2013 Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Discovery Set

Today, September 3, 2013 at 12:00 Noon ET, the United States Mint will begin sales of the 2013 Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Discovery Set, which is an educational product targeted towards children.

roosevelt set

The set includes one 2013-P Theodore Roosevelt Presidential $1 Coin incorporated into an informational folder that highlights key milestones and accomplishments in Roosevelt’s life. This content is indicated as appropriate for 8-12 year olds. An 11-page activity book is also included, which features puzzles and games. Once completed, children can scan a QR Code or access a provided URL to check their answers.

Priced at $9.95 each, the sets carry a product limit of 20,000 units.

The US Mint continues to offer free standard shipping for domestic website orders, eliminating the usual $4.95 cost. The US Mint’s new shopping cart and check out process has also gone live as of August 30.

A Second Special Set for Theodore Roosevelt

Earlier in the year, the US Mint had mentioned that two special sets would be issued incorporating the Theodore Roosevelt Dollar. The first was described as aimed towards young collectors or beginners, while the second would be a more upscale product. Today’s release is clearly the former, so there is still a second set to look forward to.

As mentioned in a previous post, the upscale product was described as including either the proof or uncirculated version of the Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Dollar, along with a Roosevelt Medal based on the designs from Presidential series which is shown above. The medal would be struck in either bronze or silver. While the bronze versions of the medal have been offered previously, a silver version would seem to be a first.

Final details of the product have not yet been provided, although it was recently described as a “three-piece set.” If I can obtain any additional information, I will provide to readers as soon as available.

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  1. VA Bob says

    Seems a little cartoonish, even for kids. Any youngster interested in coins, would probably feel a bit talked down to. The real lesson here is that it cost 10 bucks to get one dollar back. One can pick up an activity book of puzzles for a lot less. All that said, these will probably be worth a pretty penny if kept pristine in 100 years. I’ll let someone else cash in. Pass.

  2. SmallPotatos says

    The CoinWorld article cited above mentions “Martha Wahshington nonsense dies” regardign the 2014 baseball clad half dollar:

    …Shifting of the metal during test striking, using Martha Washington nonsense dies, caused the three layers of the copper-nickel clad planchet to separate, Peterson said….

    Any idea what nonsense dies are?

  3. high low silver says

    Small P: I think the Mint was looking for other metals to use in nickles and used a MW nonsense die = no face value….would be cool to have one.

  4. Jon in CT says

    SmallPotatos wrote on September 3, 2013 at 12:17 pm:

    …Shifting of the metal during test striking, using Martha Washington nonsense dies, caused the three layers of the copper-nickel clad planchet to separate, Peterson said….

    Any idea what nonsense dies are?

    If you look at a coin produced by a Martha Washington nonsense die, you’ll understand how it got that name.


  5. Mark in Florida says

    That cartoon of TR doesn’t even look like him. Can’t they get a real artist? Too many people who think they can draw cannot.

  6. Micro says

    Charles, my calculations may be wrong, but from the Mint guidelines I’m calculating a London p.m. price of 1405.75 or higher will lead to an increase:

    (1399.5+1392.25+1394.75+1407.75+x)/5 = 1400

    Did I mis-read something?
    London p.m. prices were pulled from http://www.kitco.com

  7. Frankie says

    Well, we don’t know if the Mint uses the daily am, pm or both prices and which days are being considered. The pricing grid is very unspecific unfortunately, unless Michael can shed some light onto this.?

    I honestly hope the price will go up as it will most likely result in fewer ‘final minute’ sales. This would also mean a little bonus for those who ordered earlier at $1640 a piece.

  8. VABEACHBUM says

    Agreed w/ VA Bob and others – very dumbed down for the target age group I had expected. Even Robin Williams in “Night at the Museum” looked more like TR, and that was only slightly close.

    @ Jon in CT – thanks for making that pic available. It would be fun to have one of those in the collection, but I imagine that those test strikes are as closely managed as any other inventory in the Mint.

    Not completely understanding the metalurgy and mechanics behind the clad blanks, I had been wondering about the effects the Concave Strike would impart into those sandwiched materials. While Perth has been doing an awesome job with their “domed” Southern Sky series, both of those coins have been struck into pure silver. Might end up seeing some errors and varieties within the 2014 Clad Baseball Commemoratives.

