2013 Silver Proof Set, Silver Numismatic Products Re-Priced

Today, May 2, 2013 at 12:00 Noon ET, the United States Mint will begin sales of the 2013 Silver Proof Set. This 14-coin set includes seven coins struck in a composition of 90% silver.

2013 Silver Proof Set

Each 2013 Silver Proof Set includes the following coins:

  • 2013-S Proof Lincoln Cent
  • 2013-S Proof Jefferson Nickel
  • 2013-S Silver Proof Roosevelt Dime
  • 2013-S Silver Proof America the Beautiful Quarters – featuring White Mountain National Forest, Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial, Great Basin National Park, Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine, Mount Rushmore National Memorial
  • 2013-S Silver Proof Kennedy Half Dollar
  • 2013-S Proof Presidential Dollars – featuring William McKinley, Theodore Roosevelt, William Howard Taft, Woodrow Wilson
  • 2013-S Proof Native American Dollar

All coins are struck at the San Francisco Mint and carry the “S” mint mark. The dime, quarters, and half dollars are struck in 90% silver and 10% copper. The remaining coins carry their standard compositions.

The coins are packaged in three plastic lenses which are placed into a redesigned outer cardboard box, which features the Washington Monument at sunset on one side and images of each park, President, or coin on the other side.

The 2013 Silver Proof Set is priced at $67.95, unchanged from the prior year. There are no stated product limits or ordering limits in place.

Last’s years annual Silver Proof Set had sold out in early January, after being available for about seven months. The final reported sales of 395,443 established a new low for the product type by a considerable margin. The 2012 Silver Proof Set currently commands a healthy premium on the secondary market.

Numismatic Silver Coins Re-Priced

2013-seThe United States Mint has published a notice in the Federal Register indicating new prices for certain silver numismatic products. Three of the products have been suspended since April 15, pending a price adjustment. With notice of the price changes published, sales should resume soon.

The 2013 Proof Silver Eagle will see its price reduced by $5 from $62.95 to $57.95.

The 2012-P Chaco Culture 5 Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin will see its price reduced by $50 from $229.95 to $179.95.

The 2012 Annual Uncirculated Dollar Coin Set will see its price reduced by $10 from $59.95 to $49.95.

An updated price has also been indicated for the 2013-W Uncirculated Silver Eagle, scheduled for release on May 28, 2013. The price is now indicated at $48.95, which is a reduction of $5 from the previously indicated price of $53.95.

As can be seen, the US Mint is reducing the prices of the 2012-dated products by the equivalent of $10 per ounce of silver content. The prices for the 2013-dated products are being reduced by the equivalent of $5 per ounce of silver content.

Notably, an updated price has not been provided for the 2013 America the Beautiful Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coins. All five designs are listed as “On Sale Date To Be Determined” on the US Mint’s Product Schedule.

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  1. Rick says

    50 bucks seems generous for the 5oz-P coin, nice. Too bad I bought one after Denali sold out. So much for my speculating on that one?

  2. fosnock says

    I’m going to speculate and get one but would rather get any of the 2013’s if only the mint would get them out the door

  3. EvilFlipper says

    This years proof set had the design I like best for the native American dollar. I’ll get one of these. The lack of a reprice is a bit disheartening but I think that may keep the sets sales down so that may be a plus to flippers and collectors. I may have to reach for that Chaco culture now that there is a reprice. Anyone who’s ever been to Chaco canyon and camped there can feel the mystery.

  4. Ray says

    I’ll guess that the us mint will drop the 2013 AtBs to $205. Thats a $25 reduction which would be in line w/ the $5/ounce drop for 2013 products.

    I’m all in on the Chacos for 179. I still cant believe they’re dropping them that low. Sweet!!

  5. Brian says

    Dang. There should probably be a semicolon in the headline instead of a comma. I read the headline as the silver proof set was also being repriced.

    Oh well. Maybe it will happen later this year if silver drops again.

