2013-W Uncirculated Silver Eagle Sold Out

The individual option for the 2013-W Uncirculated Silver Eagle has now sold out at the United States Mint. The coin does still remain available for sale as part of a different product.


The US Mint had opened sales for the individual 2013-W Uncirculated Silver Eagle on May 28, 2013. This product represents a collector version of the coin struck on specially burnished blanks and carrying the “W” mint mark. This version of the Silver Eagle has been offered previously in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2011, and 2012.

This year’s coins were priced at $48.95 each for the start of sales. The price was later reduced to $43.95 following a decline in the market price of silver.

According to the latest weekly sales report, the individual 2013-W Unc Silver Eagle has reached sales of 178,572 units.

As mentioned, the coin is also included in the 2013 Annual Uncirculated Dollar Coin Set which began sales on November 13 and still remains available. The set contains the uncirculated versions of the four 2013 Presidential Dollars, 2013 Native American Dollar, and 2013-W Silver Eagle. This set is currently priced at $44.95 and has sold 18,006 units to date.

Once the 2013 Annual Uncirculated Dollar Coin Set eventually sells out, it seems fairly likely that the 2013-W Unc Silver Eagle will establish a new mintage low for an uncirculated coin of the series with the “W” mint mark.

When the collectible uncirculated version of the coin was introduced in 2006, it had a combined mintage of 466,573 across all product options. This remained the low until a lower total was seen for the 2011-W Unc Silver  Eagle at individual sales of 309,927 plus an additional 100,000 coins included in the 25th Anniversary Set for a total of 409,927.

A new low was once again established with the 2012-W Unc Silver Eagle, which had individual sales of 202,504 units plus an additional 28,368 coins included in the 2012 Annual Uncirculated Dollar Coin Set for a total of 230,872.

As it stands, the 2013-W Unc Silver Eagle has total sales of 196,578 and counting. Some collectors will be closely watching sales of the 2013 Annual Uncirculated Dollar Coin Set to see how much this total grows.

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  1. Samuel says

    5* unc in stock and reserved cancel box gone, credit card charged.

    i originally bought several pcgs 69 after backorder, and placed an order at mint just in case, dont have a chance to cancel.

  2. Zaz says

    Yep, the 5* gold unc went to in stock and reserved, so my CC would’ve gotten pinged this morning. Might’ve have cancelled if gold stays below the $1,200 threshold as that would’ve cut the Unc price to $388.30, next Weds. or Thurs. oh well, can’t win them all.

    Since all 2013 coins have been issued: One of everything: how many different 2013-dated coins were issued by the US Mint, and how much would’ve it have cost to buy one of each, including bullion from your favorite PM distributor?

  3. KEITHSTER says

    Wow the track order ain’t working on the mint site must be getting hit hard checking on the 5*. They might need a waiting room on that now? The 5* 50 center must be comming out of the set no waiting ? Good Luck All:>

  4. Dustyroads says

    Keithster~I was hoping the Mint wouldn’t remove my cancel box until I had a chance to check mintages on Monday, I don’t think they cheated me by doing it, but they must have felt the pressure. I also noticed the glitch, but was able to work around it pretty quickly. I don’t know why websites are having trouble keeping up with the times, maybe because their Gov. sites. Anyho, keep the faith..and good luck.

  5. Samuel says

    it is going to be very difficult to get a new low for modern comm, because, everybody r looking at them, and too much room to manipulate.

  6. Buzz Killington says

    I think the 5SG unc gold dollar is going to have a final mintage low enough to put some downward price pressure on other gold dollars that had been comparatively “low”, like the 96 Olympics gold dollars, and Capital Visitor Center.

    Given that we are likely to see other obscure & unpopular gold dollars in the future, I think these lower mintage figures are going to be the norm in the future. We are not likely to have another $5G with mintage figures like the Constitution dollar ever again (650K in proof, 200K in unc).

  7. JBK says

    Ordr tracking works OK for me. I do not have an account, though, I click on “Track Order” in the upper right hand corner of the screen and then input the order # and last name.

