2013 Presidential Dollars Proof Set

Today, February 14, 2013 at 12:00 Noon ET, the United States Mint will begin sales for the 2013 Presidential $1 Coin Proof Set. This will represent the first availability of this year’s designs for the Presidential Dollar Program.

2013 Presidential Dollars

Each set will include proof versions of the 2013 Presidential Dollars featuring William McKinley, Theodore Roosevelt, William Howard Taft, and Woodrow Wilson, the 25th through 28th Presidents of the United States. The obverse design of each coin contains a portrait of the President, while the reverse contains a rendition of the Statue of Liberty designed by Don Everhart.

presidentialThe four coins are packaged in a single plastic lens, placed in an outer box with certificate of authenticity. The Mint has redesigned the packaging for the product, adding a ghosted image of the White House and line art for the obverse designs on the front of the box. The back of the box contains portraits of each President and images of the coins. As with the America the Beautiful Quarters Proof Set, this product has now undergone several packaging changes since introduction.

Each 2013 Presidential Dollars Proof Set is priced at $18.95 plus applicable shipping and handling. This is the same price that was charged for the prior year set. There are no stated product limits or household ordering limits.

This year’s set goes on sale earlier than the prior year set, which had gone on sale April 24. The 2012 set sold out in December with last reported sales of 249,298 units.

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  1. ABC says

    Uh oh. They changed the design of the packaging again. This means it won’t match with the packaging from the previous years. Let’s see if those who complained about the packaging redesign during Moy’s tenure will again voice their disapproval about yet another change for the outer box.
    Better yet, how come those same people who were constantly complaining about Moy not doing his job right aren’t saying anything about the delays for the ATB P 5 ouncers and the First Spouse gold coins or the huge markup in price for the proof silver eagle and the 5 ounce ATB quarters?

  2. DNA says

    A much better box than the blah 2011-2012 Sets, although the new 2013 Proof Quarters boxes have this one beat.

  3. KEITHSTER says

    Seem’s to me the mint is responding to the complaints. That the line drawings don’t look like the portraits or the coins. So here’s all three check it out yourself.As for the delays I for 1 am glad heck I’m still trying to put together the money for two FS’s that are already out. Hope there not gone before I do .Gives Us more time to save up to get the new ones. Good luck on those!!!

  4. says

    Better yet, how come those same people who were constantly complaining about Moy not doing his job right aren’t saying anything about the delays for the ATB P 5 ouncers and the First Spouse gold coins or the huge markup in price for the proof silver eagle and the 5 ounce ATB quarters?

    Erm, they are complaining? The comments section of this blog was loaded with complaints and speculation about the delay of the 2012 first spouses, and before the AtB-Ps were finally released in the middle of last year, people were commenting frequently on that as well. I know I have voiced irritation in recent threads as well at the delay in the White Mountain AtB-P.

    As for the packaging change in this particular proof set, I am not sure how many people on this blog are even collecting the lone presidential dollar proof sets. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I only collect the full proof/silver proof sets.

  5. HistoryStudent says

    I always shake my head at the fact they can’t at least do these PRESIDENTS in 90% silver. They do do their wives in gold and that’s the biggest SERIES flop in gold mintages in 220 years. I sincerely TIP my hat to them for that.

    Mint Management is something like Military Intelligence one SNAFU upon another which does offer the quick (NUMISMATIST) thinking unlimited opportunities, however. BUT – Never chase one; one is on the horizon.

    Especially since they have gone postal and are making ten times the coins per decade that they did in the first 200 years.

  6. Smiledon says

    History Student,
    I wish they where in silver that they would be great.
    I can only afford the silver commemorative coins.

  7. HistoryStudent says


    So true. Moy left me with a UHR copy of a pattern coin only in the Smithsonian which matched my classic Saints. He truly was a class act.

