2013 Proof American Silver Eagle

Tomorrow January 24, 2013 at 12:00 Noon ET, the United States Mint will begin accepting orders for the 2013 American Silver Eagle Proof Coin. This is traditionally one of the Mint’s most popular annual offerings.

2013 Proof Silver Eagle

The 2013 Proof Silver Eagle features Adolph A. Weinman’s classic Walking Liberty design used for the circulating half dollar from 1916 to 1947. The full length figure of Liberty is shown walking towards a rising sun, carrying branches of oak and laurel with a flag draped across her shoulders. The reverse design by John Mercanti features a heraldic eagle with shield and an arrangement of 13 stars.

The coin is struck in proof quality at the West Point Mint with the “W” mint mark and packaged in a blue velvet, satin-lined presentation case with certificate of authenticity. The composition is 99.9% silver with a weight of 1 troy ounce.

There will be no household ordering limits for this years release and the Mint indicates that customer demand will determine the number of coins to be minted. The price of the offering is $62.95.

Compared to last year, this year’s release comes earlier and is priced higher. The 2012 Proof Silver Eagle was released on April 12, 2012 and sold out on November 13, 2012. The initial cost was $59.95, which was briefly lowered to $54.95, and then raised back to $59.95.

The Bullion Situation

This year’s proof release takes place during a sales suspension for the bullion version of the coin. Amidst heavy demand, the US Mint announced that the 2013-dated bullion coins had temporarily sold out after authorized purchasers placed orders for just over 6 million coins. Sales are expected to resume on or about the week of January 28 on an allocated basis. The sales suspension and impending rationing have served to increase premiums at certain dealers.

The bullion situation has not particularly bolstered demand for currently available numismatic versions of the Silver Eagle. (See this week’s sales report posted today.) However, it is possible that the 2013 proofs might see some heavier demand out of the gate.

Current law does allow the US Mint to produce and issue numismatic versions of the Silver Eagle regardless of the availability and/or allocation of the bullion versions. This is different from the situation in 2008 and 2009 when the Mint suspended production of numismatic Silver Eagles to divert all blanks to the production of bullion coins. This resulted in an early sell out for the 2008 Proof Silver Eagle and the outright cancellation of all numismatic 2009 Silver Eagles. However, some collectors may have lingering suspicions that the bullion situation may have an impact on the proofs. The spate of recent sell outs for numismatic products after short periods of availability may drive collectors to place their orders early.

Other Numismatic Silver Eagles

There are other numismatic products containing Silver Eagles that are expected to be released this year.

The 2013-W Uncirculated Silver Eagle is scheduled for release in May. This collectible uncirculated version of the coin was introduced in 2006 and has been offered individually or sometimes within sets in from 2006 to 2008 and from 2011 onwards.

The 2013 West Point Silver Eagle Set is expected to be available during an ordering window in May/June. Preliminary information indicates that the set will include a reverse proof coin and uncirculated coin struck at the West Point Mint. The uncirculated coin is supposed to differ in some material way from the individually offered version. Sets containing reverse proof Silver Eagles have been offered in 2006, 2011, and 2012.

The 2013 Annual Uncirculated Dollar Coin Set is scheduled for release in July. This product has contained uncirculated version of the four Presidential Dollars, the Sacagawea/Native American Dollar, and the Silver Eagle. The set has been offered in 2007, 2008, and 2012.

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  1. EvilFlipper says

    Anybody hazard a guess on how that uncirc. will differ? This set is definitely worth watching…. Especially if the silver market is tight!

  2. simon says

    Interesting that the proof “finish” on the 2013 appears matte in the photograph – unlike that for previous years. I suspect the coin will however be a regular proof. I’ll be getting my unit as always.

  3. Mark in Florida says

    Someone asked in the other thread why someone would buy the bullion eagles. Personally, I have bought lots of bullion eagles for investment but have never bought the proof eagle, except for a gift once or twice, and except for the set. The proof just seems to have such a big premium that cuts into the appreciation.

  4. Dan in Fla says

    I too have some rolls of bullion for the investment purpose. But the beauty of the proof and the limited mintages make them appealing to me.

  5. Dan in Fla says

    By the way, my proof eagles that are ordered via subscription are already back ordered to 2/08/13.

  6. Louis says

    I’m curious if folks who buy the proof plan to get more than usual because of the bullion sell-out or other factors, and if they plan to buy tomorrow.

