2013 Presidential Dollars Uncirculated Set

Today March 7, 2013 at 12:00 Noon ET, the United States Mint will begin sales of the 2013 Presidential $1 Coin Uncirculated Coin Set. This will join the four coin proof set containing this year’s Presidential Dollars which went on sale last month.

2013 Presidential Dollars

The new product will include uncirculated examples of each of the four coins struck at the Philadelphia and Denver Mints. This year’s coins feature the 25th to 28th Presidents, William McKinley, Theodore Roosevelt, William Howard Taft, and Woodrow Wilson.

The obverse design of each coin features a portrait of the President with inscriptions indicating his name, the order of the Presidency, the dates served, and the motto “In God We Trust”. A common reverse design featuring a rendition of the Statue of Liberty appears on all coins. The date, mint mark, and motto “E Pluribus Unum” appear on the edge of the coins.

packagingThe eight coins included in the set are packaged in display folder which includes a brief biographical sketch and portrait of each President.

These coins are described as “uncirculated” which has come to mean the brilliant finish used for the various annual uncirculated coin sets. These coins are typically better produced and more carefully handled than the “circulating quality” coins included in the numismatic bags and rolls.

Pricing is $16.95 per set with no product limit and no household ordering limits imposed.

The Presidential $1 Coin Uncirculated Sets from the prior two years still remain available for sale on the US Mint’s website. The 2011 set is priced at $19.95 and has sold 72,591 units to date. The 2012 set was priced lower at $16.95 and has sold 74,844 units to date from a stated product limit of 100,000 sets.

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  1. Samuel says

    Michael, is it possible to set the sequence of the posts in a way that the latest post stays on the top?

  2. KEITHSTER says

    These look nice on the zoom but will wait to see the mint set? good luck on that price drop?Sorry maybe next time???

  3. george glazener says

    Coin Vault will probably find some Gold Plated Presidential Dollars and offer them up for $29.99 each. And they’ll sell the tar out of them…!!

  4. Louis says

    Check out the Mint site. The pm coins are unavailable for repricing, so maybe they are being lowered. Yesterday was a snow day, so that’s why they are doing it today.

  5. Olde Sailor says

    Because of DC closed down yesterday, the Mint didn’t their shipment of of President unc set……made a wasted trip to mint.

  6. Mark in Florida says

    Since the banks don’t have these dollars anymore, this seems the most economical way to get 2 of each dollar for my 2 sons’ collections. Dealers want $3 per coin!

  7. hi ho silver says

    There was a small craft advisory yesterday Olde Sailor, you should have kept your boat in dry dock.

  8. John says

    Michael, What are the mint’s plans regarding presidential dollars after 2014?
    They could continue through 2015 through LBJ but continuing would be a problem because after Ford, Carter of course is still alive. Would they continue and skip Carter to include Reagan or simply quit after 2015?

  9. Hidalgo says

    I just received an email stating that my Hawaii and Acadia 5 ounce P silver coins are still on backorder. About two months now for the Hawaii coin and about a month for the Acadia coin. The day keeps creeping up one day at a time.

    I really don’t understand why the US Mint won’t say that the coins are no longer available. Instead, it keeps stringing out the expected shipping date.

    Well, I guess that there still must be a small supply in the warehouses. Whether or not I receive one of each remains to be seen. I ain’t holding my breath…. LOL 🙂

  10. Hidalgo says

    Thanks Hi Ho Ho Ho…. That means I’ll probably get what I wanted! You are so very kind, thoughtful, considerate, pleasant, non-prejudiced, and mature!

  11. george glazener says

    Yep, keep hoping good thoughts. My Acadia arrived today after 4 weeks of waiting, and last week I got the Denalis and Chacos. I thought I was SOL, but I got blessed instead…

  12. Jack in N.E says

    Hidalgo, I am still getting the same e-mail notices as well.I placced my Hawaii 5 oz. order on 1/16 early evening. Like you I can still hope.Next time I wont’ procrastinate.Good luck

  13. Kip Caven says

    Im sure glad I have all 15 of mine………….just ordered the mount hood-1st one of 2013-they say its on the way-i sure hope so!

  14. george glazener says

    Come again? Mt Hood has been sold out for a good long while, and 2013’s White Mtn is not YET available.

  15. Jim says

    The 2012-W Uncirculated ASE is now on backorder status until 3/22. Probable sellout soon since they won’t make any more.

  16. george glazener says

    Am I reading the tea leaves wrong, or are the secondary market (ebay) prices for the Denali and Acadia 5 ounce ATBs softening considerably the last several days? I’m not finding many over 300 bucks anymore. Have you guys noticed this?