  6. Jon in CT says

    Repricing of silver products seems to be reserved only for those which contain 99.9% silver coins. The price of $67.95 for the Silver Proof Set was established in Jan, 2002 when London silver was $29.64/oz and has never changed since, despite wild fluctuations in silver prices (from over $37 to less than $23).

  7. Jon in CT says

    Ray wrote on May 2, 2013 at 10:54 am:
    I’ll guess that the us mint will drop the 2013 AtBs to $205. Thats a $25 reduction which would be in line w/ the $5/ounce drop for 2013 products.

    I doubt that will be true. The last “indicated” price for the 2013-P 5-oz AtB coins was established in a Jan 2013 Federal Register notice at $244.95. That was when existing 2012-P 5-oz AtB coins were priced at $229.95 and one month before the Feb 12 scheduled release of the first 2013-P 5-oz coin, White Mountain. Clearly the Mint intends to extract a higher premium from 2013P 5-oz AtB coins relative to the 2012 versions.

  8. Ray says

    wow, 179 for the 2013 AtBs. I can hardly believe it. i had to read that 3 times just to be sure.

  9. Jon in CT says

    Wow on the 2013P 5-oz AtB official price! I’m very pleased to be proved wrong!

  10. Jon in CT says

    Just noticed that their are no longer any silver products suspended for repricing and that the new prices have now taken effect.

  11. JQ says

    Just ordered my 5 oz Chaco! I missed the other 2012 5 ozs and now I’m kicking myself!

  12. Brad says


    At least you only bought one overpriced Chaco speculating on a sellout. I bought TWO of the @#$* things. Oh well, maybe I can unload them for at least a break even price one of these years.

    The 2013’s might sell pretty briskly at $179.95. I wonder if the Mint will retain the 25,000 coin limit (and actually strike that many this time instead of quitting early a la 2012) or drop it to 20,000 or less?

  13. says

    I’ll probably wait to buy the silver proof set alongside the West Point set. No point in spending an extra $5 on shipping.

    As for the 2013 AtBs, holy cow! I am thrilled to hear this news. I suspect that we will see White Mountain added to the mint’s product schedule very soon now. I can’t wait!

  14. thePhelps says

    Brad – I think that is the question of the day… how many will they mint. If they mint the current 15-20k – I am guessing quick early sellouts. If they don’t announce a mintage limit – might be a slow churn to 25k or so… the $180 price makes these definately more attractive.

  15. Jon in CT says

    Brad wrote on May 2, 2013 at 12:30 pm:
    At least you only bought one overpriced Chaco speculating on a sellout. I bought TWO of the @#$* things. Oh well, maybe I can unload them for at least a break even price one of these years.

    Brad, here’s a possible solution. If you buy three more Chaco coins at $179.95 each, then your average cost for all five Chaco coins would drop below $200. Seems like that would make it easier to break-even in the nearer future. 🙂

  16. fosnock says

    I’m going to run the gauntlet and wait for either the special proof set to come out or the mint to announce mintages for the 2013s before I buy the Chaco. It should be sold out long before that but…

  17. T1 browserman says

    BULLSEYE on the 5 oz…….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ty Nate & Jon in CT

    If the price was anything but $180 you may as well have rung the death knell for their collector base and I mean the ‘everyday’ collector that have been in since inception NOT the TPGs that will be ordering for their intentions of claiming they have a better sample than everyone else….

  18. T1 browserman says

    Nice packaging on this new set…..did not expect any $ change in 90% offerings….the premiums are as expected and heck….it’s their staple selling item.

    Now how about the Pd eagle??….I’ve not been keeping tabs on that….last I heard the reports were in and waiting on Sec’y Treas. to make a ‘decision’

  19. T1 browserman says

    If offered. I would buy new boxes that look similar to this one for the 2010, 2011, 2012 sets to keep in the spirit of the AtB theme. The ’10 packaging was the end of the ‘Moy’ tenure, while the ’11 & ’12, although showed off their new logo were so bland.