  8. gary says


    Sometimes the Mint sends stuff Fedex Smartmail (what an oxymorn!) try your track number w/Fedex. Fedex dumps the stuff at your P.O. and then it shows up USPS tracking but matters little because it usually gets delivered before you even know it, at least at my P.O. in Maine

  9. Louis says

    Thanks, Gary. I was actually checking some stuff that has not shipped. When I click on any order in the list nothing happens and I tried in several times. No biggie as it will get fixed eventually.

  10. MarkInFlorida says

    I still hope people will start to discover how great the 5 oz. pucks are and bid them way up! With mintages like 20,000 and 35,000, there aren’t many to go around, especially with some people saving rolls of them.

  11. thePhelps says

    @Louis… you sure it isn’t your browser? I just logged in and check several of mine and even the ones that haven’t shipped give me a status.

    @MarkInFlorida… I’d say give it time. I think next years offerings will definitely draw more interest to the set and subsequently the older releases.

  12. KEITHSTER says

    Ya Dusty I hear you I Still have a last chance as mine’s on a debit card with not enough money in it so it will go instock and on hold. As the shipping date was to be the 30th. then the money would have been in. Would still like one even though they are not the lowest still they are low no and have a little extra play time on hold ! Will see how it work out:) Good Luck & Merry Christmas All:>

  13. KEITHSTER says

    Ya it’s back working Mint sets shipped today 5* In stock & reserved & not on hold they must not have check the funds yet:) Good Luck All:>

  14. Louis says

    Go to the Mint site under upcoming products on the right, the coin is listed for sale on 1/2 and there is a pic.
    Was just going to ask what others think. I like the reverse more than the obverse.

  15. Eddie says

    I was hoping for the Liberty Bell design. I would have bought a couple of those but the one with 3 people on it l do not like.

  16. Ray says

    The wrong design. I was bummed to see it today. I was expecting the other one with the radiating liberty bell and independence mall etc. boooo!!!

  17. Eddie says

    I like the reverse side to and it is going to be enhanced. I might get one because of it being enhanced because that looks great.

  18. Tim says

    Don’t like it either, the Liberty Bell was much better. Probably end up being “low mintage”, of course.

  19. Louis says

    See how collectors tend to agree on which designs are good and which aren’t? Too bad the committees aren’t the same way, though I do respect the work they do. Maybe the CCAC should allow for greater collector input. Otherwise, I fear we will keep getting this mediocre stuff again and again.

  20. Eddie says

    BTW thank you Louis. I to was hoping for the Liberty Bell design. It looks like 3 white people I guess they were trying to be PC and missed the boat on this one.

  21. Louis says

    FYI- If you look at the pic at coinupdate you get a much better image there, and even the obverse looks better.

  22. Tim says

    Looks like any enhancement on the 64CR is on the reverse with none on the obverse. Now that is weird if that is the case. The mint page zoom feature shows us all, plain to see the differences.

  23. Louis says

    I think the man and the middle woman are black, and the woman on the right is white.
    What is interesting is the CCAC has been calling for more symbolic designs like on the spouses rather than storybook ones that show events and so forth, but this obverse seems more storybook than say the Liberty Bell, which would be symbolic. Or maybe I am missing something?

  24. Eddie says

    The reverse is Enhanced is the only reason I like it. Enhancing the design using the Liberty Bell would have looked fantastic enhanced plus the reverse side being that way they would have had a winner on their hands but…………..

  25. Eddie says

    Tim you are right the obverse is not enhanced but the reverse side is.
    Louis after looking at it better that is what I see also talking about the 3 people on it.

  26. Sith says

    Now sure why people find the Zombucks so collectable, I liked the “walker” but the rest just seem ugly to me

  27. VABEACHBUM says

    @ Louis – I, too, have had intermittent problems w/ Mint account and Order History. I checked this afternoon, about 25 minutes after you post, and it worked fine – that time – using Win 7 w/ IE 8. It’s very random. While checking, I saw that the 5 Star UNC Half Dollars I had ordered w/ my TR C&C had changed from back order on Wednesday to In Stock & Reserved today. TR is still MAR ’14, but I’m sure that will change over the next 3 weeks.