  9. Micro says

    Frankie, you’re right. The Mint info is not specific at all. I was assuming it was the London p.m. for the previous Thursday thru the current Wednesday, but that may not be the Mint’s method.

  10. says

    I meant to type gold would have to be at least $1424.25, not 1424.75.

    Micro, I used Kitco as well. You have to start on Thursday, 8/29. There are 9 prices to include from Thursday am to Wed. am.
    1400 x 9 = 12,600.
    Thus far the prices have been $1406.25 + 1407.75 + 1392.75 + 1394.75 +
    1391.25 + 1392.25 + 1391.25 + 1399.50 = 11,175.75.

    12,600 – 11,175.75 = $1424.25

  11. VABEACHBUM says

    WRT to the spot pricing – The calculation is based on the average of the AM Open & PM Close prices on the London Market, starting Thursday AM through Wednesday PM of the following week. So the calculation should include 10 data points, unless the London Market was closed one or more days during the week. If it were closed, then the calculation is based on the number of data points available.

    If the Average ends up in a higher range, but the last Wednesday PM Close stays down within the current range, then the pricing remains within the current range for one more week. Same rules apply to an average within a lower range and a Wednesday PM Close within the current, higher range. The price will stay up.

  12. says

    Frankie, the Mint uses both am and pm prices. As I stated above there are nine total prices to add up and then divide….of then of course if the average does fall above $1400, then the Wed. pm fix must also be above $1400 for an increase to take place

  13. hical says

    “The weekly average price for each metal is determined based on the London Fix prices from the prior Thursday AM to the current Wednesday AM. If the average moves into a higher or lower tier, established at $50 intervals, then product prices are adjusted accordingly. A secondary criteria requires that the Wednesday PM Fix price must agree directionally within any change. Price increases have generally been made effective around mid-morning on Wednesday.”

  14. Frankie says

    Ah, I expected it would sell more over the long weekend – that’s only 1991 more since Fri; i.e. not even 500 per day.
    Even with no price increases and a last day frenzy I can’t see this coin selling more than 50k when it’s all over.

  15. Erik H says

    It would be cool if the next T.R. set had a unique coin, maybe an Enhanced dollar or a West Point dollar stuck with as Proof or Matte Finish or one of each.

  16. fmtransmitter says

    5/29 WP set in stock and reserved with cancel box gone…They are starting to ship out folks that have been waiting…I hope all get flawless gems!!

  17. fmtransmitter says

    @samuel: I could be wrong, I can’t find one. I must have clicked on a link to an article he mentioned and saw it there. Spot charts are a nice touch and I see most dealers with them on their sites. Since this is a blog and news related I don’t see a need since we do not buy here BUT always nice to see those updated charts on spot prices.

  18. Mercury says

    Its gettn’ pretty bad when the Mint has to insult the intelligence of an 8-12 year old. I dont know but at 8 years old my coin collection rival most adult coin registries. The TR set cover will have to at least look as real as a video game sleeve or the kids these days just ain’t bitin’.

  19. says

    Samual…Goldmart has the 2013 regular proof buffalo for $100 less than the Mint price…$1640 plus $15.95 shipping if you send them a check.

  20. samuel says

    Steve, thanks for the tip. a couple of months ago, i saw they were selling NGC PF70 with price very close to OGP, but they did not have a picture for it, so i hesitated, and it was gone. so i would assume these OGPs are actually left overs.

    i had a very bad experience with goldmart with OGP coins. several months ago, i bought a sheet of silver panda. it was described at their website as 30-coin-a-sheet. i even went to the bank in person to do the cash deposit wishing get the coins faster. it turned out, not only it was very slow, but also the coins are all loose ones, put in 2-coin filps, every single one of them is hazy, with milky spots, even broken capsules. and u cant return BU coins. then some time later i read another customer review, he said the coins he got was “investment grade”.

  21. jhawk92 says

    Do others have a negative experience with Goldmart? I bought one of the RP Buffs a day after the sales started, and gave some serious thought to picking up a standard proof coin, but two oz. of gold is a chunk of change. It’s nice to find a dealer with a lower price, so it is tempting to buy.

  22. SmallPotatos says

    @Jon in CT
    Thanks for the link! I had never heard of, let alone seen, something like that. as an engineer, I could understand why a clad wouldn’t withstand the unequal internal pressures a concave die process; it was just a surprise to me that a die like that would exist. but it makes sense now. Thanks again!

