2013 US Mint Uncirculated Coin Set

Today, June 4, 2013 at 12:00 Noon ET, the United States Mint will begin sales of the 2013 Uncirculated Coin Set or “Mint Set”. Along with the previously released 2013 Proof Set and 2013 Silver Proof Set, this represents one of the Mint’s core annual sets.

2013 Mint Set

The 2013 Mint Set includes two separate folders containing 14 coins each from the Philadelphia and Denver Mints. This makes for a total of 28 uncirculated quality coins. Specifically, the following coins are included in each set:

  • 2013 P & D Lincoln Cents
  • 2013 P & D Jefferson Nickels
  • 2013 P & D Roosevelt Dimes
  • 2013 P & D White Mountain Quarters
  • 2013 P & D Perry’s Victory Quarters
  • 2013 P & D Great Basin Quarters
  • 2013 P & D Fort McHenry Quarters
  • 2013 P & D Mount Rushmore Quarters
  • 2013 P & D Kennedy Half Dollars
  • 2013 P & D William McKinley Dollars
  • 2013 P &D Theodore Roosevelt Dollars
  • 2013 P & D William Howard Taft Dollars
  • 2013 P & D Woodrow Wilson Dollars
  • 2013 P & D Native American Dollars

The US Mint has introduced a new packaging style for the set. The folders contain an image of the American flag on the front. The folder containing the Philadelphia Mint coins is accentuated in blue, while the folder containing the Denver Mint coins is accentuated in red.

The price of the 2013 Mint Set is $27.95, which is unchanged from the prior year. There are no stated product limits or ordering limits in place.

Last year’s Mint Set had sold out in January resulting in a total availability period of about eight months. The last reported sales were 392,224, representing the lowest sales total since 1963. This seems to have driven some higher secondary market prices. A survey of recently completed eBay auctions shows 2012 Mint Sets realizing prices of more than $50 per set.

Numismatic Gold Price Increase Possible

There is a chance that prices for the United States Mint’s numismatic gold products may be increased tomorrow. Under the Mint’s pricing structure, a change occurs if the average London Fix price from the prior Thursday Am to the current Wednesday AM is within a different tier than the prior week. As an additional criteria, the Wednesday PM Fix price must agree directionally with any potential change.

Based on the data available so far, the average weekly gold price will likely fall within the $1,400 to $1,449.99 range. This is one tier higher than the range used to determine the current prices.

Whether or not the price increase takes place will likely come down to the Wednesday PM Fix price. If this is below $1,400, then a price change would not take place. If it is $1,400 or higher, then prices would be increased proportionally by $50 for each ounce of gold content. If applicable, pricing changes have usually been implemented around mid-morning on Wednesday.

The impacted products would include the 2012 First Spouse Gold Coins, 2013 commemorative gold coins, 2013 Proof Gold Eagles, and the 2013 Proof Gold Buffalo. The pricing tier established would also determine the opening price for the 2013-W Uncirculated Gold Eagle to be released on June 6.

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  1. Dan in Fla says

    Thanks Michael The PM prices seem to be losing all the ground it made up yesterday. Hopefully this will keep the gold prices the same.

  2. Leo S. says


    Is there anyway to get information from the Mint as to when the First Spouse Gold coins will be scheduled. I have called the Mint numberous times, written their Distribution Center and have recieved NO information. There are only 7 months left in the year and there are 5 Spouses to be issued. Can you help??

  3. Larry says

    It is not a mint “set” because it does not contain the “S” quarters. If the set contained the “S” quarters I might actually buy one. I don’t need rolls or bags of “S” quarters. I could see the first year they came out with the “S” quarters maybe they didn’t have time to change the mint sets, but buy now it should have been done. There is NO excuse.

  4. Kraw says

    I agree Larry, why in the world did they not include the S quarters this year? Seems very silly.

  5. Dan in Fla says

    That would make it a 38 coin set and probably run the price up. I think I will buy a couple in case they sell out early and low like the 2012 set. Glad to hear them going for $50.00 or higher.

  6. Dan in AZ says

    It’s an uncirculated set of “circulating” coins, whereas the “S” quarters are not minted for “circulation”. I think that is the difference

  7. coins are great says

    It’s their way of driving up sales of bags and rolls since you can only get them that way, which may also help increase the value of the coins down the road, as happened last year.

  8. Dan in AZ says

    FWIW, I opted to purchase the 2012-S Quarters in 2×2;s off of eBay. Final price was $5.81 with shipping. I figure if I purchased the 5 rolls and made 5 sets, each set would cost $4.78. Even with an eBay store (to reduce fee’s), I’d have to sell the sets for at least $6.07, so this way I don’t have to deal with the hassle of buying 5 rolls from the Mint each year and selling 24 sets of 5 coins on eBay.