    WRT the CR 14, I would have loved to see the symbolism (and the artwork) of the Liberty Bell design. I also agree that both committees continue to contradict their own design criteria and guidelines with their choices. Granted, so much of this is driven by the originating legislation, but the CR ’14 is about as story board as it gets. At least we’ll have the ’14 HOF coins; mint to order or not.

  28. thePhelps says

    I am also very disappointed in the Civil Rights release. They went with the protest coin instead of the coin that was meant to celebrate the law. I’ll buy one of the uncirculated and leave the proof on the table as I did with the GS coin. The proof will be cheaper in the secondary market in a very short period of time.

    I set my notifier on the ZomBuffs.. We need to do a contest for predicting the next iconic coin they are going to nuke. I mean we have many to choose from and will probably see a McNuclear or an Anti-Peace or even a Dead Kennedy..

  29. Louis says

    Thanks, VABEACHBUM. One thing I like about this blog is there is quite a lot of camaraderie and mutual support. As long as we avoid touchy political topics!

    I will probably still get one of each of these coins as I usually do, but I may wait for cheaper aftermarket prices.

  30. Dustyroads says

    Guy’s, if you look closely at the reverse of the proof civil rights coin, you will notice that it’s not an enhanced field, but rather an uncirculated field with the only proof portion of the coin being the flame.

  31. HIdalgo says

    I would not be surprised if the US Mint created some type of collectible set that includes the Civil Rights commemorative coin. I wonder what that might be. I wonder if it might possibly include a Kennedy half dollar, which will celebrate its 50th anniversary.

  32. VARich says

    Yeah, Mint website tracking was down from 0545 throughout the morning hours on my personal and work machine…, .xls file is what I’m anxiously awaiting come Monday.., should be interesting has to what ‘popped’

    Sith – it’s a Gen thing, when you do to sale and make out like a bandit, it will likely be to a GenX’er.., and they may ask, “hey, you got any of those Zombuffs” An Ole Abe ZomCent is in the future.., would look amazing in classic pure copper too! hint hint

    MarkInFlorida – if the mint sticks with mintage <23k for the '14's P, one should be on their game as sell outs may occur within 2-3 weeks, IMHO. So we just might reach that realization…

    Anyhoo, the work week is over and now the Holidays may begin, so I thank you all for your input and thoughts on this awesome blog and what has been a fantastic 2013! May you all have memorable holiday season and looking forward to what 2014 may bring in amazing hobby we share!

  33. gary says

    I get a real chuckle reading about how so many of you (presumably mature) guys just get the hives all over at the sight of those Zombuck thingies. I checked the junk out & sure I’d buy one or two for a design in aluminum as a gag coin, but what a waste of presumably good silver on such trinkety junk. Well, I guess whatever winds your watch! If you mint it, they will come!
    For a dime, I saw better art in comic books when I was a kid.

  34. VARich says

    gary – it’s marketing.., and it plays on the current zombie fad.., though none-the-less, roll with it as it is brilliant marketing and it is quite unique with some fair degree of humor with the whole Apocalypses theme.., give it that.

    But please, please don’t bring ‘maturity’ into your rationale…, as some of us poster out here that get all excited over these zombuck ‘thingies’ that you question as immature, have flown $48 million jets off the pointy end of a ship, on countless combat missions…, night after night.., so maturity doesn’t factor into this equation…

    Though more importantly.., what did you aspire to be when you were reading those comic book, mate?

  35. Ikaika says

    Isn’t coin collecting about what you like? Zombucks look great to me plus is another way to pile up silver bullion.

  36. Ikaika says

    @ VARich

    Well said. Many of us are longtime collectors, have family and real jobs. Maturity cannot be questioned here 🙂

  37. thePhelps says

    I agree well said VARich…

    I too read many a comic book when I was younger. That said the humor of the ZomBucks and yes even the lower quality of the images presented on bullion quality coins doesn’t escape me – they are part and parcel of the presentation for me.

    It is marketing, and I am not paying a huge premium to collect a few more bullion silver pieces. My 29 year old daughter and her 5 year old daughter both look forward to the next coin in the series as much as I do.