    Some are predicting heavy web site volume, even a crash, but I am not sure. I think there will be penty to go around, but it is interesting that dealers who usually offer pre-orders do not seem to be doing that this time, except on e-Bay.

  7. Jeff in TX. says

    Wonder if this years silver eagle sells out by early November. Selling only 777,999 in the proof.

  8. Mint News Blog says

    Regarding the photograph- the US Mint changed the way it shows proof coins in photographs starting this year. The actual proof coins should be the same in hand.

    From the Mint: “Beginning with 2013-dated coins, the United States Mint will no longer use a heavy black shadow to indicate that a coin is proof quality. Digital photography capabilities have improved to the extent that we can now distinguish between the mirror-like background of a proof coin and the finish of an uncirculated coin without manipulating the image with a shadow.”

  9. stephen m. says

    Louis, I cancelled my proof silver eagle subscription but opened it back up for a total of 2 units. I was getting more but have cut back. I really only need 1 but have 2 children.. I too noticed that the place i checked(MCM) is not offering a pre-sale, not yet anyway. I think there will be plenty of the proof eagles for whomever wants them and don’t think it will be a stampede to order tomorrow. With the price increase and minted to demand the mint should do well, again, on the sales of the proof ASE.

  10. Louis says

    Thanks, Stephen, I agree. They would not go ahead with the release if they did not have a lot on hand.

  11. guama says

    with all of the 2012 sell outs, I decided to order my unc. eagle last week. In the order I bought a “s” proof roll (that is now sold out). I guess if I would have waited to buy it now with eagle
    proof, then I would have missed out on the “s” roll. The mint is smart though. Hurry…might be gone tomorrow with no rhyme or reason.

  12. says

    I agree with Samual….I’d buy more of the “Special West Point Sets” and also Louis…there will be plenty of proof eagles for everyone.

    It looks like the West Point 2 coin set will be sold like last years SF set…a one month ordering period…I personally, don’t care for that format…I miss the “thrill of the chase” and chaos…these one month ordering periods are boring..I’d much rather see an established limit of say 150,000 with a 2 per household limit.

    Also…regarding the Gold Buffalo set (whatever that may include), how would you like to see this set sold? Will/Should the Mint have a one month ordering period for this set too?..if they do, how would like that?

  13. me says

    looks like shipping charges strategy to me….. want to create new orders so it conveniently ran out just in time for proof to go on sale was wondering if this would happen

  14. Scott says

    @ EvilFlipper, my guess is they will move the mint mark to the obverse side of the coin, like the early Walking Liberty halves.

  15. Jeff in TX. says

    What if not only the mint mark was on the front of the eagle in the West Point set. It was copper on the features. Great look silver field with a copper tone on the edge, words and images.

  16. EvilFlipper says

    If the mint mark is moved it’s considered a type then? Hmmm… I guess it will be up to the format for selling to decide whether this is a winner or not. Unless there continues to be a bullion shortage. 150k might be worth flipping. Buffalo set still seems like it could be biggest winner with a reverse proof. If it comes under 15k it will be huge! I don’t see them having too many 24k blanks to throw around as well as for standard buffalo proofs and buff bullion. But who knows!

  17. EvilFlipper says

    I’ll tell you another thing, people really do love that gold buffalo design. That 2012 buffalo proof is scarce as hell anywhere right now. Out of stock almost everywhere. One on fleabay. Wow. The 1oz 2008w goes for 4k so I imagine this might be a 3ker+. Congrats to all who got em! Some supra sea for sure! That’s two winners I missed out on in 2012! Will 2013 be even lower?!

  18. says

    I’m still in the “potential stampede” camp, though the failure of the 2012 uncirculated eagle to jump much in sales in the last few weeks is starting to give me pause.

    I still think it’s possible we might see a situation where an initial minted supply runs out and then there’s long backorder times while they wait to produce more because of catching up with bullion ASE demand.

  19. Billrod says

    I think an obverse mintmark is a realistic change as I don’t think it involves too much of a change technically and it is historically correct. If silver wasn’t in short supply I would think fractionals might be another possibility. If you have seen the beautiful 5 piece Libertad boxed sets you would agree that this would be a winner.

  20. Louis says

    But the two are not tied anymore. That’s the point of the 2010 legislation, as I understand it. Still, the hoard/herd mentality will probably kick in…..

  21. VABEACHBUM says

    @ Dan in FLA – Like you, I have a standing subscription. Looks like the Mint input my order on the 18th, and currently shows In Process w/ the coins In Stock & Reserved. With that, could be another 2 to 10 days before they actually ship.

