2013 Presidential Dollars

The United States Mint has announced the designs for the 2013 Presidential Dollars. The four coins issued for the coming year will honor the former Presidents William McKinley, Theodore Roosevelt, William Howard Taft, and Woodrow Wilson.

Initially, the US Mint had prepared from 9 to 11 different design candidates for each of the upcoming coins. These were reviewed by the Commission of Fine Arts (CFA) and Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee (CCAC) who offered their recommendations. The final design selections were made by the Secretary of the Treasury. See all of the original design candidates here and here.

The release dates included below refer to the date when the US Mint is expected to begin selling numismatic bags, rolls, and boxes for each coin. Following the decision of the Treasury Department, these coins will not be distributed to the channels of circulation.

William McKinley Presidential Dollar
Designed and sculpted by Phebe Hemphill
Release Date: February 19, 2013

The final design selection matches the recommendation offered by the CCAC. The CFA had offered a recommendation for the alternate design shown below.

Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Dollar
Designed and sculpted by Joseph Menna
Release Date April 14, 2013

The final design selection matches the recommendation of the CFA. The CCAC had recommended the alternate design shown below, left.

The design selection bears a close resemblance to the Presidential Medal issued for Theodore Roosevelt, which is shown below, right.

William Howard Taft Presidential Dollar
Designed by Barbara Fox and sculpted by Michael Gaudioso
Release Date July 13, 2013

The final design matches the recommendation of the CCAC. The CFA had recommended the alternate design shown below.

Woodrow Wilson Presidential Dollar
Designed and sculpted by Don Everhart
Release Date: October 13, 2013

The final design selection matches the recommendation of the both the CFA and the CCAC.

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  1. Leo S. says


    The full face Teddy is a much better design. I think the panel’s taste is only in it’s mouth. As you point out, that side view has already been used before.

    Also, thanks for you great work on this blog. The information is invaluable.

  2. says

    OT…the Mint really ought to reduce the price of the 5 oz ATB’s…you can buy the bullion versions for $45-$60 less at Provident ($60 for 2012’s paying via cash)
    I mean really…I like both versions, but I only buy the numismatic version when the bullion price gets close to the numismatic price.

  3. McLovin says

    Hello all,

    I got a question. I collect the first spouse coins, graded. I’ve been buying a MS and PF 70 coin graded by NGC from one of the online coin retailers. The site that I usually buy from had the MS 70 coin of Harrison “sold out” this morning, that is unusal as the coin hasn’t been available long. Then I check Modern Coin Mart’s website, and they had the NGC MS 70 coin listed, but it said call for pricing. This is the only First Spouse coin that said that, then I got home this evening and the NGC MS 70 Harrison coin isn’t on their website. The PGCS coins are on there and were this morning with a price. Does this make sense to anyone? Sorry if this is hard to follow because it’s poorly explained, just wondering if anyone has heard anything about the NGC MS graded coins.


  4. McLovin says


    If anyone know a dealer that has NGC MS 70 early releases of Harrison for sale, I’d appericate a name or link.

    Thanks Again

  5. DNA says

    The full face Teddy is a much better design.
    I agree!

    It should be used on a gold commemorative honoring Theodore Roosevelt commissioning Augustus St. Gaudens to revamp our coinage! =^D

    That said, at least we finally have a U.S. legal tender coin that honors Theodore Roosevelt, the man who hired Augustus St. Gaudens and founded the National Parks system now being honored on our Quarters.

  6. Louis says

    @McLovin- I am sure you will be able to get one before long. They probably just did not have many in stock right now. The coin just came out. I have not checked, but try Silvertowne.

  7. EvilFlipper says

    Careful all. If they don’t have this cliff thing figured out the bottom might fall out of PM’s and stocks( as if an imploding world economy wasn’t reason enough). I want to pull the trigger but I feel we still have a ways down to go… The risk being that if it falls too far too fast the mint might panic and pull all the offerings off until the market stabilizes a la 2008. Watch. Everything. Closely. And visit michaels blog every 2-3 hours for current fast moving updates!