  38. Ikaika says

    I would also like to add that in addition to the great marketing strategy and means to accumulate silver bullion, the Zombucks series is very creative. This is something that is lacking with some of the designs from the US mint.

  39. fmtransmitter says

    Well, I manged to accomplish my goal of putting together 1 set of penny, nickel, dime, quarter, half, and dollar from right after the turn of the century in high grade. Should display really nice. All are raw and will stay that way. I will find a nice display box for the set.

  40. fmtransmitter says

    I also just received shipping confirmation of the uncirc set with this mentioned coin. Can’t have too many W Mint mark from 2013 IMHO.

  41. Don says


    Those turn of the century (presumably 20th c.) coin sets are awesome looking. The common denominator for the various denomination coins is that none has a president on the obverse. Miss Liberty ruled back then.

  42. MarkInFlorida says

    thePhelps, since there was a band named the Dead Kennedys, using the Kennedy half for the next zombie coin would be a double joke, but I can’t see them doing that as 99% of people would find it too shocking and over the top. Plus they might get sued by the band if it is still together somewhere.

  43. Jerry Diekmann says

    The designs for the CRA of 1964 are OK, but nothing special. I think it’s a shame that MLK Jr. – portrait and/or sayings – were excluded from the design. It is high time that he be recognized on a commemorative coin. RFK got his due back in 1998 – why the delay for MLK Jr.?

    I do agree with some other bloggers that the liberty bell reverse would have been much better than the design that was finally selected.

  44. Louis says

    @Jerry- I agree about MLK. Should have done one this year for the “I have a dream speech” 50th anniversary. 2018 will be the 50th anniv. of his death, but I doubt they would do that.

  45. Zaz says

    @Jerry: the MLK Jr. coin is an obvious choice for a commemorative subject, but the King family controls his likeness and would charge the treasury a fee for the use of MLK Jr’s image on a coin. It’s too bad that money politics prevents such a coin from happening. Ironically, he would’ve been only 75 next January and probably would’ve been an obvious honoree taking one of the two commem slots. Maybe in 2029 things will be different.

  46. VA Bob says

    “as some of us poster out here that get all excited over these zombuck ‘thingies’ that you question as immature, have flown $48 million jets off the pointy end of a ship, on countless combat missions…, night after night..”

    VARich, your comment brought a chuckle out of me, not because I disagree. I do agree, one should collect what brings them joy. I chuckled because some of us were freezing or frying on deck, often wet, from the Arctic to the Equator, waiting for you guys to land, to put your bird to bed and shuffle the deck, praying for “no bolters”, especially that last E-2C that took forever to circle around the pattern. All fond memories now, the bad melted away long ago, and I get my free air show when I go to Lynnhaven Mall when I’m feeling nostalgic.

  47. Wes says

    Cool, I picked up the 2013 burnished ASE with the free shipping and handling. May buy another uncirculated dollar set.

  48. Dustyroads says

    fm~You got me thinking about your turn of the century coinage set. I have a sister that owns a picture framing business, the possibilities are endless. They may look good in a shadow box, suspended just enough off the mat to make them look like they’re floating, either in a straight line or in a circle, or of course mounted in the mat. I can also see them mounted in plexiglass, then sandwiched between two sheets of glass so you can easily display it with both sides visible, you can even use light defusing glass, then frame it.

  49. VABEACHBUM says

    @ VA Bob – So very true, Sir!! Thanks for the nostalgia and a great visual of times long since past!!

  50. fmtransmitter says

    Thanks for the suggestions. thePhelps, our age is showing with the Dead Kennedy’s Band. I remember them well along with Violent Femmes, Suicidal Tendencies, Circle Jerk, etc. Ha. Yea, I was just looking at the set and since a cpl of the bloggers chimed in, I will reveal it is a Barber set and will be 110 years in precisely 11 days. All full liberty’s, shields, tail feathers, claws. arrows, hats, nostrils, ears, lips, corn on the cob, you name it. I am curious is it worth more as a set together in such high grade?

  51. VARich says

    VAB – how’d we survive that? You guys were loved for making that happen! Some fond memories indeed, though I must admit, it’s kinda nice getting off from work knowing where home is parked without EMCON. Cheers Mate!

