2013 Presidential Dollar Four Coin Sets, Other News

Today, August 15, 2013 at 12:00 Noon ET, the United States Mint began accepting orders for the 2013 Presidential $1 Four-Coin Sets, with separate sets available containing coins from either the Philadelphia or Denver Mints.


Each set includes the circulating quality Presidential $1 Coins honoring William McKinley, Theodore Roosevelt, William Howard Taft, and Woodrow Wilson. According to the Mint, the packaging allows the coins to be removed easily for placement into albums or other coin holders.

The coins included in these sets are “circulating quality”, which means that the quality should be similar to the coins found in the bags, rolls, and boxes. The generally higher quality coins referred to as “uncirculated” are found in the previously released 2013 Uncirculated Coin Set and 2013 Presidential $1 Uncirculated Set.

The 2013 Presidential $1 Four-Coin Sets are priced at $12.95 each. The US Mint indicates a product limit of 18,000 of the Philadelphia sets and 15,000 of the Denver sets.

The Four-Coin Set product was introduced last year, following the suspension of production of the series for circulation. The product provided collectors with a lower cost option for acquiring only one example of each coin, as opposed to purchasing roll or bag quantities. Last year, the 2012 Presidential Dollar Four-Coin Sets had been priced at $9.95 each and were offered with no product limit. Sell outs occurred when sales had reached 17,884 Philadelphia sets and 17,651 Denver sets.

2013 Presidential Discovery Set – Theodore Roosevelt

The United States Mint has recently posted the preliminary product page for a new set featuring the Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Dollar. The Mint had provided clues about such an offering going back to January.

Theodore Roosevelt

After all of the anticipation, the upcoming product seems a bit underwhelming. It contains a single uncirculated 2013 Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Dollar, along with an informational folder and activity booklet. The content is indicated as age-appropriate for 8-12 year olds. The sets are priced at $9.95 with a product limit of 20,000 and scheduled release date of September 3, 2013.

While this might be a nice product for younger collectors, some may have been expecting something more exciting, especially given Theodore Roosevelt’s role in bringing about a Renaissance in American coinage. It is still possible that another product may be in the works.

At a coin forum held in April, the Mint’s acting associate director of sales and marketing had mentioned two special products incorporating Theodore Roosevelt Dollars. The first was described as aimed towards young collectors and beginners, while the second would be a more upscale product.

The upscale product was mentioned as including either the proof or uncirculated 2013 Roosevelt Presidential Dollar, paired with a Roosevelt medal based on designs from the Presidential series. The medal would be struck in either bronze or silver. The bronze versions of the medal have been sold by the US Mint on-and-off for decades and are easily located, however a silver version of the medal would be (to my knowledge) a first and provide some great collector appeal. Let’s hope this is what the US Mint has planned…

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  1. smiledon says

    I guess I will have to pass here on this.
    Maybe if my son was a small child, I would get this.
    Oh well, like I say at the end of the football season in Dec. There is always next year.

  2. thePhelps says

    I am in the same place on the Theodore (don’t call me Teddy) Roosevelt offering. Had they started doing the offering for kids from the start of the coins – that might have been a nice set to give your kids. A one off offering of a single president (granted a good one to choose), isn’t really that enticing to me.

    I agree Lets Hope there is a more sophisticated set pending…

  3. jj says

    dan, i’m with you. as ben folds says “the roast beef combos only 9.95, it’s ok you don’t have to pay”

  4. fmtransmitter says

    Off topic but Back on WP Sets. Ship date moved up to 7/19! Lol Lady said same thing everyone has heard, boxes are being sent from overseas. I bet the Chinese are delaying the shipment on purpose. They want THEIR money back we owe them, after all don’t they basically own this Country??

  5. im just a bill says

    My AP had notified me today that they will be taking pre orders for Ft McHenry ATB (bullion) for a Sept 5 ship date.

  6. Don says


    Yes, T.R. should have been on the obverse of the ATB or National Parks quarters, as it was he who was responsible for the National Parks System.

  7. hawkster says


    They might be delaying the shipments to allow the lacquer on the boxes to adequately dry before being packed away for overseas travel. This way, the recipients (Mint customers) don’t have to air them out for several days.

  8. hawkster says


    Actually, I was just kidding. Yeah, it has been frustrating, and making us feel “boxed in”. But air out the box when you get it–no sniffing allowed. The coins should make you high.

  9. thePhelps says

    hawkster – fm… you guys should really stop trying to think outside the box on this. The inside is where the goodies are…

  10. fmtransmitter says

    always inside the ‘box’ is better…i hate moving the boxes around…agreed…

  11. Tim says

    Why did my 8/9 WP sets (2), not move up to 7/something, like a few others did? Me head spins in realization that with the Mint, common sense is dead 🙁

  12. Samuel says

    off topic, i submitted some WP sets, wrote on the form, i want FR label. just received the email that the grading is done, logged in the account, found out, the RPs are FR labels, the enhanced are ER labels.