    Like the rest, definitely looking forward to the West Point ASE Set and very curious as to what will make the UNC coin unique.

    Off Topic for Louis and Michael – Have you taken delivery of your 2013 Britannia coins yet? Looking forward to your reading your opinions once you do.

  22. Eddie says

    Has anyone thought that if could be a 1/2 oz ASE that they will put in the 2 coin set?
    Also I would love for them to release a four coin set like the gold set you know 1oz, 1/2oz, 1/4oz and 1/10oz. I would buy those and at least they would be affordable.

  23. Dan in Fla says

    Evilflipper thank you so much for your last entry. It made my day.
    VA My order now says the same.

  24. stephen m. says

    CaptainO. If you are right, about the proof eagle mintage running out and a long back ordered period, the flippers and TV folks will have a premium on the early release and first strike labels on slabs. I don’t put any stock in those labels but a lot of people seem to do just that? I would imagine the mint will keep plenty on hand from today until late in the year for a record 2013 ASE proof sellout. It is a pretty coin and at the new price will make the mint some money. We will see.

  25. KEITHSTER says

    Not in a rush to get this one don’t have many of the proof’s they make too many for me.But I’m still having trouble getting the 2012 whats up with that?They were going to ship 1 20 now 1 28 but none instock are they just sold out why not just state it and not have people keep ordering them.Or are they still trying to make them up?anyone? Also the 2012 medal set whats up with that? And where’s my s quarters still on backorder? GOOD LUCK ON THEM?

  26. Ikaika says

    @ $62.95 + $4.95 shipping is a heavy markup from silver spot $31.69. No need to figure that it is double the metal value. I like the ASE’s but will wait for the two coin set this summer.

  27. says


    A backorder problem could develop, but given that the website failed to slow down or crash, I am guessing sales weren’t much more than “brisk” at best. My assumption at this point is probably everyone who wants one should be able to get one assuming they ordered at a reasonable time.


    You should try finding a group of local collectors you can trust and coordinate your purchases with them, if possible. I ordered the proof silver eagles for six people (myself included) which reduced the cost of shipping to 83 cents per person. Ordering with others is the best way to reduce shipping costs.

  28. Ikaika says

    @ Captain

    Thank you for the suggestion. I still feel it is a hefty premium for the 2013 proof. Might as well pay a hefty premium for something more unique like the uncirculated ASE in the two coin set. I just hope the US mint does not pull one out the Perth mint playbook and make it a colorized eagle 🙂

  29. Ikaika says

    @ hi ho silver

    Thank you for the complement 🙂

    @ Samuel

    Personally, I am against any color or “special effects” on coins. But that is just me 🙁

  30. G says

    I wish I had waited to order the proof quarters set yesterday- oops. Guess I’ll have to pay the extra 5$, or as I call it, the “first strike possible error run” tax

  31. Don says

    I bet the coin guys on the home shopping channels would love to see a colorized uncirculated eagle in the two-coin West Point set. Many of the offerings they sell already feature colorized (otherwise known as defaced) coins. Of course they would play up the beauty and rarity of such coins.

  32. says

    My hope is for a high relief silver eagle, personally. I love the high reliefs some other world mints have put out and I think a silver eagle would look great in high relief. I’d buy a colored eagle, but it’d be my least favored option. As Samuel mentioned, a gilded eagle would also be great.

  33. Ikaika says

    A reverse proof and high relief ASE would be awesome for the 2-coin set. However, I am not sure how much time the mint would need to setup the equipment to strike the high relief. Lessons from the FS coins last year. Until the mint decides, we will all be speculators.

  34. John says

    I had 3 in my cart, then hit cancel. I just don’t think these will be a winner any time soon. Even in 2008 with the silver rationing they made over 700K.

    I can’t wait to see what the special “W” set looks like. I wish there was more info on the Buffalo set too.

  35. says


    It’s possible they could use the equipment that was used to strike the UHR double eagle to strike this new high relief sliver eagle, assuming they still have that equipment and it’s still in good working condition. I don’t think this is a situation like the AtBs where the Mint has absolutely no experience at all. Of course if the equipment has been mothballed and all the employees trained in its use are gone, then we might be out of luck.

    I agree though it’s probably unlikely. I have a feeling a high relief eagle would be telegraphed well in advance to build excitement.

