2013 Theodore Roosevelt Coin and Chronicles Set

Today, December 17, 2013 at 12:00 Noon ET, the United States Mint will begin sales of the 2013 Theodore Roosevelt Coin and Chronicles Set. Many collectors have been eagerly awaiting this special set created to honor the 26th President of the United States.

The Mint first made mention of a special set to honor Theodore Roosevelt almost a year ago within their 2012 Annual Report. During the course of the year, further details were revealed indicating that two special sets would be issued. The first was the Presidential Discovery Set released on September 3 and targeted towards young collectors. The second set is the more upscale product released today.


The Theodore Roosevelt Coin and Chronicles Set includes one coin and two medals along with an assortment of educational materials. The coin included in the set is the 2013 Proof Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Dollar. The medals are the Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Medal struck in .999 fine silver and the Bald Eagle National Wildlife Refuge System Centennial Bronze Medal.

Silver Medal

The Silver Presidential Medal is the unique numismatic draw of this offering, as it represents the first time in United States Mint history that the medal has been struck in .999 silver. It has previously been struck in bronze.

Educational materials included in the set consist of a print honoring President Roosevelt’s military service and a booklet highlighting the 26th President’s legacy as a soldier, statesman, and conservationist.

The sets are priced at $57.95 each. There are no stated mintage or product limits, and there is no household ordering limit in place.

The United States Mint has previously issued three other Coin & Chronicles Sets. All of these have been issued for commemorative coin programs. The first set was released in 2005 and honored John Marshall. This was followed by a set in 2006 honoring Benjamin Franklin.

Most recently, a set was released in 2009 featuring Abraham Lincoln, which was extremely popular. The set sold out of a product limit of 50,000 units in about 30 hours, despite a one per household ordering limit.

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  1. stephen m says

    wonder why they added the 5% zinc in the bronze medal? It’s the only thing i dislike about this set.

  2. says

    I regret a bit there’s no unique coin in the set, but overall I think it’s a very nice offering and am definitely in for one. I thought they did a nice job with that silver medal.

  3. Don says

    It would have been more appropriate for Teddy Roosevelt to be on the obverse of the ATB quarters, as he was responsible for establishing the National Parks.

  4. VABEACHBUM says

    I’m definitely in for one set. It will be a nice compliment to my NWRS, 4 medal Silver Proof Set, which I still think is very under-rated with regards to the design and sculpting of each wildlife reverse.

    Is the Mint still insisting on the MAR 2014 ship date that they had indicated previously?? Guess we’ll know more after the listing goes up at Noon.

    Given the product availability criteria, I still don’t think the “Waiting Room” will get tested with this product, either. I’ll order today; just no need to rush in at the opening bell.

  5. Taribor says

    Not my thing, and to be honest, it ticks me off they couldn’t at least make that silver medal a silver dollar.

  6. jj says

    hey teddy, thanks for revolutionizing our coinage! unfortunately, this set doesn’t celebrate that at all. pass.

  7. thePhelps says

    Lots of negative karma for a set the mint didn’t even need to make…

    I am in for one. Like you mentioned VABEACH – it will be a nice addition to the medal set the mint made in 2003. I look forward to Teddy walking softly and carrying a big stick… or was it speak softly… I guess I’ll have to read up on it.

  8. high low silver says

    thePhelps: You stated in the last post you got a 9/11 medal from ebay under issue price, this is what coin collectors do not want. Iasked around about these medals last year, no one wanted to insult me by making an offer to buy,not that I was going to sell, but everyone doesn’t want coins and medals to loose value once in hand as these have proven to do. I would donate my 9/11 medal to a wounded warrier project before selling for spot. JMO on medals

  9. Samuel says

    historically, is there any similar set issued? i only like the silver medal, probably wait to buy a grade one?

  10. VABEACHBUM says

    @ Samuel – if you are asking about other C & C Sets, there have been 3 previously, as identified by Micheal within his article. However, those 3 sets were issued concurrently with the Commemorative (90%) Silver Dollar Programs for those respective years. This will be the first set to contain a 0.999 Silver product, albeit a medal.