  13. hawkster says

    thePhelps and fm,

    Yeah, I’m trying to think inside the box, but we’re getting a real shellacking from the suppliers in China.

  14. hawkster says


    To get off-topic and back to the 2013 WP silver eagles: Did you notice that the HSN coin guy is selling the five 2013 West Point silver eagle issues boxed for $900.?

    A few months ago, some posters recommended getting the empty 5-coin slot 2011 25th Anniversary Silver Eagle Box off of Ebay and making up your own 2013 West Point Set. I did just that, and the total cost of the coins and the box came to $285. This is less than a third of what HSN is selling the 5 pc. set for.

    I blotted out the “25th Anniversary Silver Eagle Set” label on the cardboard sleeve, outer cardboard box, and inner wooden box by using a medium point Sharpie oil- based metallic marker in gold color. I picked it up at Michael’s Crafts. It is Sharpie #1875049.

    It worked great, and is the compatible color of the gold lettering on the boxes. No need to mask off anything, just use the upper part and lower part of the lettering as your guidelines. The approximately 1/4 inch wide gold line looks great. The Shapie worked very well on the lacquered inner box.

  15. simon says

    OT : FYI – BTW I received the request for the Mint Survey.

    I called for the 1908-1929 Indian Head recessed coin in 1 Oz and fractional
    sizes. Let’s hope they go for it !!!

    They seem very likely to offer the Palladium coin in the 1 Oz size.

    They also solicited opinions/preferences on

    1. Classic Coin Designs
    2. Revolutionary War Sites
    3. Emblems of Freedom
    4. Documents of Independence and Freedom
    5. Classic Eagle Designs


    2017 20th anniv Pt coin offerings / options :

  16. charles says

    Samual, I think NGC would correct that for you at their expense.

    How did the grades turn out for you?

  17. fmtransmitter says

    Always enjoy your opinions simon…I seem to always agree with them also..Thanks! Just picked up some buffalo silver rounds with PM’s on the rise. Nice Indian on the obverse with the Buffalo on the Reverse.

  18. fmtransmitter says

    With the Market down today I went ahead and picked up a little of PCGS stock. Why not I say, I see a bright future for these grading companies.

  19. silverhawk357 says

    Received my WP SAE sets on Monday (ordered 1st day, 4:52 pm). I’m going thru the sets now. Most have some blue fuzz on the reverse shield of the enhanced AE. Carefully opening the plastic and picking it off by twirling a Q tip at it just above the coin surface. I wonder — someone else’s rejects??

  20. Louis says

    @silverhawk357- You may want to try a can of compressed air instead as some cotton could come off the Q-tip. It’s always good to have compressed air around to clean to inside of capsules, etc., plus your pc or laptop keyboard and vents.

  21. Jerry Diekmann says

    I sure hope that the Mint is planning something more significant than this TR offering. The Mint missed a super chance in 2008 when they could have issued commemorative coins marking the 150th anniversary of TR’s birth. Instead we got bald eagles, which is fine, but there was room for a TR commemorative that never happened. Maybe they could make up for this mistake and issue commemorative coins in 1919, the centary of TR’s death. This country is so much better off because of TR’s progressive views and accomplishments, modernizing coins being just one of his interests of this very great president. He’s on Mt. Rushmore, and he ought to also be on his own coin, and I don’t mean being on a Presidential dollar with so many men who were so much less worthy of ever even being remembered, except for their mediocrity and failures.

  22. samuel says

    charles/steve, i screened my coins first, then submitted 2 sets, 2 RP are 70, the enhanced, one is 70 the other is 69. RP are FR labels, the others r ER labels. stupid NGC! i am going to PCGS now.

  23. charles says

    Samual, when I sold my graded NGC WP coins, I found I sold them for more $ individually than as a set. I kept one 70 set as well as one set in ogp, as I like both. But I can see how you would want a matched set.

    But don’t think PCGS is any better…they make mistakes on their labels too. I had and later sold a 2006 20th anniversary reverse proof graded by PCGS as a 2006-W reverse proof…well duh, all the 2006 reverse proofs were from philly mint and have the P mint mark.

    But again, I think NGC will fix that for you.

  24. charles says

    ot…on a side note, as I mentioned before, I ordered a Great Basin 5 oz ATB last night….and it shipped today…that’s more like it!

  25. samuel says

    i need at least 1 matched set. i can’t have 1 FR and 1 ER in the set.
    it is just annoying. it is my first time submit coins. i received 5 sets before the extended cutoff date. so i sent in 2 of them.

    but i do learn one thing this time. as i said before, all the RP rim have abrasion, but they all got 70. so this doesnt matter.

