to some of us…..I just don’t like this Spanish/American crap here in the USA !!!

  35. Don says

    hi ho silver:

    Your comments are often accompanied by “LOL”. Would that be “lots of luck”, “lots of love”, or “lots of laughs”, or all three?

  36. Tim says

    Good heavens!!! One of the better coin sites online has the 2012 silver proof set at 145.00 and they have a hard time keeping them. Just like the 5 ozers don’t procrastinate or you will be left out on the good PM stuff. Buy early. With gold dropping today like it is, I just cancelled a 3 coin Generals set “breaking my above advice”, since the prices should be dropping tomorrow. I bet mint management will be going for a suspension before long…..

  37. fosnock says

    @ hi ho silver – Unfortunately for you this is not your blog, its Michael’s blog. When you have your own blog that people would actually care to read it much less post on it you can censor it. Until then or Michael tell me other wise you have to occasionally indulge us…pendejo.

  38. Dan in Fla says

    Spot has been over sixteen until today. I wouldn’t be counting on a price change tomorrow.

  39. Mint News Blog says

    I have a post on the pricing situation coming up. Both Friday and Monday were bank holidays in the UK, i.e. no fix prices for those days.

  40. al in ohio says

    Not to take anything away from the achievements of this naval hero but this should have been a 200 year commemmorative coin not a national parks one. Every other release has national park themes>we have a beautiful national park in southeastern Ohio…..Wayne national park which encompasses many square miles amongst others —someone dropped the ball here.

  41. Ray says

    Hey Tim,
    can you point me in the direction of those 2012 Silver Eagle sets for $145? I just started buying silver eagles in dec 2012 and i’d really like to buy the 2012 silver eagle set, mostly for the reverse proof. Thx!

  42. Tim says

    Sorry Ray, I was referring to the 2012 annual Silver Proof Set that does not contain ASE’S.

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