    I’m not up on my US Mint Silver Medal history, but I think the 2011, 9/11 Medals were the first 0.999 Silver medals issued since the 2003 NWRS Medals. Prior to that, I don’t have any information on the Mint’s Medal program.

  11. Samuel says

    VABB, thx for the info. i like this silver medal. i can’t tell how they package the medal, not in a capsule? i probably will get one in OGP, and buy a graded one later.

  12. VARich says

    For you Teddie fans, the portrait of Teddie in the military uniform was taken during his Spanish-American War days which belongs to the NPS for display at his Sagamore Hill home historic site (and museum) – currently under going major renovations.

    Many of Teddie’s personal belongs such as his summer home Presidential desk, fire arms, office memorabilia fur rugs, among others have been relocated to the National Firearms museum. I was pleasantly surprised to see the actually uniform and everything this past weekend – just FYI if you’re passing through Northern Virginia. It was rather impressive.

  13. fmtransmitter says

    Wow, the person with the highest number of comments wins 1 oz of gold. Interesting concept.
    Register NOW and participate with subject relevant threads or posts on or before 01/31/2014 at midnight Eastern and be entered to WIN a FREE 2014 1oz. Gold Eagle.

    Additionally, the person with the highest number of relevant threads or posts by midnight Eastern on 01/31/2014 will ALSO win a FREE 2014 1oz. Gold Eagle!

  14. VABEACHBUM says

    OK – might as well have the rest of the VA contingent pile on!! Just remember that “relevant” qualifier, FM! 🙂

  15. Darek says

    Hello. I tried to enter Mints catalog and couldnt do it. I got message that i cannot open the page because server cannot be found. Same problem when i tried sign in , track order, shop and product schedule. Does anybody experienced same problem today? Thank you.

  16. VARich says

    Dear Ms. Liberty on the unc ASE….you’re Slip slidin’ away… Slip slidin’ away
    You know the nearer your destination.., the more you’re slip slidin’ away

  17. IPS_STUFF says

    Added a few 2013 mint sets when I ordered one of these sets today.

    Anyone thinK the 2013 mint set is close to sellout or are they just out of stock right now? I tried to buy some from the ARAMARK PA. store today also (When I bought five FM 5 OZ ATB) . The ARAMARK store was also out.

    Any thought on the US MINT SET?

  18. Paul says

    I don’t understand why the shipping date is next March? The mint has had all year to get the set ready. So a 2013 set is not going to be sold until 2014? I was going to buy a couple, but now will pass. Only wanted the silver medal, and hopefully the price will bottom out and will pick one up on the cheap on epay.

  19. stephen m says

    Steve, that’s why i wonder why the mint said 5% zinc in a bronze medal? No biggie but strange, maybe a mistake. Did i read it wrong. Still is an okay set.

  20. says


    The mint telegraphed the March date a little ahead of this sale. Given the timing of this product, I get the impression it was rushed and they have not minted anything close to sufficient supply yet.

    I am surprised Mt. Rushmore failed to meet the maximum mintage. I would love to know why the mint fell short in the face of obvious high demand for coin. I have to think those last 1,669 coins would have been guaranteed sales.

  21. Samuel says

    i m just wondering why the mint made more 5* instead of buffalo. they can sell the buffalo for another yr, but can only sell 5* until the end of the yr.

  22. HIdalgo says

    From the speculation and “I wish” department…. Wouldn’t it be a great idea if the US Mint created and sold a Kennedy Coin and Chronicles set? It would make a fantastic companion to the Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt Coin and Chronicle sets. I

  23. Dustyroads says

    Samuel, The Mint is obligated to sell them, but it must be a pain for the Mint to deal with all the estimating about the end date.

    Can someone please expound on all these late release dates, this all seems a little different. What is the Mint doing? I’m assuming they are having some trouble with time constraints.

