2013 West Point Silver Eagle Set Price & Release Date

The United States Mint has just revealed the pricing and ordering details for the 2013 American Eagle West Point Two-Coin Silver Set (S40).


Each set will include one reverse proof Silver Eagle and one enhanced uncirculated Silver Eagle struck at the West Point Mint and bearing the “W” mint mark. There have been previous indications that both of these coins will remain exclusive to the special set.

The price for the two coin set will be $149.95. This is the same price that was charged for the 2012 San Francisco Silver Eagle Set, available from June 7, 2012 to July 5, 2012.

There is no stated mintage limit and no household limit imposed for the upcoming sets. Rather they will be available for ordering only during a four week window from May 9, 2013 at 12:00 Noon ET to June 5, 2013 at 5:00 PM ET. The sets will begin shipping in late June. Last year’s San Francisco Set was also offered during a four week window and reached final sales of 224,981.


The product details for the 2013 West Point Silver Eagle Set make no mention of a specific anniversary being commemorated. Previously, there had been indications that the set was intended to mark the 75th anniversary of the West Point Mint or the 25th anniversary of the West Point facility gaining full mint status. Instead, the product description indicates that the set follows the Mint’s tradition of offering special American Eagle coin sets. This perhaps suggests that the special two coin sets will become a recurring annual event.

The pricing, release date, and other details were revealed on this preliminary product page on the US Mint’s website.

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  1. Ikaika says

    Interesting to see what the mint will do regarding prices. Fast to adjust on the upward trend. Lets see on the downward trend.

  2. says

    I feel like Michael might want to start a new thread to talk about these price collapses. This has got to be one of the most significant selloffs we’ve had since 2011. I wonder whether the mint will capitulate on prices? Robertson is probably correct that we will see sales increases if the Mint is forced to do across the board price cuts.


    I must agree with EF. Gold and silver may be falling, but it is probably due to other reasons besides the economy recovering.


    Do you expect physical sales (primarily bullion as opposed to collectibles) to collapse or accelerate in the face of these price declines?

  3. Mark in Florida says

    The reason gold dropped is that a hedge fund spent $1 billion to short sell $20 billion is gold (15% of the year’s production!)

    It’s like a casino. People who don’t own or want to own metals make paper bets on the price and this forces it up or down with no relation to the physical metals. See Here:


    But this makes a good buying opportunity since in the long run the dollar is worth less and less. Wonder what the proof eagles will be priced at Thursday! Or will the mint delay release in hopes of a higher price later???

  4. says


    I follow ZH as well but hadn’t seen that given article yet. I’m sure there was definitely stuff like that going on, but conditions in the commodities markets in general aren’t good right now, due to the situation in Japanese bonds: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2013-04-14/gold-asian-liquidation-mode The US dollar has also been performing fairly well due to capital flight from Europe, which added to the downward pressure too.

    We’re looking at a perfect storm. Right now I’m far more inclined to EF’s view of things, as the economy shows no signs of recovery (with the BoJ and China both acting panicky I don’t see that happening anytime soon). I am not really going to worry unless we see things like 3% or higher GDP growth in the US.

  5. george glazener says

    You’re right. There’s nothing like a gorgeous Proof 1964 Kennedy or a 1950’s Franklin half. Always irresistible no matter what.

    I guess I’ll have to put the old Lucy Hayes UNC back in the freezing tubes(Lost in Space reference) for another era.

  6. Hidalgo says

    @Evil Flipper – I have done very, very well with my mutual funds (made several, several $1,000s) because I am a long-term investor. Stocks and mutual funds, on average, have increased an average about 7% per year.

    I certainly cannot say the same is true with my coin collection. Yes, precious metals have gone up in the short-term as speculators hope for higher and higher prices. However, in the long-term, any financial advisor will tell you that they are risky investments.

    The way the cynics and rednecks talk here, it seems that they think that PMs will go up indefinitely….. NOT! I’ll bet not a single one of them will invest 100% of their retirement pay or 401 Ks in precious metals.

  7. Brad says


    Yes, with the current spot price a whopping FOUR tiers below the tier currently in use, sales should definitely be suspended until the price stabilizes. Typically on the upward trend, the Mint would suspend sales when the spot price was two tiers above the tier in use. The longer they delay in suspending sales during this downward trend, the worse it makes them look.

    Oh well, it’s just like the price of gas. Out of a dozen stations in town, when one increases the price, you can rest assured they will all have come up to match within 24 hours. However, when one of them decreases the price, it usually takes up to three days for all of the stations to follow suit!

  8. george glazener says

    Same here. I had a silver buying frenzy 12-14 years ago. I just loved the old Morgans, Peace, Walkers, Kennedy’s and ASEs and bought gobs of ’em for the sheer fun of it. I liquidated about half of it in 2011-2012, and made out pretty well. But overall, it’s a risky proposition doing this month after month.