  20. Brad says

    Jon in CT,

    You’re right that I could reduce the average cost per unit by buying more Chaco’s, and I did kick that idea around a little bit. But, I don’t really think I want to sink more money into coins that it appears will have very little secondary market appeal. Maybe if the West Point set, the Reverse Proof Buffalo and the newly repriced 2013-P ATB 5 ozer’s weren’t coming down the pike I would.

  21. Ray says

    Release dates are published for all the 5 ouncers. couldnt find any info on mintage for these tho.

  22. IPS_STUFF says

    2012 United States Mint Annual Uncirculated Dollar Coin Set (XA3)
    this item came up backordered when I placed an order today…
    Just passing the information along.

  23. Don says

    Instead of offering opinions on this topic of the annual silver proof set, many commenters are stressing out over the 5 oz. ATB offerings and, particularly, the Chaco Culture one. Talk about going off-topic–right from the first comment on.
    I will comment on the subject at hand: the silver proof set remains one of the mint’s primary and popular offerings and, despite the lack of a price drop, should remain so for 2013. And yes, the price drop only seems to be on the 999. silver items, as some commenters have noted.

  24. Brad says


    Actually, commenting on the 5 oz. ATB Chaco coin IS on topic in this case, as this was a double-topic post. It just seems more comments are being directed at the second topic in the post instead of the first one.

    While many comments do tend to stray from the main topic at hand on many posts, as long as the conversation stays numismatic (versus turning into a bunch of political bashing or name-calling) I still enjoy reading ALL comments about any numismatic topics. I guess some of us are just guilty of sometimes wanting to talk about the current hot-topic or those that we’re most interested in versus the one the most recent post is about.

  25. Boz says

    Proof Chaco going now for what the AP’s are trying to getfor the bullion ones. That makes them really attractive. Should be close to sell out though.

    Anybody notice the huge premiums now for Denali and Volcano? Only a couple thousand less minted than Chaco…are they really worth any more?

  26. fosnock says

    Boz, We will not know until the Chaco’s final mintage is done…but Volcano’s is a real nice coin, and Chco’s has been called a toilet bowl

  27. Jay in NC says

    I have a few of the 5oz coins each from 2012 and it seems the aftermarket on these is great. Volcano is selling as much as $600 and although from a distance the design looks good up close the lava looks pixelated whereas Chaco can almost appear 3D and the detail is pretty amazing. I can’t wait for White mountain to come out on the 16th and for only $179 vs the bullion for $145, this seems to be a great buy.

  28. thePhelps says

    Ft. McHenry and Mt. Rushmore look intersting to me – if not the frosted I might the bullion releases. I see they have posted all 5 ATB release dates now.

    I also buy the annual silver set every year.

  29. Ikaika says

    Could it be possible for the US Mint to revise the price of the 2013 5oz ATBs if the price of silver changes significantly? Anyone?

  30. John says

    Thanks for the update! I just cancelled my order for the Silver Proof Set so I could re-order with the lowest priced 5 oz “P” ATB ever (I didn’t want to pay shipping twice). I already have one Chaco Culture but could miss out on the sale. As a few others have said, “Dollar Cost Average”. I expect a sell out soon, now if we could just get the 2013 ATB up for sale.

  31. Don says

    You’re right. I was focusing on the lead posting, which happens to be the 2013 Silver Proof Set. My eyes did not drift down to the second posting. So, my mistake– no off-topic comments after all, although the majority are tending toward the 5 oz. silver bullion coins. I guess this indicates where the big interest is at the present time. As for the 2013 silver proof set, the customers who will buy it are usually repeat buyers of previous silver proof sets. Otherwise, I guess there is really not much to say in regard to the new proof set.

  32. Saucexx says


    The Mint just canceled my Denalis. I eventually got my Hawaii back order so I’m surprised the Denali was canceled.

    Anybody else have a similar experience?

  33. Saucexx says


    It would take another massive drop in silver to see the 5oz AtB’s drop any further, probably under $18 an oz.

    It’s not even a question the price will go up if Silver does.