  24. KEITHSTER says

    My does that look like a matte finish on the silver medal ? My $ unc set’s shipped today they got put on hold on the 12th lack of fund’s don’t you know! so I called last night the second lady I talked to said the 5* & mint sets would ship a week or two into january? So Dusty you maybe right on that one they take orders till the stable 30 date and pop um out on the last day? I think they’re holding the mint sets hostage till the 24th to see how many 1$ unc sets they have to make out of them? Looks like they made 200,000 of the unc. ASE isn’t that going to be some kind of low on those? So order them unc sets or hope they don’t sell 4,422 more of those and have some left in the box? And what of the 5* unc 1/2 maybe 35,500 so can’t be many of those left well enough for a few days as needed then the PV S’s must have broken up some of the set’s ? So it looks like the mint is in to some kind of shapeshiffter thing to get it all out the door? Good luck and have fun all but be safe:):>

  25. MarkInFlorida says

    If they would be shipping immediately I might spring for one, but 10 weeks is ridiculous. Why can’t the Mint put things on sale when they are available for sale like all other businesses are required to do?
    I might look for the silver medal someday on Ebay. These things often sell for melt a year later.

  26. HIdalgo says

    If you think about it, future shipping dates for new products and placing purchases on “backorder” status for current products is a smart business move for the US Mint. I would do the same if I were running a business like the US Mint. I could estimate the number of orders that will be paid for and processed, mint to demand, and then sell. This would reduce waste, reduce unsold inventories, and increase profits.

  27. says


    I’m actually surprised we haven’t seen a Kennedy Coin & Chronicles set. Just put in a unique silver coin and it would sell like crazy. Failing that, make the proposed silver half dollar set part of a Coin & Chronicles set (of course, maybe this is exactly the plan).

  28. thePhelps says

    You guys might be on track for next years special sets… the mint can now produce the Silver Medallions and is looking to produce a special set next year anyway… I wouldn’t be surprised to see a Coin @ Chronicles set.

    Did anyone else get a mailing with a request to log into a website and fill out a questionaire for the mint? This one was different than any others I’ve gotten – because it came in the US Mail as opposed to an email. Same basic questions in regards to number of products purchase etc… but then it asked about some special boxes for saving coins as well as if I’d be interested in buying coins like the ASE without the packaging….

  29. VARich says

    Mine came via email, stated – The survey is designed to identify how the U.S. Mint can improve the products and packaging offered

  30. Brother Dke says

    How can some people love “Teddy?” He was an outright bigot and thought that Native Indians were less evolved than the white man. Therefore, it was okay to take their lands and move them around so that he could make so called public lands. Wake up people. Stop minting and praising crappy presidents. We need to see more founding fathers on coinage. Not more, historically evil presidents like Wilson, Roosevelts, Bushs, etc.

  31. VARich says

    I didn’t think the survey was specific enough to add any meaningful contribution beyond generic questions and ratings. Too broad of questions that didn’t delve down into the ‘why’s’

    Yes, the mint has a major problem in their ability to forecast delivery dates, and getting new offerings out the door. Let’s acknowledge that and just solve the issue, rather than fund a high end marketing company to survey respondents to identify already known problems.

    The last question really got me – In 2014, do you plan on (increasing, keeping the same, or decreasing) your purchases…, I put decreasing, then the survey ended and said “thank you” Might you want to know why?

    If any one in management at the mint scans this blog, and you really should.., here’s your trouble areas…

    1). WP ASE box sets arriving smelling of toxic fumes or delayed packaging
    2). The website shows anticipated delivery dates that bounce around, or was a month or two prior than the actual date
    3). Your loyal and enthused customer’s don’t like to wait 2-3 months to receive the goodies, we’re cranky enough

    Merry Christmas Mint – can’t wait to see surprise lay in store for ’14!

  32. VARich says

    The founding father’s had slaves Bro Dke – besides, has that much really changed? Why stop at evil presidents, let’s discuss clueless presidents and move on to some of your faves…

  33. thePhelps says

    Seriously Bro Dke… should we just pick and choose based on your list of Presidents? I hear Republicans are also racists and against women – so why not just single all past Presidents out of the Republican party and call it a list?