  8. charles says

    EF…the cliff is not the real problem…it really is more of Obama and his socialist ways. He wants to bypass congress on any future debt celling conversations…he has no clue that increased spending is the real problem. When he talks about spending cuts, he really means, well instead of increasing spending by 100 billion, we will only increase it by 80 billion…thus a 20 billion cut. True spending cuts reduce what we are spending in future compared to today. The cliff bs is just another example of the liberals trying to convince us that if we just increased taxes on those evil successful 2%, we would be able to pay for all our excessive spending…do the math…that would barely put a bent in our 16 trillion dollar debt. Spending cuts, not increased taxes is what we need.

  9. VABEACHBUM says

    Michael was being kind when he said, “Close Resemblance.” If they had been term papers, someone would be screaming plagerism!! Definitely on board with the majority; that 3/4 view showing the distinctive glasses and moustache is the best choice.

    @ E.F. You are not alone, my friend. I pulled everything out of the markets prior to the election. Although I have enjoyed that ride, I firmly believe that the markets have been artificially propped up since mid-2009. There’s just no hard data that supports the current, sustained levels of the US Markets. Similarly, any wholely inadequate, mutual accommodations that Congress might achieve prior to the 12/31 Cliff are going to send shock waves across the markets and through the PMs. It will pay to be patient but, I do agree that, when the time to pull the trigger comes, it will happen fast and within a very small window of opportunity.

  10. stephen m. says

    VABEACHBUM, The word is to pull half of your money off the table, let the market tumble then get back in. My question is “whom to believe” Maybe that scenerio is for the person giving advice to have a better chance to buy in with their money at a better deal at a lower price. I do wonder why the stock markets are going up now but won’t complain. I look at it all by the year from Jan.1 to the end of Dec.This year looks good for me and i’ll let it all ride. I’m in a mutual fund and don’t have the luxuary of moving money daily and am in for the long haul.

  11. george glazener says

    @ Charles….Hear Hear..!! Couldn’t have said it better myself. And you said it politely and eloquently with a great grasp of the issues and the facts. Very few people are able to study & digest the enormity & complexity of the problems we face and the real underlying causes of them. Problem is, politicians rarely “get it”, and worse, they’re driven by their ambitious lust for power rather than doing the right thing.

    And, PM’s are way down again this morning. Yuk.

  12. Smiledon says

    Well, if I don’t have a hungry hoard of zombies @ my door tonight, I may be able to get another gold coin then people.

  13. EvilFlipper says

    Charles I agree with most of what you said… Except I see it as a fascism (government/corporate rule- technically bankers rule) and repubs and democrats both spend money like drunken sailors. They both suck and I voted third party this year (write in RP). PM’s are careening. I just heard the greatest quote that maybe sums their attitude of us up!
    ” A wolf loses no sleep over the opinions of sheep.”

  14. Robertson says

    Evaluating a coin’s design based solely on a sketch can be a bit tricky. In the case of Teddy Roosevelt’s dollar coin, the drawing that shows a frontal view of him appears to convey a better likeness of him than that seen in the profile sketch. However, the sculpted relief of TR as seen in the Presidential Medal is quite nice and more than likely based on the same photograph Joseph Menna used for his sketch. What remains to be seen is how well Menna translates his drawing into sculpted relief.

    Unfortunately for all of our presidential dollars, the alloy that is being used greatly compromises the quality of the sculpt. I have seen previous articles that have featured the artists’ plaster and clay relief models and they are absolutely stunning. However, they all end up looking somewhat like a Chuck E. Cheese token. One way the Mint can avoid this problem with future series is to eliminate the template, a device that’s used to maintain consistent appearance and placement of all the inscriptions. The state quarters suffered in this manner and now the AtB quarters all look like miniature round postcards. From the artist’s perspective, I can only imagine how templates must restrict their creative ideas.

    How sad… and the beauty of our coins ultimately suffer due to some non-artistic decision made at the top, all for the sake of economy and convenience, I’ll bet.

  15. Kraw says

    Here’s hoping they cut the price on those Denali 5oz uncirculated coins….that would be a very merry xmas present from the Mint!

  16. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    For that matter, why didn’t the designer make a back view of Teddy Roosevelt as he was shooting elephants in the Congo. Taft and McKinley are fine, but sorry Mint, on Roosevelt you missed. TR-01 is much better. Guess I won’t be buying the rolls.

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