2013-W Proof Silver Eagles Sold Out

Proof Silver EagleAccording to the US Mint’s website, the individual 2013-W Proof Silver Eagle has sold out. This is the third year in a row that this popular product has sold out well before the end of the year.

Sales for the 2013 Proof Silver Eagle originally began at the US Mint on January 24, 3013. Opening orders were slower compared to the prior two years, however the pace of orders remained brisk throughout the year. The coin typically represented one of the US Mint’s top sellers on the weekly sales reports.

Recently, weekly sales had spiked, with 29,613 units orders in the previous reporting period. and an indication of 29,025 units ordered in the week just ahead of the sell out. Sales data shows total orders at 880,030 units. This is a bit higher than recent prior years.

Update: The final figures in this week’s sales report show sales of 862,845 for the individual 2013-W Proof Silver Eagle.

In 2011, the individual proof Silver Eagle had sold out on November 22 after reaching sales of 850,000. In 2012, the sell out had occurred on November 13 when sales had reached 819,217.

Although the individual 2013 Proof Silver Eagle has sold out, the coin does remain available within the 2013 Congratulations Set, which is priced at $54.95. This is $2 higher than the last pricing of $52.95 for the individual proof.

The coin will also be included within the upcoming 2013 Limited Edition Silver Proof Set. This product which is scheduled for release on December 12, 2013 is expected to contain the 90% silver proof dime, quarters, and half dollar, along with the 2013-W Proof Silver Eagle. Pricing for this product has not yet been provided.

Other News

There have been a few other important developments today.

The US Mint revealed the design selections for the 2014 America the Beautiful Quarters. Images and descriptions of the five designs can be found in this article. I plan to cover the designs in more detail within an article on Mint News Blog later this week.

Second, sales for the American Silver Eagle bullion coins have moved into record territory. Year to date sales are now 40,175,000, which exceeds the prior annual sales record of 39,868,000 reached in 2011. The US Mint will continue sales of the 2013-dated Silver Eagles until a final allocation on December 9, so the record total should continue to climb to higher levels during the coming weeks.

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  1. fmtransmitter says

    As Silver spot drops we see record sales…Keep stacking…Know when to buy and when to sell…IMHO On the LESPS, I am going to check the pocket book for this set. With PM’s down it may make sense to add this even though I own all of these already. Not sure yet, anyone else have any thoughts on this set? It has done very well on the seconday market…Thank you in advance and to Michael for keeping us “a breast” of up to date events at the US Mint. That’s a “Turkey Breast”…

  2. thePhelps says

    The 2014 designs do look pretty good. The Dunes leave a little to be desired – but the rest look really nice. I think my favorites are the Smoky Mountains and the Everglades.

  3. stephen m says

    The five oz’s all look good for 2014. Great Smokey Mountains and the Everglades are my top two also. Looks like high mintage for the proof silver eagles will stay around for many years to come. I would not think there would be 880,000 plus collectors of this fine looking coin. I wonder who buys them for the sales to be that high?

  4. joe says

    Good Grief! They still haven’t shipped some of the RP Buffs yet??? That’s crazy! Perhaps the same guy that is managing the Mint is also working on the healthcare computers…

  5. thePhelps says

    @joe… it has to be the packaging they are trying to wrap the new healthcare policies in that is slowing that down!

  6. vaughnster says

    I like all the 2014 ATB designs but the Everglades designed by Joel Iskowitz is outstanding. I’ve said this before but I think Iskowitz “gets it” as far as coin designs go. He should be chief engraver and given free reign to create more beautiful coinage.

  7. Jon in CT says

    Zaz wrote on November 12, 2013 at 6:35 pm:
    I have just one comment about Great Sand Dunes: ugh!

    I think it’s absolutely creepy – some man pretending to play with a little boy and both of them are stripped down to their underwear.

  8. Jaime says

    I agree on the designs, none of them look undesirable IMHO. They all seem to be good additions to the collection and will look awesome in the 5 oz size

  9. VABEACHBUM says

    @ stephen m – The PR ASE is really popular w/ gift givers: graduations, birthdays, stocking stuffers. I typically buy 4 per year on subscription, realizing that 2-3 will become gifts that year.

    @ vaughnster – you, me, Capt Overkill, Louis and a couple of others have been singing Joel Iskowitz’s praises for a couple of years now. He caught my attention on some of the First Spouse reverse designs which, I think, are some of the best in the series. He also has at least one, maybe two of the Platinum designs to his credit. Several other commemorative designs – and he’s just getting started. I am hopeful that Joel will be the artist responsible for creating our Country’s next generation of Classic Coinage.

  10. fmtransmitter says

    I realize how hard it is to bring to light on a coin something as vast and expansive as our beautiful national parks, challenging series to say the least…

  11. fmtransmitter says

    For states like Colorado and Utah, western wonders, I think there could have been much more detail and expressionism brought out…

  12. fmtransmitter says

    Anyone ever use a razor blade to cut open the packaging and accidentally put a nice slice into the OGP? “raise hand”…Ugh…

  13. simon says

    Joel Iskowitz : The SSB Flag waving Liberty is one of my most favorite designs of the recent year issues.

  14. oldfolkie says

    To those of us in Utah, even with all our natural wonders there is nothing more amazing than the Delicate Arch as portrayed on next years coin. That said I am really looking forward to next years ATBs. I always thought the Sand Dunes would be a tough one and yes Mesa Verde or Rocky Mountain would have been better choices but I’m not complaining. When we get down to places no ones ever heard of it would have been nice to have a few more popular Parks to pop up every now and then. After next year there will be very few National Parks left in the entire series.

  15. stephen m says

    Thanks VABEACHBUM for the ASE proof explanation. It makes sense for the high mintage number as you are maybe a typical purchaser.

  16. fmtransmitter says

    Mom getting older, asked what kind of coin she would like for the holidays, she said oh no, not another coin, I need a purse…LOL I tried to explain that a coin is NOT throwing your money away, she wouldn’t hear any of it..

  17. Dan in Fla says

    My mom is the same way. They think we are throwing money away. I love her though.
    The Mint just went unavailable for product repricing on their gold products. It seems they are waiting until noon to give us a break.

  18. fmtransmitter says

    Vapor blast stain? Was it the “P” or Bullion? Mine will be there tonight. Looks like $820 and $840 for FS collectors…

  19. says

    Every single one of the 2014 ATBs are quite excellent. The U.S. Mint artists’ talents really shine with these new designs & I’ll be looking forward to getting my usual P mint versions as they are released.
    Does anyone here know if Mint subscribers for the ATBs get their orders in the shipping queue along with first day of issue orders???

  20. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    GSM Why does the best of America always come from Tennessee? The ATB will be nice, too. All 2014 ATB designs are awesome.

  21. stephen m says

    While the 2013 ASE proof coin is sold out but is still available in the 2013 Congratulations Set the final mintage will be higher. What are the four lowest minted proof ASE’s by year across all options that were available for that year?

  22. stephen m says

    After checking a little over the weekend I’ve come up with, in this order, 1994,1993 and 1995 as the 3 lowest proof ASE mintage’s.

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