    Oh wait you said Roosevelts and include Teddy and Franklin?

    It is insulting to assume we should re-write history based on the comfortable living you have today and say what they did was right or wrong based on todays standards. That is ludicrously simple…

  34. Dustyroads says

    Guy’s, it’s my understanding that the Fed will have some info this afternoon on it’s taper, or non-taper intentions, they’re probably just going to test the waters. Anyway, we should see some reaction either way.

    High Low~ you’re right about the revised RCM bullion 1 oz. coins, they are so much better looking than the prior coins.

  35. Nick says

    … It is better to keep quiet and let everyone think you’re an idiot, than to open your mouth and prove it

  36. says


    I got a paper survey letter last month too. I found it to be very unusual, because usually those National Analyst survey requests are delivered via email. I’d hoped it was something to do with the Kennedy set next year but I found it was just another one of their generic marketing/customer service surveys.

  37. says

    Also, I am really surprised the taper did not cause metals prices to crater. I guess it was already “priced in” given the crash we saw in the last couple months.

  38. Dustyroads says

    Bernanke has in the past made it clear that there would be no major change in current policy through 2014, so I guess big reaction.
    Fed reports that low interest rates will continue for a long, long,long time.
    Sorry, done being off topic.

  39. Dustyroads says

    High Low, yes I know, but single coin mintages are lower than last years lows. I’m hoping that 2013 sets will not sell more than last years sets sold.

  40. VARich says

    ~28,368 set sold last year – if Keithster’s prediction is right at ~200k, he’s my new hero! I’m feeling good about this, and what’s to be sold has already been minted…, as we’re outta time! Ring in ’14!

  41. KEITHSTER says

    Looks like the 5*$5 unc is on the move to the 25th.? Looks like I’m not the only one working on Christmas? My order still states the 30th. and my mint set order still on for the 24th. Still hope they made them extra Kennedy’s for Puerto Rico or Ecuador or El Salvador or one of the others that still use are dollars? Here’s to hope and luck Good Luck All :):>

  42. Don says

    Brother Dke,

    Teddy Roosevelt was a product of his times. Moving Native Americans onto reservations, was the prevailing attitude of his era. What was acceptable back then, would not necessarily be so today in regards to many social issues.

    Teddy was once an avid big-game hunter, shooting many exotic animals so they could be stuffed and exhibited in museums. The same man eventually came to realize that these animals should be protected, and he became a huge conservationist. Through his lead, we now have a National Parks system.

    Yeah, he is deserving of the Mint medal. Your judgmental assessment of him is unfortunate.

  43. Ray says

    Glad this tapering is ending. At some point in the tapering, we’ll see banks start to lend again. They really dont have much incentive to lend now with rates as low as they are. Banks borrow short term and lend long term. Very happy about the announcement today.

  44. smiledon says

    Brother Dke,
    Our leaders are people. They are good, bad, wrong and right.
    Many people today seem to forget that history does not happen in a vacuum.
    I would agree that we should put the founding fathers on the coins.
    After that, I can not agree with your statement.
    However, this is a free nation (for now) where we can all (select ones) speak our minds.

  45. Dustyroads says

    Actually Ray, banks have been better lately about lending, but in `09, and `10 banks still were not freeing up money like they should have been. I don’t know the future, but I will have to say that today’s meeting was possibly just testing the waters. We have been here before, and it still looks like the Feds in for the long haul.

  46. mark says

    75 billion…85 billion…is there really that much difference. Stop tapering all together and see what happens.

  47. Dustyroads says

    10 billion just is not enough to cause a panic, in fact, it looked more like exuberance to me.
    Anybody else notice the Hindenburg Omens recently, they are a signal of confusion, but we shouldn’t see them again for a few months.

  48. CW says

    @mark, with the win. $75 billion from $85 billion is a non-story and will have little real effect. All it is is a PR play for the Fed.