  36. Ikaika says

    @ Captain

    Or the mint might surprise all of us by changing the “W” from the reverse to the obverse side. This would be heck of an innovation wouldn’t it? 😉

  37. Don says

    The obverse of the American silver eagle is the same design as that used on the Walking Liberty Halves that were minted from 1916-1947. How about bringing back the Walking Liberty reverse (which depicts a perched eagle with its wings partially opened) for the uncirculated coin in the 2013 West Point Silver Eagle Set?

  38. Dustyroads says

    What do you call the treatment the ATB P 5oz. coins are getting? Vapor something? I have one on it’s way to me now, but I have never owned one so I can’t really say if I like it or not. Maybe the Mint could easily use the process on one of the ASE’s in the set this summer, of course a high relief would make my day. Personally, I don’t get the painting, or defacing, that to me is the low point for the ASE.

  39. hi ho silver says

    Read these last few comments Ikaika and you might understand why I like your comments. I don’t like to speculate in January. Let’s call it Overkill….hahaha!

  40. Buzz Killington says

    I was thinking that 2016 would be the perfect time (100 year since the walker’s debut) to change the design and freshen up this series!

  41. simon says

    I don’t mind the inclusion of additional features but IMHO they should keep to the simple proof / reverse proof format for the special set. My reasoning is simple – it would look great to have all the special anniversary sets lined up side by side to show all the “uniquely” normal strikes side-by-side. I definitely would like a high relief and a 5-Oz ASE / edge lettered strike but as separate offerings, keeping in mind that both items would require extensive development periods. The gilded / colorized are not my cup of tea nor are the fractional sizes.

  42. HistoryStudent says

    Many years ago the early $20 Saints were sand blasted proofs. Many ignored them and they are really rare now.

    Correct me if I’m wrong but it looks like the US Mint PULLED all the 5 oz. “P” ATB UNC collector coins for 2013 release at $244.95 each.

    I understand 1000s of silver ounces were recently bought in Eastern Europe because the supply worldwide may be rather low.

    “May we live in interesting times.” Chinese curse.


  43. Dustyroads says

    For the love of the hobby and knowing that my hobby is retaining value, that is the reason I collect coins. There, no more looking stupid speculating!

  44. Mark in Florida says


    Looks like the 2013 5 oz. were moved to TBD on the schedule.

    Yes, HSBC Bank, the third largest publicly held bank in the world disclosed they contracted to buy $876 million in silver from Eastern Europe this year. (27 million oz?) And I hear Apple will delay their new Imacs since they can’t get enough silver.

  45. Art says

    Congratulations US Mint!! They’re actually allowing Will Call Pickup at UPS again. I don’t have to wait for three delivery failures in order to pick up my packages. Way to go!

  46. T1 browserman says

    I have looked into the crystal ball…..the two coin set will consist of:

    (1) 1 oz reverse proof


    (1) 5 oz reverse proof

    As for this eagle, it can sit in my order cart until other offering come along.

    Now ikaika can either buy the double the spot price eagle direct from the mint or wait for the triple priced TPG’d First / Early Release ‘signed by’ PF70s that will be flooding FLEABAY at the end of next month. I will buy this one and once again grade it myself and also remind myself that this is a NUMISMATIC purchase NOT a BULLION purchase.

  47. Zaz says

    The annual “special” sets have kind of run their course, not so special anymore and kind of done to death. No gilded, colorized or privy-marked coins, either. That just cheapens and degrades the silver eagle. The Mint could have done something like The Preamble to the Constitution changing reverses like what had been done to the Pt Eagle since 2009. Those reverses are seldom seen in the marketplace and are little appreciated except by those fortunate to own the coins. The numismatic release does not have to mirror the bullion coin exactly. A UHR ASE would be nice, but anachronistic as the original half was never issued this way and would be strictly speaking, a vanity coin.

  48. hi ho silver says

    1 problem Zaz………. They have yet to do ……get ready ….. they haven’t done it yet..

  49. Louis says

    Three roll quarter sets will be $46.95, so no need to keep guessing. I only want the S rolls anyway.

  50. im just a bill says

    I was going to guess again Louis but once was enough, indeed. I am buying the 3 roll set!

    and hi, hi ho silver, privy mark is only part of it. we need a h/r lunar privy snake-dragon-pig-goat! on the other side: the queen of england profile, showing an eagle eating her face/ san fran privy / reverse proof / vapor blasted at he P mint !

    the ultimate coin!