  23. jj says

    so looks like no gold price increase today? posts above mentioned the am fix had to be over 1424, and i see it was fixed this am at 1403.

  24. Larry says

    I originally predicted 40K to 50K RP buffs. Looks like I finally predicted something right. I still think this coin will do good in the long run, as long as no more RP buffs are ever made.

  25. VA Bob says

    Steve – I’d be wary of buying an OGP coin from a big dealer that sells slabbed coins. IMO they would have got them graded and sold them for a higher price if they were 69’s or 70’s. Not too many places that will leave money on the table. Cherry picking does occur and not all ‘decent but less than perfect’ coins go back to the mint.

  26. VARich says

    @ Anil – from a business perspective – to reduce inventory and/or to liquidate items that won’t grade 70.

    Also, I suspect there’s the growing realization that collectors budgets are tapped out for the year and sales have dropped off considerably over the past week or so (among retailers). Seems like everyone is now advertising Free Shipping and Hot Sale for the week. I saw a WP ASE Retro 70 set from a retailer for $241 on Monday, it was selling for $289. Just wait, in a year or two you’ll see that ANA label slab move in the direction (downwards) towards the RP premium norm when gold continues to increase…, no way that asinine label will maintain a $1700 premium.., just say’n!

  27. says

    I’ll just echo others here and say that this is not a very impressive set, even as a children’s product. This is not the Mint’s best work.

    Let’s hope that other promised product turns out to be better.

  28. VARich says

    Of the orders that are purchased, I’d like to know for what age range they’re purchased for. There’s a 10 year old in my family that’ll be thrilled when he gets an ’04 Lewis & Clark coin and currency set or some ZOMBUCKS for Christmas, that’s where he and his friends are. My 5 year old would like it, though to use the QR as an excuse to play with my tablet.

    I applaud the mint’s intent, it’s crucial to get kids nowadays interested into something early other than games or this social networking crap. I’m in for one, won’t really know the educational side until I go through all 11 pages so maybe it’ll be a pleasant surprise. Hey worse case, the coin is in the middle so the center of gravity should be right on, & frisbees go for about $10 anyway. ;7

  29. VA Bob says

    Teddy looks like Where’s Waldo without his hat. I just wish the Mint realized that any child interested in such an ‘adult’ hobby, probably isn’t going to be swayed by cartoons to become a collector. They still could have made it interesting to kids without insulting their intelligence. Image pulling this out 30, 40, 50 years and saying, yep this is what got me started collecting coins? For me it was watching my grandfather examine his coins, then my father. Then the artistry took over. Of course each kid is different.

    Like I said earlier, this will probably do well, many years down the road if kept pristine. Many will be destroyed by kids scribbling on the activity pages, then finally popping out and spending the dollar coin inside. VARich, I do hope it is well done as far as information goes, but merely opening it to find out may destroy any future value depending how it is sealed (hopefully not shrink wrapped). All just my opinion. I hope it does as intended and purchasers are happy with it.

  30. VARich says

    VA Bob – points well taken, at $10, it’s probably best to just view it as a consumable educational product anyway, I am.

    FM – anymore follow up on the 5 Star 3 coin sets that may have been sold at ANA, and why, if so?

  31. VARich says

    OT –

    Odd…, final WP ASE set has been “In stock and reserved” for a week now with Cancel box removed…, usually the charge happens within a few days…, thinking the mint is locking down all remaining outstanding orders to close it out.

  32. Samuel says

    in the sales report, the regular buffalo is 13921, but in previous post,
    “2013 Gold Buffalo. With most attention focused on the reverse proof, this coin may have the potential to become a sleeper hit. Current sales have reached 13,990”
    do i miss something?
    i pulled the trigger last night and wont cancel even though today spot is down.

  33. fmtransmitter says

    VARich: They were sold at the ANA. I posted about it when I received the call from the Mint.

  34. VA Bob says

    CO – I believe it was the fear that the Mint might raise the price of their silver offerings that drove the sale of the 5oz. FM. I got my order in right a 12 noon for that very reason.

  35. Brian says

    I just gave a birthday present to my 9 year old this morning — a 2013 proof silver eagle. I think he would be too old to be interested in a set like this. My 6 year old would be the right age for the artwork, but the text looks like it might push his reading skills.