  34. fosnock says

    @thePhelps – Thank you…I like the Perry, and will combine it with the West Point Silver set

    No sign of the bullion versions at APMEX and they usually presale them early

  35. Jon in CT says

    Just for reference, here’s the new schedule for 2013-P 5-oz AtB coins published today on the Mint’s catalog website.

    05/16/2013 — 2013 America the Beautiful Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin™ – White Mountain National Forest (NH)

    06/06/2013 — 2013 America the Beautiful Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin™ – Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial (OH)

    06/27/2013 — 2013 America the Beautiful Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin™ – Great Basin National Park (NV)

    08/??/2013 — 2013 America the Beautiful Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin™ – Ft. McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine (MD)

    11/??/2013 — 2013 America the Beautiful Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin™ – Mt. Rushmore National Memorial (SD)

  36. thePhelps says

    fos – it is a guess at this point. Once they announce the coins – I am guessing they’ll announce mintage limits as well. I imagine that conversation was pretty spirited with the change in the price. Do they hold to about 25k or do they drop to the latest mintage levels… I am betting on the 25k myself – if they go lower they might sellout quicker than they would like. (unless they are hoping to do that).

  37. dave says

    just bought another chaco as well most likely should sell out soon with 179 price tag (mint might just end it once the 2013’s come out )

  38. Kraw says

    Looks like they dropped the price on the RP/enhanced west point ASE set too. I am definitely in for that one.

  39. Ikaika says

    @ Saucexx

    I agree with you. Therefore, the $179 may be lowest we will see.

  40. says

    Thanks Jon, I’d checked earlier today and hadn’t seen the change. They must have just updated. My, those AtBs will be coming pretty close together.

  41. Jon in CT says

    I think the first three of the 5-oz AtB silver coins will be released closely together in order to “catch-up” to the clad quarters releases. The final two will be “normal” releases (i.e. very close to the release dates of their corresponding clad quarters).

  42. vaughnster says

    The questions are: Do you wait until the first three 2013 5 oz ATB’s are released before ordering them all together? Or do you buy each one as released and not have to worry about a price increase?

  43. Jon in CT says

    Correction. The first TWO of the 5-oz AtB silver coins are “catch-up” releases and the final THREE are “normal” releases (i.e. in sync with their corresponding clad releases).

  44. Jon in CT says

    There’s another worry to deal with if you attempt to wait and buy the first three 2013 5-oz AtB coins as a single transaction, You should be concerned about early sell-outs.

  45. Dan in Fla says

    The 2012 Annual Uncirculated dollar set is on back order to 5/17/13 About time to sell out.

  46. Vaughnster says


    Good point. I see an increased demand for these at $179.95. I’ll probably buy one each on first day and order some other yearly stuff to maximize my purchases for the shipping cost. Remember paying $279.95 for the 2010 5 oz’ers? Ouch!!

  47. high low silver says

    Everything goes on backorder when you 1st order Dan…….its not showing on the site now.I lost 10 bucks on that offering….so good luck.

  48. Louis says

    You need to go to the actual product page, where he is correct it is backordered until 5/17.

  49. Leo S. says


    Is there any information regarding the release of the bullion version of the 5 oz Parks to the distributors yet???

  50. Rich says

    I’m anxious to see the ’14 ATB pucks – the mint has a new toy with their laser with its 7+ degrees of frosting…, they’ll use it on ’14 series to make the intricate designs of those coins pop, & rejuvenate sales on the ‘P’ version

  51. Ray says

    never thought about that Rich. very exciting indeed. i’m pumped for the Great Basin, Ft McHenry, and Mt Rushmore pucks from 2013. Starting to like WHite Mtn more and more and I’m buying it now since they dropped $50. i probably wont be buying the ohio puck. i buy the bullion and (P) pucks, but im not a completist. i only buy the ones i like. hawaii is by far my fav. wish i had bought more than 1

  52. Pool Shark says


    I was wondering the same thing. Funny that the Mint releases the numismatic version while the actually authorized version (bullion) gets no mention whatsoever.