  26. joe says

    I submitted a Van Buren FS coin to NGC and they put a Jackson label on it. I sent it back in and they reslabbed it for me at their expense. I have always thought NGC was a more reputable company than PCGS…but that’s just me.

  27. Wes says

    Many comments on here about labels and the TPG services. The title of this blog is Mint News blog. Maybe there should be a new blog called TPG News blog.

  28. DCDave says

    Chill Wes,

    TPG comments are on topic..

    We should have final (actual) #’s for ’12 San Fran Silver Eagle sets by now.
    Anyone (Michael) have info on this?

  29. says

    I have to say I am bit underwhelmed with the children’s product. I think if I had a child I would probably just get him the coin and cover product rather than this. Disappointing offering overall.

    I am, however, very interested in the potential for a silver medal offering. I never really bothered with the 9/11 medal, but I would unquestionably pick up a TR silver medal. That sounds like a great product idea. Hopefully the mint is willing to produce this rather than just leaving things with the uninspiring children’s set.

  30. vaughnster says

    @CO–I agree with you. I have a six-year-old and I may buy it for him, but it is underwhelming. I too would buy a TR silver medal. I recently purchased the 3″ TR bronze medal, pictured on this blog, on eBay for the basic issue price and I love it. I think TR’s popularity stems from doing so much for the good of the entire country, not just certain segments of the populous.

  31. BigMac says

    I also received the request to fill out a recent survey from the Mint. I understand that they want to “serve” their consumers but find it upsetting that they continue to get it wrong even though they try through qualitative surveys. Case in point, many questions in the survey discussed what type of product would I be interested to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Platinum Eagle program. There were several questions in this regard and were centered around the dates of 2015, 2016 and 2017. By my account these would be the 18th, 19th and 20th years for the program and have nothing to do with a 25th year!. Maybe 2017 is the 20th year but none of these dates have anything to do with a 25th anniversary of this issue. My point is that the mint is after our collector dollars however they can get it. They think that creating these specialized numismatic products that more people will purchase something “special”. In the long run it will be interesting for example if the 2013 Proof Buffalo will be a better investment than the Reverse Proof. Someone needs to review these offerings and get it right from the beginning!

  32. Tim says

    Just read that the Kennedy set is coming next year and an upgraded proof set in either 14 or 15 using the new enhanced technique.

  33. Samuel says

    i m wondering how much $ dealers pay people at the ANA show to buy the RP buffalo for them.

  34. VARich says

    Enjoy Olde Sailor Bill when they arrive!

    I received an email on the 13th that my Day 2 order had shipped. On the 15th, USPS had posted Electronic Shipping Info Received so they really haven’t gone anywhere yet, mint fired that email off a wee bit early, so if you see a set out there floating around, send it my way, perhaps will show by early next week. You former Navy?

  35. gary says

    With this week’s rise, across the board, in gold and platinum, the stage may be setting (if PMs hold their current price ranges) to yet another $50 repricing level for gold and platinum come next Wed. Silver has risen approx. $3 per ounce this week and I think the Mint will implement a new higher pricing for silver products, perhaps in time for the 2013-P Fort McHenry America the Beautiful 5 oz. release in less than two weeks. Just bought my usual one each the 1st 3 ATB 5 oz. 2013-P from the Mint today. I think silver has already seen the low for the year of $19-20 and may be near $25-$27 by Christmas. Just my humble opinion.

  36. says

    Hey folks, Louis was kind enough to alert me to this story (and it looks like commenter Tim noticed it too). Looks like we’re getting a commemorative Kennedy half dollar set. I cannot wait!


    The article also mentions the US Mint wants to bring back platinum bullion coins. Hopefully Michael will post about this here or on CoinUpdate soon.

    For those who are interested, the Bank of Ireland released Kennedy commemorative coins this year and San Marino, after initially having their release cancelled, is also set to release a Kennedy coin too.

  37. VARich says

    Aug 13th – “Even as he was looking forward to 2014, Peterson was enjoying the success of the sellout of 1,000 2013 reverse proof gold Buffalo coins put on sale at the Mint booth. “There’s a buzz in the room,” he noted.”

  38. high low silver says

    Thanks Tim and CO!!! Also says laser proof sets comming soon. Should be very interesting!!!

  39. thePhelps says

    The Kennedy set will be a huge winner… 50 years of the collection topped off with a specialized set. I never was much of a collector of those halves – but can easily see purchasing the anniversary set(s) when they hit the shelves.

  40. fosnock says


    Good to see you posting again with the current increase in the silver spot price I don’t think I will get the Fort McHenry at $150

  41. smiledon says

    The Kennedy set looks like something that I would get for next year.
    I have no plans to buy the MLB coin set.