    My 401k and other tax deferred IRAs have done me far better since 1988.

  9. Don says

    I certainly understand you taking an early exit. You’ll probably see a bunch of other collectors doing the same, or at least drastically scaling down the number of WP sets they order.
    I think I recall that, before the Mint posted its price on this WP Set, you suggested a $129. price for the Set. In light of the silver prices tanking, maybe even that price is now too high.

    My sentiments exactly.

  10. Robertson says

    Hidalgo, you are correct 100%. Precious metals is one of the worst investments in existence because mainly because of its volatile and unpredictable nature. Nearly every sound financial adviser says so… the few who promote such commodities do so out of self-serving interests.

    As a coin collector who collects for the fun of it, I have personally waited for years for this PM bubble to burst, which in all likelihood appears to be underway. It will be a welcome sight to see modern issues return to the more reasonable prices they once were.

    For the flippers who have been heavily speculating the last few years in the hopes of seeing even higher PM values, good luck because you’re going to need lots of it.

  11. IPS_STUFF says


    Did you receive your Hawaii 5 oz ATB over the weekend?

    I received mine, opened up the box to look at it and was very happy. Certainly not a reject that someone had returned. One of the best looking ATB 5oz that I have received. Long wait but worth the wait even at $24 per oz silver

  12. simon says

    Just looked at Kitco – looks like some folks with big funds are day trading PMs ! A sure sign of more volatility to come.

  13. hi ho silver says

    Provident metals web site is sssssllllloooowwww !!!! Don: I’m. Beginning to think your right…. maybe $99.

  14. Rick says

    Those who “think” the economy is improving are viewing things through their fuzzy stock market filter, which is the real bubble.Why is it that since the early 70s that when the fed prints money, the stock market goes up? The markets seem to inflate side by side with the Dollar, no?

  15. fosnock says

    @Hidalgo – PMs no more volatile than the stock market, except that the market has circuit breakers to protect it it from these drops and run away HFT algorithms.

  16. Ray says

    Anyone familiar with the “support levels” of gold? The first 1470 (established last week of june 2011), then next is 1305 (est. Jan 2011), and then the next one is 1060 from Jan 2010). Looks like a rally was attempted again (like friday) but it is failing again. From what I read if it keeps dropping, it may go down tot he 2010 high of 1060. Seems to have leveled off, bt I think a lot of people thought that last friday too. pretty wild!!

  17. Ray says

    Chaco 5ox ATB now says:
    “This product is temporarily unavailable for product repricing.”

  18. says

    Thanks, Ray!

    Waiting to see if there’s capitulation on the commemoratives, silver quarters, or the 2013 proof silver eagle.

    Anyone still think White Mountain will hit the shelves at $245? 🙂

  19. bigdawg says

    as much money as our government is printing everyday,thinks that this is the end ogf gold and silver ,they need to come down from their medication,and read the book from the gentlemen that predicited the housing market crash,no one would listen to him,but he was right. AFTERSHOCK : PROTECT YOURSELF AND PROFIT IN THE NEXT GLOBAL FINANCIAL MELTDOWN, ROBERT A WIEDMER i think we all should be buying and not look at what is going on today and maybe this week. i hope it goes low enough to really stock up

  20. fosnock says


    I certainly hope not, but will the mint release the coins taking these losses. I bet their screaming that they did not release them last month over a $3-$4 drop in price

    I just checked 90% quarters I use to get them at $20 above spot they are now selling at $50 above spot a 250% markup. First time I get get ASE cheaper than 90%…this is crazy

  21. says


    I was thinking the same thing. If they’d released White Mountain in February as was originally planned, I can say that I for one would have probably paid the $245. You’ve asked a good question, though. I hope they aren’t in a position where they don’t get released at all.

    You’re right that this is crazy. On one hand I don’t really like seeing the value of my purchases go down, but on the other hand lower prices means I can buy more coins! I imagine, given the reports I am hearing about the bullion dealers selling out of everything, that April is liable to be another record-breaking month in terms of silver eagle sales.

  22. Phil says

    Looks like it might be a good buying opportunity once the precious metal prices bottom out. I’ve drastically limited my gold and silver buying for a few years now since prices exceeded about $1000/oz. because I thought the price was too high. I still think it’s good to invest some money in precious metals, just not put all your eggs in one basket (diversify). When the stock market crashes again and/or we have high inflation at some point (which will likely happen), those who have invested in precious metals will be glad they did. I still prefer the collector coins rather than bullion, since the collector value eases some of the volatility of pure bullion. Plus the collector based coins have more appeal. Though I do wish the mint wouldn’t tack on so much extra cost to their coins (maybe go with cheaper cases instead).

