2013 Theodore Roosevelt Presidential $1 Coin Cover

Amidst the excitement of the start of sales for the 2013 West Point Silver Eagle Set, the US Mint also launched another new product on May 9, 2013. This was the 2013 Theodore Roosevelt $1 Coin Cover.

Theodore Roosevelt Coin Cover

Each cover includes two Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Dollars sourced from the first day of production at the Philadelphia and Denver Mint facilities. These coins are mounted on a display card and placed within an envelope illustrated with a portrait of the President and carrying a 46-cent Patriotic Star stamp. The cover carries a post mark of May 9, 2013, New York, NY, representing the first day the product was available to the public.

The covers are priced at $19.95 each. The product limit is established at 22,000 units. This is higher than the 20,000 product limit established for the previous William McKinley $1 Coin Cover.

Based on the increased product limit, the US Mint seems to expect the Theodore Roosevelt coin cover to be more popular than the others released for this year. Back in 2007, the US Mint had also established a higher limit for the Abraham Lincoln coin cover compared to the other releases for the year.

Now at its 26th overall release, the American Presidency $1 Coin Cover series has seen its product limit continually ratcheted downwards over the years.

The 2007 covers each carried limits of 50,000 units and sell outs were achieved for the first three releases. The limit was lowered to 40,000 units for the 2009 covers, and 32,000 units for the 2010 covers with the exception of the Abraham Lincoln cover which carried a limit of 37,000 units. The limit was lowered to 22,000 for the 2011 covers. For 2013, it seems that the covers will have limits of 20,000 with the exception of Theodore Roosevelt at 22,000.

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  1. Wontae Wrighter says

    2013 Theodore Roosevelt Presidential $1 Coin Cover?!?!

    We need a President per month offering so that we can get to the end of this project!!!

  2. joe says

    ^Agreed…and a Spouse per month too (instead of 5 spouses in one month once a year).

    As a side note, is anyone else still on back order for the 2012 Annual Uncirculated Dollar Coin Set? I ordered mine a while back (well before they were sold out) and am still waiting. I did get my Chaco 5 ouncer and it was in perfect condition.

  3. Dan in Fla says

    Thanks for the new post. The last one was getting long. It will be good to see the sales numbers tomorrow.

    Joe- I would just wait until they cancel it or send you the set.

  4. Rich says

    Anyone heard anymore regarding the Teddie special numismatic product?

    Think a General Staff College set was going to be special product set to pop up at some point this year as well…,

  5. says

    Did anyone here buy this on release day along with the West Point set? I decided to pass and buy in on the 16th with White Mountain when the Mint’s site began its slowdown.

  6. Hidalgo says

    For those of you who are keeping track of the number of West Point American Silver Eagle set sold, the latest number, as of March 13th, is:


  7. Rich says

    I’m dying to know what the Mint forecasted in sales for the WP ASE

    And where current sales are trending relative to their sales projection over the 4 weeks and any associated impacts to other Ag sales over ’13. Oh I would so love to know.

    They’ll be some sleepers this year for us serious coin collectors that may begin to emerge… fun times!

  8. Larry says

    I read in Coinworld that the 2012 Silver Proof Set had a mintage of 395,443, making it the key set of the series. Retail prices are now around $150. I think there are other issues involved here. I wonder how many collectors are like me and stopped getting the Silver Proof Set. Now I just get the Silver America The Beautiful Quarters proof set. I don’t care about the other coins, and other than the Silver Kennedy Half and the silver dime, you can get them in the clad proof set. So is the 2012 Silver Proof Set worth so much just because of the Half and the Dime? In the latest issue of Coinworld, a dealer in one of those full page adds was selling the America the Beautiful Silver Quarter proof set at less than the mint’s price! What is going on?

  9. Alan says

    @Larry – I think you are right… the Silver AtB Quarter proof sets (with or without government packaging) are selling at a low price, because people are breaking the full Silver Proof Sets for the Half and Dime to put in albums, slab, etc., which makes the full set rarer.

    I only collect the Silver Quarter Proof set. If, like me, you don’t mind not having that year’s box or CoA, buy it from third parties and save some coin compared to buying from the mint.

    That Silver Proof Set price is surprising though. I wasn’t aware of that. Maybe speculators will take note!

  10. Zaz says

    Thanks for running a new thread, the other one was getting dispiriting to read as many new posters were beating the same old dead horse about flippers/marketers/The Mint, ad infinitum over the WP set. I think we heard it all a year and a half ago with the A25, so really there’s no need to take such entrenched positions with no reasonable solutions and get really worked up over it.

    Back on topic, I’ll get the TR cover as a rider with the ATB-P coin and WP set. This is one of those items that get added to a pressing order as there isn’t much hurry/demand for this kind of product. It’s actually an outdated/passé product type, and somewhat overpriced. I only have one other cover: Lincoln.

  11. fosnock says

    @Larry – I disagree that the silver quarter proof set may have reduced the purchase of the full proof set. I think the 2013 mintage is so low as compared to “normal” sales it is almost 200k lower then the next low it bound to go up in price.

  12. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    “I read in Coinworld that the 2012 Silver Proof Set had a mintage of 395,443”
    If you take the proof set, quarters proof set and Special proof set you get:

    2012 S silver quarters = 395,443 + 149,760 + 50,000 = ~600,000 total
    2012 S Kennedy Half and Dime = 395,443 + 50,000 = ~450,000 total.
    2012 S Indian Sacagawea = 395,443 + 800,000 = ~1,200,000 total

    The 2012 S silver quarters don’t seem to be that big of a deal, since the 1995 silver proof set had mintage of about 675,000. Nevertheless, they are the Key at this point in time. The Mint probably knew it would cancel the silver proof set early, so they decided to cap off that premium with the Limited Special silver proof set which is logical business strategy. The 2012 S silver Kennedy half and dime seem to be winners right now, but if you consider all the world mints, they have been minting less and less coins per product every year, but selling more products. Looks like the US Mint is doing the same which seems logical business strategy. In other words, by 2020, we may have 500 different products, all with mintages under 5,000.
    This does indeed make things interesting

  13. Sam says

    I picked up one of these coin covers with a few other items I purchased. Teddy is one of the few presidents that interest me.

  14. AK Bob says

    @ Zaz Thanks for the warm welcome. In the future, us new folks will check with you before we make any comments!

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