  53. Jon in CT says

    Pool Shark,
    Except for total sales, the Mint never publishes any information about its precious metals Authorized Purchasers activities.

  54. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    US Unemployment, though not directly related to precious metal prices is probably strongly correlated. After the last long recession, gold and silver dipped considerably from 1980 levels. It looks like we are following the same pattern given these unemployment numbers. I think people will wait a little longer to purchase.

    1980 7.2 2008 5.8
    1981 7.6 2009 9.3
    1982 9.7 2010 9.6
    1983 9.6 2011 9.0
    1984 7.5 2012 8.1
    1985 7.1 2013 7.4 proj
    1986 7.0 2014 6.8 proj
    1987 6.3 2015 6.2 proj

  55. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    It would be good to get a plot of year vs. unemployment rate vs. silver and gold prices. I’m too tired to do it, gotta work extra hours to keep my job while working extra to get a certificate.

  56. Frank says


    You are not alone. The Mint shipped my back-ordered Denali, but cancelled my Acadia.

  57. high low silver says

    Thanks Louis I just rechecked and sure enough they are backordered ! I feel somewhat better with a 2012 unc mintage below 240K.

  58. Kraw says

    @ Rich,

    I hope your right! I never thought about using that new laser on the AtB’s but man those P versions would pop with that. Too bad we couldn’t get an enhanced volcanoes…alas.

  59. Brad says

    The 2012 Annual Uncirculated Dollar Coin Set is “sold out” now. It shows “backordered” on the list page, but “sold out” on the product page itself.

  60. says

    Wow, those repriced 2012 products did not last long, did they? I wonder if there was a stampede to get them or if they just had very limited numbers left in stock.

  61. high low silver says

    CO: The last couple Mint reports showed a negative number. If they are sold out I’m guessing 230K.

  62. thePhelps says

    Glad to see the uncirculated dollar set is sold out! That does make it a very low mintage for the entire Uncirculated Eagle.

  63. Dustyroads says

    Will improved jobless rate numbers effect PM prices? Still wondering if there could be a $700. to $1000. floor looming for Au. Sorry, went off topic, but I did buy the Silver Proof Set yesterday and my wife hasn’t mentioned it, so I guess I’m good.

  64. says


    If gold prices were to fall that low it would be a catastrophe for the miners and would probably force many of them to halt production. Once gold falls under $1300, the miners will begin having trouble making a profit. Below $1200 and you start seeing them close shop. A poster on another website I follow showed some comparative numbers for Newmont Mining, a big mining company.

    In Q1 2012, their revenues were $2,683 million, their costs were about $1,017 billion (40% of their revenue), and they mined 1.5 million ounces of gold.

    By way of comparison, in Q1 2013, their revenues were $2,177 million, their costs were $1,044 million (48% of their revenues) and they only mined 1.3 million ounces of gold.

    So to be clear, here, they paid more money in 2013 to mine LESS gold. And this is BEFORE the big selloff from a couple weeks ago. Their Q2 numbers are probably going to look awful. If gold were to fall under $1000, there would be an unbelievable physical supply squeeze. You would have problems finding physical gold anywhere at any price.

  65. Pool Shark says


    The headline employment ‘rate’ number really means nothing anymore when you consider the NILF (not in labor force) numbers; most long-term unemployed have either given up looking for a job or applied for SSI.
    The current employment rate (as a percentage of the total population) is at 1979 levels.
    Additionally, this months employment report shows ‘hours-worked’ declined by 0.2 per week; that’s the equivalent of a loss of over 700,000 jobs. The trend for employers is to cut hours below 30 to avoid the requirements of ObamaCare. So while the number of people working remains relatively constant; a large percentage of them are becoming part-time workers:


  66. Dan in AZ says

    Just saw the 2-coin ASE set is priced at $139.95 available on Wednesday May 9 for a 1-month window. I am glad that they dropped the price. It’s not much, but it’s better than nothing.

  67. someone says

    To anyone who has purchased the 2013 silver sets:

    Have any of you received shipping notification emails yet?

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