  42. says

    Thanks fosnock. I was on vacation, and then some other problems happened right after that so I’ve kind of been disconnected from the coin world for about a week and a half. Hopefully things will be back to normal for me now.

    At any rate, I was also pretty excited to see they would be doing laser frosting on the annual proof sets as HLS mentioned above. That’s something I’d advocated for in older blog posts and I think we will see a huge improvement in the quality of the AtB proof quarters with this. I’ll also be interested to see how they “upgrade” some of the other proof coins as well, but I think the AtB quarters will especially benefit the most.


    Any reason why you aren’t interested in the baseball set? I’ve been chomping at the bit for it, though their use of one design on all three coins is a bit disappointing.

  43. Don says

    The commemorative Kennedy 50 year anniversary set in 2014 would be a great way to culminate the series. It would make these sets even more special and meaningful. The series has had a great run, but there no longer much of a call for circulating half dollars in general commerce. Consider the fact that these halves have not been released into circulation for several years.

  44. high low silver says

    I agree Don! And all the rolls I purchased over the years will go up in value 🙂

  45. smiledon says

    The coins themsevles are going to be a nice set. I can not see myself paying for (I do not want to start this discussion again) A-Rod’s uniform to be hanging up @ the Hall of Fame. I just can not see me paying to help support some guy’s uniform be displayed that the player made more in a year then I will ever make in a life time. I have the same feelings for the NLF coin that may get passed. I am from Nebraska, and I would love to see Boys Town get a coin. We should be show casing the people, and things that made this nation great. Not show casing our great past time. Nothing more, nothing less.

  46. thePhelps says

    @smiledon – that is my take on the HOF coins as well. I’ll buy em on the secondary market and let the buyer pay the HOF fees. I am hoping to see the Boys Town pass – but sadly they didn’t include any surcharges for that one.

  47. high low silver says

    I’m going to assume the enhanced eagle is minted with 1 layer of frosting for the field, and 8 layers for lady liberty with mirror finish highlights on flag and skirt??….

  48. Olde Sailor Bill says

    VaRich ups will deliver my WP sets Tues 20th.
    Yes,Retired Navy Mustang in ’75,
    Will attend Newport News & Norfolk coin shows in Sept.

  49. doug says

    I can answer the how much will a dealer pay someone to buy a RP for them. The last shipment of 1,000 was at the show today. The mint allowed 3 per person, and the time to stand in line averaged 3 1/2 hours. Most people would probaby have bought less than 3, however some of the dealers had signs they carried up and down the line offering 200.00 over the cost of each coin. So each coin you passed up you threw away 200.00. I was never going to have my coin, which I ordered the first da,y graded anyway, and its 50.00 cheaper than the current price. I therefore decided to wait for my original coin. I sold mine 15 minutes after I got them for a 640.00 profit. When I deduct that from the cost of the one on order it makes my cost an even $1,000.00, which I’m happy about.

  50. fmtransmitter says

    @ doug: Glad to see someone had some sense to do this the right way. Wish I was there to do the same. Love to see stories like this. Great move.

  51. says

    Doug, great job, I’d of done the same thing!!

    It’s funny though how people that bought 3 RP coins at the ANA show and sold them are smart, while I bought 10 WP sets, sold 2 sets raw, had 8 sets graded by NGC…sold 7 sets, yet I’m a flipper?
    Bottom line…I made over $400 plus got a 70 set for free…

    I’ve stated before, I’m a collector first off and I never sell coins that I also don’t have/keep in my collection. But if I can buy several coins, sell some…make a few dollars and have the coin(s) I keep for free. well, I’ll do it.
    And don’t get me wrong, last year with the SF sets, I had bad luck with the grading and barely broke even.
    But I’m small time…buying 10 or 15 silver eagle sets…and it does take time and effort and I also assume the risk.

    I though about buying 4 of the RP Buffalo and having them graded…but backed off because I don’t have the funds to risk…if I got all 69’s, I’d of lost a lot.
    So, I’ll be more than happy with my one RP Buff in OGP.

    Anyway, I’d like to hear from anyone that gets their RP Buff in hand.
    btw, I ordered in the first 5 minutes and my expected shipping date was 9/8, but it recently changed to 8/23. I don’t think these dated mean much though.

  52. Robt says

    Beautiful coins, would love to get it for my niece for her birthday next month. She would be happy to see the U.S. Presidents at her birthday bash…. By the way, just checked out on the U.S. Mint’s website, these coins are made from alloy of Zinc, Manganese, Nickel and Copper http://1.usa.gov/13Lhy7T. No precious metal there. Purely targeted to collectors, I guess.

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