  23. EvilFlipper says

    From what I recall depressions and banking crises never started with a gold crisis. Japan has had a crappy stock market for 30 years. I’m not saying the stock market was a bad investment thesis for the last 30 years in the US. But the time has come. US has all time high debt and all time high stock market. One of these markets are wrong. With copper breaking down as well Id take my chances with cash. I’m 50 bonds stocks, 25 PM’s, 25 cash. I will be looking to increase the last 2 when this corrections over. Don’t be greedy either. It’s always the best performing asset….. Until it isn’t.

  24. fosnock says


    Who knows I image that the mint will stop sales they never stopped the limited allocation to the APs…I can get Koala’s for the same price as the ASE and no delay…it looks like I will go that route

  25. fosnock says

    @EvilFlipper – This is what happened in 2008…but this is 2008 on steriods. In 2008 it was bond liquidations cause by Lehman, if I was a betting man I would say that the Japanese bond market is in real trouble. All I know is that the contagion will not be limited to PM’s and it is going to get real ugly…By The Pricking of My Thumbs.

    Cash is always good…nothing wrong with cash

  26. says

    Fosnock: Oil is getting smashed today too. Combined with someone of the other warning signals we’ve been seeing flashing recently, I am worried we’re on the cusp of another Lehman crisis. Japan, Spain, or Italy going under would certainly do it.

  27. T1 browserman says

    Thank Dow Jones & Co. for PM’s plummeting. Well lookie there folks….now Ag below $25…..I’m still counting the days till the SUSPENSION and that West Point set better see a price adjustment or it will be a dust collector except for, as mentioned above, the BIG DEALER’s above which will sell on FLEABAY. Something is propping up the stock market and it isn’t me…must be Uncle Sam, and the billionaires. If it doesn’t get the price adjustment, I will grudgingly buy one set (sucker that I am; ref. P.T. Barnum above) only because of the added work done to both coins. All other .999 Ag’s had better be suspended or NO SALE ! I’ll get one on FLEABAY at below whatever the mint is selling like I do with most of their modern commeratives. except that P.T. Barnum half dollar. 🙂

  28. TheCoinKeeper says

    Major support levels were taken out in both silver and gold. Pull up a weekly chart at finviz on both. You can see the triple bottoms and this breakdown. When major support is broken, you get major spillage.

    Those long term charts still look great. I was hoping for a buy opportunity breakdown and figured the big boys would take it down since they were so close. Guess who is buying physical gold at these discounted prices because they know paper is crap? China, Russia, India. This dip is a gift.

  29. simon says

    FYI on BBC


    Another drag on prices has come from India, the world’s biggest buyer of gold bullion, which introduced a 50% import tax that has triggered a 24% fall in the amount of gold brought into the country in the first quarter of this year.

    Mohit Kamboj, president of the Bombay Bullion Association, suggested prices may have further to fall: “With more and more countries reducing stocks, the future of gold seems bleak.”

  30. says


    We’re kind of in a win-win position either way. If they give us a price cut we get a cheaper set. If silver has another day or two like this, the set will probably not sell much, giving it premium potential on the secondary markets.

  31. fosnock says

    Something is up…I just got some Fiji Taku’s for less than it would have cost me to get Maple Leaf’s much less the ASE’s…I tried to do some price comparisons in APMEX and it was like trying to buy the 2011Anniversy set from the mint, so I just bought from Provident. You really can’t go wrong with Provident.

  32. KEITHSTER says

    5 OZer down for reprice hang on thight folks and good luck can’t stay time to do the taxes look’s like they did’nt get enough the first time. GOOD luck ALL .

  33. Don says

    Does anyone out there remember the good ole days, where in 2006 one could buy from the Mint a Silver Eagle Proof, Silver Eagle Reverse Proof, and an Uncirculated Silver Eagle for $100.? The Mint even went so far as to seal these in an acrylic, tamper-proof case and call them an anniversary set.
    Nowadays, for $150, we only get two Silver Eagles in snapped together acrylic capsules, often receiving them escaped from their capsules. and shifting around inside a box.
    But wait! A lower price may yet prevail on the 2013 WP Set. That $150. price is looking a bit astronomical in light of recent events. The Mint might actually be forced to adjust the price lower; otherwise it may have some surplus Sets in the vaults.

  34. Samuel says

    we need to put the latest posts on the top. when it gets to 400 posts, it is difficult to scroll down to the bottom.

  35. gatortreke says

    Like some others on the board, it’s hard for me to believe that all the Central Bank printing taking place today will result in lower P.M. prices in the future. Today is volatile but my medium to long-term view sees prices higher.

    I wonder if the P.M. stocks might be a better “investment” today. Barrick is yielding 4% with today’s drop and Newmont is yielding 5%. You get paid to wait for a turnaround. However the old truism keeps popping into my head, “Don’t catch a falling knife”.