    I too collect full proof silver sets back to the late 1990s. However, the ATBs “NOW OFFER” opportunity too since 2012 with both bullion and “P”s either just above 20,000 or below 17,000 when the dust and audits settle.

    They got whipsawed by Foul-ups and Situation-normals. But, frankly underneath I feel the Joe and Sally fringe collectors are tapped up by the economic deflation’s and their huge defaults.

    What seems to be driving the moderns today is the quick make-a-buck-flipper types. I feel sorry for them as they filliped themselves out of the 2011 “S”s and the 2011 Rev. Proofs in the ASE 25th sets.They’d probably be to date the only two coins in silver (besides the ATBs if they ever catch on) to rhyme with the 1995 W proof ASE down a “ten year spot.”

  8. ABC says

    @ Captain Overkill
    Sure, but the complaints weren’t directed at just ONE person, as was the case when Moy was at the mint. Sorry, I should’ve explained it better.

  9. hi ho silver says

    ABC: Maybe you should keep going…… I still don’t know why you care?I’m not a flip it nut, but I’m sure these OGP sets will not look good on ebay, and the last complaint I read was about a boy on the girl scout comm. which was just as stupid.

  10. Saucexx says

    OT, I gotten my third 2012 Acadia 5 oz AtB and second Denali in a row with spots. Each of the previous were sent back but I’m getting tired of eating the shipping. Granted the replacements have gotten a little better each time they’ve sent them but the spots are still clearly visible. Any opinions if I should continue to send these back for a replacement or keep them as they are?

    Man these 5 ozers are nothing but trouble………………..

  11. oldfolkie says

    Maybe I’ve been very lucky but I’ve been at this a long time, buy a lot of different things from the mint and my only complaints have been that the capsules are usually roaming free in their boxes, and I once got a Hot Springs ATB 5 ounce that had a dip in the coin behind the lettering. When I’ve sent things in to be graded I’ve done as well as most. Knock on wood!

    I’m still disappointed they used Roosevelt’s cheeky profile. They didn’t put that picture on the packing.

  12. Brad says

    Old Folkie,

    Yeah, the forward-facing Roosevelt design definitely would have been the better choice. I’m not sure what they were thinking on that one. The others look really good, though. McKinley looks just as he did on the $500 bill.

  13. Saucexx says


    Yes I’ve gotten refunds before but it’s still a pain to have to go thru it.

    I truly DO NOT want to have to send these back if I don’t have to. But the condition they come in sometimes leaves me with no choice.

  14. Dan in Fla says

    Wonder what happened to the pictures that the Mint wanted to do with the shadows to show proof variation.
    Thank goodness I have not had to return anything yet.

  15. Zaz says

    Re: TR design. A couple of spot-on posters likened it to the Mint inaugural medal, which looks better in the 38.6mm/76mm size that was sold by the Mint for decades instead on the small golden dollar. The face front portrait was a much better design, and it was a disappointment that it wasn’t chosen. The first of many 2013 Mint disappointments…

  16. ABC says

    @hi ho silver,
    If you don’t get it. That’s fine. Just ignore my post. You don’t need to be rude.

  17. someone says


    Having the Presidential series in 90% silver would be neat, true. However I would oppose it purely on cost. It would likely raise the price of the annual set (be it clad or silver) by a minimum of 30-40 dollars.

  18. Hidalgo says

    Gold prices continue to follow a downward trend…. With improvements in the global economy, gold prices will continue to fall as investors shift their money from gold and other precious metals into other investments (e.g., stocks).

    Have you noticed a general fall in gold coins as well? For common gold coins, whose values have been elevated for awhile because of the bullion content, expect to see further drops….

  19. ClevelandRocks says

    @ Hidaldo: Government is still printing a lot of money. Obama’s speech promises more spending, so I’m actually surprised PMs are tanking. I still think we may see $2000/oz gold this year. If you flip the downward chart for gold upside-down, you may see a bubble coming, but this time it would “crash” upward.

