2013 Proof Gold Buffalo Sold Out

gold-buffaloAround mid-day yesterday, the 2013 Proof American Gold Buffalo sold out at the United States Mint. Based on the numbers currently available, the coin seems to establish a new mintage low for a one ounce proof coin of the series.

The 2013 Proof Gold Buffalo originally went on sale May 23, 2013. At the start of sales, the one ounce gold coin was priced at $1,790. The pricing was subject to weekly adjustment throughout the period of availability. At the time of the sell out, the coin was priced at $1,590. As has been the case for recent numismatic releases of the series, there was no maximum mintage established.

According to the latest weekly numismatic product sales report published today, the coin reached sales of 18,555 units. It is possible that the number may see some changes in subsequent weekly reports, but at the current time it sets a new mintage low for a one ounce proof coin of the series. Looking more broadly across all numismatic issues, the sales figure does remain well above mintage levels for two of the fractional proofs and all of the 2008-W uncirculated coins.

Here is a look at how all of the mintage figures (or last reported sales figures) stack up:

Proof Coin Mintage
1 oz. 1/2 oz. 1/4 oz. 1/10 oz.
2006-W 246,267
2007-W 58,998
2008-W 18,863 12,169 13,125 18,884
2009-W 49,306
2010-W 49,263
2011-W 28,693*
2012-W 19,765*
2013-W 18,555*
Uncirculated Coin Mintage
1 oz. 1/2 oz. 1/4 oz. 1/10 oz.
2008 9,074 16,908 9,949 17,429
Reverse Proof Coin Mintage
1 oz.
2013-W 47,836*
*last reported sales

In a few posts earlier this year, I had mentioned the 2013-W Proof Gold Buffalo as a potential sleeper. The lure of the first ever reverse proof offering for the series had the potential to take attention and available funds away from the regular proof version.

The reverse proof coin did receive an extremely enthusiastic response from collectors, achieving total sales of 47,836 units, however, sales for the regular proof were not impacted by a large extent. Although the 2013-W Proof sets a new mintage low, it is only down about 6% compared to the last reported sales for the 2012-W Proof.

The numismatic run for the American Gold Buffalo series is perhaps the most varied among the modern precious metals series. There is continuity in the offering of an annual one ounce proof version of the coin, but this is interrupted by the three fractional proofs offered only in 2008. Also in 2008, collectible uncirculated versions were offered across four different sizes. This year, the one ounce reverse proof was offered. Across the eight years of the series, mintages have varied widely from the high of nearly a quarter million pieces to a low of less than 10,000 pieces. This results in some issues which sell for modest premiums above gold value, while others command a significant premium. The variety of finishes, sizes, and mintage levels combine to create many different ways to collect and appreciate the series.

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  1. Louis says

    Thanks a lot, Asian Guy. It’s a lunar horse coin too, so if I decide to sell it, I will play up the cert. #. Come to think of it didn’t someone pay thousands for the last numbered Canadian penny roll?

  2. Louis says

    No though I saw those are unavailable.

    It was the Cook Islands 5 oz with huge red mother of pearl high relief insert! It’s amazing and the horse looks like it was hand sculpted. I ordered it several months before release to lock in a significantly lower price than what it is now going for. And the packaging is also very impressive and classy. 2nd best horse coin after the 5 oz HR gilded Niue coin.

  3. Samuel says

    CO, i got the 2-coin set, not that good as it looks like in the picture. also, first time, the capsule is loose.

  4. fmtransmitter says

    Play it up, play it up. Great for the hobby of COIN collecting. It will sell on it’s own for extra. I notice when sellers try to “play it up” they shy away. IMHO if you simply post the specs and details and be proffessional you will come out ahead than “play it up”. Why sell it? Your odds were 1 in 888 to get the last certificate OR they were all stamped 888 because of the Year of the Horse. LOL

  5. Louis says

    FM- I have not decide to sell it. Was only asking for input. By play it up I only mean I would mention the #, and no they are not all stamped 888.

  6. Matt says

    I got my gold buffalo from the mint gift shop just moments ago. The one I alerted everyone about that they might want to buy. It was everything I’d hoped for. A beautiful coin for sure. With 16 for sale I thought “pig make money and bears make money but pigs get slaughtered”. That’s why I bought one. Happy collecting.


  7. Jon in CT says

    Louis wrote on December 11, 2013 at 1:03 pm:
    Provident has a new video that shows an employee opening a Mint monster box of Rushmore ATB’s and the first coin he looked at had die polishing and other marks. It should be on the site, but I saw it on their newsletter.


  8. Louis says

    FYI- The DC shop is part of the Mint and never sells after an official sell-out.
    If they get a call at noon saying a coin is gone, they will pull it and won’t sell to anyone. I also don’t think they will ship, only in-person sales. Philly and Denver are privately-operated.

  9. larry says

    Question for everyone. Does PCGS or NGC create special designations such as ANA chicago on their own acord or are these born due to a number of customers requesting this.

    Just thinking about these orders from the gift shops being discussed above or other special cirumstances.

  10. Louis says

    Larry- I think it was the TPG’s decision based on the fact that the product was launched by the Mint at the ANA Chicago show.

  11. achmed says

    seems to me the USMINT does not know itself how much the mintage was. On the 17th of December (for the 15th of dec) they stated in their report that the mintage was 18907, one week before they said it was 18555 (or 18919). Now we have the 18th of December and the number reported for the 15th of december is 18596. Which I would appreciate the most.

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