    Jim Puplava of the FinancialSense website and podcast predicted this weekend on his show that Gold would fall to it’s 1300 dollar price support but that likely would be it’s bottom point during this washout. Only time will tell if he’s right.

  36. Rick says

    Huh? Do you read the last page of a book first? Then second to last page, and so on? Rediculus. Keep the most recent post at the bottom where it belongs.

  37. T1 browserman says

    NQ1 in a product re-pricing!! This should give us an idea on 2013 offerings !!

    Not seeing the ASE in re-price mode ????

  38. Ray says

    What page are u seeing this on. I saw Chaco was taken down hours ago, but other than that and the Uncirc Dollar set, I dont see any other differences. Link?

  39. T1 browserman says

    HAH !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I had the ASE sitting in my cart on the website

    it now reads as “NOT AVAILABLE” at $63

  40. Saucexx says

    Anybody know if they drop the price on the 5oz AtB’s, will my order on back order drop also? Assuming it gets fulfilled of course.

    I believe I mentioned months to watch out for the PM bubble bursting. It was inevitable, too many speculators keeping the price up.

    One other factor to consider is how much the investigations into Gold price manipulation may be driving this.

  41. fosnock says

    @gatortreke – Their is a lot of risk\reward with the PM stocks, first their management is clueless…I remember when they were “hedging” gold at all the way up to $850…and were shocked when they lost billions.

    Then you have to worry about nationalization. Some of the smaller miners based here in the states avoid that risk but then they are small and if a mine peteres out..

  42. T1 browserman says

    I just logged into my mint’s account….just to see what was going on with the ASE and noticed the amount I planned on spending was off by the $63.

    Ok e1 who bought at $63…..can you reach your heads with your feet ? LOL

    hi ho silver …………..AWAY!!!!!!!!

  43. fosnock says

    @Saucexx – Funny how everyone calls it a bubble but physical inventories are running dry. As far as price manipulation yes the fact that a judge dismissed the Silver-Manipulation case vs. J.P. Morgan, and someone can “sell” 400 tonnes of gold or 15% of yearly production in a few hours without anyone blinking an eye could have something to do with it.

  44. fosnock says

    @Rick -This could have been another “Brown Bottom” but I doubt it. Anytime someone sells “real” gold they tend to advertise so they can sell their gold at the lowest price possible so yes I would say this was paper.

  45. Saucexx says


    I was referring to the CFTC looking into gold and silver price fixing.


    As far as declining inventories:

    “Mohit Kamboj, president of the Bombay Bullion Association, suggested prices may have further to fall: “With more and more countries reducing stocks, the future of gold seems bleak.” ”


  46. Hidalgo says

    @IPS Stuff – yes, I received BOTH my Hawaii and Acadia ATB 5 ounce P silver coins. And even though silver prices have tanked, I am still very, very happy owning both. Way to go US Mint!

  47. Dan in AZ says

    Does anyone know if the Two Coin Set due out on May 9th will be repriced or does the Mint still plan to sell it for $149.95? Seems like if they dropped the price to $129.99 or $134.99 it might be more inline with their past mark-ups. I’d love to see the pair for $99.99

  48. stephen m says

    Dan, i don’t think so. This uncirculated wp coin has a circus or carnival aura. I wanna play so i’ll pay. This is easy money for the mint.

  49. thePhelps says

    They did update the price on this set – now $139.95. I agree the new coin has many of us waiting for the release – to have it in hand to check out. $10 price drop doesn’t have me buying 5 sets, but it is nice.

  50. bigdawg says

    yes i agree with thephelps eagles running from 29.75 to 33.00 it kind of hard to even buy one set much less 5 or 10 sets.,you only have roughly 60.00 worth of silver ,nice profit

  51. natatack says

    Anyone remember the price of silver when the mint sold the 3 peice ASE sets in 2006 and the 5 peice in 2011? Now silver is floating around $24 wonder if these sets will have another price drop before June 7th.

  52. Dan in AZ says

    The Mint’s website has these listed now (available May 9) for $139.95 for the set, and thankfully available for a 1-month window. I am in for 1 or maybe 2 sets.

  53. Bill says

    Nice looking coins! Have to get at least one set for my collection, maybe more!

    The current administration with support of most liberals in congress and at home, is not solving our country’s unemployment and energy problems, nor it’s financial problems. Have a better chance of making money on bullion and coins than U.S. Treasury securities; rating is likely to be downgraded again!

  54. vic morrow says

    yea and that 180000 you were guessing they have already past that 193000 with 20 days left

  55. Troy says

    The mintage is getting too high… this coin won’t have much on the secondary market. I think the mint makes a mistake by minting to demand…should go back to a limited mintage so buyers know what they are getting into before the numbers sky rocket.

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