  49. VARich says

    Since the 2014 ASE’s are listed at the same price as the ’13s.., guess it’s safe to assume we’ll see the AtBs listed at $154 until there’s an appreciable increase or decrease in silver (say $20 +/- $5?).

  50. gatortreke says

    Re: tapering, I’m glad to see it. Now the Fed just needs to end paying interest on bank deposits as it’s a perverse incentive for banks not to lend. Of course, by incentivising banks to keep excess reserves at the Fed, it prevents that money from circulating and affecting real interest rates.

  51. Ray says

    Dusty, definitely better than 2009/2010, but they still aren’t lending as freely as they will when tapering ends. If you’re interesting in reading an interesting article about it, feel free to email me. From a small business, a start up, etc, banks still are not lending.

  52. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    dear bobmarley
    just printing money and buying bonds to keep the stock market up has no logical foundation and no solid backup. there have been really no new cool technologies discovered lately save for apps on your ipad or iphone. there is 7% unemployment reported but that figure is probably closer to 9 or 10% because many have given up looking for work. keeping interest rates low at Scrooge levels prevents the average joe from investing in CDs and forces people to buy stocks when they really do not want to.
    Therefore, I think its good to buy silver and some clad coins for the portfolio because stocks seem to be just one big air bubble.

  53. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    BTW, how about a Neil Armstrong coin or metal. He is arguably the most famous American who ever lived.

  54. Blair J Tobler says

    Muhammad Ali – far more famous than Neil Armstrong, especially when talking of worldwide recognition. Heck, even John Glenn is more famous than Neil Armstrong.

  55. bigboy55 says

    i thought this was a coin collecting post site ,did not know i was listening to CNBC all the time about investing

  56. stephen m says

    $10 billion is absolutely nothing. What could you and I do with it, a helluva lot. Looks like the Fed is going to attempt to fine tune the economy by tapering up or down on QE, printing money, as needed for a long time to come. Lets hope the tuner is in touch with reality, and gold is going south?

  57. Dustyroads says

    Interesting note, with the Au price tanking, the 5 star general gold commemorative coin has just become too risky to buy. It’s on it’s way to be a nominally collectable coin that’s overpriced, and for dealers, will sit in inventory longer than they would like.

  58. Jeff says

    The moderator allows this activity for certain posters bigboy55 I brought the same question a month ago maybe, Will he pipe up again and tell you what he told me hey Micheal lets hear it/ LOL This is coin a coin blog its what ever you want to talk about ..

  59. stephen m says

    BigBoy55 and Jeff, Michael provides us all an informative and very interesting coin blog. Bear in mind it’s all free speech. Merry coin collecting Christmas to the both of you.

  60. says

    Saying this is a CNBC site about investing is a bit of a stretch, no one is talking about the “hottest stocks” or whatever. The reason people discuss gold and silver prices is because those prices are heavily tied into the collecting hobby – many people here are “flippers” who are looking for valuable coins to buy and resell on eBay, so things like big price increases and decreases are of substantial interest to them, not to mention the fact that fluctuating gold prices means price increases or decreases from the US Mint.

    Though I will concede price discussion was off topic for this particular post.

  61. Mercury says

    @CaptainOverkill-surprised Mt. Rushmore failed to meet the maximum mintage. would love to know why the mint fell short in the face of obvious high demand for coin.

    (In retrospect of the sellout) I had to return one of the last two Mt. Rushmore’s I purchased. It’s possible in this case that the overall production numbers of the Mt. Rushmore were diminished because of a large number of returns due to the poor production quality of the coin. Depending on how many total coins were actually made, I can see 1,669 coins easily being returned. I am of the suspicion that the 2 Mt. Rushmore that were sent me were returns. I had no choice but to keep the better of the 2 or perhaps settle for worse. It could be possible that these unexpected sellouts could be related to the number and frequency of returns. The Mint could be cutting them off to stave off the foreseeable inevitable. At least that’s my opinion.

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