  9. Larry says

    I really don’t care what kind of goofy explanations people come up with, the “S” quarters should be in the mint set.

  10. Rich says

    Out of curiosity, anyone noticed a trend when placing orders through the mint as to when an item goes from being “back ordered” to “processing” for an item with XX ship date? For example, if an WP ASE order has a ship date of 30 Sept., when would that order go to “processing” – didn’t know if it’s purely arbitrary or predicated on a ‘so many days out from date.’

    In reference to Mint terms –

    Order Acceptance Terms

    – Orders are not valid until accepted by the United States Mint.
    – You may cancel your order at any time prior to United States Mint processing.


  11. george glazener says

    2010 Lincoln roll set just sold out, yup 2010….

    Dang.!! I never had a chance to order any…! Now it’s too late…!!

  12. DCDave says

    @George: Me too. Only available since April, 2010, 3 year window. Snooze you lose.
    @Rich: You can refuse delivery too. No return expense.

  13. thePhelps says

    I am guessing the reason for the S coins not being in the mint set – is primarily because the S mint doesn’t mint traditonal circulating coins. Probably some dumb historical guideline about what they can include in the circulatiion set…

  14. Dan in AZ says

    I still have lots of S mint mark coins from the 60’s that came right out of pocket change. They used to mint “traditional circulating” coins. Getting the set from eBay for $5.81 was not a big deal (cheaper than anything I could buy from the Mint directly). Would I like to see them in the yearly uncirculated set, you bet, but I am not going to fret over them not being there.

  15. thePhelps says

    Dan …yeah but they shut the S mint down and stopped minting circulating coins there. In the 80’s they started it back up to mint Proof coins, and other than the odd uncirculated coin – haven’t minted a circulating coin there since the 60’s.

  16. Mark in Florida says

    Anyone wanting the buffalo and the 5 oz puck Thursday or the WP eagles the last day, needs to gamble if it’s worth risking a $50 rise on the buffalo to save $4.95 in postage!

  17. Brad says

    Actually, there were S Mint pennies from the early 1970’s (especially 1972 and 1974) that were issued for circulation, and were also included in the Mint sets. You’ve seen them, those old sets that came in plain white envelopes that looked the same every year.

  18. Wylson says

    Let me explain why the ‘s’ mint quarters are not included in this set. The mint believes we are shmucks that will shell out additional dollars for the ‘s’ rolls and bags, so that at least one goverment institution appears profitable.

  19. thePhelps says

    Wylson… it is working! I am glad I can contribute to at least a part of the government making money. (and do so as a volunteer and not through some tax scheme).

  20. KEITHSTER says

    OT I see the 5***** unc 50 cent has been on backorder all day. You think there just trying to get you to order some or will they make more.? Hope they fix that die if they plan on making more seem’s the only good one is the one they got on the website ? Must have been the first strike and some how? messed up the die for the rest no70’s for those all mine are junk. Anyone get a good one? All mine look like they both fell out of the jeep and got roadrash on their sides of their face. Good luck with those:>

  21. Eddie says

    Has anyone ordered the WP SET yesterday or today if so what ship date did the Mint give you?

  22. thePhelps says

    Keith – yeah I have 3 – the 1st couple I go looked like they were drug on the road. I ordered another and it is perfect. I also got a graded MS69 one that looks pretty good as well – but I am not impressed with the Denver mint on most products these days. Seems like a 3rd world production facility with poor quality control. They are having a very low MS70 population, but even PF70 on that coin is low from the San Fran mint.

  23. Rich says

    Eddie – I ordered shortly after noon today and have a 30 Sept ship date; my day 2 ship date hasn’t budged either (08-08)

    From reading previous posts across past threads, there seems to be some order ship dates bouncing forward and aft.., though I put has much faith in these ship dates as I do the validity of First Strike or Early Release.

    If any others have had ship dates change, please chime in.., it would be interesting to know what you ordered along with the WP ASE

  24. Rich says

    Keith – there is supposed to be a 5***** Special set released sometime this year, just speculating ,though perhaps the 50 cent is part of that set and some inventory is being rerouted…

  25. Rod says

    @ Mark in Florida,

    There is no gamble in waiting to order the proof buffalo along with your WP sets and the Thursday 5-ounce puck. One just watches the price of gold on kitco.com and if it goes over $1400 just before 10:00 AM Eastern Wednesday, you order the gold and the WP sets then. If it stays below $1400, then you can wait until Thursday and get all 3 together. Less postage is less postage. Now as to the quality of what you receive in the mail, that’s a whole ‘nother story.