  20. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    I agree forward-facing T. Roosevelt would have been better. Ditto that for W. Wilson who led us through WWI. Would depict them as strong leaders like they were.

  21. says


    I understand now. I imagine Moy was just the focal point for complaints because he was the director, and I imagine the cancellation of the proof 2009 silver eagles didn’t help him either. Probably when a new director is appointed, they will become the focal point for complaints as well.


    I’m really surprised to hear you’re having trouble with the AtBs. I’ve been ordering them since Hot Springs, and all of them excepting the original Hot Springs have seemed absolutely flawless when they arrived. I have not had nearly as much luck with the bullion coins, but the vapor-blasting process seems to eliminate most flaws and imperfections from the uncirculated varieties.


    While it’s true gold price has declined in dollars, if I lived in a place like Venezuela which just devalued its currency on in Jamaica which just defaulted on some of their internal debt, I would be pretty happy to own gold right now. My buying is heavily motivated by concern about geopolitical events as opposed to selling for short term profits. Also as someone mentioned above, sooner or later all this money we’re printing is going to show up in “real world” prices. It’s already affecting things like food and such.

    In general I don’t think gold has really “tanked” either, it seems like it’s in a holding pattern between $1600-$1750 and silver is between $30-$33. It hasn’t moved a whole lot in either direction for the past few months. I find the disconnect between physical demand (the silver shortage Michael documented, as well as the Chinese vacuuming up everything they can get their hands) increasingly bizarre. Also: http://247wallst.com/2013/02/14/central-banks-buy-the-most-gold-since-1964/

    I also don’t think we can say the global economy is improving with the Eurozone tipping into recession.

  22. says

    anyone out there want to sell me some 2012 pres proof sets in boxes..

    Pay ya $30 a set……….up to 100 sets

    Smyrna Coin
    615 355 6400
    615 522 8351 cell #
    Guy Zona

  23. george glazener says

    Sure, let me throw a few together with some cardboard and glue, and some Presidents stickers I got in a box of Cocoa Puffs. I’ll run ’em right over tomorrow.

  24. Leo S. says


    With the price drop today in gold to $1600 +/- shouldn’t we get a price drop at the Mint next Wednesday if gold holds around this level?

  25. Mint News Blog says

    In order for a price drop to occur, the average London Fix price from Thursday to Wednesday AM must fall below $1,650. Also, the Wednesday PM price must be below $1,650.

    If a price drop is likely, I will include a reminder in a post next week.

  26. Ralph says

    My order for the 2013 Pres. $1 Proof Set’s I placed Thursday, has moved to the “in stock and reserved” status with the cancellation box removed. I don’t think I’ve seen that in one day before.

  27. JC says

    Not sure if anyone else has a similar experience. Many of my presidential proof coins (part of the silver proof set) from past years have developed ugly bronze spots or large areas of discoloration. It is very frustrating to see coins turn bad like that. I don’t really want to buy separate unblemished presidential sets on Ebay to replace them but may have to.

  28. Jerry Diekmann says

    The full face views that the Mint shows on the box (but unfortunately not on the coins themselves) appear to be the same portraits used on the 6-cent (for TR) and 7-cent (for WW) on the Liberty series of postage stamps that first came out in the 1950s. I don’t believe I have ever seen any portrait of McKinley where he did not look stern.
    This set is the Mint’s 4th (and hopefully last) attempt at minting dollar coins meant for circulation but instead having them winding up in Treasury vaults. In fact, the Morgan and Peace dollars didn’t circulate very well either – that is why there are still so many of them still around after all these years. A study of numismatic history would indicate that the US population has NEVER accepted dollar coins, and they never will, unless and until Congress legislates the dollar bill out of existence. The Mint and Congress both meet the definition of insanity, which is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. I guess that is about all we can expect from Congress. And please, no more military and sports coins – based on our coins, you would think that our country is a resurrected Sparta from ancient Greece.

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