    I guess next we need to survive the post-holiday coin bonanzas with our wallets intact! AGE’s should be dropping soon from the numbers sold to-date.

  52. HIdalgo says

    @Cleveland – anything is possible. The real drivers are the US Mint, the supply of gold blanks, and consumer demand. The US Mint can produce 1,000s of coins and offer them for sale for years. Or it can produce few coins and allow supplies to disappear within a few months.

    Also, when you think about it, will the public want to buy gold, silver, and other precious metals when values are on a downward trend? Would you want to buy gold at $1200 per ounce today and see your purchase possibly decline to $1000 – $1100 per ounce at this time next year?

  53. mark says

    I think the mint is catching on. They have coins that are slow selling, and they have quite a few left in stock. Then they realize that if we put a backorder notice up on those items. Especially when it could be a new mintage low. They will get flooded with new orders and poof all those slow selling coins are gone.

  54. stephen m says

    mark, I would have to agree. The mint is slow but eventually catches up to speed but then will get relaxed again. That’s why we like them so much.

  55. high low silver says

    I think this 2013 w unc eagle will be very close to the final mintage of the 2012.The unc dollar set may be avalible untill May of 2014.

  56. Sith says

    Lynnhaven Mall…have not heard that name in years. Not all “squids” were on a carrier, some of us were on “small boys,” and “other things.”

  57. Eddie says

    Doesn’t the Mint have to count all of the unc ASE’s the ones in the sets to get the total of the individual coin total? Really the only ones that matter are the burnish ones right. I mean they are like over 40 million of the bullion ones. I just hope this question doesn’t sound stupid as it seems.

  58. Ray says

    For my 2013 unc dollar set today. I ordered on 12/6 when it said back ordered. The set looks great! i’m thinking about buying one more.

  59. Eddie says

    I know a lot of collectors are waiting for the Kennedy half set I just hope the Mint doesn’t some how in their great wisdom don’t find some way to screw it up. I have really been waiting on these sets. I hope they find someway to make them really special after all something like this does not come around everyday.

  60. Wes says

    high low silver, i hope not they are on sale until May or until sold out. The final total should be about 207,000. Thinking the mint won’t sell more Uncirulated Dollar sets than last year.

  61. Sac Attack says

    The CCAC does not make the final decision on coin designs, the Secretary of the Treasury does. In the case of the Civil Rights coin, the CCAC strongly recommended the Liberty Bell design and did not favor the protesters. The CCAC recommends non-storyboard options if there is a viable alternative option presented.

  62. thePhelps says

    @Wes… agreed. I think the most they’ll have available is going to be around 30 to 35k max. I doubt these will be on sell past March.

    @Eddie.. yes they have to total both the individual sales and the sets. Since they announced the sellout of the individual coins now we are waiting to see how many they reserved for the sets.

    Once the calendar turns and new set and coins are released these will linger but hopefully fall of the list of purchases for fellow collectors.

  63. high low silver says

    Wes : I got a couple 2012 burnished last year , but sold my 2006 07 and 08 when spot silver jumped. I’m kinda on the fence with this series as a set. The new mintage is sweet tho.I may cancel and just get the unc dollar set.

  64. Larry says

    I was watching an old episode of Dennis the Menace on Youtube called “Dennis and the Rare Coin. Mr. Wilson buys a 1907 $10.00 Indian, rolled edge with periods, for, get this, $250.00!!! Of course they did not say the grade of the coin, but today that coin is $30,000 to $300,000 depending on condition. Amazing.

  65. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    This posting follows the axiom “the more options you have the lower the mintages will be”.

  66. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    In 10 years if we have even more options, 40,000 to 50,000 may be a normal for the burnished.

  67. HIdalgo says

    I just read an article about the Civil Right commemorative proof coin. Apparently, the coin will have multiple finishes. After viewing a picture of the coin, I think it will be a winner for collectors who appreciate beauty and artistry in our nation’s coins.

    If you buy coins to make a profit, you may be out of luck. It’s clear from the posts here that buyers have a wide range of preferences when it comes to coins with political, race-related, or historical women themes.