    The easter bunny has always put presidential dollars in their eggs, so I don’t think they would be impressed by a single dollar coin. If it was a set with P, D, and S proof I might have been more likely to consider it.

  36. fmtransmitter says

    Looks like these WP SE sets are sitting in stock and reserved with cancel gone but NO MOVEMENT…Agree with assumption they are pre auth cards and getting good orders ready to ship. This fiasco NEEDS TO GET BETTER next year…

  37. Ray says

    Both my Fort McHenry order from the US Mint and from Apmex have been shipped. It is the first time I ordered both and I’m excited about it. I love this coins design, and along with the thought of a potential price increase, I also think this coin is popular because of its beautiful design.

    I havent seen this mentioned. The Uncirculated ASE looks like its going to be a really small mintage. Its possible that there will be less than 200k of them. I bought another when I placed my Fort McHenry order with the mint. Should be interesting.

    In the end, I canceled all 10 of my ASE WP sets. Instead of gambling with returned coins and non-70 coins, I just ordered a few sets from some of the recent sales. I would have spent more returning bad coins, and getting the good ones graded.

  38. fmtransmitter says

    Just got my FM 40 coin S Mint roll of quarters and wouldn’t you know it, they are heads on both ends! Errr, I want to open that roll so bad…Maybe I will down the road, going to wait to see the 5 oz puck in the mail on the way first…

  39. fmtransmitter says

    Mint just said my WP SE set should be in the mail by Friday, Monday at the latest…We shall see!

  40. thePhelps says

    The mint must be playing catch up…

    My generals profile collection, and both the FM quarters and 5 ounce are all now shipped.

  41. jj says

    my generals set shipped too, but i do however wonder if i’ll ever get the elusive 2-coin west point set. i think it will still be “in stock and reserved” when they come out with the 200-year anniversary double reverse satin creamy uranium buffalo.

  42. VARich says

    Good one jj – you might have called that one!

    Received an email survey last night from nationalanalysts.com to identify how the U.S. Mint can improve the products and packaging offered. I was very fair and complimentary towards all the good things that occurred this year, and brutally honest with how orders are shipped, packaging, and perceptions of retailers preferential treatment. The thing that gets me is that I keep getting these surveys and this really isn’t a difficult nut to crack. Guess I have to accept that surveys are better than no surveys and no changes.

    Well, after today at 5 pm…, this is gonna be a looonnngggg 2 months till Rushmore!

  43. VARich says

    Speaking of Buffs.., the law that authorized them required that the first year have Frasier’s design and then it’s was fair game afterwards. There was discussion back in Dec’12 by the mint whether they would shake it up after the 100th ann., anyone see any clarification on where the mint stands for ’14? Thanks

  44. stephen m says

    VARich and jj, it may not be much longer until your WP set arrives. Mine is due here today by UPS. I ordered on 5-24. I hope they are close to fulfillment for everyone. Seems to me the shipping of the sets was a cluster f–k.

  45. jj says

    thanks stephen, yea no hurry i guess. i’m also thinking of getting the Rushmore. that bulbous nose would look even more annoying on the 5-ouncer! i’m hoping for an extra-nostril variety.

  46. MarkInFlorida says

    My last day WP set says it is scheduled to ship July 19. What incompetence!

    But both the Mint and APMEX pucks are on their way.

  47. fmtransmitter says

    200-year anniversary double reverse satin creamy uranium buffalo

    Classic! Thanks jj, you made my morning..:) Have a great day!

  48. Eddie says

    I received my second order of WP ASE’s and I think they look better than the first shipment that I got. They are just outstanding. I am very glad I ordered the second ones.
    When Mount Rushmore comes out I am going to get at least 2 of them maybe just maybe a third not sure.
    As far as next years goes the only one I like so far is the TN one. I have really like this years group.
    I wished I could afford the Buffalo’s but they are out of my price range. I will say this the RPs look a lot better on gold than they do on silver.

  49. KEITHSTER says

    Say do know how long the Mint will leave my WP’s in stock & reserverd but on hold because that RBuff ate all my money.? Ordered mine june 3rd &5th both no instock hope to get some money in there but don’t know when? So how long will they give me before they cancell the order? Had the funds in there for the longest time but with the dancing delivery and retro dates who knew? Good luck to us all:>

  50. VARich says

    Keith – call mint CS and ask for your expected ship date, if the funds won’t be there, ask that they push your ship date out a week or not make the draft until it actually ships. I will say time is running out as the last week of May orders are shipping or have shipped, and the first week of June orders have credit card charges pending for imminent shipping (maybe this year). But I’m holding out for jj’s prediction…, good luck!