  51. Don says

    @hi ho silver: I see a pattern developing in your brief comments. Privys are also outdoor strucures equipped with a bench and one or two holes. There is usually a crescent shaped moon cutout on the door for ventilation. I’m not sure I want to see a privy.

  52. Jeff in TX. says

    I think that the 5 oz. silver pucks of any type of coin are non collectable. They are just tokens of the real coin they copy. 5 oz. coins might be interesting if the face value also increased with its size. The West Point Set won’t contain a 5 oz. puck. In 2004 the “Legacy of Freedom” had one silver eagle and one britannia coin, that coin is not a rev. proof. What if the Mint put the first U.S version of a Britannia type unc. silver eagle. Both eagles would then have the look of being reverse.

  53. HistoryStudent says

    @Jeff in TX
    5 – Wizard of Oz in “Ps” are now hitting real lows like the LOWEST ever modern $1 Wheelchair 1996 Olympic at 14,497 ish with the Hawaii “P” 5 oz at 14,863.

    The ATB sets will soon need a wheelchair in sales too. Kinda like the $50 1915 2 1/2 Oz gold Panama Pacific at a grand with only 75 million people living then.

    Other non-collectables in the past were the over grained US Trade Dollars, and the Gorbrecht dollars that both sold for a premium. It just depends upon when you were born and if they are moderns to you and you can see the future because of the terrible low mintages. Like the modern proof platinum pieces. It just takes times and they give you a pretty good intrinsic value for a floor too.

  54. Teach says

    I know there won’t be a 5 oz proof ASE in the W set because the mint said other than a reverse proof, the second coin would be uncircualted, not proof in any manner.

  55. JBK says

    All this talk of bringing back old designs (such as the original reverse for the WL half) and sprucing up existing designs (such as a high relief Silver Eagle) scares me a bit They are all good ideas, but we had better be careful what we wish for…

    For example, the 2005 nickel with the buffalo reverse was a recreation (supposedly) of the original buffalo nickel, but it was a poor copy indeed, necessitated by modern minting constraints (the need for shallower relief to facilitate production).

    I personally like the Heraldic eagle on the reverse of the SE – it is very nice rendition of that style. I would also love to see the original WL reverse design, of course, if it can be done right. Heck, even the Peace Dollar reverse might be nice to see. Better yet – how about a silver ounce with the Peace Dollar design. I am not sure how “peace” ties into our current political and military climate, though, so maybe we could drop that word from the design. Plus, the Peace Dollar has a high relief precedent for a future special issue.

    Another underrated design – the Standing Liberty quarter. That would look nice on a silver ounce as well (or maybe a fractional?).

  56. Samuel says

    just did a little research, the Unc hawaii is close to $450 at bay! and apmex, quitely increased the BU price by $30. i originally dont like the design, buy u guys said it is cool, so i bought a couple of them- 2 unc, 1 raw and 1 slabbed.

  57. Ikaika says

    @ T1browserman

    “Now ikaika can either buy the double the spot price eagle direct from the mint or wait for the triple priced TPG’d First / Early Release ‘signed by’ PF70s that will be flooding FLEABAY at the end of next month. I will buy this one and once again grade it myself and also remind myself that this is a NUMISMATIC purchase NOT a BULLION purchase.”

    I respect your opinion. My point is paying double the silver price for the 2013 proof ASE is a hefty premium for a coin that most likely will be minted in the hundred’s of thousand or even million. If this is the case, there will be very little upside potential. IMHO I would rather spend the money on two bullion silver eagles or save it for something more unique like the upcoming two set ASE. I must state that I do not collect the ASE proof series. If one does, which maybe your case, there is no other choice but to pay the premuim to the US mint or even more to the TPGs later. It all depends on what you collect or how do like to spend your money.

  58. Ikaika says

    BTW, just wanted to share with you all:

    Rare 1794 silver dollar sells for record $10 million at U.S. auction (just off the press)

  59. HistoryStudent says

    Keep stuff as close to spot as possible. Even the ASE PROOF is already twice spot from the US Mint plus shipping, however. And it “ain’t” even slabbed – if you like that sorta thingie.

    I expect spots to increase with the QEs to a LAZY Eight AKA “infinity.”

    These sets lately like the 2011ASE 5 coin Anniversary, and the 2012 ASE proofs from “S,” should do well long term too. Low MINTAGE and all.

    This year will be fun. The US Mint pulled all the 5 Wizard of Oz “P” pucks for UP-PRICING IMVHO – say “mucho denaro” more – lots more.