  26. thePhelps says

    Rod it is simpler than that… order the gold – it is free shipping anyway since it is over $300. Then order the WP and 5 oz on Thursday – and it will also be shipped free – again since the total is over $300.

  27. fmtransmitter says

    My CC has been pre auth. for amount for the 2012 LESPS, website says in stock and reserved, and still waiting on it to ship for like 4 days now. Hmm…

  28. GMS says

    @thePhelps. Actually it’s just free upgrade over $300.00. You still pay 4.95 shipping per order, at least that’s how our account works.

  29. Brad says


    The pm fix IS above $1,400, so the price increase is official. Any fence sitters may want to order NOW before suspension for repricing.

  30. Ray says

    Still trying to understand that grid. 2 weeks ago there was a blip which kept the price decrease from happening. i assumed the opposite would be true, but that doesnt seem to be the case. man that grid is working against us. whoever wrote that algorithm should be reschooled imo.

  31. Phil says

    I’ve gotten these uncirculated sets every year for a number of years, but will probably skip this year’s set. Last yet, I wasn’t happy with the lack of quality control on these sets: sent back the first one due to coin blemishes, and the new set wasn’t a lot better.

  32. KEITHSTER says

    OT. Ya hav’nt seen any more on the 5* unc Special set it’s not on the menu it was to have the 50 cent in it but with the poor strikes hoping they forgo it. As they are not selling well and thePhelps has the other good one I’m thinking they might restike and hoping they fix their die before they do. the date is rolling let her roll on let um go ! GOOD LUCK ALL:>

  33. Eddie says

    Has anyone seem a Perry quarter and if so does it show as much detail as the 5ozer seem to do?
    I don’t know if you were collecting when we just had the cello packs buy the coins in those were awful at times. Now we have these new Unc. Set packs and they are so much better. I just wished the Mint would put them into capsules and then put them into the blister packs. But yeah they are so much better than 5 or 10 yrs ago…

    The WP Set I really don’t care just how many there are made I just want one they are going to look so great and the only missing is a UHR ASE now one of those would be so great to have.

  34. Dan in Fla says

    The prices are up for the AGE burnished with the W mint mark is going to be 1725.00 35 dollars less than the proof. Is anyone going to get this coin as last years entire mintage was 6118 I think.

  35. Ray says

    I’ll be buying my first AGE-W Unc. Really looking forward to it. It will be my first 22k coin. I might buy the proof, but I want the Unc first. I like that it is more rare, than the proof and it seems like a better long term investment,

  36. says

    A bit OT, but as I know how much the crew here is interested in this subject, I thought I’d post it this article talking about an interview with Richard Peterson, the acting Mint Director:


    Key bit: “Demand right now is unprecedented. We are buying all the coin (blanks) they can make,” Richard Peterson, acting director of the U.S. Mint, said in an interview referring to the Mint’s suppliers.

  37. Dan in Fla says

    Captain Thanks for the article it refers to the Mint resuming platinum bullion again but doesn’t say when.

  38. Rich says

    Great Basin Launch Ceremony –

    Thursday, June 20, 2013, at 10 a.m. (PT)


    Great Basin National Park Visitor Center
    Highway 487
    Baker, NV

    Coin Forum
    The evening before the launch ceremony – Wednesday, June 19, 2013, from 7:00 – 8:00 p.m. – the United States Mint will host a coin forum on at the Great Basin National Park Visitor Center, at Highway 487, in Baker, Nevada. The coin forum is an opportunity for the public to express their views about future coinage, and to learn about upcoming United States Mint coin programs and initiatives.

  39. says

    Thanks for the heads-up, Rich. It seems like the ceremony, again, is several days after the website release of the quarters (though in this case before the projected release of the five ounce coin).

    Hopefully the Mint will also follow this pattern with the Fort McHenry launch, as I would really like to go to it.

  40. Jag-Nut says

    Some of the comments indicate that their are 5 special sets this year

    The ones that I can think of are:

    WP Two Coin Eagle Set
    Gold Buffalo RP
    Roosevelt Special Set

    What are the others?


  41. David says

    I’m somewhat late chiming in on this but I feel the mint sets and proofs sets are just too bloated and therefore I would be paying for a bunch of coins I am not interested in. I love dollar coins but not these monstrosities. Not only is having each president featured dull and unimaginative, but the edge lettering is a total turn-off for me. And I prefer ONE DOLLAR over just having $1. When the sets just had the basic coins for many years, that is what I liked. Now there are several of the same denominations but with different designs. Not digging that at all. Plus the packaging for the mint sets are a deal breaker. Coins are tougher to get out of the packaging carefully for albums.

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