  51. VABEACHBUM says

    @ KEITHERSTER – Please clarify the status for us. If the order shows “In Process” at the top, w/ “In stock and reserved” and the “Cancel” box removed, then you have 2-4 days, maybe, before they ping your CC. Given the backlash with these coins, I would expect that the Mint has directed an expedite status to the remaining WP coins.

    However, if your order shows In Stock and Reserved with “On Hold” at the top at this late date, I believe the Mint already may have pinged your CC and received an unfavorable response. If so, then every additional day is a crap-shoot, and you need to either get additional funds onto that card ASAP, or contact the Mint with another card.

    I damn near lost my 25th Anny set because my primary CC expired between the time I placed the order and the set queue’d for shipping. Luckily, I was checking the order status nearly every day, then immediately contacted the Mint after the status changed.

  52. VABEACHBUM says

    Meanwhile, the status of my last day, last hour order for one WP set has changed from 30 SEP to 17 SEP to 26 AUG to 17 JUL.

    I think I may have pass it on 22 AUG. It was raining. I didn’t recognize it at the time because we both had umbrellas.

  53. ABC says

    Well, the mintage for the RP Buffalo was updated to 45,912. I originally estimated that it would be around 25 to 30 thousand. I wonder how this mintage figure will affect its value in the secondary market. It seems kind of high in relation to the Buffaloes from previous years.

  54. Frankie says

    Yes, but bear in mind that previous proof buffalos are all the same, apart from the year, of course. This is a totally different coin, although it utilizes the same design.

  55. Blair J Tobler says


    I had an order put on hold once because my debit card didn’t have enough cash on it when they tried to ping it. The next day I got an email from them saying I had 10 days to resolve it before it would be cancelled. You’ll have to call them, but I don’t think you’ll have trouble making arrangements.

  56. KEITHSTER says

    Thank’s B.J. I think that’s the answer I was looking for same here debit card with not enough money in it. Both orders instock and reserved both on hold but cancell button still there. Samething just happened with my RPBuff but got the money in there and called and they shipped the same day. Was just wondering how long I have to find the fund’s hope maybe till they run out? would take donations thou ! Thanks all Goodluck all:>

  57. Mercury says

    VARich@VA Bob – points well taken, at $10, it’s probably best to just view it as a consumable educational product anyway, I am.

    In my opinion, $10.00 for $1 and some cartoon artwork is a pretty steep price to pay for this Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Discovery Set. It appears these days that the Mint has started to flex its muscles on the products it sales. I guess their aim is to once and for all, totally cut out the middleman. I remember back in the day when the Mint used to sell its coins…etc for what seemed to be a doable price. Now days, everybody, and All Mints included, have now adopted the flipper mode mentality. Sorry to say, but even if kept in the most immaculate condition, in years to come this TR Set will undoubtedly be worth quite a bit less then today’s retail price. It basically a throw away set for collectors who want to give the friends 2-year-old kid a gift but don’t want to spend a whole lot of money to do so. That way their conscience is clear, the kid has something to scribble on and the friend’s parent gets to see their son or daughter put their brand new dollar coin into the piggy bank. After all, it’s the thought that counts… or at least this is what the Mint is hoping we’d think as we fork over 10 smackers. Or…we could just buy the kid a $2.00 coloring book, tape a presidential to the cover and a note that say “thinking of you both now and in the future. Here’s a dollar to put in your piggy bank. With Love.”

  58. KEITHSTER says

    Almost forgot my order from the 3rd of june went instock a few days ago and the order from the 5th of june the day after that but what I forgot was I called the bank today and they had the Fort McHenry’s in so call around if you need a couple of the unc roll’s at face Good luck you all:>

  59. VARich says

    Olde Sailor Bill – thanks, good to know. I gave up on checking as I thought it would have been much sooner. Should receive my MCM FMH order any day now. Going back a few threads – congrats on very successful career! I wish I had been in during that time; good times none-the-less with CAG-5 in the late ’90’s! Cheers!