  17. Louis says

    No need to read any tea leaves. Just search for completed sales, and you will see lots over $300.

  18. Kevin says

    2012 W Burnished American Silver Eagle will be sold out very soon!!!! Mintage may be under 200,000 making it the fourth lowest silver eagle!!! Great news but the only place to buy these graded 70 is on ebay.

  19. Hidalgo says

    @George – you’re correct. I have been looking at eBay prices for the Acadia and Denali prices and have been noticing a downward trend. Which is good for me, since I plan to buy an Acadia to add to my collection (in case my backorder does not get processed).

    Good for buyers. Not so good for sellers…..

  20. Hidalgo says

    @ Kevin – in case the 2012 W burnished eagle sells out, you can still buy one throught the 2012 annual uncirculated dollar coin set. That’s how I was able to add one of the 2012 W silver eagles to my collection.

  21. says

    Why not buy a set or two of these coins. Some dealers are stringing out the new coins as their released date approches. If your a collector you can save some bucks.


  22. Kevin says

    I was just doing some research on the 2012 W American Silver Eagle. PCGS has only graded 2,642 as first strike 70. I feel this is a great number for certifications. Question since the 2012 uncirculated dollar set is still available and can be sent in for pcgs grading would it be able to get first strike without getting a designation label as a dollar set. I think this coin is the sleeper of the year because of the demand and low mintage hopefully the set sells out quickly. I will be buying as many pcgs 70 first strike that I can find online. Any pcgs or silver eagle collectors please let me know what you think about the 2012 W PCGS First strike 70. Thanks, this coin will certainly be the lowest mintage burnished silver eagle to date as for silver eagles all together this has a chance at being the 5th or 6th lowest silver eagle with a mint mark to date.

  23. Ray says

    I dont really see the difference between the 2012 AE burnished coin and the ones being sold for $33-34 on Apmex.com. Other than the box and coa, is there any difference?

  24. Fosnock says

    The APMEX coin is bullion. The burnished coin has a mint mark and are struck on specially burnished blanks

  25. Ralph says

    Ray: The one the Mint sells has the W mint mark on the coin. The other one is bullion with no mint mark on it.

  26. Ray says

    Thank you Fosnock and Ralph. I just got into this hobby in January and man theres a lot to learn. I have to say its all very exciting. Ive collected art for about 12 years and wanted to start investing in metals. Thx for the info!!

  27. Ralph says

    Off subject: I see from the latest Mint sales report that 9100 2013 Birth Set’s have sold. Doesn’t the Mint know that because they release this set before the Proof Set, that most (I’d say high 90%) had the coins removed to be graded and sold on ebay? Makes no sense to release it before. If it was after, you’d see a lot lower number of set’s sold.

  28. Kraw says

    Sorry, also off topic, but:

    Can someone post the link that Louis provided for the ATB 5 oz wooden display books? I remember it on an older post, but don’t have time to find it at the moment. Much thanks!

  29. says

    Kevin…while the 2012-W PCGS MS70 burnished coins may have some potential, the lowest mintage burnished silver eagle thus far is the 2011-S with 100,000 from the 25th Anniversary set.

  30. HistoryStudent says

    MCM has the MS69 2012 W burnished ASE PCGS FS for around $50.00 each now.

    If you needed one.

    ~ HS

  31. simon says

    I have my copy of the 2012-W ASE – nice coin ! Looking forward to the 2013 issue.

  32. Kevin says


    You are right about the 25th anniversary set S mint mark silver eagle. All low mintages on silver eagles have come from special anniversary sets and this sell out will be a shock to many in a few months when the news spreads. I have high hopes for this coin especially graded pcgs first strike 70 since population reports are around 2,000. I also like that it has a mint mark and is burnished because that is what collectors are looking for. I also know that there are some merchanti signed 70 and he is no longer signing silver eagles anymore. Looks like a win In many areas.

  33. Kevin says


    Besides the mint mark and a different blanks the most important will be the mintage numbers. The burnished silver eagle will finish with a few hundred thousand and the bullion coin will be near 30 million. Supply and demand will drive this coin higher.

  34. Kevin says

    Yes, these mintage levels are very low and usually only the special sets get low mintages. The 2012 W American silver eagle is the sleeper coin of the year. Buy buy buy

  35. george glazener says

    @ Kevin;

    OK, you had to twist my arm, so I bought some…OK, it didn’t take much arm twisting. Thanks for the tip…

  36. vaughnster says

    Kraw– Go to metalsofthemine.com for the wood albums. I believe Louis is still planning on writing about them soon.

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