  68. Eddie says

    It is only going to have the multiple finishes just on the reverse of the coin so it should made it interesting to say the least. But still would loved to have the Liberty Bell on the obverse side.

  69. Sith says

    @Eddie – Only the burnished ASE’s count, The burnished have a “W” mint mark, while the bullion don’t carry a mint mark, but as indicate earlier all the burnished coins count regardless of the presentation package.

  70. high low silver says

    Eddie: an artist drawling………the general coin was so hyped up with this multipal layer stuff too….I didn’t see what the big deal was when I saw one in person.

  71. Saucexx says

    I see no downside to the burnished ASE, 5 oz AtB and $5 gold commemorative. Particularly the silver issues since the premium to obtain is very reasonable, especially compared to other mints. Worst case down the road you sell them at spot. Plus the mintages are EXTREMELY small for modern coins. Finally you have to figure people who are buying these are buying them in multiples so the amount that are freely available are going to be limited at best.

    That said I’m in for four of the unc set.

  72. high low silver says

    Eddie: I hope the kennedy is something out of this world also…..Ireland did a nice job , so we will see.

  73. gary says

    Saucexx, I agree with you on the 5 oz ATB. When the ATB series becomes 5 years completed at end of 2014 run with 25 different coins and low mintages I think the series will take off. I seriously doubt there is much possibility in a lower low than the 2012-P Hawaii @ 14,863 & Maine @ 14,978. These mintages are absurdly low for any gold or silver coin, but especially for silver with the ASE mintage lows so much more. My expectation for 2014 is fast sellouts for most of the 2014 P mint collector edition coins.

  74. thePhelps says

    @gary… I think people have for some reason have started to believe a coin collection is supposed to immediately increase in value the second the mint releases the coins to the public. Even here we read people who are disappointed that a sold out offering isn’t drawing a rapid instant demand and a higher price on the secondary market and thus it is termed a flop… I’ve always considered coin collecting a long term investment and commitment That is why I think this series is going to do very well in the long run – and why I’ll be holding my ATB’s for many years to come. As the years roll on and the new people start to find this series – the early releases and low mintage’s will definitely be in demand- especially if silver holds in value.

  75. fmtransmitter says

    So I spoke to a Dealer about what to grade. He said for return on investment he can’t justify spending the money on modern coins. To him modern is 1934 and newer- He said 1933 and older are low mintage and high return in high grades i. e. not many out there. New, if I wanted to. He said the newer stuff has young people new in the business and everything is basically a 68-69-70. What do you all think?

  76. Sith says

    Never say never about low mintages. Also as far as low mintages you can always hope but it all about demand not mintages, the ATBs are extremely low but they are also not traditional coins, and are referred to as hockey pucks. Other mint’s 5oz mintages are even lower and they don’t seem to gain in much more in value than their normal offerings

  77. Sith says

    FMX – I think it’s a bad idea to grade modern coins but if you check eBay you will see that the dealer is missing out on making money.

  78. Dustyroads says

    That’s ok fm, the dealer can enjoy what he wants to, although classics are excellent coins to have in your collection in higher grades like 65 and up since they appreciate the most in the higher grades. I know I don’t have to say this because I’m sure you already know it, but because others are reading as well I’ll go ahead and say it, modern coins are either 70’s, or better left in OGP. It’s clear that moderns will take some time to come into their own, but I don’t think we’ll have to wait 80 years, I’m expecting premiums to rise with established mintages over several years. We still haven’t seen the 2011-S ASE or the 2011 reverse proof to gain much more premium since they first sold out, but eventually that will change.
    Sith~The reason other Mint’s 5 oz coins have a hard time gaining premiums is because the Mint’s prices are high, while the US Mint’s prices for their 5 oz (pucks) are relatively inexpensive and easy to buy, giving flippers easy access to making a little money from their quick flips as some as their gone. Also keep in mind that other Mints coins will not sell as well in the USA as they will in the country they were minted in.

  79. Dustyroads says

    Saucexx~I realize I’ll have some opposition to this comment, but IMO their is a downside to any modern coin, and that is if it is anything less than 70, or very rare.