  60. dan says

    Just received my three Fort Mchenry 5 ounce coins and am very disgusted with the quality again. All three are going back because of spots all over the obverse. Even a little disappointed with the fireworks, the enhanced treatment would have been great on them.

  61. fmtransmitter says

    I signed up for the subscription and it says after you do all the information entering, in stock and reserved and then says shipped? Is this a glitch as the item isn’t even minted yet?

  62. says

    ABC…if you’re referring to my comment, I ordered in the first five minutes and received my coin a couple of weeks ago.

    I just tried to see if I could put one in my cart in response to vaughnster’s comment.

  63. Micro says

    The 5 oz Ft. McHenry has gone to backorder with “Product will be available for shipping 09/03/2013”. The Mint really is getting sloppy — they need to get their act together.

  64. stephen m says

    My four WP sets arrived today, ordered on 5-24. The RP in 1 set looks noticeably off center on the obverse side. In another set the edge of the capsule on the enhanced coin has a chip about the size of the end of my finger nail on my pinkie finger and looks cloudy on the obverse. The chip from the capsule wasn’t anywhere to be found and had to be packaged chipped. That will be returned as a set. The others were acceptable and looked good. I don’t think i would have been so picky if they were shipped earlier but the excitement of the set has long ago faded.

  65. vaughnster says

    I received my 5 oz. Ft McHenry silver puck today and unlike another post earlier it was perfect. After seeing it I ordered the bullion version from Provident.

  66. fmtransmitter says

    I am wondering with the milk spots are we talking about the bullion FM puck or the P version from the Mint. If I receive a P version like that it is most surely being returned for an exchange.

    Any subscription bloggers know what I am talking about in my earlier post? I am confused about why the status says in stock and reserved and shipped under order status on a coin that has not been produced yet?

  67. simon says

    FM Tx : The Mint states this ( ” in stock and reserved and shipped ” ) as a confirmation of the subscription. A subscription is technically a sale, and it is the Mints way of internally confirming that you will make a purchase when the product is available. If you cancel then it voids the sale and they again deal with it internally. Once the product becomes available their accounting system kicks in and you receive regular messages on status ( back order / shipment tracking / etc)

  68. thePhelps says

    I also got a pair of FM pucks today – perfect. I have to say so far I have had no issues with the P 5 ounce coins.

  69. samuel says

    fm, we r talking abt the P version, this is my 6th WM, everyone of them have very bad water stain on washington side. the other side is perfect. ironically, the BU version never had water stains, of course u dont expect perfectness from the BU ones.

  70. samuel says

    i will receive 3 FMs tomorrow via USPS, hopefully they wont let me down this time.

    i ordered them 1 per order, so they ship it via USPS. at the same time, i ordered WM+GB, GB is backordered, but they still ship WM via UPS, i believe due to the total cost of 2 coins.

  71. VARich says

    Anyone received FMH BU pucks yet? If so, how’s the quality and first look impression – thanks

  72. VARich says

    @ KEITHSTER – let us know how it works for you on your ASE set and what accommodations are available please. A lot of good input has been provided and I hope it works out for you, …it’ll help understand the what options exists.

  73. fmtransmitter says

    Question? I have two colorized 1999 SE’s. Was not collecting then, got them for a good price. Seems these are undesirable. Were these issued by the US Mint that year? Also, if not, how do they get colorized? Thanks in advance..

  74. VA Bob says

    FM the US mint has never issued colorize coins. A third party did the color work. Collectors see these as altered coins.

  75. Smiledon says

    They may be laser engraved. I have several coins that had that done, and I never got anymore since. 1999 seemed to be the year that technique was introduced. The ones I have are hologram in nature. I have a painted 1998 ASE, but I never got anymore.

  76. KEITHSTER says

    Sorry chickened out and gave them the landlord’s money he’ll have to wait the two weeks till next payday! As I had to wait so long for these sets hope he don’t mind to much but did’nt want to lose them.Customer service said the length of time they would hold varies but without the why’s or whats so sorry can’t help you there but she said mine will be shipped 24 to 48hrs after she took the hold off. so thanks to all. Did pickup 4 rolls of the D McHenrey’s from the bank yesterday not that impressed but might get a few more too high of mintage you know but some kid 100yr’s from now will be impressed 🙂 Thanks and good luck all. :>

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