  60. Don says

    JBK: Bringing back old designs to use on the obverse, reverse, or both of new, collector quality coins can also turn out very well. Just consider the 2001 commemorative Buffalo silver dollar, which is a beautiful re-creation of the original Buffalo nickel design.

  61. Don says

    Just another thought: If there is going to be a modification to the uncirculated coin in the upcoming 2013 W silver proof set, such as a new or revived reverse, why not do the same for the W proof coin in the set? This would really blow the set out of the water!

  62. Hidalgo says

    The U.S. Mint ain’t no dummy. It knows that there is huge consumer demand for silver eagles — and investors, collectors, dealers, etc. are willing to pay a premium for them

    Why do you think the U.S. Mint has included so many silver eagles in many of its offerings? And why do you think it has raised prices significantly? Because the U.S. Mint knows that people will pay above and beyond to own these coins.

    Now with that being said, and considering how much higher the prices of the silver eagles are above spot, you have got to figure that the two coin West Point set will sell for about $150. And why not? The U.S. Mint knows that foliks will be willing to pay that much for two ounces of highly collectible silver 🙂

  63. Jeff in TX. says

    Wonder if the mint will put steps in place to cut down on over orders, returns and cancels for 2013-WP 2 coin set. Like a return to stock charge, limit to number of purchases per day and a shorter return time. No counter telling sets sold. All of this would change how people order this set. This could be why the mint is making this set different than other SE offerings for 2013.

  64. Dan in Fla says

    Did someone forget to ask for “Heavy black shadows” to return?
    Personally I think this new updated photo is alright. My Ltd Ed sets have moved. I can no longer cancel them. Probably ship tomorrow.
    Also I called around and the local coin shops near me cannot assist with any gold Buffalo purchases. I was just checking.

  65. KEITHSTER says

    See the Mint changed the format on the NLA. Now it’s under the product schedule. And the new one on the list is the first term Grovers single roll P’s are gone but still in the boxes if you want a lot.Good luck with those$$$.

  66. John says

    I bought a few 2013 Kookaburra, Koala & Panda’s for the first time this year. I have to say the few dollars extra paid were well worth it compared to a Proof ASE. Since I have a few Proof ASE and I’m not collecting the whole series I don’t mind missing out.

    For a bullion coins the Kookaburra, Koala & Panda all have a nice Deep Cameo that the bullion ASE doesn’t. They all come in protective mint capsules the bullion ASE doesn’t. Last each of these coins will have a much smaller mintage than the ASE (unfortunately the Panda will have 8 million made this year but the other two will be under 1 million). So for my money this year, this was the way to go. Now I just have to wait for my 5 oz ATB and this special “W” set.

    Michael, correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t some of the planchets for the ASE come from Australia if none are available in the U.S.? I know that they are the same purity & size as the Kookaburra & Koala.

  67. Mercury says

    We all might want to rethink what’s all transpiring here and not be to quick in counting the chicks before they hatch. In view of the silver bullion situation there is a viable chance that the production of the 2013 American Silver Eagle Proof Coin could be cut short and the sell of them discontinued. Which also could mean that we may never even see the 2013-WP 2 coin set go into production. It can happen. I do believe that in dollars and cents that the US Mint will choose to lean towards the profit it stands to make in the production of the bulk bullion silver coins over collector’s coins. As much as we’d like to think so, we coin collectors are just not that high up the US Mint 1st priority totem pole.

  68. Jon in CT says

    Mercury wrote on January 27, 2013 at 12:46 pm:
    I do believe that in dollars and cents that the US Mint will choose to lean towards the profit it stands to make in the production of the bulk bullion silver coins over collector’s coins. As much as we’d like to think so, we coin collectors are just not that high up the US Mint 1st priority totem pole.Last year the Mint made money on its numismatic Silver Eagle sales but lost $4.4 million on its bullion Silver Eagle sales.


  69. jim says

    Maybe someone can help me out. I had 2 coins graded by NGC (GSA CC 1881 VAM-2 & 1885 VAN-4) one came back ms-63 and the other came back ms-65. I thought the ms-63 was the better of the two coins. I also thought these 2 coins could have been PL coins. How can the 2 coins look almost the same but yet be so far off each other? Is it me or do other people think NGC is a waste of money. Thanks Jim

  70. bigdawg says

    got email jan. 28th mint shipped 2013 proof eagles ,at first they said they were backordered until 2/8/13. thats good should receive them about fri. or sat this week

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