  80. Sith says

    @Dustyroads – No argument, but I’m just saying an increase in price is based on demand not mintage. I have picked up some great 5 oz coins with mintage’s at 5K for about the same amount of money I paid for the 2013-P ATBs.

  81. simon says

    I collect both selectively – modern and allegory – since both appeal to me. Who can dispute the sheer beauty of the SSB dollar of last year or the enhanced finish uncirculated ASE of this year, not to mention the Lincoln coins, the Native American series, the Constitution gold coin. I also have a very nice collection of Morgans, and it is nice to admire the detail, and think that these coins were and still are at the pinnacle of precision technology with the ultra fine detail once can see in the devices. I’m putting together a full set of the 5 Oz ATB’s in OGP simple because I am overawed at holding these units in my hand, and placing them side-to-side. I’d say if you have the resources just collect what you like and not worry a lot about value. The real value is having a great coin collection to share with the family on a rainy or wintry day with a cup of hot chocolate !

  82. stephen m says

    Dustyroads, I’m not sure about how some modern coins will be going up in value in the short term but the 2011S ASE is certainly destined to be the star of the 25th anniversary set given some time.

  83. fmtransmitter says

    Great info fellow bloggers. Happy Holidays to you and yours and a collecting new year! Appreciate all the input. This has been one great year for learning. It truly is like playing chess IMHO.

  84. fmtransmitter says

    I think the Dealer I spoke with has been into the classics for so long that that is his expertise and where all his knowledge is based. I think he is leaving the Moderns to the younger generation. He mentioned about 5 names of People that would be willing to go through and make suggestions on what to submit for grading. He also down played ANACS and said NGC and PCGS are the most respected today. I completely disagree. I think ANACS does a great job truly grading based on experience. I just think they do not have the online resources the others have like population reports. Other than that though I truly respect ANACS for their years of combined experience in the hobby.

  85. fmtransmitter says

    I also know that if I did need to liquidate say some moderns that I would get just about what I paid for them minus any fees associated with how they were sold. I think if I found some raw classics in high grade and they came back 65 you could make some fiat!

  86. fmtransmitter says

    Was thinking about checking out the FUN show in Orlando but that would be like Norm walking into Cheers and I wouldn’t want to leave until I spent more than I wanted.

  87. Dustyroads says

    fm~Tony Beats is right, it took me around ten years to learn what I do, and sometimes I feel like I’m still paying for those lessons.

  88. saucexx says

    FM & Dusty,

    Strangely I think there’s truth in everything that was said.

    Low mintage is no guarantee of a price premium, look at RCM’s coins for example. But to get PM coins from the US mint in the thousands and tens of thousands, those are truly low numbers. Long term I’ll take that bet.

    Dusty, your right the market has spoken and it says 70’s & then OGP. 69’s are valued less then OGP unless it’s the top grade available, and anything less than 69 is considered bullion and can be purchased at a discount. That’s how I buy, only OGP and 70, everything else is not worth my time.

    FM, pre ’34 is generally where the money’s at but not always. Some of the biggest price appreciation has been in Moderns, take the HR AGE for example or the ’95 ASE W Proof. And on the flipside take a look at early commemoratives, they’ve DROPPED in price and are currently very reasonable to collect. It’s also easier to collect moderns, you can be a novice which is harder to do with classics. There’s also less worry about doctoring or fakes and you can buy directly form the mint like the classics once were. All of that adds up to a bigger collector base. Obviously most of these moderns will never see much price appreciation but I’ll take my chances. At the end of the day demand is still king and Moderns have the leg up.

  89. phritzg says

    By buying the set of 4, you are getting the other 3 dollars for only $1 extra. I went ahead and ordered a set, just to get the 2013-W Silver Eagle.

  90. Jesus323 says

    I check my order that i made for 2 ase-w .. And they canceled… It was showing backorder yesterday… Glad i already have the 2013 Annual Uncirculated Dollar Coin Set

  91. phritzg says

    Actually, the set is 6 coins, so I’m getting 5 dolar coins for only paying $1 over the cost of the Eagle alone.

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